Logs For Linora

Beginnings This was Lin's first RP as a character... I'm glad I kept it, because it ended up setting the stage for everything she's become since then...
Linora's eyes widen a bit at that, but she grins. "It takes a lotta strange to scare /me/," she says, jabbing a thumb into her chest for emphasis. "But the journeymen... I'll take your word on that and hope for the best!"

A Walk In The Maze This is only part of a surprisingly busy night in Gar's new maze - who'd think so many folks would want to wander through a maze in the dark? Anyway, Lin runs into her new friend Cress and corners him into giving her more helpful information about the StarCraft. Like she really had to twist the guy's arm. ;)
Cress grins as he thought he saw a familiar face, "hi, sorry 'bout that. I'm trying to get out of this maze. D'you know the way?" Hoping that she does 'cus he's somewhat lost.

Feeding 'Mute Lin runs into Cress yet again - coincidence? not likely - and meets his 'fair' of firelizards for the first time, including the newest hatchling. Oh, and gets the last bit of encouragement she needs to actually /apply/ for the StarCraft.
Linora blinks at the realization that Cress apparently has an entire /fair/ of firelizards. She stares unabashedly. "Wow," she breathes. "Those all /yours/?"

Probby Interview Linora finally gets up the courage to apply for apprenticeship and comes away with a shiny new knot and a hatchling of her own!
"Ohh," Keris exclaims, grinning brightly at Riina. He might be forgetful, but he rememebrs how a probationary knot looks. "Welcome to the Craft, then. I'm Keris," he offers to Linora.

Oil For The New Hatchling Yeah. That's what this is about. The hatchling. Sure.
"Well, I got it from a friend," Cress says. "But there must be somewhere to buy it 'round here. People can't go bother their friends everytime they need a bottle of oil, can they?"

What Vintners Do This was a fun bit of RP with a Tillek Vintner who happened to be working at Gar's Happy Harper tavern in the wee hours of the morning. Here Lin learns a little bit about the VintnerCraft, and unexpectedly finds some encouragement in her own chosen Craft.
Miles smiles warmly, "Well... plenty of time for that once there's a bit more to you." he winks at her. "Besides, we vintners make things other than wine. Some of it doesn't contain alchohol even."

A Really Bad Haircut And A Dunking Really, she only wanted to go swimming... but there was her friend Etain, trying to fix probably the single worst haircut Linora ever saw. So maybe she should have kept her comments to herself?
Bryden gets on his knees and scurries over to look at his reflection in the lake. "Not better. Its the same, Tai. Just spikier." *sigh* That girl is gonna get it. One more sly remark and she's going in the lake. "No more cutting, it grows out or nothing."

Oiling Firelizards This log is actually a lot more than oiling firelizards, even though that's how it starts out. It's one of my favorites because I think it really defines these two characters, and the relationship that's just beginning between them.
Spray creels and bumps his head into Linora's hand. With a fond sigh, she returns to her task, glancing up at Cress to answer. "Pretty good. I'm starting to get used ta the hours, but I kinda miss the sun." She grins. "How're you?"
Smiling, Cress finds a small bottle in his pack. Opening it he pours a small amount of oil into his right hand and starts rubbing it into the hide of his smallest firelizard. "I'm fine, although I still miss the snow."

Feeding Flits It's all about the firelizards. Or... maybe it's not...
Linora cradles Spray in the crook of her arm, he's still such a little thing... and nods at Cress's explanation. "I didn't know that was her specialty," she remarks, wondering what else she doesn't know and figuring it's probly a lot. No matter, she's there to learn, right? She grins at Idoru, still eating. "She's gonna bust."

A Dip In Crystal Lake Just when it was starting to look like Lin only had one friend in the StarCraft, she ran into Connor and talked him into a bit of a swim.
Linora looks at Connor, trying to gauge his expression. "Don'tcha swim at all?" she guesses.
Connor grins, "Of course!"
Linora returns the grin with a wicked gleam in her eye. And stands up, rocking the boat slightly. "Good."

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