A Really Bad Haircut And A Dunking

Crystal Lake
As you walk along the path, you find yourself near the center of the valley. Situated here, is Crystal Lake. This lake is named for its clarity. At nearly 100 feet, things can still be seen as if they were closer! Unfortunately, this is also a danger, as one has trouble gauging depth, so swimmers beware! A natural spring feeds the lake from underneath, keeping it a nice 80 degrees, even in the winter, though it can get much warmer in the summer. A large square has been set up a short distance for the shoreline.
It is a winter before dawn. The sky is clear, with just a few high wispy clouds obscuring the stars above.
On the perch are Tokain and Anuran.
You see Rizza, the Gar Swing set, Mudpup, a pile of wood, carved lake monster, and Lake monster here.
Bryden and Etain are here.

Linora waves to Etain as she approaches.

Baaaaad haircut. One, his dark rusty hair is uneven on top, making tufts sticks out in random spots. It makes the poor kid look like a flower bush or something, the sides are shaven pretty close and well, but Bryden ends up looking like a rejected guard recruit. His eyes are colored a tawny yellow, and if you get close enough, you may be able to see speckles of gold in them. He's past puberty so his awkwardness is evening out....slowly. His growing's nearly stopped at aroudn 6 and a half feet or so, but he still act like he's 13 Turns most of the time. Bryden still hasn't gotten around to eating enough to keep his bones for showing, so he's till a scrawny guy. On his left earlobe is a new, dangling earring with a small blue bead hanging on it, definetly a trademark sign of Bry.
A fetching black ensemble adorns Bryden's body. Or at least mostly black, excluding the tailor-style, superbly starched white dress shirt. He's got this real spiffy black vest with three itty-bitty gold buttons on the stomach which is kept open 'cos its a tad bit small. Now, on his lower body he's got heavy linen black trousers that tuck into his glossy lace-up, combat-y black boots. The last thing that compliments the outfit are his new, thin spectacles. Doesnt' he look very smart indeed. ;^D Perched on Bryden's shoulder is Tostito.
Bryden is 17 Turns, 9 months, and 11 days old.

Etain sighes, holding her comb in one hand. "How do you want it then? Flat, up, what?" She has no idea what the boy ewants, and if he wont talk, well, then...

Linora giggles, coming closer to see Etain's ... erm... patient. "Wow," she says, not waiting for introductions. "What happened to your /head/?"

Bryden sighs and turns around. "I can't believe you pour water all over my new clothes. Do you know how much time it'll take to re-starch this shirt?" He gives the new girl the 'evil eye'. "Who are you to tell me that?" Hiss.... He turns back around to face the lake. "Tai, I'd like it up please."

Linora makes a face. What a sourpuss. Unfazed, she walks up to where the stranger is sitting and takes a closer look. "I'm Linora," she tells him, which obviously makes it okay for her to critique strangers' appearances. She glances up at Tai. "I hope you're just getting started," she remarks. "Or remind me never to let you cut /my/ hair."

Etain ahhs, nodding this time. "Okay, cna do, can do. As for your shirt, I'll hel pif you want." She just gets her clothes clean the east way, 'borrow' them from Kazzie. "No, it was already like this, I'm /trying/ to fix it." She puts down the comb, this time just using her hands t otyr to make the hair go up stright.

Linora blinks and looks doubtful that /anyone/ could improve on such an awful haircut.

Bryden waves lightly and concentrates on keepign stil while Etain rearranges his scalp entirely. "Hey. I'm Bryden and I /knew/ it was a bad haircut so layoff." That's what you get for not askign for help. "Anywho...Tai's trying to fix it now. Keyword: /trying/."

Etain nods, grinnign at Ora, sticking Den's hair up this time. Ooo, spiky. "Admit it, it's a horrible, horrible haircut and he wont let me at him wiht scissors to fix it, silly boy."

Bryden hmphs. "You evil, evil girl, you. Leave it alone, I know I cut my hair terribly." He points a finger at Linora. "You. Don't say /anything/. Tai, you done yet?"

Linora scowls, not liking being told what to do, /especially/ by someone who doesn't even have the sense not to attack his head with a dull knife. "I don't think even scissors would help," she remarks to Tai. "Good thing hair grows."

Etain nods, examing the still horrible hair. "What do you think, ora? Better or not?" Hrmmmmmm....

Linora shrugs. "What did it look like before?"

Bryden gets on his knees and scurries over to look at his reflection in the lake. "Not better. Its the same, Tai. Just spikier." *sigh* That girl is gonna get it. One more sly remark and she's going in the lake. "No more cutting, it grows out or nothing."

Linora giggles. "Sure, if you don't mind looking like a plucked wherry for a few sevendays."

Etain sighes, throwing her hands up in defeat. 'I give up! Keep your hair however you want, babe, just stop complaining."

Bryden furrows his eyebrows and gets up off his knees to look at Linora from a handlengths away. "Who are /you/ to judge me on the way I look?" He tips his nose up. "Tai, thanks for trying. It looks at least slightly better."

Linora grins up at Bryden, unfazed. "I don't judge from haircuts," she says. "But you sure are a sourpuss."

You notice Bryden looking at you.

Bryden glares down at the short---thing. "Leave me alone or else you go in *point to lake* there, Young'n." He backs a step or two away and nods at Tai. "See? Tai I like, Tai is nifty. Tai tried to fix my hair instead of insulting it. *hmph* Can I have a hug Tai?" He opens his arms up and raises his eyebrows, kinda liek a canine.

Tierza walks in from the Hold Field.

Linora shrugs. Shells, he's sensitive.

Etain rolls her eyes and gives Bryden a hug. He /is/ a silly boy, but, as she said, he's spiff. Tierza gets a wave with a free hand, more people. Fun!

Tierza says, "hey guys... what's up?" Tierza is her usual happy, oblivious self. Maybe a little more tired then normal, but late nights do that to her. "Going swimming?"

Linora grins and waves at the new arrival, the tall mopey guy with the bad haircut forgotten, along with his threat. "Hi," she calls out. She glances up at Tai. "Are /you/ up for a swim?"

Tierza says, "I am still thinking about it. I haven't had my morning klah yet, but it seemed like a good idea back at the Hold." stifles a yawn and sighs. "I was thinking it might wake me up some."

Bryden grins a little too much, its a little sarcastic now. He wraps his arm aroudn Tai's shoudlers and squeezes---hard. "Awww...thank you." Hair's still bad, but I could deal. Bry lets go of her and waves to the nw person. "Morning."

Tierza says, "Tai, you going swimming?"

Etain nods viogioursly. Swim. Swims are good, very good. "That's what i love about this location, you can swim all year round. It's never too cold, just right." With a sligh tgirn she nods, agreeing wiht herself.

Linora grins at Tai. "Swims are great," she agrees. She sticks out a hand in Tierza's direction. "Hi, I'm Linora."

Bryden opens his eyes wide. Swimming? I don't wanna watch this! "Erm....you'll catch cold. All of you will. Don't say I didn't warn ya." Too wet. Noone interesting to watch swim. BOOoorrring....

Tierza says, "So, Tia and Linora, you both swimming. what about you?" Looking now at the young man standing here as well. "Are you joining us?"

Etain nods, she'll answer for him. "Of course, Bry's comming swimming." Sure, like he really would. "Yep, he's defeitly comming swimming."

Linora giggles. "And he /just/ got his hair looking presentable," she adds, taking a step or two out of the gangly boy's long reach.

Bryden shakes his her, spraying leftover water around. "Nope. Too cold." Too shy. "Never liked swimming." Never liked girls. "No way Tai. You are /not/ dragging me in there. I'll-I'll," I'll what. *lightbulb* "I'll drown!"

Tierza says, "great." strips of her clothing and reveals an almost on bathing suit. She really isn't ashamed of her figure and when she can, she swims nude.. but today she humors the crowd. "Shallw e all then?"

Tierza takes a running strat and dives cleaning into the water.. re-surfacing to swim alongside the shore for several long strokes.

Bryden rolls his eyes and turns aroudn in little baby steps. "Caver yourself Tierza? Linora, shut your mouth. Tai, save me?" Gross...didn't need to see that.

Etain rolls her eyes at Bryden. "Of course you wont." She then nods at Tierza, taking off her boots and the shirt and pants that she 'borrowed' from a certain starcraft journeyperson. Bathing suit on, as usual, the apprentice is ready for a swim.

Tierza now pushes off toward the raft, again swimming in straihgt sure strokes. "Come on guys... It's lovely!"

Bryden yawns and waves as he hears Tierza swim around. She's covered now. Good. "You enjoy yourselves. I'll stay here." He sits down and sprawls himself out to enjoy the lighting sky. Purdy sky.

Linora shrugs and disrobes as well, having neither a swimsuit nor much of a figure to worry about, not to mention any sense of modesty. Besides, she's not about to miss an opportunity for a good swim... In a moment she's up to her neck in the warm waters of the lake, anyhow.

Tierza reaches the raft and climbs up, waving to those left behind. "Come on Bryden.. the water is warm.. it's not cold at all and you can always fix your hair again!"

Linora giggles and dives under, surfacing a few meters away from the raft. She waves to Bryden. "If you're not scared," she adds, her voice echoing over the water.

Bryden raises his head to look at the girl. "I don't wanna!!!" Women, ugh... "I'll drown, remember?" Two girls plus guy naked equals no fun for Bryden. "Scared my rear!!!"

Tierza stretches and laughs at Bryden.. "Aww, he is afraid! Look at him shiver at the thought of him and us in the water together."

Bryden drops his head back down. "Yup! Look, I'm shaking in my trousers!" I probably am. "I am /not/ going to take off my clothes and end up catching cold later. You can't make me!"

Linora giggles and dives under again, staying under longer a surprisingly long time for someone with such obviously small lung capacity. Practice. She surfaces about half a dragonlength from shore and waves to Tai. "Drag him in, wouldja? He's scared."

Etain walks slowly, mumbeling about evil masters. "Sure, Tie!" she seems willing enough to do that. She grabs Bry's hand she attmpts ot drag the boy to the water. Hard, veyr hard.

Bryden claws in ground with his fingers keep hold tightly on dirt and not grass. Grass gets pulle dup, dirt not. "Ahah!! Can't get me in can you?!" He keeps his grips wth on hand and flip over on his stomach to get a surer lock on the ground. "You'll never win. You'll tire first!"

Linora shrieks with laughter. "Watch out, Tai! He's feisty!"

Bryden wriggles around in hope of loosening Tai's grip on his arm. "I'll tell the J-men Tai. Don't ruined my clothes. Oh wait-you've already done that." Ooh, blackmail. With a grin, he resists Tai's pulling with pulling of his own, one move and she's on the ground.

Etain rolls her eyes, moving her hands ot get a better girp on Bry as she tries ot pull him even mor. "Bah, heavy boy! You need to loose some weight." She stops. "No! Don't tell them. Wait, wait, tell Lilinia...or Kazzie. yeah1 Tell them." she begins to pull again

Linora splashes to the shore, wringing out wet hair as she comes, and pulls her clothes on without bothering to dry off. Just as she's belting her trousers she notices Tai hit the ground. Her eyes widen as she watches.

Bryden chuckles and gives her the final tug. He twist his wrist aropudn hr arm, freeing himself of hr grip. "Muah! I'll tell Cipri or Keris!!" He prepare to sit on her and give the ultimate punishment-the pinkbelly. "I'm not heavy, You can see my bones through my shirt Tai, that just means you're a weakling."

Tierza Dives off the ramp and swims quickly to shore. "Will you two stop? I sear you act just like siblings!"

"Ack!" Etain yells as she is being oh-so-cruely tortured. "I'm not a weakling!" Hrmph. People nsulting her left and right. This isn't fun, nto at all. "Save me!" Evil, Evil, Evl Bryden.

Bryden shakes his head with a grin. "No way Tierza. She messed up my clothes, she deserves what's coming to her!" She tickls hr side before kneelign beside her and rhymically pattign her stomach. "Pinkbelly, pinkbelly. Nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah!"

Linora rushes over to help her friend, nevermind that she's not much more than half of Bryden's size. She grabs the tall boy around the waist and digs in her heels, trying her best to drag him away from Etain.

Tierza just stands there laughing. This guys are sooo silly. Granted theya re her age, she cannot help but feel far older. (yea, right!) She slowly pulls on her clothes and sighs.. "Children, children.. you are behaving just like my little brothers and sister back home!"

Etain acks again. This is defnitly no fun. She squirls, moving away from Bryden, or trying to anyway. "Evil! Evil! Evil! Evil! Evil! Evil!" She can't help but beam at Tierza. Woooo whooo! She's a little kid!

Bryden just sorta---leans forward, keeping Linora from pulling him away steadily. "Ha-ha. You wimp, you aren't much better than Etain." He continues his evil patting and laugh hautily at Tierza.

Linora lets go and tries another tack, pulling at Bryden's hair. "Let her /go/, you big bully!"

Etain thrashes about. "Save me! Tierza!" The only person not envolved, maybe she could help. This is doubleplusungood. "Ack! Stop@ That, that," she becging to laugh. "That tickles!"

Tierza shakes her head and backs away, still laughing. "Oh no, I am staying out of this one. You three seem to be doing well enough on your own."

Bryden yelps and falls back, knock his head agaisnt the ground "Ow! Not my scalp!" My precious, precious scalp. "Lousy Nora. Shards! Do you know how much that hurts!!??" New tactic. Bryden loopes hi arm aroudn Linora's legs and pulls. "Tierza! Wait! Help?!

Linora shrieks as she becomes the focus of the attack. NOT what she had in mind. She struggles to sit up, her fingers clawing at Bryden's head.

Tierza says, "oh, why Bryden? Seems to me you started the attack here... and I cannot imagine why you cannot fend of two small women, being so strong and tough yourself.""

Etain uses this oppertunity to get away, or trying to anyway. She rolls away, looking firmly atthe other two she hrms. "Cut it out or something." Ha! She's freeeeeeeee. Born Freee. *cue music*

Bryden pulls away frantically "Quit it!!!!!!" That's it this witch is going in the lake and stayign under. His forehead's bleeding lightly now, durn nails. "Shut up Tierza. I did not start it. You decidedto tell Tai to pull me in. So, you're next."

Linora pushes at Bryden's hands now, trying to dislodge them from her legs. "LetgoletgoletgoletgoletGOOOoooo!"

Bryden wipes his forehead his his shirt sleeve and glares at Linora. Blood, great. "You first." He tenses his neck muscles and pulls her down the shore.

Tierza says, "I never told her to pull you in and how can I be next, if you are trapped by two now?" She is a bit confused, but still far to amused to leave. "Really Bryden you need to grow up."

Shrieking wildly, Linora is dragged. "Hellllpp!"

Bryden tosses the Nora thing into the water. "Make me. I dare ya, Tierza, just try and stop me now." Tai hasn't done anything wrong really. She can stay out of this. He drops Nora's legs and starts the long rek upshore to meet Tierza face to face.

Etain grabs Bryden about his waist and attempts to pull him away from Tierza. "Levae her alone, seriously, dude." Linora can swim, she'll be fine, really.

Choking and sputtering, Linora surfaces, soaked and dirty, in time to see Bryden heading back up the shore to Tierza. She splashes to the shore, her wet clothes stuck to her body. This is really getting out of control, and she has no idea what to do next...

Tierza says, "Oh Bryden, I ahve no interest in making you do anything, really. This behaviour is just a bit silly, don't you think?" She yawns as he approaches. She doesn't mean to, she still hasn't had her morning klah.. "Sorry, but /really!/"

Bryden snorts the air out of his nose. "You know Tai, you're right. She's nto worth the energy." He weaves under her waist-grip and pushes out. He pulls off his glasses and cleans them lightly. "Silly? Right...that's what I am, jsut plain silly." He trots back to his spot where he previously was spawled out to watchthe sky and does the same.

Linora blinks.

Tierza tiptoes uo to Bryden and almost casually dribbles sand on his stomach. Just a neat little pile. Just because...

Etain snickers, watchign Tie, and she called them silly. Well, it does serve him right, hitting her stomack and all.

Bryden eyes narrow as he slowly, almost scarily sweeps away the sand. "I would----appreciate---you not doind that Tierza. My clothes are already ---dirty."

Linora wrings the water out of her shirttails and shakes it off her hands, a bit dismayed that she's somehow managed to get the worst of the situation. She scrubs her hands over her face, managing only to move the dirt around a bit.

Tierza says, "Sand is not dirty, Bryden.. and since you were acting like such a child, I thought I would help." Laughs at his behaviour and deliberately sits beside him. "so there."

Etain rolls her eyes and wiht a shrug takes a seat near Tierza and Bryden. There, might as well add to the mash of people. "You know, you're right. Sand is sand, not dirt."

Bryden scooches over a meter or so and removes his vest so he can at least brush some dirt and sand off. I'm nto goign to talk to her. His amber eyes space out again. As he's mashed between Tai and Tier he sighs and gives up. Maybe if I close my eyes they'll go away. SO he does jsut that and evens out his heavy breathign whjile he's at it.

Linora runs her hands back over her hair, pushing water away from her face. "I'm going to go get cleaned up," she says, a bit sourly. "Tai, I'll see you later." She waves at Tierza and glares at the zoned-out Bryden.

Tierza carefully slides a bit closer to Bryden, silently motioning Tai to do the same. Tierza says, "Later Linora!"

Etain nods softly, waving to Nora while she schooches closer. What type of plan is afoot here? She certenitly doesn't know.

Sandals in hand, Linora slogs off toward the field, glancing back over her shoulder to see what Tierza is up to.

Bryden seems like his on another planet or something 'cos he doesn't even notice the two get gradually closer to him. Randomly he take off his glasses and rubs his eyes. Work later, break now.

Tierza schooches even closer.....

Linora stops completely and turns to face the three on the shore.

Etain follows the lead of the Tie, getting closer and closer.

Etain has disconnected.
Etain goes to sleep a little unhappy.

Tierza looks at the sleeping Tai, well she's no help now.. and sighs..the best laid plans... May as well just lay here and relax. But first.. a tad bit closer to Bryden , just to make him /really/ crazy.

Linora shrugs and turns to go, feeling desperately in need of a warm bath and a nap.