A Firelizard For Corlis

A long stretch of beach lies before you, gently sloping down to the water's edge, where equally gentle waves roll forward to kiss the shore. The far end of the beach cuts off abruptly at the tumbled ruins of a former Hold, where clinging vines cover the fallen stones, creating a seeming garden of peace and beauty. A couple of tidepools are set to the side, teeming with the varied sealife trapped within. Rocks, ranging from tiny pebbles to hefty boulders, are scattered throughout the beach, the more reasonably sized ones usually concealing a spiderclaw or two. Small sand dunes, pieces of driftwood and, of course, shells and pebbles of all sizes litter the beach, offering a sort of treasure hunt to adventurous residents.
It is an autumn before dawn.
To the northeast, you see one ship.
On the perch are Aidan, Fire, Minkah, Misventurous, Sarah, Tamashi, Brash, Buffy, Phaidra, Dixie, Ruehe, Yajuu, Tempest, Marian, Sinatra, Asca, Klee, Phoenix, Bubbly, Gluttony, Kitana, Aztek, Zeishen, Eberts, Kazul, Prongs, and Grigri.
Brown Minyath is here.
You see Lil Dingy, Wine Cask, Rusted Sea Chest, Firepit, Sky Blue Egg, Quiet Moonrise Egg, Exquisite Sunrise Egg, Celestial Birth Egg, Shadowy Egg, Chocolate Truffle Egg, Morning Forest Egg: , Shimmering Sea Egg , Dragoneer Beach - By Kylari, Ryna's pack, Woven Straw Hammock, Leah's little Tent, and Uncle Paedar here.
You notice Nachshon, Neoura, Saroukh, Andra, Maximus, Rorick, Saisukei, Juste, Schala, Deedlit, Phellix, Alesa, Athen, Aseai, Murrough, Valin, Rainea, Kennit, Patryna, Adiva, Damona, Kitriana, Leah, Chante, Aelan, Sarah, Torra, Aaliya, Octavia, and Sashia asleep here.
Eirian and Marika are here.
Obvious exits:
Worn Path Dock Tumbled Rockface Courtyard

A tousled mop of carrot-orange hair half conceals a pale, freckled face. Wide, sapphire eyes sparkle with mischief. Upturned nose and chubby cheeks, combined with shorter-than-average height, make this lad seem even younger than his Turns.
Brand new tunic and short trousers, still somewhat stiff, decorate the lad's skinny frame with a shocking shade of turquoise. At least it isn't pink, no? Oh... and he's /clean/ - bony white limbs sticking out in all directions.
Corlis is 6 Turns, 4 months, and 12 days old.

Marika almost jumps as she hears a voice, she hadn't noticed anyone awake on the beach, then turns to look at the girl giving her a smile. "Morning," she says, taking a sip of her mug, "'m Marika. Down from Tillek visiting my sister.."

Corlis scrambles down the beach in a blur of blinding turquoise, determined to replace the dirt that was so unceremoniously scrubbed off him the previous night. Wheeee! He flops into the sand at the water's edge and starts scraping a big mound of wet sand together. Pat, poke, slap. Sandweyr. The tip of his tongue pokes out one corner of his mouth as his brows furrow in concentration.

Eirian nods..."Well, how do you like our beach? I think...... we've got much more going for us than Tillek's beaches.... Cold, wet, miserable beaches littered with rocks." She grins..... to show she's not carrying a grudge, but turns of living at the MasterSeaHold has given her new respect for the warm sandy beaches that they now reside near, after having to be drug away a dragonback when the old SeaCliffs had collapsed all those turns ago.

Marika chuckles lightly, her eyes sparkling in the moonlight. "I like it here. I would probably move here, if I hadn't just applied for the 'phincraft." And if it wasn't for that father of her's who would have a fit, if he knew what she was contemplating. Probably would anyway, since she'd gone and applied for a craft without his knowledge.

Eirian smiles. "Glad you do like it here. We like to be hospitable." she says with a little grin. "Since we've a pod of dolphins out in the bay, you been out there with them?"

Marika nods serenely, "I have, yes. That's how I finally made my decision to join the craft." Or at least apply for it. "And I expect, I'll come down more, since my sis is here." Who'd still be asleep, no doubt.

Eirian looks at Marika curiously. "Who's your sister?" Gotta keep informed anyways...."And have you seen those firelizard eggs sitting out here?" Not that /anybody/ could miss them, not really. Not with those protective golds out there too.

Corlis digs into the sandmound with both hands now, scooping out a miniature 'Bowl', clumps of wet sand flying in all directions. Grubby fingers then poke tiny 'weyrs' in the surface of the 'cliffs'... okay, so it still looks like a crooked pile of sand. But it's the most magnificent Weyr Corlis has ever seen. Beam.

Marika nods an affirmative to the question about the eggs. She'd not gone near them for a long time now though. "My sister is Pillia. She only just came here a short while ago," she says, glance over at the eggs, then back to Eia.

Eirian nods and looks Corlis's way, chuckling. "Hey there.... you look recently cleaned. Do they know you're out here? Getting dirty again?" Not unlike any other kidlet here, herself included, even if she's too old now to be considered a kidlet?

Long, pale blonde hair, which seems to be turning lighter rather than darker as she grows older and is flecked with silvery strands intermingled with the darker strands, slides down past the waist of this young girl, curling slightly as it reaches the ends. Eyes of light blue, the color of the sky on a beautiful day, look around with the typical wonder of youth, though tempered with shrewdness, and intelligence. Little freckles dapple across a small nose, lightly dusting her as with fairy dust. A strong chin underlies thin pink lips, typifying her strength of character. This little one is growing, albeit not all that fast, however, she is getting taller and more determined as time goes by, though time and disillusionment, reflected in her eyes and the tilt of her chin, is also tempering her.
A short sleeved tunic, in sunny yellow, graces the little form of this child, hanging down to her waist and tucked into a pair of blue shorts. Around the pant legs of the shorts are sewn frolicing dolphins and playful waves. Around the sleeves of the sunny yellow tunic, in golden thread, are suns, brightening and complementing the waves of the shorts below. Grungy, patches of dusty dirt and gritty sand color, or rather, discolor the clear blue of Eia's shorts and the sunny-bright yellow of the tunic, turning both dusty grey. Eia's Rucksack hangs heavily from Eirian's shoulder. Eirian is holding a knife.
At Eirian's neck-line you see a set of coloured shells, beads and coral pieces that hang together on a strong braid of sisal yarn - their various shades of pink, cream and sometimes pale blue arranged in a pretty pattern. The central piece is a solitary pearl: creamy white set on a rainbow-coloured, mother of pearl half-shell.
She is awake, but has been staring off into space for a minute.
Eirian is 15 Turns, 1 month, and 13 days old.

Marika just now sees the child, remembering him from before. What was his name again? Cor... Coris? No, Corlis. That's it. "What're you building there, Corlis," she calls out to the kid, then drinks the last juice in her mug.

Corlis's head whips around at the raised voice... and the word 'clean'... meep. Wide eyes fix on the speaker, quickly affecting an innocent air. "Me?" Duh, who else? Any other kidlets out before dawn, mucking in the wet sand? He quickly hides his dirty hands, oblivious to the less-than-immaculate state of his new clothing, and flashes a gap-toothed grin on the ladies, beaming as Marika remembers his name. "I'm makin' a big sandweyr," he informs her cheerfully, ignoring Eirian's question... or maybe just forgetting she asked it.

Eirian chuckles and looks at Marika "Well, we could join him, help him with his sandweyr." Not to mention, helping him get just a bit dirtier...or maybe a whole lot dirtier.

Well, Marika /had/ finished her juice, and although she /had/ come here to relax a bit, watching the ocean, somebody better keep a leash on that kid. She couldn't quite understand what he was doing out while it was still dark, though. "Sure, why not," she mumbles.

Shadowy Egg wiggles.... imperceptibly, but it wiggles.... Surely, it's time and past time to get outta this dang shell, isn't it?

Eirian chuckles. "I remember my misspent youth. I was never here." She points up to the ruins. "SeaCliffs used to be up there, and daily, or semi-daily, whenever I came home, I was always sneaking away back to Ista... through the tunnels and such, to sneak into healer classes. I generally had my mother frantic." She stands and moves over towards Corlis, sitting down near him and his sandweyr. "Want some help?"

Corlis dances around his sandweyr. People to play with him! Okay, so they're not exactly kidlets, but who cares?! Immediately taking charge, he points to Eirian imperiously. "Sure," he lisps. "You can build the ledge, and the hatching ground." Yes, he's been in a Weyr. Once. "An' lotsa dragon eggs." He can't really remember how many eggs had been at Ista Weyr... more than he had fingers, anyhow.

Imbriath saunters with a flash of foxfire and elven gold in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Marika gets up to follow Eirian to Corlis' sandweyr. "I grew up in a forrest.. Not a lot of sand there, and not a lot of ocean. Just a big lake. Her eyes grow wide, and wider as she sees a dragon, no /the/ dragon come onto the beach, and suddenly forgets all about the kid's sandweyr, as she stands deadstill.

Eirian looks up as a dragon circles the hold, then lands on the courtyard. She smiles, rising as a beautiful green backwings and lands. "Hey, we've visitors. What say we go greet the dragonrider?" This to the other two who're on the beach with her.

Corlis scrambles to his feet in a shower of sand, forgetting about the sandweyr himself. Wow! Dolphins, dragons... this is the coolest beach on Pern! He waves a grubby hand at the dragon, jumping up and down to make good and sure he's seen, then flashes a grin at Eirian. "Sure!" Just /try/ to hold him back!

Marika wasn't getting anywhere /near/ that dragon, regocnizing her instantly from the close encounter she'd had with her. "I-I I think I'll just stay here," she manages to whisper, not moving one inch from where she's standing. Just keep that green away from her!

Eirian chuckles.... looking at Corlis. "Well, then, just mind your manners and remember, you represent our hold." This to Corlis because after all, they are the coolest place on Pern and they should show visitors that they /are/ the best. Sauntering towards the green, she stands tall, a smile for the rider. "Hello, and welcome to SeaCliffs, rider of Imbriath." Surely, she does remember how to greet dragonriders, though she gives Marika a puzzled glance. Dragons are cool, even ones who do silly things like wrap you in their tales or even pen you in with their forepaws. It's happened to her, but it's always been an honor, not something to be scared about. She's ridden enough dragons to know they tend to like her.

Shadowy Egg wiggles again, miffed that nobody even noticed it wiggling out here, wanting out...ah well, maybe he'll just sleep some more.

Corlis trots along behind Eirian, suddenly shy, staring roundeyed up at the dragon and completely enthralled. He didn't even notice that Marika didn't follow.

Darkness slowly courses o'er the land that the green dragon covers in the flight, wings tucking as she disappears momentarily to land in the courtyard. Seconds fly-- like the dragon of flight-- before the mischeivious green saunters along the way, 'rider a-neck. Hyzen carries a faint look of apprehension as she gazes around, golden-amber optics landing 'ponst Marika. Oh dear. A pat of dragon's neck is given before she swings down from the saddle, pausing for a moment on the lifted foreleg. The others are noticed and a grin traces faint fingers along her lips before she drops fully to the sand, bowing formally. "Thank you kindly. It is a pleasure to be here..." And a glance is sent Imbriath-wards for her to mind her manners. Green lifts her head hautily, giving a faint sniff before scooting after her 'rider to reach out a muzzle to the two younger people. Ooh, what have we here?

Marika is too intent of keeping that dragon /away/ from her to notice any eggs wiggling. She wasn't going to be picked up and 'tossed' around by her again. "H-h-hello, Hyzen," she stutters, remembering the name of the rider, even in the midst of her fright. Maybe this time, she would keep her dragon away from poor Rika..

Shadowy Egg
Shadows and depths abound on this smooth, ovoid egg. Dark Blues, black, greys and browns mingle to create the illusion of a deep pool of water on a dark night. As you look more closely, you think you see hints of other shapes underneath. The egg is very hard, and may hatch any time now.

Hyzen, glancing towards the ground far below, slipes down the smooth hide of Imbriath and towards the ground with help of lifted paw.

Glowing amber/gold embers flash brilliantly in the rounded face of this small dragonrider, hinting at truths untold and the mysteries and joys of being young. Short bangs decorate the high forehead then lengthen back into her usual ponytail, banded together with a small runner-clip. Pert little nose tips slightly up at the end and small mouth is usually pulled into a thoughful and reflective line. Gentle neck extends downwards, drawing ones eye onto the flat chest and towards the jutting shoulders. Short arms, showing little in the department of muscles, lead unobtrusively into delicate hands... slightly calloused and seemingly fragile, they do hold the almost unnoticable knobs of the paintbrush and stylus resting spots. Curving waist leads completely into legs, not stopping for the hips of which there doesn't seem to be. Resembling arms as much as is possible, her legs are also short and seemingly under-muscled to the eye. Small feet poke out from the ends of her legs, not highly noticable to one how only gives her the cursory glance as is common for the quiet and thoughtful.
Shades of darkness spread smoothly over these rich brown leathers, accented by a soft lactescent fur. Ringing her neck, waist and cuffs for the warmth it provides in Fall and basic life in the 'Reaches-- and if one was to look close enough, they'd see that the fur wasn't fully white. The very tips are dyed just the sweetest hint of sage: to match the wild tangles of her beautiful lifemate. Careful and tedious stitching went into the making of the sienna riding leathers, inch by inch sewn with the finest emerald thread. Helmet is a matching brown, goggles either covering rider's face or perched upon the brow of the head-wear. A thick belt wraps her waist, small silver loops poking out 'round the whole thing for the snaps of the straps. Gloves, either snugged around small hands or tugged into the belt, have the same lining of soft fur and hue of burnt umber.
Simplistic line of a bright orange twist around the neck of Hyzen, the small though detailed mountain and firelizards proudly shown along with the loving words etched into the essance. A delicate flash of intricate twining shines from the slender finger of young Hyzen; thusly the shape of a hand-wrought ring.
Circling around and around are two brilliantly hued cords on Hyzen's left shoulder: a deep blue and staring black. Dancing with the two colours is a third of proud emerald green, a ribbon worked into the two cords with delicate care. Chevron-shaped badge with sapphire as the background superimposed on dark mountains. More startling still, a pair of dragon's eyes flare out of the cragged peaks, picked out in crimson and gold thread, echoing the dancing flames which lick up from the badge's bottom edge with bold eagerness and untamed hunger in an accurate visual description of the wing's riders themselves.
She is awake and looks alert.
Hyzen is 17 Turns, 11 months, and 6 days old.
Hyzen has no apparent threadscoring.

Eirian chuckles at the sniff she and Corlis are given. "You look like you like to play, Imbriath." she says offering him a scritch and a pat. Okay, so she's bold, but she and dragons have always liked each other. Giving Hyzen a grin, she asks. "May I?" indicating the interest she has in Imbriath. "Just a friendly pat? And I'm Eirian, assistant steward and holder's daughter of SeaCliffs. Can I offer you something to drink? Or eat?" She grins at Imbriath.... or even playtime in the cove? Even if it is early morning? Dragons surely like to play?

Corlis beams up at the rider, then lisps around his missing front teeth. "I'm Corlis." Okay, it sounds like Corlith. Maybe he could be a dragon, and play with Imbriath? He giggles as the huge green head comes near him,tickled by the whuff of air that accompanies the sniffing. "Wanna play? I built a sandweyr." Okay, so it's /much/ too small for a /real/ dragon...

That green was dangerous. At least in Marika's eyes, since the last time she'd met her hadn't been all that plesant for her. So she keeps a respectable distance to her, still standing near Corlis' sandweyr. /Not/ moving. And hardly even breathing.

Hyzen grins wider, motioning for Marika to come and join them. "It's okay... Imbri won't pick you up again." She promises? "Yes, she loves to play. And well met Eirian and... Corlith?" She'd noticed the lisp, but she wasn't a mind reader. "Oh, yes you may. She loves to be touched and patted." Imbriath, done with the cursory sniffing, non-chalantly streaaatches her tail along the sand, reaching towards Marika. What? Her tail? Oh, it's just... just there. Don't mind her. She's just sitting here, conversing nicely with these two folk. "Thank you, Eirian, but I'm not hungry. Ate before I left." Eyes turn from the people to rove over the beach slowly, mind idly noting the faint trace of motion before gaze moves on to the water. "This is such a nice place... reminds me a bit of the beaches by Ista Weyr. You are lucky to live here." A wink is given while green tail is not noticed. Imbriath ducks her head lowly so that any who wish to pat her, has an easier time of it.

Eirian chuckles... she noticed the tail, but then she notices most things. "Hello, Imbriath." she says softly, scritching her neck. "You look like you'd be fun."

Marika takes a step back as the green's tail snake toward her, but trips over something and falls right into Corlis' sandweyr. Swallowing hard, she gets up looking down at the messed up bulk of sand. "I'm sorry, Corlis," she says, as she moves just a bit closer to Hyzen and her dragon.

Corlis beams, quickly correcting the rider. "Corlith. With an 'eth'." An S. Of course. People don't have draggie names! Giggle. He reaches up with sand-grubby hands to pet the huge muzzle, looking back over his shoulder as he finally notices that Marika hasn't come running to join them. "Reeeeka! Come see!" Okay, so he hadn't been there when Imbriath visited before. What's to be afraid of? Blink. "My sandweyr!" he wails. Dragon forgotten, he bolts back down the beach to his ruined sandweyr, in his haste passing closer to the nest of firelizard eggs than he's dared before - those hovering golds were skeery!

"I'm really sorry, Corlis," Marika says, looking down at the boy, just a glance before her eyes move back to the dragon. "I'll help you build it up again." Later. When the dragon was gone and she didn't have to worry about her.

Imbriath croons softly, multi-facted eyes slowing their motion as she leans slightly into the caresses. Oh, how she loved people. Especially people that liked to touch her. See, she was soft and nice and loving! She doesn't pick people up, or lick folk, or take them for devilish flights high above sharp rocks. Oh no. Hyzen smile fades a slight bit at the noticed tail and a look is given green. But it'd stopped moving, so she turns her attention to Eirian. "It seems you've been around dragons before..." Small talk. It's a life. Gloved hand reaches out to pet the muzzle Corlis had left, eyes wandering with hints of worry after the small boy. Phoenix, being the nice little bronze that he is, wings away from a rocky perch to examine the sandweyr. Oh, hey now, we can fix this. Corlis is given a bright chitter of comfort as talons reach out to play through the sand. Should he help?

Corlis blinks at a flash of bronze and a comforting chitter. Dragging the back of his arm across his face with a huge *sniffle*, he manages a grin. "You wanna help?" Maybe he could make it bigger, so the little firelizard could be a dragon - just like in a real Weyr! With renewed enthusiasm, he digs into the wet sand, piling it up higher and higher. Pat. Slap. Whee! Soon he's in the center of a large ring of sand 'cliffs', cheerfully poking little dragonweyrs into the face with grubby fingers.

Eirian nods. "I have. Many times. Often, I had rides from S'phen and Trebinth, and Myrna and Jezanth. Jezanth often took me down to Ista Hold when I was little, and S'phen used to take me back to High Reaches." Her face gets sad. "He's gone now." she whispers, turning to Imbriath to give her more powerful scritches. After all, it seems that skritches are what dragons like bestest.

Patryna wakes up.

Shadowy Egg wiggles again.... just a little, experimentally, just to see if anybody notices.

Patryna stretches and shakes her head.. she must have fallen alseep reading again. Ah well, no harm in that. At least she got /some/ sleep.. Plans for the handfasting have kept her awfully busy.. Hey, did an egg actually move? Maybe they /will/ be gone in time for ehr to have the ceremony on the beach after all!

Marika stands far enough away from the dragon and close enough to the clutch to actually see the minute movement. What was this? Dragon forgotten she moves a bit closer to eggs. Beware of the gold! But she was sure she'd seen movement from one of the eggs there.

Corlis starts digging a tunnel to let himself out of his sandweyr, only to have one end collapse on his head. With a groan, he lands flat on his belly, rubbing sand out of his eyes - or maybe just around his face - in time to see an egg. Moving. Eep. He scrambles closer, right next to Marika now, watching. Coooool.

Shadowy Egg wiggles with satisfaction. Finally, they noticed him...beautiful him, wiggling in the sand. So he's not a dragon, but hey....he's big enough! Wiggle wiggle wiggle...hop.... wiggle... This eggshell sure is tough!

Patryna absentmindedly reaches for her pack and starts munching on a meatroll, and heads back into her book. Now if Kennit would only wake up, they could ahve the breakfast they had planned together and maybe take a quiet walk to work out more details. Grateful the Dale and Iona are being so much help, she eyes the eggs suspiciously... maybe /all/ of them will hatch and she can have her beach back.

Marika forgot her bundle of meatrolls, and jumps up, running back to her small campsite, gets a bundle of red cloth and then quickly back to the eggs. Meat, that was what a hatchling would want, right. And now she was ready! Kneeling on the sand, she stares in fascination as the egg wobbles and wiggles.

Dale walks in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Corlis is emptyhanded. And clueless, having never been lucky enough to see a hatchling up close before. So he watches Marika with interest as she... leaves? Oh, she's coming back. "Whatcha got?" Shells, boy can't keep his mind on anything for more than a few moments.

Eirian pays much more attention to the dragon on her beach than the eggs. After all, she's a plethora of firelizards now. She doesn't need anymore, and besides, dragons are fascinating. They all know so much that she's not seen, even though she's been adragonback more times than she can remember. "Hey, there, Imbriath... I think your tail is beautiful." And oh so.... flexible.... surely they could have some fun with it?

Patryna says, "Dale! Hello, I was hoping to find you. Iona suggested I discuss the ring design with you. It's simple, have you a few minutes?" She stills eyes that egg from the her periphery vision. THe baby will need to eat after all, she hates the idea of anything starving. "Is now a good time?"

Dale walks onto the beach looking around slowly. He nods to Patryna as he sits down on the sand laying Elindsay to the side so she can plan with the shells, "Yea now would be a good time. Please come over here and we can talk." He looks to the dragons for a few momentsbefore turning his attention back to Patryna, "Well what did you have in mind?"

Eirian chuckles as she kinda watches the others and the eggs. She can remember back to when she used to scour the beaches for her eggs... bringing them home and scaring the wits outta Brya and making messes...oh yes... that mess in the kitchens with those eggs and her turnday cake.. Goldean would have a fit if he saw something like that now in /his/ kitchens.

Phoenix watches sadly as the boy departs his 'weyr' to examine the rocking egg. A deep thrum comes from the little bronze as he flits up from the sand to glide in for a landing on his human-pet. Hyzen eyes the gathering as the egg rocks, shaking her head slightly before turning back to Eirian and her dragon. "Ah, so you've had many experiances." At the mention of S'phen, though, her face falls. She'd known him fleetingly when she'd lived in Ista... but that had been a while ago. "I was a weyrling when... when he went..." Tears, unshed, brim in her eyes-- but that's where they stay. "I'm sorry... it was so horrid." Shaking auburn tressed head, she rubs Imbriath before leaning heavily into the green's body. As if afraid to lose her. Green warbles softly nuzzling first her 'rider then the girl, Eirian, gently. A wavery smile comes to 'rider's lips as she peers intently at the other. "Imbri likes you... " And there aren't many that can claim that fact. Imbriath has her favorite people and her least liked people.

Patryna scooting over to Dale, she smiles and starts.. "well, it's really a simple thing. I was hoping for a braid, made of three different color metals. I honestly am not sure what color, a gold, a silver and a copper or brass maybe? Just a nice, basic but 'special' ring. What do you think?" She watches Dale and hopes he says it's do-able.

Marika is still kneeling in the sand, maybe a little too intent on those eggs hatching. Might not even come out while she was staring at them so hard. "You can come out," she mumbles, sure that they can hear her, much less understand what it is she's saying. "We won't hurt you. And we got food."

Dale smiles and watches Elindsay start to make a rather large collection of different color shells, "Well I think I can do that. Business is slow so I can put a lot of time into it. Anything else you want on it? I can do alost anything you want to be honest."

Eirian smiles and then nods, her eyes remote as she remembers S'phen. "He believed in me." she says softly. "When nobody believed in me, S'phen did." she says sadly. "I miss him and Treb. Trebinth would talk to me. I miss him." she says softly leaning into the dragon for a moment, remembering. "Anyways, .... I think he wouldn't want me to be sad. He was like that." She pats Imbriath and smiles up at her. "I like Imbriath, even if she /didn't/ like me, I would like her. And she's beautiful. Very beautiful." She doesn't tell Hyzen that she's lucky. Hyzen already knows that, plus even though dragons are a lot of work, tons of work, the rapport.... she remembers the touch of Treb's mind when he bespoke her. Jezanth's too.

Tevya walks in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Tevya releases Cylanthe, who launches into the air.

Corlis peers at the bundle in Marika's lap, taking her quiet statement as an answer. She wouldn't be talking to /eggs/, would she? He'd ask what kinda food, but he can see now. Meat. He looks from the meat to the eggs to Marika... who's not looking at him anymore. Shells. He scrambles to his feet and heads back to his sandweyr. Maybe that nice bronze firelizard will play with him again. Where'd he go, anyhow? Blink.

Tevya pulls out her wherry chunks and holds them out, winking at Hyzen and Marika, the two here she /did/ know.

Shadowy Egg wiggles and wiggles and hops and hops...hey, you stubborn shell, you're supposed to break, didn't you know that? Wiggle, wiggle, hop, roll...one would think this was a game.

Patryna says, "no honestly.. I liekt eh simplicity ofthe work. I think, since it's a man's ring, the metals and the braid are enough, don't you?" She has never really designed a 'fasting ring before and hopes it's going to be alright, anyway. "I just wnat him to like it."

Dale smiles and nods to her, "He will like it. Well when did you want it finished by?"

"Think it need help," Marika mumbles. To no-one but herself really, as it wiggles again, but the lizard inside not coming out. She doesn't dare touch it though, as she glances at the gold lizard keeping guard. Seemed relatively calm, didn't she? Even though people were so close to the eggs.

Tevya says, "Maybe not..it must be a big one..." She says, grinning. Marika will get the chance to Impress...so will she and the others..Grinning again, she stands next to the woman."

Patryna says, "When all the eggs are gone! We want a beach ceremony after the place is quiet again. So, I guess no hurry."

Kennit comes fully awake and stretches.

Cylanthe chirps and settles on a perch nearby to survey the beach. He is a curious one yes, but regal..Cylanthe the bronze..stand back in awe.

Dale nods a little moving over to Elindsay picking her up, "Well I must be off again. Iona is planning on seeing the healer again today and I need to be with her. Good bye!!

Dale goes home.

Patryna says, "Kennit, I didn't think you would wake in time for our breakfast. All is ready and in my pack.. what will you have first? Juice, klah, meatrolls, and I even got some of those herdbeast strips you like so much."

Shadowy Egg hops again and bounces against a little rock. Maybe that'll help.... sure enough...tiny little cracks appear right where he bounced his eggshell against the rock.

Tevya turns to Hyzen "Hyzen, how are things going? Ibriath okay?" Okay, so she is a little wicked, but it seems Marika has gotten over her /fear/ of the dragon..hopefully..

Corlis starts trying to rebuild the fallen cliffwall of his sandweyr - from the outside, this time. No getting stuck inside, thank you. Whee! It's nearly as big as he is! Pat. Poke. Slap. Oh... he really shouldn't have built so close to the shoreline, not with the dawn tides coming in! Poor boy; he'll never learn. The back wall washes away, the 'bowl' filling up with foamy saltwater, trapping tiny fingertails in the hollow as the water recedes again. Oooh! Distracted again, sandweyr forgotten, Corlis starts digging the bowl deeper. Fishtrap!

Patryna says, "Look, one more down... seems we will be handfasted sooner then later after all. Sure you are ready, dear?"

Marika can't sit on her knees anymore and uncurls her legs to sit crosslegged insted, putting her bundle o' meat in her lap. She takes a moment to look over her shoulder at the green, then back at the eggs to see one bouncing against a rock. "Ohh, noo, be careful!" Wouldn't want anything to happen to the lizard inside.

Cylanthe is suddenly aware of the tiny fish trap Corlis is building. With a chirp he darts off the perch and snags himself the largest fish in the bowl. Then its back to his perch with another chirp to thank the boy for the meal.

Wandering over to the young woman, Kennit stretches and then reaches over to peck 'Ryna on the forehead. The mention of food sets off his stomach to growling. "Klah first, would be nice. And then perhaps some.." His list gets cut off, however, as he notices the egg moving too.. Nodding his head to Patryna's statement, the man grins and drapes an arm around her shoulders, content to just watch from a distance this time... Unless people just happen to not understand how to feed a newly hatched flit. "Then some of those strips..." he finally finishes off.

Hyzen winces as more and more people arrive... drawn as if unconciously towards the little egg. Tevya, at least, is given a faint nod and smile before girl again turns her back on the nest and gathering. She has enough for now, thank you. Eia's words are what brings her out of deep thought, eyes glowing as she continues to study the younger girl. "Yes, though I didn't know him that well, he always seemed happy. Cheerfu." A shudder courses through her body before she reaches out and wraps her arms around her dragon's muzzle as far as they'll go. "She says she can see why the others like you." There's confusion in Hy's voice-- but also understanding. She'd had dragons speak with her-- experiances she'd never forget. Quarith... Dsalth... Jhiateshyrth. All had been new things for her... to hear a dragon's voice. "If you ever want to visit High Reaches, Imbriath and I would happily oblige." A faint blush taints her cheeks... she's always offering such things as this.

Kennit releases Hamil, who launches into the air.

"Hey!" Corlis wails as a tiny bronze hatchling appears and steals /his/ fish. "No fair!" Catch your own! He scrabbles to dig the hole even deeper, this time keeping guard over his catch.

Tevya grins at Corlis. "I'm sorry Corlis..I'll catch you some later..Cylanthe is all stomach!" She says as way of apology.

Hamil takes a leap from his humanpet's shoulder, and launches himself in the air, only to circle high above for a few moments before taking Cylanthe's cue and snagging a tiny, wriggling sea creature from the trap. Yumm..

Eirian smiles up at Imbriath. "Well, she's beautiful anyways.. And I do so like dragons. I've a different calling, but they are beautiful..and so knowledgeable. And ...what with the betweening..... it's a whole different world from the sky." she says softly, gently rubbing her hands down Imbri's neck.

Brash screeches off into the sea and returns, bearing several small silver fish in his front claws. He may not be pretty, but he is generous.. and drops them in Corlis's trap.

Shadowy Egg wiggles one more time, managing to make that little crack a big one... and rolls out of his shell to visit the world for the first time. oooh.....

Shadowy Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.

Active Bronze Hatchling
Shoots of maize gold garrotes along rounded skull and blunt muzzle of said firelizard. His eyes, eyes of tempest-tossed pools that ever change with a fling of mood, set 'neath plush brow of coppery flesh that sweeps back to spherical head knobs. Flare of pale salmon etches along his obdurate muzzle of pale cream, curving along breached nose and turning to a deeper almond as it centers along his forehead and down to a bright copper riddling down neckridges. Garnet stains his shoulders, belatedly as not to show up along his stout neck of ecru, but rather chase wine colors down his pantheric torso and dripping like syrup along his snaky tail. Gold, silver, swirls of red are preserved along capacious wings of Aztec-gold chiffon. Corn yellow balls up in glistening droplets to rivet down his body, lingering in to spearing talons along each foot-digit. Diseased skin, hide that retains a bronzy sun-glow, does support ringlets and rosette marks of shadowed umber; more pronounced along sinewy shoulders and augmented tail.

Corlis isn't real good at this sharing thing. Not with other kidlets, not even with 'lizards. /He/ dug the hole, /he/ caught the fish. And even though he's got no idea what he might do with them, /he/ wants to keep them! So when yet another firelizard appears, he's all ready to yell and scare it off, until it suddenly drops several fish /into/ his trap. Blink? "Hey!" Delighted, this time.

Tevya grins as the Bronze drops out of the egg. "Ohh!" She walks up to the hatchling and holds out several chunks of the wherry meat, thinking to the bronze "Happy, warm beach and food."

Marika ohhhs, as the egg finally cracks and a tiny lizard comes out. A bronze? Scrambling she finds her meatrolls and tears it in two to hold out for him. "Ohhh, he's so beautiful," she says, a huge smile on her face. Happy, positive thoughts. Forget about the dangerous green behind you. Happy, positive, warm thoughts.

Patryna smiles at the little bronzling.. "hey baby.. welcome, now get your sibs to join you.. Hungry? I'm sure Kenn and I can share our breakfast.. we have meatrools, and herdbeast.. "Offers both and as she does so, Brash drops some of his fresh catch at her feet.. giving the poor bronzling yet another choice. "Here then.. don't starve, please. THat's just wrong.

Active Bronze Hatchling blinks as he rights himself, that tumble from the egg putting him at odds with the world. Quite upside down too.... he cocks his head on way then the other, looking at all the brightness around him...and people.... and are those people? What're people? But whatever they are... something smells good.

Tevya nods at Marikas comment. Yes he is beautiful.."Here boy, beautiful boy," She says again thinking about food, plenty of food. Warmth and food..plenty of food. She repetively thinks to the Bronze hatchling..holding out the wherry chunks, even going as far as to toss one not to far from the hatchlings spot. She clucks a tounge softly, holding out more wherry, promising more too, fish, fresh fish, meatrolls, wherry, all for him..the darling bronze.

Kennit falls asleep.

Corlis belatedly notices all the activity by the nest... the crowd of people, the flopping bronze hatchling... and his jaw drops. "It hatched?!" he squeaks, scrambling up for a closer look. He can feed it, too!. Wait, what... fishtrap! He scrambles back down to the ruined sandweyr, scooping up a tunicful of fingertails... more or less doing in his new clothing. Good thing he's forgotten all about Iona, or he might be worried that she'd be angry. Dripping, he stumbles back up the beach toward the nest, holding the bottom hem of his tunic high to keep the flopping fingertails from flipping free. Whee!

Eirian gives Imbriath another pat and turns to watch the hatchling... Silly thing... all upside down too. She has meat, but she has more mouths to feed than she really wants... too much work for her. She's got enough to do, what with all the steward's work. Uncle does leave it to her, just like she expected him to.

Patryna laughs at his antics inspite of ehrself. "Okay, fella here.. now eat and be free... Nothing wrong with going wild, just so long as you take all these.." Indicates the other eggs "with you. But for now, help yourself to my breakfast. Or Kenn's portion at least." Chuckles at that. Kenn's fallen asleep aagin, he won't miss it.

Marika scrambles to lie on her stomach, to get down to the bronze's level so she doesn't seems so big and threatening to the tiny thing. "Here you go, meatrolls," she manages to say to him, even if she's almost unable to speak by the sight of him. Sure, she'd seen hatchlings before. But not right out of the egg. Positive, happy, warm thoughts.

Active Bronze Hatchling turns around and around in a circle.... studying everybody around.... though there's an awful lot of good smells around him, and mighty interesting things too. Some of them wiggle.... and bounce... just like he did.

Corlis plops down on the sand, giggling as the wiggling fingertails tickle his tummy. He manages to snag one in a grubby fist, holding it out over the hatchling in much the same way a he waves fissies at the dolphins - more or less randomly, but with good intentions - earnest eyes fixed on the tiny hatchling.

Tevya clucks her tounge and tilts her head to the side, profferd hand still holding plenty of wherry chunks. "Come beauty bronze..food.." She says, still thinking about warmth, food, beach, sun,fish, wherries, meatrolls, fish, all his..all for the handsome bronze hatchling.

Marika laughs at the bronze's antics, her eyes sparkling as she watches him turn 'round and 'round. Moving a little on her elbows, as she holds out the torn meatroll she smiles, white teeth standing out against her tanned face. "These meatrolls are good," she tells the hatchling, not knowing what else to say.

Patryna watches the activity around her and smiles, all for this one little tiny fellow. "Welll, you ahve to eat.. enjoy it all.. take the herdbeast if you like, or the fish. But please eat.. Poor little one, you won't stand a chance without food." leans back a bit from where she has placed the feast she arranged for him, heck.. maybe he even would want some juice and manages to pour a shallow dish with some. But for now, just let the baby eat.

Brash cannot stand still and watch his brethren not eat, so he goes out on another fishing expedition and returns with more of the tiny silver fish so good for the littler ones. These he drops by the bronze's front legs and swoops out of the way. When hungry, one never knows what they will grab for.

Corlis holds the tiny fish closer, grubby fist squeezing around the poor thing to keep it from wiggling free. The tip of his tongue pokes out the corner of his mouth, and he's fairly trembling with the effort of staying still so long. "C'mon," he whispers. "Ain'tcha hungry?" What hatchling wouldn't want a slightly squished but still very fresh fingertail?

Active Bronze Hatchling is hungry...very hungry, now that he notices it..... ooh.... and it wiggles........ pounce..... that wiggling thing looks so very appetizing, though ... yeah, squished and bugged eyed and all..... wiggles are good. You gonna squish that thing or let me have it? he wonders...eyeing both boy and fish.

Tevya gently wafts the wherry smell in the bronzes' direction. "Bronze..all for you." She thinks, again adding "food, warmth, sun, food, fish, wherry, meatrolls, food, warmth, fun" cluking her tounge at each thought of food and tilting her head yet again, to the other side. Hand still offering the /delicious/ wherry chunks.

Marika still holds out the piece of meatroll even though the hatchling seemed to move away from her. Wincing a little, her elbows were starting to hurt a bit, as the were dug into the sand. Waving her hand, she hopes to announce to the hatchling that meatrolls were as good as fish. Better even. Rika didn't like fish all that much, after all.

Patryna says, "Good boy..e at.. it will make you strong.." Adds her pile to the little boy's.. "here.. feed him.. he will need lots of it at first..."

Corlis beams as the tiny hatchling stumbles closer, belatedly realizing that of course the poor thing can't get the squishedfish if it's balled up in his hand. Fingers loosen, and the fish hits the sand, flopping pathetically. He hastily grabs a fresh one, but his fingers slip and the tunic drops, spilling a pile of flipping fingertails onto the sand at his knees. Eep!

Active Bronze Hatchling blinks..all that largess.... and for him? Wonderful boy...pounce...get that wiggle.... and pounce... there's another.. they won't stay still, so which one grabs his attention? This one...no that one..... no.... that one over there....no.... wait...come back here. as little tiny fish flop every which way..... finally, finally that one over there... poor pathetic gasping one is snagged and slips down his hungry little throat. Mmmmm.... good.

Tevya suddenly feels disappointed as the bronze moves away but still remains determined. "Bronze..fish and wherry for you..wigglies..fresh wigglies all you can eat." She says to the hatchling. Again thinking about warmth, fish, meatrolls, scratches for an itchy hide, wherry.." AT the thought of whery she clucks her tounge and drops yet another wherry chunk near the hatchling. "All yours..lil hatchling"

Corlis giggles, reaching out with grubby fingers - surprisingly gently for such an awkward kid - to stroke the little hatchling's neck. "I can getcha more," he whispers, glancing back at the fishtrap before returning his eyes to the little hatchling. Wow. This has to be the most beautiful firelizard on all of Pern!

Active Bronze Hatchling's cries turn joyous, and he turns towards Corlis, creeling piteously.

Active Bronze Hatchling looks at you with whirling eyes. You have Impressed him.

Tevya sighs. "Good job Corlis." She says, getting up and out of the itchy sand. A turn toward Marika "Maybe next time..." The girl didn't look to happy.

Marika sits up as the small lizard, impresses the boy. Smiling, she calls to him, "congratulations, Corlis," she says, suddenly thinking about his poor nanny.

Hyzen, with the kindly help of a delicate forelimb, manages to pull themself up Imbriath's straps and betwixt ridges of star-kissed emerald.

Cylanthe chirps and launches himself off the perch he was on. Breathern Bronze needed some food. Circling the ocean, he spots a pod of fingertails and snatches them up, dropping them in the little pool the boy had dug earlier. Chirping, he returns to settle on the shoulder of Tevya, eyeing the other person there, Marika.

Miyosha skips along in from the Tumbled Rockface.

Cylanthe Chirps again and launches himself off Tevyas shoulder, only to settle down on Marikas. He was a caring flit, yes. Caring and Regal Cylanthe...

Corlis scoops the little bronze up in his arms, his eyes dancing, and trots back down the beach to the fishtrap. Whee! He sits right down in the shallow water, heedless of the state of his new clothing - which has already seen better days - and snags another fingertail for the greedy little hatchling. Good thing there were lots. Gap-toothed grin flashes at Marika. "Thanks!" he lisps.

Patryna says, "That's great, he's a love.. enjoy.. and maybe you can get one of his siblings as well!" She returns to her breakfast and book, glad to see one more gone and down for the count..."And I know Brash will help supply him with fish til he can do it himself."

Miyosha slips out caves and looks around a moment before hurrying down to the water a furtive glance over her shoulder. When she hits the waves she lets out a sigh of relief and then turns her attention to thinks happening further down the beach.