Lis tries not to bump 'gainst any sharp joints as she slides down Alymath's forearm.

StarCraft Courtyard
Where the hills of Gar meet the softer plains of the valley, rock slowly turns to gravel, dust and earth, leaving a large natural courtyard tucked against the walls of the hall. A low wall marks a boundary for the courtyard, rock and earth's battle for domination kept outside of it. Strong doors set in the hill wall, provide a new way to get into the hall, long windows letting light into the otherwise quite dark hall. They look out upon a grassy valley, filled with water, vineyards and herdbeast. Trails formed by the feet of human wind around rocks and trees, trailing off into the wilderness.
It is an autumn afternoon.
Stretched out on the low wall are Rygel and Juperon.
Green Alymath is here.
Lis is here.

Down you go! Just mind the sharp dragon-elbow, there.

Lis ambles aimlessly to the StarCraft Hall.

Main Hall Balcony
You stand upon the runnershoe balcony of the Main Hall, from which doorways open into the adjoining halls of the StarCraft living quarters. On the southern wall stand the great doors of the observatory.
On the perch is Timothy.
You see Tuvock and Chair here.
Lis is here.

Lis snickers covertly to Linora as she tiptoes up the stairs, then sneaking past doorways and rolling under furniture Mission Impossible-style as she makes, however oddly, towards the Journeyman's hallway. Fear, fear.

Linora is just walking normally. Well, maybe a bit more quietly than normal. It's taking a bit of effort not to giggle at Lis' antics as they reach the top of the wide staircase.

Tuvock stalks quietly to the Vault.

Lis hushes Linora with a finger to her lips as she crawls, hands and knees, through the gateway to Journeyman's hallway - clutching /something/ to her chest.

Lis ambles aimlessly to the Journeymen and Masters' Lounge.

Journeymen and Master's Lounge
Scarlet chaise lounges line the walls of this room, each with a low table next to it for snacks or klah, even charts when one wishes to work. In the center of the room is a larger hardwood table, surrounded by a few armchairs, for more work or conferences between the journeymen and masters. Braided rugs cover the floor, each one different though all are red, white, and grey in varying shades. Crimson geometric designs line the tops of the white walls near the ceiling, the shapes reminding one of stars and moons, as well as spirals. A tall cabinet stands against the wall between the doors to the two hallways, filled with foods brought up every day by the Garhold cook, as well as supplies of extra mugs, paper, styluses, and glow baskets.
You see Morrie and Adrine here.
Lis is here.

Linora follows almost reluctantly. She's never been one for pranks, even in her newest appy days, but she can trust Lis, right? Ahem.

Just ask anyone from the joint clutch of Tiareth and Ysbryth - Lis is the Prankmaster. Who else would hang the weyrwoman's knickers from the Star Stones? "Almost there," the greenrider hisses to Linora, rolling into the hallway.

Lis ambles aimlessly to the Journeymen's Hallway.

Journeymen's Hallway
This hallway is a welcome sight to everyone, especially those who reside here. As well as being their home, this hallway was a turning point in their lives. As if to signify this, the hallway is blithe with optimistic joyfulness. The walls are stone, but the glows, places in brackets, dance a merry dance with the wind from the balcony encouraging them, making the light move on the walls. Light, provided from the glows, dims when a room is opened, making the hallways shine....
To the westsouthwest, you see one person.
On the perch are Cei and Blair.
Lis is here.

Linora of course doesn't know any of that. And she arrived at the hall long after Lis left with the Search dragons. But even Lin's not dense enough to not notice how furtive and sneaky the greenrider is being. "Where we going again?" she whispers, pale eyes flickering around the hallway a bit nervously now.

Lis points a silent finger at Kazandar's room, waggling the package at it. /There/. Tiptoeing silently, she drops the bag in front of the journeyman's room and knocks on the door. Almost immediately, she dashes off, waving her arms and Linora. "Run! Run! Take cover!"

Linora doesn't even /recognize/ Kazzie's door, not having spent much time in this particular hallway. She can tell it isn't Keris' door. Or Kezz's. Although, since both of them are at 'Reaches now, Lis would hardly have to come all the way to Gar to... what? Run? Eyes wide, Linora scrambles to a shadowy corner, without any real idea of what she's doing.

Lis ducks behind and alcove herself, unable to resist furtive peeks towards Kazandar's room. Is he going to come out at /all/? A pout settles on her features as she ponders his spoilage of her game. Figures.

A soft rumbling is heard from behind the door, and perhaps a little bit of banging, until footsteps are heard and the door squeaks open. Only a bit at first, but then the J-man who lives there pokes his head out. "Hello?" Calls Kazandar.

Lis and Linora are both hidden from sight - hopefully - but supcious giggle-like songs can be heard from Lis' shadowy alcove. So much for stealth.

The giggle is followed immediately by a sharply hissed 'shhhhh!', and a bit of scuffling.

A pretty little package sits at the entrance to Kazandar's lair, tied up with a ribbon of endearing pink. Inside is a scroll of sorts - with a mushy love message written on the inside, and falsely signed (by Keris). That is, if Kazandar opens it...

Kazandar nudges his glasses back up on his nose and frowns, looking from left to right. Muttering to himself- He did hear noises, didn't he? -the J-man happens to glance down..and frowns deeper. What on Pern? Kaz glances left and right again before bending down to pick up the package, despite an intense desire just to suht his door again and not come back out. It's then opened, and the sick letter read and Kaz...Well, he rolls his eyes. "Oh /please/."

Lis can't help it. Linora may shush her, but she won't be able to stop her from breaking up into helpless gales of laughter. "Oh, /oh/...." In the shadows, the greenrider clutches her sides, feet becoming visible as she slumps to the floor.

Linora quietly facepalms. She's not exactly sure just what Kazzie--and she /did/ recognize that voice--found outside his door, but if it's getting this kind of reaction from Lis, she's not sure she wants to know. And escape is looking pretty unlikely.

Timothy blinks in from ::between::!

If Kazandar wasn't already frowning, he would've frowned. As it is, he looks almost ready to sentance somone to /lots/ of chores. The notes and the remains of the package are clutched tightly in the J-man's hands as he stomps over to the sputtering sound...and the feet. Too bad he has glasses now, he can see again. "Alright! Everyone out in the open NOW!" Everyone because pranks, and that's what this msut be of course, usually involve more than one person. He knows.

Lis isn't going to let Linora be taken down with her. Taking a few deep breaths as she stops laughing, the greenrider casually assembles herself into something that'll hopefully distract Kazandar from the apprentice while she escapes. "Aw, Kazandar," she purrs, playing with the open neck of her tunic, "you can't be /that/ mad at me, can you?" A pose is struck against the outcropping in the wall, her expression pouty. She's ready for her close-up, Mr. Deville.

Linora doesn't actually see a clear exit, so she settles for flattening herself into the shadows while Lis starts her distracting techniques. She's really too amazed to do anything but stare, anyhow, having never seen the greenrider (or anyone else, for that matter) in Full Flirt Mode. Looks to her like outright seduction, and Lin actually blushes. Quietly.

Kazandar gives Lis a fairly even, if still obviously angry look like 'Of /course/ I can really be that mad at you, see?'. Poor Lis, she should know from the last encounter that he's not about to be distracted that easily, or in that way. Especially by a /greenrider/. "Of course I can! /Why/ are you /here/ and /bothering/ me?" Lin may be blushing in the shadows, Kaz is just ticked off.

Just sort of makes Lis wonder if he wouldn't have enjoyed a /real/ letter like that from Keris. "It was just a bit of harmless fun, Journeyman Kazandar. I'm sorry if I offended...." She swaggers towards the man in a way that would make Brittney Spears insanely jealous, leaning against a hand propped up on his doorframe. "Can I make it up to you?" It's phrased innocently enough, but there's an overt suggestive glance towards Kazandar's room. Hopefully she won't have to kiss him. Uck!

Linora holds her breath, caught by indecision. If Lis gets him into that room, she can just wander on back to where she belongs. Well, technically that's not true, because she can't get back to Reaches (which really /is/ where she ought to be) without the greenrider. But she could... hide in the Archives looking busy until Lis came back to get her. That'd be safe. BUT... if Kazzie doesn't buy the 'seduction', he might come looking for /her/ next. Why, she couldn't say, but who said her thinking had to be rational? It's not as if she's in this sort of position very often. And speaking of which, her muscles are beginning to cramp from the tension of holding still so quietly. What to do?

Well, Lis can wonder all she wants, but Kazandar wouldn't've enjoyed a real letter anymore than the fake one. Swagging greenrider is simply scowled at as she /dares/ to get even closer to him! "Harmeless fun, hmph? Was it your idea? Did you have an accomplice? And why /me/? Isn't there someone else you can bother?" The J-man winces as she leans on his doorframe. "Yes, you /can/ make it up to me. Stop fouling up my doorframe, go away and don't come back." Kaz is either oblivious, or Lis' overt suggestions are firmly ignored. He doesn't want her to kiss him any more than she wants to kiss him. Yuck.

Lis might just have to foul up Kazandar's airspace some more. "Yes, it was completely my idea. I'm to blame, utterly punishable. You /do/ like to punish, don't you?" It's more of a realization than a question, the greenrider's eyes twinkling in merciless amusement as she tries to size the journeyman up. Everyone's got their price. Doing her best to distract, she moves to the opposite side of the doorway from Linora's end of the hall, making a little 'shoo!' motion with her foot as she does.

Linora takes the opportunity at last, only because she can kind of see Lis doing something weird with her foot. It takes a moment or two for that to sink in, but eventually she begins sidling down the hall, trying her very best to move silently. And quickly. Not anything she excels at, but maybe the distraction from Lis will be enough..

"I can't punish you...I can't even get you do go /away/!" Kazandar is stuck between whining and yelling, the last two words of that statement stressed. For now, he'll accept that Lis is the one to blame for the bad joke, but he'll continue to be slightly suspicious. After all, she's a greenrider. "Argh! Why can't you just leave me alone!" The J-am suddenly shouts and takes a few steps back from Lis. "Why doesn't anyone just Leave. Me. Alo-/You/! Stop!" Alas, he may be blind without those glasses, but /with/ them...If Lin still really wants ot get out of there, she'd better break into run /now/.

"Because... because..." Lis gropes for words as Linora is about to be discovered - then gives up and gropes for Kazandar instead. "Because I think I'm falling for you, Kazandar. Your gruff, unapologetic manner and continual rejection of me is driving me mad, and I don't know what I'll be able to get through to you." Arms are thrown around the man's neck in desparation and she kisses him full on the mouth. Now would be a good time for Linora to run. If she still can.

'What I'll do to be able', even. Sheesh.

Linora's breath catches in a quick little gasp. So close, and bagged? But no! Lis is moving in for the kill. Without a word Lin disappears down the hall, hoping against hope that Kazzie doesn't recognize her. She looks just like any other apprentice... right? Meeep!

Cami> Cami blinks in from ::between::!

Cami> Kazandar is distracted from Linora a moment, but only because he's disgusted. Compleatly disgusted. And his facial expresion reflects that with his nose wrikled and his mouth half-open in revulsion. "Ugh. Lis, tha-" And that's about all he's about to get out before he's being soiled...I mean kissed. Same thing. And he's /far/ from a willing particpant in this. His imidiate reaction is to break away, pushing at Lis while scowling to tear down a building, and then swinging a fist at her.

Cami> Lis squeals in fear as Kazandar takes a swing at her, ducking under the taller man's reach and cowering just inside his room. "Ugh! If I knew you preferred boys /that/ much, I wouldn't have bothered!" she retorts, crouching defensively without noticing that Linora's gotten away.

Cami> Kazandar growls, and slowly begins to stalk Lis, hands clenched tightly into fists. "I /don't/ like boys...," he growls quietly, "...I just don't like /you/. AT ALL!" That stated Kaz take another swinging leap at the greenrider. "And get OUT of my /room/!" He's past being quiet now, just yelling and trying to hit Lis. Damn dirty greenrider.

Cami> Lis is a mean and snarky little damn dirty greenrider. Slithering from under Kazandar's attack again, she can't help but wonder - from the relative safety of the hallway outside his room: "Why, did you have a bad experience? That's rather hard, considering our... appetites." A grin winks and gleams smarmily.

Linora slips into the Vault, out of breath and casting distinctly worried little glances at the door behind her. Sure, this is a good place to be. Apprentices belong here. She drops into an empty chair and curls her knees up to her chest, wrapping her arms around her. Nothing to see here.

Cami> Normally it's a lot easier to knock down someone smaller than you, but Kazandar appears to be having some trouble with Lis ducking under his every swing. Not that that stops him from /trying/. "Bad /experience/?" The J-man is so startled by that idea that he pauses in swinging his fists at Lis. "Ew, no! That's dis/gust/ing! As if I'd ever...Ew!" And to punctuate that 'ew' Kaz swings a hard right hook at Lis. Gross.

Cami> Lis can't duck forever, but she manages to avoid the hook a third time - although she's panting slightly for air with the effort. "You know, I'd be happy to have a decent conversation with you if you would stop throwing punches. You could at least slap me, which is almost socially appropriate. Need I remind you I've got something big, green, and capable of digesting you in the courtyard?" Witty when our head's in danger, aren't we? "So... it's not you personally. Someone you knew, then? Lost a love to the weyr?"

Cami> Kazandar is definantly breathing harder than when he began his quest to Hit Lis, but even that doesn't seem to quite /stop/ him, although he'll likely collapse on the ground fro mthe effort later. "Shard it! You keep /ducking/!" Like she should just stand there an take it. Eesh. What /does/ stop him- at least for the moment -is the mention of Alymath. "As if you could /get/ me to the courtyard," he retorts. "And I don't /want/ to have a decent conversation with you." Sulk. He's not answering any of her questions.

Diane trudges in from the Female Apprentice Quarters.

Cami> "Can we have an /in/decent one, then?" Lis wonders with a leer at Kazandar's heavily breathing form. "You're so gorgeous when you're angry, you know that?" She certainly deserves whatever's coming to her, skittering sideways away from his room like a crab. But wait! Can't leave the love letter!

Cami> /This/ close to being off the hook. /This/ close to Kaz just slamming his door and leaving her alone. But no, she has to go and make a comment like that and /leer/ at him. Ew. "I don't want to have any conversation with /you/, Lis," he remarks cooly and evenly...right before he jumps at her, swinging his fist again with a yell of "Go AWAY!"

Cami> Lis lets out a whimper and drops to the floor, curling up into a protective ball with her hands over her head - a move copied from the many males who have been unfortunate enough to catch Alymath. Surely Kazandar can't pummel a cute little defenseless ball like /this/?

Cami> Aww. A Lis ball. Isn't is so cute and snuggly? No? That's isn't...Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp. Kazandar stomps loudly as he makes his way towards Lis. "Get /out/! Go /away/! Don't come back! What part of this /don't/ you understand?!" He shouts, and aims a kick at the Lis-ball.

Cami> Lis tries to get out of the way, rolling to one side, but catches the end of the kick on her maternal bottom. Serves her right. "Ow!" comes the squeal, the greenrider sprawling into a sitting position in the hall as she wonders, "Why do you hate us so much, then? Just give me one good reason, and I'll love you alone."

Laurel glides in with quiet steps. in from the Female Apprentice Quarters.

Diane wanders in and flops down on teh couch near Linora, all happy and chipper like always "hi there, Lin! Sup?" the appy asks, grinning slightly as she winks at Linora.

Linora lifts her head with a start. "Oh, hey Dia," she returns, her tone friendly if a bit guarded. A little surprising, after all, to be greeted as if she'd never left the Hall at all--especially by a fellow mentee who presumably ought to know better. "Um... I'm just waiting for a ride back to the Weyr," she tries lamely. "How're things with you?"

Laurel shufffles in, attention switching from one person to the next. With a murmured greeting, Rhel slides into her chair and lays her bag across her lap. Her eyes close momentarily only to open just as fast.

Cami> Kazandar frowns down at the greenrider, most of the energy in him gone by now, and just looks at her with his fists placed on his hips. "I don't have to explain anything to you, Lis. I think you should just leave me alone regardless." So said, he turns back towards his room and away from the Rider.

Diane nods "Ah, you went with Keris then?" she asks, her blue eyes reflecting curiosity as she watches her friend and fello mentee "Are you okay? You seem...a bit frazzled?" she asks, peering at Lin closely for a minute.

Cami> "Well I think you should," Lis retorts, just as drained as Kazandar as she doesn't get up from her slump on the floor - though that could just be a survival tactic. "After all, I was nearly beaten senseless by some raging madman they let teach apprentices, and I'd just like to know /why/. Enlighten me, o wise one." The words are a little forced, a little patronizing out of her mouth, but at least they're sincere.

Linora blushes a little, but manages a little smile as she nods to Dia's question. "Yeah... the project's almost done, though. Only another couple sevendays, I think, and we'll have the whole Turn charted. An' I'm fine." She's not even out of breath anymore, see?

Diane nods "Very good, very good. We can't wait to have Keris back at the hall." Not to mention the idle tricks she's going to play on him for not telling her he was leaving, but oh well. "Are you sure?" she asks, trying to be there like a good friend would, yeah sure, Dia? A good friend?

Cami> Kazandar stops, one hand on the doorframe as he's entering his room and then just seems to stall there, head hanging a bit. "You were /not/ nearly beaten senseless. I barely even kicked you." Now, if he'd gotten a few of those punches in, then she could've said that. "And I'm not a raging madman and it's not like that many people show up for my classes anyway." Now he's pretty much just sulking...and still not answering Lis' questions. Nope.

Cami> Lis /did/ notice that, and will get around to it after she protests, "I would have been, if you'd managed to hit me. I think behavior like /that/ counts for something in the Raging Madman area, however." A snort follows her words, and slowly she gets up again. "But you never did answer why."

Laurel has disconnected.

Cami> Kazandar snorts softly, remaining unmoving in the doorway to his room. "Maybe you're right," he admits with some obvious difficulty, but then just shakes his head, unwilling to admit any more than 'maybe'. At least he'd never beat up an appy, right? Right? "No, I didn't answer why. And I don't intend to."

Linora nods quickly, to answer both. "Um, yeah," she says, just in case the nod wasn't clear enough. Not like she's that /close/ to the apprentice--being able to remember a few classes they attended together, and the odd mentor-inflicted tortu--erm, project. "Anyhow... I think I hear 'em in the courtyard now." It's a small lie, but it's better than explaining why she's hiding in the vault. She /can/ hear the ruckus down the hall--intermittently--and it'd really be a good idea, she thinks, to find another place to be when people start to get interested in it.