Exploring The New Maze

Dining Hall

Petrin walks in from the Gar Hold Entry Hall.

Merdia is sitting on the couch in front of the hearth, staring absently into the ashes...

Petrin wanders in, glancing to the area infront of the fire with a smile. He calls out "Evening." and comes over.

Merdia blinks and looks up, smiling when she sees Petrin. "Hi," she says quietly as he approaches.

Petrin remains standing as he asks, "How you doing?" with a glance at her hand.

Merdia shrugs a bit but the smile doesn't fade. "Pretty well, I think." Holding up the still-bandaged hand, she adds, "It feels much better, but I still need to have Sarilka look it over." She slides to one end of the couch allowing /lots/ of room for Petrin to sit if he wants to, drawing back into one corner and hugging her knees up under her skirts.

Petrin moves round and drops into the couch. "That feels good." he sighs. "But you taking in easy?" he asks Merdia with mock severity, the twinkle in his eye softening his words.

Merdia grins wryly. "I haven't spent this much time in the dining hall since before I signed on in the stables."

Petrin nods, "Good." he says, "Although, if you want to get out of here..." he pauses, "We were going to try that maze, you still keen?"

Merdia slips her feet back down onto the floor with a smile. "Sure," she says. "If you think the moons are bright enough for us to see?"

Petrin shrugs, as he rises, "I havn't been outside, but there's only one way to find out." He glances at Bright.

Petrin looks harder at Bright, "And now?" he asks.

Merdia gets to her feet with a sidelong glance at Petrin. "I guess I'd better call Darken," she says with a smile.

Darken blinks in from ::between::!

You call to Darken, who flies over and lands on your shoulder.
Petrin calls to Bright, who flies over and lands on his shoulder.

Petrin moves towards the door, "Would you like to lead?" He asks with a smile.

Merdia smiles. "Sure," she says, "but I doubt it'll help much once we get into that maze..."

Archway of Roses
You step through the hedges and find yourself immediately surrounded by the heady fragrance of roses. As your eyes adjust to the sudden softening of sunlight, you become aware of an intricate trellis to either side and above you, intertwined with climbing roses of every description. A few steps away you can just make out an intersection of paths leading off in three directions.
It is an autumn before dawn.

Nathen blinks in from ::between::!

Petrin walks in from the Gar Gardens.

Petrin arives, looking confusted, "I might be lost already..."

Merdia giggles. "This is the darkest part, because of the trellises. Merdia feels along the hedgerow to find an opening. "Try this."

Holly Clearing
Forest Green, sharp spikes, and small red berries line the walls in a striking contrast of hot and cool. The shining, deep green of each small leaf has black traceries and a small, clawed end. Then, for each hand of leaves, the clumps of close fitting, bright red berries dapple the hedgerow. At the corner of the row stands a mighty oak whose tree sized limbs stand to shade the soft, lime and cream on spring green ground moss that covers the walkway with springy comfort and adds to the fresh, green smell of this entire area.
It is an autumn before dawn.

Nathen glides in from the Archway of Roses.

Petrin walks in from the Archway of Roses.

Petrin's looking around, taking deap breaths, still smelling the roses, "This is wonderful." he says softly, still twisting his head around, trying to see more than he can.

Merdia grins. "Yeah, it's pretty in here... Mind the sharp parts," she adds, indicating the holly.

Nathen glides north.

Zenethen walks in from the Archway of Roses.

Petrin notices Zenethen arive, "Evening, you looking for Nathen?" he asks, "He whent north." he offers.

Zenethen turns the "corner?" and jumps slightly as he nearly bumps into Petrin and Merdia. "OH! hi! um... kinda, sorta... he wanted to have fun hiding as tried to find him... but... he picked the /worst/ place to hide!"

Citrus Grove
Unlike Gar's main orchards, this citrus grove seems to be faring quite nicely, untouched by any kind of disease. Full, round citrus fruits of different varieties hang from the heavily laden branches. The tops of the small fruit trees are nearly level with the tops of the surrounding hedges. Help yourself to the juicy refreshment, but avoid the pungently sweet smelling rotten ones on the ground. It is an autumn before dawn.
To the northeast, you see one person.
On the perch is Moss.

Petrin walks in from the Winding Path.

Merdia pauses to look around. "I think I know where we are... It's so dark with the hedges shading out the moonlight..." She feels along the outside hedge. "This way."

Breakfast Nook
You pass through a towering hedgerow to emerge in a broad flagstone courtyard. A slender nut tree stands in the center of the courtyard, its leafy branches shading a delicate wrought-iron table, its white paint newly applied, surrounded by six matching chairs. High fieldstone walls surround you on three sides, making any other exit except how you got in impossible, unless you enter the small cottage opening out the north wall.

Petrin walks in from the Citrus Grove.

Petrin walks in not sure which way is which following Merdia's voice.

Zenethen walks in from the Citrus Grove.

Zenethen follows along behind them

Merdia grins at Zen as he enters. "How are you liking the maze?" she asks him.

Zenethen looks around with a grim look on his face. "I think that if i dont figure this out quickly, not only I but also Nathaniel will be sleeping here without a choice!"

Merdia giggles and points to the cottage. "At least you'd have some shelter." She glances at Petrin. "Confused?"

Petrin nods to Merdia with a glance at Zenethen, "Yes." He frowns, "Was that a grove of trees back there?" he checks.

Merdia nods. "Citrus, I think. Aidany said she got them from a friend in Nerat."

Petrin nods to Merdia, "I thought so, could we just go back and check?"

Citrus Grove
Unlike Gar's main orchards, this citrus grove seems to be faring quite nicely, untouched by any kind of disease. Full, round citrus fruits of different varieties hang from the heavily laden branches. The tops of the small fruit trees are nearly level with the tops of the surrounding hedges. Help yourself to the juicy refreshment, but avoid the pungently sweet smelling rotten ones on the ground.

Petrin walks in from the Breakfast Nook.

Petrin sniffs the air, and moves towards a tree, oblivious of anything on the ground, "They seem fine." he says softly.

Merdia nods. "They smell wonderful..." she says.

Cress walks slowly and silently in from the Wall of Fountains.

Petrin reaches up to pick a leaf, he rubbs it between his fingers and holds it out for Merdia to smell, "Try this."

Zi'n rushes in from the Walk of Bunnies.

Cress stops in surprise at seeing people here.. "Oh, hello," he says.

Merdia sniffs the leaf, then smiles. "Nice." She looks up, hearing voices and smiles when she recognizes Cress. And is that a dragonrider?

Petrin looks up from Merdia's face, following her eyes, he frowns, it does seem like a dragonrider. "Evening." He says a touch coolly.

Zi'n ducks around the corner, head half-turned to watch something on a branch. Though as he straightens and people seem to grow out of the ground, the bronzeling stops dead in his tracks, hazel eyes widening slightly in surprise. "Oh!" A chuckle follows, along with a, "G'day to you all! I wanted to stop by and see this famous maze, and I almost got lost." The last is admitted rather sheepishly, though an impish smile plays around his lips.

Petrin gives Cress a quick nod and grin.

Merdia giggles. "Who'd think the maze would be such an attraction at this hour!" With a grin for the dragonrider, she adds, "That's kind of the point."

Linora walks in from the Walk of Bunnies.
Linora walks east.

Long strands of hair fall in errant strands over this young man's face, the color a darker brown than before, but the auburn refused to leave and is now showing in reddish highlights. Eyes, always half-covered behind the locks, usually gleam with humor and mischief, bright hazel orbs dusted with emerald flecks always alert and alive with curiosity. Well-tanned skin stretches over smooth, lean muscles, a sprinkle of freckles occasionally appearing around nose and cheeks. Although a bit on the short side, and rather lean, there isn't anything noticeable about this young man's body, except from a few small scars one might notice when his arms are bare.
As if painted on, tight leathers cling to the form of slender body. Warm cinnabar washes from shoulders over chest, past slim hips and down until disappearing into black riding-boots. Gloves sheat his hands, the russet leather, done with golden stitches, complimenting both cinnabar leathers and tarnished bronzen riding straps. Zi's bag hangs loosely over Zi'n's shoulder.
Ista's colors are worn with pride; darkest black blending with fiery orange in a weyrling's knot on cinnabar shoulder. A single strand of golden bronze is weaven into the middle of it, signifying eternal love for Orbyth.
Zi'n is 23 Turns, 10 months, and 4 days old.

Petrin nods, "Who." he says dryly. "It does seem to do it's job beautifully." he adds. "We havn't seen you for a while Zid, Zi'n." he corrects himself.

"Well I've been grounded," Zi'n states cheerily, hastily adding, "because of weyrlinghood, of course. We only learned to between recently, and now we're encouraged to go out and explore Pern." A wink follows that statement, and the bronzeling saunters closer to the others. "How are things here at Gar? I was here shortly before High Reaches' hatching, but then the eggs cracked," he adds mournfully. "And I'd been looking forward to some good cider."

Standing at only 5'5 this man's size is not impressive. He has blond, short hair and his gray eyes sparkle with a friendly light. His muscles are hardened and he has a scar running along the right side of his neck. His most obvious feature is a missing piece of his right little finger.
His legs are covered by coal-coloured trousers, which are well worn and patched in many placed. A broad leather belt keeps the trousers from falling down around his ankles. A darkgreen shirt covers his upper body, also showing signs of beeing old, having rips along a number of seams. His dark boots, which come up to the ankles, are scuffed but are well-polished with a shine. Cress' Pack hangs heavily from Cress's shoulder. Perched on Cress's shoulder is Idoru. Perched on Cress's shoulder is Wintermute
. Red and silver in a double cord and single loop appoints him as apprentice to the Star Craft.
Cress is 18 Turns, 5 months, and 5 days old.

Merdia nods absently at Zi'n's explanation, trying not to stare but really having never been in such close proximity to a dragonrider, weyrling or no...

Cress ambles around, also trying not to stare at the rider. "So, Merdia, why're you up so late? Or early?"

Petrin glances at Merdia and Cress, being so silent, and clears his throught, "We're busy harvesting right now, so we should have some fresh in a short while... Unless you would like last years?"

"Oh it's too early for food," Zi'n dismisses, something among the trees piquing his curiosity enough to make him stride over there to investigate. "I remember those good old harvest-days - never had so many bruises before," 'ling muses, turning around to face the others with a slight grin. "How's Natch doing?"

Merdia glances at Cress with a shrug and a small smile. "Since I don't have to be in the stables until these bandages come off, it hardly matters when I sleep..." Another glance at the dragonrider...

Petrin moves over to Zi'n, "She's been well." he glances quickly over his shoulder at the others, "Things have settled down a bit scince we've entered harvest-time, good to keep busy, although this random thread-fall doesn't help."

Cress nods at Merdia's comments "So when /do/ they come off? The bandages, that is," he asks the woman.

"Mm, it's not very handy," Zi'n agrees wryly to Petrin, leathered arms crossing over his chest. "But don't worry 'bout that - we'll be flying against Thread soon," 'ling states, grinning impishly. What a great contribution indeed, huh? "What'd you do; fall from a tree?" is called in Merdia's direction, a grin spreading across his face.

Merdia shrugs in response to Cress. "I won't know that until I see Sarilka again. Although it feels much better. Mostly just stiff, now." She glances over at the dragonrider and grins. "Not /quite/." Does she /really/ have to recount that whole embarrassing mess again?

Petrin frowns, backing up as he fiddles with the by now ruined leaf, "She's wasn't in the orchards," he says quickly, then glances at Merdia, "A thread shutter, we've been cleaning ours." he adds.

A long moment of silence later...

Merdia shrugs at all the silently staring people and decides to continue wandering. "Erm... Have fun, people," she calls back over her shoulder, giving a small wave...

Wall of Fountains
You come into a clearing like any other, three sides of tall, well-trimmed hedges. The fourth wall, however, is what makes this clearing unique. The fourth wall, which runs unbroken the length of the clearing, has a wide stone pool, man-made, about the size of a water trough. Small fish swim in it and the water is fed by fountains that bubble out of the wall. Fist-sized alcoves overflow with fresh, cold water, running down the uneven rocks of the wall, creating an artistic waterfall which sparkles in the light that filters through the overhead lattice. A grating is placed in the pool for the water to run back to its source, wherever that may be.

Petrin walks in from the Citrus Grove.

Merdia is watching the fountains...

Petrin listens to the sound as he walks up behind Merdia, "The maze can get busy." he says softly.

Merdia chuckles quietly. "Gar's a pretty nocturnal place, apparently..."

"Or the moonlight is bringing people out." he crouches down beside the pool and dips his hand in.

Merdia watches quietly as the tiny fish scatter around Petrin's hand. "Could be," she says.

Petrin keeps his eyes on the fish, "Although I thought it might be people working against us." he glances at Merdia then looks back at the pool.

Merdia glances in surprise at Petrin, then shrugs. "I have been feeling very popular of late..." she admits. She kneels to brush some dew off the grass and sits down, carefully arranging the unfamiliar skirts around herself.

Petrin frowns, but keeps his voice level, "You deserve to be." he says softly and pulls his hand out of the water watching the drops on his fingers. "I just," he shrugs, "with harvest I get such little free time, and I do enjoy spending it with you..." He turns his face upward, staring at the rock wall hard, "I guess I don't like sharing you." he says awquidly (sp?)

Merdia blushes slightly in the moonlight, a small smile crossing her lips as she suddenly finds something really interesting about the hedgerow... "I like spending time with you, too," she says, her voice barely audible.

Petrin breathes in deeply and risks turning around to look at Merdia, he stops for a heartbeat then looks back at the water, "You look lovely." he says softly. "I don't want to rush you," he adds quickly "but I've had you on my mind," he shakes his head, "Can't get you out of my mind." he adds softer.

Merdia's expression softens. "You've been such a good friend to me... " she begins in a gentle voice. "I ... I missed you."

Petrin freezes. Then he turns slowly, "I'd like to think of you as more than a friend." he says sounding slightly disappointed, "It's like I always want you around, or to be around you..." he peaters out tripping over his own words, and puts both his hands on the ground, resting his weight on them and staring hard at them.

Merdia swallows hard and looks at Petrin. "More than a friend?"

Petrin nods, rising to his feet, "More," he shrugs not knowing how to put it, "I'd like to say," he pauses again, "I love you, but I'm not sure too much what that means, I know you make me feel great, I smile just thinking of you.." He stops looking down at his feet not sure if he's said too much.

Merdia's breath catches in her throat. "Me?" Her eyes widen.

Petrin nods, "You." he sounds almost sad now, "You don't feel /something/ for me." he looks up, more like a fish out of water.

Merdia looks at him, a mixture of caring and fear filling her wide dark eyes. "Please don't be sad," she says quietly. "I don't really understand the way I feel. I /do/ care for you..." her voice growing smaller and smaller as she continues...

Petrin can't really look at Merdia, instead look around for a hole or an exit, "It also hurts," he says, and glances back at her befor looking around again, "I guess I just wanted you to know how I feel, but," he looks ready to bolt, "if you don't really understand the way you feel..."

Petrin walks south.