Another Dunking

Kyrae walks in from the Hold Field.

Idoru blinks in from ::between::!

Rose-tipped muzzle compliments the deep azure-green of her delicate head. running smoothly across her soft throat down onto the fore of her slender, feminine neck. Eyes a-whirl with fragmented, crystalline color glitter within a pool of leafy beauty, whirling through each shade of the spectrum, and then some. Elfen headknobs are tipped with softest bubblegum pink. Svelte figure is enveloped in lacy frills, pin-pricks of color enhancing her form, spread across each lithsome limb in a plethora of greens, blues, browns and... pink. Delicate wings has the deepest apple-green structural bones, supporting fragile, translucent bubblegum and baby pink membranes.
Idoru is 1 Turn, 1 month, and 22 days old.
Idoru is awake and seems alert.

Kyrae's height is deceiving, making her appear much younger than her 15 turns. Standing at only 4' and 11 is a thin, enthusiastic girl. She has shoulder-length, medium brown hair which is left down on rare occasions to show the waves. Her skin has a natural tan to it, just light enough to compliment her muddy brown eyes. Her face looks young, and her eyes show her natural energy. Her child-like nature shows in her movements and speech, which should conflict, but instead seems to blend with the maturity and class in her manner.
She's dressed in a light blue shirt that's a little loose around her waist, but hangs down to mid-thigh. The black breeches are fit comfortably loose, but the bottom edge is many inches too long. She has rolled the pants to just below her knees, showing her lightly tanned legs and ankles. On her feet are a pair of open-toed sandals tanned to a shade of medium brown that matches her hair and eye color.
Kyrae is 16 Turns and 15 days old.

Kyrae wanders onto the beach and notices Linora. She smiles and turns towards her. "Hey, Lin. How are you?"\

Idoru swoops over the heads of the two 'pets, then makes a dive for the leg, hardly making the water splash as she breaks the surface.

Linora looks up from her seat on the shore at the water's edge, surprised to hear another voice. "Oh... hey, Kyrae," she says... but her attention is quickly distracted by a flash of green blinking in from nowhere and swooping over her head. Her eyes follow the movement to the bit of a splash on the lake's surface, blinking slightly. She hadn't even been able to recognize the green. Blink. "Okay, I guess. You?"

Idoru comes up from the deapths of the water, a fish clutched in her talons. She glides to a perch on the other side of the lake, far from the 'pets, and lands there to tear the fish apart and eat it.

Kyrae grimaces as she sees the firelizard rip apart the fish, in the distance. She pulls off her sandals and rolls her pants up higher pn her legs, and sits on the sand, with her feet in the water. "Ah, not much. I haven't had anything to do lately."

Linora ohs, her eyes on the flit, trying to see if it's one she knows. Too fast, too far away. Ah, well. "You don't got a job, or a craft or anything?" Shells, if she wants 'nothing to do', she has to practically hide...

Nathen blinks in from ::between::!

Kyrae shakes her head. "Nope. I'm still thinking about the starcraft though...I don't think any Gar jobs are open..." She looks out at the water thinking how nice a swim would be, even if it is kinda cold.

Nathen flutters in persuit of Zenethen

Linora shrugs. "StarCraft's nice. Ifya like stars and stuff." Well, obviously. She's looking at the water too, but more wistfully. She never thinks it's too cold to swim.

Nathen suddenly disappears ::between::!

Alexander walks in from the Gar Gardens.

lake monster bobs up and down in the water.

Kyrae smiles "Yeah, I like the stars, well, except for that red one!" She laughs and stands up. "C'mon, from the look in your eyes you want to swim, too!" She grabs Lin's hand and pulls her to her feet.

Alexander walks in whistling, swinging around a net of tubers.

Linora is pulled to her feet, blinking. "Wait!" She digs in her heels, swinging her head around at the sound of whistling. "Oh... hey, Alex."

Idoru finishes eating her fish, and disposes of the carcass in the lake then swoops around the lake, trying to spot another one in the water..

lake monster bobs up and down, seemingly in the same direction as Idoru

Kyrae also notices Alex, and smiles at him. "Hey Alex. We're going swimming! How are you?" She stops pulling on Lin's hand long enough to push her sleeves up.

Linora takes the opportunity to shake out her wrist as soon as it's released, and just looks at Kyrae for a second before turning to Alexander. "Kyrae's going swimming," she corrects. "What're you doing with the tubers?"

Alexander waves to the swimming people, or whatever. "Oh. These. I thought you people might be hungry.."

Kyrae finishes and grabs Lin's arm again. She twists it behind Lin's back, not to hurt, just to gain leverage. She uses that angle to push Linora fast first into the shallow water. She frowns at Alex, wondering if she could believe that when he didn't even know they were there...

Idoru suddenly skims the surface, only her talon going under the water. Beating her wings hard, she flies up to her perch once again, a silvery fish squirming underneath her.

Alexander sets the tubers on the ground, five total. "I was in the hold fields," he says waving to the field workers, and brushing dirt off of his shirt. "It's not like I couldn't *see* you."

Linora splashes into the water with a bit of a shriek. "No!" Her eyes are huge as she twists out of Kyrae's grasp. "I /said/ I didn't want to!" Well, she hadn't said she would, but she hadn't expected to be forced! She backs away from the other girl, not really minding that her clothes are wet but really looking a little frightened.

Alexander washes the tubers off in the splashed water, eying Linora and Kyrae. "Dudes," he says to the girls, "Simmer down. You want brunch or what?"

Kyrae looses her balance as Lin yanks away and falls back into the water. She sits up after a few moments and catches her breath. She stares at Lin, looking close to crying from the harsh tone her friend used, and frowns. She cautiously calls "Lin? You okay?"

Idoru looks up as she hears a shriek, discovering that it was her 'pet's friend who had yelled. She forgets about her fish - she'd already had one after all - and swoops down to the three 'pets, circling the one who is a friend of her 'pet.

Alexander goes around, gathering sticks for a fire. "Oh, hush!" he reprimands the squawking people. "I'm not even supposed to be here!"

Linora looks from Alex to Kyrae, then blinks in bewilderment as a firelizard starts circling her, trying to get a fix on it with her eyes and failing completely. "I... " She stands stupidly for a long moment, then looks at Alex. "I'm not hungry," she mumbles. She splashes to the shore and flops to sit on the grass.

Alexander sighs, and tosses the sticks back into the underbrush. "Well, then, what am I supposed to do with these?" he says in exasperation, pointing to the tubers.

Idoru stops her frantic circling around Linora, and lands carefully on her shoulder, chirping anxiously, and eyes whirling with a worried color.

Kyrae just sits in the water, shaking her head. She wraps her arms around herself, shaking, despite the warm temperature of the water. She watches Linora as a tear slides down her cheek, but she quickly wipes it away.

Alexander wades into the water with the tubers left behind, and pokes Kyrae's arm. "You cry easily," he comments, then wades back on shore.

Linora blinks, smiling a bit in spite of herself when she recognizes the green flit on her shoulder. "Oh, hey, 'Doru." Cry? Who's crying? She looks up as Alex splashes out of the water, then looks at Kyrae sitting in the water. And blinks at the girl's expression. "What?"

Kyrae glares at Alex and slaps at his hand. "No, I don't! Go away." She stands up and strolls up onto the beach to look at the tubers, then walks over and sits on the swing.

Alexander removes a bone knife from his pouch and carves a teardrop shape into the surface of one of the tubers. "Have a tuber," he persists. "It'll make you feel better."

Idoru croons, snaking her tail around Linora's neck and prodding her cheek.
Spray> Images from Idoru suggest: << Be calm >>

Linora reaches up to stroke Idoru's neck, looking from Alex and the tuber to Kyrae on the swing, and generally looking confused.

Typhon strides in from the Gar Gardens.

Typhon wanders aimlessly around Gar, enjoying the beautiful scenery around. Pausing for a moment, he surveys the lake...from the wood lake the Kyrae on the a minute. "Hello Kyrae." he calls as he waves and strolls over.

Alexander hears shouts from the field hands in the hold fields. "Eh.. shards," he mutters, and strides on back to the harvest.

Alexander walks to the Hold Field.

Kyrae looks up, frowning, and sees Typhon. "Hi" she calls weakly. She waves then rewraps her arms around her knees.

Typhon looks after the departing Alexander...Hmmm...Must be one of the sort that doesn't like guards. Or perhaps he was doing something untoward...Shaking his head, he turns back to Kyrae. Restraining that suspicious mind of his is hard. "What's wrong, Kyrae?" he asks, sensing her mood.

Kyrae looks past him at Linora and shrugs. "I don't know!" She sighs and moves over to the side of the swing, so he can sit.

Typhon shrugs and sits next to Kyrae. "You don't know? Perhaps you could start with something general? Food...Job...Life...Chime in anytime I hit something." A soft meow cuts through the air. A rustling comes from the bushes nearby and a black cat with one eye emerges. "Ah, so there you are, Kizmo."

Typhon drops Kizmo.

Linora gets up, balancing Idoru on her left shoulder and her own blue flit on her right. "I dunno either," she offers. "I'm the one that got dragged inta th'lake." She eyes the guard, trying to figure out if she's seen him before.

Kyrae frowns at Lin. "Only because you wouldn't have gone in yourself! I was the one who was screamed at for trying to swim with my *friend*!"

Typhon quirks an eyebrow. "Dragged into the lake? Sounds...exciting." Lips purse as he eyes Linora in return, clearly assessing her...Inclining his head, he speaks is his mellow, level voice. "I don't believe we've met. I am Typhon, a humble guard recruit." He blandly turns to Kyrae. "Would you care to tell me a bit about this...incident...that has got you all upset?" Kizmo pads over and meows plaintativly at Kyrae.

Kizmo doesn't wait. With a flick of his tail, he leaps lightly into Kyrae's lap and settles there immediately. Purrr...

Kyrae smiles at the cat in her lap, and settles back comfortably, now almost fully relaxed as she slowly pets the purring cat. "Hey pretty Kizmo."

"It wasn't." Exciting, that is. And Linora's expression when she looks back at Kyrae can only be called amazed. This is how she treats her /friends/? "'Course I wouldn'ta gone myself," she says slowly. "An' if you'da /asked/ me, 'steada /dragging/ me, I woulda told you that." Let Kyrae handle the introductions, Lin's not in the mood.

Rikaeli walks in from the Hold Field.

Rikaeli smiles to her friends at the lake as she strolls in, swinging a bag at her side,"Hullo!"

Kyrae has disconnected.
Kyrae falls asleep.

Long eyelashes protecting bright green eyes blink at you. This young woman of about 5' 5' is smiling at you with a cheery expression on her face, her small lips formed into an open smile. Yellowish-blond hair is shaped into a short pixie cut. Light colored freckles that can only be seen up close scatter across her nose and prominent cheek bones. Slender yet obviously muscular, this girl is starting to curve into womanhood.
She is wearing calf length loose forest green breeches. For a top she wears a simple white shirt. On her feet are lightly colored wherhide sandals.
Riki proudly displays her double cord, single loop, small tailed, tasseled knot in brown and gold with the dark green and blue of Gar intertwined. Denoting her as a Gar Baker Senior Apprentice.
Rikaeli is 14 Turns, 9 months, and 24 days old.

Linora sighs as it seems she's been talking to no-one, then turns at Rikaeli's greeting. "Oh, hey, Rikaeli," she says, with a little smile.

Rikaeli grins to Linora,"How're you doin?" She walks over to her, determined to cheer her up.

Linora picks at her wet clothes and makes her way up the lakeshore, blinking as she suddenly seems to be on a collision course with Rikaeli. "I'm okay. How're you?"

Typhon turns his attention back to the people near the lake, back from wherever he goes when that faraway look appears in his eyes. Sharp eyes focus on Rikaeli and study her. He remains silent for the moment, preferring to observe for now.

Rikaeli plops down onto the grass and looks up at the sky. She's a cloud-gazer, she is,"Not to bad." She sighs and falls backwards, so she's lying by the lakeside. Catching a bit of movement she waves to Typhon,"Hello!"

Typhon rises from the swing, gently putting aside Kizmo. The black cat bats a claw at him before settling back down on the swing. Walking over, he pauses short of Rikaeli, careful not to block the sun with his tall frame. "Hello."

Linora watches Rikaeli walk by her, then shrugs and continues up the lakeshore to the field. She looks back, ready to say goodbye, but it looks like both Rikaeli and the guard are... occupied. So she slips off to the field.