Dolphin Fun

A long stretch of beach lies before you, gently sloping down to the water's edge, where equally gentle waves roll forward to kiss the shore. The far end of the beach cuts off abruptly at the tumbled ruins of a former Hold, where clinging vines cover the fallen stones, creating a seeming garden of peace and beauty. A couple of tidepools are set to the side, teeming with the varied sealife trapped within. Rocks, ranging from tiny pebbles to hefty boulders, are scattered throughout the beach, the more reasonably sized ones usually concealing a spiderclaw or two. Small sand dunes, pieces of driftwood and, of course, shells and pebbles of all sizes litter the beach, offering a sort of treasure hunt to adventurous residents.
It is an autumn midmorning.
Leah and Elehu are here.

Leah nods, and smiles, "Im Leah, fosterling of Iona, and Dale."

Elehu is a wanderer, a traveler of the world. She is of slender build at 5'6'', and her skin has been tanned to a golden bronze. Her rich brown, shoulder-length hair contains streaks of gold, bleached by the sun, that seem to make her hazel-brown eyes shine with an inner fire. Her ever-present smile will quickly show that there is little in this world that can overcome the spirit of this adventurer for long.
Elehu wears a dark blue skirt that fits loosely, hardly making a sound as she walks. She wears an off-white blouse with wide, loose sleeves covering her arms. Over her shirt she wears a sturdy black vest made of oiled wherhide that falls just above her waist. She wears light but sturdy-looking wherhide boots. A dark brown belt encircles her waist, and a slender dagger, about six inches in length, hangs at her right hip, with a small wherhide pouch at her left. Perched on Elehu's shoulder is Klee.
A soft cord of the deepest purple winds itself around a similar cord, only of bright white in a single loop. Small strands of blazing yellow and deep green are intertwined intricately in the knot, a long tail of all four colours hanging from the knot, signifying that Elehu is a Healer Journeyman posted on the ship, the Flying Cloud.
Elehu is 18 Turns, 5 months, and 16 days old.

Remy wakes up.

"Dale," Elehu echoes... "Dale... ah, I remember him, he's a Smith, right? I spent a little time as an apprentice at the Smith Hall here on Ista. I don't remember meeting Iona though." She nods to Corlis and Remy, then continues writing on the scrap of hide.

Leah looks at Elehu, "Iona is headwoman of Seacliffs."

Corlis scrambles down the shore, looking hopefully out into the water for any sign of fins - of the dolphin variety, of course - not noticing or caring if there are people on the beach or not. Alas, his foot hits a hollow in the sand and he tumbles head over heels to land with a splash in the shallows.

Elehu smiles over at Leah. "Ah, that would explain why the name sounds familiar then." Her head whips around as she hears a splash. "Are you alright?" she calls over to Corlis, "or just wet?" she adds with a grin. She hastily finishes her note, pops it in the small tube and ties the tube to the foot of the little green at her shoulder. "Go find him Klee," she instructs the firelizard quietly, staring intently into her whirling eyes for a moment.

Klee suddenly disappears ::between::!

Leah smiles, "Yeah." she looks at Corlis, "Looks like wet to me."

"Huh?" Corlis whips his head around, then scrambles to his knees, crawling out of the water into the sand. No dolphins anyhow. A gap-toothed grin lights sapphire eyes. "Jus' wet." He falls down all the time. See the bruises? "Where's Brina?" Or any of the dolphin ladies?

Elehu shrugs slightly and glances around. "I don't believe I've seen anyone named Brina around here this morning, sorry." She leans back against the driftwood and resumes eating the redfruit in her hand.

Nylanth stealthily saunters in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Klee leaps from Nylanth's neck, all the time chittering excitedly in that language only firelizards know. She perches high above, obviously well-pleased with herself.

G'deon slides from Nylanth's neck and lands gently on the ground.

Corlis looks disappointed, but only for a moment, forgetting all about Brina when a bronze dragon appears on the beach. Eyes saucer-wide and mouth agape, he stares unabashedly as the rider dismounts. Wow.

G'deon pats Nylanth's neck as he dismounts then quickly loosens the bronze's riding straps. "Elehu, everything alright? Klee seemed rather agitated when she appeared," he then says, nodding to the others as he strides over to the Healer. He immediately tugs off his riding gloves and begins loosening his riding jacket.

G'deon appears at first glance to be quite calm and collected, though a mischievous gleam seems to tint his blue eyes from time to time. He has grown into a rather well built frame and stands just less than six feet. Many Turns of hard work have helped his shoulders fill out considerably, along with his arms and hands. His legs however are still the wiry limbs of his youth, which he'll never lose. Newly cut hair tops this young man's head, the short hairs glistening hazily, a sandy blond frame for a lightly tanned face accented by his calm blue eyes, clear and blue as the summer sky over High Reaches. It all begins with snowy lace, just a touch at the chin, then flows down to a gleaming sheath of leather, the jacket fitting tightly to his chest, white like a mountain's glacier. Below is a wide belt of wherhide, a tight loop of ashy cream, and cascading down from there are skin-tight breeches, the color of morning frost, met at the knees by soft leather boots, icy like the oncoming clouds of winter. Without a care in the world, Kindheit hangs from G'deon's arm.
Crimson wherhide encompasses G'deon in sleek brilliance, a close-fitting jacket of eye-catching fire. Soft fleece in contrasting cream peaks out from the high collar, the lining made especially warm for High Reaches' winters and the colder void of ::between::. Orange and gold flames lick up the long sleeves in tasteful embroidery: neither too flamboyant nor overly subtle, they match the flames which flicker over the Inferno Wing badge as well as the embroidered emblem on jacket's back, an exact replica of the wing's chevron-shaped insignia which rides high and proud on one crimson shoulder.
Unwavering shadows intertwine with the deep dark blue of a glacier, the two cords forming a single loop. A long tail of the same black and blue hangs from the top of the knot, joined by a thread of silver. Mingling with the cords is a fine ribbon of shimmering bronze, naming G'deon as a bronze rider of High Reaches. Added to his clothing just beneath the knot is a small pin, the emblem of High Reaches accented by licking flames, indicating he is an Inferno rider.
G'deon is 21 Turns, 2 months, and 27 days old.

Marika wakes up.

"Oh, I'm fine," Elehu replies, patting the ground beside her. "I was just sitting here, eating my breakfast when I noticed my ship had left already. I'd hoped to finish my business before they left, but I told them I'd just meet them at the Weyr. Then," she adds, settling back a little more, "I thought, 'why trudge all the way down to Ista Weyr or wait for a ship when I have a /dear/ friend who I'm sure would be more than willing to... give me a lift?'" She bats her eyes at G'deon teasingly.

G'deon laughs as he drops to the ground, sprawling out in the warm sand. "Ah, so you didn't actually miss me," he replies, just as teasingly. He glances back at his lifemate, a rather roguish grin on his face. "What do you say, Nyls, do we give the Healer a lift or make her walk?"

Dolphins now forgotten completely, Corlis scrambles to his feet and dares to edge closer to the great dragon for a good long look.

Leah looks at the dragon, and stands up.

"Well, you're in luck, Ele," G'deon says, turning back to the Healer. "We can take you down, just say when. Until then, I'm just going to sit here and be lazy. Don' get many chances back at 'Reaches." He sits back against the same driftwood and grins at the others on the beach.

Leah walks up to G'deon, "Hi."

Corlis trots up to the bronzerider, much emboldened by seeing the man's smile. "Hi," he chirps. "I'm Corlis." So the missing teeth sort of makes it sound like Corlith. He could be a draggie, too, right? "Can I pet your dragon?" Hopeful grin?

Elehu grins as G'deon once again gets all the attention, though the Healer doesn't seem to mind much. "Oh, I don't think it's urgent, and the beach here is wonderful." She finishes her redfruit and starts on one of the bread rolls.

G'deon smiles at Leah and Corlis. "Hi there, I'm G'deon, and that's Nylanth. We're from High Reaches. It's a pleasure to meet both of you, and trust me, Nyls doesn't mind the attention so go right ahead. Like rider like dragon after all."

Marika stretches, as she slowly wakes up, then gets to a seated position, looking bleary eyed. "Morning," she mumbles, getting to her feet and going to the shore, ducking her head underwater. That certainly is refreshing!

Leah walks up to Nylanth, and pets him.

Brina skips in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Corlis dashes over to Nylanth without another word, fearless in the way only the very young can be, and reaches up with one dirty hand to touch the soft hide, his face wreathed in smiles.

Tall, thin, and pretty: those are the three words that best describe this lady. A skintone that can only be attributed to Rukbat's rays gave her face a healthy glow, her eyes are a bright shade of blue, and her bright, rose colored lips accentuate her smile. her hair is a dark shimmering brown that falls most of the length of her 4'8 body, ending at her knees.
A pretty summer dress that has little firelizards flying on a yellow background, and some flowers on it to, and it has sort sleeves, that have some ruffles on them.
Leah wears the knot of a Seacliffs fosterling.
She is awake and looks alert.
Leah is 11 Turns, 7 months, and 20 days old.

Kendra walks gently and silently in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Kendra peers.. people live here! Hahaha. She notices the lack of action int he eggs. Hrrmph.

As she walks back to her spot, her hair still wet and dripping, Marika keeps a respectable distance to the dragon, but can't keep her eyes off him though. So beautiful.

Elehu smiles softly, setting the rest of her breakfast aside. "How's 'Reaches been, Gid?" she asks the rider, leaning against him slightly. "Must be busy, I never see you anymore."

Oh for the torrent of darkness that blacks his claret hide; oh for the ribbons of moonlight that etch each clattering stride. Doe-skin brown may soften his hindquarters, but bronze laces that chiseled chin; and however dark, it twinkles - Oh! How that jeweled hide twinkles - and fits with never a wrinkle, that darkly gleaming skin. So lean, but so broad-shouldered, with a rapier length of tail; his dashing, darkling glory so offset by those moonlit 'sails. Neckridges gallop the length of his spine, with nothing to bar their way; and his eyes, like the stroke of midnight - bright, like the moon at midnight - his eyes, like the stroke of midnight, gleam with a robber's gaze.
A glistening pair of well-oiled riding straps are fastened to Nylanth's neck. They are dyed half in midnight blue, and the other half has been bleached to a creamy white, offset by gleaming silver buckles that twinkle in the light. They allow places for footholds, as well as ample areas for passengers to attach their own riding gear.
Nylanth is 1 Turn, 11 months, and 18 days old.
He is 75 feet (23m) long, with a wingspan of 125 feet (38m).
Nylanth seems to be listening.

G'deon nods to Marika. "Good morning to you as well," he replies, then grins at Leah and Corlis. "Oh, busy as always, you know how Weyrs are," he adds as he turns back to Elehu. "Sweeps, errands, rescuing floundering Healers from certain danger." He winks at the slightly young woman, then glances around the beach again, nodding to Brina and Kendra.

Kendra smiles idly at the dragonrider, her eyes drifting out to sea once more.

Corlis quickly becomes distracted when Nylanth doesn't seem to respond much to the attention, and his focus is drawn back to the water. And... "Brina!" With a shriek that'd probably wake the dead, the boy turns on his heel and dashes back down the beach, sand flying in all directions. "Hi!"

Marika finds a mug and a klahpot someone had left on the beach. Ewww, klah. But it didn't look as if there was anything else to drink around here. "Hello, Kendra," she calls out cheerily to the girl, waving to her.

Hair a-flying, such Kendra bounces over to Marika. "Ola, m'am" she chirps happily. "Feeling better?"

"Aye, that I do. That I do," Elehu replies, nodding slowly. She glances around the beach idly and gestures over to the pile of eggs people keep coming to gawk at. "Remember that old game we used to play, Gids?"

G'deon laughs, nudging Elehu slightly. "Look, I'm not going to steal pots and pans from the kitchen here. I'm already unwanted enough on this island of yours," he answers, still chuckling.

Kendra does such gawking, leaning on her elbows and /staring/ at the eggs. She must have one! They must hatch!

Marika nods, grinning. "I do, thanks. Good long sleep helped a lot," she says, taking a sip of the klah, wincing. "But I think it'll be a while 'fore I get close to dragons again," she mumbles, looking at the bronze. Even if they /were/ beautiful and amazing creatures.

Kendra nods, understanding, and takes her own peek at the draggie. She wouldn't mind one o' those, either.

Remy walks to the Tumbled Rockface.

Elehu hits G'deon in the shoulder. "Not that one silly, the guessing game," she says, laughing as well. "Look, I'll go first. See that egg closest to us? That sky-blue one? What color do you think is in that egg?"

Zeishen chirrups some as the bronze flutters down towards the crowds surrounding the nearby clutch. Head tilted some as he swoons about.

G'deon yawns slightly as he leans back, arms stretched out far to either side. "Blue of course, that's an easy one."

Kendra looks at the newcoming Flit with sparkling, envious eyes. She attempts to imitate his chirps and chitters.. but fails? She's not f'lizard.

"Ah, not so fast though," Elehu replies, winking at the rider. "I think it'll be brown. It's the brown ground below a blue sky..."

Zeishen flutters down into the warm sand. Giving the girl who tried to mimick an /odd/ looked as if to say she was rather strange. Was he a newcomer? He surely had been around the beach for awhile..just quiet.

Aw. Brina doesn't wanna play either. Corlis flops to the sand with a sulky expression, but is quickly distracted yet again by a chirruping bronze firelizard. He scrambles onto his hands and knees, following the little flit's progress with his eyes. Ooooh.

Kendra continues to observe the flit. "Hello pretty one" she murmurs warmly. She attempts another chirrup and whistle, and laughs at her own foolishness.

Zeishen tilts a nonplussed head as he ignores Kendra's ruthless imitation, towards him..gazing at Corlis. A slight 'waddle' before hopping about in the sand letting out a slight chirp.

Snorting at the contemptuous f'lizard, Kendra turns back to more interesting matters. Her eyes, once again, are drawn into the horizon and she sighs deeply. She must escape. Her heart skips a beat as she thinks of what lies beyond where the water meets the sky.

Brina chuckles and she looks up from yet again another report. "Corlis?" she asks. "How are you doing today?" oh yes, she does notice the little boy. "Are you ready to get into the water?" Dolphin play? Doesn't that sound like so much fun. She puts up the report in her bag, and walks over towards the water. Croching down, she pats a few times, sending small sound waves towards the 'phins out swimming in the water.

Marika looks out over the ocean, then to the dragon and finally her eyes fall on the lizard, a glance at the clutch, just to check that nothing was happening. She was beginning to seriously doubt that anything /would/ happen.

Kendra tears her eyes from the sea and paces to Brina. "Doing anything?" she queries, her voice flat and monotonous with frustration and boredom.

Distracted again, this time by someone calling his name, Corlis quickly forgets the pretty little flit. For the moment. And scrambles to his feet. "I'm great!" he chirps, trotting nearer the dolphin lady. "An' I already been in the water." Well, it was sort of an accident. But he trots along behind her anyhow as she makes her way to the shore and slaps the surface of the water, his eyes big. "Whatcha doin' that for?"

Brina looks at the younger apprentice. Younger? well, only by a few months anyways. "Well, I promised Corlis that if he wanted to play with Jonah, just him and Jonah, I would let him. He hasn't gotten to play with him much." She gives a slight wink towards the boy. "I'm trying to see if Jonah might come and play with you. Would you like that?" She turns her head towards the apprentice and smiles. "What's wrong with you?"

Pluto suddenly disappears ::between::!

Elehu nudges G'deon again and points towards another egg, this time the one that looks almost like a moon rising. "How about that one, Gid. I'm thinking blue. A dark blue, like the night sky."

Kendra studies Brina. She doesn't /know/... that's impossible. The young girl tilts her chin and lies. "Oh, nothing" she says in a strained, cheerful voice. "Nothing. at. all." Instead, she turns to watch the child play.

"What do 'phincrafters do," Marika suddenly asks, "other than swim with 'phin?" She looks from one to the other, smiling. Since being here on the beach it was something, she'd considered doing. If only she could convince her father..

G'deon nods slowly. "Could be... or bronze. Some bronzes are as dark as the sky at dusk," he answers, nodding towards his lifemate for example.

Kendra settles down next to M'rika to avoid Brina's gaze. "I'll tell you" she suggests. Corlis practically dances in his excitement. "Would I!?" Play with Jonah? All by himself? Of all the luck! He wades out into the sea to his knees, peering out over the water in search of fins. The other adults are more or less ignored at this point - who could blame him?

Marika nods to Kendra, smiling brightly, "I'd really like to know," she says, stretching her legs out in front of her, while leaning back on her hands.

Brina looks up at Marika, and grins. "yes, let the apprentice tell you, and I will see if she gets it right." she can't help but notice the Kendra's avoiding her eyes, but shrugs as she goes back to what she's doing. Finally, and few dorsal fins pop up, and her comes the one she needs. "Jonah!" is called out as he surfaces near her and Corlis. "Bree! Cor!" is called towards the two humans. "Come Plaaay?"

Kendra runs her fingers through her hair, snarling as the charm on her bracelet snags a length of hair. SHe pulls it free and rolls to her stomach to lean her head on her arms. And she begins. "Well.. dolphineers not only swim with the dolphins, they care for and study them. For my classes, I need to learn how to remove a bloodfish, and how to 'float' a beached dolphin.. which means get it back into the water. We also learn how to swim properly" She pauses for breath.

Leah looks at the dolphin.

Corlis doesn't need to be asked twice, splashing into the water with boyish abandon. "Jonah!" His squeals of delight are only slightly lower pitched than the dolphin's. Nevermind that they're not close enough for him to even tell which one is Jonah - if Bree said he was here, that's good enough!

"There are different specializations" the girl continues. "You can explore with a dolphin to create new maps from unchartered areas, or you can be a dolphinsinger and learn to understand the stories from dolphin history and record them for humans to read. Yu can choose to teach, and educate the new appies, or be a healer.. which is pretty self-explanatory"

Marika nods as she looks out across the water at the dolphin. "Sounds pretty interesting," she says, shielding her eyes against the sun. "How come you decided to join?"

Jonah pops up a few feet from Corlis and graps a bit of water in his mouth before squirting it at the boy. "Bree..plaaay ball." He looks over at Brina with a tilted head, his eyes full of mischief and his normal 'phinny smile.

Without pausing to think, Kendra explains. "Well.. I wanted to join because I /need/ water. My name, Kendra, means 'water baby'. I grew up by the water and I live with it.. It's my escape" she murmurs, trailing off as her eyes linger on the horizon again. She coughs slightly and putsher head down on her arms again, not wanting to talk.

Brina chuckles and shakes her head at the dolphin. "Jonah, you and corlis play." She pulls out her bag and grabs the ball she always carries with her. She tosses it towards the 'phin who then catches it and balances it on his nose. "You two have fun, but don't work him too hard Jonah. I'll be here to watch over you, Corlis, to see you don't get in any trouble." She plops herself on the ground and watches the two 'boys' play.

Leah walks over to the water and looks at the dolphin.

Corlis shrieks with delight as Jonah balances the ball on his nose. Whee! "I can catch it!" Suuuure he can. But he'll have lots of fun trying. Now he's waving both hands above his head in case Jonah might have missed him or something.

Aztek winks in from ::between::, a harsh sun of bronze spreading below him.

Jonah flips his rostrum up, and catches the ball in his mouth before tossing it lightly towards Corlis.

"Water baby," Marika repeats, liking the meaning of Kendra's name. "Don't think my name means anything." At least no-one had told her the meaning of her name if it had any. "I grew up near a lake. That's how I leaned to swim."

G'deon ascends with practiced steps up to Nylanth's bronzen neck and settles in between two neckridges.

Elehu ascends with practiced steps up to Nylanth's bronzen neck and settles in between two neckridges.

Kendra murmurs a response, prefering to turn to silence for now as she tries to order her thoughts, trying to make affairs seem better than they are. She fails.

Nylanth stealthily saunters to the Courtyard.

Corlis misses the ball completely, throwing himself headlong into the water in his efforts and coming up dripping and giggling. An awkward puppy-paddle brings him to the ball at last, and he flings it wildly Jonah-wards (well, he tries to, anyhow), the ball arcing high into the morning sky and sailing off in some random direction probably nowhere near the poor 'phin. Whee! "Catch!"

"Kendra? Are you okay," Marika says, putting a hand on the girl's arm. She'd suddenly grown so quiet and now Rika was getting worried.

Leah looks at the dolphin and the boy playing ball.

Brina looks over her should towards Kendra, and throws a stick towards the girl. "Kendra, what is wrong dear?" oh yes, she notices the girl being all sullen and stuff. Jonah tries to catch the ball, but somehow it comes up no where near him. He dives into the water and takes off swimming towards the ball coming up right underneath. He pulls his body up underneath the ball, and catches it before falling on his side, onto the water making a /huge/ splash sprinkling Brina with water as she sits with the waves lapping at her feet.

Kendra tenses at Rika's touch. "Just stuff" she murmurs into her folded arms. "Don't worry about it."

Grigri blinks in from ::between::!

"You're sure," Marika says, taking her hand off the other's arm as she feels her tense. She glances at the other phincrafter. She knew Kendra better than she did, right?

Kendra nods slightly. After all.. it's not her fault she's such a misfit, is it? And besides.. who wouldn't want.. besides, she's much prettier than 'Dra will ever be. And if that's what he wants..

Grigri settles himself on the ground near Kendra, and waddles himself towards her. He opens out his wings and just looks at her, eyes whirling with intesity. He creels at her, and chirps.

Corlis laughs as Brina is soaked, merry peals echoing across the water's surface. "Jonah!" As if the 'phin might've forgotten the boy's presence, he waves his arms wildly and splashes a lot. "Throw the ballll!"

Leah looks at the dolphin and boy, "Can i play?"

Marika takes a deep breath, glancing from Kendra to the 'phin out in the water. "'s long as you're okay," she mumbles, not wanting to pressure her if she didn't want to talk about it.

Kendra lifts her head and peers at the flit.. jealous once again. She manages a small smile at the soothing chirp and murmurs back. "Hello, pretty little thing" she croons, pulling a chunk of wherry from her pocket. "Would you like this?"

Jonah tosses the ball towards Corlis, and dives under the water standing on his rostrum and just waves his tail flukes in the air as if to say. 'na, na, na, na, na." Brina slicks her now wet hair back, and just laughs. She turns to Leah, and smiles. "Leah. Corlis should be able to tell you that."

Leah nods at Brina, "I asked anyone who would awnser."

Phoenix suddenly flits up and gathers himself for the horrors of ::between:: before slipping into the mind-rending darkness!

Grigri's eyes whirl with red..which of course means hunger. He chirps and her and hops up on her shoulder and takes the wherry from her hand. He picks at it and chews it very slowly as if savoring his little chunk. Once finished, he licks his talons and continues to preen himself giving a creel and a chirp every now and again. It's cleaning time!

Corlis of course misses the ball, this time because he hears his name. "Huh?" In his eloquent fashion, he of course /means/ 'tell who what?'... but he's six. Deal. Ball splashes into the water nearby and he grabs it with both hands, turning to stare at the older girl on the shore. "You wanna play?"

Aaliya leans back, glancing at the boy. "Who, me?" She queries, looking a tad confused. Kendra sits up and watches the flit preen. "Don't suppose you know what's going on with those eggs, huh boy?"

Leah nods, "Can i?"

Aaliya raises an eyebrow. "What's going on with those eggs?"

At first glance, she appears to be a quiet, calm young woman with her dark hair and pale skin. Shoulder length, straight black hair streaked with bright crimson that silhouettes her naturally pale skin; Eyes contrasting the more serene look on her face, being fiery and almost always having a look of brightness in them. Her face is clear, with no seeable marks or blemishes, except small dimples when she smiles or when she often grins. Small, coral lips are set just below a small, gently angled nose. Her pale, slightly rosy cheeks are just slightly round, curving ever so gently towards a smoothly rounded chin. Standing at 5'6, and weighing in at 115 pounds, she rarely ever feels extremely dwarfed or towering over others.
She wears a several-sizes-too-small, sleeveless, bronze colored tunic, that's woven closed with klah colored twine. Atop that is a hooded mahogany jacket that's left open, showing the clothing underneath. The long, thin sleeves drape down and flare out over her hands, fading from the mahogany to a deep burgundy right at her fingertips. A fairly short, leather black skirt, coming about down just about her knees. Across her neck there's a silver-looking chain with various beads of shapes and sizes adorning it and in the center, there's a single, dried, yet still bright, blue rose petal. Her usual black sandals that are loosely strapped over her feet.
Aaliya is 16 Turns and 16 days old.

Marika chuckles lightly at the lizard begging food, then glances at the clutch again. Still nothing, she notes to herself and sighs. She wasn't sure she could stay here much longer, even if she really wanted a lizard of her own.

Corlis flashes a gaptoothed grin at Leah, ignoring the grown-up type people. "Sure." He flings the ball in her general direction, which probably means she'll end up chasing it halfway down the beach. But he tries.

Kendra can almost hear 'Rika's thoughts and nods in agreement. They need to hatch before someone destroys them.. They /really/ need to hatch or people will get mad. How much is a firelizard worth? She turns amber eyes on the preening male and shrugs. A lot.

Aztek hovers middair, the sun spirit of the land, and in a wink, is eclipsed ::between:: with a cold flush of air.

Aaliya falls over in the sand, hair sprawling out everywhere. Green eyes just stare up at the sky, looking quite bored.

Leah watchs the ball as it lands somewhat near her, and picks it up.

Grigri looks over at the girl giving a slight chirp before flying off her shoulder. He lands in the water somewhat away from his owner and starts to dive and get water all over himself. He chirps at his human pet as if to say Oil me!!!

Those eggs needed to hatch before the rot! Marika is thinking, turning her gaze to the ocean once more trying to forget about the eggs. It probably wouldn't happen on this beach anyway, her impressing a lizard. It was almost enough to make her depressed. Instead she smiles as she looks at the dophin in the water. They were nice too, right?

Brina chuckles as she laughs at her flit. Turning her head towards Kendra she pipes up. "Hey, Kendra. There is a pot of oil in my bag, would you mind oiling Grigri. He shouldn't care who oils him as long as someone does." That way she can still watch the boy and her dolphin friend.

Kendra nods complacently and fishes the oil from Brina's back, clucking to the flit. "C'm'ere, boy!" she calls.

Grigri finishes washing himself and flies on to her shoulder before shaking himself off getting her all nice and wet. He curls his tail around her neck and just cheeps at her.

"Heeeeeeyyyyy!" Corlis squeaks across the water at the big girl who's walking off with the ball. How can he play with Jonah if the ball's onshore? "Throw it back!" He waves his arms above his head as if that might increase his chances of actually catching the thing... if Leah will throw it.

Kendra mrrrs.. wetness is okay. They're at the beach, right? She lifts Grigri down into her lap, stroking his ridges soothingly, and searches for irritated skin.

Grigri cheeps at her as if to say start slathering the stuff on woman! He gets kinda grouchy at times. Brina chuckles. "Don't worry about trying to find some spot, just go on and cover him. He'll like it." He gets a bit ansy doesn't he?

Leah walks into the water a bit, a toss's it to Corlis.

Aaliya watches the 'lizard, chuckling to herself. Cute little things they are...She grins, sitting herself up to watch.

Octavia bounces in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Kendra blinks slightly, then begins covering the flit in oil.. if you say so.. She rubs it in circles over his hide, paying special attention to any ticklish spots.. :)

Remy walks in from the Tumbled Rockface.

Corlis of course misses. Surprise. But it was a pretty lame toss. He slogs good-naturedly to the shoreline and stoops to retrieve the ball. "Ya gotta get wet," he informs Leah. Jonah can't come /out/ of the water, after all. Duh. Without waiting for a response, he splashes back into deeper water, wildly flinging the ball in some random direction that might or might not end up somewhere near Jonah. Who knows, it might end up onshore. Whee! "Catch!"

Grigri just enjoys the rubbing of oil. He curves his back and just ooohs and ahhs as best that a firelizard can with out actually talking since he can't. He cheeps and creels and just plain has fun.

Octavia sits carefully on the Woven Straw Hammock, then rolls over to stretch out in it, swaying gently back and forth.

Kendra giggles and adds a little more oil, stroking it over Grigri. She plays with his tiny claws, rubbing oil into the padded feet, then tickles his stomach.

Leah walks more into the water, since she is wearing she swimsuit she does not worry about it getting wet.

Jonah bobs up and down waiting for the ball without so much of a sound coming out of his mouth. Seeing the ball come towards him.. And, it does to, He jumps up to retrieve it, but misses it by a mile. Oh well, never said he could catch everything right? Jonah dives back into the water and just swims towards the ball floating on the water and grabs it in his mouth. He dives back into the water dribbling it, with his mouth that is, a few times before coming back up and tossing it towards Leah. "Whoo you" he says once the ball is out of his mouth.

Marika smiles as Kendra seems to be getting in a better mood oiling the lizard. She'd forgotten that that was a thing to do when you impressed one of the things. "Feeling better, Kendra?"

Grigri lifts his feet up one at time, so that Kendra can get a good oiling in there. He opens his wings up and sits on his haunces letting her get to the stomahc. Ooh, but he didn't realize she was going to tickle him. He cheeps in a bit of a laughing cheep and wiggles in her arms. Better watch out, Kendra. Grigri might just claw you or something.

Leah catchs the ball, "Im Leah." she says, and toss's the ball toward Corlis.

Kendra nods absently to Rika and rubs oil into Grigri's wings, seperating each fold gently, secretly wishing she had her own flit to oil.

Remy walks to the Tumbled Rockface.

Grigri pulls his one wing from Kendra's hands. He cheeps at her as if to say, Be Careful! Yes, one wing of his is quite sensitive..More than the other.

The ball bounces off Corlis, since he's looking at Jonah and not expecting the ball to be tossed to him. "Ow!" Okay, it didn't hurt. But having a ball bounced off a kid really requires some sort of exclamation, and that was the first one he thought of. Grinning, he scoops up the ball and throws it over his head backwards. Amazingly, this is the one that sails directly toward Jonah. Surprise!

Jonah catches the ball and tucks it under his pectoral fin for just a second. He swims over towards Leah, orienting at her. "Leee-uh!!! ME Jonah!!!!" He says before swimming back to his spot. He places the ball in his mouth and tosses it towards Leah.

Kendra studies the wings carefully and watches her hands to make sure she doesn't put too much pressure on the fragile apparatuses.

Marika smiles, secretly wishing the eggs would hatch, but consciencely knowing that they probably wouldn't. They'd been there quite a while know, after all. She laughs a little at the dolphin though, as he seems to be in a fine mood and it was somewhat infectious.

Grigri cheeps to Kendra. He's quite vocal today. Uh huh! He waits until Kendra is done with his wing, seeing that she is being much more careful. He does a flity little sigh.

Leah almost miss's the ball, but catchs it, and toss's it as soon as she got it toward Corlis, as she falls back into the water, and gets up.

Kendra smiles oddly and works the oil in over Gri's neck, rubbing his ridges contentedly.

Corlis miraculously catches the ball. "I got it!" he crows, tumbling over backwards in his amazement and disappearing in a huge splash. He comes up grinning, shaking water off his head like a canine, and staggering a bit as the movement makes him dizzy. Spinning around, he finally locates Jonah and flings the ball more or less in the dolphin's general direction.

Jonah swims a bit closer towards corlis and catches the ball swiftly. He does a little back flip in the air as his congrats to Corlis for catching the ball. He comes back up and tosses it towards Leah. "yay! cor! Good job!" and then *squuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

Leah catchs the ball, and smiles, then toss's the ball toward Corlis.

Grigri curls up into Kendra's lap and starts to snooze not quite caring if she wants the oily flit in her lap. Just remembering Brina's words to /not/ get sand on his hide after oiling.

Brina chuckles at Jonah and smiles towards Corlis. "Good job Corlis. Congratulations." oh yes, she's been watching the whole time. Uh huh!

Marika gets up, leaving Kendra and the lizard behind and walks to the shore, getting as far into the water so that it just covers her feet. "Hello.. Jonah, is that your name," she calls out to the 'phin, grinning at him. 'Phins certainly were beautiful animals.

Redfaced and tight-lipped, a young woman barely out of her teens stalks down the beach, headed directly towards a happily oblivious Corlis. Who of course missed the ball. Oh, well. He beams beatifically from Jonah to Brina, his back to the shore. Which is unfortunate because he's promptly collared by his indignant nanny - doubly annoyed at having to wade into the ocean to retrieve him. Green eyes flash at the adults - or near-adults - as Nanny pegs Marika as being in charge. Because she's closest. "Has he been bothering you?" she says sweetly. "I'm so terribly sorry."

Brina pipes up at the Nanny. "Oh, he hasn't been bothering anyone at all. I promised him he could play with the 'phins, and he is doing just fine." No getting down on the young boy at all. Nope, nope, nope. Not at all.

Patryna wakes up.

Marika turns as she's spoken to, then shakes her head, looking down at the boy. "Hasn't been bothering me," she says, shrugging. But then she's been sitting on the beach, far from him.

Torra wakes up.

Corlis has apparently given his nanny enough trouble in her brief employment for the girl to be unconvinced by Brina's assurances. "Well, he's to come home, now." Her tone brooks no argument, and even though Corlis sulks wildly, he follows, walking backwards and waving his free hand at Jonah and Brina. "Bye!" Oh, and Leah too.