Breakfast With Beyla

Linora stretches with a huge yawn and sits up on her cot, swinging her feet onto the floor and rubbing sleep out of her eyes. After a minute she slips onto the floor and drags a clothing press out from under her cot and starts digging through it for something to wear. Like she's going to give /that/ a lot of thought.

Beyla isn't making any move to get out of her cot, still in pretty much the same state as she was when she crawled into it. Blanket haphazardly tossed over her and face buried in pillow. Still fully dressed, apart from boots next to the cot, she looks like she fell into bed a few hours ago. Which... She did. One eye peeks open as she hears Linora moving about.

Linora tugs on a pair of too-big trousers, gathering the extra fabric at the waist with a wide belt, then abandons her roomy nightshirt in favor of a sleeveless cotton blouse, tying the tails in a knot at her waist. Then she kicks the press back under her cot, in the process banging her already-sore shin into the edge of the cot. Ow. Hopping slightly, she sits back down to inspect the bruise. Great, it'll never heal now.

Beyla's hand goes to her face, brushing her hair out of her eyes, narrowing them slightly. "You okay?" Her voice is slightly rough from sleep, but she seems to be reasonably awake and conscious.

Linora looks up with a start - she hadn't realized anyone else was awake. Oooh, did she make too much noise? "I'm sorry," she whispers. "I didn't mean ta wake you up and stuff." She looks at the bruise again. "An' yeah, I'm okay." She sounds a little disgusted, actually. "I just banged it again."

Beyla shifts into a sitting position, pawing at the blanket and generally looking rather dishevelled. "When'd you bang it the first time?" is asked as she runs a hand through her hair.

"Couple days ago, I guess." Linora gives up on the bruise and just drops her feet onto the floor. Looking at it won't make it any better, after all. "I kinda walked into a chair, in the Vault."

Beyla winces in sympathy. "Ouch. I hope it regretted hurting you." Her way of dealing with the attack of the killed chairs is to kick them back. Unsubtle... yes.

Linora blinks. Regretted? "Um... I kinda don't think so." It's just a chair. But then, the ceiling is just a ceiling, right? "Anyhow it was kinda my fault, cause I was looking at the charts and stuff insteada where I was going. But I'm done with those now." Suddenly her eyes get big and she drops her head down to look between her feet, under her cot, coming up with a sigh of relief. Still there. "I gotta find Keris t'give 'em back and stuff." And prolly get /another/ fun project to do.

Beyla stretches a little, then seems to realise the state of her clothes. Eep! She ducks over the edge of her cot. "He's you're mentor?" is somewhat muffled as Beyla rummages around under the cot, before pulling out her own clean clothes.

Linora nods until it occurs to her that Beyla can't see her, with her head under the cot like that. "Yeah." She grins. "Seemed like a good idea at the time." But she /did/ learn a lot copying over those smelly old charts... "You got a mentor yet?"

Beyla shakes her head as she straightens, pulling out her clothes and dropping them onto the rumpled sheet, performing a quick change as she speaks. "Haven't really given it much thought," she admits, almost falling off her cot as she tries to wiggle into her skirt.

Linora ohs. Well, she hadn't either until kind of recently. Prolly not a good idea to ask about classes either. "Didja ever figure out what Cassia was doing with that sign?" She gets up and starts halfheartedly smoothing out the covers on her cot so it doesn't look so... well, messy.

Beyla seems to be somewhat dressed now, even if she is twisting her clothes every so often to get them to sit properly. "UH.. no. Maybe I don't want to know..." is added with a mischievous grin.

Linora giggles. "You're prolly right." At least, she's ended up confused every single time she's tried talking to Cassia. Satisfied with the still-somewhat-rumpled state of her cot, she brushes off her hands. "Wanna get something to eat? I'm starved."

"'Course." Beyla swings her legs over the side of her cot. "Let me just get my boots on." Which proves to need more than a few moments of fighting with the footwear and stampting her foot into them. Stampstamp. "Ok, ready."

Linora grins and heads for the door, hoping to find something tasty on the nighthearth. "Okay."

Dining Hall
Coming from the other rooms, the Dining Hall seems a little dimmer, Which it is. Positioned throughout the room are about a dozen tables suited for up to eight people each. It is far more than the Hall needs, but it is always nice to be safe than sorry. A table is set up off to the side. On it is a collection of cooled juices and fruits which are kept fresh from the nearby Orchards. With the constant state of furor created by recent events there few drudges not busy elsewhere, So please serve and clean up after yourself. A fire burns merrily along the west wall, and overstuffed, cushioned couches and chairs have been placed in front of it.

Beyla walks in from the Gar Hold Entry Hall.

Beyla glances at the chalkboard to see what the menu is for today.

The kitchen's closed down for the night, but the nighthearth is stocked for late-night snacking. Today it has: Fresh redfruits, crispy vegetable rolls, and the inevitable meatrolls.

Beyla snags a couple of meatrolls from the table, as well as a redfruit, dropping them on a plate. "Not much choice." is uttered mournfully before she heads for the fruit juice. She likes her food, does Beyla.

Linora shrugs and heads for the sideboard. Fruit's good. She spends a couple minutes looking them over before making a choice, then fills a mug with juice. "Not really this time-a night," she comments. And she'd know, really. She drops fruit and mug on a nearby table and goes over to the hearth for some vegetable rolls.

Beyla pouts mock-crossly, before her face changes to a smile. "But would it hurt them to leave out a few cookies? I'd eat cookies." Just a big kid really. She takes a seat at the table where Linora dropped her fruit, and takes a small bite of one of the meatrolls.

Linora giggles, coming back with a plate of vegetable rolls and taking a seat across from Beyla. "Cookies'd be good." Can't remember the last time she actually /had/ a cookie, but it'd be good. "We oughtta bug Rikaeli about it."

Beyla bobs her head in agreement, prevented from speaking for a moment by her food. "Good idea."

Linora digs into the vegetable rolls. Not bad. For a long moment she doesn't say anything at all, while she's chewing, then she swallows and takes a long sip of her juice to wash it down. "So whatcha gonna do today?" So it's hours before dawn. They're up, right? It's day.

Aren't starries meant to be up at night? To see said stars. Merf. Beyla is a morning person, but she likes staying in bed at night. "Oh I don't know." she mutters, finishing her first roll and starting on her second. "Make sock puppets?"

Linora blinks and takes a good look at Beyla. She's joking, right? "Or ya could just stare at the ceiling and stuff." She takes another bite of the veggie roll, barely swallowing before adding, "Or get yourself a mentor. That'll keep ya busy." Yeah, wash /that/ down with some juice.

Beyla hmms for a moment, pausing in chewing her food and wrinkling her nose in thought. "Well... sock puppets are more fun to talk to... they don't tend to give you assignments and just sit there. Or am I thinking of the sock-wherries my brothers used to make." She can't remember.

Linora shrugs, grinning. "Sock-wherries?" Her brothers never did fun stuff like that with her. "They older or younger?" The brothers, of course. "Mine're older. Lots." Mmm. Veggie rolls. Good.

"Both," Beyla wipes her hands off on her trousers. "I was the third of eight. One older brother, two younger. They used to make these colour mismatched sock wherries, with googly eyes and everything. Cute, but it meant that we had to go without socks."

Linora giggles. "I'm s'prised your folks let 'em waste good socks." Not that she even /owns/ any. She pops the last bit of veggie roll into her mouth.

Beyla giggles. "So was I. One of my sisters developed the knack of unpicking them before our parents noticed they were missing. Then we had socks with googly eyes drawn on them, but..." she giggles and polishes the redfruit on her skirt. "We got some funny looks off people."

"I'll bet!" Linora starts to take a bite from her redfruit, but stops abruptly and starts picking at a dark spot she's noticed. Hm. Bruise. Figures. She grins back up at Beyla. "Hope your shoes covered 'em."

Beyla giggles, still polishing the redfruit. "I made sure I never got the ones with the eyes."

Linora digs the bruise out with a thumbnail and wipes it on her empty plate before taking a bite. "Goomd idmea." Her free hand comes up to wipe a dribble of juice off her chin, and she grins. After a moment she swallows and changes the subject. "So how many classes ya got left ta take? Or are you doing the 'eternal appy' thing like Nao?" Yeah, her best friend.

Beyla hmms as she finally takes a bite of her redfruit. "If I am doing the eternal thing," Eeewww... this redfruit doesn't taste so nice. Beyla drops it with only one bite taken back onto the plate. "Then it's not deliberate. I just keep missing classes. I do try and catch them..." Sometimes.

Linora nods. "It /is/ kinda hard ta catch 'em sometimes." Not hit. Grin. She shrugs and takes another bite. Not the best, but it isn't all /that/ bad...

Beyla's just a fussy eater. ALthough you wouldn't think so to see her with cookies. "Hmm..." she agrees non-commitedly as she reaches for her mug.

Linora reaches for her mug, too, only to discover it's empty. Oh yeah. Finished that with the veggie roll. For a moment she debates a refill, then decides against it. She shifts in her seat, starting to fidget... "I'm gonna go outside." She gets up. "Um... wanna come? I think stars're out and stuff." Better actual stars than musty charts, any day.

Proper stars don't make you cough, after all. Beyla glances at her mug and makes the decision to take it with her. "Sure. Not much else to do at this hour."

Half-eaten fruit still clutched in her hand, Linora turns to go, glancing back at Beyla with a grin. "Not unless you can corner a journeyman for a class." Which you sometimes can. She heads for the door without waiting for an answer.

Gar Hold CourtYard
You stand on the porch of Gar Hold. Just inside you can see the elegant, yet simple design of this burgeoning hold. Outside, you have a beautiful view of the hold valley. Large trees line the trail here, creating a nice canopy of shade for the weiry traveller. A couple of paths diverge from the hold to follow their own paths. Each path is set with red brick cobblestone. Flower Beds line the porch creating a nice feeling of returning home. Several rockers, a bench or two, and a swing can be found on the porch, for those who wish to come out and enjoy the beauty of nature.
It is a summer before dawn. The wind has died down now, and it is quiet with the hush of predawn. Stars twinkle silently across the dark sky.

Beyla walks in from the Gar Hold Entry Hall.

Linora looks around, then shrugs. "Lake? Or d'ya wanna just look from here?"

Beyla glances at the buildings. "Lake'd be nice." she comments. "Prettier."

Linora nods, grinning, and heads off through the field. "Come on, then."

Crystal Lake
As you walk along the path, you find yourself near the center of the valley. Situated here, is Crystal Lake. This lake is named for its clarity. At nearly 100 feet, things can still be seen as if they were closer! Unfortunately, this is also a danger, as one has trouble gauging depth, so swimmers beware! A natural spring feeds the lake from underneath, keeping it a nice 80 degrees, even in the winter, though it can get much warmer in the summer. A large square has been set up a short distance for the shoreline.
It is a summer before dawn. The wind has died down now, and it is quiet with the hush of predawn. Stars twinkle silently across the dark sky.

Beyla walks in from the Hold Field.

Beyla cranes her neck to look upwards, swirling her juice around in her mug. "Pretty." she whispers. But then stars are always pretty.

Linora drops gracelessly to sit on the grass near the shore, and leans back on her hands. "Yeah," she says quietly. "I like how they reflect off the lake an' stuff."

Beyla drops herself to the grass with a little 'oof' leaning back so she can look at the stars without pulling a muscle in her neck. "This is the good bit of starcrafting." she comments idly.

Linora mmms, looking everywhere at once... or trying to. "Yeah." She flops back, lacing her fingers behind her neck. "That why you came here?"

"THat," Beyla admits, pausing a minute to drain her mug. "And the fact that my family said I walked around with my head in the clouds so much that it was almost natural that I become a starcrafter." Well, she has been known to drift off mid-sentence.

Linora half-shrugs in a lying-down kind of way. "I guess some starries do that." Her mentor included, apparently. "I kinda started being interested the summer my brother left for the seacraft. He showed me some constellations an' stuff."

Beyla sets her mug aside, leaning back on the grass as well, trying to ignore the prospect of grass stains on her skirt. "Your brother? Where about is he now?"

"Some ship... I don't remember which one." Linora's still looking up at the sky, but not really seeing it at the moment. "I was kinda young when he left, an' he don't write much." A little smile comes to her face. "Good summer, though."

Beyla nods slowly. Well, she'd hope a seacrafter was on a ship. "Miss him?" is asked quietly.

"Yeah." Linora's voice is barely above a whisper. She drags a hand impatiently across her face, hoping to mask the little sniffle she can't /quite/ keep back. She coughs a bit, clearing her throat, and when she speaks again, her tone is almost normal. "But I remember him best when I look at the stars."

Beyla nods as she lies back completely, easing the ache on her arms from leaning back on them for so long. "Good way to remember him." she comments.

Linora smiles. Yeah, it is, really. "Can't really feel lonely, with so many stars up there, right?" She falls silent and just looks for a long moment, then drops her head to look at Beyla. "Don'tcha miss your family?" Maybe she doesn't, if there's so many of 'em and they stole her socks and stuff.

Beyla scrunches up her face for a moment, thinking. "There are faaar too many of them to miss. Even if I wanted to. Cousins, aunts, brothers, sisters... I'm convinced my family's on a mission to take over Pern." She takes a deep breath. "Sometimes I miss my little sister." she admits. "One of them."

Linora giggles. Take over Pern. Then she does some quick math. "Y'got five?" This is almost as incomprehensible as not missing any of them. But about that sister... "Does she write and stuff?"

Beyla holds up four fingers before dropping her arm again. "Four sisters, three brothers, eight in total. With me." Beyla sighs, playing with her fingers. "Yeah, she writes. She and my mother. So do other family members, but they're the only ones I read." The rest are glanced over and ignored, naturally.

Linora shrugs. "Least they write." Nobody writes to her. "'Course, my family's only at Ista... " except her brother, of course, " it's not like I'm real far away."

"You could always go and visit them," Beyla suggests, picking a blade of grass out of her hair. "Y'know, if you felt you missed them too much."

Linora nods. "Actually, I just got back... I been sick an' stuff, so Keris let me go home for a few days t'get better." Not that she's /all/ better... "An' now that I'm done copying..." until he sets her to the next project, "I oughtta be okay for a while." At least, she really hopes so.

Beyla ahs softly, staring at the stars for a moment. "I see. Well, that's good."

Linora shrugs. "Yeah. 'Course, I'll prolly hafta spend s'more time in the archives soon... 'less I can figure out a better place t'copy charts over."

Beyla grins as she thinks about it. "The dorms aren't a good place." she agrees. "Archives are best."

Linora nods agreement. "Vault's no good either," she adds. "I'll just hafta spend all my free time outside, then," she says decidedly. "Everybody gets ta take breaks, right?" Then she looks over at Beyla. "How long you been at the hall?"

Beyla closes her eyes briefly as she counts, flicking her fingers and muttering. "Uh... about a turn... maybe a little more." She shrugs. "I think."

"Like it? I mean, like being an appy and stuff?" Linora grins, and offers an observation... obvious though it might be, and probably also unwanted... but she's not usually one to think too hard before her mouth opens up. "Looks like you'll be one for a long time, kinda."

Beyla grins and winks up at Linora, obviously having thought of the same thing. "I know." She sounds remarkably unconcerned. "And, yeah, I like it. Wouldn't be here otherwise."

Linora grins right back. "Me too." She sits herself up and looks out over the water, at the stars reflecting on the clear surface. "But don'tcha wanna get promoted and stuff? And... " she breaks off. And what? "I mean... didja ever think about what you wanted ta /do/ in the Craft?" She picks at the grass with one hand.

Beyla purses her lips, silent for a moment. "Hmm." she says, then is silent for a moment. "No. I try not to set my future in stone. That way, if it doesn't work out, I'm not too upset and disappointed."

Linora thinks about that. "So ya just let stuff /happen/ to ya?" She hugs her knees, staring out over the water. "I don't think I'd like that too much." She picks at the grass some more, a distant look on her face as she thinks about some of the stuff that's already happened to her. Maybe Beyla's right after all.

Beyla bobs her head, picking bit of grass out of her hair as she stills again. "Pretty much. Take every day as it comes. That sort of thing. Call it my philosophy of life." She grins a little at that thought.

Linora hms. "Nah... I /want/ stuff." She flops back again to look up at the sky. "I wanna go places. And do things." Someday.

Beyla shrugs. "I've stopped wanting stuff. Used to want stuff, got really badly torn up when I didn't get it, and figured," she spreads her fingers. "What's the point? Why worry? So I just go with it." She pauses. "But it's good for you to have ambitions this is just me." She takes a deep breath, almost disappearing into a daydream for a moment. "What do you want to do with your life?"

What does Linora want to do with her life? She bites her lip, not daring to put words to the one thing she wants the most. "I'm still tryin'ta figure that out. But definitely /something/." She looks over at Beyla. "I mean, I only /just/ picked a specialty, and a mentor an' stuff. I'm sure I'll get lots of ideas. Charting's very useful. An' important, too."

Beyla nods slowly. "That's true. And you can interact with the seacrafters if you like as well."

Linora grins. "I know." She sits up again. "An' I don't /hafta/ live on a ship, like if I picked Navigation." Wouldn't like that much at all, nope. She looks up at the lightening sky with a sigh... then a thought strikes her, and her head swings back around to face Beyla. "Hey, didja get a distanceviewer yet?"

Beyla sighs. "Nope. Haven't got that far along in my classes. Would be nice to get one though. Note to self... get optics class." Uh-oh, falling asleep, better sit up. She pushes herself upright, running a hand through her hair to untangle the curls.

Linora nods. "Yeah, ya gotta have optics ta get one. But you can look through mine ifya want - you can just see the Dawnsisters." She points at the horizon, where the three points of light are just visible, and looks questioningly at Beyla.

Beyla blinks. "Ok." she agrees. Far be it from her to refuse an offer like that. A glance goes towards the trio of light pinpricks.

Linora smiles encouragingly. "Know how ta use one yet? These are easy. Just hold it up to your eye - the little end, a'course - and turn it..." one hand goes to the appropriate location, "here, ifya need to focus."

Beyla doesn't say anything, wordlessly following the instructions, freezing as she locates the Dawn Sisters. "Wow." she mutters. "I haven't looked at them like this before..." she glances up to see them with the naked eye, then back at the distanceviewer, before finally handing it back.

Hazy at first, three white flashes in the sky become more clear, glinting softly like three diamonds against a field of violet. The stars move not, yet flash and sparkle in a stolid way as sun's feeble rays spread across the ground below, white sparks in the purple-black sky.

Linora grins. "Neat, huh?" She takes the viewer carefully and puts it into her pack. "The big one in the observatory works the same way... more or less. Diena practically lives in there now, can't take her eyes off the thing."

Beyla chuckles. "I noticed. Three guesses what she'll pick for her speciality, and the first two don't count."

Linora laughs. "We were talking about it in the dorms one night, so I don't hafta guess. I thought about it too... even talked to some people about it... but I wouldn't like being cooped up in the smith hall, with the furnaces an' stuff. Too hard t'breathe." Even worse than the archives.

Beyla shakes her head, thinking of the stench and head produced by furnaces. 'And stuff'. "Depends what you're interested in, I suppose."

Linora nods. True enough. And looks at Beyla again. "So what're /you/ interested in?"

Beyla shrugs. "I don't know. Constellations. Astronomy." she grins. "But then I'm not sure. Charting crossed my mind..."

Linora giggles. "Hope you're not scared offa charting on my account," she says. "'Course, maybe ifya picked a different mentor... " Shrug. "Keris knows all about it, though. The book, in the archives? He /wrote/ it."

Beyla grins teasingly. "You never know, you might be the one writing the books someday." She giggles a little. "Then the apprentices can be stuck reading them for hours on end. Sort of circular revenge, but..."

Linora hms, considering that, then grins right back at Beyla. "You better get yourself promoted 'fore then, or you might be one-a the appies I'm torturing." Mwaha.

Beyla giggles, leaning back slightly. "Well, that's an incentive." she says in between fits of laughter. "I'll work at it." Honest.

Linora giggles too, trying to picture herself torturing anyone... well, she could actually think of a couple folks she wouldn't mind giving a hard time. But prolly not Beyla. "Good." Beam. "And good luck." She gets to her feet and stretches. "There's prolly real food in the dining hall by now, if you're still hungry - or hungry again." Whichever.

Beyla wouldn't get tortured? Awwww... she feels spechul. "Well, a little. Hungry that is." After a few moments, she manages to clamber to her feet, pouting slightly as the dampness soaked through her skirt from sitting on the grass so long.

Linora bites her lip to keep from grinning at Beyla's pout. Just 'cause she doesn't have nice clothes to worry about doesn't mean she can be nasty, right? "It'll dry off," she says lightly. "C'mon."

Dining Hall

Beyla walks in from the Gar Hold Entry Hall.

Beyla glances at the chalkboard to see what the menu is for today.

It's late for breakfast, but there's still a bit left. It is: Pancakes and bacon.

Linora isn't /that/ hungry after all the veggie rolls, but it /has/ been a while. She goes to fill a mug with juice and piles several pieces of bacon onto a plate.

Beyla stands in front of the available food for a moment. Pancakes. Bacon. Pancakes. Bacon. "Pancakes." she finally decides, putting a couple on her plate and going for some fruit juice. "Oh shard it!" she suddenly says. "I left my mug outside." A deep breath. "Oh, I'll get it when I'm done."

Linora blinks. "Just get another one," she says simply. Who'd miss one little mug? She takes her plate and mug to a nearby table and sits down.

Beyla sighs as she moves to sit down herself. "I suppose." Just one little mug.

Linora munches on bacon. Mmmm. After a moment she swallows and washes it down with some juice. "Sure. 'sJust a mug, after all. There's lots of 'em." She picks idly at a chip in the rim of hers. "Carise ever find her boot?"

Beyla glances up from sprinkling sweetner on her pancake. "Her boot?" Um... er... She thinks for a moment, then blinks. "Don't think so."

"Just wondered... " Linora shrugs. "Wasn't it you and Diena talking about it in the Vault before?" Maybe not. She wasn't feeling too well that day, and up to her eyeballs in mouldering hides.

Beyla has a totally blank expression on her face for a moment. "Uh... we... might have been. I can't quite recall." Memory like a dragon you see, i.e., good for about a day then...pfft.

Linora giggles. "Whatever." It's obviously not very important to /her/, either. She pops a bit more bacon into her mouth. "I hope you remember /important/ stuff. It'll help ifya don't wanna be a tortured appy forever." Even if it's not by Lin. Someone'll be happy to oblige.

Beyla raises a finger, having coated her pancakes in sweetner. "Ah, but I have a system. The important stuff gets written down. That way I don't have to worry about remembering it." Works for her, even if she is fairly absent minded.

"Good system." Linora grins widely and pops another bit of bacon into her mouth. "So d'ya remember how many classes ya got left t'take? Besides optics?"

Beyla ums taking a bite of her pancake. "Comets." she finally pronounces. "Yes, just comets. And then there's the project, and speciality thing..."

"D'you know who ya want t'mentor you?" Linora takes a long sip of juice, then starts picking at the chipped mug again. "Comets was interesting... I liked optics better, though."

Beyla nods, quickly finishing off the pancake on her plate and pushing it to the side. "Well, I haven't taken either, so I'll just have to wait and see I suppose." she smiles cheerfully and takes a sip of her fruit juice.

Libby strides in from the Gar Hold Entry Hall.

Linora of course notices that her question about mentors was ignored, and almost opens her mouth to ask it again until she remembers that until very recently it was a subject she avoided herself. So she shrugs. "Makes sense," she says amiably.

Eyes at a level with most, wide and an icy sharp deep blue, are edged by a fringe of light eyelashes as they watch the world from under elongated upside down V shaped eyebrows. Feckles dapple the nose beneath them, lightly flecking the pale skin of Libby's face. Full lips, adapt at giving away her mood, finalise an oval face. Sitting on her shoulders with a natural flick, strawberry blonde hair frames the face, helping to add to the softness of features. Not exactly small, Libby is slightly built and not much below average height, adding a slight delicate edge to her apperance.
Beginning in a hat, Libby's outfit ends in bare feet covered with strappy white sandals. The hat keeps Libby's hair in place, as well as protecting her head from Zak's claws, and is white with a slightly floppy rim. Light pink covers the main part of Libby's frame in the form of a dress. Reaching to just above her knees in slight, soft folds, and stretching down her arms with slightly flared sleeves, Libby's dress is made up of a paisley pattern, it's oriental looking shapes filled with flowers. The dress tappers in at the waist to make the skirt flare like the sleeves, and is cut with a tear drop at the neck with a ribbon tied in a long bow.
Libby is 21 Turns, 2 months, and 12 days old.

Libby looks over her shoulder a couple of times as she walks in before sighing and turning her attention to the dining room. The apprenetice wonders around a bit, picking up a glass of juice and something to munch on as she goes, eyes scanning the room.

Beyla nods slowly, in agreement. "Well, I'd hope so." Considering she hasn't really thought much about it. She sees Libby's entrance and tosses off a cheerful wave in the other apprentice's direction.

Linora looks up as Beyla waves and turns to look at the entering apprentice, greeting her with a smile. "Looking for something?" she calls helpfully.

"Hey there." Adding a wave of her own, Lib slides into a chair a little way off from the two girls and nodding at Linora. "My 'lizzen. Usually I can't get rid of them, but lately they keep disappearing. I'm not sure whether to be worried or gratefull..." Grinning, the StarCrafter shrugs and takes a bit out of her snack.

Tegwin meanders in from the Kitchen.

Beyla scratches her nose for a second, before asking, "Where do you think they might have gone?" Not that she's seen them. Or if she has, she doesn't remember.

Linora looks around, as if they might be somewhere in the dining hall. As if she even knew what they looked like. And shrugs. "Sometimes they go off t'feed themselves, when they're a little older." At least, judging from Cress's flits. Hers stays firmly attached to her shoulder most times, asleep or awake.

Teg stands around 5' 9 with a new haircut. Wow, look, its actually evenly chopped. maybe it's knotty and matted, they look really cool 'cos they've been purposely made into dark brown and thin dreadlocks, reaching earlength. Her expressionate eyes are finally settling into a deep green color, speckled with grey. Her skin color is that of milky klah all year round, but with a pale undertone. She's been losing sleep lately. Teg's build is that of a long-time traveler, semi-muscular eve though she's losing some volume from the *ahem* rich Starry Apperentice life.
Let's start at the bottom. Her shoes remained the same battered and weather-worn black boots as alway, just with new red laces. Ooh, purdily covered in polkadots. As we move up in Teg's outfit, you notice a similar pair of wherhide knickers tucked into her boots, but this time they happen to be colored black and slightly baggier. She never did like the tight fit. The same cape has been hemmed up an inch to keep it from dragging along. Its several smudges of dirt have been removed and extra padding has been sewn into the shoulders for flit claw protection. Now, on her arms and torso she carries a normal white cotton blouse adding extra warmth with a cutoff dark maroon tunic. Last, but not least are her very spiffy finger gloves. wherhide-of course, and two different colors of it. Green and brown, sewn together in a shoddy manner. Perched on Tegwin's shoulder is Apollo.
Tegwin wears the knot of a StarCraft Apprentice.
Tegwin is 17 Turns, 6 months, and 7 days old.

Libby considers this for a minute, playing with the glass on her table. "Zak'll be hiding someplace... Zianny'll be wherever there's lady 'lizards, and where De's is, well, that's anyone's guess." She nods at Linora's words though. "Probably. I don't think 'lizzen are quite up to plotting the way apprentices are..." Smiling sweetly, Lib wiggles some fingers at Tegwin.

Tegwin wiggles /a/ finger back, Her pinky to be exact. "What up people?" I like people.

Plotting? Linora blinks, trying to put meaning to that and failing. "Prolly." She guesses. "You got three? I just got the one."

"Reeeally..." Beyla blinks. Plotting like appies, huh? Fire lizards are creatures to be feared then.

Plotting? Who said that? Certainly not Libby... "Yer. Just kinda picked them up over the Turns... Destiny was a present from my mentor and Zak was from one of Keris' 'lizard's clutches." Clearly Zianny's Impression was /so/ long ago that Lib's forgotten it, sitting sipping her juice as she is. "They've all got my name painted on 'em though. So I can tell 'em from the others."

"Oh... " That should help, yeah. Linora looks thoughtful. "Um... what /is/ your name?" So many apprentices... Then, remembering her manners, "Mine's Linora.... and d'you know Beyla?"

Beyla smiles cheerfully at Libby as Linora introduces her. "Nice to meet you." she says absently, unable to remember if they've met before...

Libby makes's a face at the mentioning of knowing people. She's given up on learning all the newcomers names unless they throw them at her. "Libby." The apprenetice offers, narrowing her eyes slightly at Beyla. "Think you were around for the chair conversation..." Eyes go back to normal as Lib offers the pair a smile. "'Nother two names to add to my list then. Pleasure."

Linora mulls that over. Libby. Then she nods. "Then I'm sure I haven't seen 'em," she says decisively. Meaning the flits, a'course. "Nice t'meet you, too." She thinks... anyhow, it's the right thing to say.

Who could resist that brilliant smile? ::cough:: "I expect they'll turn up eventually, and if not, I've got enough chores of my own to be doing without chasing them out too." So there, 'lizzen. Libby finishes her glass and sets it in front of her. "What's yours called?" She means flits, too.

Beyla takes a sip of her fruit juice, looking to Linora. "Didn't realise you have any lizards..." she comments, idly.

"Spray." Linora reaches up to scratch the sleeping blue on her shoulder. "He's still mostly a baby." Then she looks at Beyla, surprised. She thought /everybody/ had at least one.

"Suits." Libby comments, catching the link between blue and water and spray. Yer. "Mine are just kinda random..." SA then turns to Beyla. "You've not got a bottomless stomach of your own?" Lib enquires, raising an eyebrow over the question.

Beyla smiles slightly and shakes her head. "No, not unless you count the one in here." she pats her own tummy and the grins.

Libby tilts her head slightly and grins. "Probably more convienent to feed..." Trying to look knowing, the apprentice just ends up smiling. "But if you're after one, let me know next time Destiny's proddy. She doesn't have many, being a green, but..."

Beyla grins. "Thanks!" She sounds somewhat surprised. She wasn't really expecting that. "I'll try and remember."

"Not a problem." Libby chuckles slightly at the reaction. "And you might notice when De's proddy. I tend to me a little... well, noticable for a couple of days." Apprenetice rolls her eyes and then pushes her chair back. "I need another drink. Get you anything?"

Beyla tosses a glance towards the table as she mulls that comment over. Hmm... we'll see what happens. "Um... just fruit juice, please." is asked for.

Linora grins. "Thanks, I still got some." She picks up her mug and takes a sip.

Libby starts to pour out a glass, then changes her mind and takes a pitcher over to Beyla and Linora, this time sitting with them. She finishes filling the first glass, hands it to Beyla and then pours her own. "Saves as getting up." Lib offers by way of explanation. Beyla grins as she takes a sip of the juice. "Very true." she says, taking a slightly larger sip. "Much more convenient."

Linora grins too, and takes the opportunity to top off her own mug. "Thanks, Libby." She lifts Spray off her shoulder and settles him in her lap, giving him a scritch behind the eyeridges. She looks over at Beyla, almost apologetically. "I got Spray when I interviewed, with Riina. Back when I first came t'the Hall. It was kind of an accident, really." Not that she's sorry at all.

"A lot of them are..." Because of course Libby is the supreme authority... Or not. "Riina interviewed me too..." The apprenetice then notes rather pointlessly, with a grin. "But probably a lot longer ago."

Blue and silvery white are the two main colors of this small firelizard's soft, supple hide. Each shade is as pure as it can be, with little variation except where they meet. The silver forms a cap over his headknobs, forehead and the very top of his neck, though his fully rounded muzzle is a contrasting pure blue. Strong wings are translucent, also blue, but a band of thickly opaque white edges the fabric allowing for flight. The bottom portion of the rotund body is also silver white: muscular hindlimbs and the serpantine tail each with only a hint of the blue over the rest of his body.
Spray is 8 months and 24 days old.

"I think Shava interviewed me." Beyla says after a moments thought, swirling the juice in the bottom of her mug. She grins. "So I didn't get one during my interview."

"Prolly." Linora grins widely at Libby's remark. "I haven't even been here a whole Turn yet." Turning to Beyla she adds, "I never met Shava."

Libby nods. That'll be way she didn't know Linora's name... "I'm just about 21 Turns now... So that makes it make 5 or 6 Turns I've been around... I think.." Eek. Lib's ancient. "Long time anyways."

Zenethen strides in in from the Gar Hold Entry Hall.

Beyla giggles, pouring herself some more juice. "Long time," she says teasingly.

Zenethen glances at the chalkboard to see what the menu is for today.

Wow. Another eternal appy. "Sure is," Linora says, trying to imagine herself a whole 21 turns old. And failing.

Zenethen is tall, around six feet. He has large bones and has a massive presence. His hair is dark brown, almost black, a little long and almost like a mane. He tans easly, his skin is a light gold, but finds it hard to get burned. He has eyes the color of clear green emeralds, veary watchfull and analytic. His body is not lean, but by no means fat. His face has strong features: dark eyebrows, full lips, and a large, but not huge or long, nose. On the right side of his forehead he wears a burn, not noticeable unless he rasies his eyebrows. If he were to take off his shirt, yet another recent burn has left its marks on his back... another battle scar to create stories for young fosterlings.
A sapphire blue shirt. It has been embroidereed with bronze and gold dragons in flight.. with tiny Silver constellations scattereed about the yoked neck. The fabric is a soft sisal From under Zenethen's hair peeks Mark.
Zen wears the dark, yet brilliantly collored knot of the Gar hold. The cords are plain and simple, lacking any decoration that would hint of dragonrider or authoritive position. Zenethen is 22 Turns, 7 months, and 9 days old.

"I'll make Journeyman... One day." Libby adds, chuckling slightly. She's gonna do that tomorrow... Yer right. "But I'm happy as I am, so I've seen no reason to change it." Randomly explaining useless things seems to be Lib's forte...

Zenethen wanders over to the hearth and pours himself a mug of Klah, pucking up a handful of bacon from the nearly empty serving tray.

Linora nods absently. Journeyman. Let's get to senior apprentice first... at least she's a bit closer. Eyes follow the tall man as he makes his way to the hearth... thinking she /might/ have seen him before.... She gives Libby a little smile. "Who's your mentor?" she asks conversationally, then lifts her mug for another sip of juice.

"Lyana. I really should get to see her too..." Another thing you'll do tomorrow, Lib? Rolling her eyes slightly, Libby pours herself another juice. "How about you?"

"Keris." Linora's still not sure if she ought to be regretting this choice, since it's meant so much extra work for her. "Just." Recently, that is.

Libby raises an eyebrow at that. "Keris?" Hiding the slight smirk that comes to her face behind her mug, Libby pats the other apprenetices hand a couple of times. "Good luck." She's known /that/ journeyman since /he/ was an apprenetice.

Zenethen takes a sip of the klah as he trudges to a table. With a scowl and disgusted face he turns around and set the mug down... some else can have /that/. He then pours himself a mug of plain creamer and sits down contentedly with that, nibbeling on his bacon rubbing Nathens back

Linora might not have caught the smirk, but the tone was not lost on her. Sigh. "Thanks." Well, maybe she'll learn something. He might be a little ... erm... distracted, but he definitely knows his specialty. And that's really what matters, isn't it? "I hope I won't need it." But is pretty sure she will.

"Oh, you will." Libby replies, but not unkindly. "Keris is a bit of a... character at times." And he said Lib was weird. She'll never forget that. Or forgive him..."

Linora shrugs. "Oh, that. I kinda noticed." She smiles, but her eyes look a little doubtful. "He's mostly been nice to me, though." Mostly.

"Take no notice and you'll be fine. He knows his stuff, and that's what counts." Lib's not totally heartless, see? "And if not, I might be able to help a little." Knowing someone for a long time has it's plus points.

Linora gives Libby a real smile, her eyes grateful. "Thanks... I'll try ta remember that," she says. Oooh, now Libby has /two/ new appies falling at her feet. Must be her lucky day.

Naw. This happens all the time... ::cough:: "Well, being an old wrinkley like me has to be some benifit to you young 'uns." Libby jokes, flashing Linora a smile over her glass. "Wouldn't be any point to us otherwise."

Zenethen dangles a piece of bacon infront of Nate and smiles as the flit snatches it and works to chew the tought strip of salty meat.

Linora giggles. Yeah, Libby's real old. "Sure," she says, her eyes twinkling. Out of the corner of her eye she spots the little flit taking bacon from the tall man and she turns involuntarily for a better look. She's about to comment, then she just shrugs. Can't be any worse for 'em than sweetbread, after all.