Digging To Southern

A long stretch of beach lies before you, gently sloping down to the water's edge, where equally gentle waves roll forward to kiss the shore. The far end of the beach cuts off abruptly at the tumbled ruins of a former Hold, where clinging vines cover the fallen stones, creating a seeming garden of peace and beauty. A couple of tidepools are set to the side, teeming with the varied sealife trapped within. Rocks, ranging from tiny pebbles to hefty boulders, are scattered throughout the beach, the more reasonably sized ones usually concealing a spiderclaw or two. Small sand dunes, pieces of driftwood and, of course, shells and pebbles of all sizes litter the beach, offering a sort of treasure hunt to adventurous residents.
It is an autumn before dawn.
Marika and Tevya are here.

Marika sees movement out of the corner of her eye. Over there by the clutch. What trick of the eye? Because of the shadows the flames were throwing? "I swear..." She moves a bit closer to the clutch. "I swear I just saw movement over here," she mumbles, opening her pack to get the meat her sister had supplied her with.

Tevya glances in the direction, squinting till she saw the movement also. "Oh!" She says, releasing Cylanthe and picking out her meat bag aslo.

Corlis skips brightly down the beach, poor jostled hatchling on his shoulder clinging tightly, bronze wings outstretched for balance. Up before the nannies again and looking for trouble! He squints out over the water, hoping to spot fins... but it's still too dark to see. Sigh. Flop.

Well, Marika doesn't see the boy come onto the beach, he wasn't her responsiblity after all. Though she might have asked him what he was doing here this early.. If she'd spotted him. But her eyes were on the eggs. She swears she'd seen movement there. Or had it really just been the shadows playing tricks with her eyes?

Tevya sits still, eyes searching for any sign that there had been movement in the clutch..she searches querrying Cylanthe if he'd seen anything.

Morning Forest Egg: wiggles yet one more time.... Darn shell... tight fit too... wiggle wiggle, hop, roll.... surely, he can escape this shell.

Corlis rolls onto his belly in the sand, sticky fingers scratching out random patterns, watching intently as the sand trickles back into the hollows. Oooh - what's that? Scrambling to sit up, he starts digging in earnest now, sand flying in all directions.

There! It moved again! Then it hadn't been a trick, and Marika smiles broadly, unwrapping the pieces of meat. So they were a day old, would a hatchling care about that? She suddenly gets a bit worried about that. "D'they always have this much trouble getting out of the shell," she mumbles.

Tevya heart leaps into her throat..there! One moved..! She remains still, hoping that she wasn't imagining the entire situation, clutching the bulging meatbag in her hands, eyes not leaving the wobbling egg.

Kendra wakes up.

Kendra stretches. Bleh. Sandiness.

Marika is already holding out a piece of meat, even though the hatchling isn't even out of the shell. Her eyes might as well be clued to the egg, 'cus she's not looking anywhere else, and wouldn't notice if a green dragon landed behind her..

Kendra eyepops.. a hatching?! She scrambles closer, hunting for her pouch of wherry.

Tevya is still eyeing the egg, oblivious to all else..she urges the egg on..come on you can do it!

Kendra crosses her legs happily and holds out a chunk of wherry, crooning gently. "Come here, beutiful" she murmurs, her voice warm and comforting. "You must be hungry, little one! Come here.. c'mon... you can do it!"

Corlis has apparently decided to dig his way to Southern, now up to his elbows in the hole, shoveling sand with both hands between his legs like a canine. Aw, now it's filling up with water. He looks around for a bucket or something... did the dolphin ladies leave the fissiebucket around here someplace?

Kendra hands a bucket to Corlis. Even if the hatchling isn't impressed by her, she'll always help the lil dolphin-lover. She smiles at him and helps him take out the first bucketful of water before turning back to the egg.

Too painful for her knees, Marika scrambles to sit crosslegged instead, leaning across to peer at the egg. "Come one out little one. Is it really that hard for 'em to get out," she asks the others girls, begging to tear at the meat, suddenly finding it in several pieces.

Morning Forest Egg: wiggles on last time before he pops and shatters his shell into a million tiny pieces. Out... yup, he's out now.

Corlis beams at the nice dolphinlady. "Thankth!" he lisps around the missing teeth, taking the bucket with both hands and hauling sandy water out of his hole. Okay, so it's a losing battle... it hasn't actually occurred to him that he can't empty the entire sea with one little bucket.

Nodding to Rika, Kendra turns her attention back to the egg. "I hope the little baby's alright" she murmurs. "He'll be really tired when he does hatch, anyway, and probably really hungry"

Morning Forest Egg: shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.

Small Brown Hatchling
Cool earthy tones seep within hide of dark mahogany, casting gleams of ebon-wood along breast and along muzzle. Wings camber up o'er back of stippled sable-soot and even adding shadows of chocolate along the fused spine-ridges that trickle down rachis. The same sapling green-brown that weaves a transparent web through resilient boned wings is the same found in a more opaque color along barbish talons. Wet raven-black coats rather boxy muzzle, swimming upwards to edge a charcoal smudge along chestnut cheeks; twig-color capering up over eyeridges. Jewel faceted eyes trickle in ever wheeling color, set beneath woodland brows. Bits of dry dirt-brown cakes along in molted patches against rib and rump, leaking to end at spade tipped tail.

Kendra croons gently to the hatchling and beckons with her hands, showing him the wherry. "Come on, beautiful boy" she murmurs, beckining some more. "Ooh, what a pretty boy.. come on, come over here and have this tasty wherry!"

Tevya is eyeing the tumbling hatchling now. Gripping her bag, she stands up and begins to walk towards him. Oblivious to anything else. Suddenly just as she is in viewing range of the hatchling the ground gives way and she falls into Aaliyas hole with an audible "Umph!" as she lands on her rump, and an audible "Splat!" as the meatbag lands on her head.

Marika claps as the baby lizard comes out, grinning broadly and scrambling to find a whole piece of meat. "Ohh, he's beautiful," she exclaims, holding out the meat for him. "You can come here. I won't hurt you," she mumbles, leaning over her crossed legs.

Leah wakes up and see's her felines sleeping next to her.

Inside Leah's little Tent, Jessia wakes up.

Kendra leans forward on her elbows, holding out the raw meat and eyeong the baby lovingly. A beauty in brown, she muses to herself. And so finely-formed! She croons and chirps, imitating easily the sounds of a lizard, and beckons to him.

Corlis finally notices all the commotion up the beach, mostly because the bronze hatchling on his shoulder is making a weird kinda 'thrumming' sound. Never did /that/ before. He turns to look, hugging a bucketful of seawater close to his skinny chest. "Oooh!"

Miyosha skips along in from the Tumbled Rockface.

Small Brown Hatchling shakes off the effects of being cramped in that little eggs and stands up, tall and proud. What's this? Stuff shoved at him? Surely not. Right now, it's time to look around, explore a little? Make sure that the smells of food are really as good as it smells.

"Ooh, yes. He's a darling, isn't he," Marika whispers, then turns her full attention to the brown. "Bet you're hungry, having been in that egg for so long," she calls to the hatchling, holding her hand as still as she can, though it shakes a bit. "No harm will come to you by coming here..." Coming to any one of the people here.

Tevya sits stunned for a moment. Where was the hatchling and why was she looking at sand? Startled, she stands up, her head clearing the hole as she realizes what has happened. Trying to make the best out of the worst, she starts tossing meat chunks out of the hole. Up goes wherry, splat! as it lands, up goes meatroll, splat! as it lands, up goes raw fish, splat! as it lands..several more pieces follow suit, landing in various places and distances from her.

Leah wakes up and walks out of her tent.

Kendra rolls her eyes. Tevya already has a f'lizard! Instead she returns her attention to the baby again. "C'mon, stretch those little legs!" she rallies, teasing the meat around. "Bet you can't get all the way over here, little lizard!" She chuckles delightfully and teases the meat some more.

Miyosha scrambles out from the caves, her face a bit pale her eyes a little witld from fright. She swallows a moment and then licks her dry lips as she hurries away from the caves. After a few moments she pauses, eyeing the ativity further down the beach with suspicion.

Aaliya walks in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Corlis spots Miyosha coming down the beach and waves brightly - cooties or no, she's his funnest friend yet. Of course, he can't manage the heavy bucket with his remaining hand, so it drops to the sand at his feet, water spreading across the sand. Wait, howcome she looks so funny? Forgetting about the bucket, he darts over closer to her.

Inside Leah's little Tent, Jessia has left.

Jessia has arrived.

Marika only has one flavor of meat, unidentified, but most likely heardbeast. And a day old. Exotic no? But she'll bet he'll eat it, that he's hungry enough to eat it. Positive thoughts, right? And she starts thinking about blue skies, warm weather (so it was cold at Tillek, but the hatchling didn't need to know that right now) and plenty of food.

Kendra thinks of the open, warm skies of her homeland, and the wide open meadows. She thinks of family, friends, past and future loves. A coy smile spreads on her face as she idly teases the hatchling towards her. She thinks of piles of fresh, juicy meat of every kind, set in dishes with jeweled edges, she thinks of massaging oil into her own flit. She thinks of warm, loving arms and a constant shoulder to perch on.

Miyosha spies Corlis and runs his way "Hi!" she calls out, color slowly fading back into her face, as her scare starts to wear off a bit. She glances back behind him towards teh bucket and then at him "Whatcha got there?" she asks curiously

Leah looks at sees a hatchling, and watchs.

Aaliya quickly twists off a small piece of fish sandwich from her pocket, so what if she's been raiding the kitchen? She grins, eyes shining. Postive thoughts are what she thinks, mostly of the ocean and stars. She dangles the piece of sandwich, watching.

Kendra hums the tune to a wordless song as she thinks of arms on lonely nights and other warm, fuzzy thoughts. Her specialty. She croons along and teases the 'lizard to her. "I bet you can't get all this way" she chuckles, toying with him by waving the meat around. "Come on.. let's see you move those legs!"

Corlis looks down at himself stupidly. He hasn't got anything at all - 'cept a thrumming bronze hatchling on his shoulder. Why's he making that weird noise anyhow? Then he notices that Miyosha's looking at the bucket on the ground and he flashes her a gap-toothed grin. "I been diggin' a big hole," he informs her brightly. "Only it kept fillin' up with water, so the dolphinlady gave me a bucket." Whatever her name had been. To empty it out. Oh yeah... that hadn't worked very well, had it? "Wanna help?"

Marika suddenly notices all the people here. Hadn't they just been two, just before? Where had they all come from? Nevermind, back to the tiny hatchling and his cravings, hoping that his cravings went to dayold heardbeast meat.

Miyosha glances at the little bronze a bit and then back towards the mob of people and then at Corlis as she giggles "He sounds like a dragon almost" she giggle "Sure I'll help" she replies forgetting to elaborate as the idea of fun seeps it's way into her mind.

Small Brown Hatchling struts around just a little, looking at the sea, what he can see of it, the sky, craning his neck a bit upwards, peering around at all the people. What's this? Food? Smells good anyways... whatcha all got? Best food wins his heart? Maybe.

Tevya peeks out from her lil' hole..hmm..she pauses in the meat throwing main event to peer around at the hatchling. Then, once he is spotted and eye contact is made, she disappears back down the hole and tosses more meat out, each landing with a splat, following suit closely after one another. "Here kitty..kitty..kitty..!!!" She calls as each meat chunk lands with a splat! That'd be an interesting song.. here..kitty splat kitty splat!

Kendra croons, wafting the fresh wherry through the air. "Come on.. come on, little boy... come over here. Don't you want this? Fresh juicy wherry..." she tempts, showing him her full bag.

Aaliya can barely resist /not/ eating the piece of sandwich she's offering the hatchling. She smiles, holding out the offering between to fingers. She whispers words towards the young one, cooing here and there. Why wouldn't he want a good fish sandwich?

"The sea? You like the sea," Marika says to him. "I live right by the sea." Holding out the meat, suddenly wishing she had fish instead, or at least also. "There's plenty where this comes from." She pulls out the bundle o' meat to show the brown that she wasn't lying to him.

Kendra croons gently and begins to tell the baby about herself, just to hear the sound of her voice. "I'm a dolphineer" she says brightly. "I'm down here at the beach every day, and we always have yummy barbeques with baked fish and all kinds of good food! The other lixards help us catch the fish, and they get the best parts". She hopes this entices the baby, and she wafts the meat around some more.

Corlis beams brightly, and bolts down the beach to his hole - which now resembles a small lake ringed with crumbling sand cliffs - skidding to a stop just before he lands in it. Wait! the bucket! He turns on his heel and scrambles over to retrieve it... oh, shells. It's in the middle of that crowd of people now. He flops onto his belly, one skinny arm reaching between two pairs of legs... almost... Bronze hatchling leaps into the air now, circling his little brown clutchsib and chirruping a greeting.

Aaliya coos gently, slowly offering the brown the rest of her beloved fish. Since other people are telling about themselves..."I live over at Seacliffs, and I just love to hang out on the beach..." She grins, emerald eyes /shining/, "And I always raid the kitchen for fish and other things.." She dangles the sandwich, watching him.

Miyosha lets out a giggle as she watches him forget his bucket. She skips on over to join him, she peeks into the crowd too and sees teh hatchling "Oo he's cute" but she's not about to risk getting stepped on to get closer. "Come on!" she calls as she scrambles over to the hole/lake.

Marika can't beat the others' homes. Tillek was cold and damp and the only good thing was that it was near the sea. She might move if she was accepted to the dophincraft, but she wasn't all that sure about that. Still holding out her piece of 'exotic' heardbeast, she just smiles to the hatchling, as not to come off threatening to him. "No worries coming here, darling..."

Kendra croons still, more to comfort herself than the little hatch. "C'mon... c'mon, sweetie.. come here. Come here where it's safe" she hazards, wondering what will happen if more people show up and trample the poor honey. "Quick, little one!"

Aaliya grins, cooing here and there. She keeps her mind positive with thoughts of the ocean and stars. She holds out the fish teasingly, giggling quietly. "Aw, look. They're threatening you!" She jokes, grin getting even wider and wilder.

Corlis wriggles and squirms, finally freeing his bucket from the crowd of people and scrambling down the beach after Miyosha. The little bronze stays, however, hovering nearby and crooning his own encouragment. Corlis trots down the beach holding the empty bucket high over his head like a trophy. "Here I co-o-o-me!" Syllables bouncing with each footfall.

Small Brown Hatchling wanders around, checking each exotic smell out one at a time and peering up at everyone in their turn, one right after another, this little guy unusually self-possessed for such a youngling.

Tevya is thouroughly enjoying herself now..never mind the embarassment of falling into the hole. Her hand dives into the bag and pulls out whatever it touches, wherry, raw fish, meatrolls..were all the same and landed the same. More and more meatchunks fly out of the hole, almost as if it were an erupting volcanoe of food..still being followed by the strange 'cat' call.."Here kitty(splat)kitty(splat)kitty(splat!)!.."

Andra wakes up.

Aaliya holds the fish sandwich, hopefully in the most tempting position. She's trying to hide her fear of more people coming and trampling the little one to the ground with her usual thoughts of bothering people, and the ocean. "C'mere," She whispers, watching the brown.

Leah walks up to where she can put her wherry and fish out where the hatchling can get to it, then backs away abit.

Andra yawns as she wakes up from her nap, lazy days make for lazy women, but she was working non stop to order the things her brother asked for and until they are ready, she could afford to rest. One hand rubs at her eyes as she fully wakes up, the other reaching for her juice and basket.

Grinning, Marika watches as the hatchling seems unable to make up is mind. Or maybe he just wanted to make sure he came to the right one, eh? "You can come here, sweetie. I promise there'll be better, fresher meat later on," she calls out softly to him, being sad that all she had was this old almost dry meat.

Miyosha she glances back over her shoulder and giggles and then she starts piling more sand up along the edges, making a larger barricade and using the water to help compact it tighter. It's not bad, but it's certainly not even. "You got it!" she says with glee, she was almost certain who wouldn't get it out.

Kendra smirks at the confident little hatchling and backs up slowly. "If you're so big, and brave" she teases, "I bet you can get all the way to me without falling. Just try it". She chuckles softly. "Come on.. let's see you try"

Grin widening, Aaliya dangles the fish just a little high. "And, if you're so big and bad from being born right by the ocean, you should be able to get this fish /easily/." She giggles, her cheery self everpresent.

Andra hears a sound and turns to see what is going on. Oh? Looks like hatching eggies and people trying to Impress them. Must be a wild nest. She gives a shrug and sitting up a little starts to dig into her basket for food. Her food, the idea of sharing it is not uppermost in her mind, sides, she didn't bring a lot, just enough for a snack really. Eyes scan the group of other people, looks like they have enough for any hatchling so her food will be safe.

Remy wakes up.

Corlis does a happy little victory-jig, skipping the rest of the way down the beach to 'his' hole. "Yup!" Of /course/ he did. He wasn't gonna let a bunch of silly big ladies keep him from his bucket. Squatting down, he drags the bucket through the sandy water, bailing furiously... more water seeping into the hole as quickly as it leaves. Finally, he stands /in/ the hole itself, knee-deep in murky water, flinging bucketfuls of water and wet sand in random directions.

Kendra dangles the meat still, wondering if this brown is trying to find someone good enough for him. She checks the timepiece in her pocket and drops it back worridley. She should be in the water with the dolphins soon, but she wants to stay and watch the baby. Well, if he doesn't think she's good enough, then he's missing out. She has meat, a wide shoulder, and love, and if that's not what he wants then tough. She's not going to pretend to be someone she's not.

Miyosha ducks from the flying water and sand and giggle as some of it gets hurt, she certainly doesn't mind. "Hehehe, your gonna get those people if you don't watch it" though that'd be funny too probably. "Oo' I know it could be a swimming hole instead."

Marika is certainly trying to impress the darling, though probably it'd be hard, if not impossible with only dayold meat to tempt him with. Holding the piece out still, she leans closer to him, slowly as not to scare him away. "I don't have anything else, I'm afraid darling," she says apologetically to him, shifting the meat from one hand to the other.

Aaliya holds the fine fish sandwhich straight from the kitchen out for the brown. Shr grins, watching him. "Y'know, if you ever want something different, I can go raid the kitchen s'more..." Emerald eyes shine, the girl becoming caught in the moment.

A fin slices through the water, heading rapidly towards the shallows before blinking underwater. Rearing his head up and above the surface, Fingers whistle-clicks impatiently to the apprentice. "Laaaate!" he chirps bossily, flipping his tail.

Kendra groans.. she has to go. Oh well, there's always other flits.

"Yeah!" Corlis seems delighted with Miyosha's suggestion, and he starts digging with renewed vigor. His own special swimming hole! It'd have to be real big, though. "Help me dig!"

Miyosha jumps into the hole, "Whee!" she creis out as water splashes up around her, soaking her pants with sand and water. Using her own hands she starts digging at the sand, sending sand flying in all directions till she slows down a bit as just as much sand stays in the sand as goes out.

Marika glances at the ocean, as she hears a 'phin out there, smiling broader as she sees it. Her attention is quickly returned to the hatchling though and the pain in her back from lean down to him. "Come have something to eat, darling. You must be starving..."

Remy walks to the Tumbled Rockface.

Aaliya kneels, holding the fish sandwich. "Come now big fella. Don't you want some fish to fill your belly?" She grins, cocking her head. She gives a small wave to Kendra with one hand. Ta now.

Corlis crouches down and reaches into the water with both arms, delightedly flinging water and wet sand high into the air. Not digging now... just muckling. Whee! With a mischievous glint lighting his eyes, he sends a wall of sandy water toward Miyosha with both arms. Tidal wave!

Andra lays out a napkin onto the sand and then places her little lunch upon it. Mostly finger foods, there are two meatrolls, a little bread, a bit of cheese, some slices of freshly cooked but cold fish and the same for the slices of wherry. A long pull off her juice skin and a nibble of some cheese as she views the goings on "How's it going? Have many hatched?" she calls out to the participants. She is being polite, but she is not going to share her little meal, flying stomachs can look elsewhere.

Small Brown Hatchling wasn't starving, until someone mentioned it specifically. Now.... now, he's starving and his eyes whirl hungrily as he sqawks unmusically and demandingly, looking around one more time before making his final choice.

Tevya pokes her head out for another look, quickly eyeing the pile of meat surrounding the hole. As an afterthought, she pokes a hand into her pocket and dislodges the piece of fruit she stuck there. She tosses that out too, just to add a bit of variety to her pile of meat. "Deeeseeerttt!" She calls out, like a nanny ringing a bell to call the kidlets to dinner.

If she heard the question, Marika gives no indication of it, concentrating on giving the hatchling positive images and thoughts, and holding out the piece of meat, but suddenly discovering that her own stomach was beginning to rumble. "If ya come here, we can /both/ get something to eat."

Miyosha squeals loudly and then starts giggling as she spalshes water right back towards Corlis. Not satisfied with the amount, tiny in comparison to his, she digs in her feet and cups her hands to fling a large amount his way. UNfortunately she looses her balance and splashes right down into the water, well that in itself sent a nice wave out so she beams happily.

Aaliya tsks, looking at Marika before looking at the brown. "C'mere. We can go raid the kitchens together! Just think, with me and big, bad 'lizard like you, we can get /all/ the food!" She states, giggling. Sandwich dangles from her fingers as she grins.

Leah holds out her wherry now, seeing that the hatchling is hungry now.

Corlis shrieks with laughter as Miyosha falls down - silly /girl/! - sending still more water her way, just in case she's not already wet enough. Wheeee!

Marika watches patiently, for once, as the hatchling seems to make his choise, holding the meat just a little closer to him. "Come on," she whispers, tilting her head, as she smiles at the brown,

Miyosha splashes with her legs, as her own peals of laughter ring out. Tis a surprise that any water remains at all. She grins mischieviously at Corlis and then bounces up from the water and dives for him, he needs a dunking too.

Cordelia wakes up.

Aaliya holds out the sandwich, watching. "C'mon little one...C'mon." She grins, starting to feel just slightly tired. One eye closed, she wishes silently.

Aaliya feeling unspeakably tired, she holds out the meat while she sidles over to the side.

Andra eyes the small hatchling and silently cheers him on, go on choose, that way my food is safe and you can have a feast with one of those deserving people. Deserving? Well, they want him so they must be.

Small Brown Hatchling's cries turn joyous, and he turns towards Marika, creeling piteously.

Cordelia slips into the beach, a big stretch given to her arms as she stops in her tracks, tilting her head to stare at the crowds, peeking around, trying to discover what the crowd is for. Her own green launches herself off Cordy's shoulder, taking up a hovering position, offering a cheerful hum to the new hatchlings. At the surprise of seeing the tiny creatures, Cordy nearly drops her own meatroll breakfast.

Corlis flings both arms in front of his face to shield himself from Miyosha's kicksplash, so he doesn't see her coming to tackle him. With a piercing shriek that echoes across the surface of the water, he goes down in a wet sandy heap, limbs flying in all directions. His little bronze chirrups delightedly as his little brown brother chooses Marika, then wings down the beach to rescue his own humanpet, eyes whirling with the yellow of concern.

Marika blinks, as the brown comes toward her. To be honest, she hadn't expected him to, but quickly gives him the meat she had promised him, then gathers him up in her arms, and provides him with more. "Hello," she mumbles looking down at him. "Here have some more food."

Marika calls to Small Brown Hatchling, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.

Miyosha laughs brightly as she rolls off of him. SHe glances up to see the bronze coming towards and gives a yelp as she scrambles back, she's seen them attack when they think it's neccasry. Though a gleam in her shows hse's perhaps pondering giving the bronze a shower too.

Andra smiles and calls out her congratulations "Nice little brown you've got yourself there" a friendly nod and she picks at the bread, adding a small sice of fish to eat and munching happily.

"Thank you," Marika says to the blonde woman, and carries the hatchling back to her 'campsite', sitting down to feed him more, as he creels for food. "They sure are hungry...."

Andra grins "Yes they are, for quite a while too, all they want is to eat, eat, eat some more and sleep. Much like all babies come to think of it."

Marika giggles, continuesly putting meat into the brown's maw. "I know.. All my sibs had lizards. Kept us awake all night when they were babies," she mumbles, not taking her eyes off the hatchling. Only she'd not know /how/ hungry they could get. This little guy seemed to refuse to stop eating.

Corlis bursts out of the water, coughing and sputtering, shaking water off his hair like a canine. "No fair!" he wails, rubbing saltwater out of his eyes. A bronze streak circles Miyosha, buzzing the girl's head before winging out over the water. Take /that/!

Andra grins "It's amazing when you think of it, for their size they seem to eat their own weight and that of several others in one sitting." a nibble of her own food and a comment "Though I would imagine being trapped in a shell doesn't provide for much in the way of food after a while."

Tevya smiles at Rika. "Congrats woman, you impressed him!"

Miyosha shrieks and dives away from the water and yells "No fair!" herself as she watches the bronze, a pout upon her face "I's only playin' he attacked me" she adds not really taking her wary eyes of the firelizard. " I don't wanna play no more"

Cordelia rolls her eyes as the green takes flight, and then the hatchling Impresses. Leave it to Throne to to do something like that. And be late for it, too. As the green backwings to resume her position on Cordy's shoulder once more, triangular head rubbing against the side of the Assiss. Stablemistress's face. Giggling quietly, she resumes her short walk towards the beach, smiling a bit at the others. "They do eat a lot, but it tapers off. Eventually."

Miyosha sticks her tongue out at Corlis and then runs for home.

Miyosha skips along to the Worn Path.

Marika nods to both women as they speak to her at the same time. Running out of raw meat, she rummages though her pack, brown starting to creel as the food stops coming for a few moments. "It's okay, more's coming...." Her own hunger forgotten, or at least put in the background, she finds rolls to feed the hatchling instead. There, creeling stopped.

Corlis gapes as Miyosha runs off. Aw. He tries to whistle for his firelizard, but comes up with air and a little spit. However, the little bronze evidently gets the idea, and sails over to settle on the boy's shoulder, crooning contentedly. With a shrug, Corlis trots up the beach. No fun playing alone.