Dolphins And Dragons

StarCraft Courtyard
Where the hills of Gar meet the softer plains of the valley, rock slowly turns to gravel, dust and earth, leaving a large natural courtyard tucked against the walls of the hall. A low wall marks a boundary for the courtyard, rock and earth's battle for domination kept outside of it. Strong doors set in the hill wall, provide a new way to get into the hall, long windows letting light into the otherwise quite dark hall. They look out upon a grassy valley, filled with water, vineyards and herdbeast. Trails formed by the feet of human wind around rocks and trees, trailing off into the wilderness.
It is a spring afternoon.
Stretched out on the low wall are Venusnv, Azrael, Nuage, and Hyde.
Kaltia and Etain are here.

Linora comes out of the hall, blinking in the sunlight. "Hi Tai... um... Kaltia." Not sure how she'll be received, not after the last time she saw Kaltia, anyhow.

Kaltia smiles, cheerier then she has been and having obviously put the incident with Cress behind her. She's found someone else to bother. "Hey Linora."

Etain waves cheerfully at Nora. "Nora!" her tone is a happy one, matching the sky in the morning.

Kezzra walks with a light step, in from the StarCraft Main Hall.

Linora's own smile is relieved, and she starts to feel more cheerful herself. "Whatcha guys doing?"

Etain gives Kezzra a wave, still smiling. Bizzarr, Eta, smiling, profusly. "Talking to you and Kally and waving at Kezzy!"

Kaltia giggles a bit, shaking her head. "What's it look like?" Waving to Kezz, she grins, moving to settle herself on the courtyard wall.

Kezzra smiles. "Afternoon Etain." She has a feeling she knows why Eta's so smilie... "Kal. Lin. How are all of you?"

Kaltia is good. And so she say that. "Pretty good Kezz... how about you? And Rasha?"

Linora shrugs. Doesn't /look/ like anyone's doing anything 'cept hanging out in the courtyard. But she gives Kezz a smile. "I'm okay." And waits to hear the answer to Kal's question.

Sarin walks in.
P'rru walks in.

"Me tired. Rasha awake." is Kezz' reply.

At first glance, this girl might be mistaken for a feline. A very large feline, at over 5 1/2 feet tall, but still a feline. Her eyes certainly fit the part well. They are bright green, oft times twinkling and dancing like the sea, but at the same time deep and mysterious. Her short hair teeters on the line between light brown and dark blonde, pushed closer to one or the other in relation to the season.
Sarin is attired in a simple, high topped blue swim suit. The back is open, and the suit fastens at the base of her neck. A pair of loose, airy blue shorts have been tossed on, and her feet are bare for now. Athenai nestles 'round Sarin's neck.
A thin, square band of sterling silver etched with x all the way around rests on Sarin's finger.
She is wearing a silver and gold braided chain bracelet with the Journeyman charms.
Sarin is 15 Turns, 8 months, and 8 days old.

Sarin hrms a moment. "Who or what are you looking for?" she queries P'rru. She actually knows her way around this hall pretty well, no need to ask why.

An age has seemed to sweep his face, those lines of scaring and ruggedness so attractive in his youth now just signal the passage of time. Inherent wiley strength is noticeable in the stringy'ed muscles of his arms and legs, broad back and vaulted chest. His 6ft height is reduced in obviousness by his unconscious slouching, shoulders rolled forward combined with a loping step. His features, chiseled from a rock now weathering away include a narrow nose that drives from between spikey eyebrows and hazel eyes, almost out of place in their brightness perhaps a window to his usual guarded self. Cheeks are sallow, his complexion pale, suprisingly plump lips drawn into a determined line. Light brown hair is efficiently cut short to fit under a riding cap, peppered with greying flecks- a testament to time.
Practical, sensible leathers ensconce his form. Stained a deep, rich mahogany, the classic cut of the trousers and jacket make him seem at least a little elegant. If not just fastidiously neat. Coupled with a well-worn riding jacket, scuffed at the elbows and collar, P'rru dresses for practicality if nothing else. Impudently residing on P'rru's shoulder is a spunky little green MoniqueBean Awkwardly finding a foothold, Ripper drapes around P'rru's shoulder.
A double cord of ebon black and navy blue twist into a single loop with a long tail. The wingrider's knot sits easily on P'rru's shoulder, an even ribbon of chesnut brown winding through it to represent his lifemate.
P'rru is 42 Turns, 2 months, and 26 days old.

Veer glides in from the Hold Field.

P'rru hasn't been here more than once or twice, and so allows the dolphineer to lead the way. "Srin, Dsalth is awfully impatient to get into those southern waters...I was just looking for, funnily enough, a starcrafter, but alas I can't see her around" another name he'd forgotten. Oy vay.

Etain happily bounds over to Sarin and P'rru, giving them each, in turn, a hug. "P'rru! Srin!" Yay!

Kaltia looks over at the entrance of the dragonrider and 'phin Journeywoman, blinking a bit from her spot on the wall, giggling at Tai's enthusiasm.

Sarin grins, giving Etain a big hug. To P'rru, she adds, "Well, there are a couple places we can try, the vault, dorms. . . Hi Etain!!!"

Linora blinks as the unlikely pair of dragonrider and dolphineer approach, watching curiously as Etain greets them.

P'rru smiles. Yes, could this be the one. But fusty rider does turn red slightly at the hug. He doesn't hug. Not ever. Unless Auri is forcing him to. "Etain, how are you faring?" he asks, shifting a few bags in his hands. "And well met to the rest of you"

Etain shrus, looking from the rider to the dolphineer. "Just peachy, what brings ou two here for a visit?" Bah, P'rru always has to be so serious, no hugs, no /anything/.

Sarin grins. "Well, we're going to head down South so I can introduce P'rru to the Southern pods, and we're here first because. . . " Ok, so she's not entirely sure why. Journeywoman rank does not bring automatic knowledge of what's going on around her.

That's for sure. Like Kezz ever really knows what's going on around her. "Someone from 'Reaches?" Kezz inquires.

"...because I needed to buy some new dyes and a more clothes fit for the spring" P'rru fills in the rest of the dolphin girls explanation with little ado. "I have heard that southern weyr are in the process of building a new observatory, so why not stop by the starcraft and see what more I could learn?"

As eyes scan around again they catch Sarin's new knot. Eta gives a little shout, giving ht egirl aother hug. "Congragilations, Rinny!" Wow, after all that time she got premoted. She gives kezzra a hopeful look. "Please?"

If Linora wonders what a 'pod' is, she doesn't say, wide eyes moving from face and taking in the information. At the mention of an observatory, her face lights up.

Kezzra blinks. "Please what?"

Kaltia peers at conversation, blinking out of a stupor at the words observatory. News to her.

Sarin beams, hugging Etain in return. Huggy huggy huggy. Just watch the hugs fly. . . "Thanks!" she burbles, going into her 'egads I really did get promoted didn't I? Whohoo!' mode.

P'rru clears his throat. More hugging. Ew. "If you can spare and apprentice or three, I wouldn't mind taking them with me if they'd like to take a look at this observatory" he tells Kezzra who obviously seems to be the one to ask.

Kaltia's face lights up as she looks over at Kezz, eyes begging like a little kidlet for cookies. "Please Kezz?"

Linora promptly forgets to close her mouth as the possibility of seeing a new observatory /and/ riding a dragon opens out before her, and she turns pleading eyes to Kezz. "Could I?" she breathes.

Dsalth paces with regimental gait in from the Hold Field.

Veer suddenly disappears ::between::!

Sarin chuckles. "Hey, Dsalth, got sick of waiting for us?" she queries, giving the big brown muzzle a quick scrub.

Etain gives Kezzra an innocent grin. "How can you say no to faces like those? You know you'd love ot leave the hall and I bet Rasha would love it." Dsalth gets a bit of a smile and a wave. Loveable giant, brown draggie.

Dsalth has found is rider, hasn't he? The brown rumbles as he trudges into the courtyard with an impatient aura around him. A musty croon is given towards the dolphineer before his P'rru is questioned with whirling orbs.

Kezzra thinks about this for amoment, shifting Rasha in her arms. "Well.... There are things to be done around here.." she starts, "but I know it's nice to get out of the hall sometimes so I guess we could arrange that." Grin.

P'rru clucks his tongue as his lifemate makes an appearance and wraps hands around his muzzle softly. Hazel eyes shift, relaying conversation perhaps before he blinks over his shoulder towards the 'crafters. "Shall we go then? Dsalth is impatient for the sun..." oh and dolphins and scrubbing.

Kaltia cheers quietly to herself, bouncing off the wall towards the brown draggie, but remembering what Lis said, she slows down, approaching him carefully.

Ravven walks in from the StarCraft Main Hall.

Linora is all but dancing with excitement, but she manages to control herself long enough to wait for instructions.

Sarin scoots back up Dsalth's side, letting the starries much out the details. Lass settles between two ridges and idly scrubs, watching and waiting.

Dsalth shifts silently with his large bulk swaying slightly in his anxious self. Each crafter is given a quick glance before he looks back to his lifemate and nudges his with sorrel muzzle. Faceted orbs return to the starries with extreme curiousity as the brown examines each of them carefully-- As is choosing something.

Ravven steps swiftly into the crowded courtyard, grinning excitedly as she spots the dragon and rider in the midst of the group.

Etain grins at Kezzra. "So we can go?" Yippe! In some many words anyway. "Let's go then!" Hyper to now, oy. Faranth save Pern when a hyper Eta is on the loose.

Kaltia peers curiously at the brown, he's a whole lot bigger then Aly is. Even if she's ridden others, they don't stick out in her mind. Looking at the rider, she beams, glancing back and forth 'tween Kezz and P'rru. "Really?"

Kezzra nods. "I guess you can as long as I get to go too.." Settle Eta-babe. Settle.

P'rru patpats a hand along that sorrel muzzle. "Calm down then, wouldn't want you falling off between would we?" husky voice cracks through. "Now if you'd like to come, please climb up and buckle yourselves in.." now the brownrider looks up at Srin "Would you mind making sure they are all secure for me thankyou?"

Linora pales under the big brown's scrutiny, relieved to be distracted by Etain's excitement. She looks to Kezz for permission to come along.

Sarin nods, "Sure, I can do that," she agrees amiably, putting off her own strapping in to make sure the others are secure. "Anyone need a hand up?"

Sarin swings up to ease herself between defined neckridges

Kaltia nods slowly, reaching up towards Sarin, carefully climbing up. Whoo.... high!

Kaltia swings up to ease herself between defined neckridges

Ravven looks towards the higher-ranking Starries for permission before climbing onto the dragon's back. "May I go, too?" She speask up for the first time.

Etain shakes her head, moving over to Dsalth's side. "Nop, I remember doing this before." Giving Kezzra another smile she nods. "Thanks again."

Etain swings up to ease herself between defined neckridges

Linora starts to wonder how many people the dragon can carry, but is afraid to ask.

Dsalth sways his head over his new vic-- er... guests. Each one is given a whuffle as they move closer before they mount, his own tail curling around the one called Kezzra. Interesting. This brown is a strong one, can't you see? All mount up!

P'rru shrugs at Ravven "Might aswell..." then as he watches the apprentices settle in he steps up onto a forepaw "Please do be careful, Dsalth is still a big strong lad but there's only so much he can handle.." the brownrider points at Srin "No giggling" and smiles.

Taking that as permission, Linora ventures forward and clambers up onto the dragon's neck.

With a helpful bolster from Dsalth's tail, you climb up to sit comfortable between geometric neckridges.

Dsalth [StarCraft Courtyard]
Restrained strands of sorrel and khaki overlap the lithe body of this dragon in a regimental pattern undermined by escaping tendrils of amber. Near enough in shade to blend with the design, they curl against it, flickering against the sharp line of his jaw before escaping down the geometric line of his neckridges. Ancient pale primrose -- the hue of old, forgotten books - curls down his spine in a uniformed march towards the similarly stained wingbones. Heavy ginger drapes, wing membrane made more substantial by its darkness, an abandoned blazer carefully hung from the long length of his wings. Mustard floats over his tail, musty mist lifting towards haunches reinforced by the strength of rusty iron.
Thick leather straps, fastidiously cared for wrap around Dsalth's neck, well worn and supple. Their deep chesnut colour appears almost part of the dragon's body, for they fit so snugly against his hide. Buckles, shiney and meticulously polished reflect the sun's rays, or the moon's mysterious hues while flaxen stiches are sewn firmly along the strap's length suiting practicality rather than decoration.
Positioned between the precise lines of Dsalth's neckridges are Sarin, Kaltia, and Etain.
Loaded onto Dsalth is Pot of Leather Oil.
Dsalth seems to be listening.

Kezzra grins. "If you guys want to go it's fine with me as long as it's alright with..." she gives a nod to P'rru as she didn't exactly catch his name. "But if you'll just give me a minute I'd like to see if I can get someone to watch Rasha for me."

Ravven swings up to ease herself between defined neckridges

Sarin grins, getting Kaltia up and strapped in. "Giggle? Me? Never," she assures P'rru. A beam goes to Etain, "This ought to be fun. Wonder if he's planning on kidnapping us again . . . " Lass twists 'round to help Ravven and Linora as well.

Ravven grins appreciatively towards Sarin and turns to see how Linora is faring. "Ever been dragonback, before?" She asks, eyes wide as she whispers. "I haven't."

Kezzra walks with a light step, to the StarCraft Hall.

Linora is glad not to be a complete stranger to riding straps, even if she's only ridden a couple times before, and makes sure she's in good and tight, grinning her thanks to the dolphin journeywoman. To Ravven, she nods, trying to look reassuring. "It's fun," she whispers.

P'rru is almost the last to mount, slapping Dsalth's neck as he makes a quite climb, seating himself at the foremost neckridge. Feet automatically slide into the strap loops, rather akin to what a runner would have, but that's all the safety he needs.

Kezzra walks with a light step, in from the StarCraft Main Hall.

Ravven smiles towards her fellow apprentice, Linora. "It sounds fun, but a little scary too." She admits, straightening to look at the dragon's head.

Kezzra swings up to ease herself between defined neckridges

Dsalth hadles the weight, can't you see? However, having this amount of people astride him is still rather new. Brown gives a warble as he turns an orb to watch his passengers carefully, /hoping/ that they won't fall. It would be horrible to loose a Starrie, wouldn't it?

P'rru bolsters himself in his seat, nary a glance back to check his passengers. Afterall Dsalth is so big and strong, there's no possibility of careening into a tree, or the ocean or a building is there? Ahem. Arm pumps and eyes shift as he gives the command to go between.

Kaltia holds on tightly to the straps, shivering a little as she waits for them to transfer. She's going to be ready for it this time.

Sarin gives a quick check to her straps, then takes a deep breath and waits. A grin goes to Etain and the others, fun huh ?

Ravven tries to calm her queasy stomach. Afterall, she's strapped on. Surely the big strong dragon wouldn't lose any passengers. Even if they /are/ traveling to the dark, frightning /between/.

Etain watches, uh-ojh ::bewteening.:: She's always hated this part. Taking the usual breath she -attempts- tp prepair herself. Sarin gets a bit of a wink.

You take off.

Above Gar
You soar high above the grassy plains of Gar. From here you can see the hold itself, nestled in the outcrop of a cliff face, and vast fields of farmland and grazing lands. Herds of animals roam the fields, under the watchful eye of Gar herders.

Even though she knows what to expect, Linora has to catch her breath as the ground disappears beneath them, her knuckles white gripping the straps that encircle her.

Dsalth wheels into ::between:: with a groan

You hang, senseless, in the dark nothingness of ::between::... absolute darkness surrounds you, and the profound cold stings you... you wait, and count...

Above Southern Weyr
You soar above the lush tropical Southern forest. The only thing to indicate that you're above Southern Weyr are the various clearings in the forests, many occupied by dozing dragons. A larger clearing below fronts the main Weyrhall, a one-story structure containing the Weyr's kitchens and infirmary. Off to the east, just down the cliff, is the Weyr Beach. Southeast from here lies Ista Hold.

Dsalth drops in with careful measure from ::between::!

Linora blinks as the sunlight hits her eyes after the blackblack of between, then ohs softly at the sight below, still clutching the riding straps tightly.

Sarin lets out her breath with a slight laugh. "Great view there, wasn't it?" she queries of her companions. Shards, that's cold. But it's warm here. Very. Thank Faranth for sun salve.

Kaltia breathes deeply as they come out of between, clutching tightly to the riding straps as she looks down at the Weyr below. /Long/ way down.

Etain nods, also letting out her breath of air. "SImply marvelous, dah-ling." Very nice up here, very. Suddenly a htought comes ot her. 'Are we going ot have to pay pof this ride by doing /work/?"

Ravven takes a deep breath after arrivinh from the pitch-darkness of between. She makes the mistake of looking down and quickly focuses her eyes straight ahead.

Dsalth slowly dips his wings and circles down to make his landing. This brown attempts to be as slow as possible, just to allow his passengers to settle first and warbling out to any nearby dragon.

You glide down for a landing on the Weyr Beach.

Southern Weyr Beach
This wide strip of sparkling white sand is a popular hangout for the Weyr's dragons; at almost any time you can find them lounging in the sun. The clear blue waters of the ocean roll up onto the soft sands with a gentle hiss. Fairs of firelizards wheel and dive in the air, some popping in and out of nooks and crags on the cliff, others diving and playing in the waves. Occasionally you spot a firelizard dive into the water and emerge with a wriggling fish in his claws.
It is an autumn afternoon.

P'rru pulls his feet quickly from the loops and drops to the sand. "Please just loop the tethers back into the buckles when you get unstrapped" he mentions, moving by Dsalth's muzzle. "Hope everyone found the ride pleasant enough"

Dsalth watches with interest as P'rru descends carefully
Dsalth watches with interest as Etain descends carefully
Dsalth watches with interest as Kaltia descends carefully

Under a watchful eye you ease yourself down Dsalth's broad shoulders and plant your feet firmly on the ground.

Dsalth watches with interest as Sarin descends carefully
Dsalth watches with interest as Kezzra descends carefully
Dsalth watches with interest as Ravven descends carefully

Sh`leya blinks in from ::between::!

Sarin, the ever intelligent, realizes something. "Oh, uh, by the way, for those of you that don't know me, I'm Sarin, dolphin journeywoman," she offers, kicking around the sand.

Kaltia giggles, nodding her head. She's seen her before... "Hi Sarin... Kaltia." Yep, nice introduction.

Linora grins. She'd been wondering. "Hi. I'm Linora." Not adding Starcraft Apprentice, figuring that'd be /much/ too obvious. Duh.

Ravven nods at the introductions before adding one of her own. "Well met. I'm Ravven."

Marcos scurries down the stairs from the halfway point along the cliff.

Marcos chirups.

Sarin waves stupidly. "Nice to meet you, Kaltia, Linora, Ravven."

P'rru goes about removing his clothes...decently of course. Riding jacket and shoes are depositied in a 'saddlebag' attached to his lifemate's straps, and he rolls the cuffs of his shirt sleeves up. "And I assume you all know my name.." of course. They simply should. Brownrider begins unbuckling the leather lashed around his lifemate's bulk. "Not having another pair of riding strapsruined by saltwater" he mumbles in explanation.

Kaltia giggles, nodding her head. "Of course... P'rru..." That is what Tai called him, right?

Kezzra blinks. "Oh... Nice to meet you Sarin." she says assuming from all the begging before they know her name. Seems her thoughts were somewhere other than here.

Sarin glances down at herself and decides that she may as well leave her shorts on. She'd probably forget them here if she didn't. And they're new, too, so that'd be a shame. A nod goes to Kezzra. "Likewise, Kezzra." See, she was paying attention. Really.

Dsalth leans down happily in the sand, sticking muzzle down and whuffling around. Cute dragon, isn't he? The brown slowly stretches across the sands with a loud sigh before looking up towards his passengers. Quickly, his auburn tail curls around the one which brings the most interest-- Kezzra. /His/ starrie, that is... for now. A musty rumble is given to his surroundings, sorrel head glancing from one direction to the other, looking for what they originally came there for.

As if on cue, several dolphins can be seen swiftly approaching through the waves. Delighted squees and chirps can be heard as they draw nearer, and several rise up to tail-walk.

Grigri blinks in from ::between::!

Sarin beams, which isn't particularly unusual for this lass in the presence of dolphins. She makes for the water swiftly, diving as soon as it's deep enough and surfacing not far from the forefront 'phin.

A grinning dolphin pops up out of the water and shoots a stream of water at the nearest Starcrafter, squeeing gleefully and splashingwater about with his tail. "Huuummanns...fiiishiee?"

Ravven grins, turning to watch teh dolphins. Amazing creatures. One of her favorites, as are dragons and firelizards.

Another dolphin splashes water at the nearest human. "Hihi! Fissies! Scritches?"

Cynara seperates herself from the dolphin bunch, leaping through the air as she finishes her tailwalk and ducking beneath the surface of the water, coming up a moment later with water spouting from her blowhole. "Hummaannnns! Have Fishies?" Her own sentiments echo those of her compatriot, surprisingly light gray skin glistening with wet from the water.

Linora blinks. Are her ears playing tricks on her, or did that dolphin speak? She moves a bit closer, her eyes widening as she realizes they are /definitely/ speaking words she can understand.

Kezzra zones out again, kinda. Dolphins surely aren't noticed and neither is the dragon tail curling around her for that matter.

Doing a tailwalk to show her enthusiasm, a dolphin starts to *squee* "Got fissies?" The dolphin dives under water to stand on her rostrum, and wave her tail flukes about, and then surfaces a moment later.

Sarin slaps her forehead, still grining. "Fish. Right. I am such an idiot. We need fish. . .Hi guys! We'll get fish, yes! Certainly!"

the water-spiiting dolphin slaps his tail on the water again, then does a roll trying to get the silly humans attention. "Meee have fiiish?"

Dsalth lifts his head towards the pod of dolphins, releasing a bugle as a greeting towards the silly creatures. Unraveling tail from around Kezzra, the brown slowly pushed himself up and slips into the water with amusement filling up faceted orbs. Whee.

An enthusiastic dolphin swims up to Sarin and noses her. "Hihi! Me Ammmmfaaa! Got fissies?"

Sarin sends her flit after some fish, and amazingly, the green returns moments later with a bucket full. Lass beams, tossing out fish to all the 'phins. "Hey all! I'm Sarin, and yes, we do have fish now!"

P'rru trots to the edge of the waves. "Sarin, are these a new pod, do you know them?" who needs observatories when there are /dolphins/ to play with? Brownrider nimbly dives through a wave and paddles out to his lifemate. "'salth slow down, let me catch up" he garbles, never the strong swimmer.

Linora steps closer to the edge of the water, pausing only to pull off her sandals and toss them up the shore, and wades out up to her knees for a better look.

Sarin laughs delightedly, then shakes her head at P'rru. "No, I've only been down here once or twice before, and I didn't meet this bunch then," she explains, turning back to the dolphins. "And this is P'rru, he's a dragonrider," is added as she tosses out more fish.

Amfa squees in delight, catching a fish that promptly disappears between her teeth. "Prrrrruuu? Hi Prruuu!"

Matrim blinks in from ::between::!

Ravven steps into the water, not caring about getting her clothes She grins at the dolphins.

Kezzra slips her feet out of her shoes and goes to sit near the edge of the water. Just close enough for the water to lap over her toes.

Atli leaps out of the water, squeeing excitedly as he catches the fish and enters the water, diving under the big dragon and tickling his stomach aith his dorsal fin before surfacin on the otherside to eat his fiiiishie.

Sri butts gently against P'rru, then splashes him lightly. "Hihi! Me Srrriii! Who you?"

The female dolphin rises herself up out of the water once again, tailwalking again as if it's nothing -- and clearly showing off. "Me Cynaaaarra! You Sari? Yes...fisses. Me want fisses. Hummaaans!" 'phin flops back into the water, chittering to herself even as she does so. Charcoal eye is turned toward the beach at large, "Hummaaanns? Who be youss?" dolphin inquires.

P'rru bobs in the waves, anchoring on Dsalth's headknob. "Oh Amfee, it's rather lovely to meet you!" oh talk about total adoration. Anyone wanna swap for Dsalth? The great brown spreads his wings, a mustard blazer on the water's blue surface. As a dolphin dives under him, his thrusts his head under the water, bubbles trickling to the surface as he peers as the creature.

Etain looks up, blinking out of her daze. "My name's Eta," with a bit of a grin she lowers herself so she is with the others. "Simply wonderful to meet you all."

This dolphin swims up close enough to Sarin so that when she does a chest slap, the water splashes the girl. "Yoooo tooo drrrryyyy." Cherie swims away again. "Meeee naame Cherieeeeee." She reaches up and catches a fish in mid air. "Moooore fissie."

Linora steps out a bit further, now up to her waist, not minding at all as her clothes get soaked. "I'm Linora," she says, trying to look at all the dolphins at once.

P'rru waves a hand "If you'd like to hang on to Dsalth, it may be easier than treading water the whole time"he suggests at large. Before back to beaming at Amfee and her friends that is.

Sarin grins broadly, tossing a fish to Cynara. "Hi Cynara! Aye, I'm Sari," she agrees, beaming in total delight. "Hi Cherie!" is added, along with laughter at the splashing. Another fish goes to her, and then lass nods to her green to go find another bucket. Can't fun out now can we?

Amfee and Sri wiz around P'rru a few times, then dart and leap in front of Dsalth. "Draggee! Hihi!"

Atli swims up behind Linora and squirts water at her, whistling laughter. "Plaaay...."

Kezzra seems very out of it at the moment. Her thoughts are most obviously elsewhere.

The young fish-stealing 'phin swims up towards Kezzra as far as she can get with out beaching herself and squees the the hooomaan...

Dsalth bugles, head dripping, seaweed wrapped around a 'knob. Oh dolphins, couldn't they put one in the lake at home- puhlease! P'rru chuckles and launches himself to sit on that sorrel shoulder, legs dangling in the water. "Srin, could I have a few fish please?" he asks, splashing at the phins.

Linora squeals delightedly as she is squirted, turning at once to face the dolphin with a wide grin. "Play? Sure I'll play." She has no idea how to play with a dolphin, but she sure can swim. "Atli, is it?" Hoping she got it right.

Cherie swims close to P'rru again and starts to do another tailwalk. With her pectoral fins waving, she shows off for the dragonrider. "Looook Prrrrruuuuu." She says hoping she will get more fisssies. She then swims up towards P'rru and does a fluke stand just waiting for the fissie to be thrown to her.

Sarin hands out a few scritches to the nearest 'phins while awaiting the new bucket. Once that arrives, a few are tosses out before she hands it off to P'rru.

P'rru tosses a fish to Cherie "You are a gorgeous creature aren't you?" he's now talking to dolphins. Egads. Forget the crafters, 'salth and Purr are just in love with those 'phins now. Dsalth cranes round, tail splashing madly, and attempts a 'squee' which really comes out as a husky burp. Ahem.

Atli bobs his head up and down. "Yessssss, me Atliiii..." He swims circles around Linora... "Play..." Splashing Linora, he darts off, apparently expecting her to chase him.

Amfee continues darting around by Dsalth, occasionally clapping her fins against the water to spray the dragon. A delighted squeeee goes out at the dragon's attempt. "Good good good! Like BIG dolphiiin!"

Kezzra gives a soft sigh as she crosses her arms across her knees, resting her chin on her hands.

Etain laughs, watchiung this all with great amusment. "So this is what you do Sri?" It is fun, very fun by the feel of it all.

Linora immediately dives into the water and swims after Atli with strong strokes, but finds herself unable to keep up.

Cherie swims close to Dsalth and drops underwater. You can see the bubbles being released from her blowhole to signify her curiosity of this thing. She surfaces above the water. "Drageee, you come play."

Sarin beams and nods. "Aye, a large part of it!" No mention of all the fish cleaning, of course. Or the icky bloodfish. She scritches the nearest 'phin's melon happily, grabbing a fish from the bucket for her.

Cynara squees happily at Sarin. "Fisses!" And with that, she jerks herself upward, chomping down upon one of the slim, shimmering bodies of the fish as it flies through the air. Something akin to a purr is sent Sarin's direction as she scritches at the 'phin's side. Cyn swims then away from the 'phineer, motoring toward Dsalth. Once close, she leaps from the water, arching easily over the thrashing tail and landing with a near-flop on the other side, surfacing a moment later with a burst of squeeing dolphin laughter, "Draggeee! Funny. Taill looks funnny!" At least he has a tail, yes? Black eye is turned toward brown tail as the 'phin speaks.

Big Dolphin? Excellent. Rusted tail fans out, curling around Amfee gently as if just feeling. And orbs whirr curiously as Cherie. P'rru chuckles "Dsalth says he can speak to them like he can with folk" he finds this amusing, no doubt as his lifemate continues peering at Cherie as if trying very hard to communicate.

Atli swims around the dolphin and streaks back towards Linora, swimming just under her and popping out of the water on the other side, squeeing.

Etain laughs, more then readily scratching a nearby dolphin. "Sort of like dragons, swimming and scratching." With another laugh she dives under briefly. "Much better."

Amfee squeees, splashing water at the dragon in delight. "Ticklleee!" she burbles at the touch of the big brown tail.

Dsalth raises his maw skywards and crooons, low and loud. Definately fun, now if he can only shake that dratted rider of his. With a bristle of ridges he turns slightly, sending Purr careening into the water. Ahem. Wings are clipped back to sorrel hide and the great bag of bones dives, only the spade of his tail dragging on the surface behind him.

Sarin drops under water, emerging moments later near Dsalth's side. She can't help laughing at P'rru's abrubt *dismount*, then quickly backstrokes to get out of the big brown's way. "You ok P'rru?" she calls. Can't have the rider drowning on them, now can she? Nope nope nope.

Linora ducks the splash of water surrounding Atli as the 'phin surfaces, a wide grin across her face. She dives under herself, finding Atli underwater and tickling his tail before surfacing nearby.

Cherie starts to bob as if trying to read what the dragee is saying to her. Suddenly, this dolphin starts to swim away from the dragon with a great amount of speed, and then with little effort, Cherie does a beautiful bow above water. The great leap shows off her sleak blue-grey body. The splash was big enough sending small wakes to the humans. "Huuumans plaaaaay."

Atli squeeeeeeees in suprise, lifitng himself up to tail walk at the sudden tounch before re-entering the water to swmin once around Linora and then darting off in the direction of the big brown one.

Laughing still Etain sends a semi-concerned glance at P'rru. He'll be fine, yeah. The waves though, are enough to have an effect on her as the pull her under, momentarly anyway.

Amfee drops below the waves, swimming a figure 8 'round the tip of Dsalth's wing and the rest of his body. Upon surfacing, she squeeees. "Yesyes! Plaaaay!!!!"

Linora watches in mute amazement as Atli swims off, treading water a moment before paddling over to Dsalth herself, since that's where all the fun seems to be.

P'rru splutters to the surface, bucket of fish dropped to sink to the bottom. Egads. Eyes shift and he begins backstroking towards the sand.

Still beaming in delight, Sarin does keep an eye out to make sure all the humans are alright. No drowning, children. A glance goes to make sure P'rru is alright, and then dolphin girl is diving for the bucket. Several of the fish are lost, of course, but several are retained. A quick search reveals a medium sized ball lurking at the bottom. Slightly fishy, but still good.

Kezzra sighs again as she watches the goings on though they don't exactly register in her head.

Leaping over the dragon's tail, Atli sends a wave of water over several humans' heads as he dives into the watre.

Dsalth seems to dip spade of tail back down under the waves, only to pop out his head once again and peering about the surface for any dolphin nearby. Brown gives a warble towards Amfee and stretching out his tail before attempting to mimic the dolphins. Up goes the dragon, his best attempt to flutter out from the water and go diving back into the waves. Not too good, he is no dolphin. Instead, the large brown hangs around the surface, sputtering water towards the dolphins.

Cherie starts to swim towards Sarin as she sees that she has a ball in her hands. "Plaaaay baallll Saaarrrrin." Cherie squeees. She swims about hoping to make Sarin pay attention to her. If not, another chest slap get her noticed.

P'rru halts where it is shallow enough for the tall man to stand unhindered. Fingers splay out, splashing over the top of the water "Srin? How many dolphins are out here with us do you think?" it's hard to keep count. Eyes go to blankness as he makes sure his lfemate is having enough fun to last him the day.

Linora shakes her head, hands moving to push water out of her eyes from Atli's splash; she feels rather than sees Dsalth's attempt, barely backpaddling out of his way. Then she hears Cherie say ... ball? and her eyes find Sarin. Quickly she swims toward the 'phin journeywoman.

Sarin laughs, tossing the ball to Cherie. "Yes, let's play!" To P'rru, she turns and shrugs. "Half a dozen, maybe? It's hard to keep a count. . ." Another chuckle goes to Atli. "You want to play too, right Atli?"

Atli pops up out of the water and squees excitedly, bobbing his head up and down.

Amfee seems quite taken with the big brown, and she emits a dolphin-laugh at his attempt to leap. 'Phin launches herself up, high out of the water and over Dsalth's neck. She breaks the surface again with a big splash, then shoots up and chitters happily. Cherie catches the ball. With lots of talent, Cherie shows off her stunts. She chins with her rostrum, and then immediately balances the ball on her rostrum. "Loooook Saaarin." And then with a quick motion, she tosses the ball to Atli.

P'rru waves a hand at Etain. "Did you see that great leap, Etain?" he calls out, enamoured certainly with the dolphins. "Lept right over lugheads neck, didn't she? How clever..." and agile, and cuuuuute.

What would happen if a dragon were to play ball? Dsalth just rumbles enthusiatically as he makes his way towards Sarin like one large terra-cotta dolphin. Eyes glance towards Amfee with a whuffle as he taps the ground with tail. He can still act like a dolphin, couldn't he? . . . Was that a squee? Yes, the dragon lifts muzzle and drops his sorrel maw to give some sort of shriek-rumble. Or something.

Etain nods, grinning and clapping. "Fabulous!" The word is called out with an excited enthuasiam. This is funn, very, very fun.

Sarin applauds for Cherie, laughing in delight. "Great job Cherie!" she shouts. Lass launches herself up as high as she can to catch the ball from Atli. Sinking back down, she chuckles at P'rru. "You want to play too, eh? Just don't eat the ball," she tells him, tossing it lightly in the dragon's direction.

Linora surfaces near Sarin in time to see a very large, brown... dolphin? erm... approaching. Her eyes get huge as she watches Sarin toss the ball to him.

Amfee squees happily, shooting after Dsalth. "Plaaay! Plaaay!" she agrees enthusiastically, leaping up in an arc in front of the dragon. She enters the water just as the ball aproaches.

P'rru relaxes in the lapping water, hands shucking droplets from his eyebrows. He's too old for this. Much. "I'm going out to dry off a little" he announces, a finger wagged at his lifemate "And no drowning those apprentices please" mock stern he takes off.

Cherie notices that P'rru is getting out of the water. With a start, Cherie swims towards the dragonrider and does a chest slap. "Noooo Prrrrruuuu. You staaay and plaaaay."

Dsalth gets the ball now, doesn't he? Honest, he won't eat eat, just pounce on it. As brown watches the dolpin lead before him, he caustiously hops closer to the ball and lands directly upon it. He got the ball, didn't he? . . . Where is it? After a long moment glancing about, the ball suddenly pops up from beside the dragon who gives another once of his mock-squees towards his lifemate.

P'rru chuckles, hands reaching out to smooth over Cherie's snout and melon. "I'm an old human, Cherie, I get tired quickly...I need my rest, why don't you play with that dragon? Thank you ever so much for the offer, however" he's resigned to sunbaking.

Amfee chirps happily, nosing the ball up and back to Atli. A tailslap splashes a little water at Dsalth, and then the dolphin disappears under the water and. . . under the dragon.

Sarin grins at P'rru. "There's some sun protection salve in my bag if you want it, the sun's vicious down here," she suggests. And yes, she would know. Even an Istan tan turns red after a few days baking in Rukbat's southern rays. Lass chuckles at Dsalth, Amfee, and the ball. "Methinks you'll have to come back here more often, I'd say Amfee's going to miss him. . ."

Cherie, with a little sad squee, goes off to play with that dragon. She swims towards Dsalth, and once there, she swims by him and rubs him with her pectoral fin. Cherie swims in a small circle, and stops to do a fluke stand. She cocks her head, and then gets a mouthful of water, and squirts the dragon. "Yoooo plaaay?" Is asked by the blue-grey 'phin.

Dsalth rumblesquees towards his P'rru before curling tail around the water and once again mimicing a tailslap before diving down into the water to look for a certain dolphin called Amfee. Much fun! Do they /have/ to leave? . . . Or perhaps a dolphin or two would like to come to 'Reaches?

P'rru takes Srin's suggestion and delves into her bag, retrieving the salve and slapping it over his face. "Mind if I join you?" he asks Kezzra as he nears.

Kezzra blinks, looking up over to the rider. "No.." she says with a shake of her head and a slight sigh.

Linora heads for the shore in a lazy backstroke, feeling a bit tired herself. She stands as soon as she can touch bottom and splashes to the shore, wringing out her hair.

P'rru folds down beside the starcrafter. "You don't like the water?" he asks Kezzra, blinking back out towards the waves. "Or else it seems you've got a rather lot on your mind and I shouldn't ask"

Amfee stays hidden a moment longer, then suddenly shoots up right in front of Dsalth. Dolphin circles the dragon's head a few times and claps her fins in front of a whirling eye.

Kezzra gives a bit of a smile to the rider. "I'm not really one for swimming. And I'm just thinking about Rasha. It's the first time I haven't been with her..." she explains.

Linora flops to sit on the sand not far from Kezz, picking at her wet clothes and hoping they'll dry quickly in the sun... not knowing when she'll have to return but pretty sure she doesn't want to wear wet clothes :between:... arriving just in time to hear Kezz's answer. She turns compassionate eyes to the journeywoman. "Aw.. I'm sure she'll be fine, Kezz. Who's watching her?"

P'rru nods, "aye, I understand, I was like that with my own kiddies when I was younger" eyes shift and he makes a mouthed sentence to Dsalth '' enough said? er...unsaid?

Sarin notices the sudden migration of humans to shore. "There's a towel or two in my bag also," she shouts in that general direction. Hope they don't mind towels covered in feline hair. . .

Dsalth hesitates as the dolphin comes to view, bubbling through the water before rising up for a drink of air. Fun dolpins but... Whirling faceted orbs glance back towards the ones back at the beach, including his own P'rru. The brown rumbles and gets to swimming on his back and slithering around the dolpins a bit more before heading to the shore slowly. Out... Bad? Sigh.

"I know Lin." Kezzra replies. "She's with Rees and I'm shore she'll take good care of her but I'm still worried."

Cherie swims about watching with one eye, the antics going on between the dragee and Amfee. With a start, she swims towards Sarin, and then swims around the girl on her back.

Amfee weaves round the dragon untill the water's too shallow, then tailwalks in place. No beaching for this dolphin. "Baaaaiiii!" she squees, sending a splash after him in farewell.

Aeryn blinks in from ::between::!

Dsalth slowly drags his large bulk onto the sand, dragging his tail and allowing the sand to cling to his hide. Snaking his neck around, a warbling tone is given to Amfee and the rest of the pod. Much fun, this bronw had... /Much/ fun! And still, more to come?

P'rru rubs hands together "I suggest you all dry off well before we between again, don't want you going home with icicles hanging from your nose..." he notes. After a puse, the brownrider rises to his feet, waving wildly to the pod "Thank you all so much, we have a marvelous time!"

Sarin grins, offering scritches for Cherie. "Guess we'll have to be going soon, but I'll try to con L'far into taking me back for visits sometimes, ok? And you can keep the ball," she finishes with a wink. As the lass swims back for shore, a wave goes to the entire pod. "Thank you!"

Linora gives Kezz a smile, hopefully reassuring. "Ya got a flit, don'tcha? Rees can find ya if she needs ya." Eyes turning to Dsalth as he emerges from the water, hardly believing how she just spent her afternoon.

Cherie starts to do a tailwalk for Sarin. "Yoooo so much fuun. Come plaaaay 'gaaaain." She likes playing with Sarin. With another show of her talents, Cherie takes the ball that the girl has given her and dribbles the ball with her with mouth, and then tosses it up into the air and catches it. See how much fun she has with the ball. This could amuse herself for hours. She tucks the ball with her pectoral phins, and dives to the bottom of the pool. She lets go of the ball, and lets it roll up her body before she catches it in her mouth.

Kezzra nods. "Yeah..." First time mommy, first tim away from her baby. What do you expect?

Dsalth slips down into the sands with one last sigh as he watches the others begin to dry off. Whirling eyes turn towards his rider as P'rru approaches to slip the straps back onto his neck and securing them well. Brown lifts head head and warbles towards the dolphins once again, eyes turning to a disapointed hue at having to leave just now.

Sarin beams, clapping her hands in delight. "I will!" she promises, reluctantly emerging from the water with a last wave to the pod. She shakes herself off, almost like a canine, then finds a feline-hair-covered towel in her bag and dries off.

P'rru is dry enough to withstand between, and slaps a hand affectionately as he finishes the straps. "Alright, Dsalth is rather eager to get home, apparently Vespurath would like to see some of you?" puzzled, the brownrider raises his brows.

Linora swallows hard as she realizes she's still pretty wet... but doesn't dare miss her ride home. It's only a few seconds, between... how cold can it really be? She gets to her feet quickly, picking at her clothes as if that will help dry them faster.

Sarin tosses a mostly dry towel to Linora. "That ought to help a bit," she suggests, then glances at her own attire. Eep. Even dry, it's not exactly High Reaches material. Oh well. Frozen dolphin girl, anyone?

Linora finds the dry bits of the towel and scrubs at her clothes and hair with it... useless endeavor, but she smiles her thanks to Sarin, noticing as she does that the dolphin-girl is even less prepared for a dragonride than /she/ is.

P'rru is soaked to the bone. But then again he's used to it. How many times Dsalth flew him home half-drunk when he was younger...too many to count. In any case, he pats Dsalth's shoulder until it drops. "All aboard then, ladies if you please"

Sarin salutes and oblidges, jamming the towels back into her bag.

Sarin swings up to ease herself between defined neckridges

Kezzra swings up to ease herself between defined neckridges

Cherie watches with avid interest at the huuumans on the beach. She continues to play with her ball that her new human friend Sarin has given her. She does a tailwalk with the ball /still/ in her pectoral fins as she notices them climbing all on the drageee. "Byeeeee Saaaariin. Coommmeee plaaay soooooon."

From his seat between pinstriped, stately neckridges Llyr appears quite suddenly from ::between::

Llyr lets go of Dsalth's neckridge and flies off.

Linora obediently goes over to scramble up onto Dsalth's neck, hoping it won't be as cold as she /thinks/ it will be...

Dsalth bugles long and low to the dolphins, a thankyou for their time. Shoulder bolster as various people climb upon his back, steading those neckridges for them.

From his seat between pinstriped, stately neckridges Sarin grins broadly and waves to Cherie. "I will! Bye Cherie! Thanks for coming!"

With a helpful bolster from Dsalth's tail, you climb up to sit comfortable between geometric neckridges.

Dsalth [Southern Weyr Beach]
Restrained strands of sorrel and khaki overlap the lithe body of this dragon in a regimental pattern undermined by escaping tendrils of amber. Near enough in shade to blend with the design, they curl against it, flickering against the sharp line of his jaw before escaping down the geometric line of his neckridges. Ancient pale primrose -- the hue of old, forgotten books - curls down his spine in a uniformed march towards the similarly stained wingbones. Heavy ginger drapes, wing membrane made more substantial by its darkness, an abandoned blazer carefully hung from the long length of his wings. Mustard floats over his tail, musty mist lifting towards haunches reinforced by the strength of rusty iron.
Thick leather straps, fastidiously cared for wrap around Dsalth's neck, well worn and supple. Their deep chesnut colour appears almost part of the dragon's body, for they fit so snugly against his hide. Buckles, shiney and meticulously polished reflect the sun's rays, or the moon's mysterious hues while flaxen stiches are sewn firmly along the strap's length suiting practicality rather than decoration.
Positioned between the precise lines of Dsalth's neckridges are Sarin and Kezzra.
Loaded onto Dsalth is Pot of Leather Oil.
Dsalth seems to be listening.

Llyr flutters over to perch on Dsalth's neckridge.
Sarin calls Llyr, who glides over and settles on her shoulder.

Etain swings up to ease herself between defined neckridges
P'rru swings up to ease himself between defined neckridges

P'rru strapped in and ready to go, Purr gives his lifemate the signal and almost immediately Dsalth takes to the air, gliding low over the waves. Sand shimmies off khaki hide as wings blaze out, catching the sea breezes to soar.

You take off.

Above Southern Weyr
You soar above the lush tropical Southern forest. The only thing to indicate that you're above Southern Weyr are the various clearings in the forests, many occupied by dozing dragons. A larger clearing below fronts the main Weyrhall, a one-story structure containing the Weyr's kitchens and infirmary. Off to the east, just down the cliff, is the Weyr Beach. Southeast from here lies Ista Hold.

Linora clings tightly to the riding straps, bracing herself for the cold she knows is coming.

Sarin holds onto the straps, taking a last look at the lovely Southern view.

Dsalth wheels into ::between:: with a groan

You hang, senseless, in the dark nothingness of ::between::... absolute darkness surrounds you, and the profound cold stings you... you wait, and count...

Above High Reaches
Quite, quite high, nothing braves these heights but stone and dragon and cloud; the Star Stones jut dutifully above the Weyr proper, flayed by the mountain winds that are consistant at this altitude whilst the rest spreads below, protected by its crown of jagged stone spires'-teeth.
It is a spring afternoon.

Dsalth drops in with careful measure from ::between::!

Dsalth spirals in from between a loud echoing bugle emitted from his thick throat, other dragons bugle in reply, a greeting, a whose who of the Reaches group.

Linora is still cold. She opens her eyes and recognizes nothing. What did she miss? "Where are we?" She'd thought they were going home?

Sarin smirks. "High Reaches, land of cold, ice, snow, and more cold."

P'rru shakes his head, nope your coming to /his/ home.

You abandon the view from high above the bowl and circle lower, passing the Spires and Star Stones on the way down.

Above the Bowl
The ocean's tranquil thermals settle within the center section of the bowl's airspace, unusually smooth and bouyant -- though oft to switch as the seasons shift. Lingering beneath spires' constant presence, the perpetual activity of the weyr can be observed from every direction: from the testing rustle of dragonet wings, to the playful games sent aloft.
It is a spring afternoon.

Linora shivers and takes another look. So this is High Reaches...

The lake beckons, chalky but inviting nonetheless.

Above the Lake
A panorama unfolds beneath: the bowl beaten flat as it curves out from the lake's chalky waters, dusky earth 'neath the endless stretch of sky above before the Weyr's spindles break the view. Milky blue-green waters swirl below, tempering the 'lizard filled air with gentle thermals that flow and eddy through the Walls' many cracks and crevices. Scattered ledges mark the nearby rocks, endless layers of Weyrs tucked into the wall as it sweeps right up to the Star Stones high above.
It is a spring afternoon.

Careful of the beach, the clay along the edges is mightly slick!

Ancient dunes have been flattened by the endless parade of people and dragons that tramp northwest across the bowl, leaving a mere skiff of sand here along lake's beaten edge. Footprints litter the curve of beach, some left turns ago and caught frozen in the heavy clay earth near the water's edge. As the sun sets, shadows invade, creeping like fingers across the gently sloping ground and darkening the distant ledges on the far side of the lake.
To the north, dust rises from the redolent pens while the flattened disc of the main bowl is just a step to the northwest.
It is a spring afternoon.
Darting here and there are Aeneas, Flip, Csill, and Sobrinita.
Brown Zenzorath, blue Wiranth, brown Anwyllth, brown Fallanth, green Vespurath, and bronze Nylanth are here.
Tatia and G'deon are here.

Dsalth backwings. More sand, yet not as sweet as the stuff they were just on. Drearily he lopes to the ground, shoulders sloping, and barely a greeting croon for the dragons that share the beach.

For some reason, Tatia has more faith in G'deon's order to her lifemate than her own. Her doubtful gaze isn't paying any attention to roguish grins, intended for her or not, and her head dips once. "Warmer than the lake, for sure." One last glance is given to her still-wet lifemate before she gives a definate nod. "Baths."

Dsalth watches with interest as Etain descends carefully
Dsalth watches with interest as P'rru descends carefully

Under a watchful eye you ease yourself down Dsalth's broad shoulders and plant your feet firmly on the ground.

Dsalth watches with interest as Sarin descends carefully
Dsalth watches with interest as Kezzra descends carefully

G'deon nods to Tatia as he eyes the deposits from Dsalth's back. "Um... I'll meet you there, Tatia."

G'deon quietly strides to the Central Bowl.

Linora has never in her life been so cold, soaked to the skin and chilled from :between:. Her arms are wrapped tightly around herself and her lips actually have a bluish cast, yet she's still looking around and trying to see everything... especially anything that might lead to a warmer place to be...

Nylanth starts to follow his lifemate towards the baths, for amusement's sake. Think he'll notice? More than likely, but it's worth the fun and the reaction that he'd get. Turning suddenly as the people move in, he backs up towards the waters once again, watching with curiosity.

Sarin shivers, rubbing at her bare arms. "Sharding cold up here," she mutters, thinking wistfully of the warmth of Southern's beaches, or even Ista. A glances goes around the area as dolphin lass scoots closer to the others. Heat in numbers, right?

"What?" Tatia stares after the retreating G'deon in faint confusion, hands rising to plant themselves on her hips, back to the dismounting group. "Why would you meet me the..." She trails off as he disappears toward the weyr, and she turns to throw a glance at her lifemate - and blinks. Once. Twice. Three times without so much as a greeting. There are faintly familar faces in that group, if she's not mistaken. She ust doesn't seem to be able to vocalize the fact.

P'rru is perfectly fine with this weather. It is warm. Right? "If you'd like to dry off further, I'd suggest the caverns...meanwhile I have some business to attend if you'll excuse me..." swivelling he passes by the greenrider "Tatia, I remembered someone telling me you were a starcrafter, so I perchance to bring these lovely few back with me for the day.." who says he isn't thoughful?

Kezzra blinks. There's something familiar about the girl, though the name Tatia has no meaning to her whatsoever. "Tori?" she inquires not quiet sure as it has been sometime since she's seen her, what a turn?

Linora manages a slight grin for Tatia, remembering having met the 'rider in the vault once when she was visiting the hall. Caverns? Where would those be? Her eyes search the area for any clue.

"/Kezzra/?" Tatia manages the questioning name as she stands stock-still, and then suddenly she's bounding toward the StarCrafter group without so much as a thanks directed toward P'rru - she'll worry about that later. "What are you /doing/ here?" Her arms stretch wide for a hug, whether she reeks of firestone or not. Hey. She was /going/ to get a bath. They interrupted her.

Sarin, on the other hand, is no starry but a dolphincrafter just along for the ride. She turns in the possible direction of those living caverns, seeking heat. Istan bred lass isn't accustomed to this sort of weather, and the wetness isn't helping. "Want to come with me, Linora? I believe I know the way," she offers between chattering teeth.

P'rru chuckles "Come on, lassies, I'll take you to the caverns..." and with that he's on his way.

P'rru marches with clipped steps to the Central Bowl.

Sarin floats to the Central Bowl.

Linora nods gratefully and quickly follows.

Living Caverns
The rough-hewn majesty of this cavern far outpaces any delight in the multitudes of curves that form its enclosure. The glabrous grey granite is shot through with translucent obsidian, lending subtly-veined sparkle to the walls and the foot-trodden smoothness of the floor that shows centuries-old placements of the scarred trestle tables; carven hollows give homes for the glow baskets and the coat-pegs that line the walls. No mosaics, no painting, no tiles: just a few well-done tapestries mark the pathway that lead to the kitchen to the north and the inner caverns to the west, and frame the nighthearth's stew and snacks, while a heavier strip of oiled canvas shields the unwary from the wind in the bowl.
Scattered about in various perches and niches are thirty firelizards.
Takovic, P'rru, and Sarin are here.

Linora moves directly to the hearth, hoping to ease her shivering somewhat, standing almost close enough to ignite herself if she weren't soaked through. As the feeling begins to return to her fingers and toes, she ventures to look around a bit, wide eyes taking in every detail.

Sarin dashes for the fire with barely a nod to the other occupant of the room. Lass crouches down by the fire, rubbing her hands together. Once a decent amount of warmth is achieved, she turns back and waves to Takovic. "Hello there."

Slender in frame, average in height--generally pretty well built--Takovic still somewhat carries the appearance of a child. His complexion is rather pale, suiting his oval face with its straight nose, thin lips, and narrow chin well. A shock of thick, dark, copper-brown hair stays mostly cut and in order, save for his bangs, which disobediently and obnoxiously stray over his forehead. Thin, expressive, well-shaped eyebrows are mostly hidden by his thick, black spectacles, though the round frames do a nice job bringing out his cool, misty, intelligent grey eyes.
Takovic sports a very simple outfit that manages to look good on him anyway. Blue trous and a cream colored shirt could very well be a bit big for him, but a belt at the waist takes care of any problems. Simple black shoes have a better fit, probably a more fortunate thing. Perched on Takovic's shoulder is Vsevolod.
Pinned to one shoulder is the simple knot of a High Reaches resident.
Takovic is 19 Turns, 8 months, and 12 days old.

P'rru goes home.

You notice Sarin looking at you.

Linora picks at her clothes, steam beginning to rise from them in the heat of the fire. She smiles at Sarin. "Thanks for showing us the dolphins and stuff, that was really fun." Now that she's not freezing, her eyes are shining with remembered excitement.

Dalaran arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Vehlu arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Dalaran nods to the others as him and Vehlu pass through and out to the bowl....

Vehlu gave the slightest dip of her chin to the others as she proceded past.

Dalaran exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Sarin beams. "Aye, and they really love meeting new people. Maybe we can do it again sometime?" she suggests. Predictions of a certain journeywoman cajoling the 'rider cousin. . . She takes find a mug of klah, offering one to Linora as well. "Want some?"

Vehlu exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Llyr vanishes into the cold of ::between::

Linora tries not to make a face, and almost succeeds. "I kinda don't like the way it tastes and stuff," she says apologetically. Now that she's a bit warmer, maybe she can do without... "But I'd really like to see the dolphins again sometime," she says, brightening a bit.

Sarin nods, taking her own mug and scooting to a seat near the fire. "I'd be happy to introduce you to the Istan pods one day, if you can escape to our hall there? We wouldn't need draconic transportation then, and the locals are very friendly as well," she offers.

Tatia slips in from the Central Bowl.

Kezzra walks with a light step, in from the Central Bowl.

Linora considers that. "I'm kinda not s'posed to leave the hall without permission and stuff... an' it'd take all day ta ride to Ista, wouldn't it?" She curls into a sitting position on the hearth, reluctant to leave the fire's warmth.

Tatia steps in briskly, already shrugging out of her jacket. She's been outside so long the chill has permeated the weyrhide. "/Please/ tell me there's some klah left," she intones to the room at general, shooting a quick, flashing grin toward Takovic. Isn't he lucky? "I'm frozen."

Sarin grins, sending a wave to the other two. "It's not quite that far, but perhaps you can get permission someday," she says with a wink, taking a long sip of her klah. "One thing I like about this place. The klah doesn't taste like fish."

Kezzra giggles. "I'm shore there's some klah left, Tori dear." Name changed to Tatia after becoming a rider or no she'll always be Kezz's Tori, like it or not. "I was alway able to find some around here somewhere."

Linora looks up at the sound of another voice, smiling as she recognizes Tatia and sees Kezz coming in as well. Glancing back at Sarin, she shrugs. "Yeah, maybe... I'm from Ista and stuff, so I do get ta go home once in a while." A grin for the fish comment... how could klah taste worse?

Sarin grins. "That'd good," she agrees, pulling her legs up on the chair and wrapping her free arm 'round them. "Come track me down around the hall then, alright?"

"Yeah, but with my luck it'll be lukewarm and crusted over," Tatia mutters, nose wrinkling as her quick stride takes her straight to the klah pot. Her eyes light up as the settle on klah.. steaming klah. /Fresh/ klah. Deftly, she pours a mug full and wraps her hands around the warm mug before joining he others. "Oh. Hey, Linora," she greets in faint surprise. The StarCrafter should be impressed. Tatia's memory is working. Her eyes slide to Sarin for a moment, then back to Linora. The 'phinCrafter she doesn't know.. and that's enough for Tatia to pay a minimum amount of attention.

Sarin grins. "Hello there. I'm Sarin, sen- er, dolphin journeywoman." She knows her rank, really she does. She just forgets sometimes. That doesn't mean they can take her charm back. Nope nope nope.

Linora's eyes light up at Sarin's invitation and she nods quick assent. Then she hears her name and looks up at Tatia, vaguely surprised that the 'rider remembered her. She smiles. "Hi Tatia."

Kezzra giggles. "I take it it's not lukewarm and crusted over." she teases.

Tatia grins, head shaking as she leans against a table, resting the small of her back against the edge. "Perfect. Just like I knew it would be." So she's inconsistent. So sue her. Her mug is lifted for a deep inhalation of the steam before she takes a sip, nose wrinkling at its temperature - hot. Very hot. "So." Her arms fall in front of her, hands cradling her mug. "What're you guys all /doing/ here?"

Takovic has disconnected. Takovic falls asleep.

G'deon arrives from deeper in the Weyr.
G'deon exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Sarin smirks. "Getting warm, for now. We went down South because P'rru and Dsalth wanted to meet that dolphin pod, and we brought the starries along because there was supposed to be a new distanceviewer or something at the Hold. We never really got beyond the dolphins, though," she explains, a serene smile lighting her features at the thought of dolphins, "And then we came back here."

Kezzra grins. Oh inconsistent. That's you're usual Tori. She nods as Sarin 'recounts the story of their journeys'. "And what have you been up to Tori? It's been sooo so long."

Linora nods earnest agreement with the dolphin-journeywoman until she's reminded of the forgotten distanceviewer, then she looks a little disappointed until she's distracted again by Kezz's question. She huddles a bit closer to the fire, picking at her clothes to let some air under them, hoping to dry more quickly.

"Southern?" Tatia questions with a quirk of her brow. "Nice and warm down there, I bet." In direct contrast to a 'Reaches just coming out of winter. Her eyes widen at Kezzra's question.. perhaps not the best. "What have I been /up/ to? Shards, Kezz, I can't even start to tell you everything.." But she's sure willing to try. "We have classes /constantly/. More than we ever did at the Hall." At least, more than she went to. "And Vesp.. claims she needs oiled and scritched at least once a day, though it's nicer now that I don't have to slice her food up anymore, and we've got chores, chores, and more chores..." Let's not mention /why/ this Senior Weyrling has so many... "And on top of /that/, we just moved into our weyr, so we're trying to get everything settled in..." Oh, the trials of her life.

Linora listens wide-eyed as Tatia ticks off the list of activities. Being completely ignorant of Weyr life she understands ... about half of it, having to translate caring for her tiny firelizard into draconic terms to accomplish even that much.

Sarin grins, settling back against her chair and listening to the starry and former starry group with interest. She's learned a bit about weyr life from the rider cousin, but hearing about it from a less twisted source is always nice.

Kezzra giggles. Sounds to her like Tori is maybe exagerating a bit. "Sorry, Tori. Least you know what's going on here. I still don't know the half of what's been going on in the hall.. oh in the last nine months or so maybe.."

Tatia shakes her head emphatically at that, beginning her denial mid-sip. "Not one little bit," she responds, lowering her mug again. "I mean, you never know what's going on around here. One day you're safe, the next you walk in on the weyrlingmaster and the weyrwoman in the baths, and then find out she's /pregnant/!" Obviously /that/ episode still haunts Tat. "It's insane," she notes again, shaking her head sadly.

Linora blinks, privately glad she chose a nice safe craft and never got Searched...

Sarin reflects to herself that apparently the dolphinhall isn't the only place where no one knows what's going on. Well, some people know, but they don't include this recently promoted journeywoman.

Kezzra rolls her eye. "Well should I be sorry I asked what's going on in your life?" Defencive today aren't we.

Probably. But Tat's never going to admit it. "/I/ didn't ask," she points out swiftly, voice tightening in echoing defensiveness. Oh yes, Tat's certainyl not turned into light and sweetness in the past Turn. "You did. If you didn't want to know, you shouldn't have said anything." Hmph. She whips her mug upward, hiding any expression in its depths as she sips. Well, at least they didn't bring Kaz. Or Orph. Or any males, for that matter.

Linora gets to her feet and turns to face the fire now, the better to dry the front of her body, half looking over her shoulder so as not to completely exclude herself from the conversation... not that she feels particularly included anyhow. After all, she barely knows Tat... and the 'rider seems not to be in the most welcoming frame of mind. So she waits to see what Kezz will say.

Sarin has disconnected. Sarin gets a faraway look in her eyes and fades into a trance.

"I didn't say I didn't want to know!" Kezzra snaps. "It's not /my/ fault I haven't seen you forever." Okay so maybe it is, but it's not /all/ her fault. "And it's not /my/ fault that you're my friend and I have a slight chance of caring about what's going on in your life."

Tatia blinks. Now. What to make of that. "Well." The one word is mumbles as Tatia decides that another sip is a good idea. Buying time.. or something. "It's been busy." Repetetive, perhaps, but Tat hasn't the slightest clue where to take the conversation from here. Instead, she shifts her gaze, seizing on Linora. "Linora! How's life as an apprentice? have most your classes yet?" Focus on someone else.. on something rather boring (classes, not Linora)... and ignore any snapping. Foolproof philosophy.

Linora abruptly shifts her focus to the fire when Kezz snaps, and is surprised to hear her name called again. She turns to face Tatia now, drying her back while she's at it, and manages a hesitant smile. "I like it fine," she says quietly. "I took alla my classes, I just gotta decide on a specialty and pick a mentor and stuff." Yeah, that 'stuff' thing. Just a little project. Nothing to worry about.

Kezzra rolls her eyes. "Seems there's nothing else to say here. I have a baby to get back to." Yes, she's still worried about her little darling. "Linora, you ready to go." Not that it really matters if she is or not, as Kezz turns to head toward the bowl.

Linora shifts her eyes rapidly to the floor. No mistaking that tone, she's outta here. "Nice seeing ya again, Tatia," she mumbles, turning to follow Kezz. She's mostly dry now anyhow, but still dreading the chilly air outside and the colder cold of between.

And with the fickleness that Tat's never denied, the greenrider's face falls. "You guys're leaving already? You don't even want.. a cookie? We've got cookies. And my weyr.. is nearly done. You could come up and see it." Not that she's begging or anything. Not that she's anxious for friendly faces. Her eyes fly quickly to Linora, seizing on the mostly-still-friendly apprentice. "I've got a lovely weyr.. nice and cozy..."

Linora flashes an apologetic look to the 'rider, then a questioning one to Kezz. Lin'd really love to see an actual weyr...

Kezzra turns on her heel to glare at Tori. Now there's a Tato move for you. "Yes, we're leaving. No, we don't want any cookies. And why would I care about your weyr?" Oh lovely Kezz. See Tori for the first time in a turn and then fight with her.

"Because it's /nice/," Tatia snaps, slamming her mug down on the table behind her with enough force to send klah sloshing over the edges. "Because I thought maybe you'd /missed/ me, but I guess you're just full of.. full of.. /ug/." Good thing Tat didn't finish that sentance. She turns instead to Linora, offering a polite smile. "You're welcome to come up if you want. I can find you another ride home." Kezzra is firmly ignored from this point on.

Linora freezes in her tracks, torn with indecision. She /really/ wants to stay longer but doesn't dare disobey a journeywoman. Her eyes dart from one to the other in confusion.

"Full of what Tori?" Kezzra nearly dares Tatia to finish her sentance. Of course she missed her, not that Kezz would ever atmit that at this point in time.

Tatia isn't finishing it. Not when Kezzra wants her to so badly. She simply draws herself up, straightening as best as she can manage before sending Kezzra a slightly smirking smile. "Nothing, Kezzra," she intones, voice nothing if not sweet. "Linora? Coming?" She throws the question over her shoulder, already shrugging back into her jacket.

Bad to worse. Linora has no idea what to do, looking dumbstruck from one woman to the other. Stay... bad. Kezz will be mad at her. Go... bad. She gets to /be/ with Kezz when she's mad. Okay, try doing nothing. If she doesn't choose, someone will choose for her, right?

"Fine! See if I care if you tell me or not." Kezz is not giving in that easily. No way. "Come on Linora. It's time to go." Another glare goes to Tatia.

"Fine." Tatia snaps out the word, though it's under her breath, and soft enough that it's doubtful either StarCrafter could hear it. Her jacket is yanked the rest of the way on with violent movements, and soon she's stomping toward the door. Erm. Kinda hard to make a dramatic exit when you're both heaing the same direction.

Linora swallows. No arguing with /that/ tone, and she meekly turns to follow Kezz out. Sigh.

Kezzra stops in her tracks. What's the fun in walking out on Tatia if Tatia is walking out on her and they're walking out on eachother in the same direction. She'll let Tatia go and then leave. Yeah. That's it. *kicks herself for wanting to type Tatoria all the time*

Tatia is quite willing to go first.. as a matter of fact, she's already stomping in that direction, muttering under her breath. "Vesp! Bowl. Now." She's so tenses that the idea of silent conversation doesn't enter her mind, and she vocalizes the order before disappearing through the door.

Hyde appears from ::between:: in a cloak of dark blue and a flash of polished talons.

Linora nearly walks into Kezz's back before she realizes she's stopped, drawing up short just in time, and blinking as Tatia storms past them and out the door. She sighs. "Howcome you're so mad at her anyhow?" This has really been bugging her; she thought Kezz'd been happy to see Tatia.

Kezzra rolls her eyes. "Why am I so mad at her?" she snaps. "The better question is why is she so mad at me? She started it!" Or atleast that's how Kezz sees it.

Linora takes a step back involuntarily, but she can see Kezz isn't mad at /her/. "Started what?" Just a question, nothing more. She can already feel the cold air through the cavern opening, and she's just not /quite/ ready to go out there. Besides, she's curious.

Oh. Like Linora doesn't know. "She started this whole thing!" Kezzra snaps. "She yelled at me first." And obviously Kezz is in no mood to deal with it.

Linora chews her lip, wide eyes fixed on Kezz. "Isn't she your friend?"

Kezzra rolls her eyes. "Of course she is." Kezzra says, her tone still sharp. And if Linora had any point in that question it missed Kezz.

Linora just sighs. She spent enough time talking to Ali to be able to figure out what the problem might be. Now if she can find the words. "It's kinda hard ta leave your friends and stuff and start all over with something else." Especially something as hard as taking care of a whole dragon. "Maybe she didn't mean it." Maybe Kezz didn't mean it, either.

"Maybe she didn't mean it!?" Like Kezz almost believes that. "I'll believe /that/ when I hear it from her." Which knowing Tori will probably take a long time.

Linora shrugs. "So ask her. She's prolly still out there." Nothing to lose, at least she's getting drier while they're talking. "Go make up and stuff." She gives Kezz a little halfsmile. "Ya came all the way to High Reaches ta see her, didn'tcha?" Backing a bit closer to the fire, yeah, much better.

Kezzra blinks. Her make up to Tori? Excuse me? "I am /not/ apologizing to her. She can apologize to me first."

Linora grins. "So?" She glances out the door. "Go talk to her. Maybe she will." Yeah, pigs might fly too, but at least Lin doesn't have to go out in the freezing bowl...

"Fine!" Kezzra's tone is sharp but at least she's giving in... a bit..?

Kezzra exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Linora sighs and moves a bit closer to the hearth to wait. Much better.

A Bit Laterů

Bundle up 'gainst snow or sun! The bowl is open to seasons' wrath.

Central Bowl
Seven spindles brush the clouds -- quite literally -- overhead, a jagged, spired cotillion grey-stoned majesty. The bowl from here is expansively large, extending a full half mile in both directions, and although sometimes a bit of a stretch, most of the hubs of activity can be easily observed. Hard-packed ground shows the common pathways, all of them meandering about the craggy bunch of boulders that form a centerpiece: carven, hand-worn and foothold-full, it gives a bit of centerpoint to the otherwise vast emptiness of the area.
To the north lie the hatching grounds and leadership weyrs, while the lows of herdbeasts mark the feeding pens to the northeast. A flurry of ever-present activity marks the living caverns to the west, and another time-traveled path the ground weyrs just adjacent to the southwest. Southeast, a glint of blue shows the lake, glittering and cold.
It is a spring evening.
Clinging to footholds in the boulder-mound are thirteen firelizards.
Green Yshanth, bronze Rixesith, blue Mzadith, gold Cadgwith, green Alymath, and green Vespurath are here. You see a wagonmaster, Cattysaur, Box, and Dustina here.
Tatia and Kezzra are here.

Tatia nods, head dipping once. Her expression is hidden as Vespurath's neck swings upward, and the green lets out a trumpeting bugle that earns her a quick look from her lifemate. "Hush!" she hisses. "People are /asleep/, Vesp." Ok, so not many of them.. but some. Hand spread to indicate the straps, and the still-offerd forelimb, Tat inclines her head to the others. "Need any help mounting?"

Kezzra shakes her head. "I think I can manage." she replies.

Kezzra climbs up shadowed hide to settle between Vespurath's slender 'ridges.

Linora steps out into the chilly evening air, tired of waiting, in time to see Tatia and Kezz apparently getting ready to leave. "Where are you going?" Hurrying up to join them, suddenly afraid she'll be left on her own at 'Reaches.

"My weyr," Tatia replies as she grabs hold of a strap, using it to pull herself up. "Climb on up.. I've got klah there. And cookies." A short laugh escapes her at some comment of the green's, obvious from the way she twists her neck about to stare at her lifemate. "Vesp has something of an addiction for klah.. so I'll have to make a pot anyway."

Tatia climbs up shadowed hide to settle between Vespurath's slender 'ridges.

Linora ohs and quickly scrambles up, finding a hold on whatever riding straps she can reach.

You climb up shadowed hide to settle between Vespurath's slender 'ridges.

Vespurath [Central Bowl]
Malachite dredges itself up from darkest recesses of the woods, the gentle flicker of pine hiding among verdant shades of more umbrageous tones. Shadows stretch beneath the splendor of absinthe, which bursts out over slender 'ridges and wings alike while radiant pinpoints of nebulous sage are scattered like stars across the compact neck, leading up to the chiseled muzzle and capacious eyes. The illumination through the forests of hide continues down the thickset legs, leading to a set of perfect, gleaming claws. Somber tones give way to mischeviousness along the haunches and sprawling tail, midnight's refined touch changing to erratic shades, as if reflecting a child's mirth.
Tucked between Vespurath's 'ridges of sage are Kezzra and Tatia.
Vespurath seems to be listening.

Muscles tensing with the unacustomed effort of two extra passengers, Vespurath springs into the air with a little less grace than usual. Once there, however, she's in her element, and slow, graceful strokes carry them ever upward.

You take off.

Above the Bowl
The ocean's tranquil thermals settle within the center section of the bowl's airspace, unusually smooth and bouyant -- though oft to switch as the seasons shift. Lingering beneath spires' constant presence, the perpetual activity of the weyr can be observed from every direction: from the testing rustle of dragonet wings, to the playful games sent aloft.

Linora shivers. It's even colder aloft.

Vespurath slides slowly through the air, taking her time in the short trip toward their ledge. Tatia turns to glance over her shoulder with a grin. "Easy to see why we wear hides, isn't it?" she intones as she catches Linora's shiver. Between jacket and gloves, she's actually quite warm. "Do try to hurry, Vesp." At the loving admonishment, Vespurath's wingstrokes quicken, and soon they're gliding for a soft landing on the ledge.

You soar in for a landing on Vespurath's ledge.

Vespurath's Ledge
A newly swept ledge, awaiting its new occupant.

Across shades of pine and sage, Tatia slides down Vespurath's side, landing on the ground with a slight bounce.

Across shades of pine and sage, Kezzra slides down Vespurath's side, landing on the ground with a slight bounce.

Across shades of pine and sage, you slide down Vespurath's side, landing on the ground with a slight bounce.

Linora quickly forgets she was /ever/ warm, dressed as she is for spring on Ista island... anytime of year at Ista, for that matter. She looks hopefully into the weyr, hoping it's warmer in there.

Tatia grins as she slides down Vespurath's side with practiced ease and steps back, throwing a hand wide to indicate their view. The east-facing weyr might not get much of a sunset, but they have a spectacular view of the rising moons. "Huge, isn't it?" Tatia questions with a grin. "Vesp wanted one big, so we could sit out here and watch the stars. I swear I look at them more now than I even did in the hold." Her unusually observant gaze catches Linora, and she heads toward the weyr with clicking strides. "Don't worry, it's usually quite warm in here.. and a lot smaller. S'why we managed to get such a big ledge - the inside's too small for larger dragons."

Vespurath slinks quietly to the weyr.

Linora quickly follows, her relief almost palpable, although she has a smile at the image of rider and dragon stargazing together.

Tatia slips to the weyr.
Kezzra walks with a light step, to the weyr.

Vespurath's Verdant Veranda
In direct contrast to the spacious ledge, the weyr inside is relatively small and cozy. Near the entrance, a couch spreads, and the indentation in the worn stone is precisely Vespurath-shaped. The foot of Tatia's large bed is fitted against the end of the couch, and it's spread with a bright patchwork of deep blue. An even deeper blue spreads the floor with a carpet that almost manages to cover the entire floor, allowing only the edges of cold stone to peek through. The furnishings are simple; a wardrobe hides in one corner, while another boasts a shelf filled to capacity with knickknacks of all sorts, and the dull wood of a trunk hides near the head of Tatia's bed. In the center of the room sits a low, round table that lacks the expected straight-backed chairs. Instead, a scattering of pillows surrounds the table, which is a comfortable height for those sitting cross-legged on the floor. As a matter of fact, pillows make up a good deal of the room, and various hues ranging from deep forest green to a rich wine red are scattered about. A hearth fills the center of one wall, and there's nearly always a pot of klah warming over the fire. The space between ledge and weyr is blocked off with a richly red patterned hanging of thick cloth that can easily be pulled aside on pleasant summer days. Stretching up and around the arced entrance climbs a delicate latticework, barely visible through the climbing ivy that grows from the pots set on each side. Each corner of the weyr, as well as several random spots, continue the theme, and greenery of all sorts sprouts from pots.
It is a spring evening.
On the perch is Verlege.
Green Vespurath is here.
You see Wooden chest here.
Tatia and Kezzra are here.

Vespurath has already curled herself into the comfort of her couch, and her head rests on her forepaws as she watches her lifemate's movements inquisitively. "I /am/," Tatia notes, throwing a glance toward the green even as she moves to shove a pot full of water over the fire. "Oh, just grab a seat," she notes to the entering StarCrafters. "While I get klah boiling.. before Vesp gets too bossy." She grins as she speaks, however, obviously teasing, and she procures several mugs from somewhere, along with a shallow bowl.

Linora plops down on a pillow, as near to the fire as she can politely manage to get herself, and looks all around with big eyes.

Kezzra flops to a seat with a soft, yet autibal, sigh. It's been a long day for her and she hasn't exactly been sleeping well lately.

"So? What dya think?" Tatia spins to question the two brightly, hands planting a mug for each on the low table. "It's kinda small, but I like it that way. And we still have the ledge..." Vespurath croons her agreement softly.

Linora beams. She's never seen a weyr before and has nothing to compare it to, but... "It's nice. Comfy." Yeah.

Kezzra attempts to hide a yawn behind her hand. "Yeah... It's nice Tori."

"I think.." Kezzra yawns again, "if you don't mind, Tori, I would mind crashing her for tonight..."

Linora is yawning too, the swim and the traveling beginning to catch up with her, as well as the lateness of the hour. And the fire is /so/ nice, and the pillows are /so/ soft... So when she hears Kezz say 'crashing here' she only smiles, drawing one of the pillows up and curling around it. Mmmm.