Female Apprentice Quarters
These quarters are bare but cheerful for the few apprentices that reside here. They give plenty of shade in the morning, and a beautiful sunset in the afternoon, lighting up the room. There are metal shutters, like every other room, and old rugs on the floor. The room is a comfortable home to the few..
To the south, you see two people.
Lis is here.

Lis snoozes on a cot in the corner, distinguishable from most of the other apprentices by the pile of leathers next to her bed. (And yes, she is sleeping /alone/.)

Linora slips into the apprentice dorm, pale eyes searching. Well, she's looked everywhere /else/ she can think of. At last she spots the pile of leathers, and sighs a little sigh of relief. "Hey... Lis?" Not that Lin's not enjoying her visit to Gar and all, but she'd really thought she'd be back at the Weyr before dawn.

"Ehwha?" Lis wants to know as she rolls over sleepily, blinking sleep-crustied eyes at Linora. Blanket is tugged up closer, as if by giving into unconciousness Linora would go away.

Linora chews on her lip for a minute, unsure whether to press forward or just to let the greenrider sleep. Since she looks like she could use it. Finally she sits down on the cot next to Lis' (fortunately it's empty). "You awake?" Always start with something obvious. "I prolly shoulda told Keris, if I'd thought we were gonna stay all night," she ventures cautiously.

Lis rolls over again, leaving Linora a shoulder and shaggy head to talk to. "Maybe," she mumbles, not wanting very much to leave her warm bed. "I'm sure Keris won't mind terribly..." If he does, she'll 'convince' him. Or something.

Linora sighs. It's not even Lis' bed. Faranth knows which poor appy had to sleep in the vault... or maybe it's just an extra. She looks around then and notices a few empty cots--one of them hers, actually. "Well, if you say so," she begins doubtfully. "Shouldn't you oughtta get breakfast or something, though?" Maybe Lin should do something constrcutive, instead of this futile attempt to get Lis out of bed. There's always the archives, after all.

"Mrrf." Lis' reply sounds non-comittal, but after another flop and an abortive try at getting back to sleep, the blanket is thrown off and the greenrider all but tumbles out of bed. And with that outfit on, one can only be thankful steward Aaron really /didn't/ put her in the male dorms.

Lis ambles aimlessly to the Vault.

The Vault
No more than a hideaway amidst the gothic grandeur of the StarHall, this cozy lounge is a place of laughter if not greatness, warmth if not splendour. The close stone walls are insulated with tapestries of all shapes and sizes, most a little worn, several faded and a good many depicting scenes from childhood stories. The mismatched chairs and sofas are in a similar state, rescued from cellars and rubbish-heaps but perhaps more softer and more comfortable for that, scattered in a rouch circle on a hardwood floor. A low round table in the centre of the room holds cards, discarded hides, mugs, and a pot that holds klah as long as someone remembers to fill it. The one window at the back wall lets light and air into the warm, cozy room.
Scattered troughout the rooms are numerous glowbaskets. Thin hides, that would be transparant if they weren't coloured in light shades of red green and blue cast a colourfull and happy athmostphere troughout the room. Small bells and sticks, hung near the window, create soft, eerie yet comfortablly soft sounds,
On the perch are Pingouin, Teremi, Kataxia, Zaflin, Scorpy, Tas, Venusnv, Bluey, Melaus, Zilla, and Cami.
Farran, Keris, and Lis are here.

Lis' oval-shaped face is filled out with a pleasant pudginess that adolescence couldn't melt away, upturned nose sitting 'tween mud-puddle brown eyes. Half-spirals of brass unwind into soft waves just above her shoulders, trimmed for practical riding purposes but long enough to satisfy her vanity. Skin fades to a honey'd alabaster, pouring over her now-smooth face and any uncovered skin. Reproduction has taken its toll on her figure, though the weight gain only adds a rather fetching hourglass quality to her previously top-heavy shape.
Angelic she is not, but angelic she looks, her cotton shift floating on some heavenly breeze with every movement. Beguilingly transparent, it hints at revealing more than it actually does - though there's nothing demure at the way it slopes along her bustline, nor hikes itself up her thigh. All in all, it's cute and playful, and she looks ravishing; par for the course.
She is awake and looks alert.
Lis is 29 Turns and 2 days old.

Keris wanders distractedly into the vault, in search of... "Oh, Linora! There you are. I thought you'd gone up heee...err." He trails off, for some reason, as a certain greenrider is spotted. "Lis?" Blue eyes widen a little. A much. "What're /you/ doing here?!"

Er, a lot. D'oh.

"I walked," Lis snaps back at Keris grumpily, looking as hungover as one can manage without really being drunk. Unaware - or at least apathetic - about her state of undress, the greenrider drops almost liquidly into a chair, unmoving until something warm and brain-stimulating is placed in front of her. And Keris doesn't count.

Linora barely has time to blink before Lis is out of bed and on her way to the Vault, apparently without having bothered to dress. Whoops. She's got her mouth open to suggest that Lis rethink this course of action when she abruptly hears her mentor. Who thankfully seems a lot more interested in Lis than in herself. "Oh, hey," she says, swallowing quickly. She's about to ask Keris the same question he just asked Lis, but seems to decide that the better part of wisdom would be just shutting up and letting other people talk.

Farran is stretched out in one of the chairs in the room, making random doodles on a spare scrap of hide. Footsteps and voices gain his attention, and grey eyes are raised briefly. No comment is made about Lis in her underwear, and eyes drop back down to the hide, another vague drawing starting.

If Linora is lucky, Keris will assume that he's forgotten about her asking for permission - and about him giving it, which could very well have happened under other circumstances. "Err, you walked? From where? Did you spend the night here?" And with who? Though he doesn't add that bit - no need to tempt her. Farran gets the briefest of glimpses, but since he doesn't seem to be doing anything that involves stripped-off greenriders, he's not interesting for long. "Wait, did you ask me if... oh, of course you did." That was directed to Linora, but the journeyman decides that of course he can trust his favorite mentee. Ahem.

Lis is subconciously happy not to be stared at, for once, even if it's not registering in the forefront of her brain which only wants klah and a hot breakfast. "Stupid," she pronounces with an eye on Keris, arms stretched out over those of her chair and just barely keeping her upright.

This is apparently Linora's lucky day. She beams a relieved smile at Keris before glancing quickly at Lis. "She was sleeping in the girls' dorms," she explains helpfully, which is true as far as Lin knows. At least, that's where Lis was sleeping when Lin finally found her. She shifts herself around the edges of the room to sit cautiously on the arm of a vacant chair, sparing a quick look and a friendly if nervous smile for the new apprentice.

Keris decides to send Lis a hurtful look, followed closely by his best set of puppy-canine eyes. "What??" It's his best innocent act - after all, Lis can't possibly mean that /he/ is stupid, can she? Aww. "She was, was she?" Linora gets a suspicious look. Oh wait, that could be interesting... hehe. Mind in the gutter, here. "What was it you were going to do here, again?" Again directed at his mentee - he might remember giving her permission, but he can't for the life of him remember what for...

Lis scowls mutely across the table at Keris, looking for all the world like she'd rather be in bed now. In fact, her body seems to be sneaking towards horizontal, the greenrider slumping further in her chair with a disturbing tendency to close her eyes and half nod off. Zzzz...

There's a good reason Keris can't remember, but Linora doesn't remind him. After all, there's plenty of valid reasons to be at the Hall other than the real reason, which is that the Weyr is getting very chilly and she misses... well, she misses Gar. Ahem. "I needed t'see the charts in the observatory," she says simply. "I been comparing the old ones to the new ones, and I didn't get them all last time I was here." Distractions and all. But she means well. She slips her pack off her shoulder and onto her lap, ready to show Keris her copies if necessary. Because she wasn't all that distracted this visit. But now Lis is sleeping in the Vault in her underwear, and Lin's really not sure if she ought to be doing something about /that/. "Um... her leathers are in the dorm," she offers hesitantly, looking from the dozing Lis to her confused mentor and finally just looking at her lap again.

Farran raises his eyes from his drawings once more, rather intrigued by what is going on in the room around him. He still remains silent, but shifts slightly so that he can view the scene slightly better. Knees are crooked up more, and hide rested on them, his grey eyes peeking out from over the top of them. He isn't watching, honest.

Keris certainly can't go into the dorms (even if he wanted to, hehe), so he just glares at Lis falling asleep. Erm... "Oh, charts." Linora said the magic word, so he leaves her alone for now. "We should get back to the Weyr, though." And he's /not/ asking Lis for transportation! Hungover rider on scary green. Not a pretty picture. Farran gets a look. Maybe he should send in the apprentice... hmm... er, male apprentice. Nevermind.

Lis isn't really hungover, she just /looks/ it. "Only been here a day and already you're getting rid of me, Keris?" asks the greenrider sweetly, eyes still closed and otherwise looking mostly asleep. "I can take a hint, I suppose," comes the mournful comment, and she shoves her chair back from the table, preparing to get up.

Linora nods earnestly at Keris--she's been trying to get back to the Weyr for hours now, honestly--and gets to her feet. "I could get 'em," she offers of the leathers, hesitating again as Lis starts to get to her feet. Maybe the greenrider will get them herself. "Um... I'm ready t'go whenever," she adds quickly to Keris, wondering but not asking if she knows the 'rider he came with. Long as she gets back, it doesn't matter. And bonus if she's not in trouble for this little excursion.

Keris jumps a little as Lis talks in her sleep. Oh wait, not in her sleep. "Err, not getting rid of you, dear Lis. But /we/," hand waves Linora-wards, "must be getting back. After all, Linora has a project to do. And I've F'reud waiting in the courtyard," 'crafter adds to his mentee, "so maybe if you just get Lis her, uh, clothes, we can be on our way."

"I'll get 'em, I'll get 'em," Lis calls irritably over her shoulders, disappering into the dark world of the female dorms for a few minutes, only to reemerge as spotless as someone can be who is half awake and hasn't showered. At least her leathers are all buttoned correctly... "Aw, not /F'reud/," groans the greenrider, returning just in time to hear Keris mention him.

Linora hardly has time to do more than stare after Lis as the greenrider disappears and then reappears, looking a bit the worse for wear but at least dressed. Confusion crosses her open face at Lis' reaction, though, and she blurts out, "You don't hafta ride with him, do you?" After all, Alymath was still in the courtyard last Lin checked. She shoulders her pack though, and takes a few steps closer to Keris.

Farran quietly rises, and makes a spirited attempt to walk quietly and unnoticed to the Male Dorms, taking his hide with him. Stuff calls.

Farran walks to the Male Apprentice Quarters.

Keris looks surprised at Lis' outburst about F'reud. He's such a /nice/ man. A little bloated, but hey... happens to the best. "Uhm, erm, let's go," journeyman mutters, eagerly giving Linora a little shove towards the door. "See you at the Weyr, Lis!" Squee. Shes beginning to scare him. A lot.

"No," Lis sighs to Linora, "but he's so... ugh. Creepy." And the bearded fourty year old she sleeps with isn't? Farran is idly waved after, and she begins to move towards the door with another sigh. Whatever happened to the day when Keris use to /like/ her?

Lis ambles aimlessly to the Main Hall Balcony.