Logs For Merdia

Doing Windows Here's how Merdia got that scar on her hand... apparently, Alexander thought that conversation in the Harper wasn't interesting enough RP, so he shamed Kentin and Merdia into helping him clean the hold's Threadfall shutters... A little on the angsty side, but lots of fun. :)
Alexander waves to Kentin from his seat on a windowsill two storeys up. "Yeah, I could use a hand," he calls. "Natch will kill me after I'm dead if Thread falls and the windows are stuck and won't close."

Early Morning Crowd A lot of things happened this particular morning. It begins with Merdia trading 'war wound' stories with Cress and Zenethen... and ends with an interesting bit of 'girl talk'.
Merdia blinks and turns to face Cress again. "A fight? Really?" She eyes his damaged hand again. "I hope it was over something important."

Breakfast And A Story Here Merdia gets the full story behind Cress' 'war wounds'.
Merdia gets as far as picking up the mug when Cress replies. She stops and turns to him but isn't sure what to say. "Must've been a really nice knife," she finally remarks, "to get between family like that." She starts for the comfy chairs by the hearth.

Exploring The New Maze Merdia and Petrin took what they thought would be a quiet, private walk to explore Gar's new maze... but it seems Merdia was a bit more popular than she thought she was - much to Petrin's dismay.
Zi'n ducks around the corner, head half-turned to watch something on a branch. Though as he straightens and people seem to grow out of the ground, the bronzeling stops dead in his tracks, hazel eyes widening slightly in surprise. "Oh!" A chuckle follows, along with a, "G'day to you all! I wanted to stop by and see this famous maze, and I almost got lost." The last is admitted rather sheepishly, though an impish smile plays around his lips.

Riding Lesson Merdia thought that giving Kentin a riding lesson would be a nice change of pace from mucking stalls... but the lesson turned out to be a bit more eventful than she'd anticipated!
Merdia looks thoughtful. "Well, I'm not sure whose runner is whose... I haven't met most of the riders. But I think we can definitely find a gentle one for you, Tierza's or no." She drains her mug and stands up. "Ready when you are," she says with a sidelong glance at him, daring him to take up the offer.

Kentin's Second Lesson Merdia finally convinces Kentin to try riding again after his less-than-stellar first attempt, but she's beginning to get the idea that she's being fooled...
Kentin nods his head,taking down the blanket,throwing it on the horsees back,than putting the saddle on, and tightening the straps. "Is that right?"
Merdia looks appraisingly. My, he's a quick learner. "Looks good," she says.

And Still Another Riding Lesson This one for Alexander, to take his mind off his proddy firelizard. Merdia finds that she has a few kinks to work out of the lesson process...
From Whisper's back, Alexander tugs on the reins obediently and tilts to the right. Oh, wait, that's both reins at the same time. "Whoa," he drawls in a Southern accent, and tips his imaginary ten gallon hat. "What does yelling giddyap do?"
From Starry Night's back, Kentin smirks at Alex. "Why not try it and find out?"