Arrival At SeaCliffs

A long stretch of beach lies before you, gently sloping down to the water's edge, where equally gentle waves roll forward to kiss the shore. The far end of the beach cuts off abruptly at the tumbled ruins of a former Hold, where clinging vines cover the fallen stones, creating a seeming garden of peace and beauty. A couple of tidepools are set to the side, teeming with the varied sealife trapped within. Rocks, ranging from tiny pebbles to hefty boulders, are scattered throughout the beach, the more reasonably sized ones usually concealing a spiderclaw or two. Small sand dunes, pieces of driftwood and, of course, shells and pebbles of all sizes litter the beach, offering a sort of treasure hunt to adventurous residents.
It is an autumn afternoon.
Patryna, Tevya, Egan, Kayri, Aaliya, and Iona are here.

Tevya nods and ahhs. "You're here to impress a hatchling, right?" She says, just to prolong the conversation.

Patryna says, "Iona! How are you feeling lately?" She jumps up and gently hugs the lady.. don't wnat to hurt anyone. "Kennit and I are thinking of maybe a beach 'fasting."

Egan pouts. "Yes, child, whatever. He left?" Blink. Stare. "Of course he left you!... argh... uh... wherry." Nod. Substitute the bad parts. "But my firelizard must not have gotten the message to pick me up to him. And whatnot." Nod. "No, he... um... well, he will take me home. It's his job." Somewhat. A wave to Iona, idly and more instinctively, and then to Trevya - "Keroon."

Aaliya shrugs slightly. "Wandered over, saw eggs. Might hang around."

Kayri sticks her tongue out at Egan, then tilts a glance towards Tevya, not particularly interested. "Kayri is from Bitra Hold and was moved to SeaCliffs. Kayri is here because Dioxpot wanted to go for a walk." Those eggs, you see, just happened to be in the way. How rude. "..Kayri is /not/ a wherry. Wherries are fuzzy, and fly. Kayri isn't fuzzy, nor does she fly." Hopefully.

A mass of brown sweeps over Kayri's head, shoulder-length locks rimrod-straight and colored in a variety of brownish shades. Golden brown eyes, large and deceptively innocent, peer out from under messy bangs, accentuated with chubby, pink-tinged cheeks and a rounded chin. A pair of full, rosy pink lips are settled 'tween a small, rounded nose and almost-prominent chin, completing and roundness-themed set of facial features. Stature is short -- along the lines of four foot seven, or perhaps eight, though future growth out of her pudgy, pleasantly round frame is possible. On the whole, Kayri's appearance is that almost akin to a blurb -- round and cutely chubby.
Plain and ordinary, a simple brown suit adorns Kayri's frame -- a pair of trousers, comfortably loose and cuffed neatly at the ankle hug her legs, paired with a simple white tunic and belted tight with a simple strip of black. A jacket is pulled over her shoulders, again brown in color, and again falling to her ankles. Simple boots complete the outfit, also black in color and buckled with plain, silver squares. A thin ribbon keeps her hair in a loose tieback, holding the locks away from her face for convenience. Looking heroically fluffy from Kayri's shoulder is Dioxpot.
Kayri is 10 Turns, 5 months, and 6 days old.

Iona let's Patryna distract her from the twins, who plonk down merrily in the sand and begin digging...well whatever they feel like really. "A beach 'fasting!" Oh ok, time for Iona-bomb. "How exciting! Y'know I've got it all figured out- we'll get a nice marquee and have it decorated for you to stand under...and I'll have the cooks bake a wonderfully huge pink cake...and my hubbie can make your handfasting mark and a ring! Oooh he's wonderful at making them" and thus her own bejewlled fingers are fluttered forwards as example. Ok so she gets excited easily.

Aaliya leans forward, rubbing her chin. "I'm thinking of joining Seacliffs. Love the sea. Is it nice here?"

Tevya says, "Yes, so did quite a few people. Only a couple actually managed to impress some." Then as an after thought, "I can see why Patryna likes this beach so much. It's quite nice." She nods to Egan, regestering his comment."

Corlis bolts down the beach to the shore at a dead run, sand spraying in all directions. He doesn't stop until a quick look over his shoulder assures him he's not actually being pursued anymore, which is fortunate because a couple more steps would probably have put him right in the middle of the nest of eggs, not to mention the people gathered around them. Not that he's noticing people once he's got a look at that nest....

Egan glares at Kayri. "You /are/ fuzzy, and you /will/ fly, once I-" We don't need to hear the rest, please... save us all. Once through with comment, Egan hrmphs. Ironic of /him/ to get all worked up over a /brat/. And... whatnot. "So, uh, anyways." Turn to Iona. "Hello!"

Tevya grins. She has no shame from being a High Reacher, in fact, she is rather proud of it. A glance is given to the rather startling stranger and a puzzled look thrown to Ailya.

Patryna says, "Ummm, Pink? Iona? Maybe the rest.. that sounds lovely.. but a pink cake? I think I'll have to take that up with Ken." The thought of pink makes her ill, but she won't insult this lovely woman. "But would Dale /really/ do our rings and the mark? I would be honored. I already have an idea what I want made for Ken's."

Kayri plants her feet firmly on the ground, quirking an eyebrow at Egan and crossing her arms in front of her chest once more. "Oh? Once you what, funny nanny boy? Kayri doesn't think you'd be able to make her fly, or become fuzzy. Kayri avenged.." Insert name here. "..! against you. Therefore, you could not make Kayri fuzzy. Or fly." Sagenod. And then a vague glance towards Aaliya. "Kayri has relatives at the High place. It's nice. But cold." Tevya says, "Hey, are you okay?" Tevya asks the stranger who ran right through their little 'party'."

Corlis looks up from where he's now sprawled on the sand, eyeing the eggs with the unabashed curiosity which only a six-turn-old could muster. "Huh?" Eloquent, no?

Iona waves a hand, "Alright perhaps not pink what about blue? Blue is such a lovely colour..." she rambles, before grinning at Egan "Your still here? Go and get something to eat, you look ravished..." of course its more fussing from the headwoman. "Well you come and draw what you want made, and I'll tell Dale- the men like helping out darling, even though we know they are largely incapable of anything useful..."

Tevya grins. "I asked if you were okay." She picks the blanket out of her sak and spreads it down on the ground before sitting back down.

A slender girl, with auburn hair that falls just past her shoulders. Her hazel eyes are bright and inquisitve. A smile can often be found on her lightly tanned face.
Tevya wears a dark brown vest over a short-sleeved tunic. She also wears dark brown pants and boots made of a tough material. A golden bracelet adorns her upper right arm. Tevya's Knap-Sak hangs heavily from Tevya's shoulder.
Tevya is 18 Turns, 2 months, and 8 days old.

Aaliya flicks sand at various people, looking bored.

Egan blinks to Kayri. "Oh, dear, I'm not allowed to say how I'm gonna make you fly." Glare. Then he turns to Iona again. "I'm fine, dear. I've had... enough food." Not really. He hasn't touched a bit since he arrived oh so somewhat long ago - but hey, it's one heck of a diet. "Oh, it sure is hot. I hope the weather starts to cool, though... it gets like this in autumn." On, off. In Keroon, at least. Well... somewhat. "On, off." Nod.

Patryna says, "Well, I think I ned to discuss colors with Ken, but his ring? I want it a braided circle, with three colors of metal. Doesn't that sound wonderful? I've always envisioned surprising myfuture husband with a ring like that."

"Uh-huh." Corlis is fine. He flashes the lady a dimpled grin, short a couple of baby teeth. "These your eggs?" Forgive him for being a little single-minded. He's even forgotten who he was running away from.

Aaliya leans back, peering at the young girl. "So, Seacliffs is a nice place?"

Kayri shrugs at Aaliya. "Dunno. Kayri hasn't been here long." Another shrug, and Egan is accorded with a snort. "Aaaw. You're afraid of Kayri, funny nanny boy?" Nevermind he's a good six or so years older, maybe. Kayri's going to be a mean and nasty little spawn. "..but I guess SeaCliffs is nice, so far." This, again, is to Aaliya. Since Egan didn't ask about SeaCliffs.

Aaliya flicks sand at Egan and Kayri, chuckling.

Tevya shakes her head sadly. "Wish they were. Then I wouldn't be sitting here." Not that 'here' was a bad place. No it was quite lovely indeed. She turns her gaze to Egan. "I think that the dragons are done flying for the day. You should just relax. You look like you need a rest." She says, grinning.

Iona claps her hands together "Oh it sounds lovely, Ryna...I never gave Dale a ring...but he gave me all sorts of lovely sparklies..." ok so Iona is a woman of expensive tastes, but you get that. Headwoman shakes her head at Egan "Oh no, look your wasting away, dahhhling, and I'll go get those boys from the docks to bring their barbequee over..." Ok so she's going to bring /food/ into the equation. This is a good thing.

Dinfaro walks in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Brina skips in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Corlis looks around now at the others, trying to determine the actual owner of the eggs. He's distracted from this pursuit, however, by the mention of food, tearing his gaze away from the fascinating eggs to look up at Iona hopefully, as if he hadn't eaten in days instead of just a couple of hours ago. He's a growing boy, after all.

Eevr walks in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Kendra walks gently and silently in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Tellon sneaks in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Aaliya squeals and waves, "Tellon! Boy!"

Kendra grins happily. Ahh.. much better. About time someone had a party!

Arinna laughs, and skips in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Tellon beams! Beams? What is he thinking? Beaming at Aaliya.. oh well, he's in a rather smitten mood. "Aali! Over here!"

Aaliya flicks sand in various direction, giggling.

Maximus walks in from the Worn Path.

Appalaches pops in from ::between:: upside down, and rights himself quickly.

Eevr goes home.

Kendra rakes her fingers through her hair, disloding a band of blue wildflowers tied to a matching ribbon. Mumbling something, she re-weaves the band back aross the crown of her head.

Tellon easily wraps his fingers about the ever-giggling Aaliya's arm, nose wrinkling slightly but he must tell /someone/ about the day's activities and bountiful mischief.

Appalaches tumbles ::between::

Egan mrfs. "I couldn't accept... uh, foreign food. I mean!- your food. Rude fo me." Nod. He can't admit.. the... the... secret? Somewhat. "Stuff it," is all Egan offers to the ever so annoying third person child, also known as Kayri. "I just.. can't... eat the food." Nod, nod.

Aaliya peers at Tellon. "Get offa me, young'n!"

Dinfaro enters and drops his removes his coat, putting it over his shoulder, "Hello everyone" he calls out, nodding hello and "hi" to several people.

You overhear Tellon mutter, "... today, me ... ... few ... my ... apprentices ... ... sneak into ... ... ... Guess ... we ... him doing? Having ... ... one of ... ... ... ... ... ... believe ... ... ... ... promised ... for our ..." to Aaliya.

And at the Headwoman's call in comes the troops...errr crew...err ok it's about 5 big burly fishermenm pulling a heavy metal brazier with them aswell as several stacks of crates. "Food! Come and gitcha hot packtail in lemon sauuuuuuwce....grab a plate and have somethin to eat..." Ok so /now/ its a barbequeue. Eat...or go hungry?

Tellon snorts, eyes crinkling at her with irritation. "Were the same age, and you know it, girl." With that, the scant youth is the first to make for the food. Never misses the oppurtunity to eat. No siree.

Aaliya falls over, just /laughing/ and giggling.

Kendra tilts her head at the mention of food, but decides against it. She'll eat later. In the meantime, she waits for something fun to just smack her across the face. That doesn't mean do it.. but she's waiting.

Arinna goes home.

"Kayri thinks you should stuff it first." From Kayri to Egan, with love. Kidlet trundles in no particular direction. "Egan has to stuff it, Egan has to stuff it." Brown-garbed child giggles loudly. "Hah."

Dinfaro goes home.

Brina walks onto the beach trying to figure out if there is someone there she knows. Hey, isn't that the pregnant lady she met the other day? Shrugging her shoulders, she just decides to lounge on the beach, hoping she notices someone else she knows.

Tevya shrugs at the sudden commotion. The BBQ has definitely pulled people in from all over. As she had already eaten, Tevya ignores the food call and lays down on her blanket, to basque in the warmth of the sun.

Aaliya moves along with Tellon, trying to braid his hair as she goes along. She'd fit right along in Seacliffs. With all the kidlets. Oh yes.

Dale walks in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Corlis scrambles to his feet. Eggs? What eggs? Someone said /foood/! Hastily rubbing dirty hands on his trousers - with no real improvement - he grabs a plate and quickly fills it with as much grilled packtail as he can carry. Which is probably more than he can eat, given the size of him, but one never knows with kids...

Basking happily in the warmth, Kendra's thoughts turn to her search for a craft. Dolphins.. or music? Dolphins.. or music? While the thoughts have a battle in her head, she yawns wearily and closes her eyes.. just to rest, of course.

Egan shudders. "I'll admit it!... I..." Weep? "Don't like seafood!" Gasp, gasp? "You can hate me, but it won't change my tastes!" Sob, sob, Egan runs right over to the eggs. "Mm. Omelet." Seriously - it's an alternative to /fish/.

Maximus falls asleep.

Egan thinks Kayri should stuff. "Shut up... you... third person child!"

Tellon swats the increasingly unbearable Aaliya away, offering a mirthless smile. He points to his hair, and peers at her. "Do Not Touch."

Aaliya gives Tellon a sad look. "Aw, fine. If you insist. You want me not to giggle too?"

Tellon grins. "If your able.." this day jsut gets better and better.

Tevya Not one to miss all the fun, Tevya opens one eye and glances about at all the commotion. Parties do bring out the /best/(worst) in people. She closes her eyes once again, thinking of the one thing that she always thinks about.

Iona goes home.

Dale goes home.

Aaliya shakes her head, giggling. Oops, did she just do something she wasn't supposed to? Oh well...

Elindsay has left.

Thorpe has left.

Kayri thinks Egan should stuff it more, and Dioxpot and the randomly appearing Fluffycat support her with heroic, fluffycat dioxpot chirps. "No." With which comment she steals a plate as she passes the barbeque. Fish. Yum.

Fynnan moves in a smooth, flowing walk in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Fynnan grins. Par-taaaay.. heh.

Tellon reguards Aaliya with a quelling look, at lets himself glance at those gathered, picking up bits of various conversations, and simultaniously, stuffing himself with packtail. Oh, the talent.

A lone dolphin comes swimming up to the shallows noticing a gathering of people on the beach. His eyes catch the glimps of the Bree! he met the other day. What is this gathering of people mean he can play with them? He dives underwater and swims a bit faster in order to perform the jump he is about to do. He pops out of the water to do a turn and falls on his side making a big splash hoping for someone to notice him.

Aaliya raises an eyebrow at the splash. "Tellon, check that out..."

Tevya glances towards the ocean as she hears a loud smacking noise. She sits up just in time to see the tail of a dolphin disapear under water. Intrigued, she rolls over so she is now facing the water.

Kendra looks at the dolphin, mildly startled.. then begins to chuckle. Dolphins are such hams. She picks a pice of fish up that someone's dropped on the beach and tosses it into the water.

From Tellon's shoulder, Prongs offers a minute little bleat, distracting Tellon enough to steal some of the packtail.

Kendra rolls down onto her stomach to face out to the water.

Ruehe blinks in from ::between::!

Aaliya picks at Tellon's food, tossing a bit at the dolphin. She's so mature isn't she?

Brina starts to chuckle as she recognizes that 'phin out there. Starting towards the water, she calls his name. "Jonah? Is that you?" She peers out further into the water. "Where is the rest of the pod?"

Tellon observes the shipfish a moment, cocking his head thoughtfuly. "Dolphins.. odd things, don't you think?" Not in a /bad/ way.. just.. odd?

With strawberry-blond hair that curls to her shoulders and her wide inquisitive blue-grey eyes, Brina has the look of a girl that is always looking for something to do. Rukbat's warm rays have blessed her small nose with many tiny freckles, and her sunbleached lashes enhance the color of her eyes. Her sun-kissed cheeks make her adolescent years seem even younger than she really is. A little smaller than her peers, this sometimes puts her at a better advantage than normal.
Brina's tea length dress is slightly lighter than hunter green. The bodice of the dress is slightly fitted to somewhat show off her beginning to mature body which then flows down into a princess cut waistline. The gathered skirt of the dress is such that if this girl would twirl around, her dress would begin to flare out. Half of the young girl's hair is pulled up into a bun with ribbon wrapped around it. Then ends of the ribbon spiral down to compliment her slightly curly hair. Upon her feet rest slippers which are a lighter color than her dress. Around her neck is her celtic knot, a gift from her cousin Kae. She is wearing a silver chain bracelet with the Sr. Apprentice charms.
Brina is 15 Turns, 3 months, and 11 days old.

Alexander walks in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Iona strolls in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Fynnan raises his head from his plate to regard the newcomers... then returns to stuffing his face. Which is what that boy does best.

Corlis stuffs it - his face, that is - with both hands, cleverly using his tunic as a napkin. But he's distracted /again/ by the huge splash just offshore. Food forgotten, he dashes down to the water and trundles in, waving with both arms. "Hey!" At least the seawater should wash some of the dirt off the kid... As Brina enters the water he splashes over to her. "Hey, lady, is that your dolphin?" As if a 'phin could be owned...

Jonah, the named dolphin, swims up towards the shallows and starts to bob. "Breeeee! Come Play!!! Bring lotsa people!!" he calls to the girl before swimming back out to do another flip. "Pod comes...still long off."

Aaliya nibbles on her food, green eyes glancing around curiously.

Fynnan goes home.

Tevya looks towards the other people, to see if they are as intrigued as she.

Dale walks in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Brina glances over at Corlis before shaking her head. "No, but that is Jonah. He's from around here, and I met him the other day. I am sure he would want you to play if you would lik." She smiles at the boy. "I'm Brina. What is your name?"

Iona brings more platesm and more bread rolls as she waddles back down. "Oh hi Brina" she says, waving after one of the fishermen takes the items from her. "Thanks Fened..." and then its onto mingling which she does well...

Minksa walks in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Tevya the sudden sent of bread makes Tevyas mouth water. Reluctantly, she gets up from her blanket and snatches a roll from the plate. She returns back to her blanket to chew quietly on the bread.

Corlis flashes a gap-toothed grin at Brina. "Corlis," he says, the missing tooth giving him a bit of a lisp. "An' I'd like that a lot!" He turns to the dolphin with shining eyes. "'Lo Jonah!"

Further out into the water, a group of dorsal fins are seen popping in and out of the water and coming closer towards the beach. Every now and again, a form is seen jumping the waves as they come closer towards their podmate Jonah.

Kendra goes home.

Aaliya walks to the Courtyard.

Jonah starts to squee. A new playmate? "What threename? Threename him Bree?" Jonah asks to find out what the three sylable name is for Corlis. He bobs up and down with his head tilted to take a look at the people around.

Tellon begins to finaly lose a bit of his edge as most of the pack tail is consumed, a small jumble of the left overs being picked at by Prongs, while he famalirizes himself with the surroundings. Food.. wonderful food, people, plenty interesting to be sure. 'Phins, always.. odd? And then.. why those look like.. eggs? The incurably curious apprentice shuffles through the boot-sucking sand, invesitaging.

Dale comes in with his old clothes on. The worn out boots tap the ground as he walks in the direction of Iona. When he reaches her he turns and looks at the others, "Iona what is going on here. I could hear you from the smithy so I decided to come and check it out."

Iona sidles over to the nanny. "Egan, go and get a plate of food and eat, young man, eat!" or she'll make such a fuss you wish you just did as you were told. The headwoman after giving that instruction moves on beaming, waggling fingers and waddling around with her large belly. "It's just a gathering Dale, darling" she says sweetly to her husband as her arm threads through his "Now come and talk to Patryna with me...she's got a job for you"

Brina smiles at Jonah and nods. "Well Met Corlis." She turns towards Iona once she hears her name called. "Hello, again, Iona. The pod has come back to see the crowd of people. Looking further into the crowd, Brina notices Minksa. "hey Minksa!" she cries. "Come meet the pod Kitri and I met the other day." She waves the apprentice over.

Egan sighs and frowns and whatnot. "But.. fish isn't my /favorite/ food. I like... regular food. Not... seafood." But nanny obeys and goes in search of regular foods.. barbequed wherry? Heardbeast? Bovine? Anything? "Um, yeah. Regular food. Need that." Nod? Minksa oohs in delight. Dolphins! She grins at Brina and hurries over. "Heya Brina!" she calls. "You know these dolphins?"

Patryna says, "Oh, Iona.. he looks exhausted.. let him eat and rest. I can talk with him another day.. maybe with less noise for him to hear me."

Most of her pale, pretty face is shrouded by her thick, black fringe, which should have been cut ages ago, but instead has been left to grow to chin length. It is almst constantly being pushed to the sides of her face, out of her big blue eyes. The rest of her hair is held in two thick, dark braids that fall just past her slim waist. Although, this isn't very far to fall as she is only just under five feet tall. She has a fairly girly build, slender with a few curves thrown in, but her arms are strong from swimming so often.
A wide brimmed hat, inexpertly woven from straw, casts a shadow over her heart shaped face, protecting her fair skin from Rukbat's rays. She wears a pale blue button down shirt, with long sleeves and a collar. The small white buttons are not done up, revealing a dark blue bathing suit underneath. Her black pants are kept up with a brown leather belt, that buckles with a delicate bronze and silver clasp. Her scuffed brown boots are made from the same leather as the belt.
Minksa is 16 Turns, 11 months, and 9 days old.

Tevya notices the look on Egans face as he peers over the selection of food displayed. Grinning, she sits up. "Egan, try some of this. It's as regular as it gets." She offers him the meatrolls from her sak.

Corlis is delighted to play with the dolphin - Jonah - whether he knows what a 'threename' is or not. Minksa is flashed a gap-toothed grin as she approaches, but the lad's full attention quickly returns to Jonah. How does one play with a dolphin?

Alexander ducks around the crowd, searching the food area for a nice keg of ale. "Geh, why aren't there any good racing barrels here?" he mutters to himself, and chews on a fish roll. Hmm. Needs wasabi.

Dale smiles putting a arm softly around her side, "As you wish. Where might Patryna be and I will get to work on it. Also will the handfastign be here at SeaCliffs or somewhere else?"

Aaliya walks in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Fened, the leader of the fishermen-barbeque-ers, guffaws at Egan "We're a fishing hold, sonny, you have a taste of's better than any of that landlubber food..."

Brina nods towards Minksa. "Oh yes, this is Jonah" she says pointin towards the bobbing 'phin. "He's from the pod around here, and if you can make it out, the rest of them are coming out." she looks over at Corlis. "Jonah wants to know a three letter name he can call you. Like Cor or something. Makes it easier."

Aaliya *peers. Did she miss much while she sent stuff/got something edible?

Egan accepts the meatroll. "Thankyou, yes. Meatroll is good. Regular." Nod. Fish is eyed. Not good; not regular. Too Egan, anyhow. Ick.

Iona chuckles at Patryna as she drags Dale over. "It's going to be on the beach, Dale my darling, and Patryna he isnt tired look" nevermind if he is, the headwoman frankly isn't interested. "Now, tell him about the handfasting can make it can't you Dale? and the golden mark?" blink blink.

Tevya grins. "No problem. I've got Klah for anyone that wants it as well. Its kept warm, so no worries." She offers to anyone who cares to have some.

Minksa flashes Corlis a quick grin before diverting her attention completely to the dolphin. "Hello Jonah. I'm Minksa. But my threename is Min."

Dale looks to Iona and then down to her hand, "I worked here in this smithy for that right and yes I will work once again for another. Just in the hope that they can be as happy as I am with what I was given."

Aaliya slides over to Tevya. "I'd like some, if ya may."

Corlis shrugs, looking up at Brina quizzically. "Cor's okay, if'n it's easier." Doesn't matter much - six turns isn't a long time to get attached to a name, after all. He turns back to Jonah. "Ya wanna call me Cor?"

Tevya nods and reaches into her sak, pulling out the flask of klah, as well as several cups. She pours one for Aaliya and one for herself before recapping the flask and handing the cup over. "There's more meatrolls if you want them Egan, as well as fruit."

Jonah wiggles a bit under the water happy to be near such amounts of people. He starts to tailwalk before coming back up to the original spot. He gets a mouthfull of water before squirting it at the young boy. "Hiiii! Miiiiin! Come Plaaaay!!!" Jonah does his famous 'phin grin. As if a 'phin can really smile. "Coooor! Hi Coooor!!"

Tellon peers round to Fened, a dashing grin accompanied. "Can I have a ,i(little more of that sea bounty?" beam. food.

Damona wakes up.

Patryna laughs as Iona drags the poor smith to ehr. "Dale, I'm Ryna and Kennit and I are new residents here. And hopefully, the handfasting will be on the beach." Blushes at his comment and smiles. "Oh, I have no doubts to our happiness. But the discussion on the ring I'd like to have for Kenn can wait til it's a more appropriate time. Go and eat now.

Aaliya flicks a bit of klah at Tellon. "Is that /all/ you think about? I should braid your hair for that!"

Fened husks, and slams a big grilled fish onto a plate, thrusting it in ganrled hands towards Tellon. "Oh ye be a good son, ye eat what yer given and enjoy don't ye!" obviously that's a compliment...i hope.

Brina pulls out a ball from her bag on her back to throw towards Jonah. She tosses it high into the air before throwing it towards the 'phin. "If you want Corlis, you can toss the ball with him. He likes that." Yep, as if she knows /all/ the 'phin likes to do.

Damona walks to the Worn Path.

Tanella walks in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Tanella waves hello as she walks onto the beach.

Iona sighs. "Alright, you come to our place later today Ryna promise me? It'll be nice and quiet and most of the kids will hopefully be in bed...and we can have a nice klah and talk about your 'fasting" sensible for once, pregnant woman jiggles. "It's going to be so bew-difullll!" squeak.

Corlis giggles as he's splashed, then looks up at Brina again with shining eyes. "They play /ball/?" He's going to like dolphins a lot, he can just tell. "Over here!" He waves both hands and yells to Jonah, splashing deeper into the ocean.

Minksa smiles happily at the dolphin's friendly enthusiasm, even though that's how he greets everybody. 'phins were always so happy to see you. She steps closer to Jonah, into the shallows of the water.

Aaliya sidles on over. "Bah! I'll have a fish too?"

Dale smiles and looks to Iona knowing she will think of something, "When was the lest time you went to see the healer. Got to stay in check you know that right?" He shakes his head as Iona starts to go crazy, "Yes Iona it will be good I am sure but who is looking after your headwoman duties when you get ready to have the child?"

Tellon bounces about with glee, and nods to the head fisherman, who has just got a good mark in hsi book. Nearly avoiding Aaliya he dashes away into the crowds, pouching his cheeks with grilled packtail, and collecting tid bits of info.

Jonah swiftly catches the ball in his mouth before tossing it up into the air to balance it on his rostrum....or nose for that matter. Whistling air through his blowhole, Jonah starts to dance a happy tune almost like he is a 'phin clown or something. Funny isn't he? He turns towards Corlis and bounces it towards him. "Play ball?"

Fishermen work hard, barbequeing, slapping food on plates, dishing out bread rolls, all with a hearty enthusiasm. The grilling scents waft and wash over the group, mingling into a mouth-water inducing aroma with the rolling waves and warm sands.

Aaliya grabs a plate and bounds off after Tellon, grumbling. "Boy! Get back here!" The annoying one shouts. Being the only one she knows well, he's in for it.

Tevya says, "Egan, can I intrest you in more meatrolls?" Tevya asks, hoping to feed him. She agreed with Iona, he seemed out of sorts, and it certainly wasn't anything food couldn't cure."

Brina nods at Corlis. "Yes, they play ball. Just be sure to not throw to hard. We don't want to hurt them." She turns towards Minksa. "He's a pretty friendly 'phin, isn't he?" She asks the fellow appy.

Iona pshaws at her husband. "Don't fuss over me, dearheart, and I see Jinaxal for massage therapy every other day...and Taree says I'm coming along well...and headwoman duties? I'm looking for an assistant right now...and they can take over, but I won't be out for long, it's just another baby afterall..." not as if she doesn't do her duties with a train of children in tow anyway.

Another dolphin from the pod swims a bit further in, toward the people. "'Allo?" she calls happily. "Me play ball too? Puh-leese?"

Aaliya chuckles, wandering off. What to do what to do!

Aaliya purses her lips, siding off to someplace quieter.

Tanella walks to the Courtyard.

Minksa nods, splashing her feet a bit. "He is."

Tellon mumbles something, and still attempts to brush of Aaliya, though his thoughts are far too consumed with the food, and the conversations. Peering casualy over to Iona with a little self-noting nod. Head woman, he would think.. or rumored to be? Perhaps he's mistaken. .ahh well. much munching continues.,

Corlis laughs gleefully. Yes, Jonah /is/ funny. But little boys are known to be easily amused... He doesn't /quite/ catch the ball that's tossed his way, good-naturedly slogging through the water to retrieve it. Nodding an earnest acknowledgement to Brina's advice, he tosses the ball high into the air - probably it will land nowhere near Jonah, but maybe the new dolphin will get to play after all?

Brina looks over towards the new 'phin swimming along. "Hello" She says to the 'phin before turning towards Minksa again. "I think I will just sit here and watch them play." Patryna says, "That sounds wonderful Iona.. and when are you due? I'm not so sure when we will actually have the ceremony, so quite possibly, this little one will be born before we are ready."

The new dolphin splashes after the ball, missing it by a mile. The ball splashes into the water, and she retrieves it, and sends it sailing back to Cor.

Jonah turns towards the fellow pod member and squeeeees. "You play too. Play fun ball." he calls before swimming in a circle just cause he can. He waits patiently for the ball to soar back towards him or somewhere near him for that matter.

Iona rubs a hand over her enlarged belly. "Around 3 or 4 months I hope?" not too soon but its amazing how fast the headwoman piles on the weight when she's pregnant. "And it doesn't matter whether I have a neweborn or not, I'm not missing out on helping with the 'fasting..." you can't stop her...bummer huh?

Alexander scoops up a stale round piece of bread, and tosses it like a discus. "CATCH!" he yells to anyone at random. Anyond up for a game of discus?

Tellon falls asleep.

Tevya grins and steps up to catch the bread. Not one to pass up a good fun game, she tosses it back. "Sure."

Kayri trundles about malevolently, not particularly paying attention to the dolphins and looking around for companionship of the non.. Egan.. variety. As the kidlet trundles, a random foodstuff comes soaring past, smacking her soundly in the side of the head and causing her to crumple to the ground with an 'erf.' "Heeeey. Kayri got... breaded." Whine. "No fair."

Alexander grins. "Nice catch... whatever your name is!" he calls over to the.. catcher, and tosses the bread again. It flies up in an awkward arc, and comes down on.. Kayri's head. "Eeep."

Tevya says, "Tevya, and not to bad yourself, who ever you are!" She says, trying not to laugh as the /kidlet/ is hit in the head with the bread."

Corlis actually catches the ball this time, squealing in delight and hugging it close to him with both hands as he tumbles back the water backside first, with a huge splash. Without missing a beat, he scrambles to his feet and throws the ball randomly into the air, hoping it lands near... one of the dolphins. Whee!

Kayri glowers Alexander-wards, rising and dusting off her trousers and jacket irritably. "You, bread-throwing-people, have smited.." Smited? Um. "..Kayri with this.. bread. /That./ Is not fair. Kayri must now be avenged." A blink, and the kidlet peers around, looking perturbed. "Though Kayri doesn't have anyone to avenge her."

Dale holds on to Iona a little tighter, "Well anythign you need me to do this evening Iona. I need things to do so that I don't end up falling to sleep." He watches the others trying to place a few names.

Jill (the new dolphin) goes for the ball again, not really aiming to catch it, just for the fun of moving around in the water.

Alexander bows cavalierly with a flourish. "Well met, young Kayri," he nods to the kidlet. "And you too, Tevya."

Iona slips out of her conversation circle to eye the breadthrowers. "Kayri are you alright dear?" now she'll fuss around smited children but having a pregnant headwoman to avenge you really isn't the best...but again she's distracted easily, smiling up at Dale "The rings and handfasting mark, Dale- there's things to be done!" oif, woman grimaces and rubs her belly momentarily. "I tell you, this kid is more active than both the twins together"

Jonah does his famous 'phin grin again watching his daughter, Jill, move the ball around. "Throw Ball!" He cries hoping to get the ball. "Pleeeeeeese"

Tevya retrieves the stale bread and tosses it back to Alexander. Things certainly have gotten lively.

Kayri huffs, flapping a hand towards Iona in acknowledgement. "Kayri is fine. Kayri has simply been smited, and Kayri is waiting to be avenged." Because she was smited, and all. Another handflap, and Alexander's bow is met with a bow from Kayri -- though without a flourish, because Kayri's 'lizards wish to keep their perches on her shoulders. "Well met, smiting-Alexander-bread-throwing-boy. And Tevya-bread-throwing-girl." Or something. Dale laughs a little, "Got your actions then." He moves back a little and sits on the sand looking out over the water, "Well I will do then later dear but now I want to rest."

Alexander yells, "Throw Bread!" in his best dolphin imitation voice. "Kayri address herself in third pers- fffibbee!" Alex grumbles as he's smacked right in the mouth with the bread, and flails his hands around to retrieve the "frisbee", only to have it roll towards the eating/talking adult crowd..

Jill grabs the ball and tosses it up into the air. She catches it, and then throws it up again before bouncing it over to Jonah. "Play baaaaaaalll!" she squeals.

Kayri rolls her eyes at Alexander, trundling malevolently after him. "Kayri addresses herself as she'd like to address herself. It's better than smiting people with bread." As he's smacked in the mouth, the kidlet smirks, crossing her arms again. "Kayri has been avenged."

Patryna nods and agrees with Dale. "Please do, don't work any more on my account. It will be a while before we 'fast, we aren't in sucha hurry, after all."

Tevya says, "Oh! Sorry!" Tevya calls out as her throw hits him square in the mouth. Well, being the only one yet unscathed from the bread-flying menace, Tevya begins to worry that her turn is at hand."

Jonah catches the ball swiftly in his mouth before balancing it again on his rostrum. He tosses it into the air and dives in the water quickly and somehow manages to hit it lightly towards Corlis with his tail fluke. It sails over towards the boy almost as if it had been lofted. Jonah resurfaces in time to see whether the ball made it's target and was caught.

Alexander chases the rolling frisbee into the crowd. " 'Scuse me, people," he asks around. "Have you seen a rolling round piece of bread?"

Corlis squeals some more as the ball is tossed between the two dolphins, and then to him. He reaches with both hands, trying to get a fix on it in the darkening sky, only to have it splash into the water just beyond him. Unperturbed by his failure, he turns to retrieve it, this time taking careful aim before tossing it - although the result is just as random...

Tevya laughs as the boy chases after the bread. Nothing like a good game to lift your spirits. She contemplates helping him look for the bread, but sees that he has it under control.

Raphael glides grandly in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Jill swims back a bit in the water, watching the ball arc randomly into the water. Fun game.

Iona sighs and beams at Ryna and Dale all in one. "Oh there's no such thing as rest, my darlings, when there's so much to be done!" and with that she kisses the smith on the cheek and bundles off on search of more people to fuss over. "Tevya...and that boy.." alex perhaps? "Don't trample those eggs as your running around like wherries without their heads!" she hollers and continues ambling down towards the water. "Ooh lookit those Phins..." peer.

Alexander glares at all the adults who aren't helping him find the bread, and finally, grabs it off from under a table. Biting a large chunk out of the center so that it's now more of a donut, he twists his body and flings it at Tevya. It seems to fly towards the water instead..

Raphael suddenly and impressively disappears ::between::!

Jonah swims over towards the ball that has of course gone randomly in a direction. He takes it into this mouth and swims towards the group again. Jonah reaches up and tosses it towards Jill before doing a few chest slaps for the fun of it.

Nina blinks in from ::between::!

Tevya lets out a surprised yelp and dives for the bread and makes a grand splash into the water. Grinning, she holds up the now water logged bread and says "Ah, looks like teh game is over, I don't think the bread will fly like this."

Jill leaps for the ball and bounces it in Cor's vague direction, before showing off by doing a quick flip into the water.

Grigri carries a bucket filled with fish which is of course being helped by two wild flits. They land it right next to Brina before the wild flits blink into *between*. Brina starts to chuckle. "Needed help, did you, Grigri?" she asks before letting him slip onto her shoulder to rest from carrying such a bucket. She doesn't bother the game of ball but still has the fish bucket near her in order to give the 'phins some when the game is done.

Dale shakes his head to his wife laying fown and closing his eyes. Being the only smith here means that he can rest even if he is handfasted to the headwoman. The smith just lays there waiting for something to need to be done.

Aztereth swaggers with an awkward half-grace in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Char slips from Aztereth's reedy neck, assisted by an extended limb into a gentle glide to the ground and landing with a light thump.

Alexander frowns at the soggy salty piece of bread. "Ehh.. I really doubt it's aerodynamic. Maybe the dolphins like bread or something.. " He waves to the ball playing dolphins. "Eh..?"

Egan sighs, munchign on meatrolls and sipping klah and all the like. Alexander is eyed from ever so afar, and assistant nanny makes his way there. "Oh, hello. You again... I'm bored. Need someone to talk to. Talk to be, brat." Munch. Sip. Kayri is also eyed from afar - or not so? Just... wherever she is. And yah.

Corlis giggles, watching the dolphins playing - even though it's getting harder to actually see them, and he's getting kind of tired. Sea air, salt water, and let's not forget that bellyfull of packtail. Not that he couldn't eat again. He slogs over to retrieve the ball, holding it up with both hands. "I gotta get out now," he yells to both dolphins, flinging the ball one last time. Then he slogs over to Brina and her bucket of fish, beaming up at the girl. "Thanks, Brina."

Tevya grins. "Why don't you join them? You've got a good arm." She says, laughing.

Nina glides to the Dock.

Iona is mildly splashed by Tevya's flying catch (maybe she should be on the cricket team for seacliffs...) err anyway she sparks up, eyes narrowing. A dragon. Ok harumph a dragon was invited? The headwoman turns on her heels and marches (well ok she waddles) up to it's apparent rider. "Hello...and who might you be?" at least the dragon isn't a green one. "I'm Iona, welcome to Seacliffs" at least she's beaming, sunnily.

Brina smiles up at the boy. "If you would like to feed them each a fish before you go, you may. I am sure they enjoyed it Corlis." She can't help but like to introduce 'phins to people.

Char looks almost bewildered at the number of people on the beach. The Headwoman, on approaching her, receives a blank look for a moment before the rider realizes that she's being greeted and welcomed. She smiles. "Hi." Her task forgotten for the moment, she gestures at the number of people. "What's going on here?"

Dale looks at he hears Iona voice he turns, "Hey I'm Dale."

Tevya dashes back to her blanket and picks up the mug of klah. After a long sip, she feels much better. The dragon isn't lost on her, and she peers intently at it, amazed and awe-struck.

Alexander waves towards Tevya and the soggy piece of bread. "Maybe you like soggy bread," he says to Egan stupidly, then peers at the dolphins. "Hey, dolphins. Like the ones in Gar's Crystal Lake.."

Jonah tailwalks for Corlis leaving the ball where it is. "Cooor come plaaay some tiime again. Was fun!!!" Jonah does flips into the air after the tail walk to show his happiness at the boy playing ball with him.

Iona puts arms across her chest "A I don't think we've got enough to fill..." she eyes Azterath up and down for a moment "his belly, but there's plenty of fish and bread over by the brazier..." suddenly, voice increases in volume as she hollers "Fened,m get something for the rider to eat now please love!" and then it's back to beaming. "What brings you here?" of course, it's her duty to act interested.

Egan blinks. Nod. "Oh, yes... dolphins." Soggy bread is taken. And eyed. "It's soggy. What do I do with it?" Not waiting for an answer, he gives it a lift into the air. Let it land where it may, for all Egan cares. "Okay. Yes. Now. Conversation?" Pretty-eye-flutter-blink.

All eyes on the dolphins, Corlis doesn't even notice the approaching dragon. Which is a Good Thing, because his attention span's not the greatest as it is, without a great big distraction like that. Instead he beams delightedly at Brina. "Okay." He reaches into the bucket with both hands, coming out with a fish in each one and holding them out dolphinwards with a hopeful expression. "I'll play again," he promises.

Alexander follows the airborne Flying Bread with his eyes, and positions himself under it to catch it. It smacks him on the head squarely, bounces off, and into his hands. Ta da! "Well..." he replies after a moment to recover his orientation. "You throw it. Like this." He winds up his arm and throws the bread at the dolphins. Talk about making food go a long way; and who needs a ball?

Jill swims into the shallows and squees to Cor. "Come back sooon! Ball was fun!" she calls, eyeing the fish happily.

Jonah swims up towards the boy. "Fisssssie. Throw Fissssie!" is called to him. He can't help but /love/ fissies.

Char quirks a brow at the woman's manner and then folds her own arms across her own chest in a mirror image of Iona's stance. "Well, I came to find my sister, who, last I heard, was living here at Seacliffs." She follows the one getting her food with a frown. "And I'm not here to eat. Aztereth wanted to know what all the commotion was." Well, she did, too, but that doesn't mean she's going to admit it.

Tevya hears the dragonriders comment and calls out (hopefully not being rude) "What's her name?"

Corlis obediently throws the 'fissie', with about as much prowess as he threw the ball earlier. Hopefully the dolphins are motivated enough to catch them!

Alexander watches the bread go *kerplunk* in the water. Oh well. So much for getting dolphins to play discus. He grabs a fish gingerly out of the bucket and flings it towards the dolphins.

Kitriana strides in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Iona curls a finger through a loose strand. "Oh well then..." not eating their delicious food? "I didn't know anyone here was related to a bluerider from Ista..isn't that interesting" and she snags the plate brought over for Char. Can't let it go to waste. "I could point you in the right direction if I knew who she was.." and again, pregnant women don't talk for long when there's food right in front of them, and so she simply begins to shove pieces of packtail in.

Fissies are good enough motivation for Jill to go crashing after the delicious prize.

Egan ohs. "Oh.. I see. And whatnot." Nod. Egan now sees. And whatnot. Bread is snatched from a nearby brat - leaving the poor thing crying and such - and is then meshed up into a ball. Which is then thrown towards the dolphin. Whee. Let's just hope that it doesn't get in the blowhole or anything. Or it'll suffocate... wont it? And that would not be good. Nod. "Okay. Um. So we throw bred. Now what?" Eh, heh...?

Jonah catches the fissie that Corlis threw. I mean really it's a fissie. Gobbling it all down he makes his way towards that other fissie that whomever threw. He puts it in his mouth and carries it before swallowing. "Whooo you" he says towards Alexander.

Alexander waves happily to Jonah. "I'm 'Lex!" he calls back. Three letter names, hmm, and turns back to Egan. "Now we watch the dolphins totally ignore the bread..."

Brina looks over and waves at Kitri. "Hey there, kit. Come over and see the pod. They're back!" she calls before turning towards Alexander and just looking at him as he takes a fish out of the bucket. "Oh, hi!"

Patryna falls asleep.

Char allows her gaze to wander over the congregation of people, arms still folded. Finally, she shakes her head. "I don't see her hear," she grumbles and then eyes the Headwoman with an assessing gaze. "Her name was... /is/ Catalyna... and we're not /just/ sisters," she points out.

Tevya falls asleep.

Aztereth, seeing his lifemate preoccupied, notes the presence of dolphins and lumbers towards the beach, taking care not to bowl anyone over with his tail.

Kitriana strides across warm sands towards a surprisingly large group of people. Familiar faces are greeted with glee! "Brina! Oh..really? That's great! Hiya Iona..Egan...Jonah, how's the pod." just the regular socializing y'all. She quickly makes her way towards the water and the Brinster. " many are there now?"

Egan frowns. "Oh. That's all?" That's all? Sigh. "Well, uh. Okay. Then can you give me some fish? So they will pay attention to me?" Egan wants attention, yes. He's bored. Seafood makes him throw up. Egan wants attention, yes.

Jonah looks over at 'Lex. "Hi Lex!" he calls. Jonah tailwalks yet again while clicking and squeeing and making lots of noise. Can't help but be a vocal dolphin.

Corlis giggles uncontrollably as he's splashed by Jill going after the fish, taking a couple of steps back and turning towards the shore, just in time to see a /dragon/ lumbering towards him. His eyes bug out and he freezes, just staring.

Iona blinks rapidly, and swallows the latest mouthful. "Not just sisters? Well I don't know a Catalyna...but then again, some people look terribly alike" all the while, the headwoman snaps out to watch the group, eyes wary upon kids and those hurling things at the dolphins. "Oy you! Careful!"

Alexander grabs another fish from the bucket (ew, slimy..) and passes the bucket on to Egan so he can deal with the corpses. Fling. Toss, and the fish goes airborne again. "Hi, Jonah!"

Jill calls to the familiar Kit. "Kit! 'Alllooooo!" she swims back and forth, enthusiastically trying to get Kitriana's attention

Char scowls, disapproval apparent in the set of her lips. "You're a headwoman, and you don't know all your people?" she replies, skeptical. She follows Iona's shout towards the water and her eyes widen. "Dolphins," she remarks.

Brina looks up at Alexander from her spot in the water. "Please be careful when throwin the fish. Would you like it if someone threw them at you." She stays in her spot not wanting to get up and deal with them. "Oh, and please put the bucket down. The fish have to last for a bit..and for more than one 'phin."

Aztereth turns a smug look on his rider, having noticed the precious water mammals first. He whuffles Corlis on his way past, amused by the lad's expression and then slides right into the water, intent on interaction with the 'phins.

Egan blinks. "Oh. And. I see." Blink. "Can I throw? I can throw." Egan can throw. "Watch." Fish is attempted to be thrown. But it... lands a bit short somewhat. "Um, you didn't see that." Iona is given a firm nod and thumbs up - a sign that Egan has it under control, whether he actually does or not - and a new fish is thrown. Whee and whatnot. "Oh? But the fish land in the water and they eat it." Or so Egan thought. "You have the bucket." And so it is shoved towards Alexander. Egan's a nanny. He can't be caught doing this kind of thing.

Jonah looks up at the dragon coming into the water. "Draggie plaaaay" is called to the dragon. He ignores the fish thrown by 'Lex once he spots the dragon. The fish can stay in the water. They will get eaten eventually.

Alexander puts the bucket on the ground. What else should he do with it? "I wouldn't mind if someone threw a fish at me," he comments, and throws one in the air just for measure. It falls back down again and hits him on the head. Alex picks up the flapping fish and places it back in the bucket. "See? No problem."

Iona grimaces. "I'm the headwoman yes...and do tell me, do you know every single rider in your weyr?" she replies back, voice light and sunny. And then fingers flip hair over her shoulder "Yes dolphins, they follow the fishing boats out every if you'll excuse me for a moment" with a slight nod she waddles towards the barbeque, apparently intent on fussing about the cooks.

Corlis blinks as he's whuffled, turning himself around again to watch the dragon's entire body passing him to disappear into the water. "Wow," he breathes, unable to believe his luck at actually seeing - almost touching! - a whole /dragon/!

Kitriana grins genially and reaches for some fish to toss into the water. "Hey you guys..fissie fissie fissies!" she chuckles, casting an amused glance at Brina. "They were out with the ships today, like usual?"

Jill gets her attention drawn from Kit to the draggie. She looks from Kit to the drago and back again, and finally settles on the dragon. "'allo! Draggie play?"

Brina looks over at the flapping fish that somehow got in the bucket. She takes that fish and put it into the water and lets it go. "Aye, Kitri, As far as I know they were." SHe laughs as she watches Jonah try to play with a dragon. "Looks like we got another one that likes dragons like Cherie does."

Egan shudders as Alexander brings up fish and throwing and personal space and humans and whatnot. "I wouldn't like fish being thrown at me.. all slimy and... whatnot." Maybe Egan's allergic to fish. He knows he can't eat a lot of it... but is that allergic? Egan wouldn't know, would he? Cough. No. Note to self: Got to healers. Shore and water alike are edged closer to, and such. "Um. Uh. Okay. What if the dragon steps on the dolphin?" Good point.

"I'm not the headwoman," Char mutters after the retreating woman's back and then rushes towards the water, just as eager to meet the animals as her lifemate. "I haven't seen dolphins in..." She can't remember how long.

Yet another sleek gray fin can be seen cutting the waters in towards shore. A stout charcoal snout pokes its way out of the water and a beautiful, grinning, phin-face can be seen. "Jonah? Jilll?" this new phin calls, another from their pod. "Who they?" Milli asks, gesturing towards the people.

Aztereth pauses as he reaches the depth of the dolphins, lowering his muzzle to the water's surface to whuffle at the dolphins. "He loves to play!" Char shouts as she makes her way towards the people admiring the animals.

Jonah swims over towards the dragon and grins. "Draggie.. what name???" he cries. He swims around and dives over the dragons' back before surfacing in his original spot. He looks up at the 'rider of the draggie and squeees.

Char chuckles, tempted to wade right out amidst the beasts herself, though reminded in time that leathers don't take well to water. So, instead, she replies from the water's edge. "His name's Aztereth." She eyes the crowd, wondering. "Who's the dolphincrafter, here?"

Brina raises her head towards the Char. "You don't think you dragon minds if they play with him do you?" she asks. Not that she thinks he might, but it never hurts to ask. "I'm Brina." she introduces herself with a little wave causing the charms to rattle on her arm. "I'm a Sr. Apprentice."

Aztereth rumbles amusement at the vault of the creature over his back and then wades a little deeper so that he's floating. He ducks his head beneath the waves, blowing bubbles as he admires the dolphins from their natural habitat.

Char shakes her head at Brina, offering a hand to the young woman. "It's been a while since I've seen any of my fellow crafters. I suppose I've been remiss in that department. Char, assistant weyrlingmaster of Ista Weyr.. and a former dolphincrafter."

Dale goes home.

Jonah dances around the bubbles trying to bite at them like he does with his own. "Azzie" he crieds with a bit of a squee hoping the dragon doesn't mind the shortening of his name. That's just too hard to say. "Azzie plaaay!"

Iona shucks through the sand, trekking back from the cooks towards the bowl. "There's so much to do...have a nice time, darlings...." she calls out, waving to folk here and there. Iona strolls to the Courtyard.

Kitriana raises her eyes at Char's question. "Aye, I as well..although only an apprentice." a firm nod, then her eyes fasten on the new phin-face. "Hello...I'm Keetree." she introduces herself, water slapping to get her attention. "The phins are very uh..friendly everyone.." just a friendly reminder so no one gets scared. "They're perfectly safe though. Safer with them in the water than not.."

Egan peers. "Three dolphins - one dragon. Not a pretty sight." No. Not if anything /bad/ happens. Kidlets are eyed. "Um. Stay away from the dragons. And the dolphins. I don't want a smushed or drowned kidlet." Not that he would mind, but parents would.

Brina nods at Char. "I thought I might have recognized your name before." she grins at the 'rider and takes her hand. "Well met Char. Kitri and I came up the other day to check on this pod, and decided to stay a while.

Jill squees delightedly at Aztereth, and jumps out of the water, twisting around in mid air and falling back into the cool water with a big *splash*.

Char eyes Egan with a mild frown, though her annoyance isn't long lived as again she admires the sleek forms of the animals in the water. "Az loves to play with dolphins," she notes, though unsure she'll be heard by the dolphins. She grins at Brina. "You've heard my name?" Astonished.

Milli rolls towards the Keetree, squeeing. "Keetreee! I am Milli." yep, that's her. She jumps up, tailwalking a bit to look the girl eye-to-eye. "You are Ista phinner?" asks the elder phin.

Brina nods. "Aye, I believe several times. I have a cousin or two at Ista Weyr. One of them is Ali, and the other is Kaeryn. And, if I am not mistaken, Kae has mentioned that you were once apart of the 'phincraft." She gazes out to where the dragon, Aztereth, and Jonah are and just smiles.

Char chuckles. "How very interesting. I wonder what else she's said about me." Especially Ali, who was afraid of her as a weyrling. She turns her attention, then, towards the animals in the water. "What're your names?" she inquires.

Minksa sits happily in the sand, pciking up handfuls of it and dropping them again. It's not exactly fascinating, but it keeps her amused. She stands up and brushes of the sand, and walks over to where Brina and co are to attempt to rejoin the conversation.

Aztereth, thoroughly enjoying himself, suddenly goes still, the merry whirl of his eyes slowing in a sign of introspection as he lifts his muzzle to the air as though trying to feel something out.

Milli turns quickly from the kitriana to this new..char. "I called Milli. What your three-name?" she asks, splashing enthusiastically. Kitri is splashed again for good measure, because she can. yup.

Jonah swims up to the 'rider of Azzie, forgetting about him for just a moment while answering the question. "Me Jonah. Who you?" yep, get right to the point.

Egan is Egan. Though, of course, it was the dolphins being referred to. Either way. "Scoot along... children," Egan tells the Keroonian kidlets. Grimace to children. So many other words go also fit that space so perfectly. Char is given a slight indicator of wish of conversation or such. "Um. Excuse me... rider? Person?" There you go.

Corlis remains standing stockstill, staring at the dragon and the dolphins, thinking he's /never/ gonna top this day as long as he lives.

Char nods, smiling as she notes each delphinic form, filing their names away for later reference, though she likely won't remember beyond a day or two--her memory is about as good as her dragon's. "A pleasure to meet you Milli, Jonah. I'm Char." Egan's attempt at conversation breaking is met with a blink or two and then an expectant lifting of brows. "Yes?"

In the meantime, Aztereth continues milling about in the water, concentration apparent in the absent manner with which he moves.

Egan doesn't mean to break conversation or anything... he's innocent and all, really. "Um. Have you heard of..." Insert the name of dragon or dragonrider. "...? They're supposed to taxi me. But... my firelizard disappeared... when he was my only messenger." And therefore our heoric - and suchnot - hero - definately not - is stuck, stranded, at SeaCliffs. Well, somewhat, at least.

Jonah swims back towards the dragon after tailwalking and slight waving of the pectoral fins at Char. "Hiii Chaaaar!" is called as he swims right along with Azzie. "Azzzie?" is asked in a dolphin type ask. That of course leaves out lots and lots of words.. just the name.

Rorick walks in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Char frowns down at Egan like one speaking to a child. "I'm supposed to know this dragonrider because...?" she wonders. "And don't be asking me for a ride. I have no time to taxi people to Keroon. Speaking of which..." She casts her gaze about for her lifemate and comes face to face with the blue's muzzle. "Az.. what in the name of Faranth are you doing?" But the blue's muzzle just continues until it's in Egan's face instead.

Kitriana chuckles at the phinny antics, grinning belatedly. She really was off in a world all of her own now wasn't she? And..he is spotted there. How long he was there, she doesn't know, only that she's only just seen him. Hmmm. "Rorick! C'mon here.." yup, she pats the sand beside where she'd settled.

Kayri goes home.

Iona strolls in from the Seacliffs Courtyard.

Rorick comes ambling along, oblivious to the crowd at first as his mind is currently elsewhere, lost in some bit of thought. But, after a bit, some random thing catches his attention, and as he's yanked into reality he glances about with gradually widening eyes. Oy! Then he hears his name on a familiar voice and flashes Kit a smile, glancing 'round with the struggle of a lifetime playing out in his head.. Eventually though, he makes his way over to her and comes down to sit beside her in the sand, patting her arm, "Heyla, Kit.. what's the occasion here?"

Iona apparently couldn't stay away for long, a pair of toddler twins racing ahead of her towards the sand. "No, stop Eli...Thorpe!" but the woman's calls go ignored until the pair tumble against a large mound of sand and topple the apparent sandweyr down. Oif.

Kitriana grins at the Rorick, eyebrow raised at his..attendance to this crowded gathering. "Its a bit of a and people and things." very...aptly put now wasn't that?

Egan blinks, backing slightly from the blue. "Eh, heh. Nice dragon." Nice dragon? "Um. It's blue." Like they haven't noticed. "I, uh, don't need a taxi.. I mean, I do! But not... from you... I mean, you can... or whatnot.." He doesn't want to offend the dragon. That would be of most ungoodness. "And. So. Um. He's from Ista. My taxi. And I just need to know.. when he can come. Because Telstra got lost." Not lost, but he got mad at Egan and fluttered away. Same thing. "Um... yeah. He did." Nod.

Brina glances up at Rorick. "Hey, there Ror. What is new?" she smiles before looking again towards the 'phins. "Jonah" she calls, "want a fissie?" Oh yes, thougth i might entice him with some fissies.

Char frowns and then peers closely at the Keroon nanny. "Stop stuttering, boy. He's not going to eat you." Aztereth blows a breath of hot air, redolent with the scent of decaying flesh, as most dragon breath is, into Egan's face, rumbling assurance. "What's your name?" the rider asks.

Leah wakes up and see's her felines sleeping next to her.

Iona goes home.

Rorick just sorta smiles over at Brina, his hands coming together and wringing slowly as he looks around.. Ohhhh, why ever did he stay? Could've just said he was busy or something, right? Then his eyes come back to rest on Kit.. Oh yeah. /Her/. "Oh? Well, that's nice I guess.. no reason though? Hmm, like a little local gather or something." Egan blinks. "Oh. Yes. St-stuttering? Not at all." Pause. "Ah, haha... don't you.. get it? I stuttered stuttering?.. Um. Okay. Yah." Pause, again. Blink. Blink. Hiss at a nearby brat. Dragons are big. So is Egan. Both can squish. Err. "I'm Egan... Vice Caretaker at Keroon Hold." A fancy name for assistant nanny, none the less. Egan doesn't like being called a nanny.

Jonah's ears? perks up at the sound of fissies. "Oooh, fissie?" Azzie is forgotten again while he stares at some person or another and then he waits for his fissie to come zooming towards him. "Breee! Throw fissie!"

Alexander points a finger in Egan's direction. "He's in charge of vices."

Char quirks a brow, sharing a look of amusement with her lifemate. "Vice Caretaker, huh? Quite a bit fancier than Candidate, I'd say, though not quite as desirable." She hooks an arm over her lifemate's neck, giving him a look that says, 'I'll get you back for this later.'

"Fissies?" Jill calls. "Can Jill have fissies too puh-leese nice hoooman?"

Milli nod-nods in agreement. "Yes..fissies puhlease??" *squee* She really realllly loves fish. and nice hoomans. And so she splashes closer to the Brina.

Egan blinks. "Oh, yes. Candidate. Uh, simple name. Simple name." Blink. "Um. Yes. Nice... occupation> And whatnot. Yup." Riight. Just play it cool, Egan. Riight. "But, um. Yah. Caretaker. Candidate. They're both 'ca'... eh, heh." Pause. "I'm good at patterns, I guess." Shrug? Shrug. "Hey! Why'd the wherry cross the road?" Maybe it's something he does when he's... nervous. Yah. Or that whole allergic to fish thing. Riight.

Brina takes a fish and holds it up in front of Jonah before tossing it his way. "Here ya go Jonah." she smiles at the 'phin before scritching him. She smiles as he responds to her scritching. She notices Milli and takes a fish out and tosses it her way. "Here, Milli."

Jill splashes water in Brina's direction. "Fissies? Puh-leese nice Bree?"

Brina grins as she realizes that /she/ is the fissie hander-outer now. She tosses one towards Jill as well. "here ya go, Jill!" she smiles as she turns towards the other appies before putting a fish in her hands just waiting for one of the 'phins. "Are you all enjoying yourselves?" Gotta put on the sr. appy smile and make sure they are all good to go.

Char frowns. "A greenrider for sure," she mutters under her breath to the blue at her side and then straightens with a sigh. "Well, Aztereth seems to think the title of Candidate suits you better. He wants to know if you would like to Stand for Quarith's current clutch."

Kitriana leans slightly into Ror, smiling lightly. "I think so..I got here late though, so I'm not sure why it started.." she shrugs. It doesn't matter, does it? parties are /good/ matter why they were begun. riiite. "You know, we've been monitoring these pods and, well, they're really nice and stuff." intelligent comment there kit!

Egan goes white. Well, pale, to be more accurate. One of those sickly shades. Don Egan es muchos blanco. "Um. Stand. For. Clutch?" Quarith's clutch. She's the Queen-lady. "Um. Stand. On the.. sand?" He didn't say 'sands' because it didn't rhyme with 'stand'. "Um. I guess. Just as long as you can get somebody to come down later and get my kidlets back to Keroon." Nod. Yah. Do that. "Um. Okay. Stand. Right. Sure. Okay. Yah. Taxi. Stand. Yah." Grab him while you can - he's like one of those deer staring into headlights. Not quite sure what the heck that shiny, white thing is. "Pff. Stand." Flutter. He's about to faint, so move fast. Eh, heh.

Jill snaps up her fissie happily, then goes back to peering at the draggie.

Brina nods at Kitri. "The pod is wonderful." She turns and looks out into the water hoping to see some life from the other pod members.

Rorick laughs softly, turning a quirked brow and her and feeling of her forehead like someone would if they thought she might be sick, "You okay there, Kit? Seem to be losing your touch.." A playful little wink greets her before some random thought reminds him there's people about him and he scoots up closer, whether there was any way to be closer or not. Just an automatic reaction.

Char sighs, again giving her lifemate that 'look'. "Well, then. Whoever we send to pick up your things and let your leader know that you've been Searched, we'll send to pick up your children." She frowns. "Have you ever ridden before?"

Jonah swims a bit hoping for the draggie to come play with him again. He takes the ball that is floating around and then balances it like he knows he can.

Milli slips up to the Brina, greatfully accepting the fish. Yup, Fissie R Us! "Tankee Bree!" she repeats the name jill and jonah have used for this particular hooman.

Egan studders. Unintentionally. "Um. Yes. No. Yes. No." Blink. "Um. Yes." But what if the answer's no? What if he says no and it's yes? What if..? What if...? "Um. Yes. But, no. Then, Yes. Um." Blink. "Pardon?" Flutter. "Yes." Save time.

Char sighs, pressing fingers to her temples in a gesture of frustration. Shaking her head, she offers a hand to the nanny. "Never mind. Come on. Let's get you back to the weyr before my headache gets any worse."

Alexander peers at Egan the Searched, and at the wailing/rejoicing brats behind him. "Wha? When did this happen?" Why does he miss everything?

Egan nods. "Your head aches?" Bibble, babble. Random. "Do I have to take the red pill, or the blue pill?" Flutter. Flutter. Muscules barely work - just enough to allow Egan to move and climb and whatnot. Yes. Flutter.

Kitriana snuggles into the Ror's side, grinning. "Losing my touch?" she affects affrontment. and is she okay? As in../not/ psychologically disturbed? naw...she's just tired, riiite.

Char smiles towards the dolphincrafters once she's sure that the newly Searched Candidate is settled. "It's been fun. I'll have to come visit at the Hall sometime."

With the assistance of a proferred foreleg, Egan ascends the lofty height of Aztereth's neck to settle comfortably twixt sky imbued neckridges.