Corlis Gets A Bath

Tumbled Rockface
Dark brown tumbled boulders, some as large as the hold of a ship, have fallen from where the old hold used to be and now are jumbled into a sloping mass which can be climbed either by intrepid kidlets or by others if they so wish. Here and there amongst the boulders little bits of greenery can be spotted, though generally the growth is small. Looking upwards one might spot a couple of dark spots, holes, perhaps underneath what looks to be the ruins of the old hold.
It is an autumn noon.
Jessia is here.

Jessia says, "Hi."

Corlis scrambles out of the cave in the rockface, several new scrapes adorning his skin, and flashes a gap-toothed grin at Jessia. "Hi," he chirps.

Jessia smiles, "You scrapey."

Corlis looks down at himself, then shrugs and grins. Scrapes are hardly anything new. Or bruises, or random cuts... "I saw the ruins," he informs her smugly.

Jessia nods, "I've been there."

Corlis deflates a bit. "Oh." Then he scrambles down the rockface, his grin returning. "What else is fun to do around here?"

Jessia thinks, "Playing in the kids room, i sleep in."

Corlis foofs. "Bo-ring!" He's been there. Anyhow, it's a nice day. He dashes over to her and tugs one long braid. "Tag! You're it!" And dashes off toward the beach.


Corlis tears down the beach, sand flying in all directions, determined not to let Jessia catch him.

Jessia runs after Corlis, "Come back here!" she yells down the beach at him.

Leah looks at Jessia chase Corlis, "What the?"

Corlis runs along the shoreline, a spray of water splashing up in his wake, arms and legs pumping and chest heaving. "Can't catch meeeeeeeee!"

Marika's head comes up, as hears screaming and yelling, seeing two kids come running down the beach. Shrugging, she returns her attention to her scribbling, having almost finished it anyways. The yelling in the background didn't help her concentrate, though.

Jessia runs almost catching up to Corlis, "I can too catch you!" she says right behind him.

Corlis could run faster than Jessia any day of the week. But his foot slips on the wet sand and he hits the beach face first, limbs sprawling in all directions.

Jessia touchs Corlis, "Your it." she says and runs off alittle, looking back to see if he'll chase her.

Corlis scrambles to his feet, brushing wet sand off himself, and tears off after Jessia. As if he'd let a /girl/ beat him at tag!

Jessia runs off as soon as she sees him get up, "/You/ can't catch me!"

Corlis scrambles up the beach, running full out, just a breath behind Jessia... and suddenly veers off to tag Leah instead. Hah! That'll teach her not to pay attention! "You're it!" And he bolts off down the beach again in a flurry of dirty limbs and flying sand.

Leah yawns, as she just sits there.

Sinatra chirps at Leah.

It takes a couple minutes for Corlis to realize that nobody's chasing him. He skids to a stop, dropping dejectedly into the sand. "Aw." This place is boring. Panting heavily, he flops back to look up at the sky.

Aaliya walks in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Jessia walks over to Corlis, "Not all the time."

Leah oils Sinatra, and while shes at it, Marian too.

Sashia wakes up.

A mist floats in and gently resolves itself into the form of Kitriana, who slowly opens her eyes and looks around.

Corlis dances around Kitriana as she wakes up. Dolphin Lady! Bounce! Bounce!

Marika steps lightly in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Kitriana grins up at the kidlet,smiling sleepily. "'Morning.." she mumbles, rubbing her eyes to wake herself up faster.

"Morning!" So the sun's practically setting. Corlis is just so happy to see another living soul on the beach that he /knows/ - especially one that's friends with dolphins! AND dragons. Kitriana is his new Best Friend. He skitters around her, sand flying in all directions.

Kitriana smiles and slowly raises herself from the sands, glancing about and waving at Marika when she sees her. Then she speaks to Corlis. "So..I'm up late aren't I?" okay..understatement there. "Have the phins come by, do you know?"

Corlis stops skittering and flops to sit in the sand near Kitriana. "Nope." Tousled head shakes in emphasis. "An' I know there was other Dolphin Ladies here." He nods in another emphatic gesture, clearly annoyed that nobody called the dolphins for him to play with. In his mind, it's that simple.

Marika comes onto the beach, barefooted, carrying a pitcher. Seeing the 'phincrafter she waves to her, as she sits down to fill a mug with juice. She then opens her small bundle and takes out a sweetroll to nibble at. Mmmm, good.

Aaliya walks in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Kitriana chuckles at annoyance displayed by Corlis. "D'you remember who?" she inquires. "Perhaps the phins'll be in to visit later. "Lady waves Marika and Aaliya over to join her

Eberts glides to the Courtyard.

Aaliya slides on over to Kitriana, grinning. "Whatcha up to?"

"I dunno." Corlis gives an exaggerated shrug, then points to Marika. "She was talkin' to 'em." Maybe she'll remember? Nobody bothered to introduce themselves to /him/. Or maybe he was just too busy tormenting Jessia to notice. But what did she say? "Ya think they'll really come??" Head whips to look out over the ocean, as if fins might already be visible.

Marika doesn't really listen to anything going on right now. She hungry and thirsty and concentrates on feeding herself at this point. Sweetrolls! No more fish for her. At least for a while.

Kitriana shrugs, ginning. "Just got up actuallly.." whoopseys, slept in a bit there, now didn't she? "You?" Corlis is nodded at. "Sure! After they're done escorting the fishing ships, that is." she nods sagely. And if they don't, there's always cries of 'heeeere fissie fissie fissie..'.

Eberts glides in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Corlis spins on his heel to stare at Kitriana. Why hadn't he thought of that? Nevermind. Scratch that. "You got fish?" He looks around for the now-familiar bucket.

Kitriana nods, gesturing towards the pail behind that there rock. "All the fish a phin could eat.." she states proudly. "My lizards dropped by this morning and re-filled it." nod. "Can you whistle?" am abrupt change of topic.

Tevya walks in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Corlis practically dances in his excitement, but is stopped cold in his bucket-fetching by Kitriana's question. For a moment he looks puzzled, then he puffs out his cheeks and lets out a huge, spit-filled puff of air. Not a peep. Sigh. He shakes his head, looking a little despondent now.

Tevya grins, waving to the beach-goers. "Hello all." She says, looking rather amused.

Kitriana grins at Corlis. "Oh, dont' worry! I can..phins often will come when whistled to.." too bad she doesn't remember the actually commands, but..a whistling noise should suffice to call 'em all in. "Oh, hey Tev!" she greets enthusiastically.

Tevya turns to Aaliya "Did you impress?" She asks, she had a fun time, but was unable to actually impress..but she still wears a grin. "Hey Kitri..guess what!" She says, a bit to excitedly.

Marika is still busy getting food into her, but looks up as she suddenly hears voices around her. "Oh," she exclaims, having not seen or heard more people coming.

Corlis beams his gap-toothed grin at the Dolphin Lady, relieved that it doesn't matter. He dashes over to retrieve the bucket-o-fish, returning a moment later, breathless with the effort and anticipation. Can we go now? Can we? Can we? Bounce.

Kitriana blinks at Tevya. "Impress?" those silly eggs hatched then? she peers but..nope, they're still there. Although..perhaps some are missing. But a clutch not hatching all at the same time..well..that's /strange/! Which about describes her life so far so..mental shrug. She spot Corlis waiting with the bucket, and so gesture for him to follow her to the shallows, puckering up in preparation for whistling.

Cylanthe glides in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Marika gets up as she finishes the last sweetroll, and comes closer to Kitriana and the little boy. "See any dolphins?" she asks peering out over the water. "Y'know, I decided to join the craft," she notes offhanded with a grin on her face.

Tevya grins as Cylanthe settles on her shoulder. "I impressed a Bronze Kitri..can you believe it!" She asks, settling down next to Kitri.

Cylanthe cheeps

Corlis trots obediently after Kitri, hugging the heavy bucket to his chest and trying not to lose any fish. He splashes out into the shallows and carefully sets the bucket down between his feet, looking up in surprise as the bossy lady -- oops, Tevya -- sits down nearby.

Kitriana whistles piercingly once..twice..three times! Suddenly, on the horizon, a fin can be seen poking forth from the water and heading in this direction. As it streaks closer, she turns to look at Cylanthe..."Oh, he's beautiful Tev! Congrats!" she smiles, happy for the girl.

Tevya grins. "Thanks. I was a bit upset when I didn't impress one of the flits at the other hatching, but then Cylante came along." She holds out her hand for Cylanthe to climb onto, which he does obligingly.

Marika turns as she hears Tev talking about impressing. Smiling, she moves back a little from the water to look at Tev's lizard. "When did that happen?" she asks in surprise, glancing at the clutch, doing a quick count. All of 'em still there, so it hadn't come from there. "Congratulations, Tev."

Corlis is oblivious to anything happening on the beach, his eyes glued to the approaching fins. "Look!" His voice comes out in a squeak. "A dolphin! A dolphin!" Bounce. Splash. Beam.

Marika hears the word dolphin coming from the kid and turns back to the water, staring hard to see the 'phin, and break into a huge smile, as she sees a fin out there in the water. "Ohhh, yeah. I see it...."

Tevya grins at the boy, Corlis. He was very hyper. "I was lucky to Impress him. Happened upon him when I didn't impress any of the two that were at Herder hall. Well I was comming back here and I saw something strange laying on the ground so I went up to it. And then it started moving. I was totally shocked to see that it was Cy's egg. When he came out I Impressed him." She said, grinning like a child.

Cylanthe cheeps and rubs his head up against Tevyas cheek. He cheeps again to get her attention.

Kitriana nods her understanding. "Aye...lizards are /amazin/" she states matter-of-factly, grinning from ear to ear. Then, the phin is here and totall distractes her. "Hey Milli!" she cries upon regnition of the phin. Oooohh..lovely.

Milli streaks up to kitri. "Reeeporrit! Milli reeporrit! Yooo called?"

Corlis splashes out into the water, belatedly remembering to grab a 'fissie'. He waves it randomly in Milli's general direction, a broad grin lighting his face, barely able to contain his excitement. "Hi Milli! Hi!"

Marika wades further out into the water, remembering the name Milli, but not able to recognize the 'phin. Grinning she waves at the 'phin, coming still further into the water. "Hello, Milli."

Tevya grins at the dolphin. She remembered Mili. "Hey Kitri! I think you've earned yourself a new 'prentice!" She says, meaning Corlis.

Iona strolls in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Thorpe is the one dragging his mother this time. The turquoise-clad 2 turn old gripping one of Iona's hands in his as he trundley trips down into the sand, giggling and cooing. The headwoman, getting fatter by the minute wipes sweat from her forehead. "Oh Thorpie-warpie, puhlease slow down Mummy is tired" blink blink. And just as she spots a group of people lounging around she squeals "Oooooh helloooo my dahhhhlings!" ok so she's a crowd pleaser.

Growing more impatient when Milli doesn't come right up to take the 'fissie', Corlis winds up and flings it into the air - okay, so maybe it'll land on the beach instead of anywhere near the dolphin, but he tried, right?

Marika turns in the water, to look back at the shore, seeing the headwoman come onto the beach and gives a slight wave and a smile. Might want to be friendly with her, as she's pregnant and all. She remembers her mother's moodswings all too well..

Brina's eyes begin to slowly open like a butterfly stretching it's wings for the first time.

Kitriana slowly closes her eyes and disolves into a fine mist, which quietly floats away.

Milli snaps up the fish, squeeing her delight at the treat. Corlis jumps up and down, clapping his hands delightedly. As the dolphin slices into the water, he turns to look at Kitriana... only to find that the dolphin lady has left. Whine? His eyes search the beach in vain until they settle on... "Breeeeeena! Come play!!"

Brina wakes up from her snooze on the beach. Yes, snooze. She turns to hear her name called by the adorable little Corlis. "Hey, Corlis. How you doing?" she asks the little boy. "Been playing with any dolphins lately?" She gives him a little wink before stretching.

Iona isn't just pregnant. She happens to also be a busybody, a drama queen and a mother to....5? So it's hard to pigeon-hole just where those mood-swings come from. "More dolphins? Oy...Thooorpe!" whine. She gets tugged further down the beach towards the water. "No bubby-boo you can't go in....Hello Marika ooh and look there's Brina...and Corlis careful out there!" that's right as soon as you've got that purple and turquoise knot, you've got to suffer Headwoman Hairy-eyeball.

Cylanthe chirps and flutters off over the ocean, twirling about the 'phin and kidlet Corlis.

Marika wades out of the water again, and back on the sand. Not that she didn't /want/ to spend time with the 'phin, but she was sooo thirsty. And so she bends down to fill her mug with juice that her sister had supplied her with from the kitchen.

Tevya grins as the flit leaves her arm. Then she turns to Marika "So what will be happening here tonight?" Of course she is hoping just idle conversations and good food. Fish if anyone wants it. Her Cylanthe will be more than happy to oblige in catching some.

Corlis points out over the water, but Milli's vanished. Shells. "I'm okay," he mumbles. First the dolphin lady leaves, then the dolphin. Sigh. Iona's warning gets an impatient wave. "I will!" Sure he will. See the bumps and bruises?

Marika shrugs as she drinks her juice, looking down at Tevya. "I dunno," she says, giving the headwoman another nod. "One thing's for sure. I'm not have anymore fish anytime soon..."

Tevya grins and understands. She's not fond of fish either. She pours herself a mug of klah and pulls out some meatrolls for herself and Cylanthe. "Cylanthe, come get some food!" She calls to her bronze flit.

Brina looks over towards Iona and just waves. "Hello, Iona. How are you doing today?" She smiles at the girl. "Did I miss the 'phin Corlis?" Bri lounges around some more on the beach. That's what she's here for right?

Cylanthe Chirps once at Corlis before flying back to Tevya and settling in on her shoulder. He takes the offered meatroll and not soon after asks for another.

Iona keeps a grip on her son, the toddler flopping belly first into the sand to maon a little. It's no fair. He should be able to do whatever he pleases. "Good boy, Corlis" the headwoman beams at the child. See? You only have to tell her teeny tiny white lies and she's sit happy in ignorance of the truth. Belly is rubbed as she raises a brow at Marika "Y'know I get sick of that shelling seafood myself- I get shipments of meat brought in..." for her own private consumption of course. The bonus of having contacts. "Ooh Brina I'm look hungry girl..." she always thinks about food. Probably the reason why she's a blimp right now.

Grigri suddenly disappears ::between::!

"Yeah, meat's a lot better'n fish," Marika notes. Being from a forrest cothold, she'd hardly ever had seafood, aside from the fish they would catch in the lake. She finds a sweetroll in her bundle and pops half into her mouth, chewing slowly, as she watches the ocean.

Tevya says, "I agree totally. I'm not partial to fish. As a matter of fact," She says, reaching into her pack, "I have meatrolls, if anyone would like some.""

Kazul zips from the cold blackness of ::between::!

Marika steps lightly to the Courtyard.

Corlis nods at Brina's question. "Yeah. Milli." He looks out over the water again, but no sign of phin-fin. Sigh. He slogs out of the water and trundles up the beach in search of something else to do.

Iona yanks her son to his feet gently of course. "No Thorpe, no tantrums, your sister is the one good at need to be a copykid is there?" blink. The toddler simply wraps himself around her legs morosely. Someone's a cranky child. "Well enough of this sun, I'm heading back inside...all of you, inside now for some decent food and perhaps a bath...I can smell you already!"

Corlis wails. "Bath?!" He's been collecting this dirt for days! He plops down in the sand, grinding still more into his already reprehensible clothing.

Brina nods to Iona, and waves a goodbye. "Give them a good scrubbing." She calls to the woman. "Wouldn't want them to stay smelly." oh no, smelly kids. Ew? She opens up her journal to have a look at the days assignments.

Iona jabs a finger towards Corlis. She's experience with smelly messy children. Her own are rarely seen clean actually. But she's on a vibe here. "Yes, come along Corlis, the phins will be back tomorrow...Brina don't tell me you would prefer to stay out here rather than enjoy our company in the common room? It's comfy and there's fresh bubblies" her eyebrows raise unusually high as she begins unwrapping toddler arms from around her calves.

Tevya walks in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Brina raises her eyes towards Iona. "Fresh bubblies?" Oh, that's her weakness. Can't pass up some bubblies now can we? "That sounds like a good thing to me." Yep, can't pass them up at all.

Cylanthe glides to the Worn Path.

Corlis drags himself up, sulking until he hears 'bubblies'. Oooooh. Perking visibly, he trots obediently toward the hall. Even a bath would be worth fresh bubblies. Mmmm.

Aaliya falls asleep.

Tevya waves to the three people present on the beach. "Lo again, how are things?"

Octavia bounces in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Iona hauls up her son to balance on her hip. Slightly awkward since she's yknow /fat/ now. "C'mon Corlis dahhhling, we'll get your scrubbed and some bubblies into you eh?" motherly now she fusses round him. "Tevya do you wanna come? We're going to bath this little mite and stuff ourselves with bubblies till we burst"

Iona picks up Thorpe.

Tevya grins merily at the idea of Corlis being bathed. "Sure, I'm always up for a good soaking." She stands up and tries to help Iona, "Anything I can help with?"

Brina chuckles and nods. "Doesn't that sound so...good?" is that the word she really wants? Probably not, but it sounds good anyways. "Yes, Iona..Can I help as well? Corlis, why don't you grab hold of my hand. Okay, we'll get you some nice bubblies."

Corlis is only putting up with the scrubbing on the promise of bubblies. Let's get that point quite clear. He shakes off Iona's fussing, but he doesn't really mind it all that much, since he can't much remember his own ma. A gap-toothed beam goes to Brina as she comes along, grubby hand thrust into hers as he trots along beside her. Bubblies good.

Iona strolls to the Courtyard.

Tevya walks to the Courtyard.

Brina skips to the Courtyard.

Seacliffs Common Room
A large, yet still cozy hall, this is apparently where the Hold's occupants can gather for some klah or gossip. Set in one wall is a large fireplace, where a crackling fire can be found at any time, day or night. Above, a sturdy mantle holds a collection of small items to make residents feel at home - glass ornaments, brightly painted ceramics and, of course, a fair of firelizards warming themselves above the fire. In front of the fireplace, a huge, fluffy rug spreads out across the floor, softening and warming the wooden floor beneath. Several rocking chairs and a long, low-slung couch piled high with pillows complete the picture of a living room, scattered about the rug and pulled close to the warmth of the fire. Between and around the seating, trays of snacks have been arranged on low tables, free for the Hold's residents and visitors. The scents of food mingle throughout the hall - meatrolls, fruits, klah, and even a bowl of meat for 'lizard friends. On the far side, away from anything that might be stained, tables have been set up for more formal dining, with long wooden benches resting on either side. All in all, it's a comfortable looking room, perfectly fit for the scattered residents of a small Hold.
On the perch are Caite, Tyrola, Sandstone, and Charish.
Iona, Tevya, and Brina are here.

Iona drops off her son into the awaiting arms of a nanny. Helpful lot that. And either way the toddler is shunted off to a corner to play with the other mulling kids. "Alright, baths first hmm?" she says, her rotund belly knocking a vase askew from a low table as she waddles past.

Tevya catches the vase just before it hits the ground. "Sounds good, umm, what can I do?"

Brina nods. "Come on Corlis, let's go get you that bath?" She looks down at that gap-toothed little boy and ruffles his hair with her free hand. His dirty and salt watery filled hair. But, she doesn't mind at all.

Iona grins as Tevya catches the vase. "Oh your doing just nicely arentcha?" beamkle. And then she heads off down a hallway, singing to herself. Out of tune of course.

Iona strolls to the Resident Hallway.

Tevya walks to the Resident Hallway.

Corlis is starting to feel distinctly cornered, as he is hauled right past the table with the lovely bubbly pies without so much as a sniff! He ducks as his hair is ruffled, then follows a bit reluctantly. Bath. Whine.

Brina skips to the Resident Hallway.

The baths are brightly colored, murals made from seashells and depicting life on the beach, decorating the walls. The baths have slowly running waters, keeping the bathwaters clean. One end of the baths is shallow, for there are numerous little kidlets who need their daily cleansings, and the other end is deeper, for those adults who like plenty of water to immerse themselves in. Sweetsand is in plentiful supply, easily reached for when a nanny wishes to impart some of that cleanliness onto a small fry. Soft fluffly towels have been stacked on a cart just inside the door, so that a forgetful person might not have to run cold and wet and naked back to their room. The room is warmed by a thermal vent that seeps into the area from under the rocks underneath the hold.
It is an autumn sunset.
Iona, Tevya, and Brina are here.

Brina drags the little boy into the room. "Come on Cor. We promised bubblies /after/ the bath. And, we will deliver." Yep, if she has anything to say about it. She wants those bubblies as much as he does. Yep, yep, yep.

Cylanthe chirps and flutters to the ledge of one of the many baths. Once there he settles himself and looks at the gap-toothed boy Corlis.

Corlis digs in his dirty little heels, for all the good it does, skidding across the floor tracking little stripes of dirt behind him. "Aw!"

Iona fans them all off towards one end of the room. "Shallow end, dearies, can't drown the little mite can we?" towels are grabbed and draped around her shoulders leaving her hands free to pull out tubs of soapsand and sweet smelling stuff. "Now, we'll have you looking adorable in no time Corlismite!" ooh he now has a nickname. Feel the lurve.

Brina picks him up just the same, that way he won't run away. Not going to let that happen, he's gotta get all clean for all the ladies? Isn't he just so cute? "Come on Cor. You'll be sweet smelling, and full of bubblies." She walks on towards the shallow end, and stops there, setting Cor down while she waits for Iona. Kepping a firm grip on the boy just the same. No little boys running away from the nice ladies, right?

Corlis wiggles. Squirms as he's being carried, then just /wiggles/ as Brina holds him by the baths. Eep. S'pose they'll make him put on clean /clothes/, too? Think of the bubblies...

Tevya grins at the boys antics. "Need me to grab anything?" She asks, not quite sure of what she can do.

Iona chews her bottom lip, her bulging belly fairly glared at. "Well Tevya you can do the scrubbing- I can't quite bend down with this I can just watch" beam. Thus she stays clean and dry. And ready for bubblies.

Tevya grins, glad to have some sort of task.."Okay, just hand me what ever I need. Corlis, you dont mind do you?" She asks the boy as an after thought.

Corlis squirms. Well, they can't make him undress. Eep. Can they? He eyes Tevya warily.

Cylanthe chirps again, flying around Corlis' head. He's in a good mood and ready for fun...

Brina holds on to the wiggling boy, and just looks over at Tevya. "You want to strip him, or me?" She giggles at the girl, and just winks. Like a 6 turn old can't undress himself.

Iona folds her arms over her belly. "Oh Corlismite do be a dahhling and take off your shirt and won't take long and the water is lovely and warm dearheart" beam. Oh she's evil.

Tevya grins, although her face is red enough for both her and Corlismite..."Umm, how about you?" She says to Brina..taking on a grin.

Can't, won't. Whatever. It's not like Corlis is excited about the prospect of taking this bath. But with three very-much-larger grownup-type people cornering him, his options are rather limited. "No!" He fairly squeaks his indignance. Stripping is so ... babyish. He hauls his tunic off over his head and throws it on the floor in a dirty puddle, then fumbles with the knot on the rope-belt holding his trousers up. Mrf.

Brina chuckles and reaches for the boy yet as she does, the little boy squirms away and undresses himself. That's one way to get him ready for a bath, now isn't it? "Well, that solves that problem."

Tevya laughs as the boy decides to do the task. "Good decison Cor."

Iona wags a finger "I want that hair thoroughly cleaned dirt on my holders..." and she toddles off towards some shelves. "There's plenty of fresh clothes too...I'll take those to the laundrey folk, they've have them back in a fwe days..." mutter mumble waddle.

Corlis finally manages to loosen the knot, and the too-big trousers slip to the floor around his ankles in a heap. Gee, the covered skin is so much ... /whiter/ than what was exposed. He steps out of his trousers and climbs into the bath with a sulky expression.

Brina watches the little boy climb into the water. "Don't forget to wash behind those ears either." She sits down on the edge of the bath, and watches, to make sure he doesn't do anythign crazy.

Iona brings back a new set of clothes, of course in bright bright colours. "I'll just get rid of these" she says, nose wrinkling slightly as she makes the exchnage. "Why lad your positively filthy- wonder if you hair's a different colour under all that muck?" she's teasing and winks at him before settling down on a stool herself.

Corlis scowls as he is scrubbed, much more thoroughly than he would have done himself, sweetsand foaming in the little cuts and scrapes on his arms and legs. "Hey!" Ooof. "My clothes!" You'd think he'd be glad to see the last of them - they didn't fit to begin with, and they're practically worn through - but he's grown a little... attached to them. As in, they more or less had to be peeled off his body. Dunk. Splash. Mrf.

Tevya grins, helping to clean the little boy. "Okay, lets attack that hair." She says, eyeing it with trepidation. Cylanthe flies overhead, chirping loudly.

Brina chuckles at the boy. "Don't worry. You will be fine." She looks over at Tev. "ya think he needs a bit more sweetsand on his arms. Gotta get you smelling good."

Tevya grins, "Yep, I'd say use the whole bucket on him." She grins down at the boy. He'd barely seen the inside of a bath in days she'd wager.

Brina chuckles and takes some sweetsand in her hand, sprinkling it on the boys head. Yup, gotta get some of that stuff off his head. Yup yup yup!

Corlis can't actually remember the last time he had a bath, if swimming doesn't count... and he rather suspects it doesn't. He screws his eyes shut as Tevya starts on his hair, and then Brina joins in, squirming and doing his best to disappear completely.

Tevya grins as she scrubs away at his arms, then, with the help of Brina, his hair. Once the color started showing through Tevya actually smiles. "Now look at this gorgeous color. Why hide it under all that mud?"

Iona does her best from the sidelines "The back of his shoulder needs attention.." she rings out, chewing idly on a fingernail. "Looking good, Corlis mite." In 10 years this might turn out to be his ultimate fantasy.

Brina takes some sweetsand in her hands, and turns her attention to his back. Yep, there we go. scrub, scrub, scrub. Uh huh, get that skin clean. "Doing okay? Corlismite?" What a good nickname for him.

Tevya says, "Oy there're almost done!" Tevya comments as she works her sweetsand into a rich and huge lather."

Corlis... squirms. Squirmsquirm. Wiggle. Aren't they done /yet/? How dirty could he really have been? Mrrf. Ooof. Splash. Wiggle. Help?

Iona sniffs, smiling brightly "Oooh alright, that's about enough isn't it girls? He looks so handsome!" coo and gush. "Corlismite have a towel dahhling" and thus the headwoman begins flinging towels in every direction. Eh.

Tevya rinses out the sweetsand from Corlis' hair and holds out a towel for him. "Took that very well you did." She grins, her way of offering a compliment.

Tevya calls to Cylanthe, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.

Brina chuckles and lets Corlis squirm just a bit. It really does a lot of good, helps in the cleaning. "I think so too." She rinses her hands in the water and lets Cor go. She reaches for a towel to wash her hands and stands up.

Bubble. Splash. Corlis emerges sputtering, shaking water off his hair like a canine, rubbing his eyes and reaching blindly for a towel. Handsome? Eep! One hand tugs at his hair, protectively arranging too-long locks to hide most of his now shining clean face.

Iona swipes a towel over her forehead. Well it's /warm/ in here. "Ok c'mon get dressed, can't keep bubblies waiting..." she has a sweet tooth and it just can't be denied. "Those clothes will fit ya, Corliskiddo...good job girls he's all sparkley and shiney now"

Tevya holds up another towel to protect herself from the /shaking/ Cor. "Thanks Iona." Tevya says to the woman. "Brina, shall we?" She asks, waiting for the womans answer. Meaning eat bubblies.

Brina looks over at Corlis and just sniffs? He smells better, almost like a clean smelling boy. She smiles and ruffles his hair before moving on. "Oh yes, Let's go get some bubblies. Ready, Cor?"

Tevya walks out.

Corlis hastily rubs himself dry and tugs on the new clothes, ducking away from Brina as she /sniffs/ him. Ew. Hop, hop. Tug. Wiggle. Did someone say bubblies? Hair still dripping, he trots after Brina, barefoot and beaming. He survived!

Iona waddles herself out. Bubblie chant it with her!

Iona strolls to the Hallway.

Brina skips to the Hallway.

Seacliffs Common Room
Iona and Brina are here.

Leigh moves with a purposeful gait in from the Hallway.

Leigh slowly makes her way from the hallway, brows furrowed with anxiety as she gazes to and fro, apparently looking for something.

Thorpe bolts over from his corner, the nanny giving up and heading back out the hallway. "Alright baby boo, some bubblie for my sweetie?" nevermind she's hell bent on snavelling a few bubblies herself. "C'mon Corlis" the headwoman rings out "Have as many as you can..." she doesn't finish, distracted by the Holder herself. "Oh Leigh!" wave fuss and she waddles towards the woman. "What's wrong, dearie?"

Dearie. Leigh has /never/ in her life been called that. She stares for a moment at the Headwoman, startled, and then smiles distractedly. "Oh.. nothing. I just can't seem to find my feline. You haven't seen him, have you? Rather small, getting obese, though.. old cat.. more white than grey or brown or black, these days..." She sighs.

Corlis doesn't need to be told twice, dashing over to the table and grabbing a bubbly in each hand. Finally, the other woman is noticed - and her search. "Feline?" Eyes dart around the room, looking for the animal, before he succumbs to the smell of the bubblies he's holding and starts stuffing his face.

Brina walks into the room, just waiting to get her hands on a bubbly or two, she motions with her hand, and smiles at Corlismite. "Wanna bubbly or two?" oooh, bubbly. A glance is given towards Leigh, hoping that maybe she might be able to help, but since she hasn't seen a feline around it's no use.

Iona is being odd, most people have noticed. So poor Leigh has to now suffer another pet name. Dearie. "Oh...a feline? Mmm, well just the kittens out in the garden- have you checked there? Our Caramel likes a spot under the peppermint bush..." Thorpe whines and heads for Corlis now, toddler making a beatle crawl towards the boy.

Leigh shakes her head. "If there are kittens around, Merlynn is sure not to be anywhere near." She chuckles. "He's your typical male. A female in heat and he's right there, but as soon as kittens are involved it's syonara, sweetcakes." Her face falls then and she starts to twist her hands together. "He /is/ an old feline."

Iona bites her lip instinctively. "Aww, Leigh, come and sit down, have a bubbly" the headwoman can't help but fuss, eyebrows drawn together. "He might just be off wandering as toms do...he'll turn up, just you wait and see.." she can't help but be optimistic. Shoot her.

Corlis holds his bubblyprize high in the air, out of reach of the toddling Thorpe-child. "Getcherown!" he sort of mumbles, around the pie already in his mouth. He likes felines... not as much as dolphins... but really, the bubblies are /much/ more pressing at the moment.

Thorpe is so adorable as he uses the chair leg to lever himself onto his feet, hands reaching out as that bottom lip begins to protrude. "Bubbubbubbubbub" he chants, fingers wiggling. Go on. Share!

Brina chuckles as the toddler scrables to try to get a bubbly. She breaks off a bit of hers and offers it to Thorpe. "Here ya go." She smiles at him before turning towards Iona. "It is alright, huh? To give him a small bite?" Wouldn't want to give him something he isn't supposed to have.

Corlis flashes a gap-toothed grin at Brina, for sharing /her/ bubbly so /he/ doesn't have to. Then he stuffs almost the entire remaining pie into his mouth. Mrf. Mmmmf. Mmmmm.

Leigh shakes her head as bubblies are eyed. She does, however, take the offered seat, throwing herself into it with a sigh and sinking. "No, I'm not really hungry, at the moment."

Thorpe snavels the broken piece and has it shoved right in his mouth before Iona replies with the answer "He can have what he wants..." distractedly. She takes a seat near the Lady Holder, hands fussing over her enlarged belly "Oh your poor thing, we'll search the place from top to bottom...."

Leigh smiles, gesturing airily, though her expression betrays her agitation more than she knows. "Oh.. that's all right. Like I said, he was.. /is/ an old feline. I suppose I should be prepared for him to disappear."

Brina watches the young boy just shovel his broken bit of the bubbly off before offering him some more once he is done that is. "I'll help you find him as well." Adding her two bits in for assurance. She takes the other part of her bubbly, and shoves it in her mouth before grabbing another hot one.

Corlis yawns /hugely/ and begins rubbing his eyes. Sleepy? Not this boy.

Leigh smiles, cheeks flushed at the offer. "Well, thank you, everyone, for the offers. I'm sure I could use the help. He really is an awnry cuss... even old as he is." She chuckles. "He reminds me of my uncle."

Iona smiles weakly, sympathetic for Leigh. "Have you met this pair, dahhling?" she changes the topic. "This is Brina, she and Kitriana are studying our dolphin pod, even holding little lessons teaching the holders all about those creatures" beam. "And that raggamuffin is Corlis...mite do you want to get to bed?"

Leigh blinks and sits up, her attention captured by the mention of dolphins. "They're dolphincrafters?" she asks, a hint of excitement in her tone. She smiles, Corlis receiving only the briefest of greetings before she's up and offering hands to the two young women. "That's wonderful. My daughter has always loved dolphins."

Corlis yawns. "I'm not sleepy," he mumbles, trying to force his eyes open.

Brina smiles at the woman, and gives a tiny wave with her free hand. 'Well met. Yes, I love my craft." And she does. "And your pod is so wonderful. They have been letting us ask so many questions and just have been so nice." Yep, that Jonah is a handful. "I would be more than happy to let her get in the water and play with a few of the 'phins." Oh that would be so much fun.

Leigh laughs, shaking her head. "I'm afraid that Eia, were she so inclined, would be in the water with the dolphins with or without permission." She grins and then the expression turns puzzled as she gazes around the room. "Speaking of which, her and my Uncle have been missing, too."

Brina chuckles. "Well, if you would like for her to get to know some of them, let either kitri or me know. We would be more than happy to help her meet the pod. And they wouldn't mind either." She glances around. "Maybe they have the feline with them?" Well, it could be a possibility.

Leigh quirks a brow. "Merlynn avoids Eia about as much as he avoids kittens.. and my Uncle hates felines.. or, he /says/ he does, at least." Her grin indicates that this likely isn't true. "So, you're just here to study the pod? Any reason in particular?"

Brina shakes her head. "We have been gathering information from the pod to help find out how the everything is going in the water and along the coast and things of that nature." Bri pauses. "Well, I hope to be able to get some information to bring back to the masters, and perhaps..well, let's just say that I hope to set up some areas for classes for the holds and things. To learn about dolphins, and how they help us." But, that's only if the masters let her.

Corlis yawns again, stumbling toward the couch.