Hide And Seek


Hair of black covers this little ones head, while eyes of soft brown glance out from under the long bangs that fall down to her cheeks. The end of her straight hair, just touches the tops of her shoulders and shines with an almost blue hue at the very top of her head. She is certainly a little one, looking like she doesn't even top 30 lbs., and is only around 3 feet tall, but she looks far from being frail. Perhaps it has to do with the darkness of her skin, looking as if she's spent much of her time out in the sun, or maybe even the healthy glow that surrounds her.
A light beige tunic covers her small frame, held close about her waist by a plain yet effective belt. The tunic falls down over her hips and comes to end about midway down her thighs where a pair of leggings continues on down. They are of a dark brown color, and fit closely to her legs as if specially fitted so has not to fall off of her. Topping it off is a set of ankle high boots that do not seem to have much of a hard sole to them.
She is awake, but has been staring off into space for 16 minutes.
Miyosha is 5 Turns, 6 months, and 6 days old.

Miyosha slips off her boots and carries them with her as she walks barefoot through the shallow water that washes up with the wave. Every so often she casts a quick glance over her shoulder as if checking to see if she's followed, her gaze always going to the rockface.

Corlis is still sitting on the sand, the tide lapping up around him, feeding a creeling bronze hatchling from a ruined-sandweyr-turned-fishtrap. The greedy little thing gulps down one fingertail after another until at last he seems sated, dropping his head to the boy's lap with the firelizard equivalent of a sigh. Beaming, boy scoops flit into his arms and scrambles to his feet, nearly walking smack into the little girl who's not looking where she's going. As if he had been. "Hi," he chirps brightly, holding the little flit close to his skinny chest. "Looky what I got." Well, she'll have to come a lot closer, because he's not letting go.

Miyosha gives a yelp and then blinks a moment "Watch where ya going" she says looking a little miffed at being startled. SHe places her hands on her hips as she cocks her head and peers "Well now I'll be if it's not a 'flying stomach'" she says in mimicry of someone. She then giggles "He's cute, what's his name?" she asks moves closer.

Corlis looks taken aback, both by the girl's tone and by her question. "I dunno," he says, a bit stupidly looking down at the little fellow. Well, he'll just have to think of a name for him, won't he? Brows furrow in concentration, thought process almost visible on his face as the gears in his head churn. Then he shrugs. "My name's Corlis," he lisps around the missing front teeth. "What's yours?"

Miyosha grins bright "I's Miyosha" she states proudly and then grins slyly "Poor little thing though, he's gotta have a name." she says softly and looks at the bronze "Sumtin dis... disting sumtin that he can be proud of" she finishes off disgusted with herdelf for forgetting the big word.

Chante has connected.

Chante wakes up.

Corlis doesn't know many big words, either, but he would like the little bronze to be proud of his name. Oops, pressure's on. Now he has to think of a /good/ name, not just any old name. His face screws up into a scowl as the enormity of the task hits him. Poor little guy's gonna end up being called 'hey you'. Oh, well. "You live here, too?" Corlis does. Beam.

Kitana flits over to her owner and tugs on her shirt, obvliously wanting something.

Active Bronze Hatchling> Images from Kitana suggest: << Hey, human-pet! Oil me! I'm itchy! >>

Miyosha tosses her hair over her sholder a bit with a shake of her head. Course it's not quite as refined and prefectly executed as she's seen older girls do, but.. "Course I do." she states as if it should be obvious. She continues to grin as she watches Corlis "So who's your mum?"

Chante looks down at the bold flit, noticing a patchy spot, "Lemme guess, you want oiled, then you want some fish?" She smiles and pulls a little pot out of her pocket and starts to oil kitana.

Kitana croons in happiness at the oiling. She turns over on her back, spreading her wings for balance, and lids her eyes in pleasure.

Active Bronze Hatchling> Images from Kitana suggest: << That's better, human-pet. >>

Chante grins at the flits actions. She knows what will happen next. "Kitana, please don't go in the water. I'll have to oil you again.

Kitana jumps up and shakes some sand from her wings. She flies over and jumps in.

Active Bronze Hatchling> Images from Kitana suggest: << So, i like being oiled. >>

Chante lets out a long groan. "Now, why did you do that, you little wherry!"

Corlis chews his lip, looking perplexed. "Who's yours?" he counters, maybe hoping to get an idea of his own? He hugs the little bronze more tightly - good thing he's too sated and sleepy to mind. The hairtoss is lost on him. He's six, for heaven's sake. Girls have cooties and stuff.

Kitana launches herself out of the water, then dives back in, coming up with a spiderclaw. She walks over to chante, sitting down to eat it.

You notice Chante looking at you.

Miyosha shrugs a little "Dunno, she didn't want me." she replies though seeming really not to care "I's got me a new family now though. I's got sisters and a nanny. They don't see their mum much either." she notes happily, especially since the nanny is so easy to avoid.

Marika loosens the band tying her hair in a runnerstail, and lets her dark hair fall around her shoulders before walking to the shore and wading into the water. She dives under as she reaches a point where the water is up to her waist, and swims, underwater, further out in the ocean.

Kitana flies over to Corlis, after she finishes with her spiderclaw. She looks up at the bronze on his shoulder and cheeps.

Active Bronze Hatchling> Images from Kitana suggest: << Come play with me! >>

Phaidra suddenly disappears ::between::!

Kitana cocks her head at the bronze and cheeps again, more insistantly.

Active Bronze Hatchling> Images from Kitana suggest: << Play with me please! >>

Chante rolls her eyes at her firelizard, walking over to the water. She slips off her sandels and jumps in.

Active Bronze Hatchling> Images from Phoenix suggest: << Loudgreen. Bigmouth. Sleepy. Quietquiet. >>

Kitana gives up on the bronze. She flies over to Chante and starts splashing her owner.

Chante walks out.

Corlis flashes a relieved grin at Miyosha. So he's not the only one without parents? "My nanny left after Iona said I could live here." Which is good, because she'd been an awful pill. He's having much more fun now. "Wanna play? I built a sandweyr." Okay, so it's a pile of lumpy wet sand with a puddle of fingertails in the middle of it now. But it /was/ a sandweyr.

Kitana flits over to Corlis, now that her owner is gone. She cheeps aproovingly at his sandweyr, and looks curiously at the fingertails.

Active Bronze Hatchling> Images from Kitana suggest: << that is very good, little human-pet. >>

Marika finds herself far enough out from the shore, and stops to tread water a while, before changing direction so she swims /along/ the shore, rather than away from it.

Phoenix ruffles his wings in annoyance at the very loud green. Rising from his perch, he hisses in her direction, bronzen head lifting high and wings spreading slightly.

Miyosha oo's brightly "Iona's great" she notes with glee and then nods quickly "I'd love too." she replies as she loks around for said weyr. "Though I know a real weyr to play in."

Hyzen, glancing towards the ground far below, slipes down the smooth hide of Imbriath and towards the ground with help of lifted paw.

Kitana ignores him. She isn't that loud, and she was complimenting his owner, anyways.

Active Bronze Hatchling> Images from Phoenix suggest: << Veryloud. Sillygreen. Nobenice. Quietquiet. >>

Kitana glares at him.

Active Bronze Hatchling> Images from Kitana suggest: << If you're that very tired, go to sleep! >>

Chante walks in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Active Bronze Hatchling> Images from Phoenix suggest: << Tooloudgreen! Sleepnotwithloudmouth. >>

Corlis forgets all about his sandweyr-turned-fishtrap, actually gaping at the little girl. "You do?" he breathes, forgetting that she might even have cooties - if she knows where there's a real Weyr to play in, she can be his new Best Friend. "Where?" He's not proud. Cradling the sleeping bronze a bit awkwardly in his arms, he looks ready to follow Miyosha anyplace.

Kitana flies over to her Chante, a little peeved at the bronze's rudeness.

Minkah stirs from sleep and turns whirling red eyes on Kitana

Active Bronze Hatchling> Images from Minkah suggest: << Shades of angry red miz over with shades of sleepy brown, showing annoyance at being woken up >>

Active Bronze Hatchling> Images from Kitana suggest: << If you're gonna be rude, i'll leave! >>

Kitana suddenly disappears ::between::!

Chante rolls her eyes. "Great, where did she go now?" She walks off.

Chante walks out.

Phoenix sighs heavily in relief as the loud green leaves, settling back down into his spot and curling into a little ball. A huge yawn escapes him before he slowly drifts back to sleep.

Miyosha beams brightly and points towards the path "It's that way, it's where I live with my sisters" she notes with a giggle. "We's got our own room and everything." is added as she slips her boots back on, easier to wear then carry after all. "Come on"

Chante walks in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Chante shrugs her shoulders. "Well, i don't know where she went." She walks over to the water and dives in.

Kitana blinks in from ::between::!

Corlis trots after Miyosha with singleminded glee, a bright grin lighting his face. Is there anyone else on the beach? Couldn't prove it by him.

Swimming along the shore, with long, even strokes Marika is soon far from the campsite and suddenly discovers so, stopping to turn back. Not knowing this place, and not used to swimming in the ocean, she better not get too far away from others.

Miyosha skips along to the Worn Path.

Miyosha skips along to the Watchrider's Weyr.

Miyosha spreads her arms wide "This is it! and I sleeps in there" she notes as she points to cot thats dug into the cliffside "Whatcha think?"

Corlis looks around, eyes big. "Dragons live in here?" he lisps, eyes everywhere at once. He nearly trips over his own feet, but catches himself just in time. "Neat!"

Miyosha giggles "Not dragons, just one dragon it's for the watch dragon" she replies with a grin "And his rider." she adds after a moment "But they's not here right now so we can play"

Corlis flashes a gap-toothed grin at Miyosha, even as he wonders what kind of game one plays in a watchrider's weyr. "Hide and theek?" he guesses, looking around for a safe place to tuck his sleeping hatchling.

Miyosha nods quickly as she glances around noting a few spots here and there to hide "YOu hide first and I'll look for ya" she states and spots a little ledge not too high up "And he can sleep there. it's a tiny dragon ledge"

Corlis trots over to the indicated niche and carefully arranges the sleeping lizard, hoping the little guy won't roll in his sleep and fall down (well, he has no idea). "'Kay! Shut your eyes and count!" He's already scoping out hiding places. Whee!

Miyosha turns her back to the Corlis and closes her eyes "One.. two.. three... four... " she continues to ocunt slowly till she reaches 10 "Okays! REady or not here I come!"

Corlis ducks into a dark crevice, trying to make himself smaller, and /trying/ to keep quiet!

Miyosha turns around quickly and scans the area a thoughtful look on her face as she starts wondering around. "Are you here?" she asks as she jumps around a little outcropping and hmms as there is nothing there. She looks by the sleeping couches and continues her search as she finds nothing once more.

Corlis shrinks back into his hiding place, biting back a giggle as Miyosha's first attempt is /way/ off base!

Miyosha stops a moment and then quickly turns around, hoping to spy Corlis suddenly. Not seeing him she sticks her hands on her hips and looks over to his sleeping bornze. Too bad he wasn't awake. Giving a shrug at her thoughts she searches again, this time checking the walls.

Corlis blinks as Miyosha spins around - did she see him? No, thank Faranth! He crouches down further, trying to make himself disappear, willing her to :not:see:him:....

Miyosha finally comes to a dark cervace "Are you.. there!" she says and 'bout pounces but not quite. She gives a little giggle and titls her head "Your not stuck in there are ya?"

Corlis eeps as he's -found-! "Aw!" He wriggles out of the crevice... not stuck, nope. Gap-toothed grin is flashed at Miyosha. "Your turn!" He scrambles off to count, hiding his eyes with both arms.

Miyosha glances around a moment looking for a place to hide and finds a little nook to hide in. One that's filled with some riding straps and other leathers. She burrows herself under a jacket and peers under a little gap.

"Seven... eight... nine... TEN!" Corlis whips around, half expecting to see the little girl in plain sight. He's of course disappointed, but hides it well. First place he looks - the niche he just vacated! Empty. Shells.

Miyosha bites down on her lower lip to keep from giggling and watches, even if she can only see part of the area.

Corlis keeps looking, creeping around the edges of the room... now looking behind an outcropping of rock - nothing. Lower lip pokes out in frustration, but he's not giving up... Dropping to his belly, he crawls like a tunnelsnake along the floor, reaching into holes too small for even Miyosha to fit into. Where could she be?

Miyosha can't help herself and gives a little giggle as she watches him crawl. SHe quickly puts her hand over her mouth, hoping he hadn't heard her.

Corlis freezes. What was that noise? He holds very still, but doesn't hear it again. Where did it come from? Wasn't a /real/ tunnelsnake, was it? Eep! No, wait... sounded more like... a giggle! He scrambles to his feet, spinning around to look. Oh... he hadn't noticed that nook before. That one with the leathers. Looks like a perfect hiding spot... careful... quiet... tiptoe... POUNCE!

Miyosha squeals and then erupts into a fit of giggles as she sqirms out from underneath still giggling "You're good" she says brightly

Corlis puffs out his skinny chest proudly. "Acourse," he says. "I'm the betht hidentheek player on Pern!" He's had lots of practice with that nanny of his, after all! He of course doesn't mention that Miyosha hadn't made it easy for him. She /is/ still a girl, after all. Boys're much better. And smarter and stuff. Everyone knows that. He's about to go look for another hiding place when he's distracted by a quavering croon coming from ... the ledge! His new flit! He dashes over to scoop the little guy into his arms. "Whatsa matter with 'im?" What's that on his hide? Eep! A patch?

Miyosha grins as she listens to him and then she frowns "Ooo patchy hide not good" she darts off to a shelf and pulls out a container "Here use this, it's good for" she pauses a moment as she thinks of the words "Good for growing hide and not bad for human skin as well." She lets out a sigh, she remembered it.

Corlis all but grabs the container from Miyosha's hands, plopping to sit on the floor and setting the hatchling in his lap to free both hands to open it. His head filled with images of itching he can almost feel, he quickly slathers a huge portion of the oil onto the bronze hide, sighing himself with shared relief. "Thanks," he says, a bit belatedly. "You got a flit?"

Miyosha sighs and shakes her head "Uh uh, but I helps take care of my sisters" she says with a tilt of her head. "ANd I've oiled a dragon once" Okay so it was just one leg, but still. "You have to oils them all the time though till they stop growing, the healer says they could die if they go between if you don't oil them."

Corlis's eyes pop at the thought of his beautiful little flit actually /dying/ because he didn't get oiled enough, and he glops some more on, just for good measure. Nothing bad's /ever/ gonna happen to /his/ flit. Nope. The rest of her statement eventually sinks in. "You oiled a /dragon/?"

Miyosha giggles and bobs her head "Uh huh and he even whuffled me a bit" she says proudly and with another giggle "Though he tripped me up a bit with his tail, and I got more oil on me then him I think"

Corlis laughs, picturing it. Dragonwhuffles are fun. "Which dragon?" Maybe he can oil sometime, not just pet.

Miyosha pauses a moment "Pilloeth" she says brightly as she remembers the name "Though that was before I came here. I've seen lots of dragons here too. And umm" she frowns a moment "Green Rider Mhairie said I could help her with Fiviath next time she's down for a visit" she says brightly, remembering the dragons name better then the riders. "She might even let you help too."

Corlis has almost as much oil on him as the little bronze does. Iona's probably going to flay him, but he's not thinking about that. "Really?! That'd be great!" He scrambles to his feet. "Wanna go back outside?"

Miyosha grins as she skips towards the entrance "Sure!" she says with glee as she turns back to grin at him "You look like an oiled dragon yourself" she adds with a giggle and scrambles on out.

Corlis looks down at himself. Eep. An oiled turquoise dragon. Covered with sand. Oh, well. He's got a flit of his very own, and the coolest place on Pern to play. It's not normal to be so clean, anyhow. He darts after Miyosha with a broad grin decorating his dirty face.

Miyosha skips along to the Worn Path.

You go to the Worn Path.

Miyosha glances around a moment and she comes to a liding halt on the bath "Wanna go to the beach again? Or?"

"Or what?" Corlis looks around, hugging the somnolent bronze to his chest, spreading that oil. Whoo.

Miyosha ponders a moment as she looks thoughtful. She thinks about the caves and then shakes her head to herself, to scary. "Hmm well theres a garden with bunches of good smelling herbs." she pauses and then grins again "Theres a nice storeroom, but it'd be too busy now to sneak in there."

Corlis shrugs. "What's so great about a garden?" he lisps, clearly unimpressed. Herbs don't sound all that interesting to /him/.

Miyosha grins a little as she cocks her head to one side "Well... theres a great wall around it, and you can climb up onto it from teh courtyard"

Climbing sounds cool. Corlis flashes a gap-toothed grin at Miyosha. "I climb real good," he informs her smugly. "Where's the wall?"

Miyosha grins and heads off towards the hold "This way" she says brightly and takes off at a run, she loves playing on the wall.

Miyosha skips along to the Seacliffs Courtyard.