Second Lesson

The Happy Harper
You find yourself in the well-lit Happy Harper. It seems to be perhaps one of the most cared for items of the hold. The walls have deep-red wood panelling, and glow baskets placed at a very regular interval. There are about six tables for eight and four booths in the corners. All the tables and chairs seem to be of a very nice quality and very well taken care of. Serving also as the center of social interaction at Gar hold, it is usually where one looks to find anyone.
Kentin is here.

Kentin nods a hello to Merdia. "Hey, nice to see you."

Merdia blinks. "Oh, hi..." she says. "What happened in there? I can't tell you how many mornings I've sat in there all alone -- who are all those /people/?

Kentin shakes his head. "Starries for the most part,and as I found out embarassingly enough,a couple Vitners. I dont know where they came from."

Merdia shakes her head and goes behind the bar, looking for the klah pitcher.

Kentin nods his head. "Ussualy Starcrafters gather here, I find them rude, so I dont associate,except with a few."

Moonn slips quietly in from the Kitchen.

Kentin nods a hello to Moonn. "Hey, crowd get too much for you too?"

Merdia nods silently, filling up a mug.

Moonn nods as she trudges in, mug of klh balanced in one had, her slate in the other and her rucksack just tossed over her shoulder. Plopping into a seat she drops her rucksack. [ It's hard to talk to that many people. ]

Merdia reads the slate and chuckles. "Tell me about it!" she says, rolling her eyes.

Kentin nods his head. "I can understand that." Cocks his head sideways, curious. "Do you read lips, or can you hear?"

Moonn bobs her head as she takes a sip before answering as well on the slate [ I can hear, it's just my voice that doesn't work. ]

Kentin nods his head. "Oh, ok. So I dont need to worry about looking at you and speaking." He picks up a knife he finds on his table and absently flips it from hand to hand. "I wonder where they all came from, The Dining hall is ussually empty."

Merdia shrugs. "Ya got me," she says. She takes a seat on one of the stools, then makes a face. "I miss that couch," she says. "I don't understand how so many people can fall asleep in here."

Kentin smirks. "Iv done it a couple times... by accident of course..."

Merdia grins. "Actually, I take that back. I've /seen/ you fall asleep in some of the oddest places." She tilts her head at him. "You might want to check with a healer if that keeps up."

Kentin smirks. "Im sure its nothing big, just lack of sleep,or extreme boredom..."

Moonn giggles silently as she listens to the two, taking the time to catch up on teh quickly cooling mug of klah.

Merdia shakes her head. "You are /so/ cynical. Were you bored yesterday?" she adds with a little twinkle.

Kentin shakes his head. "No,yesterday I was terrified and ready to die."

Merdia bursts out laughing. "You were quite safe, you know. That runner is one of the gentlest in the stables."

Kentin shakes his head. "And yet I still ended up almost getting thrown."

Merdia is still very close to laughing out loud. "I'm sorry. I should have been more specific. But I /didn't/ think you'd kick him quite so hard." She shifts on the stool, trying to get comfortable and failing.

Kentin does the "Its not my fault" look. "You told me to kick the horse to go...."

Merdia chuckles and slides off the stool, deciding that a booth would be a /bit/ more comfortable. "Yeah. I also told you he was /sensitive/." With a grin, she slides into one of the booths, setting her mug on the table.

Kentin smirks. "I dont seem to recall that... funny."

You say, "Well, you'll remember that next time." She chuckles again. "Nothing like experience to teach a person..."

Kentin smirk. "No, no there isnt. But than,I have to ride again for the knowledge to actually come in handy."

Merdia drains her mug and looks sidelong at Kentin. "I'm on my way to the stables now..." she lifts an eyebrow questioningly.

Aidany walks in from the Gar Hold Entry Hall.

Kentin nods a hello to Aidany. "Morning." Turns back to Merdia. "This early?"

Merdia blinks. "What do you mean? It's much later today than it was yesterday."

Aidany smiles, then sighs and seats herself, looking bored.

Kentin smirks,and guesses that attempt to stall didnt work. "Well, are the horses rested enough?"

Merdia grins. "OH... afraid again, are we?" She turns to go,then looks back over her shoulder. "You don't /have/ to, it you'd rather not..."

Kentin sighs and stands up. "Im not afraid, just cautious."

Merdia grins widely. "You're coming then? Good. I wouldn't like to think you were too scared."

Kentin shakes his head. "Fear has nothing to do with it, its something called self preservation."

Merdia laughs at that. "I won't let you die... today."

Aidany blinks and looks confused. "Going on a trip?" she guesses.

Merdia smiles back to Aidany. "Riding lessons," she says. She waves and follows Kentin out.

Gar Stables
A long cavern lined with stalls on either side of its wide, stone-surfaced aisle. The atmosphere is rich with the presence of beasts taken care of with loving care. The stone surface has been painted with a mural of a large open field in the spring.
There are several boxstalls here. There are twenty stalls, all of which are without a nameplate. They are very fresh and clean, with newly-laid bedding.
April and Kentin are here.

Aidany walks in from the Gar Hold CourtYard.

Aidany follows, still looking bored. "Mind if I watch?"

Kentin nods a hello to Merdia, Aidany,and April. "Wow, large crowd... great."

Kentin shakes his head. "Great, Go ahead, at least someone will get a laugh."

April blinks as she watches people walk into the stables, "Um.. Hello.." of course she has no clue whats going on, so she just stays near her runner. "Laugh at what?"

Zephyrus stomps his feet in the corner, tossing his head and rolling his eyes and making it generally clear that he does /not/ care for all these people in here.

Kentin smirks. "My riding skills."

Merdia waves to April with a little smile. "Kentin's getting a riding lesson," she says. "Remember what to do?" she asks Kentin.

Aidany goes over to Zeph's stall and takes firm hold of his haltar in an attempt to calm him. Within seconds he is eating from her hand, but still rolling his eyes at the other people.

April nods her head slowly, "I thought you knew how to ride.." she mutters softly, but shrugs while taking out a carrot for Storm Cloud to eat.

Kentin nods his head,taking down the blanket,throwing it on the horsees back,than putting the saddle on, and tightening the straps. "Is that right?"

Merdia looks appraisingly. My, he's a quick learner. "Looks good," she says.

Merdia checks the strap, which has come loose since Kentin /didn't/ remember to knock Sunset's wind out. She looks back at him as she pulls it tighter. "Why don't you go get the bit and bridle?" she suggests, pointing to its location on the pegboard.

Kentin looks at the bit and bridle. "I cant remember how to do that part."

Aidany is still tending lovingly to Zeph in the corner, but watching the proceedings.

Merdia walks over to the pegboard and pulls down the bridle. She puts it into Kentin's hands. "I know you were watching yesterday. The bit goes into his mouth..."

Kentin smirks. "I dont wanna go near his mouth." But takes the bit,and puts it in anyways. "Now what?"

Merdia sighs heavily and reaches over to guide Kentin's hands, putting the bridle over Sunset's head. "Go ahead," she says. "I'm sure you can figure out how to fasten it. It's pretty obvious." She folds her arms and waits patiently.

Kentin fastens it, and end stands back. "Im tired,obvious isnt that obvious."

You say, "You're /always/ tired. No excuse." She looks at the bridle carefully. "That looks OK. Now you can lead him out."

Kentin takes hold of the bridle and starts to lead the horse out. "You first."

Merdia nods and heads for the field.

Gar Hold CourtYard

Kentin walks, his cape swishing about him in from the Gar Stables.

Sunset walks in from the Gar Stables.

Kentin nods his head at Merdia. "Piece of cake so far."

Merdia grins. "Good."

Hold Field
You walk along a small path through a large open field. Tall billowing stalks of wheat blows back and forth in an almost hypnotic pattern. You hear the gentle laughter of small children playing one of hundreds of games, ringing from some distant part of the field, lost in the sheets of wheat. Some small patch calls out to you as you pass it, asking for you to join it in another day of doing nothing. It promises to hide you from the gaze of all others and keep you company. But to listen ... or go on ... a tough decision ....
It is a summer before dawn.

Kentin walks, his cape swishing about him in from the Gar Hold CourtYard.

Sunset walks in from the Gar Hold CourtYard.

Kentin looks around. "Do you have a runner to ride also?"

Merdia stops and looks sharply at Kentin. "You feeling that confident?" she asks. "Yesterday it was all I could do to keep you from getting killed."

Kentin grins at Merdia. "I was just curious to see if you would be riding as well." He steps over to the runner,and mounts up.

Kentin swings up onto Sunset's back.

Merdia notices that Kentin seems a /lot/more sure of himself in just one lesson, then shrugs. "I could go back for another runner, if it would be more helpful," she says uncertainly.

From Sunset's back, Kentin nods his head. "Im not sure how your going to ride along without one."

Merdia looks sidelong at Kentin. "Well, if you think you'll be OK until I get back... it might take a minute..."

From Sunset's back, Kentin grins. "Piece of cake, as I said. Ill be waiting."

Merdia shrugs and heads back to the stables.

Gar Stables

Merdia waves to Aidany. "Someone's feeling confident," she remarks. "I just have to figure out who needs the exercise most..."

Hold Field

From Sunset's back, Kentin grind down at Merdia. "Welcome back,nice runner."

Merdia waves to Kentin as she approaches with Whisper. "This poor little mare hasn't been out in quite a while, from the look of her. I hope she'll be OK..."

From Sunset's back, Kentin says, "Where too?"

Merdia hmmms. "Let's head for the Vintner fields first." She digs in her heels and Whisper moves forward.

From Sunset's back, Kentin nods his head. "Sounds good to me."

Sunset walks to the Vintner Fields.

Gar Vintner Fields
This open clearing just west of the main fields and vineyards is used for student projects and teaching examples, and from this slightly raised area, the full expanse of the vineyard can be viewed. Several examples for vinyard preparation are displayed here. To the north, high up on two wire trellis an umbrella shaped growing area has been erected. Then, next to the Hold Field exit are two more wire trellis formed into a 'T' curtain. A Fan shaped trellis has been arranged to the southwest against the wall of the hold, and an arbor that you walk through has been built arond the service tunnel.
The bright green of summer is lavish and thick with fruits just beginning to round and plump out.

From Sunset's back, Kentin sits nonchalonlty, looking over the field, taking note of how things are set up and such in case he ever has to report to Natch. "Pretty place,my first time here."

Merdia eyes Kentin almost suspiciously. "You're doing very well," she remarks. Whisper nickers softly.

From Sunset's back, Kentin smirks. "Beginners luck perhaps..."