Looking At Stars... Again

Linora is stretched out on a worn blanket on the flagstones in the middle of the courtyard, fingers laced behind her neck, staring up at the predawn sky.

Cress litterally stumbles over Lin as he comes back from the Hold. Falling to flat on his face, he yelps, surprised that someone is here in the dark. "Who? What?" he shouts, trying to identify who it is lying here in the middle of the courtyard.

Linora lets out a startled shriek as she is stumbled over, quickly disentangling herself from the stumbler's legs and sitting herself up to see who it is. "Cress! You okay?" She scrambles onto her knees and moves a bit closer, peering down at him with a perplexed expression. "Thought you said you could see in the dark?"

Cress nods slowly as he get's up to a seated position. "Yeah, I'm allright. Just scarped my knees a little," he says, leaving out the part about nightvision. He'd been walking around in a daze, thinking about stuff. "What're you doing here?"

Linora sits back on her heels, looking a bit doubtful. "I was looking at the stars and stuff." What a silly question. Is there any other reason for a Starry to be lying in the courtyard? But snappy retorts aren't part of Lin's vocabulary. "I kinda needed a break from the archives."

"Yeah, of course." Silly Cress didn't think of that right away. "Good to get outside sometimes," he says, craning his neck up to look at the slowly fading stars. "Can you see that constellation here? Now?" Meaning the one her project is based on of course.

Linora shakes her head. She's spent so much time researching that constellation that she wouldn't have thought of another no matter /what/ Cress meant. "It's kind of a Southern thing, mostly." She shifts to stretch her legs out in front of her, before they fall asleep from her sitting on them, and leans back on her hands. "I only seen the diagram."

Cress nods, rubbing his sore knees. Feeling that it'd be a little, strange, to not see the constellation you'd spent so much time on. "At least the Campfire can be seen from here," he says before he can stop himself.

Linora grins, remembering the night at the lake when Cress showed her the constellation... leading her mind involuntarily to another afternoon at the lake... so if she misses Cress's train of thought, who could blame her? "Yeah." She looks back up at the sky again. "Sure is nice and clear tonight." Well, it's still night. That little smudge of light in the eastern sky won't erase the stars for quite a little while.

Cress nods, it sure was, but he'd been on his way to the dorms to get some sleep. Getting up from the ground, he looks down at Lin. "I think I'd better go," he says, and add silently to himself; 'fore anything happens. "So I guess I'll see ya later?"

Cress moves slowly to the StarCraft Hall.