Logs For Corlis

Corlis Arrives at SeaCliffs Hold Corlis escapes from his nanny - again - and meets a lot of interesting people... not to mention dolphins and a dragon, too! He even was lucky enough to witness someone being Searched.
All eyes on the dolphins, Corlis doesn't even notice the approaching dragon. Which is a Good Thing, because his attention span's not the greatest as it is, without a great big distraction like that. Instead he beams delightedly at Brina. "Okay." He reaches into the bucket with both hands, coming out with a fish in each one and holding them out dolphinwards with a hopeful expression. "I'll play again," he promises.

Dolphin Fun Corlis had so much fun on his first visit to SeaCliffs Beach that he just /had/ to come back again... and he wasn't disappointed. Not only did he have the great good fortune to actually /touch/ a real live bronze dragon, but the dolphins came back to play!
Corlis misses the ball completely, throwing himself headlong into the water in his efforts and coming up dripping and giggling. An awkward puppy-paddle brings him to the ball at last, and he flings it wildly Jonah-wards (well, he tries to, anyhow), the ball arcing high into the morning sky and sailing off in some random direction probably nowhere near the poor 'phin. Whee! "Catch!"

More Dolphin Fun The very best part about living by the ocean on Pern is getting to play with dolphins. They talk. And they /love/ to play games.
Corlis spins around and around as the dolphins circle him, leading him deeper into the water... now up to his chest, bony arms extended for balance. A broad smile lights his face, clearly displaying the gap where his baby teeth used to be. "Hi!" Giggling as he's splashed by a flapping dolphintail.

A Promise... And A Threat So many interesting people visit the beach at SeaCliffs Hold. On this particular day, Corlis meets a healer-in-training with *gasp* connections to the Weyr... and a mischievous teenager bent on making him *eep* /beautiful/!
Corlis's grin threatens to split his face in two. Being stolen away in the dead of night definitely appeals to him. But just in case... "I got a nanny," he admits. "She's 'round here someplace." She'll prolly just say no. Spoils all his fun. He flops onto his belly now, engrossed in digging at the sand with one grubby fingertip for a long moment before he grins back up at Serafa. "You ever seen dragons hatch 'fore?" She lives at a Weyr - she's now his official Expert Dragon Lady.

Fun At The Beach Just another random day at SeaCliffs Beach. Best place on Pern.
Brina looks over at Corlis before ruffling his hair. "Jonah should be coming out later, but he's helping the fishing boats fish right now, and just being with his pod. That's what he does. He's like a daddy to a whole bunch of dolphins." trying hard to keep it on a level that a six turn old might know.

Corlis Gets A Bath No sooner does Corlis find a permanent home at SeaCliffs Hold than the Headwoman takes it upon herself to see that he's cleaned up a bit...
Iona fans them all off towards one end of the room. "Shallow end, dearies, can't drown the little mite can we?" towels are grabbed and draped around her shoulders leaving her hands free to pull out tubs of soapsand and sweet smelling stuff. "Now, we'll have you looking adorable in no time Corlismite!" ooh he now has a nickname. Feel the lurve.

A Firelizard For Corlis His beautiful sandweyr got washed into the sea, but Impressing a bronze firelizard more than made up for it!
Corlis belatedly notices all the activity by the nest... the crowd of people, the flopping bronze hatchling... and his jaw drops. "It hatched?!" he squeaks, scrambling up for a closer look. He can feed it, too!. Wait, what... fishtrap! He scrambles back down to the ruined sandweyr, scooping up a tunicful of fingertails... more or less doing in his new clothing. Good thing he's forgotten all about Iona, or he might be worried that she'd be angry. Dripping, he stumbles back up the beach toward the nest, holding the bottom hem of his tunic high to keep the flopping fingertails from flipping free. Whee!

Hide And Seek Until I tried this, I never would have imagined hide and seek could be so much fun in a text environment!
Corlis blinks as Miyosha spins around - did she see him? No, thank Faranth! He crouches down further, trying to make himself disappear, willing her to :not:see:him:....

Building A Sandweyr Of course there are no 'castles' on Pern... but that doesn't stop little kids from building stuff in the sand!
Aelan looks up at.. the /boy/. Her face lights up. Her hero! Corlis has a flit, y'know. Aelan scrabbles to her feet and brushes sand from her knees fussily. "Well, you can only play if.. if your flit will be the dragon!" she demands. "Because every Weyr needs a brown.. y'know?". She plops into the sand again and begins directing. "Right. You have to build some caverns here, and... put the l.. er, dragon over here, and..." she trails off, happy to be in charge.

Digging To Southern Beaches are so much fun when you're six. Corlis was so excited about the big hole he was digging that he hardly even noticed his grownup friend Marika Impressing a firelizard.
Corlis looks down at himself stupidly. He hasn't got anything at all - 'cept a thrumming bronze hatchling on his shoulder. Why's he making that weird noise anyhow? Then he notices that Miyosha's looking at the bucket on the ground and he flashes her a gap-toothed grin. "I been diggin' a big hole," he informs her brightly. "Only it kept fillin' up with water, so the dolphinlady gave me a bucket." Whatever her name had been. To empty it out. Oh yeah... that hadn't worked very well, had it? "Wanna help?"