And The Day After That...

Spherical, predictable, much a reflection of the heavens beyond is the temple of this observatory dedicated to the continued survey of the skies. Constructed sturdily and lined with shelves and cabinets necessary for equipment storage, nearly every available space on the smooth plastered walls is hidden by the arrangement of charts, maps and diagrams. A high ceiling arches above, contrived to be fitted with the portals necessary for viewing and carefully fabricated sliding shutters to protect the delicate sky-ward pointed lenses when not in use. On the wall opposite the door, so that all who enter may see it, is a 'mural' of the Rukbat system.
It is a spring before dawn.
On the cast-iron railings around the great viewer are Pilot, Tanis, and Lil'Topaz.
P'rru and Kezzra are here.

P'rru chuckles hoarsely himself, hands running over the mural, yet not actually touching it. "It's wonderful, shame not many get to see it" he notes before tugging a hide letter from his pocket. "Now I've an order, from other riders who'd like to have a constellation map, as a sort of art piece..."

Cress moves slowly in from the Main Hall Balcony.

Linora steps quietly in with a nod to Kezz and P'rru and goes to the far wall to look at the charts, not wishing to disturb them. A large book is hugged against her chest.

Cress comes in, as he'd seen Lin enter, and followed her. "Lin?" he calls out, but stops midstep as he sees a 'rider here.

Kezzra blinks. Art piece? That's a new one. "Well... which one?" she inquires of the brownrider. Then to Cress and Lin, "Don't worry about it. If you two have work to do we aren't here." Or something like that.

P'rru gives Cress and Linora a slight inspectoring (ooc i think i made that word up) glance before he lifts his shoulders in a creaky shrug. "I'm really not sure- what do you have on offer that is pleasing to the eye?" ahem, yes. "And they have all entrusted me to bargain a suitable price..." it's like learning, with purty pictures. Or something.

Cress gets his legs working again, and follows Lin to the far wall. "Hi, Lin," he whispers with his still hoarse voice. "Did'ya sleep well?"

Kezzra nods. "I see. Well I'd start looking in the archives if you'd like to join me.."

Linora looks up at Cress with a smile as she hears her name called. "Hi." Her voice is still a hoarse whisper. At Cress's expression, her smile widens and her eyes involuntarily flicker over to P'rru and Kezz again. Not here? She nods acknowledgement to Kezz and beckons Cress to join her by the charts. "I been reading and stuff," she tells him, as if it weren't obvious from the book in her arms. "And yeah, I slept fine."

P'rru washes his hands together. "Marvelous, lead the way then please" he agrees, tucking the note back in his pocket and grabbing his riding jacket from the back of a chair.

Cress smiles, his attention only halfway on Linora at the moment. He's too interested in the 'rider as he's not seen many of those in his life.

Kezzra leaves the hides she was looking at on the table and picks up Rasha before 'leading the way'.

Kezzra walks with a light step, to the Main Hall Balcony.

P'rru pauses in the doorway to smile lopsidely at the other crafters "Have a good morning the pair of you" he winks and ducks out.

P'rru marches with clipped steps to the Main Hall Balcony.

Linora watches Cress watch the rider. "That's the one who took us to Southern," she explains, even though he's not looking her way. "P'rru." She turns serious eyes to the charts again.

"Oh?" Cress says, his voice croaking out the single word. It dawns on him that his mouth is wide open and he slowly closes it as the 'rider dissapears out the door.

Linora nods, eyes still on the charts... which she only half understands, although she tries to hide that fact. "Mmmhmmm," she murmurs, just in case he isn't looking at her.

Cress follows Lin's gaze and looks at the charts too. Then he smiles as he realizes what it is she's doing, "so are you beginning your project soon," he asks, in nothing more than a loud whisper.

Linora nods again. "I figured I oughtta do /something/." She turns to look at him and can't help smiling back. "I already took alla my classes and stuff." She hugs the book a little tighter, not mentioning the specialty problem, nope.

Well, if she won't mention it, Cress will. So maybe he doesn't always /think/ before speaking.. "How 'bout a specialty? Decide on anything yet?" He looks at her and sees the way she's hugging that book and suddenly realizes that she hadn't.

The smile disappears abruptly, and Lin's gaze drops to the floor. "I been sick and stuff..." she whispers, knowing that he knows that perfectly well. She /meant/ to pick one, really...

"Yeah, I know," Cress mumbles and hangs his head, regretting that he'd brought it up. He shrugs and backs away from her, saying "you know I think I could use a little more sleep..."

Linora looks back up as Cress backs away. He's leaving? She hugs the book more tightly in her confusion, and just manages to whisper a reply. "Night, then."

Cress is thinking that she might need some time alone, see? That's why he's leaving, feigning a tiredness that he doesn't /really/ feel. "Night..."

Cress moves slowly to the Main Hall Balcony.

A Bit Later...