Breakfast And A Story

Dining Hall

Cress walks slowly and silently in from the Gar Hold Entry Hall.

Merdia is at the sideboard fumbling with morning klah, the hand still bandaged.

Coming into the Dining Hall, Cress notices Merdia's trouble with the klah, "need any help," he calls out, walking over to her.

Wintermute blinks in from ::between::!
Idoru blinks in from ::between::!

Merdia sets down the pitcher with a thump, a bit of klah splashing out the top. "Oh, thanks... that would really be nice." She blinks as the firelizards appear. "Oh... do they look to you?"

Taking the pitcher to pour the woman's klah, Cress looks up as the lizards appear from between. Grinning he says, "yeah, thats 'Mute and Idoru." Handing Merdia, the klah mug he pours himself a mug as well, "d'you need anything else?" he says, grabbing a few meatrolls for the two lizards.

Merdia sets the mug on the sideboard and spoons in some sweetener. "Thanks, I can handle it now. I can usually do it myself but it's awkward when the pitcher is that full."

Cress nods. "I s'pose it is," he says, vaguely remembering when his own hand was in a bandage. A few sweetrolls land on the plate with the meatrolls and he takes mug and plate to a nearby table. Two firelizards instantly land near the plate to munch at the meatrolls.

Merdia finishes the klah procedure and looks up. "What happened to the other person?" she asks Cress.

Cress raises a questioning eyebrow "what other person," he says, breaking up the meatrolls for the lizards.. "Take it easy, 'Mute," he says pushing the brown away a little.

Merdia looks a bit taken aback at Cress's confusion. "In the fight. Who ended up with the knife?" Leaving her mug on the sideboard she steps over to check out what's available to eat.

Grinning, Cress shrugs, "he did, I'm afraid to say." A smile spreads across his face, "on the other hand, the others in the caravan didn't look to nicely at him after it happened."

Merdia looks thoughtful for a moment. "Traders? Who /was/ the other person?" She puts a few sweetrolls onto a plate which she balances on her arm, and goes back after her mug.

Cress' smile fades a little, but not enough to make him look angry or sad. He's passed that point a long time ago, and just sees the incident as somewhat homorous now. "It was my cousin," he says.

Merdia gets as far as picking up the mug when Cress replies. She stops and turns to him but isn't sure what to say. "Must've been a really nice knife," she finally remarks, "to get between family like that." She starts for the comfy chairs by the hearth.

Cress shrugs, "not really," he says with a slight smile, "but we were young, and it was just a stupid argument, that got too far."

Merdia seats herself on the end of the couch nearest Cress's table, with a caution suggesting that she's tried this maneuver before with limited success. However, nothing spills today, and she carefully sets the mug on the low table in front of her and arranges the plate on her lap. "I see," she says finally. "I didn't realize it was such an old injury."

Cress nods, "well, I think I must have been about 12 or thereabout when it happen. He - my cousin that is - was a couple of years older."

Merdia chuckles, having seen her brothers brawling enough times to construct a passable mental picture of events. She glances at Cress again. "What would that be then? Six-seven turns ago?" She shakes her head and has a sip of klah, her thoughts far away.

Cress nods, "yeah, it would be 6 Turns ago. My cousin left pretty fast after it happened. He stayed maybe a couple of months, then he left for the Herder Hall."

Merdia slides the plate onto the seat beside her and leans back into the couch, stretching her legs out in front of her. She tips her head to look at Cress again. "So how do you like the StarCraft?"

"It's good. Some of the stuff we have to learn is really interesting, and the people are nice," Cress rambles. "And there're some nice girls there too..." Ramble, ramble, ramble.

Merdia grins at that. "Of course," she remarks. "The social aspect of any craft is extremely important." She lifts an eyebrow to add, "Anyone in particular?"

Cress shrugs, "well, there was," says, and shifting to a mutter continues, "but she was Searched...."

Merdia ahs and retrieves her mug. "Did she Impress?"

Cress nods "from what I heard, she did, so it's not likely she'll be back," still mumbling, "of course, she wasn't my girlfriend, or anything, she was just nice to me, and she made dance and stuff...." Rambling again.

Tegwin meanders in from the Gar Hold Entry Hall.

Merdia is sitting on the couch in front of the hearth with a mug of klah and a plate of sweetbread. Her back is to the dining hall doors but she's facing Cress... who has been rambling... Merdia smiles at Cress gently. "I'm sorry if I'm bringing up things you'd rather not talk about." Looking at 'Mute and Idoru she adds, "How are those two doing? Stuffed yet?"

Tegwin yawns and plants herself in an its-good-to-be-back pose. It /is/ good to be back. 'Reaches is nothing like Gar. I love Gar. I wish it was Gar always....-wait. Does that make sense? "No, no it doesn't." Teg notices the other two people around. Fellwo 'prentice and Garish person. "Oh. Hello."

Nodding, "I think so, at least 'Doru seems to be," he says nodding to the green. Brown 'Mute is still nibbling at a piece of meat. Looking up at a new voice, he grins to Tegwin, "Hi, there!"

Merdia glances up at the unfamiliar voice, craning her neck around to see the source. Spotting Tegwin, she smiles. "Hello."

Tegwin is about five feet and seven inches and with hidden muscles. Her eyes can be an icy steel-blue color which changes can vary all the way to a deep emerald green, the color darkens at the center of her iris' and fades into paler shades. Dark brown hair that is easily mistaken for jet black is cut too short, matted, and is never combed out, not even on special occasions. A medium tan skin, like milky klah with a deep scar on her high left shoulder which is able to be seen from behind. If you're lucky enough to look closer, you'll be able to see shallower scars along the rest of her back.
Light orange-tan wherhide breeches, dark weather-worn leather boots, and short stockings cover her well built legs. While a dusty, white, linen blouse and midnight blue, cotton vest cover her torso and arms. She wears an old black, slighty muddy near the ground, cape constantly and rarely /ever/ takes it off. If with her, Bo clings to her left shoulder or wraps himself lightly arond her neck. Perched on Tegwin's shoulder is Artemis. Perched on Tegwin's shoulder is Apollo. Tegwin wears the knot of a StarCraft Apprentice.
Tegwin is 16 Turns, 9 months, and 3 days old.

Tegwin waves and pokes her brand spanking new, [no, not literally] blue firelizard next to her existing green and coiled ferret. "'Morning." She seems in one of her rare and strange cheerful moods today. *nudge nudge* "Apollo! Quit it!" She holds her arm to his new perch on her shoulder and watches him hop on. "Ow. DOn't do that!" She grumbles and moves toward the table to get some meatrolls for her blue, before long, Artemis and Bo'll want some too.

More hungry firelizards. Cress' two luckily seems to have had enough. "You can have the rest of this," he says to the girl, and pushes the plate across the table. Scrathing Idoru on the eyeridges, he leaves 'Mute slumbering on the tabletop.

Merdia grins. "I guess Darken's fending for himself today," she remarks. She follows Tegwin's movements with her eyes, trying not to stare but finding it difficult to avert her eyes.

Tegwin nods and trots over to the Starry. "Thanks. I appreciate it." SHe moves to the nearest table to place the tray down, next to her blue who's already scarfing most of the meat down. Teg quickly puts her other two pets on the table and leaves them to fight for themselves. She brushes off her hands and holds one out to Cress. "I'm Tegwin, by the way. I've been at 'Reaches with Journeywoman Lilinia. You must be new."

Taking the offered hand, Cress nods, "well, I've been here a couple of months now," he says. "You were at 'Reaches? Were you at the Hatching? Did you see Tat Impress?" Rambling again...

Tegwin shrugs. "How would I know how long you've been here, when I only got back a few days ago? Anyways...I was at 'Reaches, but I didn't get a chance to see the hatching. I finally wormed it out of someone to tell me who did Impress. I haven't gotten a chance to congratulate her in one way or another." She turns around quickly to glance at her now sleepign 'lizards and ferret. I'm surprised they didn't kill each other for once. "Right... well, whatever your name is. Well met."

Cress grins, "I'm sorry," he says, to busy with his own questions he's forgotten to introduce himself.. Again, "I'm Cress. D'you know what color she Impressed." Meaning Tatoria, of course..

Merdia gets up to set her now empty plate on a vacant table and returns to her seat by the hearth, cradling the bandaged hand in her lap, reluctant to interrupt the two StarCrafters...

Tegwin smiles and releases her grip on his hand. "Who? Tato? Or Tatia, I should say. Nah..noone had enough tiem to tell me. Or perhaps...they just didn't wanna talk." I'm so glad to be back. "They're pretty boring up there."

"I never knew anyone who Impressed before," Cress says. "I danced with her once... At a gather. I didn't even know she was Searched, till after she was gone..."

Tegwin chuckles. "Everyone's so suseptible these days, you can never tell who's going to Impress and stuff." And stuff. "She's real nice, she is. So, was she a good dancer or were you the bda one?"

Merdia, bored and feeling very much outside the conversation since she is even more of a newcomer than Cress, drains her mug and heads for the gardens. She turns back with a wave for Cress, not sure if he notices or not...