Beach Fun

SeaCliffs Beach
A long stretch of beach lies before you, gently sloping down to the water's edge, where equally gentle waves roll forward to kiss the shore. The far end of the beach cuts off abruptly at the tumbled ruins of a former Hold, where clinging vines cover the fallen stones, creating a seeming garden of peace and beauty. A couple of tidepools are set to the side, teeming with the varied sealife trapped within. Rocks, ranging from tiny pebbles to hefty boulders, are scattered throughout the beach, the more reasonably sized ones usually concealing a spiderclaw or two. Small sand dunes, pieces of driftwood and, of course, shells and pebbles of all sizes litter the beach, offering a sort of treasure hunt to adventurous residents.
It is an autumn midmorning.
Marika, Brina, Elehu, and Aaliya are here.

Kendra walks gently and silently in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Kendra smirks, turning amber eyes on Brina.

Corlis scrambles down the beach, limbs flying in all directions, sand scattering in his wake. "Breeeeeee-na!" Dolphin lady! Are they here? Huh? He skids to a stop not far from Brina, landing in a heap in the sand... as if to test the theory that he couldn't actually /get/ any dirtier. Oh, are there other folks here, too? He hadn't noticed...

Elehu stretches out on the sand with a lazy yawn

Marika glances down at the sand, picking up a handful. "Well, I didn't exactly decided it myself," she mumbles to the healer. "My father wanted me to go there for some reason." A reason he hadn't told her yet.

Brina glances up from her report that she is making and sees Kendra. "Oh, hello, Kendra." she calls and then notices Corlis scampering towards her. She chuckles and then smiles. "Hello, Corlis."

Aaliya walks to the Courtyard.

Corlis beams up at Brina from where he's sprawled on the sand. "Hi!" he chirps brightly, oblivious to the fact that she's apparently quite busy today. "Where's Jonah?" The gapped tooth making him lisp slightly.

Brina looks over at Corlis before ruffling his hair. "Jonah should be coming out later, but he's helping the fishing boats fish right now, and just being with his pod. That's what he does. He's like a daddy to a whole bunch of dolphins." trying hard to keep it on a level that a six turn old might know. "What have you been doing today, Corlis."

Aaliya walks in from the Worn Path.

"Playin'." Corlis beams a gap-toothed grin at Brina, scrambling to sit cross-legged in the sand. Well, that and hiding from his nanny. But Brina probably doesn't need to know that. She might not be very supportive of that activity. "Jonah's a daddy dolphin?"

Brina nods towards Corlis. "Yes, he is. He helps to take care of the other dolphins. He has a daughter named Jill. She's pretty. She has bright big eyes. I'll introduce you to her, okay? That is when they come back anyways." She gives him a wink.

Corlis's grin widens, threatening to split his face in two. "Kay." Eloquent, no? A nearby seashell becomes a makeshift shovel as the boy becomes momentarily engrossed in digging his way to the far side of Pern... or at least until the hole fills up with water. Shells. He looks back up at Brina. "Now?" He must have waited a whole minute, after all.

Leah looks at the eggs.

Aaliya sprawls out in the sand, eyes closing slowly. Bored, she is.

Brina grins. "Not now, how about later tonight? I'll see about coming to get your from your nanny or something, and then we can go see them together? Sound okay?" She sets her report into her bag and just relaxes. Enough stuff for one day.

Kendra plops down somewhat near Aaliya, a large book propped in her hands. A darkenes carving of a fin emerging from waves is etched into the cover.

Aaliya scoots over to Kendra, always the curious the one. She peers over the other girl's shoulders, grinning. "Whatcha reaaddin?"

Kendra smiles at the other girl and holds out the book. "It's a very old story" she begins, dropping her voice, "of a girl who's very much in love with a boy at another hold, so she tries to escape from her father's hold by boat. Unfortunately, it capsizes.. but a dolphin saves her." She flips a few pages over. "And at the back, it has guides on anatomy and behaviourhal patterns"

Aaliya grins more, nodding her head. "Interestin' sounding."

Kendra nods, dropping the tattered book into the sand with a thud. "It is.. but it's a slow read"

Aaliya bobs her head, giggling. "I see. I see."

Lower lip pokes out in a frustrated pout, and Corlis throws the seashell into the water-filled hole with a little splash. But even sulking doesn't hold his attention very long - after all, Brina /promised/! He peeks up at her with a little grin. "Kay." Then he scrambles to his feet. "Seeya!" No point hanging around if there's no dolphins to play with!

Brina shakes her head and just laughs at the little boy. "No problems Corlis." she waves as he goes running off.