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Crystal Lake
As you walk along the path, you find yourself near the center of the valley. Situated here, is Crystal Lake. This lake is named for its clarity. At nearly 100 feet, things can still be seen as if they were closer! Unfortunately, this is also a danger, as one has trouble gauging depth, so swimmers beware! A natural spring feeds the lake from underneath, keeping it a nice 80 degrees, even in the winter, though it can get much warmer in the summer. A large square has been set up a short distance for the shoreline.
It is a summer afternoon. The sun sinks westward over the land, its blazing heat only moderated by the sea breezes coming from the ocean. White cumulus clouds begin to roll in from the east.

Mayala walks ever so softly in from the Hold Field.

You release Wintermute, who launches into the air.
You release Fury, who launches into the air.
You release Mellow, who launches into the air.

Mayala smiles at Linora and notices all the flits she has with her today. She says, "Hello," softly as she sits on the grass.

Linora watches as the fair of firelizards settle themselves on branches, then turns to give Mayala a little halfsmile. "Hey," she says quietly, settling herself down on her worn blanket on the shore and leaning back on her hands.

Mayala looks at Lin and says, "How are you?" She asks this seriously, knowing that something must be up by the way her friend's acting and by the fact that she just heard that Cress left.

"Fine." Linora's answer is automatic, emotionless, and totally untrue. She lowers herself onto her back, lacing her fingers behind her neck and staring up at the sky.

Mayala moves next to her friend, "Are you sure, Lin?" She becomes a bit worried. No one can be fine when someone they deeply care about just leaves them.

Linora isn't sure of anything. As Mayala comes closer, she shuts her eyes... not quite quickly enough to stop a tear from slipping down her cheek and into her ear. Eyes still closed, she nods slowly, trying to convince herself as much as her friend.

Mayala frowns as she notices the tear falling down Lin's cheek. "I'm sorry, Lin...." she starts to say, feeling as if she's going to cry herself.

Linora can't help a little sniffle. "Me, too," she whispers, biting hard on her lower lip to stop the trembling. "It's prolly better, though," she adds softly, still not opening her eyes. "We just woulda ended up in trouble if he stayed." Very nearly had.

Mayala leans over to hug Lin, "Ya, I guess it is better..." she starts to say, "But it just hurts doesn't it?" May's hear to listen to her friend. Lin can tell her anything and she wouldn't tell a soul.

Linora hugs back, hard, nodding wordlessly. Yes. It hurts. For a long moment she can't get any words out at all. "I never felt like this about /anybody/," she manages to whisper at last. "Cress is the best friend I ever had." And the first man she ever loved. "I just... " She sighs, deeply. "I miss him."

Mayala holds Lin, a tear now starting to fall down her cheek, "I know, Lin..." She doesn't know what else she can say..or even do! Poor poor Linora.

Linora finally draws back a bit, pulling herself together with a long sniffle. One hand pushes a stray lock of hair roughly behind her ear, and she looks down at the ground. "Anyhow," trying to look at the bright side, "I can start workin' on a journeyman project now." If she gets promoted, she can do what she likes. More or less. "Keris had me teach some new appies about the distanceviewers," she adds with some pride, even managing a little smile at the memory.

Fade to black...

And, a few days later...

The Vault
No more than a hideaway amidst the gothic grandeur of the StarHall, this cozy lounge is a place of laughter if not greatness, warmth if not splendour. The close stone walls are insulated with tapestries of all shapes and sizes, most a little worn, several faded and a good many depicting scenes from childhood stories. The mismatched chairs and sofas are in a similar state, rescued from cellars and rubbish-heaps but perhaps more softer and more comfortable for that, scattered in a rouch circle on a hardwood floor. A low round table in the centre of the room holds cards, discarded hides, mugs, and a pot that holds klah as long as someone remembers to fill it. The one window at the back wall lets light and air into the warm, cozy room.
Scattered troughout the rooms are numerous glowbaskets. Thin hides, that would be transparant if they weren't coloured in light shades of red green and blue cast a colourfull and happy athmostphere troughout the room. Small bells and sticks, hung near the window, create soft, eerie yet comfortablly soft sounds,
Shanel is here.

Sweet Root plant
A nicely handled Sweet Root plant.
From the look of the ground under it you can see that it it's due to be watered now.
Another small plant indeed. This sweet root is wel cared for. Though it is still quite young, it has several rich leaves, evidence of excellent maintenance.

Linora waters Sweet Root plant

Shanel starts at the movement. "When did you get here?" Her eyes opened wide, ignoring the open book in her lap.

A slender young girl, Shanel is slightly on the short side at 5 feet 2 inches. She has straight, blond-brown hair which she wears loose to her shoulder. Wide ice blue eyes look out at the world from an oval face. Mischief is often seen playing across her pert features. Tanned and well muscles it is obvious that Shanel is an active child, often outside when not in classes.
She has on plain but comfortable brown toursers. Shanel's shirt is slightly oversized but cut to fit her growing figure. It is a deep midnight blue to bring out her eyes. Upon one shoulder a StarCraft apprentice knot is proudly displayed."
Shanel is 14 Turns, 11 months, and 8 days old.

Linora practically drops the pitcher, her expression almost guilty. "Just a couple minutes ago," she mumbles, setting the pitcher down on a table and dropping herself into a chair. No book to hide behind today, so she pulls one knee up to her chest and fiddles with the strap of her sandal.

One hand on her chest, Shanel's breathing gradually slows to normal. Her eyes return to a more managable size as the shock and startlement wear off. Closing the book and carefully droping it on the floor next her, Nel leans against the chair behind her. "How ya doin?" She asks tilting her head to the side.

Linora shrugs without looking up. "Okay." Pick. Fidget. Sigh. She drops her foot back to the floor and slumps back in her chair. "Just got a lotta work t'do and stuff." That's a good explanation, right? And it does happen to be true... even if it doesn't explain why she's apparently not particularly busy just at the moment.

Shanel raises an eyebrow, that's /not/ what she heard, but...."Your sure?" Nel worries about her friends. Faranth only knows where Nirra's been and the this. Better safe then sorry and if Linora doesn't want to say anything that's okay to. Shanel scoots to find a more comfortable position on the floor.

Linora nods, again without looking directly at Shanel. "Yeah." She's pretty sure she /will/ be okay, so she tells herself it's not /really/ a lie. Probably it's better this way anyhow. Sniffle.

Shanel narrows her eyes. Being okay eventually and being okay now are to diffrent things. Still, Shanel knows when to stop prying. She shifts again, minutely moving closer to the other girl just in case. "So...." She trails off, unsure of what to say now.

Linora feels rather than sees Shanel moving closer, and looks down at her friend. On the floor. Why the questioning? And Shanel's not the first... Pale eyes widen and a little flush colors Lin's cheeks. "Jays, Shanel, does /everybody/ know?"

Shanel shakes her head slightly. Unable to look at Linora she blushes, "Not /every/body, just...." Maybe she shouldn't have said anything. Shanel never was good at this kind of thing, if something bothered her, she ran it off. 'Course nothing like this had ever happened to her before. "Just....some people saw...and...." Oh dear, what to say, how to say it, "I heard people talking...and....I saw how you were feeling..." Shanel trails off again, biting her lower lip.

Caelestis walks in from the Female Apprentice Quarters.

Linora drops her head into her hands, hardly daring to hope that 'people talking' didn't extend to any journeyfolk-type-people. Or mentor-type people. Or anyone who could make her life miserable. Or would that be more miserable? After a long moment she looks up at Shanel. She opens her mouth to ask... then decides she doesn't really want to know exactly what people are saying about her. "It don't matter," she says quietly. "He left. I didn't. An' I got a project t'work on." She drags herself out of her chair and starts off to the archives. Nothing's going to get done in the Vault, after all.

Shanel nods slightly to herself, it was true then. Unfolding herself from the floor, Shanel reaches over to grab her book. "I hope you're feeling better then." She says, heading for the dorm.