Logs For Linora

Swimming Lesson Cress learns to swim, 'Mute learns to fish... All in all, a pretty interesting evening.
Linora pulls off her sandals and walks right down to the shoreline to test the water. "It's nice and warm," she calls back. "You'll love it." Without another word, she splashes in, clothes and all.

Meeting Uillauth Linora begins to realize she could use some new clothes... but she kind of forgets all about that little detail when she comes face to face with a dragon for the first time.
Linora's eyes widen as the enormous head lowers within her reach, suddenly realizing how big she must seem to her own little 'lizard... who incidentally is watching his giant cousin with interest, totally unfazed by either his size or his proximity. She takes a deep breath and reaches a tentative hand toward the big brown's eyeridges.

A New Shirt For Cress Here Linora gets a bit of a lesson in patience... which she could really use... as well as the first grain of an idea for a specialty. Gotta have one of those, if you want to be promoted in the StarCraft. She's also starting to get the idea that her best friend is more than just a friend... too bad Kaltia has the same idea...
Cress' face softens at Linora's words, he can't stay angry at her for long. Especially for something so petty as a worn shirt. A shirt which is still lying on the floor. He picks it up and puts it in his pack, as he grins, first to Linora and then to Kaltia, not quite knowing what to say.

Looking At Stars Okay. It's not a nightskies class, but Linora really did learn something. A couple of somethings, actually.
"See, you can see the stars reflected in the water," Cress says, with a smile on his face. "This is a perfect place for watching stars. Quiet too. Not many people come here at night," he explains to Linora.

Bending Those Appy Rules Okay, now Lin's quite sure that her best friend is more than a friend. And that he feels the same way she does. But it's not going to be easy... poor Cress finds he's a bit more popular than he thought he was, and then there's that pesky apprentice rule...
Diena sips her klah and asks timidly "I mean, I know what Derit told me when he interviewed me but.. can we have relationships here? Does anyone /realy/ mind? She looks from Linora to Tierza and stops herself for a moment "I mean, I realize of course that this is out of the blue."

Girl Trouble Lin inadvertently walked into an awkward conversation, which was not improved by her appearance. Thanks to Cress-player, here's the whole story. :)
Linora really begins to wish she'd come home later... or earlier. She stands still a moment, caught between Kaltia's obvious venom and Cress's equally obvious ambivalence. After a seemingly interminable pause, she swallows again. "Should I go?" Not much more than a strangled whisper, her expression bewildered... and not looking really at either one of them.

Explanations After that scene in the Vault, Linora really thought Cress had some explaining to do.  But no sooner did they get that mess straightened out than Linora found herself having to do some explaining to Journeywoman Kezzra...
Linora is too new to know who's who in the Hall, and who's done what to whom... all she knows is she's ranked. And caught to rights. And she'd /better/ come up with something that makes sense, /fast/. She looks at the floor. "There isn't anything to tell, really," she says. No, they haven't done anything wrong... yet... have they?

A Very Confusing Afternoon... And a somewhat convoluted log, as well. :) Linora's battling the fear that she might have picked the wrong craft, since none of the specialty areas seem quite right to her, when suddenly she has something /else/ to worry about.
Linora blinks, wondering what she said to make Cress look like that. She chews her lip, her eyes big as she tries to see his expression, her mind working back over the words. Finally she gives up, he's /not/ going to look at her. And he's leaving? "Okay..." she manages to say. "I'll walk back with you?" Half afraid he might say no.

Pondering... Linora gets a little comfort and advice to make choosing a specialty just a little bit easier.
A relieved smile comes to Linora's face, lighting up her eyes. He said 'we'. "So who d'ya think I oughta talk to? I mean, about specialties and stuff?" He's been here longer... he already picked a specialty. He must know something she doesn't...

Good Advice Senior Journeywoman Jorina takes some time from her busy schedule to give Linora some advice on choosing a specialty.
Linora shifts again. "I guess I kinda knew people studied those things." She'd have to have been hiding under a rock not to have heard the other apprentices talking. "But I dunno what they /do/. I mean... " She breaks off, feeling really stupid. "I wanna /do/ something, not just sit hunched over a scroll forever. Did I really come to the wrong place?" Her voice gets really quiet, afraid now of what she's going to hear.

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