Linora's Sick

StarCraft Library
Bookshelves line opposite walls, reaching from ceiling to floor. A thick stripe of red runs around the room on the walls where they meet the ceiling, silver eight-pointed stars showing the StarCraft's symbol. A few tables are centered in the room for studying and soft chairs are scattered around for those who aren't at the tables. In one corner, a large chair stands with more chairs in a semi-circle around it, a setup suggesting that classes might be taught there. Another corner boasts a potted plant, bright and green due to the careful work of an apprentice or two.
On the perch are Gai, Scorpy, Daiton, and Daydreamer.
You see A Bookshelf, Hikari, Constellation Globe, and Model of the Rukbat System here.

Cress moves slowly in from the StarCraft Main Hall.

Linora is sitting at a table staring intently at the pages of a large book, a worn blanket wrapped tightly around her shoulders.

"Hi, Lin," Cress says, seeing his 'friend', bundled up like that. "Still cold?" He finds a chair and sits next to her, trying to figure out what she's reading by peering at the pages.

Linora looks up with a smile, but her eyes are glassy. "Hi... yeah, I dunno why. I wanted ta see if I could get some ideas for /my/ project." Sounding a little hoarse... she tries to clear her throat but a fit of coughing hits her, and she pulls the blanket more tightly around herself.

Cress blinks as she starts coughing and can't help putting his arms around her, rubbing her back with one. "Are you okay, Lin?" Just checking, right. He knows couging when he hears it. "Maybe we shouldn't have gone to 'Reaches yesterday, huh?"

Linora is trembling slightly and her skin is burning to the touch. "I'm freezing," she whispers.

"Maybe we should get you to a healer?" Cress says, and keeps rubbing her back. "You don't look to good..." He's getting worried that she's got more than a common cold. One hand goes to her forhead. "You're burning up!" he exclaims at the sensation of her hot skin.

Still huddled inside the blanket, Linora looks up at him with big eyes. "No, I'm cold." Actually shivering. "I prolly shouldn'ta gone swimming at Southern.. I didn't know we'd hafta go between so soon." Another coughing fit leaves tears in her eyes.

Cress doesn't know what else to do, so he just moves his chair closer to hers and holds her tight, hoping maybe body-heat will help a little.

Some Time Later…

Gar Hold Infirmary
It's plain, it's simple, I'm doing it while on vacation. :p It's an infirmary. I'm not a Healer, so till I get one to desc it for me, or I return from vacation, this is it. You are in your standard, generic infirmary. Except this one is in Gar Hold. Yeap, that's the difference. Can't say if that makes it better or worse, just it's big difference. Oh, and it gets a lot of use here. Baby's being born, people stabbing themselves, and other such nonsense. Okay, no more spam. Infirmary, that's what this room is.
On the perch are Tabris and Bandit.

Cress moves slowly in from the Main Hallway.

"Lin?" Cress calls out as he comes in looking for her. Spotting her he heads straight for her, with a concerned look on his face. "I was worried.."

Linora opens her eyes slowly, still curled up on the infirmary cot, and gives Cress a smile. "Thanks for coming," she says quietly, trying not to cough.

"I figured you'd be here," Cress says and sits down on the cot next to her. "Have you talked to a healer? You'll be okay, right?" Sure she will, she /has/ to be, or he wouldn't forgive himself for dragging her to 'Reaches.

Linora shuts her eyes again, it's really too much trouble to keep them open... and she doesn't really /need/ to see Cress now that she can feel he's here. She shakes her head. "Not yet," she admits, "but her assistant said I gotta rest, and she made me drink something for the fever and stuff." She makes a bit of a face, it was definitely something nasty.

Cress nods, then sees that she has shut her eyes and lays his hand on the blanket where hers would be. "D'you need anything? One more blanket, or something?" Then he's reminded of his lizards and picks them off his shoulder, putting them on the cot around her.

Wintermute snuggles up against the sick humanpet along with his compatriot Dixie. He croons at the girl and his eyes are twirling with the worry he feel from his own humanpet.

Linora smiles a bit. He's so nice. "Thanks... I'm okay." She's only wheezing a little, really. Doesn't her breathing always sound like that? She almost opens her eyes to the crooning, and her smile softens a bit. "That 'Mute?" Touched that the little brown might stay with her.

"Yeah, and Dixie," Cress says, smiling a bit. "I figured the extra body-heat would be good for ya. I dunno where 'Doru is or I'd have her help out too." He shrugs, even if she doesn't see it, and squeezes her hand through the blanket.

Linora opens her eyes to look up at Cress, feeling much too lethargic to even move a finger. But she's really happy to see him. "Thanks." Again. "So how didja like riding a dragon?" Her voice is barely above a whisper, but a little smile tugs at the corners of her mouth.

Cress smiles broadly at the mentioning of the dragonride. "It was great. A little scary when she dove like that above the Weyr..." he says softly, thinking that she must have a headache too. "Although maybe we shoulda gone somewhere warm instead." So he can't help feeling a little guilty for bringing to the cold north. After all, it was his idea to go north, wasn't it?

Linora manages a weak grin, remembering how scared she'd been and how relieved that they hadn't actually been killed. "It was prolly already too late by then," she whispers. "I think I musta already been getting sick from having ta go Between soaking wet the day before..." She has to stop here at a tickle in the back of her throat, and wait for the coughing to subside. "High Reaches was a lot colder when I was wet and stuff." Not that she'd been warm the next day, not at /all/, but still...

"You'll be alright though, right?" he asks again. Still worried, of course. He was never any good around sick people, especially the ones he /liked/. "D'you want something to drinK?" He looks around the room trying to spot something drinkable; klah, tea, anything at all, but is unable to see anything at first glance.

Linora concentrates on breathing, since it doesn't feel quite right. "Maybe some water?" She turns hopeful eyes on him. He ought to be able to find some plain old water, right?

Cress gives her a halfsmile, and - although reluctant to leave her - he gets up from the cot and goes searching for water. Finding a pot and mugs in a corner of the infirmary he pours one for her, and returns to her side. "C'mon, I'll help you," he says and puts his arm around her shoulders to help he sit while drinking.

Linora allows Cress to do most of the work involved in sitting her up, leaning a bit heavily into him as she takes the mug and seeming a bit winded from just that little bit of effort. Holding the mug carefully in both hands, she takes a long sip. And sighs, smiling a bit... not too sick to appreciate having his arm around her, nope. "Thanks."

Cress fluffs Lin's pillow, before carefully laying her back down, and rearranging the blankets - and lizards - around her. "That better?" he asks, and squeezes her hand again to let her know that he's here and he cares..

Linora sighs and closes her eyes again. Don't leave. Don't ever leave. "Yeah... thanks." A wave of exhaustion seems to flood over her. "I'm gonna... rest a little while... and stuff..." Her voice trails off as her breathing evens out... still a little raspy.

"Okay," he whispers, "I'll be right here." And he will, that's a promise. Might just take a nap on the next cot, but he'll be here.

The next day...