Playing With Dolphins

A long stretch of beach lies before you, gently sloping down to the water's edge, where equally gentle waves roll forward to kiss the shore. The far end of the beach cuts off abruptly at the tumbled ruins of a former Hold, where clinging vines cover the fallen stones, creating a seeming garden of peace and beauty. A couple of tidepools are set to the side, teeming with the varied sealife trapped within. Rocks, ranging from tiny pebbles to hefty boulders, are scattered throughout the beach, the more reasonably sized ones usually concealing a spiderclaw or two. Small sand dunes, pieces of driftwood and, of course, shells and pebbles of all sizes litter the beach, offering a sort of treasure hunt to adventurous residents.
It is an autumn afternoon.
To the northeast, you see one ship.
Octavia, Tevya, Aaliya, Marika, and Kendra are here.

"Yeah, it did earlier today, so it prolly will again." Opening her pack, Marika comes out with her blanket, and wraps it around her. Why she hadn't thought of bringing a towel south with her, was beyond her. Maybe she hadn't expected to go swimming while visiting her sister.

Tevya stokes the fire by adding various pieces of wood Cylanthe had brought her early this morning. "It'll be nice and toasty in just a few minutes." She says, reaching for yet another piece of fruit. She just couldn't help herself they were delicious!

Cylanthe chirps as he wants to do more fishing. He glides down and dives into the ocean, resurfacing with another fish in his claws. He flips it into the air and gobbles it down as soon as it reaches his beak. Then he glides over to his humanpet, settling himself on her raised knee.

Snipe zips through the water, dorsal fin skimming just above the surface. The dolphin dives, looking for anything in the water to play with.

Kendra watches Cylanthe. "He's certainly well-developed for his age.. not many baby f'lizards could catch fish like that" she muses, sipping from her flask

Tevya grins at Kendras comment. Cylanthe was certainly different. "Tell that to him. I was extremely surprised the first time he did it."

Kendra mrrs into her flask and takes another sip.

Snipe turns, giving chirps and whistles in the direction of the other dolphin, wondering who this might be.

Marika is all bundled up in her blanket, holding out her hands to the fire. "I really must get myself a swimsuit," she says, looking into the flames. "Can't keep getting all drenched everytime I jump in the water.." And if she were to be a dolphineer, she'd have to do that everyday, she was sure.

Fingers clicks wari;y and circles the newcomer. Accepting him, Fingers gives a cheery chirp as he leaps from the water in a graceful jump.

Tevya raises a brow but shakes the feeling off. Cylanthe was a different firelizard. He just started that diving thing today too..maybe she'd ask him to wait until hes older, just to make sure he doesn't get hurt. "You looked like a natural out there in the water Rika." Tevya says, turning her attention to the other woman.

Corlis shuffles down the beach, a wary eye on Aaliya in case the girl has another hair-ruffling in mind. *snif* ... A smug looking hatchling clings to his shirt - shining golden-bronze against shocking turquoise heavily camouflaged with a thick coating of wet sand. Presently a splash catches his attention, and he twists around to spy - dolphins! - playing in the water. Suddenly beaming, he trots down to the water's edge, waving a sticky hand gleefully. "Jo-o-o-o-nah!" So, it's not Jonah. They all look kinda the same to the poor kid.

Jumping from the water and spinning, Snipe goes and dives down, charging after Fingers. She clicks and whistles, slapping her tail against the water.

Ducking back under the water, Fingers sqeeeees excitedly as he torpedoes away from Snipe.

Marika looks over her shoulder as she hears the call for Jonah, seeing the boy on the beach. Hadn't noticed him before... Looking back to Tev, she shrugs, displacing the blanket a bit, "I dunno, I've been swimming all my life. We lived right near a lake, see? But it's different than swimming in the ocean. There're no waves in a lake..."

Snipe charges towards the shore, letting her head rise above the surface. She whistles towards Corlis.

Fingers leaps through the waves, spying Corlis, and whistles piercingly.

Tevya nods, yes big difference 'tween oceans and lakes. "That'll be something you can learn. The dolphins seemed to love you and you fit right in there. Just give it time, you never know." She says, breaking out oil and oil cloth. She needed to polish up on Cylanthes hide..didnt quite get some spots earlier today.

Corlis splashes into the shallows, squealing with delight. They noticed him! "Hi! Hi!" Splash. Beam. The hatchling spreads his little wings for balance, talons gripping the boy's shoulder more tightly - he doesn't even notice in his excitement. "Didja come t'play?" Whee!

Shrieks and whistels come from Fingers as he swims to Corlis and circles the boy, rolling through the water happily.

Clicking at Corlis, Snipe torpedoes around Corlis, tail slapping at the water as she moves along.

Corlis spins around and around as the dolphins circle him, leading him deeper into the water... now up to his chest, bony arms extended for balance. A broad smile lights his face, clearly displaying the gap where his baby teeth used to be. "Hi!" Giggling as he's splashed by a flapping dolphintail.

"Yeah, I love 'em too." Eyes reflecting the flames, Marika pulls the blanket closely around her, then takes a sip of her juice. "I think I made the right choice," she notes, turning to look out over the waves as the 'phins play with the boy. Better keep an eye out for him. Such a small kid out there alone..

Fingers swims protectively behind the boy, nudging him towards the beach and helping him stay upright.

Snipe rolls in the water, clicking up at Corlis. She then dives off towards the shallows, whistling happily. Tag!

Tevya gives the woman a consoling pat. "You'll do fine. You seem to have your heart set on this. If it's meant to happen, it will." Tevya says smiling again as she rubs more oil into her lizards hide.

Marika chuckles, giving Tev's bronze a sidelong look as she sips her juice, feeling the warmth from the fire spread through her body. Tea would still have been better, but since the juice wasn't cool anymore, it didn't really make a difference.

Corlis blinks as one of the dolphins darts away from him, then understanding dawns across his face. He's It. Whee! As the boy dives, the hatchling on his shoulder squawks and leaps into the air, hovering nearby and circling protectively. Awkward paddling strokes manage to get the boy a /bit/ closer to the dolphin, but no way will he /ever/ catch up. Undaunted, he paddles breathlessly, peals of childish laughter echoing across the water.

Tevya grins at Corlis. He was such an active kidlet. "Wish I had that kind of energy-" She nods in the direction of the paddling boy.

Slowly down so the boy has a chance to catch her, Snipe's head bobs above the water, clicking.

Fingers swims slowly from the boy.. nu-uh, he will NOT be tagged! A defiant splash of tail flukes proves this and he doubles back, gliding easily through the waves.

Corlis squeals as a flipping dolphintail sends a cascade of saltwater into his face, shaking his wet head like a canine and rubbing water out of his eyes. At least his hands aren't as sticky now that he's all wet... but it doesn't occur to him that Iona will probably have a fit at the state of his new clothing, because when he opens his eyes again, he spies the second dolphin, bobbing just out of his reach. And POUNCES. Squeal! Splash! Beam! Gotcha?

"Kids always have a lot of energy," Marika notes, looking Tev up and down. She was too young too complain about lack of energy, wasn't she? "You shoulda seen me and my sibs when we were kids..." Actually many of her sibs were /still/ kids!

Fingers chitters crazily. He's caught! He zips after Snipe... dun dun dun...

Snipe squeals, zooming away from the other dolphin. Eeck!

Tevya laughs at Marikas reaction to her comment. She had energy, just not as much as that kidlet. "That's the energy I long for..runing around all day and night..not even getting tired." Rub, rub, rub more oil is rubbed into Cylanthes almost shining hide.

Fingers leaps at Snipe.. is he successful? Who knows! But it made an impressive wave!

Fingers tailwalks happily before somersaulting forward into the water again.

Corlis jumps up and down, clapping delightedly as the dolphins chase each other. Whee! "Faster!" he lisps around the missing teeth. Splash! Squeal!

Marika grins, shaking her head slightly, "yeah, but consider that kids get worn out much more quickly... And can't stay up late." Taking another sip, she discovers that there's no more juice in her mug and disposes of it on the sand in front of her. She liked kids though, so happy and playful. Much like the 'phins. Though kids would sometimes get mad and irritable, she'd found, babysitting her younger brothers and sisters.

Zipping at Corlis, the tagged Snipe clicks wildly. She'll get that little boy yet!

Tevya nods. "This fella will be out pretty soon." She says nodding at her lizard.

Corlis yelps as one of the dolphins abruptly changes direction and heads his way - eep! He makes for the shore, moving as quickly as he can on short little legs... in soaking wet clothing... against the tide. Slog. Splash. Ooof. Free of the water at last - mostly - he darts for the shore, only to slip and fall headlong into the shallows. Mrf-splash!!

Fingers chiiters in alarm and pushes the boy up.

Snipe swims around Corlis, the small dolphin chirping worridly.

Corlis pushes up to his knees, giggling, and shakes his head vigorously, droplets of water spraying in all directions. Then he gets to his feet, swaying a bit as he regains his balance. Bronze hatchling chirrups and perches on his shoulder, tail wrapping protectively around the boy's neck. "Fun!" he chirps, oblivious to the concern over his tumble.

Marika rolls her shoulders, and her head to get out little cricks that reside there. She really must remember to stretch after swimming. She'd experienced more than once, getting sore muscles from swimming.

Chirping now that danger's past, Fingers returns to herding his temporary pod in the shallows.

Bounding from the water in a spinning leap, Snipe whistles at Corlis. Don't scare her like that!

Tevya quietly sips her klah. Cylanthes hide shone now and he was fast alseep. Idly scritching him, she gazes out over the ocean, not really noticing Corlis' little accident.

Still beaming, Corlis slogs the rest of the way out of the water, heedless of the now-appalling state of his clothes... not to mention the rest of him. Once safely on dry land he turns to wave cheerfully at the dolphins, then trots up the beach, dry sand spraying up to coat his wet clothing further. Whee! He plops down near the fire and looks around for something to eat. Must be something, right? Peer. Gap-toothed grin is flashed first at Tevya, then at Marika. Hi. Beam.

Tevya smiles at the boy before warning him, "If Iona see's you like that she'll bring you straight back to the bath, and I'll help." Grinning, she is obviously teasing the boy. He'd be getting another bath real soon.

"Hello there, Corlis," Marika says to the boy. "Have fun with the 'phins?" She tosses her head toward the ocean, as if to illustrate the point that that was where they were.

Fingers zips off into the horizon. "Byyyyyeeeee!" he whistles, and disappears under the surface.

Snipe flaps her tail on the water before zipping down under the water.

Aaliya slides over to Corlis, offering a small piece of bread. "Y'want some of this, ol' lad?" She asks, nibbling on her own piece. She grins, sitting down at the fire.

Corlis pokes his tongue out at Tevya. Bossylady. And flops back on the sand, quite forgetting that his shoulders are occupied. With a shrill squawk, the hatchling dislodges himself just in time to avoid being squashed, resettling himself on the boy's belly with an indignant flutter of wings. Marika gets a wide grin. "Yup." Eloquent, no? Then he's distracted again by a piece of bread in his face. Blink. For a moment, he looks startled, then -chomp!- he snags the bread with his teeth. "Mmmf." Well, he probably /meant/ 'thanks'. Beam.

Tevya pokes the boy, grinning. "Don't worry I'll stick up for ya." She says laughing. Sure, like Iona would listen to her. A sip of her klah is followed by an admiring look at the boys bronze. "You want some oil for him?" She asks holding out the oil bottle she had.

Marika drops her blanket as she feels much warmed up by now, leaving it lying around her hips and thighs, as she reaches out behind her to grap a piece of fruit. "Want some fruit, Corlis?" Though probably the kid wouldn't. He'd probably much rather have sweetrolls or something like that.

Aaliya chuckles, before holding up a slice of redfruit for Corlis. "You gonna be eating this too, sir?" She grins, looking over the boy. She lounges back in the sand, poking at the fire.

Corlis blinks. Wow, suddenly everyone's giving him stuff! Flat on his back, he looks up at the ladies, the gears in his head churning as he decides what to take first. Finally he reaches up and snags Marika's fruit - "Thankth!" - and takes a big bite, leaving the fruit in his mouth like a roasted porcine as he reaches for the oil from Tevya, remembering Miyosha's admonition. Wouldn't want anything bad to happen to /his/ firelizard. "Mmmff." Through the fruit. Probably thanks again.

Tevya grins as she hands him the oil rag too. "Good decision." She turns back to her own lizard and begins scritching his eye ridge.

Marika looks down at her suddenly empty hand. Well, she hadn't meant to actually give him /this/ one. Shrugging, she reaches back to get another one. An orangefruit this time. *sigh* They had to be peeled, but it wasn't her job to decipline the boy, though she could think of a few words to tell him. Having practiced on nine sibs.. "Yeah, fruit's good for you," she echoes Tev's comment. Although now he'd probably spit everything out again. Kids didn't like to hear about stuff that was good for you.

Tevya calls to Cylanthe, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.

Corlis mrfs around the fruit as he takes the oil rag - ooh, novel concept. Last time he'd just used his hands. Oh, and his shirt, sort of, too... He pours some oil on the hatchling's back, dribbling down in little rivulets to puddle on his belly. Hee! He sops it up with the rag, rubbing diligently. Wouldn't want to miss anything.

Tevya nods in approval as Corlis rubs his bronzes hide. Hmm..he is very meticulous. "Enjoying the night Marika?" She asks the other woman here.

Marika nods slowly, looking at the sun as it sets, "wonderful," she mumbles, taking out a slice of orangefruit, popping it into her mouth, chewing slowly.

Tevya releases Cylanthe, who launches into the air.

Tevya walks to the Courtyard.

Aaliya prods the fire with a stick, grinning. What to do now..

Corlis wiggles up onto his elbows, then to a sitting position, the shiny and now-well-oiled hatchling tumbling into his lap with a chirrup. Further doing in his shirt by wiping oily hands on it, he takes the fruit out of his mouth with one hand and wipes juice off his chin with the other. Chomp. Mrf. Beam.

Marika lies down next to the fire, bundled up in her blanket as boredom sets in. Staring into the flames soon make her eyes burn, and she turns her gaze away from it, flopping onto her back.

Aaliya resists the urge to ruffle Corlis's hair, as she lies down, suppoerting herself on her elbows. "Well, sir, what've you been up to?"

Kitriana blinks her eyes open..she's been sleeping a /lot/ lately. Must be the air or something hereabouts. riite. People are spotted..people she knows in fact. So, she slowly gets up from her position curled up next to Ror and slips over to greet them. "Hiya."

Corlis answers around a bite of fruit. "Mrfmg." Nothing. Standard kidlet answer, no matter how exciting the day might be. Kitriana's 'hiya' is returned with a broad, gap-toothed grin, left hand coming up to rub juice off ... or just around... his face.

Aaliya chuckles at Corlis's juiced smeared face. "Y'know, that look serves you well." She grins, brushing hair out of her eyes.

Marika watches the sky as the brightest stars begin to emerge. Very nice, and not too cold either, although she should probably put her pants back on now her shorts were dry. Getting up, a little reluctantly, she moves to her pack getting out her /dry/ pants and pulls them on, quickly getting back to her spot by the fire.

Kitriana grins and looks around. The phins had, obviously, long ago headed back to deeper waters, the people look exhausted and..well, not much is going on from her point of view. So, seeing this she, quite naturally, decides that livening things up would be approriate, non? Perhaps not the best of ideas but.."People! Hey! Let' something." enthusiastically, she hops over to the lethargic and smiles. Very strange. Very strange indeed.

Tevya walks in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Corlis pokes his tongue out at Aaliya, shaking off her touch with a scowl and scrambling to his feet - just barely remembering to catch the little bronze in his arms before he tumbles to the sand. Eep! With a squawk, the hatchling scrambles onto the boy's shoulder, wings fluttering for balance. Kitriana's enthusiasm is greeted with a blank look. Blink. "What?" Such eloquence. Someone apprentice this boy to the HarperHall.

Patryna wakes up.

Tevya grins as she strolls back onto the beach, noting the arrival of Kitriana and Patryna. "Lo there Kitriana, Patryna."

Marika scoops together some sand to make a sort of pillow for her head to rest on. Mmmm, feeling good right now. Her stomach full, her body warm, lying next to the fire, and the sky starting to fill with stars. Perfect evening to just relax, in her opinion.