An Afternoon With Diena

Spherical, predictable, much a reflection of the heavens beyond is the temple of this observatory dedicated to the continued survey of the skies. Constructed sturdily and lined with shelves and cabinets necessary for equipment storage, nearly every available space on the smooth plastered walls is hidden by the arrangement of charts, maps and diagrams. A high ceiling arches above, contrived to be fitted with the portals necessary for viewing and carefully fabricated sliding shutters to protect the delicate sky-ward pointed lenses when not in use. On the wall opposite the door, so that all who enter may see it, is a 'mural' of the Rukbat system.
It is a spring afternoon.
Diena is here.

Diena is a tall gangly young woman of six feet. She appears to be healthy and well muscled, ready for any type of labor. Her skin, however, is a pale white, with the exception of her ruby cheeks and dark red lips. Her straight, thick hair is a raven black and hangs to her waste. Her eyes are a grey green that seem to shine out under her dark mane.
Her clothes appear to be well suited for riding. She wears a pair of soft leather pants and a brown tunic which is kept together by a hard leather belt. On her feet she wears riding boots. While her clothing is not that of a rich woman, it all appears to be very well maintained. On her chest she wears a very pretty broach with a strange symbol. Perched on Diena's shoulder is Dart.
Diena wears the knot of a Starcraft apprentice.
Diena is 17 Turns, 3 months, and 1 day old.

Diena smiles at Linora "How are you?"

Linora grins widely. "Great. Whatcha up to?"

Diena shakes ehr head "Nothing much.. did you go to gather?"

Linora nods, her eyes shining. "Yeah. It was fun. I got to see my family and stuff, and the stargazing was great. I didn't see you there, though... did you go?" Now leaning idly against a cabinet, one eye on the distanceviewer.

Diena nods "I went.. although I didnt have anyone to go with" she frowns "But I guess thats how its supposed to be with us anyways"

Linora gives Diena a long, perplexed look. "Go with? Didn't people just /go/?"

Diena smiles "Well, I went.. and I commissioned a dress. But it would have been fun to go to the harper ball too" she giggles.

Linora's eyes get big. "Commissioned a /dress/?" Trying to imagine being able to afford such a luxury.

Diena smiles "Well, if nothing else Ill sell a couple of things. The weaver assued me it wasnt much and I could afford it. I just have to make payments"

Linora nods, but her eyes still look kinda doubtful. "I don't think I'd go into debt for a /dress/..." a small shrug. "But that's just me." Another look at the distanceviewer...

Diena giggles "Well, I just dont think I can patch these breeches anymore" she says absently. "Do you see anything/"

Linora gives Diena kind of a blank look. "See anything?" Then she gets it. "Oh, I might if I looked through it... not at it..." Meaning the distanceviewer, of course. "I mean, if you're not using it or anything? I took a peek the other day..."

Diena smiles "Go ahead.. Ive been in here all day" she says.. looking at her eyes tells you she isn't lying.

Linora steps up to the distanceviewer and peers through, falling silent as she gazes.

Darkness ever-continuing darkness interrupted only by small pricks of light and then the moons. This moon, smaller and closer than its sister has a bit more detail that can be seen. White plateaus and grey seas dance about, intermingling in odd patterns and then separating again creating a patchwork of shades ranging from almost pure white to the black of empty space. Cycling over four sevendays Belior's appearance ranges from its fullest appearance, the best time to study the features, to a sliver of light. Then it disappears for an evening only to return the next night as a sliver of light again; growing larger and larger until it is bright and full once more.

Farther, yet larger than its sister, Timor hides its' beauty with distance. So far in fact, that no features can be seen with the naked eye, only with a DV. The same seas visible on Belior are visible here as well, yet they are larger and cover much more area. Multiple 'pockets' all of the visible surface, ridges rising around each one. These 'pockets' are of different sizes, some very large, others barely visible. Cycling over roughly four and a half sevendays, it follows slightly behind its sister, but with the same pattern.

Diena nods "My problem exactly.. its hard to get someone to teach it"

Linora straightens, turning to face Diena with a surprised expression. "Teach it? You haven't had optics either?"

Diena shakes her head "Im missing that and one other class.. and I know who Im going to ask to mentor me" she smiles proudly.

Linora blinks, feeling completely left behind. "Who?" she manages to ask. Maybe it'll help to know...

Diena smiles "Carise. I just really like her.. I originally wanted to specialize in red star but.. everyone is"

Linora tips her head inquiringly. Everyone is? "I don't know what her specialty is?"

Diena smiles "General Astronomy.. of course, thats the other class I havent had yet"

Linora nods thoughtfully. "So what would you /do/?" This is a very pressing question in her mind, and her expression is very earnest.

Diena smiles "Im not sure yet. What I would really like to do is teach here.... and it seems just right for that... although I know its a long ways away.. how about yourself?"

Linora sighs. "I don't know. That's why I'm having trouble picking a specialty, I guess." She shrugs. "I wanna /do/ something, not just sit and read and study and stuff." She turns her attention back to the distanceviewer, just to occupy her mind. She always gets depressed when she thinks about picking a specialty...

Diena smiles assuringly at her "Im sure you will find something to truly inspire you. I decided to stop worring about a specialty and instead think about finding e mentor I can connect with"

Linora blinks, losing focus on the viewer, and straightens. Slowly she turns to face Diena. "That's good advice," she says, a slow smile lighting her eyes. "Thanks." Of course, it would help if she could connect with someone who could help her learn something she's really interested in, but...

Diena looks absently to the windows "After all, she says, we all came her to learn about stars. And we'll learn about them all eventually."

Linora grins widely. "Yeah. You wanna go get something to eat or anything? I'm starving."

Diena nods her head "That sounds great. Do you wanna head to the harper?

You say, "Sure." She turns for the door, then looks back over her shoulder, "Coming?"

Diena smiles and follows Linora.

The Happy Harper
You find yourself in the well-lit Happy Harper. It seems to be perhaps one of the most cared for items of the hold. The walls have deep-red wood panelling, and glow baskets placed at a very regular interval. There are about six tables for eight and four booths in the corners. All the tables and chairs seem to be of a very nice quality and very well taken care of. Serving also as the center of social interaction at Gar hold, it is usually where one looks to find anyone.

Diena walks delicately in in from the Gar Hold Entry Hall.

Diena smiles as she looks at Linora "Wow.. you walk fast" she sits herself at a table and looks around, wondering what she's hungry for.

Linora slips into a chair across from Diena, grinning. "I don't like ta waste time." She looks around. "Whatcha gonna have?"

Diena smiles a greeting at Aryahlae and then rests her chin on her hand thoughtfully "I suppose Ill have some roast wherry... and some redfruit juice" she looks back to Linora "Do you know what you want yet?"

Linora's eyes widen. "I didn't, but that sounds really good. Think they got fingerroots, too?" She leans back in her chair, craning her neck to see if anyone's serving...

Diena smiles "Im sure they do. We live pretty well here on Ista" she remembers her home and how much harder it was to get good food.

Linora nods absently. "Well, I never been anyplace else. I grew up at Ista hold." She takes another look at Diena. "Where are /you/ from?"

Diena looks back and remembers "I'm from High Reaches Hold.. Its too cold up there to have some of the awesome fresh fruits and things we have here. Shards, during the winter most of your diet consists of meat.. " she smiles back, realizing shes talking too much "Where are you from?"

Linora giggles. "You must be really hungry. I toldja I grew up here. Well, Ista hold, anyhow." An inquiring tilt of her head. "D'ya miss the snow and stuff? Cress does. He's always talkin' about it."

Diena shakes her head "Not really. I kind of miss how things were before my father and I left. We were sort of wealthy.. but here I feel like I am really doing something besides being daddy's little girl" she giggles.

Linora nods, having already kinda figured out that Diena came from money somewhere/ along the line. She grins. "Nice ta be useful." A shrug. "Why'd ya pick Starcraft?" She coulda been useful anyplace, after all...

Diena looks into her drink "Ive just always loves the stars. My da and I followed them when we travelled. It was an exciting adventure" she sips a little off of her drink. "Why did you pick the stars and.." she asks daringly “How long have you known Cress?"

Linora shrugs. "I got a brother in Seacraft." A smile comes to her face as she remembers. "He spent the whole last summer before he shipped off, showing me all the constellations and telling me the stories. It was the best summer I ever had..." A small sigh. "I haven't really seen him since; I was pretty young. Now when I look at the skies, I kinda like to think of him looking at the same sky wherever he's at now." She drops her chin in her hands.

Diena tilts her head "Well, if you loved it so much have you thought about specializing in navigation? You could be a searafter too"

Linora shrugs lightly, her chin still in her hands. "I looked into that... kinda. I don't really know if I wanna leave the hall and live on a ship." Another little sigh.

Diena nods understandingly "I know what you mean. I don't want to leave here either.. thats why I want to teach. "

Zenethen walks in from the Gar Hold Entry Hall.

Zenethen wanders into the room and pours himself a mug of Klah, then pauses and hides the pitcher behind him as he pours it back and fills it with citra juice

Linora doesn't answer right away, thinking Diena prolly /doesn't/ really understand the way she feels... then her eyes go to the man at the bar and his juggling act. Who does he think he's fooling? She looks around, but doesn't see anyone who'd care /what/ he put in his mug...

Zenethen is tall, around six feet. He has large bones and has a massive presence. His hair is dark brown, almost black, a little long and almost like a mane. He tans easly, his skin is a light gold, but finds it hard to get burned. He has eyes the color of clear green emeralds, veary watchfull and analytic. His body is not lean, but by no means fat. His face has strong features: dark eyebrows, full lips, and a large, but not huge or long, nose. On the right side of his forehead he wears a burn, not noticeable unless he rasies his eyebrows. If he were to take off his shirt, yet another recent burn has left its marks on his back... another battle scar to create stories for young fosterlings.
Zenethen is wearing a black sisal shirt, made with elbow length sleeves and a collar. His shirt is opened down to the fourth button. The buttons are made from bone and carved in interesting animal shapes. These buttons are hidden under a creative fabric flap to avoid being caught on things. He wears loose black hemp fibre trousers that hang to the ankles of his wherhide boots.
Zenethen is 22 Turns, 4 months, and 3 days old.

Diena smiles at the newcomer "How are you, sir? care to join us?"

Tierza walks in from the Gar Hold Entry Hall.

Zenethen walks towards a table, then turns quickly "Youre awake!"

Tierza still yawning, she slips into the Harper, smilinh when she sees Zen. "I love my naps. Now if I could just not be tired when I woke from them." Nods to Linora, but heads for Zenethen's table.

Zenethen smiles and puts his arm around her shulders.. " you really felasleep fast lastime!" Zen gives her a slight kiss on the cheek. "Good to see you... and did you see Natch on our way down?"

Linora greets Tierza with a wide grin, her eyes following the older girl's progress past her table to that of the man with the mystery mug. She takes a good look, then shrugs and turns her attention back to Diena, trying to remember what they were talking about. Oh, yeah... "I'm sorry. You asked me about Cress, didn't you?"

Diena giggles to herself, wondering if Linora was trying to avoid the question “Oh yes, I did" she says slyly.

Linora shrugs, no big deal... "I met him... um... when I first came to Gar. I didn't know who to ask about joining the craft, and he kinda helped me, told me what to expect who to ask for and stuff." She grins. "And he let me feed his flit, long before I ever had one-a my own."

Diena smiles "I hope to meet a friend like that here. I mean, I have met friends but no.. really close friends"

Tierza smiles as she overhears the girls' conversation. "I'm sorry Zen, but I have been so 'draggy' and tired lately. It's as if I can't get enough sleep." Yawns as if to prove it.

Linora's smile widens. "Cress is the best friend I ever had." Her eyes are shining with the truth of that statement. Then she shrugs again. "Ya haven't been at the hall very long, Diena." To kinda explain why she shouldn't be too surprised at not having a close friend yet.

Diena nods "I realize that. And I love it here with the friends I have. Plus, I guess it gives me plenty of time to study." she smiles as she sips her drink again.

Zenethen looks at her and smiles... "isnt this just confierming somthing? I think we should see the healers about this....

Tierza says, "shhhhh, I will, I promise.. when I am more sure and I'm not as tired.' She grins at the idiocy of that statement. "I mean, when I wake up I'll think about it.."

Zen leans over and rests his chn on her shulder while standing behind her...

Diena looks up at Tierza, obviously alarmed "You arent feeling sick are you? Feverish?"

Zenethen smiles... "you just woke up dearest... but i can handle the waiting part..."

Linora shrugs. "If you get out more, and don't keep your nose in the books alla the time, you might meet more people." Then she kicks Diena under the table to mind her own business.

Tierza shakes her head and smiles at Diena, "No, no fever.. just tired and a bit sick to the stomach. I'm fine, really. Thanks for worrying though." She looks up at Zen's worried face. "really, I'm fine dear."

Diena leans into the table to Linora and whispers "I only ask because it was only three days ago that I was able to leave the infirmary. Unfortunately there was no healer. I tell you, I think we all need to be cautious" her eyes widen and she stares into her drink.

Linora draws back a bit, her eyes big. Then she frowns. "How could there be no healer?"

Zenethen raises his eyebrws. "Worried? I'm not worried... Ive seen this part of... " He pauses before deciding on an appropriet word "/this/ ordeal." he smiles then motions over ot a seat near linora. "I think you should sitdown for a while.." he smiles and firmly sets her down on the bench.

Diena shakes her head "I dont know. There were only drudges. And I didnt send word to anyone, else Im sure that someone could have been sent from Healer Hall"

Linora's concerned look at Diena's words turns to surprise as Tierza is seated near her. She takes a long look at her Tie. What /is/ wrong with her?

Tierza accepted being told to sit and sighs. THis treatment is sweet for about 1/2 an hour. "Would you get me some orangefruit juice please Zen?" There, give him something to do and keep him from hovering.

Zenethen looks down at the contents of his mug... then turns and walks over to the drinks. After filling a small mug with some of the requested juice, he returns and sets the mug down near her, then takes a seat across from her. As he sits there he leans on his elbows and plays with the juice in his own, glancing up at Tierza and uncontrollably grinning when she meets his eyes.

Diena looks to the woman "Do you want me to send for someone?"

Linora kicks Diena again. Not hard, just enough to get her attention. Can't she see the guy practically falling all over her? She's got plenty of help. "So, Diena," trying for a distraction, "When are you going to ask Carise to be your mentor?"

Diena shakes her head, still smarting from the first kick "Well, I dontthink I really can until I've finished my classes. It seems like forever though..." she looks down into her mug a little sadly "What classes have you left?"

Zenethen has disconnected.

Linora shrugs. "Just optics. I can never seem to schedule it. I read the book in the archives... and I /think/ I understand it... I just hafta make sure and stuff."

Diena nods "Luthin let me use his distanceviewer. I cant wait to take the class and get one. I don't see what all the hubub is about" she giggles.

Linora blinks. "You get a distanceviewer when you take the class? What d'ya do, make one?" This just gets more interesting.

Diena takes another nibble of her food "Actually, the instructor gives you your own, from what Luthin told me. Isnt that great?"

Linora nods, a smile coming to her face as a thought occurs to her. "Talk to Luthin a lot?" she asks casually.

Diena shakes her head "Well, we talked a little. But then. I haven't seen him since. I think he's been avoiding me but... I dont know what I said?" she appears a little sad and sips her mug again.

Luthin walks in from the Gar Hold Entry Hall.

Linora nods. "I met him a couple times. He seems real nice... he's real brave too." At the sound of footsteps, she looks up. Her eyes get real big, and she busies herself with her mug, barely refraining from kicking Diena under the table again.

Luthin shuffles in, and heads straight for thr klah, hotter the better. He plans on being up all night studying some constellations. ZSpying Nora and Diena, he approaches and polites asks, "May I join yoou ladies?"

Diena beams up at the newcomer. Speak of the devil, she thinks "Yes, please do. Where have you been?" she says, a little hurt.

Linora grins up at Luthin. "Hey! Whatever happened with that dragon?" Remembering the last time she saw him.

Luthin says, "Aw Nora, he was such fun! Basically me and the boys scritched up all his dry patches til Dea had to leave. It was great. Sorry you were frightened. Then I got sucked into an intense realm of classes, I'm sorry Diena. I didn't mean to disappear with out notice. I promise next time.. zi'll let you know, okay?" He's completely sincere as he looks directly at Diena... Is anyone else here? "Do you like dragons, Diena?"

Diena tilts her head to look at him "Well, Ive never really met a dragon yet. Why do you ask?" she smiles, glad he didn't forget all about her.

Luthin says, "I asked because I discoveree how much fun they are.. although I understand that Ista Hold doesn't agree right now."

A short burst of laughter escapes Linora. She's heard the gossip around the hall. She fixes twinkling eyes on Luthin. "/I/ thought you were gonna get killed."

Diena tilts her head "I heared something about that. What happened anyways?"

Luthin blushes and shrugs his shoulderd.. "Nothing I got pounced and rolled around like a .. feline toy.. just stay flexible and you don't get hurt.

Zenethen just sits and listens to the conversation... not really following the conversationt hat is to fast for his mind.... as his mind drifts he findshimself looking into Tierzas eyes, entranced with their beuty...

Diena frowns at the idea that her friend could have gotten hurt "I suppose there is probably more to it that that"

Linora giggles. "I don't think she means that, Luthin." Even though /she/ did. But she only heard about the dragons at Ista thirdhand. To Diena she explains, There was a brown dragon in the courtyard outside, a few nights ago. He wanted ta play, or something."

Luthin says, "But that was all it was Diena, come out side and I will show you where he was and what he did. He really didn't want to hurt, he wanted to play. It was fun being a dragon toy. Wanna see?" Luthin stands up and holds out his hand to Diena, Sure, he'ss lead her to the exact spot....

Diena stands up, with still a concerned look on her face. Luthin? Hurt? She accepts hand.

Luthin says, "There see? My hand hasn't been hurt.. and neither has anything else. I just rolled on the ground and let the dragon use me as a ball. Come along, I'll show you where...."

Luthin walks to the Entry Hall.

Diena walks delicately in to the Entry Hall.

Zenethen glances at Tierza with an expression asking if she wanted to go to?

Tierza says, "Nora, come join us. Zen, have you ever met Linora of Starcraft?"

Zenethen looks at the person indicated... "I dont believe so..." he says, standing.

Linora smiles politely, but she's no dummy. She saw that moony look on Zen's face. "Thanks, Tie, but I gotta go study and stuff. Stars're coming out. Nice ta meet ya, Zen." She slips out of her chair and heads for the door, giving them a wave.