Journeymen Invade The Vault

The Vault
No more than a hideaway amidst the gothic grandeur of the StarHall, this cozy lounge is a place of laughter if not greatness, warmth if not splendour. The close stone walls are insulated with tapestries of all shapes and sizes, most a little worn, several faded and a good many depicting scenes from childhood stories. The mismatched chairs and sofas are in a similar state, rescued from cellars and rubbish-heaps but perhaps more softer and more comfortable for that, scattered in a rouch circle on a hardwood floor. A low round table in the centre of the room holds cards, discarded hides, mugs, and a pot that holds klah as long as someone remembers to fill it. The one window at the back wall lets light and air into the warm, cozy room.
Scattered troughout the rooms are numerous glowbaskets. Thin hides, that would be transparant if they weren't coloured in light shades of red green and blue cast a colourfull and happy athmostphere troughout the room. Small bells and sticks, hung near the window, create soft, eerie yet comfortablly soft sounds,
Kazandar is here.

It is a summer afternoon. The dark clouds rumble and ignite with lightning, and sporadic squalls of rain sheet down.

Tall and thin, he stands at a height of maybe 5' 10. He's firm and mildly muscular, with skin a dusky, faded tan color from being inside more often than he used to be. Dark brown locks of hair that's almost lank. A few faded highlights remain, a testament to his days outdoors. Two locks of his hair, near his face, constantly fall out of place into his eyes and he is often seen brushing them away unconsciously. He seems friendly enough, wearing a bright grin, but it could just be he's gone insane. A long nose runs down his face. Deep hazel eyes are beneath thick, dark brows that are set on either side of his long nose. His eyes have a twinkle in them. Insanity? Mischief? Or anger? Kaz looks better now; The cuts and bruises have healed, luckily not leaving a scar and his arm is better. Poor Kaz will forever have a slightly crooked nose now though, and will continue to have a little more trouble breathing through it.
A long forest green vest, made of a suede wherhide, hangs from his shoulders; the ends of it embroidered with a knot design. Under the vest is a loose, long-sleeved, white shirt of a thin, soft fabric. The two top buttons of the shirt are always undone to let a little breeze through, cooling him off in the summer heat. The ends of the vest are sometimes tucked into a thick brown belt; plain, but durable. Attatched to the belt it a black pouch, containing his most precious belongings. The belt holds up a pair of deep brown, almost black, wherhide pants. They're tucked into his old, brown, calf high boots, hanging over the edge a little giving a poofy appearance.
Kazandar wears the knot of a StarCraft Journeyman.
Kazandar is 22 Turns, 5 months, and 12 days old.

Linora drags in, clothing damp and hair dripping, and flops into a chair with a sigh. After a moment, she notices the vault's not entirely empty, but she doesn't bother to move. "Hey, Kaz."

Kazandar sighs, righting his toppled chair, and moving to sit on a couch. A couch won't tip him over. Hmph. Flopping down moodily he eyes linora, before responding. "Hi," he says sulkily.

Linora is eyed? She blinks slowly, wondering if it's somehow her fault Kaz was on the floor, then shrugs. "Somethin'... wrong?" Oh, yes. Never be afraid to ask the obvious.

Kazandar frowns and points sharply to the chair, "/That/ acursed thing tipped me over. /My/ chair never would have tipped me over, but oh! That's right! It's /gone/. From my room, no less." Still grumbling, but incoherantly now, Kaz folds his arms over his chest and glares at the wall.

"Who'd take your chair outta your room?" Linora's obviously confused - it wouldn't occur to her to take anything that wasn't hers. But she's been discovering more and more that she's not much like the other apprentices she's met. She shifts a bit on her chair, dragging a hand through wet hair and pushing it back off her face.

Kazandar sighs, lettign the air out his his lungs slowly, "I don't know," he says quietly, "I just don't know. I don't even know if it was meant to be funny, or what. For all I know, they could be 'fixing' it or something nice...," but by the tone of his voice, he thinks this must not be so.

Linora ohs quietly, a thoughtful expression on her face. "Well, maybe. One time Piquan made me and Tai take a chair outta here..." her voice trails off as she begins to remember the rest of that incident and decides that Kazandar would not find the details to be particularly comforting. Yeah. She shifts again.

Kazandar gives linora a sideways glance, but doesn't question further. Etain, etain....She seems to be the cause of many, many things that go wrong, many pranks and...well other things. "Oh," he says, seething and ponderign and plottoing. Yes, he'll have to catch Etain sometime. She'll know. "You're wet." from left field comes Kaz's remark...and an observant one too.

Shava walks in from the Main Hall Balcony.

Linora nods. "It's raining. Or... it was." She's been sitting inside for a while now. "Don'tcha get out much?" She can't resist a little tease.

Shava sighs as she enters the Vault and plops onto one of the couches near the center table, becoming a blob before moving to see if there is any klah in the pot, which there isn't any. "Shardit."

Kazandar rolls his eyes at linora. He will not be teased..Well he was teased, but...Phoo. He uses Shava as a distraction to avoid having ot come up with something ot say to that, "Shava! Have you seen and lone chars aroudn the hall?"

Linora suddenly becomes aware there is a klah pot in the Vault. Something she'd never noticed before because, well, she didn't care. With a bit of a surprised blink, she smiles a greeting to the newly arrived journeywoman. "Hey Shava." She doesn't comment on the chair thing.

Shava lays down on the couch, her head back onto the arm and just rolls it over to Kaz's direction. "Why would I be seeing any chairs that would be alone?" She's obviously tired and cranky, but manages to lift her head to see Linora, "Hi Linora." Then head goes back to the arm. "The only chairs I've seen in the one in my room, in here, and anywhere chairs are supposed to be located."

Kazandar isn't about to put up with tired and cranky and less than helpful whne his poor chair has been abducted, "Because mine's /missing/, that's why!" He snaps. "Yes but you see, it could be somewhere where a chairs supposed to be, but this one would look lonely, and probably out of place because it doens't belong there. It'd be unhappy." Pout. Slowly Kaz slips into a horazontal position on the cough, and sighs again. Stupid chair.

For some reason, Shava's statement strikes Linora funny. She tries, not very successfully, to stifle a giggle, almost managing to cover it with a cough instead... but then Kazandar has to go and say his chair would be unhappy, and suddenly she's laughing so much she can hardly speak. "Unhappy?" Really, that's funnier than pictures on the ceiling. She peeks up, just in case... but it really /is/ just a ceiling!

Carise walks in from the Main Hall Balcony.

Shava rolls her head back over to look at Kaz, "Unhappy? How can a chair be unhappy? No, I didn't see any chair that looked like it didn't belong, okay?" She sighs and puts her head back so the ceiling could be seen, but closes her eyes instead. By the First Egg does she wants some klah.

Carise slips into the Vault, the... Appy refuge? Carefully balancing a tray of klah and cookies, she pauses, blinking at the gathered. Um.... Another glance around and she simply shakes her head, heading to set the tray down on the table, plopping down in the nearest chair.

Shava hears someone enter and looks to see Carise setting the tray with klah on the table, "Klah!" She quickly moves to a sitting position, grabs a mug, not caring if it's clean or not, and moves to pour herself some, the whole while not noticing that the suddenly movment has made her slightly dizzy, "Woah. Maybe I was a little too excited."

Kazandar simply glares at Linora. "That's /not/ funny! you'd be unhappy too if you were misplaced away from home! Lost in an unknown area! Oh my poor chair...." Kaz is not gaoing to cry, but the end of that sentacne /was/ practically a wail. Pout. Shava's not knowing anything doesn't help his mood either. All he wants is his chair...*whine* Carise isn't given a nod, much less a greeting, as Kaz doesn't acknoledge her existance...not even after Shava's exuberant yell.

Carise blinks a few times, curling up away from Shava and her... excitement over the klah. Clearing it from her mind, she stares at Kaz with a blank look on her face. "Um... You're chair is lost?" Right... did it grow legs and walk away or something?

Linora tries to stop laughing, really she does, covering her mouth with both hands. "Sorry," she manages to mumble, glancing over at Carise with twinkling eyes. Breathe. She manages to stop laughing long enough to say, "Hey, Carise." And then collapses in another fit of giggles.

Shava gets over the small dizzy spell rather quickly with a shake of her head and pours the klah into the mug. Setting the pot back down she drinks almost half the mug in a single drink, ahhing when she is done and sighing. "Thank you Carise, you read my mind. I really needed this and didn't want to go into Gar." She does another sigh and just sits there on the couch, eyes closed, relaxed and happy now. After a moment she looks over to Kaz, suddenly remembering something, "You could try the office, I remember seeing a chair down there that seemed out of place, that might be it." As soon as she's done talking, the mug goes to the mouth to drink some more.

"Yes, my chair is...lost," Kaz chokes on the last word, th is, if you could understand hi mat all with his face in the couch cushions. What a whimp. "Stop laughing at meeeee!" He yells, still into the cushions, pouting. He's in a great mood, ja? Mumbling he tries to cover his head with a pillow. "Meh." Bing, Kaz perks up. "Really? You did? Wow..." Insta mood...Better, if not good, mood too.

Carise continues staring at Kaz. He is crazy, isn't he? Rolling her eyes at the mood shift, she nods to Shava, a slight smile on her face. And then its back to Kaz. "What if its not there?" Tugging a pillow from the back of the chair, she idly lobs it in Kaz's direction before settling deeper in the chair.

Shava nods, cuddling her mug like it's her child. Okay, she really didn't see it, but anything to keep him from making a full of himself, even if it's primarily journeymen present. "Yep, I did. It was a couple hours ago, before my last class. So I'm not sure if it's still there or not."

Linora bites her lip, stopping the giggles, but her eyes are still merry. "Prolly is," she says with a shrug. "'Less anyone's been in there." Let Kaz work out how likely that would be. Sitting up a bit in her chair, she starts combing her fingers through her hair, so it doesn't knot up as it's drying.

Kazandar frowns at Carise. He /glares/ he seeths with...dislike. "Why would you even suggest such a thing??" Pillow is thrown...and missed, but that doesn't help Kaz's mood. "Errrf!" He shoves his face back into the cushion and and mumbles..and lucky for all he's grumbling into the couch..Then they can't hear what he's saying...After all, the way Kaz figures it his chiars at Lake bottom somewhere.

Shava rolls her eyes at Kazandar. He's hopeless for a man. "Kaz, just go down to the office and you'll see, it's still there. Don't fret over your chair. Once you find it it'll be happy to go home to you're room."

"Yeah." Linora can't help it. Happy chair. She bursts into giggles again, unsuccessfully muffling them with a nearby cushion.

Kazandar is hopeless, but he's cute that way? Ok, ok...he's just weird that way. "Yeah, sure. There...sure," he says turning his head to face them again. He has the distinct feeling they're mocking him somehow...Woodlenly he stands up from his reclined position on the couch and ambles out the door towards the office, mumbling about his chair as if in a transe. Ok then..

Kazandar walks to the Main Hall Balcony.

Carise goes home.

Shava watches Kazandar leave and chuckles, "He'll be mad finding his chair isn't in the office."

Linora giggles, dropping the cushion to the floor. No point trying not to laugh now. "You just made that up?" Well, 'lied' is such a strong word. And not one Lin's had a lot of experience with, after all. "That was mean." Yeah, she's really feeling sorry for Kaz, after he sat and watched her scrubbing the main hallway for hours.

Shava nods chuckling, "Of course I made it up. In fact I never went into the office today. Besides, he looked so pitiful like that I had to tell him something. I do know where his missing chair went to however, but I couldn't bear to tell him."

Linora grins. "He /did/ look kinda pitiful." In a funny sort of way. She reaches over to snag a cookie off Carise's tray. She won't mind, now that she's not here.

Shava nods, "Especially with his head in the cusions." She leans over to pour herself some more klah, someone isn't going to get any sleep tonight. "Besides, I wasn't planning on being here when he got back, more like in my room, where his chair happens to be."

For a long moment, Linora forgets to close her mouth, staring a little stupidly at Shava. Then she grins. "Your room? /You/ have it?" Oh, Kaz is going to faint. Or something.

Shava nods again, "Yep, during one of the classes that he was teaching, I didn't have one so, I decided that it might be interesting to see how he handles the chair being gone. This was priceless in experiences, I'll tell you that. So if you see him coming back this way after I'm gone, I'll be in my room." She gives a wink to the senior appy, indicating what she might do with the fellow journeyman.

Linora chuckles, beginning to get the joke. "Okay." Oh, fun.

Shava grins, "Good, I just have to be ready to have him storm into my room, and make sure that the chair seems inconspicous among my stuff."

Linora's eyes are dancing as she nods, even as she thinks it's too bad she won't get to see all the fun. "Hope ya got a lotta stuff."

Shava chuckles, "Don't worry, with all the charts and clothes I have, I'll manage to hide it from being obvious. Actually, maybe I'll leave it in the open, at the back of my room..." A new idea starts to stir in this one's head.

Linora shifts again in her chair, pulling her feet up and curling them under herself. She's almost forgotten she was ever wet, and she's certainly forgotten the cookie in her hand. "An' then what?" Not being particularly devious by nature, Lin generally needs to have stuff explained.

Shava shakes her head, "No, it isn't quite done yet, so I'll have to keep it to myself until either I'm done planning, or it's gone through."

Shava walks to the Main Hall Balcony.