Early Morning Chat In The Dorms

Female Apprentice Quarters
These quarters are bare but cheerful for the few apprentices that reside here. They give plenty of shade in the morning, and a beautiful sunset in the afternoon, lighting up the room. There are metal shutters, like every other room, and old rugs on the floor. The room is a comfortable home to the few..
On the perch are Antares, Feydor, Itat, Artemis, Espero, and Zak.
Diena and Beyla are here.

Diena stretches "Wow.. is it morning already?" she says with a frown.

Linora giggles. "Just about," she remarks. 'Course, she's on her way to bed... long night! She sits down on the edge of her cot.

Beyla blinks up from reading some of her notes over, at the unexpected voice. "Depends on your definition of morning." she says with a half smile.

Diena stretches again and hugs her stuffed firelizard toy to her chest "Up aall night again, Linora?"

Linora nods, pulling off her sandals with one hand, only half-looking at Diena. "Yeah. I been working on my project. An' I got a mentor and stuff." Yes, a good night all around... even if she hadn't seen Cress.

Diena tilts her head "oh? Who is your mentor?" she asks.

"Keris." Linora grins. "I met him in the archives, when I was tryin' t'read the charting book and stuff. He /wrote/ it." So naturally he was a big help... in a distracted kinda way.

Diena nods "I know who I want as a mentor but I guess I need to finish my classes first." she shakes her head "This physics class.. I don't know if I'll ever finish it."

Linora's eyes widen as the second sandal drops heavily to the floor, staring at Diena. "You still got classes ta take?" She'd thought Diena was finished.

Beyla rustles the pages in her notebook as she shifts on her cot. "I keep missing classes," she comments idly. Not that she means to skip them or anything. "Half the time I think I'm never going to get out of apprenticeship." Heehee... an apprentice forever. What a thought.

Diena shakes "I need to take the general astronomy and optics class.. And then the physics class. I guess I have to finish it before can take those two." she smiles weekly at Beyla "Trust me, I know how you feel."

Linora nods. "Oh. I just gotta finish my project and stuff," she says, vaguely surprised that now /she/ seems to be the serious student, 'specially after she gave Diena such a hard time before. But she's got a good reason to want to advance. Besides, studying keeps her out of trouble, yup.

Beyla shrugs slightly flipping over the page. Not that she's reading of of this you understand. "Heh... I'll get there eventually." May take a year... may take a decade, but she'll get there. Maybe.

Diena smiles and looks up "Well, Im proud of you. Im sure you'll be great. What specialty did you choose?"

"Charting." Linora kneels down beside her cot to pull a small clothing press from underneath it. She takes out an oversized shirt and tosses it onto the cot, kicking the press back underneath as she stands up. "Acourse." She shrugs out of her clothes and into the nightshirt, kicking the discarded clothes under the cot and out of sight, then flops back on the cot, lacing her fingers behind her neck. Then she looks over at Diena with a grin. "And thanks," she adds.

Diena nods "It sounds exciting. I would like to specialize in optics.. but I guess its something to think about after I have had the class" she giggles "'sides, I dont think any journeymen have that specialty"

Linora shakes her head... as much as possible given her lying-down position. "They don't," she informs Diena. "I checked. I even went t'the SmithHall to see how they made the lenses and stuff." Lin's been very busy, indeed. She kind of shrugs. "You oughtta talk to Ula, she's really nice. An' she knows all about lenses an' distanceviewers an' stuff." Lots of stuff. Then she grins. "You're always in that observatory and stuff, huh?"

Diena nods "Always. Especially since I don't have a viewer of my own. Ula, eh? Is she a journeyman?"

"Nah... but she's a senior appy, I think." Linora grins. "She's a smith, not a starry. Ever been t'the SmithHall?"

Diena shakes her head "No.. Where is that?"

"Ista." Another grin, and Linora rolls over to face Diena fully, her head propped up on one arm. "You oughtta see if the jmen'll let ya take a couple days t'visit. You ride and stuff, don'tcha?"

Diena nods "I can ride, although I don't have a runner of my own. Perhaps after I've finished my classes. Especially the optics class"

Linora nods. That'd be good, yeah. "That was a hard one t'schedule," she remarks. She'd thought for a long time she'd /never/ get her own DV. One hand picks at the blankets idly.

Diena nods "I can imagine. Charise says she will give it to me though.. when she has time"

Linora rolls onto her back again, stretching a bit. "Carise taught me," she remarks idly. "But I kinda took it with Riina before... I just wanted ta make sure I got it all." She drops her head back to look at Diena with a grin. "I kinda thought I wanted ta specialize in optics too." Before she'd found out about the SmithHall part of it.

Diena smiles "I guess Ive started to enjoy creating things.. Like the raft." she frowns a little bit as she thinks about the raft.

Diena is a tall gangly young woman of six feet. She appears to be healthy and well muscled, ready for any type of labor. Her skin, however, is a pale white, with the exception of her ruby cheeks and dark red lips. Her straight, thick hair is a raven black and hangs to her waste. Her eyes are a grey green that seem to shine out under her dark mane.
Wrapping itself gently around her tall, slim frame, this simple dress of fine, navy blue wool sports a fuzzy, miniature cable knit texture. Its square neckline gives a glimpse of skin, while the dress' bodice hangs loosely, with a straight waist. Long sleeves caress her arms, finished at the ends with a more pronounced stitch to hold the wrists snug. The dress' long, flowing A-line skirt sweeps gracefully across her hips and down her legs, ending at the middle of her ankles. Patch pockets, carefully aligned with the direction of the cables, are sewn on the front, large enough to carry the essentials of the apprentice. As a finishing touch, the neckline, cuffs, top of the pockets and hem of the skirt are trimmed with grey piping, giving the outfit a crisp, clean feel. Dark brown shoes, plain but nicely tailored and neat-looking, complete the ensemble. Perched on Diena's shoulder is Dart.
Diena wears the knot of a Starcraft apprentice.
Diena is 17 Turns, 5 months, and 16 days old.

Linora blinks a bit at the abrupt change of topic, then shrugs. O-kay... "Raft? Oh, the one from the lake?" Still wondering how Diena found time to make that... maybe that explains why she's got so many classes left to take? Lin won't comment, though. Better not to bring up how folks choose to spend their free time. Uh-huh.

Diena nods "yeah. Im selling it. But I was thinking if I specialized in optics, maybe Id be able to make more stuff. And maybe actually make it, not find it and spruce it up, like I did the raft"

Linora ohs. /That's/ what she meant. "D'you know how t'make glass?" Lin does. Now, anyhow.

Diena nods "Not yet.. it would be fun to learn though" she grins.

Linora grins right back. "Hope ya don't mind heat." Those furnaces were /hot/. She yawns hugely, barely covering her mouth with the back of her hand. "I'm sorry, Die... I gotta sleep and stuff." Her eyes are already closed.

Diena nods "Sleep well"