Gar Hold Infirmary

Hyzen meekly steps in from the Main Hallway.

Linora is actually sharing a cot with Cress. And seems to be dozing lightly.

The sharp sound of steel-heeled boots sounds through the hallways, light-- the noise of a smaller person. Sounds pause before an auburn-topped head pokes into the doorway of the infirmary. She'd heard, through sources, that the girl she'd taken on a 'ride had become very sick. Worried, is what Hyzen was. Slowly she enters fully, hands twisting slowly about she looks for Linora-- and finds her with Cress. A faint blush spreads her cheeks, but since both seem asleep, she steps a bit closer.

At the sound of footsteps, Linora's eyes blink open, and for a long moment she doesn't move, bracing herself for a sharp reprimand... or worse. When none seems to be forthcoming, she ventures to lift her head from Cress's shoulder to look. Relief floods across her face when she recognizes Hyzen. "Hi," she whispers. Yeah, she'd better just get her narrow appy butt into a different cot. Indeed.

Hyzen's smile widens when Linora turns out awake, one hand lifting slightly from the writhing to flutter her fingers. "Hi. Heard you were sick..." And probably some of it was her fault... along with Imbriath's. Besides the blush, which disappears, she shows nothing for the position she's caught the other in. She's seen worse. Eh heh. "How're you doing?" A chair is pulled beside the cot and the youngest weyrling plops into it, removing a small bag from her belt and placing it near one of the legs.

Linora really would slip out of that cot, but now that Hyzen's pulled a chair up and made herself comfortable, she's not sure where she'd go... so she stays. And it's not as if Hyzen seems concerned at all... but how could a rider be expected to understand craft rules? "I'm really a lot better," she whispers. "But now Cress is pretty sick too." She's still not sure if that was because he'd been chilled between, or because he hadn't left her side the whole first sevenday she'd been sick.

Hyzen stretches her legs out slowly, crossing them as she studies the other thoughtfully. Nope, 'rider's lose that concept after Impression. Mwah. "That's good. I'm sorry about what Imbriath did to you two... sometimes she does things before talking with me about it." A weary sigh is given before golden-amber optics dart to the sleeping male. "She's the one that told me you were sick. So I brought you something." Reaching down, she picks up the bag and slowly hands it within reach of Linora. "Simple things... rather silly I guess. A small vial of Headwoman Amalia's 'healing syrup'. I don't know what's in it... and some pretty shells and pebbles Imbri picked out."

Linora's eyes get big. /Imbriath/ had known they were sick? "Thanks," she whispers. She props herself up on one elbow and looks down at the bag, then back up at Hyzen. "That's real nice... please thank her for me... for us." One hand reaches down to open the top of the bag so she can peek inside.

Hyzen watches the reaction of the other carefully, a grin tugging upon her pale rosen lips. She knew what the other was thinking... or had a strong idea of it. "Imbriath keeps tract of who she will." A slight shrug is given of one shoulder as hand runs through her helmet-hair. "You're welcome... and she knows. She's listening." Another grin. Secrets of the dragonkind? They listen to what they will. "She /is/ sorry, though she won't admit she did anything wrong."

Linora has the bag open now, sifting the shells and pebbles through her fingers with a distant look in her eyes, trying to imagine Imbriath selecting them. A little smile lights her face and she glances back up at Hyzen. "Really? She's listening?" How is that even possible? She sends Imbriath a grateful thought, just in case. And the additional thought that Dsalth and P'rru really /ought/ to take their share of the blame, at least where she's concerned. Traveling between to High Reaches, soaked to the skin! She shivers a bit at the mere memory.

Tierza walks in from the Main Hallway.

Tierza peeks in to see if Linora is up to some company... "Hey there," spoken quietly.. just in case.

"She listens through me-- she's always curious about how someone will accept gifts she gives." A wink is given Linora as Hyzen continues. "She doesn't give them all that often you know-- only to those she feels needs or deserves them." No comment about whether or not the dragon heard the other's thoughts. Maybe Imbri wanted to keep it to herself? Was quite a possiblity. Shiver is noted and a worried expression flits upon the 'rider's face. "Are you okay?" Tierza is eyed thoughtfully before a brief nod is given.

Linora nods to Hyzen, a light blush coming to pale cheeks when she spots Tierza in the doorway. Nothing to do now, and Cress won't be any help, dozing beside her in the cot. She swallows hard and manages a smile. "Hi, Tie. Um... d'you know Hyzen? Green Imbriath's rider? She's from High Reaches." Oh, this is Not Good.

Tierza says, " I haven't had the pleasure. Welcome to Gar. I just wanted to see how Linora was doing and see if she needed anything. Although I know Cress hasn't left her side."

Hyzen glances towards Linora before she rises from the chair and offers a simple bow to the other. "Well met. And thank you..." At the last sentance uttered from Tierza, a teasing look is thrown towards the Starcrafter as the girl 'rider lifts from the motion. A titter is given and a bronzen head pokes out a belt-pouch, whirling eyes settling slowly on those in the room. "My name's Hyzen... but I don't have the pleasure of your own?"

Linora is really wishing she'd moved right away, when Hyzen first came... so she does what she can and escapes before it's much too late, pushing up from her propped-on-the-elbow position to a sitting one, and swinging her bare feet onto the floor. At least she's fully dressed. Sigh. "Hyzen, this is Tie... Tierza." She's lost for a title... not being really Garish herself. She manages a smile for her friend. "Hyzen and Imbriath took us between for a visit." Even as she says the words, Lin knows she's digging a deeper hole. So she shuts up, chewing her lip nervously.

Tierza says, "Recently, Lin?" While she is willing to ignore the 'visitor' in her cot, the trip seems a bit excessive. "I am Gar's assistant gardener here and every once in awhile I like to visit whoever's in the infirmary and say hello. Well met Hyzen."

Hyzen stays standing, since Linora had risen from her cot and Tierza wasn't making any move to stand. Shifting slightly, she offers another nod to the Gardner before smiling warmly to Linora. "I've got to be on my way... chores and Imbri's itching." Chuckling, she offers a second, deeper bow to both before striding to the door. "If ever you're in need of a lift somewhere, just send a firelizard with a note. I'd be happy to oblige." And with those parting words, she disappears out the doorway and back to her dragon.

Hyzen meekly steps to the Main Hallway.

Linora shakes her head, trying to remember if she'd told Tie anything at all about having gone to High Reaches, or about swimming with dolphins. "Naw, it was 'fore I got sick." Or maybe it was /when/ she got sick. She's still not clear on exactly when she started to realize she was hurting. She shifts herself to an empty cot, hopefully more casually than she thinks it looks, blinking at Hyzen's abrupt exit.

Tierza says, "Glad to hear that. Cavorting with dragons is one thing. Being totally foolish is another. I'm sorry Linora, I don't mind who you share your cot with, honestly, but.. do you /want/ you and Cress thrown out of the Craft?"

Linora hangs her head. "Course not," she mumbles. 'Specially since they didn't even /do/ anything! She looks meekly up at Tierza, chewing on her lower lip, sure there's nothing she can say that would explain it away, and inwardly grateful it wasn't a journeyman who came to pay her a visit this evening.

Tierza sighs and sits next to 'Nora. "I'm not saying this to be mean, but even if you two did nothing but talk and he just happened to fall asleep.. it looks otherwise. If it happens again.. I suggest you move to another cot immediately. Don't wait for someone to find you like that.

Linora blinks, her arms involuntarily folding around herself. "I'm sorry," she whispers, her lower lip trembling a bit. "I won't..." She starts to rock, slowly, tears streaming unbidden down her cheeks. Why is this so hard?

Tierza says, "Nora!" Wraps her arms around the girl.. "Oh please don't cry, I was trying to help.. I am so sorry.. I just worry about you two. It's so obvious.. and the last thing you want is more trouble. Have the two of you thought about leaving th craft and just being together?" Sighs and just holds the weeping girl. What else can she do?"

Linora covers her face with her hands,trembling with the effort of trying to regain control of her emotions... never an easy task for the girl, since they're so very close to the surface. "I know," she sobs. She knew Tie wasn't being mean. Tie's not mean. "I can't ask him to do that," she whispers. It means too much to him. "We won't be appies forever." Just seems that way.

Tierza says, "I know you won't, I just hate to see you suffering so much over this. Nora, it's okay.. it doesn't ahve to be sucha a tragedy to be young and in love. Just have to be more careful because you are in a CraftHall." Please stop those tears...." Really, I am sure part of it is you are still weak from your illness. Have you eaten much lately?"

Linora sniffles a bit, trying to feel reassured. Eaten? She turns red-rimmed eyes to Tierza and blinks. "I dunno... I guess not. I had lunch yesterday..." Was it yesterday? She doesn't even know what time it is really.

Tierza says, "Well, let me get you some soup and bread from the kitchen. I know that will help you at least feel better. And some juice as well. I'll be right back."

Linora nods meekly and draws the blankets around herself, settling in to wait. "Thanks, Tie," she whispers.

Tierza smiles and heads out...

Tierza walks to the Main Hallway.
Tierza walks in from the Main Hallway.

Linora is still sitting on the cot where she was left, only she has drawn her knees up to her chest and is hugging them, the blankets wrapped tightly around her shoulders.

Tierza reenters with a try holding a bowl of chicken soup, bread, juice and 2 mugs of klah. Well, she could use some as well.. "Here, sit up and eat. The bread is fresh from dinner.. and I wasn't sure if you would want klah as well, so I brought you some." Sets the tray on a table she pulls to the cot with her foot and grabs her mug of klah.

Linora manages a grateful smile. Her eyes are still shiny with tears, but at least they're in check now. She takes the bowl carefully in both hands and lifts it to sip the broth, blowing some of the steam off. Her eyes close as she swallows, and she seems to calm further.

Tierza nods as she watches the girl eat. Good, poor kid, what a few sevendays she has been through. And then she laughs to herself.. and she in all her 18 turn glory knows better?

At length Linora stops drinking and carefully returns the bowl to the table. And sighs, fingernails lightly drumming the outside of the bowl. She's got a lot of thinking to do. Yes, indeed.

Tierza says, "Is there anything more I can do to help you Nora?" Her eyes have a touch of sadness in them at seeing the apprentice in such pain. "Lots of appies wait it out and make it to journeyman, and then 'fast and are perfectly happy, you know."

Linora nods. Course she knew that... she hadn't known waiting could be so hard. "Naw. Thanks, Tie... I think I prolly oughtta rest and stuff." In her own cot, yup. Doesn't even look over at poor sleeping Cress... well, not much... and tries not to look wistful. Almost succeeds. Kinda. She thinks. With a faintly apologetic glance, she snuggles down into the cot, wrapping herself up in the blankets.

Tierza says, "Good night then Nora, sleep well.. I'll send a drudge in to clean up later."

Tierza walks to the Main Hallway.

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