This TP (TinyPlot) sort of evolved on its own. What began as an innocent field trip to Southern Hold (ostensibly to visit a new observatory) evolved into several IC months in the infirmary and a complete change in the direction of Linora's life. So on this page I've gathered all the logs that tell this story.

Dolphins And Dragons Linora joins a group of apprentices, and Journeywoman Kezzra, for a visit to Southern Hold. But instead of touring a new observatory, they end up swimming with dolphins... and instead of returning directly to the Hall, they take an unexpected side trip...
Linora swallows hard as she realizes she's still pretty wet... but doesn't dare miss her ride home. It's only a few seconds, between... how cold can it really be? She gets to her feet quickly, picking at her clothes as if that will help dry them faster.

A Long Day At High Reaches The morning after the 'field trip' finds Linora still at High Reaches Weyr, still not dressed for far-north early spring weather. It takes her hours to manage to find a way back to the Hall... only to find herself right back at the Weyr! But she does meet a 'rider who ends up becoming her friend.
Hyzen loves confusing Ilare... that's her job. But she doesn't expound on her wording as more words and brilliant images flood her mind. Biting back the laughter at the latest vision of what Imbri thinks Mzadith looks like, she looks up at Linora. "'lo..." Again, a greeting before she goes on. "I heard you talking about getting home... if you're needing it, I can offer a ride." A faint blush settles her features as she remembers to introduce herself. "Hyzen, rider of green Imbriath."

Aftermath. Linora /finally/ gets back to the Hall and turns her attention to her long-overlooked project... but the experience takes its toll on her. The sevendays that follow find her in and out of Gar's infirmary, spending /far/ more time with Cress than propriety (and craft rules) allow, and ultimately being forced to make a very difficult decision.
Linora nods. Then her eyes go to the floor again. "Then Tie came by, 'fore Hyzen left and stuff." He has no clue. She swallows hard and looks back at him, not quite meeting his eyes. It would be easier to say this if he remembered. "I think we maybe oughtta spend a little less time together and stuff." And drops her head again, her hands on her lap clasping and unclasping nervously.

Curious? Well... things do get better. And then they get worse again. But you'll just have to read some more logs to get the whole story...