Casch slips in. He's wearing a worn traveler's cloak, hood pulled up, his face hidden in the shadow's of it. He steps up to the bar, ordering himself a glass of Benden red.

Tierza is sitting at her favorite tabel, settled in with a mug of kah.. small smudge across her cheek, as usual and a dreamy look in her eyes. Not so usual, but hey.. maybe she saw a dragon today. Looks up at the stranger entering and smiles at him.. "No 'Keep is on.. I'll help.." Hopping up and heading to the bar.

Casch glances over at Tierza. "It's alright. I know where it is." he vaults lightly over the bar, rumaging briefly before finding the bottle, and a glass.

Tierza says, "Nice move..." her mouth shuts.. it can't be... what in Faranth's name... "Ca.. Casch? Is that /really/ you?" Suddenly she needs to sit and grabs the nearest chair. never mind that her klah is way across the room... "What the.."

Casch nods softly at that. He pulls his hood back, shaking head a moment to free hair from cloak. He slips softly at the wine. He steps back around the bar, studying Tierza a moment. "You don't look so good..."

Tierza says, "Gee, I wonder why! Do you have any idea what has been going on in /your/ family life these oh so many turns?" Do you even remmeber that I am a cousin of yours by handfasting? Do you remmeber you are 'fasted, with three children?" She is really building up a head of steam now.. What in Faranth's name are you doing, showing up here out of the blue?"

Casch leans against the bar. He studies Tierza. "Yes...I know...and I feel bad about it...but I am here...I thought it was about time for a visit at least...I've missed Gar...How is Lerwin, and the kids doing?"

Tierza shakes her head in disbelief. "Funny Casch, last I knew.. that was more a question a cousin might as of a husband." A look of mild disgust? crosses her face. "Lerwin is fine.. the girls are wonderful.. Your son..." And she stops, unable to continue. "Chant is living up to her name, she will probably end up in Harper hall."

Casch lets faint smile cross lips, though it vanishes again in an instant. "That's good, she belongs in the harper hall." frown takes dominance. "What about my son?"

Tierza resents having to be here, in this position.. He should have been there, helping his family.. "He's gone Casch." Even in her anger, her voice softens as she remembers her cousin's pain. "He caught a fever.. and no one could help. Ler sent the girls away, cared for him herself. We almost lost her as well. He was 6 turns old. His twin, your daughter, was devestated for months. She is just now becoming playful again."

Casch nods lightly, closing his eyes a moment, he leans a bit more heavily on the bar, and downs the rest of his glass before refilling it. "People I care about have a bad habit of having bad things happen to them. It appears to be my lot in life, though I'd hoped with my absense it wouldn't happen that way."

Tierza says, "Well guess what, it didn't work that way.. and know what? I bet if you /hadn't/ left it wouldn't have happened at all. Lerwin loved it here, she loved you.. still does, though I can't figure out why! And don't start getting soulful on me, I have no pity for a man who can't take care of his own." She stands and moves back to her now cold klah. "I have no intention of telling anyone back home you are here. What may happen if kentin shows up.. well, that's up to him."

Casch shrugs softly. "I'm not afraid of Kentin, or my past, or anything else." he settles on a stool, tired of standing. He refills his glass. "I still dont' even know why I left her...I don't have a good excuse."

Tierza says, "Charming.. You pick up and leave, no excuses and all you can say is. "I don't know why?" Are there other children? Another woman?" her heart is breaking for her cousin, and she is resentful of this man, whom she once respected, for waltzing back in here like nothing was changed or wrong. "What did you think would happen when you came back?"

Casch shrugs softly. "I don't know. I just missed this place. A lot of my life was here. He stares at the ceiling a few long moments. "There's a lot of things I don't understand. I gave up trying to rationalize life a long time ago, I just let it flow on instinct."

Tierza says, "Too bad you neglected to tell my cousin that.. or your children." She is not going to make it easy on him. She is mad as she has ever been. "Casch.. I don't know what else i can say to make you realize what havoc you have wreaked in 4 people's lives. "

Casch shrugs softly. "I'm sorry. I screwed up. It was a mistake. But I can't go back in time. Satisfied." an eyebrow lifts, and he downs another glass of wine.

Tierza makes a disgusted noise. "Yes, you 'screwed up'. And I don't really think it's me you should be trying to satisfy. Try telling your wife.

Casch gives another soft shrug. "She'll understand just as much as you will I'm certain. I don't believe it's a fixable situations. Sometimes life deals you wild cards, and they don't fix. Sorry. Life is rough." he drums fingers. He hasn't changd so much as reverted to the cold soul he was before he had been with Lerwin.

Tierza says, "shakes her head. "Smooth, Casch. You break a heart.. one that was so very fragile to begin with. You knew her history, she told me she held nothing back from you. And all you can say is.. 'Oh well'? " She shudders, and is finally /glad/ for her cousin that he isn't in her life. Not this heartles, cold.. shell."

Casch mhmms quietly at her words. "Yes. All I can say is 'Oh well'. I can say 'I'm sorry' all I want. I can say whatever you want. None of the words matter in the slightest, because I can't go back and change it anyhow. What does it matter what I say now?" a finger points at her. "If the past could be changed...I'd probly be riding right now, helping defend Pern. I wouldn't even be in this hold. Life isn't fair. I didn't hold anything back from her either. So I'm sure she understands what I mean."

Tierza refuses to give him the permission he obviously needs to be the worthless person /she/ feels he has become. "You lost a dragon.. I was Searched and was left standing.. Not the same, i know.. but I understand about the dragon/human link alot better then lerwin ever could. Don't look for pity from me. You didn't die.. you were given a great gift from your bronze. But if wallowing is what you have chosen to do, don't look to me for acceptance. Never Casch! You destroyed a beautiful, vibrnat woman. One who trusted you with everything she ahd.. one who loved you enough to bear your children.. and even when you left, she refused to allow any of us to speak against you. Know hat? You never deserved her, but for some foolish reason, she wanted you. I have no idea why."

Yet another shrug. "No wallowing. Just mentioning. What's past is past." from Casch. "And I don't understand it either. Evidently it was all a big mistake. We all make them." Glass is refilled again.

Tierza says, "Fine, I suggest you tell your daughters they were all a 'big mistake'." She can't even look at him for the anger in her. "I wish Lerwin were here now, to see you. maybe then her spell would be broken. Granted, she can never remarry, but just maybe she could regain some semblance of a life again."

Casch glances over at her. "I'm sure she could. There are plenty of nice men, who would treat her right. I'm not one of them. I'm heartless, as you seem so intent on informing me." he lightly twirls glass, red wine swirling in it. "I hardly expect you to forgive me. But I don't think the same way you do, and yet you don't see me sitting here criticizing me. Simply because your mind dosn't follow my path dosn't mean you can do such to me."

Moisi blinks in from ::between::!

Tierza startles at his words.. "Okay, let me get this straight.. you leave in the middle of the night.. not a word to anyone.. Abandoning a 26 turn old woman with three child, a 3 turn old and newborn twins. Never say good bye, never send word to anyone.. and now, after how many turns, yu ask me to cut you slack, you 'made a mistake'. The least you could have done was face /her/ with all this before you left casch."

Ayanzi walks in from the Gar Hold Entry Hall.

Casch drums fingers lightly, studying Tierza a bit incredulously. "I believe we already discussed that part. Yes, I could have. But I didn't, and I can't go back to change on it. So why are you still harping on it. What's past is past."

Ayanzi wanders into the 'Harper, glancing about idly, "Hrm. Oh well. I need a drink."

Tierza shrugs.. "What ever Casch.." The last vestiages of any childhood memories of a glorious man who made her cousin sing die a quiet, painful death. "And as I said, it's not my place to tell Lerwin you are alive and .. well. I leave that to you. I just hope you handle /that/ better then this conversation."

Ayanzi eyebrow-raises as she catches snatches of conversation. A low-whistle.. Lover's quarrel, most likely. No place to intrude here. She flops at the bar, and orders herself some Tillek Red, studying it before drinking most of it down.

Casch mms. "I believe, she dosn't need to know. Things, evidently, have been bad enough, you say, for her. Having me around, would be even worse for her." a glance over at Ayanzi. "The barkeep isn't in. Help yourself, wine bottles under the counter."

Tierza says, "You are so very wrong. If you told her what you just told me, at least she would ahve some sort of closure, instead of waiting every day to hear word of you. She doesn't believe you are dead, so that's no help. She knows you are alive somehow. At least write, tell her you hate her and /your/ children. Finish it like a man."

Ayanzi laughs, noticing such, "Kinda stupid, mm?" She snatches a bottle, and simply drinks from that, then looks over to Tierza, having understood finally, "Some people like to go out in peace, and I honestly think this man here would appreciate you to allow him to."

Casch glances back to Tierza. "I don't hate her, or the children. I'm sure it's better for her not to know." An amused smile at the words from the other. "Why thank you Ma'am." and to Tierza. "If I had wanted a big to do about the break up, I would have told her I was leaving in the first place."

Tierza glares at the intruder. "You've no idea what youa re speaking of, please keep your opinions to yourself!" And with that Tie bursts into tears. She has never spoken to anyone like this before. And now, this.. man.. has her being horrid to someone she ahs never met! "Through her sobs, she apologises.. "I am so very sorry.. natch would never forgive me for speaking so.. Please, I am wrong to ahve done so.."

Filli walks in from the Gar Hold Entry Hall.

Tierza says, "Too bad Casch. Just because you are not man enough to face your mistakes dead on, you think it's better to keep on breaking someone's heart? Day after day for what.. 7 turns nows? Lerwin was far too good for you, and I pity you no end."

Zenethen strides in from the Gar Hold Entry Hall.

Ayanzi eyebrow raises, "Since when is it wrong to speak one's opinion? I'm simply seeing that you're attempting to force this man into doing your will." She eyerolls, wandering over, wine in hand. She holds it out to Tierza, "Take this, go drink it all down, and realize: people's lives are their own."

Tierza says, "I don't drink.. and we are talking about what this man did to my cousin and their 3 children. I have my rights in this. I do ask that you don't speak of what you don't know."

Filli walks in humming softly to herself she pauses as she hears Tierza's voice, her happy mood seeming to dissappear from her face, turning into a look of confusion. She walks towards the small group, listening carefully.

Ayanzi laughs softly, "What I know is that you're harassing this man. If he wishes to tell the woman, let him. Don't force him to do anything. It makes him wish to do so even less. And drinking can be good for you from time to time." She shrugs though, and brings bottle to her lips, downing some.

Casch frowns. "7 turns? She needs to get on with her life. If I havn't come back to her after that long, I never will She should have figured that out." a nod to Ayanzi. "Indeed, perhaps some don't realise that."

Tierza resisting an urge to slap his face, she wlkas out.. to angry at a stupid, stubborn man to bother any more.

Tierza walks to the Entry Hall.

Casch watches Tierza go, and takes another sip from his glass. "Well that went better then I might have imagined."

Ayanzi gestures to the seat across from Casch, "Mind if I sit?"

Casch shrugs lightly, "If you wish, the room is certainly free." is returned. "What is that." a gesture at the wine bottle.

Filli eyes Casch, "If that was better than you might have imagined I would hate to see what the worse out come could have been." With that Filli turns and leaves to catch up with Tie.

Filli walks to the Entry Hall.

Ayanzi nods lightly, sitting down, "But the table may not be." She glances at the wine bottle, "Tillek Red."

Casch nods, leaning across to take it and fill his glass and then passes it back. "Not my prefered make. I prefer Benden."

Ayanzi eyes him a moment, eyebrow raised, then shrugs, "I wanted something bitter. Compliments my mood. Benden is too smooth."