Some Time Later...

Linora wakens slowly, with a bit of a sigh, opening her eyes with a bit less surprise now that she remembers where she is. A long moment passes before she realizes that she's still resting against Cress with his arms around her... and she sits up with a start, her eyes darting around the room. Are they in trouble?

Cress snores lightly, his head against the wall, still fast asleep of course. He doesn't notice her movements but shifts his arms a bit in his sleep.

An audible sigh escapes Linora as she realizes there's nobody else awake in the infirmary... and she notices that it's a bit less difficult to breathe than it was before. She turns a bit to look at Cress now... aw, he's still out cold. A little smile turns up the corners of her mouth and she reaches out to run a hand through his hair. Much nicer now it's not in his eyes.

Cress' hand comes up to bat away whatever it is that's in his hair. A sharp snort and he opens his eyes halfway, then as he feels Linora leaning up against him, he starts, and is suddenly wide awake. "Err, what happened, Lin?" he asks, his voice still a little hoarse. What would happen if anybody'd seen them like this?

Linora almost chuckles as her hand's batted away, returning it to her lap and smiling at him fondly. "I guess we kinda fell asleep," she whispers. Figuring that if anybody'd come upon them sleeping in the same cot, and minded, that she dead-sure wouldn'ta woke up there.

Oh, yeah. Sleep, that all they did! "I guess I was kinda tired," he says after a while, and smiles at her. "You sound a little better." His hand comes up to feel her forehead. "And ya don't feel as hot anymore."

Linora nods, pausing to try a deep breath and finding it a bit less painful. She doesn't even cough... much. She smiles as he touches her face, so what if it's just to see if she's feverish? "I guess I do feel a /little/ better," she admits.

"I'm glad," Cress says and gives her a little peck on the cheek, and leans back again. He really doesn't feel like leaving this place, holding her like this. It feel good doesn't it?

It feels /too/ good. Linora sighs. Funny to be ... not glad, but not really sorry she got sick, so she could be here, in his arms... She snuggles back against him. "Guess I'll hafta go back ta the dorms soon," she whispers, wishing she didn't.

Cress' smile falters a little at that thought. He couldn't get this close to her in the dorms. In fact he couldn't even /see/ her in the dorms. "Oh," he manages to whisper, resting his chin on her shoulder. "I s'pose you can't stay here all the time..."

Linora shakes her head slowly, sadly. "Course not," she whispers, trying for something of her normal tone. "Who'd wanna stay in a sickroom alla the time?" Well, /she/ would... if Cress were there with her. She seems to draw in on herself a bit.

Cress shrugs and then turns red in the face as his stomach gives a loud rumble. It /has/ been a while since he's had anything to eat. What to do now? He doesn't want to leave, but his stomach says differently..

Linora feels as well as hears the rumbling in Cress's stomach and can't help grinning. "I could eat something, too," she whispers, peeking up at him. "I think the last time I ate was 'fore I came here." Maybe longer... but it's too hard to remember. Not that she'd been all that hungry.

"I'll go get us something to eat?" Cress asks, wondering if he'd actually need to bring her something or if she's well enough to come along herself.

Linora sits forward a bit, though reluctant to leave Cress's arms... wondering herself if she feels well enough to walk around. "Lemme see if I can..." She swings her legs carefully off the cot to find the floor with her feet... where did her sandals go? And sits for a moment with her hands on the edge of the cot, considering.

Cress looks confused as she pulls away from him, and then seems to be looking for something. "What do you need?" he asks, and gets up from the cot to get it from her. Getting up too fast it seems, because he sways a little as he's dizzy and has to lean against her shoulder for support.

Linora looks up at him, confused and now concerned. "I wanted ta see if I could stand up," she says, only a little hoarse. Then she grins. "I didn't wanna fall down and stuff." Like Cress almost did. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm allright," Cress says and straightens without wobbling. "I just got up too fast, got a little dizzy." He gives her a hand to help her up, and steady her, if need be.

Linora reaches for his hand, then takes a deep breath -ow- and slowly gets to her feet. So far so good. She manages a little smile. "It's not that far to the dining hall, is it?" At least, she doesn't /think/ it is. She's standing just fine, but she doesn't release his hand. Or back away from him.

Cress shakes his head to her. "Naw, it's not far, and I'll be with ya all the way," he says, and notices her bare feet. "You might wanna put your sandals on though?"

Linora nods once, and kneels down to look under the cot for her sandals, releasing his hand to do so. She sits down on the floor to get them onto her feet, then pushes herself back up with the help of the cot, dismayed to find herself a bit winded from the effort. But she reaches for his hand again, her eyes looking for his. "I'm ready."

Cress nods, and puts his arm around her waist to steady her on their way to the dining hall. "Okay, lets go then," he says, and his stomach rumbles as he says so.

Dining Hall
Coming from the other rooms, the Dining Hall seems a little dimmer, Which it is. Positioned throughout the room are about a dozen tables suited for up to eight people each. It is far more than the Hall needs, but it is always nice to be safe than sorry. A table is set up off to the side. On it is a collection of cooled juices and fruits which are kept fresh from the nearby Orchards. With the constant state of furor created by recent events there few drudges not busy elsewhere, So please serve and clean up after yourself. A fire burns merrily along the west wall, and overstuffed, cushioned couches and chairs have been placed in front of it.
. On the perch is Bruin.
You see Kiwi-Blueberry Tart Tray, Fireplace, small crystal vases, Garden Basket, and Tapestry here.

Cress moves slowly in from the Gar Hold Entry Hall.
Linora is led in by Cress.

Cress walks Linora to a table and helps her sit down. "What would you like," he says as he moves to the sideboard. Redfruit juice to drink, right? Although maybe not when she's sick...

Cress glances at the chalkboard to see what the menu is for today.

It takes a moment or two for Lin to catch her breath enough to reply. "Juice..." Yeah, that'd be good. Her throat still hurts. "And... " She falters. She really can't remember the last time she ate anything. "Bread? 'Less there's soup or anything." Broth would be good.

Cress peers over the sideboard, "sorry, Lin. There's no soup, just roast wherry." Which he immediately puts on a plate for himself, then pours juice and klah, and finds some bread for her. Putting everything on a tray he returns to a table, setting the tray down in the middle. "Here ya go. Nice fresh redfruit juice," he says and places the mug in front of her, "and sweetbread." He sits next to her and takes a deep swallow of the klah. Seems like he hasn't had it for /days/.

Linora takes the mug in both hands and sips experimentally. Yeah, that's okay. Another long sip and she sets the mug down, nearly empty, and reaches for the bread to break off a bit. Moving kind of in slow motion, it seems to take a long time to get the bread to her mouth and chew it, but eventually she swallows. Yeah, that was okay, too. She reaches for another bit.

"Okay? Not too stale?" As if anything would be stale here. Cress picks up his fork and cuts off a piece off wherry, puts it in his mouth and chew furiously. He's more hungry than he though. When /was/ the last time he ate, anyway? His rumbling stomach answer that question: A long time ago!

Linora grins widely, watching Cress tear into his food. Did he really stay with her that long, without eating? Another bite of bread. She's really beyond hungry to not hungry again, but she really thinks she ought to have something in her stomach. Another sip, and the juice is gone.

Cress doesn't notice her look, but just keeps eating, remembering to take a sip of klah every now and then. "This is great," he says and waves his fork over the roast. "You should try some."

Linora just smiles, and sits back in her chair a bit. "Maybe a little later." Right now she'll just rest, and enjoy his company.

Cress shrugs and digs into the meal again. It's not like he hasn't been this hungry before, it's just that the food here was great, and he just can't stop for conversation.

Linora leans forward on the table a bit, pushing the mug out of the way with folded arms before lowering her head to rest on them. She keeps looking at his plate for a little while, then lets her eyes close.

Cress stops eating long enough to see Lin, put her head on her arms. "You okay, Lin?" Maybe she's still to sick to eat? Or too tired? "Wanna go back to the Infirmary?"

"Mmmhmmm." Well, she /means/ yes, just doesn't have the energy to say it. Lin's fine, really. Yeah. She opens her eyes to smile up at him. "Go on and eat."

Cress wishes he'd thought of bringing a blanket to wrap her up in. Instead he reaches out with one hand and rubs her back, while the other is still shoveling wherry into his mouth. "It's good," he says with his mouth full.

Linora nods without lifting her head. "Looks good." Well, it looks like he's enjoying it, which is kinda the same thing. She just doesn't feel like eating it. Maybe later. Her eyes close again as he rubs her back... feels nice...

Kyrae walks in from the Gar Hold Entry Hall.

Kyrae glances at the chalkboard to see what the menu is for today.

Kyrae walks over to Cress and smiles, "Hello, my name is Kyrae."

Cress looks up from his plate, and notices that someone is speaking to him, "oh, hello. My name's Cress," he says and turns to the slumbering Linora, "and this is Lin. She's been sick, so she's a little tired," he explains in hushed tones.

Kyrae smiles again, and says in a quieter voice, "Oh. I hope she feels better. Well met. Star Craft? What's that like?"

Cress tilts his head, "you're considering joining?" he asks and is reminded of the time Linora came asking the same question. "It's great actually. Very nice people."

Kyrae sighs her answer, "No. I'm not sure what I'm planning to do, yet."

Cress shrugs, "well, don't let the people scare you away. They may be a little eccentric, but they're really very nice when it come down to it."

Kyrae says, "Oh, no way would I be scared away by a few eccentric people," Kyrae smiles, again, her happy mood showing brightly."

Linora shifts a bit, repositioning her head on her folded arms to make herself more comfortable... as comfortable as a person can be, sleeping on a table.

Cress turns to Linora as he hears her shifting, but since she seems alright, he just gives her back a rub, and turns to smile at Kyrae. "So are you here for a visit, then?"

Kyrae casts a glance at Lin and sighs at her discomfort, then gently seats herself, "No, I want to become a Gar resident."

Linora seems to be quite peacefully sleeping, her breathing even and regular, if a bit raspy.

"Ah," Cress says and nods. "Well, I'm not quite sure who you'd contact to stay here, but Lady Natch is Holder here."

Kyrae says, "Yes, I have talked to the *kind* Natch." Her smile widens as she says 'kind', then she affects a serious expression and says, "She's a tiny bit moody, but really kind overall." "

Moody? Natch? Cress haven't met a moody Natch yet, but then one should never say never.

Kyrae stands up as she's speaking, "Well, Cress, sorry to cut this chat short, but I must be going. I'd prefer not to fall asleep at the table here like other people," She shoots a glance at Lin and smiles, "I could never get any sleep like that! Hopefully I'll see you around, I'll make sure I stop to talk, if I do." She smiles again.

"Nice to meet ya," Cress says to Kyrae, "and speaking of sleeping people, I should prolly get her off to bed." Meaning Linora of course, and he shakes her shoulder softly. "Lin? Lin, dontcha think you should get back to the infirmary?"

Kyrae heads towards the door with a final wave to Cress. "Goodbye. Feel better, Lin."

"Mmmmmm." Linora opens one eye, then blinks and sits straight up with a confused expression. "What?" Wildly darting eyes finally fix on Cress and she relaxes a bit. "Oh... I'm sorry."

"You feeling allright?" Cress says, giving her shoulder a squeezes. "You fell asleep. I think I'd better get you back to the infirmary.."

Linora just nods; the fact that she's not feeling up to arguing the point probably means he's right. She gets to her feet a bit unsteadily, one hand on the tabletop. She can go back to the dorms tomorrow, right? She's feeling a little washed out anyway.

Cress helps Lin get up and puts his arm around her waist again, wondering if she'll make it back to the infirmary, without collapsing.

Linora's wondering that too; her body just doesn't feel like her own. Maybe leaving the infirmary wasn't such a good idea...

Gar Hold Infirmary

Cress moves slowly in from the Main Hallway.
Linora is carried in by Cress.

Cress carries Lin to her cot and carefully lays her down on the mattress. He arranges the pillows and blanket around her, and then gives her a kiss on the cheek. Then he places his lizards around her again. Any warmth she could get, would be good, right?

Linora sighs softly, looking up at Cress. "Thanks," she whispers. Why is it so hard to keep her eyes open?

Cress moves back to sit on the cot next to Lin's. He's still more or less awake, although his muscles /are/ starting to feel a bit sore. "You just go ahead and sleep, Lin. I'll stay here for a while." Now that he's gotten food and klah in his belly, he could stay all night.

Linora follows Cress with her eyes, relieved to see he isn't going to leave... even the next cot seems too far away. How /could/ she have considered going back to the dorms? Now she can't seem to close her eyes at all, content just to look at him.

Cress pulls his boots off and looks up at Lin, giving her a wink as he sees that she's observing him. Maybe he shouldn't even be staying here, since he's taking up a cot, that might be needed for someone who's really sick. But he just can't leave her here by herself, now can he?

Of course Lin won't be alone. There's the healer, and her assistants... and the apparently-comatose other patients. But she's not thinking about any of them. Or anything else at all, except that she wants to be where Cress is. And she obviously can't go with him. She gives him a grateful smile, sleepy eyes still fixed on him.

Cress smiles as he leans up against the wall with a pillow in his back. At least this time he'd taken off his boots himself and wouldn't have to wonder about that when he woke up. "I hope they don't throw me outta here when they find out I'm not sick," he whispers, just loud enough for Lin to hear him.

Linora sighs, her smile widening a bit before disappearing completely as her eyes flutter shut and her face relaxes. "Don't tell 'em," she murmurs. Say anything. Just don't leave. Please. Her eyes blink open again, as if to reassure herself that he's still there.

Don't tell 'em, he's not sick. Cress thinks that a healer would be able to tell just be looking at him that he's not sick. "I won't," he tells Lin, to reassure her.

Linora sighs. Good. She's not coherent enough to think about whether a healer would be fooled or not. He won't. That's enough. But still she can't close her eyes.

Cress halfsmiles at her. "Did'ya sleep too much in the dining hall," he asks as she doesn't close her eyes. She must have, since she's just lying there, staring at him. Right? No other reason why she should still be awake.

Sleep too much? Not possible... "Naw." Linora just can't stop looking at him. Can't blame the poor girl for being incoherent... if she shuts her eyes, he won't be there anymore, will he?

Cress scoots down in the cot he's borrowing, and pulls the covers up to his chin. He's a little cold now... And tired.

Linora sighs again, half smiling, still just looking... unable to fill her eyes enough it seems. Yeah, she'll watch him sleep... until she can't hold her eyes open anymore...

Cress is unable to keep his eyes open any longer and dozes off, as a light snore begins to emit from his nostrils. Yup, poor boy's asleep and he didn't even say goodnight to Lin. But then it's not night is it?

Lulled by his even breathing and the warmth of the firelizards nestled against her, Lin watches Cress sleeping until her own eyelids flutter shut of their own accord and she slips into a deep, dreamless slumber.

The Next Morning...