Linora Joins the StarCraft

You knock at the door leading to StarCraft Office and announce yourself.

Jorina hops from behind the desk and opens the door, peeking through the crack as if she were hiding a secret. "Yes? Need something?"

StarCraft Office
The wood-panelled and carpeted confines of the StarCraft's main office convey an aura of calm, order, and peace. Still, there is constant motion in this room and the new Master has left her mark on it, in the form of scattered knicknacks, papers, charts hung askew on the walls, and empty klah mugs left abandoned on the desk.
On the perch are Cheese, Saturnax, and StarLight.
You see Starcraft Apprentice Progress Board, StarCraft Sr. Apprentice Progress Board, StarCraft Journeyman Progress Board, and Veldny here.
Jorina is here.

Linora enters cautiously. "Um, hi." She smiles. "I'm looking for Jorina? Cress told me I might find her here."

Jorina scrambles back to the desk, whereupon she plunks into the chair behind it and swings her feet to the table top. "I'm Jorina." She says easily, quite casual about it all. "Do you need something?"

Locks the shade of russet fall to just past Riina's shoulders, curling slightly at the tips. Her grey-green eyes appear to hide beneath dark lashes, however short they may be. Once tan, the StarCrafter is now a pale five feet seven inches, her colouring the result of more and more days indoors, giving lessons or studying charts.
Turquoise linen is shaped into the form of a tightened bodice, material wrapping Jorina's bosom in the monocolored cloth. Several dusky square buttons are sewn tightly along modest back, buttoning the dress up to the collar. Miniscule stitches end sleeves at shoulder length with contrasting loops of white thread. Two triangular pockets decorate the top, geometric designs set equidistant from the band collared neckline. Embroidered upon the right-hand one in loops of metallic thread is the image of an eight pointed star, satin-stitched circular red background marking it the emblem of the StarCraft. A full skirt swishes out from a piping decorated waist, unwavering blue-green fabric curtailed at midcalf length. From the skirt's hem peek more heavily sewn, frost tinted stitches, identical to those finishing the sleeves, while similarly toned piping edges geometric pockets. A small pair of ankle boots made of soft wherhide decorate her feet, with laces the same cromcoal color as the boots.
Jorina wears the Silver and Red Double Cord, Single Loop, Long Tail and One Tassled Knot with a Gold thread peeking through designating her as a StarCraft Sr. Journeyman.
Jorina is 30 Turns, 5 months, and 15 days old.

You notice Jorina looking at you.

Linora blinks. "I... um... I'm Linora," she says. "I... " She hesitates, then plunges ahead. "I'd like to join the StarCraft." She shifts her weight from foot to foot, trying not to look as nervous as she feels.

Jorina mm-hmms and swings her legs back of the desk, sitting straight once more. "Well, then, take a seat, huh? Might be better for you that way." She grins at the girl, then pulls a small book of hides towards herself. "Now, Linora," The journeywoman pauses, waiting for the girl to seat herself. "Can you tell me a bit about where you come to us from?"

Linora obediently takes a seat, eyes wide. "Gonna take a while, huh?" she says in a small voice, not really expecting an answer. "My family's back at Ista Hold," she says. "I only just left them a few sevendays ago."

"They're close, then. That's always nice." Jorina's tone is nearly dry, but at the same time, she wears a somewhat fixed smile. "Is there any particular reason why you are interested in the StarCraft?"

Linora swallows, not feeling particularly encouraged but determined to get it over with. "I got a brother in the SeaCraft," she begins, "who showed me some of the constellations and stuff. Got me interested, and I wanted to learn more." Feeling like she can't /really/ explain the way she feels looking up at the night sky, and not sure the journeywoman would care anyhow, from the expression on her face...

Jorina raises an eyebrow, "The seacraft? Yes...they are one for sending folks our way. You know," and here the journeywoman leans towards Linora just a bit, "My father was a captain and taught me the constellations before I could add proper." She grins again before sitting back and continuing, "Now, ah, why exactly do you want to join us and not those seafarers?"

RedStarr blinks in from ::between::!

Linora flashes a relieved smile, then shrugs. "I'm too little to be much use on deck," she says. "I mean, I'm sure there's other stuff I could do, but... here, I could learn all I want and not hafta smell like fish!"

Jorina sniggers softly at the memory, then glances up at her chittering green, "What is it? If you want me to hide that egg for you, you'd best go do it yourself. I'm busy." She shakes her head, giving a roll of the eyes to Linora before explaining. "She always wants to prove that she can be a good mum like the golds, but she's too lazy to hide the eggs herself."

Linora blinks in surprise. Why she only got her first close-up look at a firelizard the night before, and now this! "Hide 'em?"

Jorina nods as the green puts the egg onto the desk, insisting that it be hid. "Come now, Starr. It's gonna break or something." She shakes her head once more and grins at Linora, "Yeah, so people or tunnelsnakes don't get at 'em."

Linora ohs softly.

Butter Blue, Baby Blue, Robin's Egg Blue shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.

Singing Dancing Blue Smurf
Blue and silvery white are the two main colors of this small firelizard's soft, supple hide. Each shade is as pure as it can be, with little variation except where they meet. The silver forms a cap over his headknobs, forehead and the very top of his neck, though his fully rounded muzzle is a contrasting pure blue. Strong wings are translucent, also blue, but a band of thickly opaque white edges the fabric allowing for flight. The bottom portion of the rotund body is also silver white: muscular hindlimbs and the serpantine tail each with only a hint of the blue over the rest of his body.

RedStarr chitters as the egg does just as Riina said, and falls off the desk to break open on the floor.

"Oh, lovely." The journeywoman gives a tired smile to Linora as she leaves her chair for the small plate of food at the side of the room. Taking a few meatrolls, she heads towards the tiny hatchling. "Yer gonna be in for it, Starr. You know I don't want another lizard and I don't want this one to go hungry, neither."

Linora tears her gaze away from the beautiful little hatchling to look at Jorina uncertainly. "Could I help?"

"You'd like it?" Jorina's certainly relieved by this change of events. She hands the small plate of meatrolls over and waves her hand, "Be my guest. He is a cute one, though."

Linora takes the plate and sets it on her lap, carefully breaking up a meatroll to offer it to the tiny blue. "Here ya go, little fella," she says softly.

Linora holds the bit of meat a little closer to the hatchling. "Come on," she whispers. "I won't hurtcha..."

Singing Dancing Blue Smurf looks bewildered towards the origins of the voices, but as a quiet, not so harsh one sounds, he hopples towards it, the silver bits of his wings trailing out just a bit. Food? FOOD? Yum! The blue flaps out his wet wings and jumps, trying to get to the girls lap. But, no, here's an even better bit...

Singing Dancing Blue Smurf's cries turn joyous, and he turns towards Linora, creeling piteously.

Singing Dancing Blue Smurf looks at you with whirling eyes. You have Impressed him.

Linora pops chunk after chunk of meat into the little hatchling's eager maw, her eyes shining and the interview all but forgotten.

Jorina grins at the girl as the blue impresses, but just as soon removes herself to the chair again. "Well, Probationary Apprentice Linora, welcome to the craft." She states formally before removing a nice knot from the door. "You'll want to wear this on your shoulder once the creature is fed."

Linora blinks, her attention returned to the Journeywoman and that nice knot. "Oh, /thank/ you!" she breathes.

Jorina shrugs it off, "Well, you are a member of the craft now. You should have a knot." As if that was what Linora were talking about. Uh-huh...

Linora loops the knot over her forearm and gathers the stuffed and somnolent blue into her arms. She looks at Jorina questioningly. "What do I do now?"

Jorina shrugs, "Well, you may want to move into the dorms. Would you like me to show you where they are?"

Linora nods, then hesitates. "If it's not any trouble?"

Jorina shakes her head, standing and then heading towards the door, "No, not at all. I'd be glad to help you."

Linora smiles and follows...

Main Hall Balcony
You stand upon the runnershoe balcony of the Main Hall, from which doorways open into the adjoining halls of the StarCraft living quarters. On the western wall stand the great doors of the observatory.
On the perch are Blair and Dumah.
You see Chair here.
Keris and Jorina are here.

Jorina beams at Keris as she leads Linora up the stairs, "Guess who I've got with me." She says, proud of her accomplishment- it isn't every day she gets to interview a wannabe apprentice, much less admit one to the craft.

Linora follows silently, looking everywhere at once, clinging tightly to the sleeping blue hatchling in her arms.

Cress walks slowly and silently in from the The Vault.

People here, eh. Cress stops as he sees the two Journeymen, one his mentor, and Linora. "Hi, there," he says.

Linora beams at Cress when she notices him, holding out the sleeping blue hatchling for him to see. "Hi," she says. With a glance to the journeywoman she adds, "Jorina's just showing me to the apprentice quarters."

"Ohh," Keris exclaims, grinning brightly at Riina. He might be forgetful, but he rememebrs how a probationary knot looks. "Welcome to the Craft, then. I'm Keris," he offers to Linora. A nod goes to Cress, and tehn thejourneyman saunters towards his - hehe - spouse, leaning down to peck her cheek. "Well isn't that nice of her."

Cress grins, "oh, so you got in? And what's this," he nods to the hatcling, "when did that happen?"

Just a tinge of pink colors Riina's ears as she explains to Cress, "Well, I was giving the interview and RedStarr just came and dropped her egg on the desk. Of course it rolled off and broke. Luckily, it was ready or I dunno what would've happened to the poor critter."

Linora looks very solemn as she adds, "And I got to feed him." There's an understatement. She looks up at Keris, a nod acknowledging the introduction. "I'm Linora," she adds politely.

Cress' eyes widen. "Oh, that certainly was lucky," he says to his mentor. "By the way, Jorina, I never did thank you for that egg. So thank you." Nod is sent to Keris, somewhat as an afterthought.

"Very welcome, Cress. I sure didn't need it." Another hungry mouth? Of course not. Jorina heads towards the vault, beckoning for Linora to follow. "I'll just show you the dorm real quick and then you can come back and chat."

Linora nods to Jorina and follows with a little wave for Cress, careful not to jostle the little hatchling too much. "See ya later!" she calls to him.

Jorina makes her way to the Vault.

Cress nods back to Linora, "see you soon.

Female Apprentice Quarters
These quarters are bare but cheerful for the few apprentices that reside here. They give plenty of shade in the morning, and a beautiful sunset in the afternoon, lighting up the room. There are metal shutters, like every other room, and old rugs on the floor. The room is a comfortable home to the few..
On the perch are Antares, Feydor, Lil'Topaz, and Br'nee.
Ravven and Jorina are here.
Obvious exits:

Female Apprentice Quarters is your new home.

Jorina goes home.