A Riding Lesson

Kentin nods a hello to Merdia from the fire, his eyes barely open, mostly asleep. "Morning, or evening, or something."

Merdia walks over to the klah pitcher, dressed for work but looking a bit bleary, and pours herself a mug. She looks up at Kentin's voice. "Oh, hi," she says with a smile.

Kentin grins, and yawns stretching, his hand falling on his mug. "How are you?"

Merdia stirs in sweetener. "Pretty well today... I think. I'll let you know when I wake up." With a yawn, she walks over to the hearth, taking a seat on one of the armchairs and curling in.

Kentin smirks. "Thats a good answer." Lays his head back against the fireplace. "Thats a good idea.. waking up."

Kentin takes a long match and reaches into the fireplace to light the fire.

The fire blazes up and crackles, and sparks fly up the chimney.

Merdia nods and blows into her mug to cool it a bit before taking a sip. "I wanted to get an early start at the stables this morning, to kind of make up for being so late yesterday." She glances at Kentin. "Thanks for that... with Bryden I mean." She looks into the fire, eyes not quite focused.

Kentin nods his head. "Anytime, it was nothing really." Than grins. "Make up for lost time, sounds like fun."

Merdia chuckles. "There'll be plenty to do, I'm sure," she says quietly. "And a few of the runners haven't been out in a couple days, so there's that to do."

Kentin smirks. "Oh that sounds like fun, you dont have to do that all by yourself right?"

Merdia shrugs. "Depends on who else is around. Sometimes I don't see other hands, sometimes I do."

Kentin nods his head. "Thats gotta be tough work doing it all alon."

Merdia lifts an eyebrow. "You offering to help?"

The fire blazes up and crackles, and sparks fly up the chimney.

Kentin holds back a laugh. "Me? Work in the stables? I coudn't. I was just commenting is all."

The fire leaps and crackles, and a few sparks rise slowly into the chimney.

Merdia smiles. "I thought you were ready to take me up on the riding lessons," she says wryly. "And there's a difference between can't and won't, you know." She sits back and stretches her feet out in front of her.

Kentin yawns, and puts on his 'thinking face'. "Riding lessons.. I wont die or anything will I?"

Merdia chuckles. "I doubt it," she says, then with a little twinkle in her eye she adds, "... not from riding, anyway. I think we can manage to find a gentle enough runner for even you."

Kentin smirks. "Oh thats a good thing, I can use Tierza's runner,whichever one that is."

The fire leaps and crackles, and a few sparks rise slowly into the chimney.

You say, "Tierza? That your sister?"

Kentin shakes his head. "Shes my cousin. Not sure by what means, I dont see her much."

The fire leaps and crackles, and a few sparks rise slowly into the chimney.

Merdia looks thoughtful. "Well, I'm not sure whose runner is whose... I haven't met most of the riders. But I think we can definitely find a gentle one for you, Tierza's or no." She drains her mug and stands up. "Ready when you are," she says with a sidelong glance at him, daring him to take up the offer.

Kentin doesnt even notice the dare. "Sure, when im awake im glad too, I want to see the last moments of my life."

Merdia laughs! "Being thrown would hardly kill you," she remarks. Then she looks at him again. "Why, I do believe you're afraid."

Kentin nods his head. "I have every right to be, look at the size of them."

The fire leaps and crackles, and a few sparks rise slowly into the chimney.

Kentin is a young man of 6', with a wiry build of hard muscle from hard labor. He has dark blond hair that reaches just past his ears and always looks like he needs a haircut soon. His brilliant blue eyes sparkle in daylight, but take on dark sapphire shades in the night. His skin never really loses his tan, even in winter.
He is wearing a loose, dark blue shirt of a worn fabric with full sleeves. His trousers are a dark, tan and though also worn, are clean and his standard knee high boots have been replaced with a pair of softer boots, that dont reach past his ankles, more fit for work and Gar than delivering messages abroad.Around Kentins neck and dissapearing under the shirt is an odd necklace passed down through his family, It is a leather thong with a strange shaped carved out of a light redish rock on the end of it.
Kentin wears a knee length cape of thin wool felt. Strong and warm, but not too hot, the soft felt is colored forest green trimmed with royal blue, the colors of Gar Hold. The wide collar on the cape is royal blue like the trimming, but no hood is attached to it. The inside of the garment is the same forest green, and the cape is held around Kentin's neck with a small metal clasp. The diamond shaped clasp is made of a silver metal, bearing the crest of Gar.
As if an afterthought, dyed in the forest green and royal blue of Gar, placed on Kentin's left shoulder is a knot consisting of a double cord swinging down into a single loop, which in turn turns into a small tail with a tassle.. designating him as the Holders Asst.
Kentin is 23 Turns, 5 months, and 21 days old.

Merdia looks honestly surprised. "Sure, they're big... " she says. She looks down at herself, then back at him. "But you're bigger than I am. ... Anyhow, once you know what you're doing, it's easy."

Kentin smirks. "Fine, im convinved, Ill learn how to ride a runner, sometime today, but not this early."

The fire leaps and crackles, and a few sparks rise slowly into the chimney.

Merdia grins. "Have some more klah," she suggests. "I should be around the stables most of the day. ... I'll need to stop by the gardens, too," she adds, as if she just remembered something.

The fire leaps and crackles, and a few sparks rise slowly into the chimney.

Kentin stands up,stretching,popping bones and such. "You lead the way."

The fire leaps and crackles, and a few sparks rise slowly into the chimney.

Merdia grins widely. "All right, then. Come on!"

You go to the Gar Hold Entry Hall.

Kentin walks, his cape swishing about him in from the Dining Hall.

You go to the Gar Hold CourtYard.

Kentin walks, his cape swishing about him in from the Gar Hold Entry Hall.

You go to the Gar Stables.

Kentin walks, his cape swishing about him in from the Gar Hold CourtYard.

Merdia glances at Kentin. "That cape going to get in your way?"

Kentin shakes his head,and nods at Sunset. "Thats Tierza's runner."

Merdia nods. "Looks like a good one to start with," she remarks. "Seems very gentle."

Expressive ears rest atop a sculpted head that is dished with large eyes and wide, open nostrils showing the quality of the breed. This gelding is fourteen hands high but retains all the fine quality elements of a larger breed. His body is compact with depth around the girth revealing his mountain heritage and a short powerful loin that is ideal for both riding and driving. Surefooted with an action that is free and forceful and makes him a joy to watch aswell as ride. A rich liver-chestnut, coat is solid with one white sock on his front left foreleg with very light feathering on his legs. His mane and tail are dark and he posseses a white stripe down his face. Temper is full of spirit and gentle, and he has a courage and stamina that makes him ideal for young riders as he does not easily spook and posseses no vices.
Sunset is 14 Turns, 11 months, and 1 day old.

Kentin smirks. "I sure hope so, so what first?"

Merdia walks over to Sunset's stall and strokes his muzzle. She takes a halter from a peg on the wall and carefully puts it over his head. "Well, unless you want to try riding bareback, we tack him up." She eyes Kentin with a little grin as she leads Sunset out of his stall.

Kentin raises an eyebrow. "As if i know what meens...."

Merdia grins and throws a blanket over Sunset's back. "It means we're going to put a saddle on him." She removes one from another peg on the wall and holds it out to Kentin.

Kentin takes the object out of Merdias hand, and looks at it. "What do i do with this?"

Merdia chuckles. "You really have no idea?" She claps her hand on the blanket on Sunset's back, a little puff of dust clouding up around her hand. "It goes on his /back/. This way." She reaches for the saddle, not taking it from Kentin but directing his hands.

Kentin places the saddle on the back, the right way, not backwards or anything, and notices the straps. "And I guess they go around the Runner itself?"

Merdia nods. "Yup. Under his belly." She kneels down and pulls the strap over, feeding it through the rings carefully. "You want to make sure it's on good and tight, so it won't slip off."

Kentin squats down,he doesnt wanna know what he would be putting his knees in. "Seems easy enough."

Merdia grins. "Sure." She stands up again. "There's a bit of a trick to it, though. ... um... you might want to stand back a bit."

Kentin stands back more than a bit. "What are you going to do?"

Merdia giggles. "Don't worry... I don't need that much room. Runners tend /not/ to like being saddled so they have this little trick they pull..." She puts one hand on the saddle's pommel to steady herself, tugging hard on the strap with the other, then in a sudden sharp movement she rams her knee into the runner's chest. With a little huffing sound, Sunset's abdomen deflates a bit, and Merdia pulls the strap that little bit tighter. She looks at Kentin with a grin. "If he'd let that breath out with you in the saddle, you'd be on your head."

Kentin looks at her hit the animal,flinching. "You sure thats good for the runner?"

Merdia lifts an eyebrow. "Don't hurt 'em," she says. "Trust me, it would take a lot more than that to do any damage." She goes to the pegboard again and comes back with a bit and bridle. "I won't even /ask/ if you know what to do with this," she says with a grin.

Kentin shakes his head. "Well, my answer would be 'Not a clue' if you asked."

Merdia chuckles and does it herself. "You put the bit into his mouth, like this," she demonstrates. "The bridle goes over his head... and fastens... like this," her hands deftly completing the process as she speaks. Then she clips a lead rope to the harness. "Should be all set," she says. "Let's take him to the field, there's lots of room there."

Kentin smirks. "And softer ground to land on."

Merdia smiles. "That, too," she agrees. She speaks in gentle tones to the runner. "OK, let's go..."

Hold Field

Merdia hands the reins to Kentin, keeping a tight hold on the lead rope. "Okay... now what you want to do is put one foot into the stirrup... this one," she points, "... and swing your other leg over his back. I'll hold him, he's not going anywhere." She eyes Kentin. "You ready?"

Kentin nods his head. "Piece of cake.."

Kentin swings up onto Sunset's back.

Merdia smiles, delighted. "That was really good!" She checks his posture. "Make sure you keep your heels down in the stirrups so your foot doesn't slip through... those boots should help."

From Sunset's back, Kentin smirks if you say so. "Its a little strange up here."

Merdia grins. "Nah. It's great. Wait till you get going." She adusts the reins in his hands. "You'll use these to tell him which way to go. His mouth is pretty sensitive; you don't need to yank. Hold them both in one hand, like this.... " she arranges his fingers on the reins. "You drop them over his neck in the direction you want him to go."

Merdia checks to see if Kentin looks OK, then continues her instruction. "Now, to get him moving, you just dig your heels into his haunches."

From Sunset's back, Kentin sits,not doing anything,not wanting to scare the runner. "Ok.. Yea.. This is the part where he throws me off,right?"

Merdia chuckles. "Nah. He'd've done that already if he was going to. You should /see/ some of the runners here!" She looks at him again. "Want to try moving?"

From Sunset's back, Kentin smirks,and jabs his heels into the runner, setting the runner bolting forward. "HelP!"

Merdia digs in her heels... too late... and has her arms nearly pulled from their sockets as Sunset charges forward. "Whoa! Not so hard!" she manages to say, as she's jostled and dragged, trying to keep a hold of the lead.

From Sunset's back, Kentin laughs a bit hysterically at the everything,and just crouches down,grabbing on and holding on for dear life.

Merdia pulls on the lead with all her weight... which unfortunately isn't making much of a dent... managing only to keep Sunset running kind of in circles. "Pull... back... on the reins," she says to Kentin. "I can't stop him myself!"

From Sunset's back, Kentin yawnks back on the reins. "Stop, stop now!"

Sunset stops abruptly and tosses his head in confusion, nearly... but not quite... pitching Kentin off his back.

Merdia rushes to calm the runner, stroking his muzzle and crooning.

Merdia lets out a deep breath, then looks up at Kentin. "You OK?"

From Sunset's back, Kentin shakes his head. "I think i want down now."

Merdia grins. "Well, it's like getting on, only backwards." *type 'dismount'*

Kentin swings down from Sunset's back.

Kentin takes a couple steps,and sits down shakily. "That was... interesting."

Merdia looks concerned. "Are you sure you're okay? Really, it wasn't a bad first try."

Kentin nods his head. "Just a little shaken." A grin appears. "That was rather fun."

Merdia smiles, relieved. "Next time, don't kick him /quite/ so hard. He's really very gentle." She offers Kentin a hand to get to his feet.

Kentin shakes his head,and remains sitting. "No thanks, im quite comfortable actually."

Merdia tilts her head for another look, then shrugs. "Well, I really should get this fellow back to the stables. He's... um... had enough excitement for one day." She gives the lead rope a gentle tug and Sunset takes a step in her direction.

Kentin shrugs and stands up. "Than I guess Ill help, I did take her out."

"Here," she says, handing him the lead rope. "This should be more your speed."

Gar Stables

Kentin stands in the stables, holding Sunset, no clue what to do now. "Ok, were here."

Merdia takes the lead from Kentin's hand. "Yes. Now the tack comes off and we put it back where we found it." She lifts an eyebrow. "That is, if you were paying attention?"

Kentin grins. "You handed it to me, I did not find it anywhere."

Merdia chuckles. "So hand it back to me. And I'll put it back on the pegs where /I/ found it."

Kentin looks at the buckles, squats,and umbuckles them, he than takes off the saddle, and hands it to Merdia. "And next the blanket?"

Merdia shakes out the saddle and hangs it on a peg. "Yes," she says. "Just hang it over the stall door for now, it'll need to dry out a bit."

Kentin takes the blanket,and throws it over the side of the door. "And thats a wrap.."

Merdia grins and nods to Sunset. "Aren't you forgetting something?" she asks Kentin.

Kentin looks at the horse, than at Merdia. "You expect me to get him back into the stall?"

Merdia rolls her eyes. "You can't leave the bit in his mouth. It gets in his way when he's eating. Also it's not very comfortable." She unbuckles the bridle and slips it off the runner's head, carefully holding the bit away from herself so as not to get dripped with saliva. With a smirk of her own for Kentin's benefit, she returns the bridle to its peg. "/Now/ you can put him back into the stall."

Kentin sighs and pushes on the runner, trying to get him to move backwards into his stall. "Hes not moving much."

Merdia bites her lip to keep from laughing out loud. "Take the rope," she says, without laughing but with a merry twinkle in her eye. "/Lead/ him in. Then come on back out and close the door."

Kentin looks at the stall,than at her,than at the horse,than at the stall. "Walk in there?"

You say, "Why not?" She peers in. "It's been cleaned recently... oh." She wrinkles her nose. "Well, there should be an empty one farther up that's clean. I can see what I'm going to be doing this morning... and afternoon..."

Kentin smirks, and leads the horse into his stall, and ducks out as fast as he can. "Can we leave the rope on him?"

Merdia shakes her head. "He might step on it and hurt himself. Just clip it off. The harness can stay on, though."

Kentin walks back in,grabs the rope,and walks out. "All set." Tosses tope over the door,guessing its the best place for it.

Merdia glances at the rope on the door, decides that's good enough for the time being, and grins at Kentin. "Not a bad first lesson," she says. "Let me know when you're ready for another."

Kentin grins and nods. "I will, thanks.":

Merdia sighs. "Well, I'd better get to work," she says, pulling a pitchfork down from another peg. She looks at Kentin sidelong and offers it to him. "Hanging around?" she asks wryly.

Kentin smirks. "I think I should return to the harper,relax, and wait for Natch."

Merdia grins. "I somehow /thought/ that would be your response. Or something like it." She eyes him again. "You'll want to dust your cape off before you do that."

Kentin smirks,looks back at his cape,and gives it a good shape. "Im sure she wont notice. Have a good day, thanks for the lessons."

Kentin walks, his cape swishing about him to the Gar Hold Courtyard.