StarCraft Courtyard
Where the hills of Gar meet the softer plains of the valley, rock slowly turns to gravel, dust and earth, leaving a large natural courtyard tucked against the walls of the hall. A low wall marks a boundary for the courtyard, rock and earth's battle for domination kept outside of it. Strong doors set in the hill wall, provide a new way to get into the hall, long windows letting light into the otherwise quite dark hall. They look out upon a grassy valley, filled with water, vineyards and herdbeast. Trails formed by the feet of human wind around rocks and trees, trailing off into the wilderness.
It is a spring before dawn.

Cress moves slowly in from the StarCraft Main Hall.

Marly pads softly in from the StarCraft Main Hall.

Cress walks slowly out into the night, his newfound canine close behind him. Looking up, he sees the stars and lets out a sigh stopping in his tracks.

Linora is stretched out flat on her back on that same worn blanket, looking up at the night sky. In the quiet of the night, footsteps are easy to hear - human and canine alike - but it's the sigh that really catches her ear. Blink, she turns her head to see, not needing to look very hard even in the dark to make out the familiar form. She pushes herself up to a sitting position, leaning back on her hands, but doesn't say anything right away... just looks, her expression soft as she watches Cress looking at the stars, canine by his side.

Cress's hand rests on Marly head, the canine having taken a seat next to him the moment he'd stopped walking. He lowers his head, but doesn't see anyone in the dark as he pats the canine on the head then moves toward the Hold. Maybe some food would be good now..

Linora tilts her head to watch as Cress turns to go. He must really be distracted if he hadn't noticed her, she thinks, chewing her lip thoughtfully. She scrambles to her feet and goes to catch up with him, abandoning the blanket without another thought. "Hey." A hesitant little greeting, once she's close enough to fall into step with him, a little distance apart, her hands clasped behind her back.

Cress is stopped again in his tracks, as he hears Linora's voice, and turns around slowly to spot her in the gloom. "Hi," he mumbles, taking a step forward. "How are you feeling?"

Linora shrugs a little. "Okay," she says, trying to gauge his expression and finding no clue as to what he's thinking. "Same, mostly." Still waiting... but she doesn't add that out loud. Her gaze drops to the ground.

Cress comes over to take a seat near her, Marly in tow, and then looks at her closely, his eyes invariably glancing at her belly. "No change then?" he mumbles, getting the canine to lie down beside him.

Linora can't help noticing his glance, her hands automatically moving to her midsection... to hide? to protect? She's not even aware she's doing it. She shakes her head. "I don't think it's been long enough yet," she murmurs. "Just long enough t'worry." She chews her lip, already a bit swollen from the almost constant abuse she's been giving it lately.

Cress swallows something that's not there, looking up at her eyes again. Long enough to worry. How long was that? And how long not to worry anymore? Or worry even more? So many question he had no answers to... "We're seeing the healer today?" he asks tentatively, his voice low, as if it were a question he really didn't want to ask.

Linora nods. "'Less y'wanna just... wait." She looks away from his eyes, trying to remember what she knows about it, and realizing it's not very much. But she does know one thing. "It'll be obvious sooner or later. One way or the other." The fingers of one hand twist nervously into her hair.

Wait? Poor Cress almost buckles at that notion, not being the most patient soul on Pern. "If that's what you want," he mumbles, his hands coming together in a knot. "We could do that... If ya want." Repeating himself again.

Linora's not patient. She's terrified. There's a difference. "I only thought maybe you didn't wanna go," she says quietly. Nevermind what she wants, if she has any idea what that is anymore. "I'll go." She looks over at him, her eyes searching. "It'd be... okay, right? I mean... I wasn't gonna stay anyhow." Of course, it's different having a choice... so maybe that's why it sounds a bit like she's trying to convince herself.

"Go?" Go where? Cress' head is spinning now, and he's thinking that she's going to see a healer now. "I'll come with ya? If ya want?" Maybe she didn't /want/ him to come along, even if he wanted to.

Linora nods, swallowing hard. She /had/ been talking about the healer... at least part of the time. "Sure. Soon's it's light out." She leans back on her hands with a little sigh. "No point wakin' 'em up." Not like it's an emergency. She studies her feet for a few minutes, then looks back over at Cress. Who didn't really answer her question. "I meant... if... aw, shells." She hugs her knees to her chest.

Cress looks up at the sky, while picking at the edge of Linora's blanket. "You don't think the healers are up yet?" he asks quietly, looking back at her. He would have thought that healer were available all day long, even in the pre-dawn hours.

Linora shrugs. "I dunno?" So maybe she's putting off the inevitable. She hugs her knees more tightly, resting her chin on them and closing her eyes. "I guess we could... go t'the infirmary an' see." And stop wondering.

"If ya want," Cress mumbles, looking down. He wasn't so sure that /he/ wanted to know the answer. Maybe they should just put it off till the answer was inevitable. Sooner or later they'd know, right? Either way.

Linora sighs and gets up. "I don't. But I'm gonna anyhow." Impatience at last overcomes her fear. She holds out a hand to help him up. "Comin'?" The 'please' is in her eyes. Please don't make me do this alone.

Cress scrambles to get to his feet, forgetting to take her hand as he bends down to pick up the blanket and fold it. "Yeah, I'm comin'..." He tells Marly to stay put, since canines probably wasn't very welcome in the infirmary.

Linora drops her hand to her side as Cress doesn't take it, her gaze falling to the ground again as she wraps her arms around herself. At least he's coming with her. That means something, right?

Main Hallway
The Main Hall is lined with 'Portraits' of the past and current Holders and a large tapestry entitled The Watchdragon (look tapestry). The Hall itself is painted in a pleasant forest green, the primary color of the Hold, with a Dark Blue strip running about three feet off the ground along the sides of the Hall. A couple of sofas are situated here next to the doors for the Steward's Office and the Holder's Office, so that one can rest comfortable while waiting.

Cress moves slowly in from the Gar Hold Entry Hall.

Linora stands stupidly outside the door to the infirmary, her resolve suddenly failing her.

Cress almost bumbs into Linora as she stops, "what's wrong?" he asks, taking a step back from her, his eyes showing confusion.

Linora swallows hard. "Nothin'." But she can't quite make herself reach for the doorhandle.

Cress fumbles with the blanket in his arms, as he stands dumbfounded behind her. "D'you wanna, not go in...." he asks, looking from her to the door. Trying to be supportive, but probably only making it worse.

Linora takes a deep breath, and turns around to face Cress. "Can't you just... " Her gaze drops to the floor again. "... tell me it'll be okay? Shells, I don't even care ifya mean it." Swallowing quickly, she looks up at him again. "That's not what I meant. I just... I know ya didn't plan on this..." Nevermind that she hadn't exactly planned on it either. She abruptly finds herself looking away again, her arms wrapped tightly around herself.

"It'll be alright," Cress says quietly, as he drops the blanket and pulls her into his arms. "Everything'll be okay...." Either way, he adds to himself in his mind. "We'll figure things out." Isn't he just comforting? Especially since he has no idea what to do, if she is indeed pregnant.

Linora holds on tight, relieved just to hear the words. She doesn't have any idea what to do either, after all. A long moment later she draws back and nods. "Okay," she whispers. "Let's go."

"Okay," Cress says nodding, as he picks up the blanket again.

Gar Hold Infirmary
It's plain, it's simple, I'm doing it while on vacation. :p It's an infirmary. I'm not a Healer, so till I get one to desc it for me, or I return from vacation, this is it. You are in your standard, generic infirmary. Except this one is in Gar Hold. Yeap, that's the difference. Can't say if that makes it better or worse, just it's big difference. Oh, and it gets a lot of use here. Baby's being born, people stabbing themselves, and other such nonsense. Okay, no more spam. Infirmary, that's what this room is.

Cress moves slowly in from the Main Hallway.

Linora steps in carefully, letting her breath out in a rush when she sees no actual healer in the infirmary. "Guess it's not a good time," she says quickly, turning back toward the door.

Nodding, Cress looks around too, hugging the blanket, thankful that he has something to occupy his hands. "Though there'd be someone here," he mumbles.

Linora already has her hand on the doorhandle, intent on escaping to her nice safe cot, when she notices that Cress isn't with her. She looks back over her shoulder, eyes wide. "You're staying?"

"Maybe we should wait...." Cress suggest quietly, though he's already moving toward her one step at a time. There wasn't really any reason to stay was there?

Linora chews her lip thoughtfully, then shakes her head. "I don't wanna just /sit/ in here." She looks around nervously. "I mean, who knows how long it'll take? An' besides... I'm kinda hungry." Really hungry, actually, now that she thinks of it. When's the last time she ate, anyhow?

"Let's go get something to eat then," he mumbles, opening the door for her. Come to think of it he was hungry too, and his stomach's rumbling was audible evidence of it.

Linora gives him a grateful smile and starts for the dining hall.


Dining Hall
Coming from the other rooms, the Dining Hall seems a little dimmer, Which it is. Positioned throughout the room are about a dozen tables suited for up to eight people each. It is far more than the Hall needs, but it is always nice to be safe than sorry. A table is set up off to the side. On it is a collection of cooled juices and fruits which are kept fresh from the nearby Orchards. With the constant state of furor created by recent events there few drudges not busy elsewhere, So please serve and clean up after yourself. A fire burns merrily along the west wall, and overstuffed, cushioned couches and chairs have been placed in front of it.

Linora finally decides she's pushed her food around on her plate long enough, surprised and yet not surprised that she doesn't have much of an appetite, when she'd thought she was so hungry. She gets to her feet slowly, leaving her dishes where they sit. "Ready?" She chews on her lip again, looking at the floor.

Cress' hand stops halfway to his mouth, a piece of sweetbread between his fingers. "I guess," he says, putting the bread back on the plate, then follows Linora's example and stands. Can't keep putting it off forever could they?

Linora swallows hard and turns toward the doorway, her arms wrapped tightly around herself. "There's gotta be someone there by now," she murmurs, half to herself.

"Yeah," Cress mumbles, coming after her with slow steps, leaving the rest of his breakfast, even if he wasn't finished with it.

Gar Hold Infirmary
It's plain, it's simple, I'm doing it while on vacation. :p It's an infirmary. I'm not a Healer, so till I get one to desc it for me, or I return from vacation, this is it. You are in your standard, generic infirmary. Except this one is in Gar Hold. Yeap, that's the difference. Can't say if that makes it better or worse, just it's big difference. Oh, and it gets a lot of use here. Baby's being born, people stabbing themselves, and other such nonsense. Okay, no more spam. Infirmary, that's what this room is.
Sudanna is here.

Cress moves slowly in from the Main Hallway.

Sudanna is bustling about studying the shelves and drawsers. If she is needed here, it would make sense for her to know where things are, right?

Linora steps in slowly, hesitantly, caught between relief and dismay at finding an actual healer in the infirmary. She swallows hard and clears her throat, wrapping her arms more tightly around herself.

Sudanna turns quickly at the soft sounds of footsteps. Yup, healer-trained ears. Seeing the couple and the tense look on the young woman's face, she can figure out pretty quickly why /she/ was chosen to come here. "hello, I'm journeywoman Sudanna, from healer hall. But call me Danna. Is there something I can help you with?"

Cress quietly follows Linora through the door, coming to a halt behind her, a blanket draped over one arm. Looking around, he tries to avoid looking at the healer, and looks down at the floor instead. Help? "Lin... errr." He was gonna let her answer that question.

A lithe figure standing just 5'3, she has lustrous copper hair that when unbound falls in unruly curls to her waist. Her eyes, a sparkling sapphire blue, twinkle with an inner joy and her complexion is always a tiny bit sunburned, as her pale skin has never adapted to Rubkat's rays. Her mouth is a warm peach shade and smiles generously, her dimples flashing with her grin.
Copper rust hues grace the shoulders and torso of Sudanna's body; lightweight linen wraps about her arms, waist and thighs in a loose manner. The neckline, embroidered with vines and leaves in tans, browns and reds, frames her throat and upper shoulders and ties shut in the middle with scarlet tinged brown linen strips. Crisscrossing ties of the same russet red gather the back of the shirt loosely a the waist, accenting her newly acquired, womanly waist and curves. The rust red tunic brushes about Sudanna's midthighs, the bottom hem embroidered with the same autumn vintner scene as the neckline. Trousers of milky creme linen gather about her waist with a drawstring before falling straight down, surrounding her legs in crisp lines, then pooling around her ankles. The hems on the legs loosely encircle her ankles, laying atop her feet and dragging on the floor after her. Sudanna's feet are wrapped in wooly soft slippers made from thick, pressed wool felt and linen tops, the same burnished red of her tunic. Sudanna wears Sudanna's Listening Tube around her neck. Perched on Sudanna's shoulder is Ophelia. Perched on Sudanna's shoulder is Willow. Perched on Sudanna's shoulder is Freedom. Perched on Sudanna's shoulder is Prince. Perched on Sudanna's shoulder is Goldenseal.
Sudanna wears the double knot of purple and white with a silver thread, a single loop and a long tail. It denotes she is s Journeywoman Healer and is worn with much pride.
Sudanna is 22 Turns, 4 months, and 19 days old.

Linora turns big eyes to Sudanna, very nearly losing her nerve. She looks quickly over her shoulder as she hears Cress start to answer, then stop. Gulp. She's on her own. "I... um... " She takes a deep breath. "I think I... I mean I might be... I mean... " Her gaze drops to the floor, her voice trailing off to a whisper. "I think I'm in trouble."

Schala walks in from the Main Hallway.

Light on her feet and graceful in every movement, Schala seems to be dealing with her rapidly oncoming womanhood with ease. A mere five foot girl, petite, lithe and toned gifted from an active life outdoors, she isn't likely to intimidate a person. However, large opaline eyes with slivers of green have often made a person look twice into her elfin face. Slightly pointed ears peek out from under a billowing wave of waist-length hair. Colored a most unnatural shade, Schala's hair is dyed(?) to liken the aqua clear waters of Ista's beaches, and shines innumerable shades of blue in sunlight. Her skin has taken on a golden hue from the warm Istan sun, showing her fondness of the outdoors.
A soft cotton blouse shaded a natural creamy white, with short sleeves fits lightly about her torso, keeping her cool in the near tropical heat. Yellow trous that are a few sizes roo large billow wildly about her toned legs, and are captured severely at her waist by a blue embroidered belt and above her calves by short blue twine. A pair of small worn wherhide boots hint that they might have matched her belt, but are too used to be able to accurately tell. A soft wherhide carisac hangs loosely over Schala's shoulder. Schala wears Schala's Listening Tube around her neck.
A single loop of purple and white entwines with black and orange, indicating she is a Healer apprentice posted at Ista Weyr.
Schala is 14 Turns, 8 months, and 3 days old.

Theorn walks in from the Main Hallway.

Theorn looks normal at first glance, but then his seemingly average features seem to leap out at you. His hair first off, is not the dull blond it seems, it is infact, golden, and reflects the light like a bronze mirror. His eyes catch your attention next, a deep blue, with hidden depths. But thats not all, his eyes have grey swirls in them, which seem to gently move as you look at them, like ripples on a pond. He is tall, just over six feet, and moves with a gentle, fluid grace. His smile is endearing, and almost mischievous, showing that he is more than he appears.
A simple, homespun tunic offsets his features, showing his inner beauty, as well as his outer charm. He wears plain, hardworn boots, and a battered grey cloak, with the hood down. Theorn wears Theorn's Listening Tube around his neck.
Theorn wears a double corded, single loop knot, its dominant colour purple, and the other white, to indicate his rank as a healer apprentice.
Theorn is 15 Turns, 2 months, and 8 days old.

Theorn smiles realising he is slightly late

Sudanna nods and smiles reassuringly. "Why don't you sit down.. both of you, and let me find a fresh hide and writing utensil and I can get some notes. Ah, Theorn, Schala, just in time. Theorn, why don't you take the notes and Schala, you can assist me. Have either of you taken midwifery yet?

Schala rushes into the infirmary, almost dropping her notebook and writing tool in her hurry to get here. With an apologetic smile at Sudanna, she murmurs, "Sorry about being late..." Well, it was a long walk.

Theorn looks at everyone "Sorry i'm a little late, time just seems to slip away from me. i havent taken midwifery yet, no."

Schala shakes her head, "No, not yet, been helping Aerrin..." she stammers. "But I'll be more than happy to help out."

Cress looks over his shoulders as more people enter the Infirmary, swallowing hard, becoming more and more uncomfortable with the situation. Being asked to sit, he smiles gratefully and slumbs into the nearest chair.

Theorn pulls out his notebook and a gets ready to write anything he needs to.

Sudanna says, "Fine you two. Then as I said, Theorn, you can take the notes as I get to know these two here." Hands him the hide and writing instrument. "Schala, stand by me and as I ask for help, please do so. For now, would you get a changing gown for.. Excuse me, your names are?"

Theorn takes the stuff and sits down in an unoccupied chair preparing to write

Linora sits obediently, automatically, looking quite pale as the infirmary suddenly seems very crowded. "I'm... um... Linora." She doesn't add her rank, figuring the knot is obvious. No point making it worse than it is...

"Cress," the starcrafter mumbles, fingering the blanket in his arms, taking deep breaths, while his eyes wander around the infirmary, trying not to look too long at anyone. Even Linora.

Schala smiles, and promptly fetches a changing gown for Linora. Handing it to the girl, she then proceeds to wash her hands.

Theorn smiles at Linora and Cress, trying to be reassuring even though he's just here as a spectator.

Sudanna smiles at the obviously distressed young woman. "Well Linora, first let me say that we are extremely discreet here. Anything I happen to discover will /not/ leave this room unless you choose to mention it. And Cress, that goes for you as well." Nods to Schala and turns back to linora. "Don't change yet, let's talk first. How old are you?

Linora takes the garment and looks at it stupidly, not quite getting what she's supposed to do with it. Wait, did Sudanna say 'change'? Blinking, she looks back up at the journeywoman, finally hearing the question. "Um.. sixteen. Nearly seventeen."

Schala finishes cleaning up, then stands to the side, near Sudanna in order to take in all that's happening for future reference.

Eyes moving here and there, Cress glances at Linora seeing that she's been given a garment, then hears the healer's question. "Twenty," he mumbles, suddenly feeling rather old, and flushes slightly.

Sudanna nods to theorn, he should be writing all this down... Name, age and anything else Danna asks. "Now, what makes you think you might need my services?" She is being as calming and indirect as she can, this poor girl is skittish enough. Direct would just scare her to pieces.

Theorn moves his writing implement in a blur of motion *linora 16, Cress 20* he thinks as he writes.

Linora /really/ doesn't want to answer this one. She swallows hard, glancing quickly at Cress and then at the floor. "I'm... um... late." Maybe she won't have to spell it out? Nervous eyes flicker over the two healer apprentices and she wonders for the hundredth time if she's the only apprentice who ever bent... no, let's be honest, /broke/ that rule.

Cress is beginning to regret that he'd agreed to come along with Lin to this... Meeting. All these people here made his nervousness increase tenfold, and now he was starting to sweat somewhat. Not that the blanket he was holding helped any.

Sudanna sighs inwardly at the age.. she's so young and seemingly quite innocent for all she may be going through. Well, one thing at a time. "And? Have you noticed anything else that may be 'different' with your system? being more tired, stomach upset? Possibly wanted to eat a little more?" All are possible symptoms. "Let me say that just being 'late' doesn't mean you are pregnant. There could be lots of other reasons, stress being a huge one."

Theorn blushes lightly *gonna have to get less embarrased about these things* he thinks as he writes it down.

Schala notices she was unconsciously twirling her writing tool in her hand as she listens to the dialog between healer and patient. With a blink, she realizes the girl wasn't too much older than herself, but before thinking about this further, she retains a blank, yet friendly expression. No reason to get emotionally involved.

Linora swallows hard. "I have been kinda tired and stuff. An'..." She glances over at Cress again, her eyes widening slightly at his expression. He's about ten seconds away from bolting, she can tell, and she quickly looks at the floor again. "I dunno. I /did/ feel kinda sick after the hatching." Stress? She certainly has been stressed lately, so her eyes are hopeful as she looks back up at Sudanna. "But it mighta been the wagonride?"

Cress hug his blanket more tightly, hearing the healer mention stress, then glances at Linora, the look on his face becoming more and more guilty. Stress... Things had been kinda stressed lately, hadn't they. Then he hears Linora mention the hatching. "Hatching?" he mumbles. She hadn't told him anything about any hatching, had she?

Sudanna says, "Well, if it was just a one-day illness, I would not count that as a symptom. Other then this concern, have you been in general good health this past turn?" yes, illness can also affect cycles and maybe there is another underlying reason for her situation. she is too young and Danna is so hoping there is no child. For the first time ever, actually. "And has there been more stress in your on life lately?"

Theorn continues writing, slowing the strokes of his pen down to match the pace of the coveration.

Schala feels a bit sad for Linora, seeing as she seems more than a bit nervous about her possible situation. With a slight sigh, she hopes things turn out the way the girl wanted them to.

Linora is about to open her mouth to say that she's been fine, when she realizes that it hasn't been a whole Turn. "I /was/ really sick last spring," she admits, glancing quickly at Cress for confirmation. After all, they'd /both/ been sick. "Prolly wasn't till mid-summer, maybe even fall, that I could breathe good again." Nervous fingers twist the gown on her lap. And stress? She manages a weak smile. "An' yeah, I guess I been kinda stressed." That'd be the understatement of the Turn, with everything that's happened lately.

Cress hangs his head, staring at the floor, as not to see if the others were looking at him, for being the reason of Linora's stress, and... Other stuff. Maybe. Fingering the blanket, reveals the turmoil of emotion going through his head and body.

Sudanna nods and smiles, hopefully reassuringly at both Cress and Linora. "Ahh, well, have you noticed any erratic cycles since then as well? And I assume it's been heavy stress? Classes after being ill for so long can do that. So, are you breathing well now? Has a healer told you that you are fully recovered from that prior illness?" Yup, lots of preliminary questions..

Theorn is glad that, in the healercraft at least, apprentices are given herbal contraceptives, just incase. He continues to write, feeling sorry for the two people being interviewed. The man seems guilty and the girl seems confused.

Schala leans against the wall, half listening to the conversation. Stress was an important factor in one's health, as she knew from experience.

"I never... um..." Linora looks at the gown on her lap, her fingers straining the thin fabric as she tugs nervously at it. "I never had t'worry 'bout it before, so I kinda didn't pay much attention." A light flush creeps up her cheeks and she quickly changes the subject. "I'm breathin' okay now." She's even started swimming again. "But I never saw a healer again after I got better." Why see a healer when you're not sick, after all?

Talk of cycles and such wasn't making Cress feel any better, and instead of the flush, he's now paling significantly, while still staring at the floor, not even looking up at Linora to see if she was alright.. Or feeling as bad as he was.

Sudanna says, "That's fine." Stands up and looks to Linora. "Now, why don't you take that gown and step into the changing area. It opens down the back. I need to do a physical. You do't seem to ahve any other physical symptoms, but still the best way to check is by an internal exam." she talks calmly and matter-of-factly, no need to spread any more terror to this poor girl. She points to the changing room and proceeds to wash her hands and redwort them thoroughly up to the elbows."

Cress gapes, his head coming up in a jerk. Internal exam?! Obviously there was a lot he didn't know about the healer craft, as he'd never even /heard/ of anything like an internal exam. Maybe this was the time to bolt?

Linora pales, looking from Sudanna to the gown in her hands and back again. Internal exam?! But she gets to her feet obediently, almost mechanically heading for the changing area and disappearing behind the curtain.

Schala stands up straight, and walks over to Sudanna, in case she was needed.

Sudanna says, "Schala, why don't you see if Linora needs any help. And you have given a general physical before, yes?" She does want a few basic things checked, especially those lungs. "Assure her there is no shame in any of this."

Linora seems to be taking her time... unless there's another way out of the infirmary from behind that curtain...?

Theorn pauses writing long enough to smile almost sympathetically at Cress, almost sensing what he is feeling. *i've had a few jumpy situations myself* he thinks.

Cress gulps, now fidgeting in his chair, looking everywhere but at the healers, and the the changing area, his blanket being squeezes so hard that his knuckles are white. Good thing he hadn't brought Marly, or he'd have squeezed the poor canine to death.

Schala nods quickly to the journeyman, and stands discreetly outside of the changing area. "There really is no need to feel uncomfortable..." she murmurs outside the curtain. "This is just to check to see if everything's alright, and that you're healthy." She was a little young to have the internal examination herself, but she trusted healers with her body, and hoped that Linora would feel the same.

Sudanna warms her listening tube and washes it in redwort.. always best to be safe. Also preps a small table with glowsticks, a small clean towel and any other instruments she might need, includinga few descreet herbal mixtures.

Linora finally comes out from behind the curtain, gown-clad as ordered, her expression very like that of the proverbial condemned man. She flashes a grateful look to Schala, chewing hard on her lower lip, and edges over to a cot near Sudanna, standing uncertainly beside it, waiting for instructions. She does glance quickly over at Cress, just a hint of desperation in her eyes. He didn't come with her just to sit there holding her blanket, did he?

Sudanna says, "That's better, sit down and relax... I want to listen to those lungs of yours, and your heart first, alright? Then we will do a quick check and I'll know what might be going on."

Cress /had/ promised to come along, hadn't he? Trying as he may, he couldn't get his legs to function, and is glued to the chair, as more and more color drains from his face, seeing Lin in that gown. He was sure he didn't want to be here for an internal exam, but if he couldn't get his legs to move him to Linora's side, how could he make an escape?

Relax? Linora is so far from relaxed that she might actually be in physical danger of imploding. But she does sit down, her eyes locked on Cress as surely as her friend is locked to his chair. She nods once, barely perceptibly, and braces herself for ... whatever.

Theorn gets ready to write again, and gently prods Cress with his foot, leaning over to whisper to him "you mightent want to be here, but i'm sure linora wants to be here less. At least go over to her, even if you dont watch the physical examination. You both look like you need the comfort."

Sudanna , still smiling, approaches Linora carefully.. "I am just going to slip this down the front of the gown and listen.. first to your heart, so I need you to try and be still. Then, when I ask you to take and release deep breaths, plese do so. All right?" waits for an answer before making any moves.

Theorn leans back, hoping he's not interfering too much, and gets ready to write again.

Cress turns his head, looking surprised at the apprentice, his eyes trying to focus on the boy. "Yeah," he mutters turning back to Linora, willing his legs to get him off the chair and over to sit next to her. With wobbling steps he slowly manages to come a little bit closer, then stops in the middle of the floor, staring into the air. What was that healer going to do to Lin anyway?!

Theorn moves forward in the chair and nudges Cress's foot with his own, trying to make him move forward a little bit more. He doesnt say anything, not wanting to disturb linora or sudanna, and hopes Cress gets the picture.

Linora nods, looking at Sudanna now, taking a breath then as she suddenly realizes that she's been holding it. Her knuckles are white where she's gripping the edge of the cot. From the corner of her eye, she notices Cress coming towards her and she turns her head to face him again, trying to look encouraging even though she's pretty sure she only looks terrified.

Sudanna has never seen such a pair of completely frighten people in her life. "Know what? All the rumours about Healers using their patients as labratory experiments is totally false. So keep breathing and try to calm down. Now, here I go.. just listening to the heart.." carefully slips the warm tube to her heart and listens for several long seconds.

Cress turns around as he feels something nudging his foot, glancing at Theorn, pure terror showing in his eyes, as he turns back to the cot and Linora. And the healer. Taking a deep breath himself he moves the last few steps and sits next to Lin. It wasn't as if Sudanna was doing anything horrible to her. Yet...

Sudanna motions to Theorn to get ready to write... "The heart is racing a bit, but I think that's probably because you are here. Now let me listen to the lungs. Take a few deep breaths first, just to get sued to it.. Alright?" Moving her tube to the right lung, she listens as Linora 'practices'.

Linora blinks, looking up at Sudanna with a surprised expression, hardly even noticing the listening tube. As Cress sits down beside her she reaches for his hand, her fingers closing around his almost convulsively. Forcing herself to calm down, she takes a deep breath, then another, closing her eyes to try and clear her mind.

Theorn smiles, even though the poor man seems terified. he starts to write again at sudanna's request

Sudanna Well that one sounds great.. Want to do the same as I listen to the left?" Nods appreciatively to cress as he finally joins Linora. Sometimes the simplest things help. "Then I will listen from the abck and we'll be done here. so, again.. breath...

Cress winces as Linora clutches his hand. He never knew she was so strong. Wanting to mumble something comforting, he comes up short and just gives her a little less terrified look, now that they're holding hands.

Theorn smiles almost to himself as he writes. He is thinking of something completely different, *maybe i could mix something up?* he thinks, as he writes. *ooo maybe i should just talk to her... naa, that never works. Well if i get her a gift... Naa, i dont know her well enough. what could i get her..?* he looks up at linora *maybe i could whip something up for her? it mightent be medicinal, but its sure to relieve stress. no matter what the outcome here, it seems like stress is gonna be coming out of it*

Linora swallows hard and obediently starts taking deep breaths again, her face beginning to relax just a bit. After a few breaths she opens her eyes again to see Cress looking at her, and she relaxes her deathgrip slightly and gives him a weak halfsmile, her own eyes filled with unspoken gratitude.

Sudanna moves about quickle as the girl breathes... "Good, those lungs have recovered perfectly, if they were ever in danger of any permanent scarring, it never happened." trys to smile as the next bit of news will be hard for these two to take. "Now Linora, I need you to lie down and scoot to the edge of the cot, feet flat on the edge and knees up. I promise this will be quick."

Cress feels color returning to his face, as he too begins to relax slightly, seeing Linora's halfsmile, giving her one of his own. "It'll be alright," he whispers, glancing at the scribbling apprentice, then at Sudanna as she asks Lin to lie down. And feels the color drain from his face again.

Theorn continues to write, then pauses, waiting for more input from sudanna.

Linora looks relieved at the diagnosis of her lungs, then swallows hard as she's abruptly reminded of the reason she's here. She glances quickly at Cress again, but there's no help for it; she just has to do it. And get it over with. The deathgrip returns as she silently wills him not to abandon her, lowering herself onto her back and scooting down to the edge of the cot. Knees up, as requested. If he sits facing her, he won't have to watch at all, right?

Sudanna touches up her redwort and takes a glowstick... "Now, what I need to find out is if your body has created a mucus plug at the top of your cervix. It would be there if you are pregnant and not if you aren't. It is a sure-fire way to determine yes or no."

Cress stares at the healer, trying to understand what it was she was saying. Turning back to Lin his eyes are mixed with question and terror, and he swallows, deciding not to look back at Sudanna until she was done, with... Whatever it was she was doing.

Linora swallows hard too, trying not to look too confused. It /is/ her body, after all. Just because it's all inside doesn't mean she shouldn't know about it, right?. "Okay... um... you can /see/ it?" How is /that/ going to be poss... Lin's eyes widen with sudden comprehension, then she closes them tightly. "Okay," she says, her voice very small, trying to prepare herself.

Sudanna carefully, gently and quickly does her check.. And looks up with a huge smile. "Well, my dear, I can safely tell you, you are /not/ pregnant. But.. " and ehre her voice urns just a tad cooler.. not much, but the lecture starts now.. "You are playing a dangerous game if you don't take care of yourself. You need to be more aware of your own body and it's cycles. For now, I can give you some medicines that will help clear this situation up, and I want you to start keeping betetrb track of it. You should cycle just about every 4 sevendays, give or take a few days. I also recommend you both take our infamous drink. Green once a month for women, red once a week for men. And I can tell you some other things to do if you would like. Including how to count your cycle and avoiding intimacy on certain days."

Sudanna says, "Theorn, will you please pour me a mug of hot water from that pot and add the herbs I placed on the table?"

Cress only hears the words 'not pregnant' and smiles involountarily, looking at Lin for a reaction. He takes a deep breath, while giving her hand a squeeze.

Theorn jumps up and quickly grabs the pot. He moves over and pours water into the mug until its almost full. He crubles the herbs in one hand as he lets them fall into the mug. He quickly stirs it and drings it over to sudanna "Here you are sudanna" he says before moving to sit down and write more notes

Sudanna having re-scrubed her hands, she takes the mug from Theorn. "Thanks Theorn. Linora, you may sit up now. Actually, you can even get back into your own clothes. But.. I still would liek to talk with both of you. Theorn, would you bring me the contraceptive drinks?"

Linora lets out all her breath in a long sigh, tears of relief filling her eyes. With a long sniffle, she drops her knees and pushes herself up to a sitting position, shifting on the cot to sit beside Cress again. She turns big eyes back to Sudanna, though, as the 'lecture' starts, her gaze dropping to the floor. As if she hadn't felt stupid enough already. She nods solemnly at each point, wincing a little at Sudanna's frank explanation after so much avoidance and denial.

Sudanna sees the angxiety in Lin's eyes is still pretty high. "It's okay. You were very lucky. Now we want to just keep the luck need to a minimum. I'm not one to lecture on 'right or wrong' just how to ahndle it better.

Cress glances at the healer, then drops his eyes to the floor finding it extremely more interesting than having to face Sudanna at the moment. He already knew what she was going to say, and only hoped she wasn't going to tell any of the journeypeople in the craft. Even if he wasn't staying, he didn't want to ruin Lin's chances.

Theorn stand up again and runs out quickly, returning with the drinks a few minutes later. he has thoughtfully already poured them into glasses, the green in his left hadn and the red in his right. "Sudanna, i've brought them for you" he says to catch he attention as he moves closer. He sidesteps a chari trying not to spill the drinks. He is lucky this time, and manages to put them down without any mishaps.

Linora scrubs at her face with her free hand, nodding quietly. Her eyes go from Sudanna to the apprentice to the drinks in his hands, and she looks at the oddly colored liquids curiously, quite forgetting that she's still wearing the examination gown.

Sudanna says, "Thank you Theorn, just place them on the small table. Now linora, I want you to drink this first.." Hands her the mug of herbs. "I also added a very small amount of chamomile to help relax you. This should bring your flow on within a few days with a minimum of discomfort. because you are late, it will be a bit heavier and you may experiance some stronger cramps, but you are /not/ miscarrying, there is no child." Stresses that, just incase she lets ehr imagination run a bit when her flow does start. "Now, both of you. I am ahealer and what I see and ehar as such is strictly confidential. Plaes, take the drinks and keep them up. It's always safer then then playing 'let's hope.' And Cress, you will need a drink once a week. Linora, you need this once a month. And again, if you count from the first day of your flow.. avoid intimacy from day 12 through 16, and you should be able to avoid any incidences like you thought ye had here."

Cress accepts the mug from the healer, sniffing at it before braving a sip. Wincing he downs the whole lot in only a couple of gulps. Not the best taste in the world. And did she say he should have this once a week?!

Linora takes the mug of herbs, making a bit of a face at the first sip. She doesn't even like klah, after all, and that's generally presumed to taste good. But she obediently drinks every drop, mostly listening to Sudanna's instructions. Twelve. Sixteen. Drink once a month. "Thanks," she manages to murmur, cradling the now-empty mug in her lap.

Sudanna says, "now you need this one, Linora. It's 'unpleasant' but necessary. And please, if you ever need anything else.. send a firelizard to me or a message. S'keagan is always willing to tote me around, so travel isn't a problem."

Phea drifts, with soundless grace, in from the Main Hallway.

Elegant bone structure molds a delicately-shaped face, almond-shaped eyes shaded in an aquatic emerald under their curtain of dark lashes and the vuluptuous arch of eyebrows. Her nose is effiminately shaped in the classic length of aristocracy, leading downward to naturally rosy lips of near doll-like proportions. The fair skin of her face is crowned by the faint gleam of rust, copper curls having been tamed into seeming compliance by sectioning them off into close-lying yet distinct rows, each lock separated from its neighbor by a small clip. Not dainty, but decidedly not sturdy either, her limbs are slender to the point of thinness, long-fingered hands leading to near-bony wrists and arms, while small feet round off long legs.
Verdant preforms well in flattering her complexion: upper-half is clad in the typical tunica, neckline high to avoid any unessential peeks of cleavage. Skirts fall in multiple layers of lickable lime -- supported by a concealed belt at the waist -- which fall to just at the ankle. Here, traditional wherhide boots peek out, dusted in numerous materials from dirt to sand. Phea wears Mani's Listening Tube around her neck.
Phea is 14 Turns, 3 months, and 23 days old.

Cress sits quietly with the mug in his hand, listening to the healer's words, while looking into the air again. Travel. Was that still an option, he considers, not wording his concerns though.

Sudanna says, "Well, I guess I am finished here. Linora, you may get dressed now, you know." smiles at her and Cress, glad to ahve helped releive some of their worry. "And remember.. I am here any time. Theorn, could you please do a neat write-up of what was done ehre and let me have it? No copies please, that's not necessary."

Linora looks less than enthusiastic, but she does take the second mug and drink its contents. She can't suppress a little shudder at the last swallow. "You couldn'ta given me that one first?" she croaks, the first glimmer of anything like a sense of humor returning to her pale eyes. She gets to her feet and slips behind the curtain to change back into her clothes, returning much more quickly this time. "Thanks." She slips back over to stand beside Cress, reaching to take the mug from him and to offer her hand.

Sudanna says, "Phea, I'm sorry you missed this. It would ahve been good training for you. This young woman is /not/ pregnant and thought she was. As i am on my way out, I will be glad to review the process at another time. Do either of you.." Looking to Theorn and Phea. "need a ride back to Ista?"

Theorn nods "can do." he says to sudanna "I will need a ride" he adds in responce to her question.

"Master Sudanna?" Phea chirps, scuttling into the infirmary in a flurry of verdant material. "Aw, dragondoo, I missed it?" Apprentice promptly sniffs, but brightens immensely at Sudanna's offer to review. "Oh, yes, Master Sudanna, that was be just /lovely!/ I really do need a ride back. Thank you!" Beam.

Cress gratefully takes Lin's hand and stands, legs and knee working better know, and he gives her a slight smile. Which is all he has to offer, since he's lost for words. Bending down to pick up the blanket - which he had dropped at some point - he releases her hand for just a moment.

Sudanna walks to the Main Hallway.

Phea begins to exit the infirmary, bubbling about how cute S'keagan is but how she /despises/ that big bulk of dragon and that she'll try and find a runner home, so /nah/. "...oh. Wait up!" Fingers are wiggled to anyone present -- a fleeting farewell -- and the apprentice skips after her mentor, and out the door.

Theorn goes home.

Linora waits patiently for Cress to stand back up and take her hand again, still hardly daring to believe her luck... but at a loss for words herself. For something she'd dreaded so much, it was over so quickly! "Guess everything's okay now," she whispers, almost daring to hope it might be even though she has a strong suspicion that it's kind of not.

"Guess so," Cress mumbles, taking her hand to lead her back to the Hall. Not wanting to stress her anymore, he says nothing about his concerns for travelling, but gives her a smile. "C'mon..."