Building A Sandweyr

A long stretch of beach lies before you, gently sloping down to the water's edge, where equally gentle waves roll forward to kiss the shore. The far end of the beach cuts off abruptly at the tumbled ruins of a former Hold, where clinging vines cover the fallen stones, creating a seeming garden of peace and beauty. A couple of tidepools are set to the side, teeming with the varied sealife trapped within. Rocks, ranging from tiny pebbles to hefty boulders, are scattered throughout the beach, the more reasonably sized ones usually concealing a spiderclaw or two. Small sand dunes, pieces of driftwood and, of course, shells and pebbles of all sizes litter the beach, offering a sort of treasure hunt to adventurous residents.
It is an autumn midmorning.

Aelan skips merrily in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Aaliya eyes Kendra. She doesn't seem as...competative. Well. If she's not, Laer can just plain start off the kiss.

Aelan hangs on her nanny's arm, the pink burden looking around. So many people?! This is /her/ beach! Well.. according to her, anyway. She looks contemptuously at those gathered and nibbles petulantly on her cookie, looking at the remnants of yesterday's sandweyr. THe waves have been cruel to her creation, leaving a mess of lumpy, crumbly walls. She drops to her knees and starts to rebuild.

Murrough strolls, after his custom, into the midst of the group, scattering sand. Ah. Such a wonderful day -- who might he pounce on? Down he plops, for the time being carefully watching. The pounceee ill be found -- right after he eyes that wierd i little hatchling on the beach. "Hmmph," He notes. "Hungry, most likely." Food. Food. Well, cooked works if nothing else, yes?

Brina waves over towards Kendra now that she has seen her and smiles. "Hey, Kendra." She flicks a bit of sand off her skirt and looks back at the hatchling. He really is adorable. She pulls out some dried wherry from her bag and starts to chew on it. She really can't eat any food going for flits, it would't be fair to Grigri, or the hatchling, or any other ones, right? Thoughts of dyeing a certain apprentices hair is lost, so she turns back towards the other people.

Corlis sloshes out of the water, looking a bit the worse for wear, hair and clothing soaked and dirty. No dolphins. An' all the dolphinladies are busy. Or sleeping. He trudges up the beach, despondent until he spots a flash of pink on the beach. And a sandweyr. Cool. He trots over, suddenly grinning brightly. "Hi," he chirps to Aelan. "Can I play?"

Fylaer looks at Liya, and shrugs. Oh well, maybe later. "You never answered my earlier questions, Liya."

Kendra smiles somewhat at Brina. Aah.. someone sane to talk to. She pats the sand next to her.. but Brina is clamoring for the hatchling to.. sigh. The girl takes another bite of her sandwich and rakes a hand through her hair.

Aaliya peers at Laer. "Oh? Which questions?" She doesn't pay much attention to these things.

Aelan looks up at.. the /boy/. Her face lights up. Her hero! Corlis has a flit, y'know. Aelan scrabbles to her feet and brushes sand from her knees fussily. "Well, you can only play if.. if your flit will be the dragon!" she demands. "Because every Weyr needs a brown.. y'know?". She plops into the sand again and begins directing. "Right. You have to build some caverns here, and... put the l.. er, dragon over here, and..." she trails off, happy to be in charge.

"Why you thought I would I want to kiss Kir? and Is that the only reason?" Laer asks.

Brina waves the girl over. "Come on over here Kendra." She pats her own sand. She just can't help but look at the hatchling. She turns her head towards Corlis and Aelan. How cute, aren't they? Building a sandweyr and all. Isn't that just so cute.

Aaliya grins, looking at Laer. "You have a crush on her. You talk about her all the time...So you must want to kiss her..."

Kendra gets easily to her feet and moves over to Brina, settling herself once again in the sand. "What's happening?" she asks, looking pointedly at the huge mass of people.

Silent Night Bronze Hatchling shakes his head dizzily, that last bump was a doozy. Finally, standing up and shaking himself one more time, he looks around, turning this way and that way before taking one teeny tiny step forwards.

Tevya grins suddenly at her dream..hmm..a dolphin on a dragon and a dragon in the air. it sounded interesting if not tempting. She nods softly, eyes darting back to the hatchling..what gorgeous coloring he had..almost as if she were indeed looking upon the full moon, high in the sky and right at the perfect moment when the night is still, calm and quiet. She wiggles the wherry sandwich, only daring to breathe one word, "Bronzee.." A gaze is shifted back to Brina, "That'd definitely be something I want to try.." She grins, evidently pleased at that thought. Her light pink lips split in grin widens,white teeth shining, eyes sparkling like many a stars. To fly among them would be a dream come true, to float under them would be pure bliss. A brief pause from her idlyic daydreaming, "Just Jonah." She whispers..still caught in her dream.

Corlis scowls. Bossy old Aelan. "The caverns should be over /here/. An Spark's a /bronze/." Lisp, lisp. Nevermind that he doesn't know where the flit is, at the moment. He crawls over to the place where /he/ thinks the caverns should be, and starts digging out a hollow.

Fylaer laughs at Liya. "But there are so many other people I want to kiss." Laer pushes at the piece of food, and then looks at his lizard.

Fylaer falls asleep.

Maura just shakes her head as she peers at the lizen, why in teh world are these things so popular? THey're just stomachs with wings and claws. So wahts up with them, the stable master as backed into a rock, not five feet from teh hatchling. Food is a foot from teh stablemaster, and she just keeps away from that scarey hatchling, no, not her. She doesn't want one, she's got thirteen mouths to feed hers!

Brina motions her head over towards that hatchling. "Well, one of the eggs moved, and a hatchling lept out." or something like that. "More people have been coming out here, and.." She shrugs. "And that's about it." She turns towards Tevya. "Okay, well. I will see about rousing him out of the water." She chuckles.

Aaliya holds out her bit of meat with one hand. Laer dozed off! That's no fun.

Marika steps lightly in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Turning his head, Murrough spots a potiential pounceee. Brina is wavesd at, and then murrough turns his attention back to the dizzy bronze. Now, about that food -- A cooked -- and slightly drooping -- meatroll is dug out of his dusty little pack of many such items and offered, somewhat perenmtorily. Clear the head, and all.

Aelan grumbles and lets Corlis be. Instead, she leans over the other side and makes the Weyrwoman's Cavern. Weyrwoman's name? Aelan! Duh! She grabs a shell and smooshes it into the cavern floor. A bed. A dash of seaweed here, a few shattered shells here, and voila!

Eirian wanders to the Tumbled Rockface.

Leah holds out the wherry in her hand alittle bit closer to the hatchling, smileing at the hatchling, she looks around one more time, she had not noticed all the people before, and theres alot of people, she turns back to looking at the hatchling, thinking that she may not have very much of a chanse of impressing the bronze hatchling, she sighs alittle, she can still hope, that maybe the only thing that may get her to impress the hatchling.

Aelan breaks her cookie into neat halves and offers a piece to corlis? She tucks the other half in her tunic pocket. For safekeeping.

Brina glances over at Murrough. Oh yes, she recognizes him. "Hey, Murr." she calls out. Yep, she even remembers his name, though she decides to chop it off abit. Brina still keeps the wherry not quite held out, but rather resting. "How have you been, Kendra." She smiles at the girl.

Marika walks quietly onto the beach, looking for her young lizard, wondering where he'd got to. Wondering how, and why, he'd left her without warning. "Krika? Krika, are you here," she calls out, then spots the crowd of people here. "What's going on," she mumbles.

Kendra rolls her eyes at Brina and flops into the sand. "Dead busy. Taking stuff places, walking all over Pern, it seems. No more lessons yet, though."

Corlis blinks as a cookie appears in his face, looking up with a surprised expression. Then he flashes a gap-toothed grin at Aelan and snags the offered cookie in one dirty paw, popping the entire thing into his mouth. "Tfmsksm." Thanks. Or something.

Aaliya crosses her legs, trying to make a new fish sandwich for herself. That should work!

Aelan eyes the Flizzen. Flizzen don't like cookies. Of course. Her half disappears into her mouth and she crunches happily. She eyes her pocket. Two cookies left. She'll save them for a rainy day. Or whatever.

Brina glances up and waves at Marika. "Hey, there." She smiles, and pats the sand by her, She motios her head towards the little flit. "We've got a hatchling over here." She turns towards Kendra. "Ooh, have the masters been keeping you busy?" She smiles. "I might be interested in teaching a class or two, but later. Not right now." She chuckles. Not that she has anything that big to do, just she wants to relax. She turns to Corlis. "Corlis, honey, don't stuff everything into your mouth like that." wouldn't want him to choke or anything.

Kendra nods. Whatever. She's tired.

Corlis mrfs, looking over in surprise as Brina calls to him. Chomp, mrf, gulp. "Okay!" he yells brightly. No point alienating the dolphin lady. Back to digging. Nice big hatching cavern. Woohoo! Now what can he use for draggie eggs?

Aelan offers Corlis some smooth, round pebbles. They're not edible. She tried already. She heaps little mountains in the sand for COrlis to put the eggs on. Gotta keep eggles warm!

Marika comes over to sit at the spot Brina had pointed out for her, a smile on her face as she sees the hatchling. "Ohhh, he's beautiful," she says, then tries to find her own brown in the fair gathered at the beach. "Krika, where /are/ you," she mumbles, her eyes scanning the lizards, finally seeing him. Getting out her bundle o' meat she calls to the brown.

Marika whistles to Krikalev, the brown swooping down for a perfect landing on her shoulder.

Brina smiles at the gap-toothed boy. Oh, she's glad he listened to her. Well, only for about a few seconds, and then he'll be a little boy again. She might just have to check out that cute little sandweyr eventually. "Marika, have you heard anything about your application?" oh, she's gotta keep up with these applicants better. She chuckles as she watches Marika's flit swoop down on her shoulder. "I have given up on Keeping track of Grigri. He goes wherever he wants."

Corlis oohs in delight at the smooth pebbles. Perfect! Even if bossy old Aelan found 'em. Hmph. He arranges them carefully, trying to remember what the real draggie eggs looked like at Ista Weyr. He'd only gotten such a short look before his stupid nanny dragged him off. Hmph again. Now where's Spark? Alla the flits should come and live in this sandweyr. He looks around the beach.

"Ooh? But Krika is still so young," Marika says, her eyes undecided as to whether they want to follow her own brown, or the bronze hatchling. "My application? No I'm afraid I haven't heard anything yet..." Her eyes fall down to the sand, not really seeing it, then searches out the ocean, a look of longing in them.

Aelan wiggles and looks at Krika-whatever. He might make a good watch-dragon, yes? She'll have to consult Co-Director Corlis. The girl tugs on his sleeve impatiently and whispers. "Lookit.. Cor. A watcher!"

Maura releases Malenki Groena, who launches into the air.

Grigri flies over towards the children and drops on the sand, looking at the sandweyr and then cocking his head towards Corlis. "Chirp." ooh, he's trying to talk. He creels and chirps, and meeps and cheeps and just waddles around watching the little boy and girl build this thing.

Aelan eyes Grigri. Perfect! You can see the lights in her eyes flare as she fishes out another piece of cookie. "Cummit.. cummit, lil' flizzie flizzen! C'mun live in our weyr!"

Silent Night Bronze Hatchling stalks forwards looking at each person, sniffing each person. Surely, maybe there's something that might tickle his tummy... And, oh, look... abandoned food... now that's nobody's right? Just all his? Shoo you ole green, I want this food.... is his manner.

Brina chuckles. "Oh, I should say that you should be hearing something back. It took Kendra here, a bit to hear something back." Oh yes, "But I will see what I can do to learn from the masters on your application." uh Huh. She likes this girl too.

Tevya grins at the bronze, hand still holding the wherry bread, he definitely was cute. "I'd like it if you would introduce us again." She says to Brina. Her gaze falls back to the hatchling, a sudden feeling wells up inside the pit of her stomach..couldn't explain what it was, but her slightly tanned face freezes, lips slightly open, sparkling hazel eyes searching for the cause of this disturbment...

Corlis looks in the direction of Aelan's finger. Watcher? Oh, yeah! Rika's flit! He scrambles to his feet, all set to ask her about it. So Aelan's on to another flit. And he thought /he/ had a short attention span. Trot, trot, stumbleskid. "Hi, Rika! Can your flit be our watchdragon? Pleeeeeeeze?"

Abandoned food's not as good as the stuff that comes with more attached to the back end of it -- even if it is the limp stuff generally carted about when one has to make a long trip. Murrough lets it fall, however, conviniently a bit away from him. He hasn't noticed the crittur moving about. Really. He turns a keen eye on Brina. "Making sure you have /more/ impudent chits in Dolphinhall?" he asks teasing,.ly, though he knows this one not at all.

Aelan is getting crumbs all over the ground. Oops. She considers covering them with sand, but considers them rather scenic. Rocks, y'know? She turns to the /boy/ again. "Whatta y'think?" she says, motioning to the ledge she's just created. "Lookit.. the watcher can sit here, and signal fire here, and here, and here".

Grigri looks over at the two chilren. Him, live in a sand weyr. He doesn't eat cookies, but if you talk nicely to his human pet, she might give you some.

Leah smiles at the bronze hatchling, "You want some wherry?" she asks it holding out her wherry to see if the hatchling will take it, she holds it alittle closer to the hatchling, and says, "You want a good home, and lots and lots of food?" she asks the hatchling, hopeing even more then she was before.

Maura presses herself flat to the boulder as her green wanders back to the napkin of fishrolls, the little green glances at the bronze and swipes on of the meatrolls before toddling back towards the stablemaster. Shoo! She doesn't wanna share her food, at least not yet! The green trundles inside the feedbag and starts to happily munch on her stolen prize as she watches the crowd outside.

Marika nods, giving Kendra a smile, then picks out a choise piece of meat for the brown, now creeling because he smells food and is not giving any. "It's okay, Krika," she mumbles, then gives Corlis a question look. "Watchdragon?" But Krikalev wasn't a dragon, just a smaller cousin to the great beasts.

Aelan waves Grigri over to the weyr. "Lookit, lookit!" she babbles excitedly. "Y'can sit here" she points to the ledge, "or n'here" to the sands, "or even here!". She points to the tableau of sand trailing from the wyer. "You can get first pick!".

Tevya falls asleep.

Aaliya chomps down on her sandwich, always hungry she is. She might have to go raid the kitchens again...Which would be fun. Her piece of meat is still open for the bronze if he'd like it. If not, she'll just be the happiest lady in the work just /eating/.

"For the sandweyr!" Corlis points a grubby finger at the lumpy creation. He peers up at Rika with big earnest eyes. Spark vaults off his perch near the other firelizards and wings over to the sandweyr, circling Aelan's head once or twice before settling himself in the middle of it all to look around.

Brina still has her hands on some wherry meat, but turns towards Tevya. "I would love to introduce you again." She glances at the hatchling. "Here ya go, that is if you want it." She smiles before turning again, just keeping her thoughts perhaps loving? She chuckles and turns towards Marika. She tosses some other wherry bits towards the children. "Here's some wherry for your 'dragons'" she winks. "Just make sure Grigri doesn't get too curious."

Krikalev is too hungry right now to think about anything but food. Sure, he noticed the hatchling running around on the beach, but that was before he smelled the /meat/. Yummy.

Aelan jumps at Spark's appearance, but settles. Cookie? Another piece is held out. After all, /nobody/ hates cookies. That's impossible! She presses her fingers into the surface of the weyr, creating some scenic designs. Beautiful.

Corlis scoops up the meat that Brina tossed, holding it up as enticingly as little grubby hands can. Spark sniffs the cookie politely - even pokes out a tongue for a taste - but shrieks his displeasure. Where's the meat?!

Grigri hobbles around crooning a greeting towards Sparks. He hobbles over towards Corlis and just looks up at him with a cocked head and just...creels. Can't he have some.. Please??????

Aelan offers Spark... a piece of diced wherry, a chunk of dried fish, or a sliver of herdbeast? That's all her pocket returns.

Sandweyr? Marika shrugs, looking down at the brown. "I think Krika's too busy eating right now," she says, grinning back at Corlis. "Maybe later, eh?" She takes a look at the bronze hatchling smiling at him, then throwing him at piece of meat, which produces a creel from Krikalev. That was /his/ meat! Don't feed it to a hatchling. Seems the brown had forgotten where he'd been himself a few days ago.

Aaliya wanders on over to the others, still eating her sandwich. She peers at everyone curiously. "What are you folks up to?"

Brina smiles at Marika. "Grigri gets more curious as the turns go by." She just shakes her head. Crazy little blue flit. "Some of us are trying our hands at impressing this little flit." She chuckles before tossing a bit of wherry towards the flit. IT's good wherry to eat. All the flits like it. She pats the sand near her. "Come and sit."

Silent Night Bronze Hatchling pecks at the meatrolls that have been abandoned, though he gives a shrill cry at the green who stole what he considers his food. After all, there's no human guarding it. Nope, his... He watches the others and his prizes... they're holding out food, so it's his, isn't it?

Corlis sighs. No watchdragon. But this little one looks interested. Beaming, he takes his handful of meat back to the sandweyr and tosses a chunk to little Grigri. Spark, meanwhile, has apparently decided that dried fish meets his approval, snagging the offering from Aelan's hand and winging off down the beach to tear into his snack.

Aelan creates a rather large, non-descript lump of sand and plops it near the "door". A watchweyr. Stunning. She pokes holes in the general area of the head. Eyes, nose, mouth. She eyes the hatchling again. He would make a good draggie. Nice and.. sandweyr sized. She drops her chunks of meat on the ground and begins crafting a cavern for him. He can be the Weyrleader's Bronze.

Aaliya whistles lightly at the bronze, tossing a few pieces of meat on the ground in front of her as she sits back down in the sand.

Grigri catches the meat in his mouth and places it in his talon, shredding small bites to eat. He's not a messy eater. Not him. He likes to take his time carefully eating his food. Uh huh.

Apparently so -- Murrough drops another one for the hungry crittur. "G'wanb, eat it, silly." He utters, almost acerbically. What, is the creature e really that dizzy that he doesn't understand the food's fer him? Nudge, nudge, goes the Murrough as he pushes the two meatrolls he'd dropped towards the hatchling, just a little. "eat 'em. I can get more."

Maura just shakes her head as she watches that way too close bronze, her green gulps that fish down in recond time and sets out to taunt the bronze again by stealing another fishroll and trundling it away, nope, this one is mine! I paid for it!

Aelan pulls another flat fillet of dried herdbeast from her pocket and takes a bite, munching as she works. Small chucnks fall to the ground.. Aelan's not the neatest eater. Lightbulb! The meat is dropped as she uses both hands to create a ramp... to the... Her tongue sticks between her teeth as she thinks.

Corlis flops into the sand near Aelan, eyeing the ... ramp? Whatever. Back to his hatching sands. That's the coolest part of the Weyr. Grubby hands carefully rearrange the 'eggs'.

Brina sits back and watches the bronze try and keep his food away from the green. Doesn't he know this food is all for him. She keeps a pile of wherry near her on a cloth just for the hatchling. "Grigri is behaving himself over there, isn't he Corlis?" She smiles at the boy hoping her blue flit isn't doing anything too bad.

Marika feeds Krika until he's stuffed and falls asleep. Didn't take a lot this morning did it? He'll be hungry again later for sure, but for now there was still a bit of meat left, which she holds out to the bronze. He might as well get it right? She could get Krika more meat later.

Hmmm? Corlis hears his name again. What? He swings his head around, spotting the little blue, who's apparently /still/ eating that one piece of meat. He shrugs. "Guess so," he lisps. Hey. Maybe /Grigri/ can be the watchdragon!

Aaliya takes a bite of her sandwich that's falling apart at the seams. She starts rearrange the herdbeast pieces in front of her into various shapes. Maybe she should work on making a sandweyr. Or just work on her hole some more. It'll reach Southern if she keeps working!

Leah moves alittle closer to the bronze hatchling, so that if the hatchling wanted to he could get take it from her hand with only having to take one step to get to it, she smiles. Her arm outstriched so that shes not that close to the hatchling but close enough that her hand can reach far enough to the hatchling so the hatchling can grab it if he wanted to.

Grigri licks his mouth and he finishes off his meat before licking his talon. Gotta keep all that meat off his foot right? No meat left. He looks back at his himanpet and chirps before turning back to the sand where. Grigri fans his wings out to keep his balance as he wobbles and hobbles around that big sand thing. What it is?

Aelan looks at the people shoving meat in the hatchlings face. If /she/ were a hatchling, she'd get pretty mad. Isn't the whole point of getting out of an egg to have a stretch? Eh. She places a few strips of her snack in the hatching sands for the Queen to eat. There we go.

Brina smiles at the boy glad her blue isn't doing anything. But her gaze turns towards the little hatchling with a smile. He really is adorable. Food is offered yet again for this little hatchling, but only her hand is holding if. If he wants it, he can come get it out of her hand, right? But, if he doesn't want it, that's fine with her.

Corlis gets his hand out of the way just before Aelan sticks nasty old meat on it. "Eggs don't eat meat," he informs her. Everyone knows that. Not till they hatch. He snags a piece to toss to Grigri, as a kind of prize for being the real watchdragon. Maybe the weyr oughtta be a little bigger...

Krikalev croons as his humanpet scritches his eyeridge, not even noticing that she's offering /his/ meat to another hatchling. He was sleepy and didn't care about a thing in the world right now.

Grigri catches the meat tossed at him and just tilts his head before eating. Him? watchdragon? He creels. Okay, so he might could deal with being a watchdragon if he get lots of food. He places the meat in his talon and starts gobbling it down. Good food.

Jaeran walks in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Aelan nods, on that same wavelength as Corlis. With a swipe of her head, she knocks her wall off and heaps up some more sand. Easily done. She sets to building more walls.

Malenki Gronea, the little green monster, decides that she wants another fishroll, and storing the one she has in teh bottom of her feedbag/sling she goes to steal more from the bronze.

Aaliya leans back, grinning. She starts working on making a sand dragon. This thing will be weird looking, that's for sure.

Jaeran walks to the Courtyard.

Corlis mounds the sand up bigger and bigger, until the top of the cliff is as high as his shoulder. Pat. Slap. Poke. Whooo! Watch out for flying sand!

Aelan cheers for Corlis! Woohoo! He might be promoted to Official Weyr Builder. Maybe. If he loses the cooties. Y'know? Aelan goes back to heaping up the sand on her side, levelling it with Corlis'.

Grigri chirps and ruffles his wings. Flying sand? He thinks not. He swallows the rest of the food before going off and wobbling towards somewhere else. No use staying around here right? They can call him when the sandweyr is done.

Maximus wakes up.

Kayri trundles malevolently in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Marika devides her attention between Krikalev and the little bronze hatchling on the sand, suddenly thinking that it might be a bit too much to have /two/ hatchlings at the same time, but keeps her hand with meat held out to the bronze. The other is busy scritching the brown in her lap, and her eyes dart from one lizard to the other.

Silent Night Bronze Hatchling sqwacks indignantly and wobbles over to where that green is hiding. Hey, what's in there besides you? he peers inside.... hey, that's my meatroll....

Brina smiles at Marika and then at her little flit as he comes hobbling over towards her. She scoops him up in his arms and just scritches his eye ridges. Grigri croons and closes his eyes. oooh, it feels good. Bri turns to the hatchling and watches him try to disappear into the bag. Hope he doesn't get hurt in there.

Aaliya rearranges the meat in front of her around into various shapes, having already pushed over her sand dragon. She's getting hungry. Kitchen raiding time will be soon.

Maura tries to scoot away from hatchling, green stomach, and makeshift sling, no, she doesn't want it. But she can't move very far as the strap for the bag is stuck around her shoulders. Green muzzle pokes outta the bag to sniff at the bronze, she only has herself in here, really. There aren't any fishrolls behind her tiny green bulk, really!

Leah looks at the hatchling, walk over there, she toss's her wherry over there to see if the hatchling would like her wherry too, along with what the hatchling wants thats over there. she sighs, knowing she may not impress this hatchling, or she may, who knows.

Aelan eyes the bronze and giggles. Silly flizzen! She sets out her meat for him.. it'll prolly take less effort than demolishing the bag. But, with her short attention span, she turns back to her sandweyr. The flizzen can have the meat if he wants. If not, there are plenty of other flizzen.

Marika shrug, then smiles. Looks like the bronze found his source of food, and she withdraws the piece of meat from the contest, packing it into the little red cloth she carries with her. More for Krika later, she thinks, looking lovingly down at the brown. She didn't need another hatchling right now anyways, now did she?

Corlis heys as the little blue toddles away. His watchdragon! Nevermind that the little flit belongs to someone else. He scrambles up the beach after Grigri, sandweyr forgotten.

Aelan pouts as she watches Corlis scramble away. Her shoulders slump. No hope! No hope.

Murrough falls asleep.

Silent Night Bronze Hatchling is suspicious of that stealing green and turns to glare at the person who's holding the bag. You've got a thieving green and stomps closer... pecking at the closest part of the your thievin green flizzen took what was rightfully mine..... now, replace it!

Brina shrugs and just shakes her head. If the little broze goes over towards her and impresses that's good. She scritches her flit in her arms and watches him fall asleep. And, then turns to watch Corlis scramble up the beach after him. "Hey, Grigri showed me he would play once you got your sandweyr together. He just didn't like the flying sand." She chuckles. Brina tosses some wherry over towards the little hatchling. It couldn't hurt, could it?

Kendra falls asleep.

Leah sighs knowing that she ain't gonna impress the bronze now, oh well. She just watchs the hatchling try to get more food.

Aelan rolls in disappointment and aims a distempered kick at her side of the weyr. She's just like that. Her walls crumble down over her bare, sandy feet as she scoops up her strips and chunks of meat. Why does she carry it around anyway?

Maura freezes as the bronze looks at her, the peck she recieves makes her jump into action and stick her hand into the bag, around the green, and pull the meatroll out and dump it next to the bronze "There! There! Got it back for you!" she squeaks as her green scuttles out of teh bag and starts towards the bronze, hey! That was /hers/!

Corlis ohs at Brina. Flying sand? "I wasn't throwin' sand," he says, a bit petulantly. Well, he hadn't /meant/ to throw sand. Same thing. He turns back to the sandweyr in time to see Aelan kicking it down. This is just too much, after all his hard work! Dumb old /girl/! He turns and bolts up the beach toward the courtyard.