Good Advice

Main Hall Balcony

Linora looks to be on her way to the stairs when she spots Jorina. Taking a deep breath, she approaches the journeywoman. Cress /said/ she wasn't scary. She's met her before...

Jorina carries a basket brimming with various sewing and knitting items, her attention focused on keeping them from overflowing. Pausing outside the lounge, she adjusts her top and notices the apprentice. "Hello, Linora."

Locks the shade of russet fall to just past Riina's shoulders, curling slightly at the tips. Her grey-green eyes appear to hide beneath dark lashes, however short they may be. Once tan, the StarCrafter is now a pale five feet seven inches, her colouring the result of more and more days indoors, giving lessons or studying charts.
Riina's sea blue cotton pants are snug, ending about an inch below her knees. A thin, hidden drawstring serves as a belt, ensuring that the pants hug her hips. Riina's white tunic is cropped, but the long shirttails knot at her waist. Four golden yellow buttons run up the crisp cotton, beginning just above the knot and ending below the V-shaped neckline, where the wide collar falls open. The tunic is sleeveless, and yellow embroidery, the shade matching that of the buttons, makes a series of interconnected loops around the armholes. A thin sisal scarf, only slightly paler than the buttons, ties Riina's short hair back in a runner tail, and her thick soled thong sandals are coloured sea blue.
Jorina wears the Silver and Red Double Cord, Single Loop, Long Tail and One Tassled Knot with a Gold thread peeking through designating her as a StarCraft Sr. Journeyman.
Jorina is 30 Turns, 10 months, and 20 days old.

Linora beams, pleased to have been remembered, sure that Jorina has a lot more important stuff on her mind. "Hi. Um... Do you maybe have a couple minutes? I been trying to find out some stuff... Cress said maybe I should ask you? About specialties, and mentors, and stuff?" Her eyes getting a bit worried looking again, as she shifts her weight nervously.

Jorina lets her heavy basket fall to the floor as she changes the focus of her attention from it to the apprentice. "Indeed, I know a bit about all that." Smiling, she leans against the wall near the door she so recently exited. "What would you like to know about them?"

Linora swallows. "I only got one more class to take, I think, then Cress says I /hafta/ pick a specialty and a mentor or I'll never get promoted." She drops her gaze, fixing it on the basket without really seeing it. "I dunno what to do."

"I see...That would be a problem." The journeywoman stands pensively, then nods as she comes to a conclusion in her mind. "Do you have a favorite class or subject?"

Linora chews her lip, thinking about the classes she's already taken. "I dunno... I /tried/ reading the books, but the archive is so stuffy..." She's shifting again, can't even /stand/ still, much less sit and read. "And I don't really even know what all the specialties are, or who to ask." She looks back up at Jorina, her eyes questioning.

Jorina mm-hmms, as her ideas are dragged along the ground and broken. "Well, there's all sorts of specialties. RS, Comets and Meteors, Planets, Charting, astronomy, and then there's small ones that're parts of those, like threadfall and moons and stuff."

Linora shifts again. "I guess I kinda knew people studied those things." She'd have to have been hiding under a rock not to have heard the other apprentices talking. "But I dunno what they /do/. I mean... " She breaks off, feeling really stupid. "I wanna /do/ something, not just sit hunched over a scroll forever. Did I really come to the wrong place?" Her voice gets really quiet, afraid now of what she's going to hear.

Jorina smiles tightly, trying her best to keep from laughing. "Oh, Faranth no...You only sit hunched over a scroll if you want to. Tessa- you mightn't remember her- she hated it and ended up joining a trading band to help them with weather prediction and thread and the like."

A relieved tear washes the stressed look from Linora's eyes. She blinks it back and looks up at Jorina hopefully. "Really? Oh, /thank/ you..." She'd been so afraid she'd have to leave. Not even noticing that she doesn't recognize the name. She smiles a bit as the possibilities open out in front of her again.

"Does that mean you've an idea of what you want?" Jorina asks, greeting a passing master with a wave as she does so. "I must admit that RS is really fun, but everyone has their preferences. Afterall, Keris prefers charting and Cipri the planets."

Linora nods thoughtfully. "Well, I oughta wait and see how I like optics before I decide for sure..." She smiles widely. "But yeah, I think I'll be okay. Thanks, Riina."

Jorina nods, taking her heavy basket up again. "Well, good luck deciding. Though optics is another choice." She pauses, then shakes her head. "For some reason I always forget that, and with Rosuma as my mentor, it should be ingrained in my being."

Linora's eyes get big at the mention of the name. She's never been real comfortable around important people, and Jorina just got a lot more important by association. she straightens up and smiles. "Thanks again."

Jorina nods once more, carefully balancing her way towards the stairs. "Quite welcome." She calls over her shoulder, but once she reaches the top step, she pauses. "Unless there was something else you wanted?"

Linora shakes her head. "Really, I'm fine now." She grins. "Thanks."