Linora's Project

Dining Hall
Coming from the other rooms, the Dining Hall seems a little dimmer, Which it is. Positioned throughout the room are about a dozen tables suited for up to eight people each. It is far more than the Hall needs, but it is always nice to be safe than sorry. A table is set up off to the side. On it is a collection of cooled juices and fruits which are kept fresh from the nearby Orchards. With the constant state of furor created by recent events there few drudges not busy elsewhere, So please serve and clean up after yourself. A fire burns merrily along the west wall, and overstuffed, cushioned couches and chairs have been placed in front of it.
Cress is here.

Cress is at the sidetable stacking sweetbread and a few meatrolls on a plate. His klah has already been poured and is waiting to be picked up and brought to a table.

Linora drags in with a glazed expression, the result of long hours spent staring at dusty hides. She heads directly for the side table, not seeing Cress until she nearly walks into him. She greets him with a tired smile, almost relieved. "Hi." And reaches for a pitcher to pour off a mug of juice for herself.

Cress smiles lopsidedly at the look on Lin's face. "You look like you should have some klah instead of that juice," he says teasingly. "How's it coming along? Started writing anything yet?"

Linora shakes her head, both at the klah and at the question. "Nah.. but I think I got most-a what I need..." She sets down the pitcher and scrubs at her temples with both hands before picking up her mug to take a long sip. Mmm. She takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly, and gives Cress a little smile. Almost apologetic, hoping her company won't be too unpleasant.

Cress bets she gets her project done faster than him, as she seems so much more organized. "You'll get it done soon, I'm sure," he says, not to pressure her or anything. "So's it an interesting story, if ya don't mind me asking?"

Linora nods earnestly, her eyes lighting up. She tops off her mug and starts toward a table, waiting for Cress to join her before sitting down. "'bout a fishing boat that sank in a big storm," she explains.

"Sounds tragic," Cress says, picking up his mug and the plate and moves to the table to join her. "What happened?"

"Wasn't." Can't you see Lin's smile? "A bunch-a dolphins came, an' saved the crew." Her brow furrows slightly. "Couldn't save the catch, though." As if that were important. She shrugs, lightly. "Anyhow, there's a bunch-a stars... I guess you can see 'em better from Southern... that look like the sinking ship... an' one-a the dolphins, too, I think." Thinking she might wanna see that for herself if maybe Hyzen'll keep her promise.

Cress smiles as he hears the story, remineded though that he still hasn't seen any dolphins. "Well, tha's a great story. Did it take you a long time finding it?" Couldn't have though, could it? Since she's already tellin' him about it. He breaks the meatrolls he brougt in pieces and lets the three lizards fend for themselves while he has his sweetbreat and klah.

Linora shrugs. "I been workin' on it since... " Well, since the day she left him in the infirmary, burying herself in the books to keep from thinking. "A while, I guess." Rather not bring up that day again, not when things seem almost... normal between them. She almost manages to hide the guilty look behind a long sip of juice. "Anyhow," pressing on, "it was interesting and stuff, so maybe it didn't seem like so much work." Does that make sense? She can't think.

Cress nods slowly, understanding completely. Once he'd found the story 'bout the travellers, he'd been real happy he'd spent so much time in the Archives. "Yeah, it's great when you find what you're looking for. 'Specially when you didn't know what you were looking for to begin with.." Now did /that/ make sense?

Linora smiles, turning grateful eyes on Cress. Yes, it makes perfect sense, and she's so relieved that he understands her. "Yeah." She takes another sip of her juice, really starting to feel better. More like herself. "Maybe I can ask Hyzen for a ride ta Southern," she muses. That'd make this project a lot easier. More fun, too. Maybe she oughtta ask a journeyperson if that'd be okay first...

Tierza walks in from the Gar Hold Entry Hall.

Tierza glances at the chalkboard to see what the menu is for today.

Tierza mmms at the lunchboard and takes two sandwiches and lots of carrots.. 'her' carrots to be precise.. Adds a mug of klah and a glass of juice and looks for a place to sit. Spying Cress and Linora, she opts for a spot in the far end of the room. No need to make them feel uncomfortable with her.

Cress gives Tierza a nod and a grin. No reason to get so far away from them, is there? His eyes search out Linora, to see if she agrees with that.

Linora spots the change in Cress's focus and follows his gaze to Tierza. A shy grin follows. What kinda trouble are we gonna get into, sitting across a table from each other, in a public area? Please. A glance back at Cress, and a little nod.

"Why don't you join us, Tierza," Cress says motioning to a free chair at the table. "There's plenty of room."

Tierza picking up her tray and nodding at the same time. "Thanks, I will. Congratulations on the new knot Cress.. it looks great on your shoulder. And 'Nora, how are yu feeling? Good to see you out of the infirmary.

From Linora's broad smile and clear eyes, she's obviously feeling a lot better. "Thanks, Tie. I'm really fine now, mostly." So she still gets a little short of breath sometimes, it'll pass, right? And that admiring, almost proprietary glance across the table at Cress? Well, he's her best friend, 'course she's happy for him.

"Thanks, Tierza," Cress echoes Linora's words. "I finally finished that project of mine." He takes a long sip of the klah, watching his three lizards eat their lunch.

Tierza says, "Well, don't push yourself Nora.. it takes a long time for the lungs to recover from that sort of illness."

Linora nods soberly. She kinda figured that out, but it's nice that Tierza cares. She shifts a little uncomfortably, but her smile quickly returns. "How're things with /you/, Tie?" Maybe just a touch too eagerly... enough about me. And please, nothing about /us/!

Tierza says, "Me?" her eyes take on a unique glow.. "oh really nothing,.. really... Why do you ask?" Nope, not a word about anyone else. Not a word about her life either though. "Have you seen my new roses? Oh, and the new people? That guard Jesk brought up?"

Cress hadn't seen any new people, but then he'd not been much out of the Hall lately. Unless you counted that trip up north, which nobody needed to know about. Shaking his head at Tie, he shrugs, "no, haven't seen anybody. Who're they?"

Tierza says, "I think his name is Typhon and hers is Kryae? I really am not sure though."

Linora has to stifle a giggle at the second name. "Kyrae?" Twinkling eyes fix on Cress. "I think we /did/ meet /her/." Focus back to Tierza, incredulous. "She's a /guard/?"

Cress nods slowly, a day here in the dining hall, coming back to him. Surprise also shows on his face as he'd not expected the girl to be a guard.

Tierza says, "I'm not sure about her. I know he is. She just said she came to live here." Kyrae walks in from the Gar Hold Entry Hall.

Linora grins. "Oh... Well, she kinda didn't look like a guard." She's met guards before, after all. "But I was still kinda sick when I met her."

Tierza nods as her mouth is full of sandwich.. and then looks up as the aforementioned girl walks in.

Kyrae glances at the chalkboard to see what the menu is for today.

Cress fiddles with his mug a little and then follows Tierza's gaze, spotting the girl as well. He then looks at Lin again, giving her a reasurring smile. "You know, Tierza. Lin's started her project too." Not sure if Lin'd wanted Tie to know that fact.

Tierza says, "That's great.. what's it to be Lin?" If she seems a trifle distracted, well... maybe she is? "I imagine it has to do with the stars, right?"

Kyrae helps herself to a vegetable roll and walks towards everyone. "Mind if I join you, while I eat?"

Linora grins. She hadn't been sure it would be of any interest to Tie, but doesn't mind her knowing, not a bit. "Acourse it is. I gotta write up a scroll, with a constellation an' the story it tells. It's a /lot/ of research and stuff, but I think I'm kinda almost done." Then looks up as Kyrae walks over. Oh yeah, that's the girl. She smiles and points to the empty chair across the table. Next to Cress. Um. "Sure." Can't be rude, right?

Kyrae takes the seat gratefully. "Thanks. Hope I'm not interupting anything." She takes a bite of her roll and smiles.

Tierza nods, again her mouth full.. sounds good to her, but can only imagine that within all the turns at Starcraft, they constellations have all been identified and named. She will ask as soon as her mouth is empty, really..

"Plenty of room," Cress says, nodding to Kyrae, as she comes to sit. "Nope, you're not interrupting. Didya find anything to do?"

Kyrae swallows and tilts her head slightly. "Me?"

Cress nods, and takes another sip of klah, "yeah?"

Kyrae notices the klah and realizes she didn't get anything to drink. She shakes her head at herself and at Cress' question. "No, not yet. I think I'm gonna talk to Natch about getting a job here."

Danse skips happily in from the Gar Hold Entry Hall.

Tierza says, "hey there Danse. How's the garden today? Any new bugs or weeds?" Smiles at her young helper and waves her over. "And are you taking a well-earned break?"

Typhon strides in from the Kitchen.

Danse shakes her head and grins, prancing over to Tie. "Nopeynope. Just the same old ones!" She climbs onto a bench. "I'm takin' a snack."

Typhon waves. Especially to Kyrae. "Hello again. We seem to be bumping into each other a lot today."

Kyrae sighs and swears to herself that he's following her. "Yes, I can't seem to shake you!" She smiles happily at her friend nonetheless.

Linora looks up from a sip of juice with a bewildered expression at the rapidly filling dining hall, unable to remember /when/ she's seen things so busy here!

Typhon grins and takes a seat. "Maybe you should hide somewhere." Hmm...foooood.

Closely cropped black hair frames an inscrutable, unlined face made up of stony planes and agles. Ice cold blue-grey eyes stare out from deep sockets. A hawk-like nose dominates the grim visage. Typhon is tall, about 6'5, and fairly lean, with a wiry strength apparent in all his movements and a ramrod straight posture. His movements are smooth and sinuous, with a deadly grace to them. They are smooth and spare, with no wasted motion or gesture. He is always on the alert, looking around constantly as if expecting an ambush. He seems relaxed, but with the air of a coiled spring, always ready to spring into action.
Typhon is dressed in a simple but eye-catching uniform. An almost blindingly bright orange silk shirt with short sleeves is held against his chest by a skin-tight wherhide jerkin dyed a deep black. The hide is supple, and set with a series of overlapping metal discs to hinder an attacker's blade. Each arm has a similarly tight band of black wherhide ending at the elbow. The left one bears the mark of the guard's rank, the right the crest of Ista hold, pierced by a sword. The Jerkin ends where a pair of tight black wherehide pants begin, flowing down his legs, the inner cuffs tucked into similarly black wherhide boots that appear of a sturdy construction. A wherhide belt, again black, wraps tightly around the waist. The uniform is completed by a pair of softened wherhide gloves usually kept tucked into the belt at the lower back.
Typhon is 22 Turns, 2 months, and 1 day old.

Kyrae smiles to herself and waits for Emeril to join them, also. She smiles at Lin "You're feeling better, Lin?" She smirks at Typhon as she remembers her earlier comment to Riki about his manners....

Tierza eyes the man and the young girl. Seems a bit of an age discrepency here. But.. shrugging.. she will just watch and see what happens. "Good Danse. Did you do anything about the /old/ weeds and bugs, then?" Smiling at the young girl.

Typhon looks offended as he pours himself a cup of klah. And snags a meatroll for Kizmo. He catches Tierza's look and shrugs. "I'm a guard recruit. If I get caught in a romantic relationship then I get dismissed. You wouldn't want me to get dismissed, would you Kyrae?" he grins at Kyrae.

Danse nods. "Yuppers. I pulled up the weeds and threw 'em in the compost heap and killed the bad bugs... or at least the ones I could catch." She swings her legs. "Momma said we're s'posed to keep all the bad bugs and put 'em in a jar of water, and use that to spray the plants. She said she heard it'll keep the bugs off later. So I caught 'em and drownded 'em in a bucket of water."

Kyrae looks expectantly around for Kizmo and shrugs. She catches onto the conversation and smiles, all innocence. "What would a romanitc relationship have to do with me?"

Typhon looks innocently at Kyrae. "Why, you could /claim/ that such a thing occurred and get me into trouble. You wouldn't do that would you? Still, I'm going to have to be careful not to offend you." He grins impudently.

Linora nods to Kyrae's question, managing to smile in return. "Yeah, thanks f'rasking." Her attention is quickly distracted by the little girl chattering about bugs. A smile lights her eyes and she gladly turns her focus there. Away from talk of dismissal over romantic relationships. Doesn't want to hear about that, nope.

Tierza grimaces at the 'cutsy' conversation and focuses on Danse. "Good job. I appreciate all your hard work. I bet hte cooks do too. Let me see if they might have a bubbly to repay you."

Tierza walks to the Kitchen.

Tierza walks in from the Kitchen.

Kyrae rolls her eyes at Typhon, as she seems to be doing often, and follows everyone else's lead and looks towards the girl.

Nope, Cress would tend to agree with Linora on that point. Better to stay away from romance. At least while still and appy.

Danse swings her feet and wriggles impatiently at the promise of a bubbly. "Did they? did they?"

Tierza returns, carrying a tray of bubblies. "Look what I found.. seems like plenty for everyone here." Smiles as she hands the first one to Danse and offers the tray to everyone else.

Typhon shrugs. Everyone but the cat seems to be ignoring me lately. Kizmo stalks away to Kyrae. Typhon sighs and turns his attention to the child. Gardening is at least as interesting as learning how to chop people apart.

Kizmo jumps onto Kyrae's lap.

Linora grins widely and reaches for a bubbly with almost childlike enthusiasm. "Thanks, Tie."

Danse grins and takes it gratefully, biting into it, carefully catching the juices. Swallowing, she says politely, "Thank you, Tierza!"

Kyrae smiles her thanks at Tierza and gingerly picks a bubbly up. She sets it down on the table next to her barely eaten roll. "Thanks. I'll eat it... eventually!" She smiles and pets the cat in her lap.

Typhon snags one, hoping to attract Kizmo back. It doesn't work. He sighs and bites into the bubbly.

Cress smiles, and nods a thankyou to Tierza as he snatches a bubbly. So what if he's already eaten. Always room for the sweet stuff.

Tierza places the tray down and takes her own as well. "Just don't tell your mother I gave it to you Danse. Won't due to have my boss angry at me." But she winks and assures her it's alright. "Mmmm, these berry bushes were a great idea. Glad Natch convinced me to plant them." wiping small traces of juice from her face as she eats.

Kyrae breaks a piece off of her vegetable roll and offers it to Kizmo. She then bites into it herself. "Yum. Whoever cooks around here is great at it." She tosses a smirk towards Typhon and smiles.

Danse grins again and says, "Momma said I could have some fruit, an' there's fruit in this, ain't there?" There's reasoning for you. Gosh, but eight turn olds are clever.

Tierza says, "yes dear, I suppose so.. but maybe you should have a small redfruit as well? Just to be on the safe side."

Danse rolls her eyes and gets a whine all ready, but then decides the better of it and sighs. "Okay, I guess so."

Typhon drifting off...full belly...comfortable loud noises...purring cat...long day....

Linora wastes no time polishing of the yummy little pie. A little grin tickles the corners of her mouth as she rubs off the berry juice, feeling oddly like she's about six turns old again. Funny how a little pastry can affect a person...

Kyrae smiles at the child and lifts Kizmo off her lap and places him onto the chair after she stands. "I'm going to find me some juice, would anyone like me to get them something?"

Danse grins and calls out, "A million marks!"

Tierza says, "I second her request!" Now what she would do with them is another question..."

Kizmo pads over and jumps onto the chest of the drowsing Typhon. He turns, and curls up, his one bright eye surveying the room.

Kyrae laughs lightly and says, "I could use it too, but sorry. Any other requests?"

Tierza says, "Umm, fresh klah?" Offering her mug in mute supplication. "I really would appreciate it."

Danse grins and knows exactly what she would do with them. "If I had a million marks, I'd build my own hold an' run it just like I wanted an' have lotsa kids and a huge garden."

Klah...that thought penetrates Typhon's drowsed state. "Klah would be nice," he croaks out.

Kyrae reaches for the mug. "Sure. Anything else? Lin? Cress?"

"Hmm?" Seems Cress has been in some faraway land there, for a minute. "What's that?"

Linora just shakes her head. "Naw... thanks. I oughtta be leaving soon anyhow."