This is apparently what happens when Apprentices don't have enough work to do...

The Vault
No more than a hideaway amidst the gothic grandeur of the StarHall, this cozy lounge is a place of laughter if not greatness, warmth if not splendour. The close stone walls are insulated with tapestries of all shapes and sizes, most a little worn, several faded and a good many depicting scenes from childhood stories. The mismatched chairs and sofas are in a similar state, rescued from cellars and rubbish-heaps but perhaps more softer and more comfortable for that, scattered in a rouch circle on a hardwood floor. A low round table in the centre of the room holds cards, discarded hides, mugs, and a pot that holds klah as long as someone remembers to fill it. The one window at the back wall lets light and air into the warm, cozy room.
Scattered troughout the rooms are numerous glowbaskets. Thin hides, that would be transparant if they weren't coloured in light shades of red green and blue cast a colourfull and happy athmostphere troughout the room. Small bells and sticks, hung near the window, create soft, eerie yet comfortablly soft sounds,
On the perch are Pingouin, Teremi, Kataxia, Aftiel, Rygel, Tas, Bartleby, Ryann, Stryke, Kamikaze, Wintermute, and Aeryn.
You see Sweet Root plant, Kaelli, and Tuvock here.
Caelestis, Cassia, and Shanel are here.
It is sunset of the eightieth day of winter.
It is the twenty-sixth Turn of the Tenth Pass.

Linora wanders out of the dorms looking just a little sleepy, just got up, after all. Glancing around the vault, she doesn't see anyone she knows, but smiles anyhow, being in a kinda good mood and stuff.

Shanel glances up from her book. Seeing an unfamilar face she smiles. "Hi, I'm Shanel." Tilting her head slightly to one side she adds, "How long have you been here?"

Cassia is here. That is the best and most accurate way to put her current position, seeing that she is lying on the floor, in the middle of the room. Her dancing eyes are pointed ever upwards at the oh-so-interesting cieling, as she lies limp, limbs spread out at all angles. Between the mass of golden hair that has fallen across her face, a warm smile can be seen. Her head turns slightly at the sound of others, as her body goes slightly stiff, holding it firmly pointing towards the roof.

A slender girl with short brown hair and wide light blue eyes looks out at the world, mischief almost always playing across her features. Her hair is worn loose and falls just above chin level.
She has on plain but comfortable brown toursers. Shanel's shirt is slightly oversized but cut to fit her growing figure. It is a deep midnight blue to bring out her eyes. Upon one shoulder a StarCraft apprentice knot is proudly displayed.
Shanel is 13 Turns and 7 months old.

Linora grins at Shanel. "Hi. I'm Linora... I been here around... um... four months or so? Not real long. Whatcha reading?" She almost trips over Cassia but doesn't, instead finding a comfy chair and flopping.

Shanel sighs, closing the book resulutly. "Boring notes." She winces, very greatful for an interuption. She glances down at Cassia, up to the ceiling and down again to Cassia, Shanel has to ask, "What are you looking at?"

Cassia is almost tripped over, but thats no matter. She contiues staring at the ceiling, slowly contemplating Shanel's question. "It's not what you look at." Cassia says a bit hesitantly, "It's what you see." A slight smile adorns her lips, drawing them upwards slightly into her cheeks. Never ask Cassia a normal question, because you will get a weird answer.

Linora giggles, sprawled gracelessly on her chair. "So, um... what do you /see/?" She sneaks a peek at the ceiling for herself... looks like a ceiling to /her/...

Golden hair falls lightly to straight and elegant shoulder. Cassia hold herself regally, her face covered in pale skin on the verge of being the least bit tanned. Her eyes are a bright and vibrant blue, well set underneath high arching brows. A tiny nose sits influentually in the middle of her face that totters between being oval and round. Her ears are tiny, and tuck away gently at the side of Cassia's head, behind the flowing masses of her hair. Her neck is a bit too short, branching twixt head and torso. She is of an average height, not being too short nor too tall at that. Her build is sturdy, yet a bit wispy and elegant.
Cassia wears a fiery red tunic, which is a tad too large for her. It flaps about when she moves, and its bottom rests just below her midriff. The collar hangs a bit, though she is constantly plucking at it, and moving it farther up her neck. On Cassia's lower half are wher-hide breeches, of a lush dark colour. On her feet she wears boots of the same style, that cling to her tinyish feet.
Cassia is 14 Turns, 3 months, and 1 day old.

Shanel nods slowly. She looks up at the ceiling again, carefully she turns so that her feet are in the air and her head is hanging of the seat of her chair. "I seeeee," she trails off. What did she see?

"Whatever my mind chooses to see." She shrugs, her smile twisting into a devious grin. Her hand brushes hair out of her face as she stares contentedly at the ceiling, stopping only to answer the questions. "Look beyond the ceiling. Don't even look at the ceiling.. just look! What do you see?" It's Cassia logic.. what do you expect?

Linora just shakes her head. "Um. I see a ceiling." She's just too literal-minded for such nonsense. "I see a silly apprentice sprawled on the floor?" she adds, teasing just a bit for good measure.

A slightly evil looking grin flits across Shanel's lips. Tilting her head back far enough to see Linora, ooooh, head rush, she blinks. "I think I see a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end of it." Imagination, something Shanel is good at.

Cassia eyes Linora a bit warily, shrugging off the latter comment. "You really can't see anything?" This one will take a while to get through to. She sighs, drawing herself up into a sitting position, crossing her legs after a few relatively awkward movements. "Look at the ceiling, but not at the ceiling. You are looking at the ceiling, but not seeing the ceiling. What you should see, is what your mind is thinking of. You imagination. Seeing your thoughts!" She gets slightly estatic at this, nodding to Shanel. "Yes!"

Llyr appears quite suddenly from ::between::

Linora stares at Cassia, nodding at each point. Then giggles. "I'm not /thinking/ of anything. I just see what I see." Just to be sure, she peeks back up at the ceiling again. Nope, just a ceiling.

Nirra steps quietly in from the Female Apprentice Quarters.

Shanel places a hand on her head. Maybe laying upside-down was a /bad/ idea. She places a hand on either side of her head, tips her feet over top, oops, pushed to far. Shanel lands on her back, still looking at the ceiling, "Just make something up and you'll see it.

At this point, Cassia seriosuly considers getting up and bashing her head against the wall. But what's the good in that? "It's like day dreaming." She states, completely giving up on Linora's insanity. Ceiling logic must not be an easy concept for some people. With a quiet and quick sigh, she simply flops back down on the floor and watches the ceiling. Look at all those pretty pictures!

Nirra slips in obviously not paying much attention to what she is doing as she stumbles slightly on a uneven spot in the floor. Hearing a thump as Shanel lands on the floor she looks up. "What are you doing down there?" she asks wondering what Shanel has gotten into now.

Linora giggles as Shanel tumbles to the floor, and notices Nirra coming in. "Heya," she greets the younger girl. "Do /you/ see anything on the ceiling?"

Nirra smiles a greeting to Linora and looks up at the ceiling confused, "On the ceiling?" She tilts her head this way and that not seeing a thing and looks back down at Shanel. "Is there supposed to be something up there?" She walks further into the room and looks up again to see if it has suddenly appeared up there while she was looking away.

Shanel chuckles at the look on Nirra's face. "I'm not in trouble this time!!" The girl really is rather easy to read at times. "We're ceiling watching on the equisite tutaloge of Cassia."

Cassia glances at Nirra, having started a 'thing' on the floor. She returns her head to the ceiling and begins humming, surprisingly in tune. "This is not that hard, people." She giggles, adjusting her knot slightly. "It's what you see, not what you are looking at!"

Linora giggles again, still sprawled on her chair. "I /always/ see what I'm looking at." What's so confusing about that? A quick glance at Nirra... is /she/ going to flop on the floor, too?

Hyde appears from ::between:: in a cloak of dark blue and a flash of polished talons.

Mummbling something about dirty floors Nirra kneels down and then flips over on her back. "What else have I got to do?" she sounds board. "Okay, what am I seeing?" she's hoping someone will give her a clue as too what she's supposed to see or what they see...or why she's on the floor.

Orpheus pads softly in from the Male Apprentice Quarters.

Shanel shakes her head, the floor isn't /that/ dirty. "Look beyond the ceiling." She tries to sound mysterious only to burst into giggles again. "Just....." she pauses for effect, "imagine."

Cassia shakes her head. She has to explain Cassia Ceiling logic /again/? "Look at the ceiling. It's not what you are looking at, really, it's what you see. Simply stare at the ceiling and let your mind wander until you are no longer seeing the ceiling, but whatever your mind shows you." She smiles slightly, staring intently at the ceiling.

Miracles of miracles, Orpheus is both awake and lucid, wandering out without even any food in hand. "G'evening," he greets the ceiling-staring girls, sinking into the poor, battered chair long claimed as his own. He turns his gaze on Shanel and Cassia, a shade away from staring himself. "Look at the /ceiling/?"

Nirra releases Spirit, who launches into the air.

Spirit glides to the Main Hall Balcony.

Linora giggles at Orph's comment. "/Thank/ you!" she says to him. "I don't see anything either." Look at them, lying on the floor like a bunch of wherries!

Tatia slips in from the Main Hall Balcony.

Waving a stern finger at Linora, Orpheus, and Nirra, "You're not trying hard enough." Giggling, she brushes hair out of her eyes. Shanel knows how silly she must look, right now, though, it's about fun.

Yes, Cassia is definately a wherry. "You mean you can't see it after all of our careful instruction?" She chides at Linora. A glance of her pale blue eyes goes to Orpheus. "Won't you join us?" Come on, everyone get on the floor and stare at the ceiling!

Okay, Nirra can do this, she lets her mind wander and her eyes go out of focus. "Um..." she's not seeing anything interesting at the moment. "Wherries?" she picks up the word from Linora and suddenly sees wherries flying around on the ceiling, "Ohmy, I see wherries." she sounds confused then she blinks. "Oh, their gone," now sounding disapointed.

Tatia appears in the doorway, still tugging gloves off one at a time as she peers around in interest, as if she expected the place to change drastically in the last Turn or so. With a grin brighter than any she ever wore while an apprentice, she pauses, placing de-gloved hands on her hips to scan the room.. and catch one or two familar faces. Those she doesn't know are discarded. "Hello!" she calls, announcing herself expectantly. Ok. You can cheer now. Tatia has arrived.

A slight girl who stands shorter than most her age watches the world through a pair of deep green eyes. The right is marked by a fleck of gold near the pupil that catches the light at odd moments. Her face, almost heart-shaped, is framed by a thick curtain of deep red hair which falls smooth and straight to her waist on good days and flies in her eyes in tangles on bad ones. Her skin is pale, almost white in some lights, and darkens only to an unusual shade of red when exposed to the sun's light for too long. Her nose and lips both tend to be a little on the thin side - she'd call them 'delicate' - but she manages to hide this fact most of the time with a bright smile. Nestled in the hollow of her throat is a cloudy purple stone, oblong in shape, that is held in place by the many tendrils of silver that curl around it. A thin silver chain circles her neck and threads through the topmost tendril.
Deep royal blue bruises the fabric of Tatia's shirt, which hangs from her frame carelessly. Tiny buttons hold the practical fabric in place at the neckline, and the sleeves taper to her wrist, ending in a cuff that keeps them safely out of the way when working or allows them to be shoved up to her elbows. The hemline is tucked neatly into black trousers that are nothing if not practical. Sturdy and cleanly cut, they already bear the stains resulting from a Junior Weyrling's hard labor. A belt of the same black is fastened 'round her waste, and the trousers end just soon enough to reveal a rather new, though already worn, pair of boots, barely noticeable as their black fades into the rest of the ensemble.
Cords dance together, one blue, one black, twining in a single loop as each stuggles for dominance. The opposing colors are threaded together with one of deepest green, a ribbon that proclaims proudly that Tatia is a 'Reaches Junior Weyrling, a greenrider.
Tatia is 18 Turns, 4 months, and 1 day old.

"You see /wherries/?" The girls one and all recieve an incredulous stare, Orpheus straightening from his slouch as if expecting them to start dancing dance. "Did you all get some bad klah slipped to you or something?" The appearing Tatia, rather than greeted by a chair, gets a comical groan. "Oh great, more girls." He slips a wink at the rider, tossing of a wave. "What're you doing back here?" Aww, what a sweet greeting.

Cassia motions for Tatia to lie on the floor, along with a few other people. "It comes and goes, but if you get it to stay, everything is really neat! For a while, you get lost in what's happening." She stares aimably at the ceiling, only too willing to share her newfound fun with everyone else.

Linora is still sprawled on her chair with a slightly amazed look, which grows when a stranger in riding gear appears in the doorway, stripping off gloves. She shakes her head. "Really." Being far too literal-minded to look for ... pictures on the ceiling? She takes another peek. Nope. Still just a ceiling.

And goodbye grin.. Tatia's frown creeps into place, complete with the narrowed eyes the warn of a coming glare. And all directed at Orpheus. How nice. "Well," she states in irritation. "I /thought/ perhaps I'd come by and /visit/ my /friends/." Obviously that list doesn't include Orpheus. What a greeting. What a /night/. Her gaze moves beyond the irritating male to glance at Cassia. "What exactly are you /doing/?" Really now, Tat. You should know this. How many hours did /you/ spend staring blankly at the cieling?

From her spot on the floor Shanel aims a fake kick in the genral direction of Orpheus. She waves idly at the stranger. "Linora, did you take the story-telling class yet." She just has to ask.

Orpheus fends of Tatia's glare with his trademarked 'I'm so innocent' grin. "Well it's nice to see you down here," he tosses at the irked rider, blithely -- stupidly -- unaware of any irritation. "How's the weyr? And--" He has to pause to bring the name of her green up, but it rises from that mire known as his mind eventually. "--how is Vespurath?"

A grin is flashed in Tatia's direction. "Why looking at the ceiling, but not!" Isn't that just so obvious? She giggles slightly, tossing her hair around for lack of effort to raise her hand and flick it out of her laughter line creased face. "Come now, lying on the floor and staring at the ceiling should be done at least once every sevenday!"

Linora ums vaguely at Shanel. "Storytelling? You mean the nightskies class?" That must be it, yeah. She heard a lot of stories in that one. She shrugs. "Must be... the only one I haven't taken is optics."

A back comes the smile.. Orpheus just hit the magic button. "Oh, she's /great/!" Tatia notes, positively beaming at him. She pauses for a moment, eyes taking on that slightly blank look she gets when conversing with her lifemate. "Enjoying the gardens right now," she notes after a second. "And she says hello." Still beaming, she glances down to Cassia as she shrugs out of her jacket. "Shards, forgot how warm it is here.. or how cold 'Reaches is." If possible, that beaming smile inches just a little wider as she spies something.. a chair. /Her/ chair. Any chance she could steal that one? Giving a small running start, she flies to land in the chair with a bounce. Beam. "Oh, the /ceiling/," she replies, settling her head on the armrest. "Of course. Quite nice."

Shanel nods, "Yea that one. Did you /tell/ any stories in it?" Shanel is only curious, how could one tell stories if one couldn't even see pictures on the ceiling? Turning her head long enough to glance at both Tatia and Cassia, noding to herself Shanel looks back to her pictures, yes at least once every sevenday.

Surprised by the arival of a rider, Nirra sits up from the floor. She was lost for a moment in her imagining and missed the converstations. She has a blank look. "Hello," she says quietly to the person she dosen't know.

Orpheus' gaze slides down from the ceiling -- he still doesn't see it -- to rest on Shanel, picking her as one of the more sane ones. Mistake. "Tell me, is it common for girls to see things that aren't there?" he queries, all innocence and good intentions. Honest. It's part of his ever-going question to understand women. Which isn't going to happen. "And, er, I'm glad she's doing well," he adds absently in Tatia's direction, all comments about the ceiling still causing raised eyebrows.

Linora blinks. No, she /hadn't/ told any stories... only listened. For a second she begins to worry again, then she hears Orph's comment. And breathes a sigh of relief. Maybe it's /not/ a compliment to be thought sane by Orph, but she'll cling to whatever she can... She swallows. "That's different," she tries. "It's easy to see stuff in the /stars/... That's just a /ceiling/." Hoping she sounds convincing.

"Orpheus, you never did have much imagination," Tatia scolds, eyes lifted to the ceiling. "There are all sorts of cool things to be found." Her head twists, rolling to let her cheek rest on the armrest to glance at the source of the greeting. "Oh. Hey." With typical Tat thoughtlessness, she turns back to the cieling without so much as an introduction. She rather forgot she didn't know everyone in the Hall anymore.

Cassia blinks at Orpheus, wondering why he asks such silly questions. She lets Shanel answer as her tensed neck releases, dropping her head softly back onto the floor. A sigh escapes through her full lips. Why can't everyone see? Oh well, there are those born to it, those who can learn to it, and those who ust don't understand. More Cassia logic. She giggles slightly, not quite sure at what, just feeling suddenly very giddy.

Shanel slowly picks herself up of the floor. She raises an eyebrow at Orpheus, understanding slowly dawning. She grins, "Oh no," She responds slowly. "Some /special/ boys can see them too." She pauses briefly, "Sometimes."

Tatia lets out a short giggle, dropping her eyes to glance toward Linora. "Or the best of both worlds," she notes, eyes sparkling. "Stars /on/ the ceiling. Vesp would /love/ you." No, it's not possible for her to go more than a few minutes without mentioning her lifemate.. particularly with that ongoing monolouge in her head that's inserting comments about stars and stories and how nice one would be at the moment.

Nirra blinks then looks back up at the ceiling, nope no wherries. She looks at Orph, "I told you you'll never understand girls. Not unless you become one and I don't think that will happen," an innocent comment coming from someone so young. Nirra gets up fromt the floor. She shakes her head at Shanel, "He's just not 'special'" this is followed by a wink at Shanel. Moving to a chair she plops down.

Shanel raises slowly, to prevent stiffness. "I have to go now." She grimances at the thought of /more/ chores. "It was nice meeting all of you." She waves one last time and walks off.

Stars and stories sound really neat. She giggle sat the 'special' part, rolling her head from side to side to get a better look at things. Finally, in one swift movement, Cassia vaults her lithe frame from the floor to a standing position, slightly crouching with her knees bent and arms forward. A pause before she rights her self, with one last glance to the beloved ceiling.

Orpheus isn't a special boy? Aww, now you'll make him pout. "I don't understand girls," he shoots at Nirra. "And no dress or hairdo--" That is how you become a girl, right? "--would be able to translate feminine insanity." That's the word for it, and a big one, too, from Orpheus. "Ah -- what prompted all this ceiling-staring, anyway?"

Spirit blinks in from ::between::!

Linora tries to follow, really, not fully understanding the comments directed at Orph and /still/ not seeing anything of any interest on the ceiling. But she perks up as the dragonrider mentions her lifemate. She's met a couple dragons, yup. Then Orph's question reaches her ears. Still sprawled gracelessly on her chair, she swings her head around to look at him. And points to Cassia. "Ask /her/."

Llyr chirps at the other blue.

Stars and stories sound really neat til you do it every night, in the cold, when you /really/ want to sleep. "Really, Orph," Tatia grumbles. "I think it's more that male insanity doesn't allow you to translate female /sanity/. Don't blame it on us."

Spirit cherps at all those gathered then takes a playful dive at Orph's head before gliding over to his human-pet.

Orpheus levels one of his better glares at the firelizard, a bit rusty from disuse but still somewhat potent. "Whoever had the bright idea of befriending those things in the first place needs to go stare at ceiling." The glare slips to a wide-eyed grin as he ignores the 'pest' to focus on a pest of another kind, the rider species type. "Female /sanity/? That's an oxymoron if I've ever heard one." Another big word!

Nirra calls to Spirit, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.

Cassia flahses a winning smile at Linora. "Ask me?" She asks, putting on the most innocent of faces. A quick twirl brings her to face Orpheus. Cassia stands up perfectly straight, "I was simply minding my own buisness, being entertained by the ceiling when I was beset upon by these ruffians, sah!" Her hand flies out, motioning to Linora and the place where Shanel was previously. The edges of her lips tug upwards, but she fights it off, keeping a straight face. Her face turns quizically for a moment, before she continues. "Probationary apprentice Cassia, I am."

Tatia opens her mouth to argue with that one.. until images of earlier this evening and the females of 'Reaches pop into her head. Perhaps she should just leave it there. Change the subject. Quick. "Quite a pain, aren't they? Only good for scrubbing dragons and eating every hour of every day."

Linora giggles. Ruffians? Really. She looks back over at Orph. "Cassia," Good, now there's a name for her... "was lying in the /middle/ of the floor -- I almost tripped over her!" Another giggle. "I mean, I expected to find starry appy's looking up ... /outside/!"

Llyr vanishes into the cold of ::between::

"Er, I'm Orph, perpetual apprentice," the young man introduces himself, stil regarding Cassia as the least sane out of a decidedly /insane/ bunch. "And /how/ were you being entertained by the ceiling?" He smirks quiet agreement at Tatia, not even needing to say it. Pesty things, everyone knows his opinion of 'em.

Linora doesn't bother to introduce herself. Everyone in the room heard Shanel say her name, didn't they? She looks to Cassia, still not clear on the explanation.

Wait, we're introducing ourselves? Somehow Tatia missed that.. but she's willing to jump right in. "Tatia.. greenrider at 'Reaches." She pauses in silence for a moment, then rolls her eyes as she glances at the group. "Rider of green /Vespurath,/" she corrects.

Cassia smiles warmly at Linora before answering Orpheus. "It's not what you look at, but what you see." She states, expecting that everyone should be able to get this simple logic. "You look at the ceiling just as a point of focus and let your mind wander. Then, you are physically looking at the ceiling, but mentally you see whatever your mind chooses to show you." She smiles warmly, brushing even more hair out of her face.

Nirra gets up from her chair and excuses herself with a mummbled mention of chores.

Linora blinks at the dragonrider's introduction; that name's familiar. She tries to remember... then hears Cassia repeating that inane mantra again. What you /see/? What does she mean by that?? She peeks at the ceiling again.

Cassia walks to the Female Apprentice Quarters.

Something to the effect of 'she must not get out much' is muttered by Orpheus, far under his breath. Eyes turned down as Cassia explains, he raises them with a bright grin firmly in place, halo almost visible. "Right, that sounds sensible." Or not.

Tatia blinks slowly, shifting her gaze back to the ceiling. And here she thought she always found shapes in it cause she was bored. "Well. Never thought of it quite like that," she muses absently. "But at least we have an interesting ceiling?"

Eyes still fixed on the ceiling, Linora wears a perplexed expression. She shifts a little in the chair for a different angle.

Orpheus creeps out on the ceiling-staring girls, giving them up as lost causes as he goes to seek the company of some sane male. They're far easier to understand.

Lilinia walks in from the Main Hall Balcony.

Tatia lies in her customary chair, head snuggled on the armrest, staring blankly at the cieling. Not an uncommon sight, all in all.

Orpheus is on his way out, fleeing insane females who see things where there is nothing. That would be those over there, staring up at the ceiling. Tatia decidedly included.

Linora is sprawled on a chair not far from Tatia, still regarding the ceiling with a quizzical expression.

Orpheus pads softly to the Male Apprentice Quarters.

Lilinia walks in, looking around for a decently warm cup of klah. Even if it's already been half drunk. Or dranked. At the moment, Lili isn't forming full sentences, especially after no sleep for over a day and a half. "Uhm. Hi. Yah. Klah. Klahklah. Must have." Peer. She glares around, looking for some klah in a mug. Or a cup. Something though. "Oh. Hi. Tori." And she flops down in a chair. Whatever.

Tatia tilts her head backward so she can watch Lili enter upside down. "Oh. Hey, Lili," she greets absently before sliding down to direct her gaze back toward the ceiling. Hey, she can be nonchelant, too. Really.

Linora blinks and pulls her eyes away from the ceiling. Really, there isn't anything up there. And glances over at the entering Journeyoman. And rights herself. She wasn't looking at the ceiling, not Linora. There's nothing to see!

Sitting there, she blindly looks around, hoping to find some sort of nourishment. Of the klah persuasion. "So... what's up Tori? Kill anyone lately?" Nia just sits there, glancing around at things, still wondering where that customary pot of klah is hanging out. Humph.

Tatia shakes her head from side to side, still staring at the ceiling. "Nope. Not allowed at 'Reaches. I have to shovel ash pits and bag firestone if I do." Let's not mention that she has to bag firestone anyway.. nasty smelling job, that. "You? Drive any apprentices insane?" A small smile creeps upward at the fact that Tat is no longer amoung that group.. no more star lessons for her! Except, of course, what Vespurath weedles out of her...

Linora looks from Tatia to the journeywoman, not recognizing her but seeing that she doesn't really look in the mood to be meeting a new apprentice. Not tonight. Not with that look on her face. So she just listens and watches... well, maybe just listens... her eyes closing.

Lilinia scratches her head, "Ah. Uhm. Firestone. Oookay." She blinks. Forgetting that someone is a rider? Yah. "Haha. See, now all we have to do here is uhm... clean? Or something..." Talk about need of sleep. She finally notices a mug of klah. Kinda hiding. It seems edible though. Or drinkable. Hopefully the latter. "Me? Never. I'm sweeeet... and innnocent... Seen Kaz lately? He /might/ miss you..." Right.

Tatia snickers softly. "Actually," she begins smugly. "I /did/ see him. He came up to visit.. or something." She pauses, forehead wrinkling in thought. "Not really sure, actually... but he left me a book on stars, which was nice." Nice? /Kaz?/ Yes, she just put those two words together. "Makes it ever so much easier than trying to remember them. Why?"

Lilinia shrugs, grappling the mug and starting to sip away. Ew. Cough-sputter. She looks at Linora, blinking a couple times. Uhm. New apprentice? Er... "I don't know. I think he'd just like to see you. Or something. I mean, he is /definitely/ over the whole dying and beach-y thing. So he probably won't want to beat you up... or vice versa..." She beams happily, blinking her eyes as she wakes up. Ahhh... the Power of Klah (tm).

Linora shifts in her chair as an audible growl escapes her stomach. Oh yeah... breakfast... or whatever meal you can get at this time of day... what time /is/ it? One eye opens to glance at the window. Dark. Maybe the stars are out. She scrambles to her feet.

"Dying and beach-y thing?" Tatia questions innocently. "That wasn't /my/ fault." Of course, that grin she directions toward the cieling might say otherwise. "Besides, I'd just make Vesp eat him. Or something." Technically, she doubts the green would be up for that... but it's worth the threat. "Well, I'm sure he'll be around one of these days when I come down." Her head spins to watch Linora's scrambling, and she blinks at her. "What're you doing? Ceiling get too boring?"

Linora stops in her tracks on the way to the door, turning on her heel to look at Tatia. She grins. "Whaddaya mean /get/ boring?" Another peek ceilingward. Nope, just a ceiling. "I'm kinda hungry... and I thought the stars might be out or something." She shrugs.

Lilinia wrinkles her nose. "Bad idea Tat. He /still/ out-ranks you. Eating him would be /big/ problem." She looks at the ceiling, and then towards Linora, a slightly injured look pasted to her face, "You don't like the ceiling? I love the ceiling..." Sniff sniff. "Poor ceiling..." Sob.

Luthin walks in from the Male Apprentice Quarters.

Tatia grins slowly, tilting her head in silent agreement. "Yeah, they are," she informs the apprentice, shifting to curl sideways in her chair and glance at Lilinia instead, peering at her. "No he doesn't," she notes in confusion. She's quite sure on this point. "And I wouldn't eat him. Vesp would."

Luthin shuffles in, hair in disarray.. "Umm, is there a class or somethin'? Oh, a returning dragonrider.... Hey Tatia."

Lilinia salutes Luthin and bites down on her lip, "Course you are... he's a Journeyman. You're equivelent to something around a... head drudge? Or an Apprentice. Pick and choose." She grins evilly, taking another sip of klah. "That's mean. He's too cute to be eaten by Vesp..." Blink. Who's Vesp again? It sounds vaguely familiar.

Linora waves at Luthin from the doorway to the Main Hall Balcony. "Heya." A glance at his disheveled look, but no comment is made. Instead she affixes a mildly apologetic look on the journeywoman. "I like the ceiling fine. I just don't see anything special up there." What's with the ceiling, anyhow?

Luthin says, "hey Linora.. why are you staring at the ceiling? Tat, how's the green baby doing? I am amazed she's big enough to carry you about now. That must be fun."

Tatia does a double blink. She was confused to begin with... but now she has /no/ clue. "Um.. Actually, I'm a Senior Weryling," she informs her. "Graduated tonight. That's why I'm here. Oh, and Vesp says the stars are quite lovely tonight and we should go out and look." This is directed toward Linora before Lilinia gets another blink. Tatia scrambles to sit straight, staring at Lili. How could her friend forget this one important detail? The most /perfect/ being on Pern, and Lili forgot her name. "Vesp is my /dragon/," she notes sharply, though the tone lightens as she grins suddenly. "She says I've got it backwards and I'm her rider." Her head tilts toward Luthin to offer him a beaming smile. Asking about Vespurath is always a quick way to Tat's good side. "Oh, she's wonderful! We start flaming lessons next sevenday."

Aryahlae saunters in from the Female Apprentice Quarters.

Linora sighs, rolling her eyes at Luthin. "I'm /not/ staring at the ceiling. I was just trying to figure out why everyone else /was/!" Then look at Tatia again as she seems to flipflop between ranting at the journeywoman and beaming at Luthin. Wow. But the bit about the stars registers somewhere in her muddled brain. "Stars... good idea. I'm gonna get some breakfast and take a look for myself."

"Oh /good/!" Tatia exclaims, beaming again. Yes, she can switch moods at the drop of a hat.. it's part of the Wonder of Tat. "Vesp's in the field, if you wanna keep her company. She says it's lovely and warm here, and the grass is soft. It's mostly rock at 'Reaches, you know." And she can talk forever.. just try her.

Lilinia raises an eyebrow. Uhm. "Oh. Right... ahh... Okay. Dragon. Yup..." Each sentences is punctuated with a nod. She remembers this stuff. Mhhhmm... "I getcha. Dragon. Really? Then that's uhm..." Calculations go on for several moments, "Equal to a Senior Apprentice now? I think you have to hit full rider before you become his equal. I /think/. You'd have to look it up. Or something..." She just kind of mumbles along as she tries to put everything into place. "I've been up for a while. Like... two days. I'll stay inside, thank you." Nia nods, scratching the back of her neck as she takes another sip. "Hey! I like the ceiling. Me and the ceiling in here are buddies. We go waaaaay back."

Linora just nods, backing toward the door. "Um, yeah. Nice meeting you, Tatia..." Another glance at the journeywoman. What is the fixation with the ceiling?! She takes another peek - /still/ just a ceiling! She gives Luthin another wave, /really/ going now. For sure.

Tatia blinks again. After all the work of scrubbing and feeding and oiling and scratching and lessons and practice and stitching those darn straps - and Lili says she's still a Senior /Apprentice/? "Um. Right Lili. If you say so.. but Vesp is still kinda big and she could definately flame people. And we can go wherever we want, too." See? She has a few up on Kaz, Journeyman or no. "Nice meeting you too, Linora," she calls swiftly.. see? She was paying attention. Remembered the name. "/And/," she continues, again shifting with lighting speed to Lilinia. "I think you should go outside. It's lovely, and you haven't met Vesp yet!" And don't you /wanna/?

Luthin says, "who is she talking about Tat? You having a fight with someone? And can I join you two or is it 'girl' talk?" Sighs.. girls, now that is something he needs to start thinking about.. not that he ahsn't, but lately it seems he is getting distracted by 'em everywhere. "Um, so is it okay? Ask 'Nora, I'm good with dragons."

Lilinia raises an eyebrow, slightly wary of dragons in general. "Nah. That's okay. I'm not feeling too good. I wouldn't wanna give Vesp a cold or something. That wouldn't be a spiffy thing to do." She nods, like she's the end-all of Dragon Health. "It works that way. You have something like a Senior Apprentice knot. Well, modified for the Weyr of course, but same idea." She bobs her head, clinging to the luke-warm liquid. "I'll sit here and... chill. Right. Chill."

Linora giggles, having not quite made it out the door yet. "Yeah, he got pounced by someone's brown the other night." She didn't stay long enough to find out who that dragon belonged with... "He'll be good with... Vespurath." Pretty sure she got the name right. She grins at Tatia. "Maybe I'll come visit too, after I get something to eat!"