Linora's Secret

Well... every action has its consequence, and now a certain Turnday present seems to be coming back to haunt Linora, making her rethink just about everything.
Denial Lin comes back from the Ista Hatching feeling more than a little queasy. And after a chat with her friend Mayala, she's more than a little nervous!
Linora starts to look worried now. "Symptoms? No... I'm not..." She shakes her head. She can't be sick again. "I didn't do anyth..." Her voice trails off uncertainly, and her eyes grow round. "No." Her voice is firmer, but her complexion is ashen. She /can't/ be. Can she?

Help From A Friend Poor Tierza has her own heartbreak to contend with after the Hatching, but she still manages to help her friend.
Tierza sighs and nods knowingly. "But Lin, maybe you are worried about nothing. And a healer can help you either way. And even if you haven't seen cress much, you /should/ talk to him about this. After all this didn't happen without help /if/ you are."

News For Cress Poor Lin. Poor Cress!
Linora drops her head on her knees. "I know I prolly oughtta see a healer," she mumbles, her voice muffled and barely audible until she lifts her head halfway to look at him again, when it trails off to a whisper. "But... I'm scared." Even more afraid now, that he seems to be angry with her.

The Moment Of Truth Lin finally works up her courage to see the Healer. Or is it desperation?
Linora turns big eyes to Sudanna, very nearly losing her nerve. She looks quickly over her shoulder as she hears Cress start to answer, then stop. Gulp. She's on her own. "I... um... " She takes a deep breath. "I think I... I mean I might be... I mean... " Her gaze drops to the floor, her voice trailing off to a whisper. "I think I'm in trouble."