A Promise... And A Threat

Seacliffs Beach
A long stretch of beach lies before you, gently sloping down to the water's edge, where equally gentle waves roll forward to kiss the shore. The far end of the beach cuts off abruptly at the tumbled ruins of a former Hold, where clinging vines cover the fallen stones, creating a seeming garden of peace and beauty. A couple of tidepools are set to the side, teeming with the varied sealife trapped within. Rocks, ranging from tiny pebbles to hefty boulders, are scattered throughout the beach, the more reasonably sized ones usually concealing a spiderclaw or two. Small sand dunes, pieces of driftwood and, of course, shells and pebbles of all sizes litter the beach, offering a sort of treasure hunt to adventurous residents.
It is an autumn before dawn.

Corlis scrambles up the beach, dripping and caked with wet sand, when he sees movement in one of the tents. Someone to play with! "Hi!" he chirps, flashing a gap-toothed grin at the little girl looking at him.

Jessia smiles, "Hi."

Corlis says, "Wanna play? I built a big sandweyr!" He points down the beach to a lumpy structure dangerously close to the rising tide. "C'mon!"

Jessia smiles, "Sure!" she says walking over to him.

Leah looks at Jessia and Corlis, "Have fun."

Corlis takes off at a dead run, without waiting, and starts pushing more wet sand up the miniature Weyr cliffs. A handy shell becomes a carving tool, digging miniature caves in the 'cliff' walls for tiny imaginary dragons. "Neat, huh?" Of course it is. "I'm Corlis," he lisps around his missing front teeth, sounding more like 'Corlith'. "D'you live here?"

Jessia runs over to him, "Im Jessia, Of crouse i live here."

"On the /beach/? Ain'tcha skeered a Thread and stuff?" Corlis eyes the girl, rattling on and lisping furiously. "I ain't skeered a nothin'. 'Cept Thread, a course. I listened real good in Harper classes. That's howcome I know 'bout Weyrs and dragons and stuff." Very matter-of-factly, he scoops some more sand out of his 'bowl' with his shell.

Jessia smiles, "No, i don't live on the beach, i live here at seacliffs, with my fostermum and fosterdad, and fostersiblings, and stuff."

Leah walks over to the two kids to see what there talking about and doing, seeing as though she is to watch over Jessia, "What ya talking about?"

Tevya walks in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Corlis ohs and keeps digging, the tip of his tongue poking out one corner of his mouth as he concentrates. "I wish I lived here," he mumbles. As Leah walks up, he flashes the gap-toothed grin at the older girl. "Thtuff." Stuff. Yeah. Catching a glimpse of the bossy lady from the other day, he hastily returns to working on his sandweyr.

Tevya grins, waving at Leah and at the boy Corlis. "Hey guys, how are things?"

Jessia smiles, "My older fostersister Leah, lived at High Reaches Weyr, before Iona and Dale were handfasted."

Leah looks at Tevya, "Good.."

Tevya sits down on a rather secluded area of the beach and begins to draw random pictures in the sand. "That was some party yesterday, huh?" She asks. She knew that Leah and Corlis were there, but not Jessia. "Sorry you missed it, Jessia." Tevya grins at the other girl there.

Corlis has no idea who Iona and Dale are, so he doesn't pay any attention to that statement, except for the word 'Weyr'. He eyes Leah, as if the Weyr might have rubbed off on the girl, eyes sparkling. "Know any dragons?" He does. Well, one. Party? Short-attention-span-boy looks over at the bossy lady, who's apparently not feeling bossy today, and scrambles over to look at her sand pictures. "Whatcha drawin'?"

Tevya grins.."I'm trying to draw a dragon..you know I'm interested in being a dragonrider too..I even have a friend who is a dragon rider..?"

Leah looks at Corlis, "Yeah, of corse i know some dragons, i even got to ride one, and yesterday i got to pet one."

Raphael glides grandly in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Corlis ohs, belatedly remembering that Leah had of course been there when he got to pet Ny...Nyl... aw, shells, he can't remember. And the bronzerider had been so nice. But before she can see his disappointment, he puffs out his skinny chest and glares at her. "Me too." Okay, so only the petting part. But she doesn't have to know that. He sticks out his tongue at Leah and turns back to the bossylady's drawings. "You draw good," he observes sagely, flopping onto his belly and propping his chin on grubby hands to watch more closely.

Tevya grins, pausing only for a moment to study the boy. "You know, I rode a dragon twice, her name was Imbriath..if you want, next time she comes to the beach, I'll introduce you."

Corlis beams a gap-toothed smile up at the lady. "Really?" He's forgotten all about Leah now. "I'm Corlith," he lisps around the missing front teeth. "What'th your name?" So he doesn't have to call her bossylady. "D'you live here too?"

Tevya laughs and sticks out a hand. "Well met Corllith. I'm Tevya." Then a shake of her head, "No, I live at the High Reaches Weyr. And yes, I'll introduce you to Imbriath. I'm sure she'd love to meet you."

Jessia giggles at Corlis, "Are you a dragon?"

Tevya laugs at Jessias comment. No the boy probably wishes he were a dragonrider.."Oops, I'm sorry I have to go. I've got something to do at the 'Reaches." She gets up and brushes sand off her breeches. "Until next time." She says, nodding at the three people gathered there on the beach.

Tevya walks out.

Corlis scrambles to sit up, sticking out his own grubby hand to grasp Tevya's in a childish approximation of the formal greeting. "Sounds like a dragon name when /you/ say it!" This seems to delight the boy. He leaps to his feet and spreads out his arms. "I'm a dragon! Whee!" He tears randomly around the beach, stopping short when he hears Tevya say goodbye. "Aw."

Leah looks at Corlis, "Hey, Where do you live anyway?"

Corlis kicks some sand, looking at his feet. "Noplace."

Serafa hurries down the beach, her expression definately /not/ amused. "Raphael, you sharding tunnel snake, if you dragged me all the way here to see those...." the tirade stops as she sees the little boy and quickly revises what she was going to say about /those/. "eggs. Oh excuse me my lizard ran away have you seen him?"

Corlis shrugs as Leah and Jessia abandon him, then trots back down the beach to his sandweyr. The rising tide is eating away at the far side of it - poor crumbling sandweyr! He's in the process of trying to rebuild it, or stop the tide with his little body, or something, when he hears a voice. An angry voice. Blue eyes wide, he looks up, his relief palpable when he sees a stranger who's apparently not angry with /him/. Whew. Firelizard? He looks around, scrambling to his feet. "There's lotsa flits here," he lisps around the missing front teeth. "What's he look like?"

Serafa smiles and looks at the sandweyr with an appraising eye. "Bronze, golden splotches on his head, very arrogant" but then again arent all bronzes. "I came here just before the clutching at the weyr and he apparently fell in love with one of those golds" she gestures to the guarding mummy flits

Raphael stays very quiet and hides himself amoungst the other lizards

Corlis swings his head around to look at the nest, and the hovering golds. "Oh..." He nods soberly. "I stay far away from /them/. They're mean," he assures the lady, now so intent on firelizard searching that he doesn't notice the back of his sandweyr being washed into the sea. He scrambles up the beach, trying to get close to the various clusters of lizards there, only to have them scatter like leaves in the wind as he approaches. He turns back to the stranger with a shrug, grubby hands spread in a helpless gesture. What can he do?

Kendra wakes up.

Serafa frowns at the departing flits, sigh the beach here is so much quieter than the beach back at the weyr. "I know what, I'll have my breakfast then amybe he'll join me" she says bringing out some meats rolls from her back. "You want some?" she asks holding out a flaky roll.

Kendra rolls over, somewhat disorientated. She struggles to remember the night's events, wondering how she ends up here.. Wait.. sand? What?! She /slept/ on the /beach/?!

Chante walks in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Kitana blinks in from ::between::!

Corlis beams, and sticks out a grubby hand in Serafa's direction, suddenly aware that he's very hungry. "Thanks," he lisps, remembering his manners. "I'm Corlis." With his lisp, it almost sounds like a dragon name! "Who're you?"

Serafa chckles and mimes taking her hand away before he eats it as well. "I'm Serafa, I live at the weyr" She says. "I'm gonna be a healer. Wotcha wanna be when you grow up" she mumbles around a mouthful of meatroll. Rummaging through her bag she finds a skin sniffing it she sighs, red fruit juice. She tried so hard to grab the wrong one. "Wan some?" skin extended to Corlis

Kitana flits out over the water, diving in. She comes up with a little fingertail.

Chante looks at Kendra's charms."Oh! you're a dolphineer? Would you know how i could sign up to be one, maybe?"

Kendra looks up, startled. "Um.." she stalls. "Yeah.. you need to ask someone for an application. I don't have one on me, but you can ask any staffer"

Kitana looks around at the humans, just standing there. She chirps, unamused, then jumps in the water to amuse herself.

Aztek winks in from ::between::, a harsh sun of bronze spreading below him.

Chante smiles in thanks "Thanks! By the way, I'm chante." She says, extending a hand.

Corlis stuffs his face full of meatroll. Mmfff. Mumble. Swallow. Beam. "I wanna ride the biggest dragon on Pern! An' kill all the bad Thread!" he informs Serafa. All by himself, yeah. He reaches for the skin of juice, unconcerned by the fact that he doesn't have a cup.

Aaliya walks in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Aaliya waves a hand. "Allloo!"

Chante raises an eyebrow, "Uh, hi aaliya."

Kitana chirps in relief, an interesting human finally coming.

Aaliya looks around, grinning. "Looks like nothin's happening! Have to do something about that..."

Kendra shakes Chante's hand before waving to Aali. "Ola, chica!"

Serafa chuckles, this boy had big dreams. "Bronze naturally right?, You gonna be weyrleader too?" looking at him trying to imagine what he would look like with ten more turns on him. "My friends a candidate for this clutch" she adds conversationally with a twinkle in her eyes, waiting for him to pounce

Kitana flies over to Aaliya, shaking her wet wings off. Her eyes whirling, she misheiviously spins around Aaliya, trying to get her to play.

Aaliya grins at the 'lizard, holding out a hand. "M'Names Aaliya, nice ta meet ya li'l one."

Kitana flashes the equivilant of a flit grin, and jumps in the water. She splashes some on Aaliya, obviously inviting her to play!

Aaliya kicks off her sandals, sliding on down to the flit. She makes a small wave go towards the flit, giggling. "I'll get you, little one!"

Corlis doesn't disappoint, bouncing up and down in his excitement at knowing someone who knows someone who might maybe Impress a dragon. "You got a friend who was Searched?" Bounce. Beam.

Aztek hovers middair, the sun spirit of the land, and in a wink, is eclipsed ::between:: with a cold flush of air.

Serafa grins and nods. "Yup, he lives at the weyr as well. One day not that long ago he was helping the first searched clean a blue dragon. You know about blue dragons dont you? Anyway he was helping clean this big ole blue and....... Whomph! the dragon turns round and tells his rider that Nanoc should be on the sands come hatching. So Nanoc was searched" Of course she wasnt there or else she woulda been searched too, but she had heard the story soo many times she could probably say it in her sleep

Corlis wows, plopping down in the sand with a thump. "Lucky him," he breathes, eyes huge. He drops back to stretch out on the sand, looking up at the sky and imagining dragons flying up there. Wondering what it looks like the other way - in the sky looking down.

Kitana flies out over the water and spots a yellow-stripe close to shore. She dives at it, feeling a little foolish and playful.

Kendra smiles at Chante. "Did you find one?"

Chante says, "Yes thanks I did..." She sees her flit diving for the fish "Oh no! Kitana! There's only one of you! You will hurt yourself!" She runs out to help her overzealous fish. "

Aaliya looks after the 'lizard, slowly making her way towards her. She could help out..

Serafa giggles. "He doesnt think so, he reckons that he has a heap more chores now than when he wasnt a candidate" wink, Nanoc always moaned. "If ya want I could probably sneak you into the hatching if you're real quiet" This was a promise she could keep too. Kitana grabs the fish, which really isn't very big. She drags it into shore, slowely. When she gets there, she chirps at Chante, as if to say I told you so

Chante falls asleep.

Corlis sits up quickly, his eyes /huge/. "Hatching?" he squeaks. "Me?!" Wow. Prolly his stupid nanny will mess that up for him too. Shells. "Promise?"

Marika steps lightly in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Aaliya chuckles, poking the fish with stick. She peers over at Corilis and Serafa, grinning to herself.

Serafa nods "Promise!. Even If I have to steal you away in the dead of night" wink, He reminds her of her favourite brother, and she's feeling a little homesick. "Or better yet I can talk to who ever is in charge of you when you arent"

Marika comes onto the beach, trying to find familiar faces as she's walks toward the crowd. Recognizing most she smiles and joins them, setting down her 'treasures'. A pitcher of juice and a bundle of bread and sweetrolls. "G'morning," she says cheerily. That's right folks. She's already had her morning-swim to get rid of the sleepiness.

Corlis's grin threatens to split his face in two. Being stolen away in the dead of night definitely appeals to him. But just in case... "I got a nanny," he admits. "She's 'round here someplace." She'll prolly just say no. Spoils all his fun. He flops onto his belly now, engrossed in digging at the sand with one grubby fingertip for a long moment before he grins back up at Serafa. "You ever seen dragons hatch 'fore?" She lives at a Weyr - she's now his official Expert Dragon Lady.

Aaliya slides on over to Corlis and Serafa. "Bah. You could run away, I always used to. Run off for the hatching, and come back later. Just leave a note." She's just the picture of maturity, huh?

Serafa shakes her head so the ends of her hair fly. "Nope, I only lived there half a turn maybe, Bet you havent either." She teases. "And if I had a talk to Taree, she could talk to your Nanny, she wont argue then I bet" grin its always easier to let the grown ups think they know what you are doing

Maturity? Well, Marika was definately s'posed to be mature now that she was eighteen. She pours a mug full of juice, and sips it in between bites of a meatroll. "How is everybody today," she asks looking at each of the people gathered here. She was feeling fine this morning, even though she hadn't seen her sister yet.

"Acourse not!" How many hatchings have there been in the last six Turns? Not like Corlis lives at a Weyr or anything! "Who's Taree?" Not that it matters, much; anyone who can convince his nanny that a Hatching would be a good place for Corlis is bound to be his new Best Friend. Beam.

Serafa assumes a solemn expression, but the twinkling of her eyes gives her away. "Taree is the healer here. She could say that it was for your health or something" quick barely noticeable wink. "Are you complaining? cos if you are...."

Standing at an average hieght of 5' 7 this young woman has an athleticly built body, long legs and hardened calfmuscles bear witness to a life walking or running. Her body is slim and in good shape and her armmuscles are wellshaped, as is her fingers, which are long and slim. Her dark hair, sunstreked by many hours in the sun, is tied in a runners-tail and reaches halfway down her back. Darkbrown eyes peer out from under dark long lashes and thick dark brows. Her skin which is tanned to a deep bronze, is marred only by an old threadscore on her left forearm.
From top to toe this young woman is dressed in different hues of green. Her runners-tail is tied with a spring-forrest green band. Her V-neck tunic is ocean-green, while her shorts are the darkgreen color of the pine needles. Her sandals, made of wherhide, are brown, though they have greendyed tiestrings. The only other color is a bright red woven bracelet around her right wrist.
Marika is 18 Turns old.

Kendra wakes up.

Corlis gapes. Complaining? He quickly shuts his mouth and shakes his head, hair flying wildly before settling in his eyes again. "Not 'less ya want me to," he quickly amends. He's not sure how Ista Weyr would be better for his health than SeaCliffs, but he's ready to go with Dragon Expert Lady no matter what she says. Beam.

Aaliya flicks sand over at Corlis, grinning at the lad. "Gonna run away with the Dragon Lady, young'n?"

Serafa reaches out and ruffles his hair. "No just be you, I made the promise I'll keep it" of course she's completely forgotten about Rafe, and her chores...oh well. "Actually despite what this one wants you to think, I'm just a healer appy, I live at the weyr"

Leah wakes up and see's her felines sleeping next to her.

Marika takes one last gulp of juice, then covers the pitcher with a piece of cloth. Don't want sand inthere. She draws up her knees, and looks out over the ocean, as if seeing something there.

Kendra nosedives into the sand next to Rika. "Hello!" she chirps happily, a drastic improvement on her mood fromyesterday.

Buffy creels, an ear-splitting racket from the lime drenched firelizard. Ooh she's cranky. Maternal instinct isn't her top priority yet she swoops around those eggs, bravely clearing a path with rushcutter wingtips, steely eyes set as she protects them from some unseen danger. Idiot.

Aaliya grins, nodding her head. She scoots behind the boy and starts trying to braid his hair. Adult is the word for her personlity, isn't it? "Ista Weyr? I was thinking of living there at one time.."

"Kendra," Marika says, smiling to the girl. "Feeling better today." She turns to look at her, seeing her face. Sure, she looked to be in a better mood. "Beautiful day, don't ya think?"

Corlis grins, automatically reaching up with a grubby hand to smooth out his hair - as if that makes it look any better. As if he cares. "Long as I get t'see some dragons," he lisps. Expert Dragon Lady can be a healer, too. She can fix sick dragons. The shriek of a firelizard causes him to whip his head around, mouth agape and eyes big, but he's distracted again by hands in his hair. Which could stand to be cut but which definitely is /not/ long enough to braid. He bats the hands away, scowling. "Hey!"

CeNedra walks in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

CeNedra smiles shyly

Kendra nods, eyes drifting irresistably out to sea. "Beautiful" she murmurs, smile still on her face. Oh yes. Today, this girl can't stop smiling. Wonder why...?

Aaliya backs away from Corlis. "Sorry, dearie! Just thought I'd attempt the cutest hair style for boys like you."

Tony walks in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Tony waves a freindly hello

Raking her hand through almond tresses, the young girl rolls onto her back, grinning coyly at 'Rika. Beautiful day. Much, much better than yesterday. Oh indeed.

Marika can't stops smiling eiether, as she follows Kendra gaze. She made a decision and she was going to stick by it, no matter /what/ her father said. "Kendra," she begins, the turns to the phincrafter, "where should I go to apply for the 'phincraft?" Yup, that's right. She now old enough to make her /own/ decisions.

Tony walks out.

Kendra perks up and snugs Rika. "Hurrah! We can have lessons together! Here, let me get it..." she trails off as she rustles through her bag. Retrieving an application and a piece of chalk, she sets them in front of Rika.

Serafa grins at the little boy. "Boys dont need to have thier hair braided do they?" 'though he would look cute with them. "Just like they dont wear pink right?" nods at him her brother would have been much more ...insistant with his disapproval

Aaliya grins, sizing up the boy. "Yesyes. Pink would be good. I have a nice, bright pink, glittery dress somwhere...He's look very..." cough, "Manly."

Corlis would /not/ look cute with braids. "Not!" Lower lip pokes out in a sulky expression. Pink's even worse. He shoots a look at Aaliya - a don't-you-dare kind of look that would probably be more effective if he weren't half the girl's size.

Buffy continues to swoop and wing and shriek. But of course, a few bronzes indignantly snap at her until she calms down to seethe and brood on a craggy outcrop.

Aaliya jerks her head towards the /quite/ noisy firelizard. She squints, wondering what's going on before turning her attention the little boy. "I don't suppose your nanny would like you to wear pink, huh? Well, we can always just put ribbons in your hair.."

Marika looks over the application provided by Kendra, reading it carefully. "I might need some time to fill this in," she mumbles, while reading. Yeah, just give her some time, she wanted this to be perfect.

"No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!" Corlis scrambles to his feet and /bolts/, heading for the path as fast as his little legs will carry him, sand flying in all directions. No ribbons! No pink! No braids! Noooooo!