Honey-blond tresses, sunstreaked with platinum highlights, tumble heavily to a spot just above her hips, although her hair is generally worn in a single thick plait down her back. Short in stature, girlish in appearance; nonetheless she has a look about her pale blue eyes that's old beyond her Turns. Set in a warmly tanned oval face, they remain her most striking feature, more for the odd gleam that lights them than for color or shape. Full lips are just a fraction too wide, quick to warm her distant expression with a genuine smile or merry laugh.
Linora has finally resigned herself to cooler weather and got some warmer clothing... Soft flowing skirts of deepest indigo flow over her hips and legs, hemmed just above her ankles. A thick woollen sweater, cableknit in a fisherfolk pattern and dyed a brilliant shade of lilac, covers her upper body from neck to hips, too-long sleeves often slipping down to cover her hands. And the final indignity, thick woollen socks and solid shoes of sturdy wherhide cover her feet - but rest assured they'll be kicked off at the first opportunity.
Red and silver, royal and black -- four cords form a single loop at her shoulder, with a small tail to denote her status as StarCraft Senior Apprentice posted to High Reaches Weyr.
Linora is 20 Turns and 21 days old.

Ancient dunes have been flattened by the endless parade of people and dragons that tramp northwest across the bowl, leaving a mere skiff of sand here along lake's beaten edge. Footprints litter the curve of beach, some left turns ago and caught frozen in the heavy clay earth near the water's edge. As the sun sets, shadows invade, creeping like fingers across the gently sloping ground and darkening the distant ledges on the far side of the lake.
To the north, dust rises from the redolent pens while the flattened disc of the main bowl is just a step to the northwest.
It is an autumn afternoon. The wind rakes the land with its chilling touch, and the sun seems pale, offering little warmth.
To the northeast, you see one person.
Darting here and there are thirteen firelizards.
Brown Zenzorath, blue Wiranth, brown Shirasuth, and green Vespurath are here.
You see Atticus, Dry organic waste, Dire Image, and Bandit here.
Miria, Legolas, and Tatia are here.

Stratus appears suddenly from ::between::, his tail curling behind him like a trail of smoke as he selects a perch.

Linora shuffles in from the central bowl, her arms wrapped around herself as if the sweater she wears doesn't quite afford enough warmth. Pale eyes look everywhere and nowhere all at once, and her expression as she finally settles herself on a large flat boulder to look out over the undoubtedly frigid lake could only be described as wistful.

A well built young man with strange colored hair. The ends of it are a deep royal blue while the roots are a pale sky blue. His hair doesn't seem to hang very well, even worse now that its been dyed. For the most part it sticks up, but the front of it does hang to just above his eyebrows. His eyes are brought out by the color blue and the hazel color looks now more teal but they still spark with the joys of mischief and life itself. A well-rounded nose sits in the middle of his face and traces down to thin lips. They seem to be a pale pinkish color and often hold a goofy grin. Just under those lips of his is a chin. It's stronge but it has a little clef in it. No matter, it's still cute. Finally his neck, it traces down to his strong arms that have just enough muscle to prove his strength. His chest muscles as well but not too much to were it's almost gross to look at. He's a very solid but hansome looking young man.
A white rough material that has turned into a creamish color covers Lego. It seems to be rather new just dirty. The upper chest of the shirt has strings losely holding it together. His light tan pants hit his shirt at his middle. They hang well down to his ankels and from there to his feet they are a bit torn up from walking about. On his feet or two strong black leather boots, a tid bit dirty from walking as well. This boy does get out. Resting with whirling red eyes is Cledwyn. He seems to be rather cozy on Legolas's shoulder. His tail wrapped tightly around the upper arm. With his flirtish eyes whirling and his tail wrapped about Legolas's neck is Brandon resting happily on the shoulder.
He is awake, but has been staring off into space for 6 minutes.
Legolas is 17 Turns, 7 months, and 8 days old.

Tatia's not only angry... but she's angry enough that she's quite worked herself into a state. Meaning that her face is flushed quite red, causing Vespurath to hover behind her with further worried croons. "People around here, /honestly/, have /no/ respect, no..." The greenrider stops short, words cutting off. Perhaps something caught her attention? Maybe she lost her train of thought? Or maybe... she's fainted. Dead away. Swooning toward the ground with impressive speed. Evidently the combination of pregnant hormones and anger violent enough to entice her to beat on residents has caught up with her - as has the lack of exercise since Vespurath started locking her in her weyr. You can imagine the guilt trip the green will get whenever Tatia wakes - but for now, she's sprawled on the ground, out.

Legolas blinks a few times as all this happens sort of suddenly. Not sure what to do he sets the oil at Tat's side and heads back to the weyr, glancing at Tat once and a while as he heads back. Not sure what to think or do.

Legolas walks out.

Nestled on the dusty warmth of Shirasuth's neck, "/TAT!/" K'nex squeals, leaning out so far from his dragon's neck he's in danger of falling to the ground. Which wouldn't do anyone any good at all. Shirasuth rumbles in rather concerned way, eyes whirling quickly as he brings his head near the fainted greenrider. Kez, poor thing, is in a near tizzy. Maybe he shoudl have stepped in earlier before this. Oh dear...The brownrider, squeaks again and slips off the dragon, eyeing Tatia. "Tat! Tat? Tat..." What do you do?

Well.. a good start might be getting the pregnant greenrider off the ground. As Tat would surely tell you, were she not passed out on it.

K'nex climbs careflully down from Shirasuth's neck, using the bulky brown's extended limb, and steps safely onto the ground.

Linora might have gone on staring absently at the lake until full dark, but something about a worried dragon and a frantic brownrider draws her out of her reverie. When she spots Tatia out cold on the ground, she scrambles off her rock to the greenrider's side. "Tat?" She slips an arm under her friend's shoulders, turning anxious eyes to the only other conscious person left on the beach.

Tatia would respond with a friendly greeting for the StarCrafter.. were she not, you know, passed out cold on the ground.

K'nex had basicly failed to notice Linora's entrance a moment ago, but he sure sees her now, not that he's really thinking about the stranger's entrance, but more that she's got a good idea and he should help out. After all, Tat can't pick herself up since she's, you know, passed out cold on the ground. ;) With little more than a nod Kez reaches over and attempts to help Lin get the greenrider /off/ the ground.

At which point, Tatia wakes up. Oh, if only it were that simple, hmm? She does stir, but it's more of a groaning, attempting to open her eyes so she can glare at someone, unable to really get her hand up to brush the hair out of her eyes like she wants, sort of stirring. But at least she's alive? And that's a good thing. Right?

Well, pregnant or no, she can't be /that/ heavy. Linora manages to get Tatia at least sitting up, her free hand brushing the hair out of the greenrider's eyes, her worried expression clearing noticeably as Tat shows some actual sign of not being dead. "Tat... are you okay?" Well, it's the obvious question to ask, and Lin's usually good for asking the obvious question. And of course, the second obvious question, this time directed to K'nex as the brownrider begins to assist. "What happened?"

Well, Sikkyen who was recently punched in the nose might've not considered it a good thing, but at least K'nex does, and Shirasuth too, for that matter. The brown breaths in a way like a sigh and then moves his nose out of the way. Kez, himself, still looks worried, although a little less, and answers Linora tenatively while waiting eagerly for an answer from Tat, "I..I think she may have overstrained herself..." May have? She /fainted/.

Tatia manages to blink, which is something of an accomplishment. She blinks first at Linora - then at K'nex. Who gets a long, solemn blink, since it seems to really be the only thing she can manage at the moment. Give her a few minutes - she'll get back to glaring in no time.

Linora actually isn't terribly surprised, being acquainted with Tatia's temper (although somehow she's managed to avoid having it directed at herself), and considering the greenrider's obviously pregnant state. "Oh." She might have commented further, but now Tat's eyes are open. "Tat?" Her tone is gentler now. Whatever upset Tat, it wasn't Linora, and she's not about to start. "You all right?"

K'nex continues to wear a worried look, brows knotted and all, and although he seems to be a little relieved that she's showing some signs of life and understanding on the greenrider's part. He even attempts to smile, although it just comes off as nervous and not terribly reasurring. And for all that, he's silent since Linora's asking the importaint questions for him and he simply nods to them.

Tatia's blinks are rapid now as she attempts to clear her vision, and then she frowns up at the pair of them. "Shards.. what happened?" Evidently she's not quite ready to attempt /moving/ yet.

Linora backs off a bit to give Tatia some room, as much as possible while still supporting the greenrider. "You fell," she offers hesitantly, glancing up at K'nex for confirmation. "Fainted, maybe? Didja hurt yourself?"

"You...fell," Kez states rather lamely, echoing Linora. Crouched down next to the greenrider and watching her anxiously, although she seems ok, he states, "Yeah, fainted I suppose. You're not hurt, are you?"

Tatia blinks again - really the most she can manage at the moment - and then attempts a shake of her head, which seems to go off farely well. That's followed by a dry smile as she finally lifts a hand to get that irritating bit of hair out of her face. "I don't... think so. But then, I haven't gotten up yet, either, so I can't really tell."

Linora flashes a relieved little grin. "Wanna try? Or d'you just wanna rest a couple minutes? Shards, Tat--" now she's chattering, some of the nervousness seeping out of her-- "I didn't even know you were pregnant and stuff."

K'nex nods and says, "Oh, well, just take your time standing up and whatnot. We'll help you if you need it." That said, he nods again and attempts to smile, a little more sucessfully this time. He only mumbles something as Linora makes a coment about Tat's pregnancy, although it's so low it can't be understood.

Tatia nods slowly in reply to Linora, though she quickly reconsiders that and squeezes her eyes shut as her head beging to spin. "Um.. on second thought.. maybe I'll just lie here for a minute, hmmm?" She opens her eyes again to smile up at them - a pleasant expression, this time - and her eyes widen a bit at Linora. "You didn't? Shards.. I'm nearly eight months now."

Linora could almost have guessed that Tat was pretty far along. "Guess I haven't seen you much," she mumbles, looking around for something Tatia can use for a pillow. Finally she gives up and kneels on the ground behind her, cushioning her head on her lap. "You got any water or something?" This to K'nex, who she's now very earnestly looking at.

K'nex smiles back at the greenrider, nearly all nervousness gone about the whole 'fainting' thing, although he'll remain a little concerned until she's standing and everything. At least her anger seems to have worn off. "Nearly eight months?" Kez echoes in surprise, "Really?" Well, he's bad with time. After all, that's what started all...this..."What?" He blinks and looks at Linora, "Oh, no...But I could go get some?" He offers.

Tatia shakes her head, frowning as the movement sets it spinning again. "I'm ok.. honestly. I just need... to get up. And back to my weyr. And /off/ the ground," she states, voice quite a bit stronger than the rest of her.

Linora looks doubtful, but that's not a tone to argue with. So she shifts herself a little, gently helping Tatia to sit up again. "If you say so..." And she glances up at K'nex with a little shrug. No way she can do this herself, since Tat's in no shape to stand unassisted.

"Mmmhmmm," K'nex murmurs, looking a bit skeptical, but nodding in agreement that she'd probably be better off in her weyr. It's /getting/ her there that's bound to be the problem. He shrugs back at Linora, but is there and ready to help get Tat back to her weyr...however they're supposed to do that.

Indeed. Just wait until they try to load her onto a dragon. With Linora's help, Tatia manages to sit quite easily - and her head isn't even spinning. "See?" she questions, bracing herself with a hand on either side. Evidently she was convinced they didn't believe her. "I just need to.. get up. And have a sweetroll." This is said with a mischevious grin as Vespurath rumbles her disapproval. Well. She must be feeling better.

That sounds a bit easier than loading Tat onto a dragon, so Linora nods earnestly. "They got those in the caverns," she suggests immediately, positioning herself to help Tatia stand. "You can sit there for a while, and eat something, and then go home." Very good idea, and the look she shoots K'nex just begs the brownrider to back her up.

K'nex is not looking forward to trying to get her onto her dragon. If only he'd shown up and moved her into the ground weyrs already, this'd be a /whole/ lot easier. "Ah, I see," he says, and then can't help but grin, "A sweetroll, eh? Well, you'll get one then." Whether Vesp likes it or not, which she won't. He nods at Linora. "That actually doesn't sound like a bad idea," he says, also offering his assistance in helping Tatia get up.

Vesp most certainly does /not/ like it, and from the way she's hovering dangerously close to K'nex, she's not planning to allow it to happen, either. Something which Tatia doesn't like, but had more or less accepted with a sigh. "Or.. maybe just back to my weyr?" Taking firm hold of each of them, one on each side, Tatia attempts to make her way upward...

Linora gapes at Vespurath's reaction for a long moment before hastily getting her feet under herself to help Tatia stand. "What's wrong with her?" she murmurs nervously.

K'nex eyes Vesp, just as Shira eyes her, although he goes as far to give the green a warning snort. K'nex grunts, making sure his footing his secure, as he helps Tatia up. To Linora he explains, "Vesp doesn't approve of any the moment."

And since when has Vespurath been afraid of a /brown/? The green replies with a snort, but backs up a bit. Because Tat has give up on the sweets, of course, not because of Shirasuth's eyeing. Tatia shrugs as soon as she's on her feet again - and relatively stable. "Vesp's decided I can't have.. right. That," she states with a glance toward K'nex as he explains.

Linora's expression is frankly disbelieving. "She tells you what to do?" She steals a look at the green, privately relieved she doesn't have to deal with that. Bad enough having journeymen and masters tell you stuff--at least they're not inside your head! Swallowing quickly, she looks back at Tat. "You okay now? I mean, you can hold on, and stuff?"

Shirasuth isn't terribly concerned whether she's afraid of him or not, but that's /his/ lifemate and she's not going to touch him. Although the brown continues to sit there, looking rather disconcerned. "Well, Vesp's been pushy about that," K'nex explains to Linora with a shrug and looks back at Tat, not about to let go until he's /sure/ she's not going to fall again. Once was more than enough.

Tatia nods slowly before she turns her head to look at Linora with a short laugh. "Worse than it ever was in the Hall.. she likes ordering me around, I think," she states wryly. Tatia then turns to lift her brows at K'nex. "Pushy? That's putting it nicely. She nearly shoved her way into the caverns yesterday." Her grip on each of them remains firm - she's not quite ready to risk falling yet, either.

Linora isn't sure what to do now, standing dumbly with one arm supporting Tatia's one side. "So..." she begins, looking from Tat to K'nex to Vespurath and back. "You sure you're okay?" This to Tatia, of course.

K'nex is sure Vesp enjoys the privledge of ordering Tat around since so few can do it. Not that he hasn't had similar problems with his own one lost rock he /had/ to find. Kez shrugs at Tatia. "Well, really pushy then?" He suggests, glancing at the green dragon while supporting one side of her rider.

"Right. How about we settle for really pushy and get my back to my weyr?" Tatia questions, voice almost wistful. "I'm really wishing for a bed right now..." Or something else that will allow her to stop standing. Because her head seems to be spinning again.

Linora takes the hint and begins leading Tatia in the direction of her dragon. Since there really isn't any other way to get to Tatia's weyr. At least, not that Lin knows of. "Vesp wouldn't let you fall, right?" She's just checking. Even the distance to the green's shoulder looks farther than Lin would like to fall.

K'nex blinks at Tatia. "Oh, right! Back to your weyr then...," he states, slightly daunted by the idea of helping her mount Vespurath. And what if she gets dizzy up there and falls off? Linora seems to be following the same train of thought he is at the moment as they both lead the greenrider towards her dragon.

Tatia seems to be having the same doubts, though she certainly wouldn't express them aloud. Vespurath would never forgive her. But from the dubious way she's eyeing the petite green. "Of course not.. I'm sure we'll be fine," she states quite firmly.

Linora shrugs a little. "Okay..." And now there's the little matter of getting Tatia actually /on/ the dragon. Lin's willing to push, pull, or be a ladder if need be, but she's just not sure how best to help. Maybe if Vespurath ... /ducked/ a little. She glances over at the green again, and finally just asks Vespurath the obvious question. Or, it would be obvious if this apprentice had any business talking to dragons. "You gonna help?" A deep breath later, she dares to add, "Don't drop her or anything. It'll hurt the baby and stuff."

On the dragon, yes indeed. That's the tought part. K'nex eyes Vesp up and down, considering the best way to get Tatia up there. Of course Vesp'll lay down to help, right? Kez looks from dragon to rider and then to Linora and finally says, "Um, so...How are we supposed to get you up there..and keep you up there?"

Of /course/ Vesp will lay down to help! After all, her rider has been having some difficulty in mounting for some time now - she's used to it. The problem is.. Vespurath seems to have decided that Tat really shouldn't be riding on her back all the way up to the weyr - it's now falling in the same category as sweets. And so the green remains, standing as tall as she can manage, while Tatia glares at her and engages in a swift mental arguement, silent to the others until the greenrider lets out an irritated growl. "Sharding /dragons/!"

Linora sighs. She doesn't have to hear the argument to understand that Vespurath isn't in the mood to cooperate. She glances over at K'nex. "Maybe you could give her a ride?" Or will Vesp take offense to that as well?

Sharding men, sharding dragons...Everyone's just thwarting Tatia or annoying her in some way today. K'nex simply sighs at the green and dully states, "She's not going to work with us, is she?" Sigh. "I'd take you back on Shirasuth, but I think it'd be much harder to get you on him than her," he finishes to Tatia, although that last bit is an explanation to Linora too. Shirasuth is quite a bit bigger than Vesp, after all.

Vespurath most certainly /will/ take offense! How is allowing Tatia to ride on that big brown lump better than the care /she/ would take with her lifemate? The green straightens, doing her best to glare at first the dragon, then the rider in question. Tatia sighs, head shaking. "Ok, fine. No sweetrolls, no weyr.. can I at /least/ sleep in the groundweyrs without you hovering over me like my mother?" she questions crossly of the green before nodding faintly at K'nex. "Groundweyrs. Maybe we can move my things tomorrow?"

Groundweyrs! What a wonderful... wait, Linora has no idea where the ground weyrs even are. "Can you manage?" she asks K'nex quickly, anxiously eyeing the angle of the sun. "I need to get up to the Star Stones early tonight, and I haven't eaten yet."

Shirasuth simply sits, passivly but curiously watching everything that's going on. He happens to be a rather dependable big brown lump, thank you, even if it's nearly impossible they could get Tatia on him in the first place. K'nex nods to Tatia, "Groundweyrs it is then. I'll get your stuff whenever." The brownrider then nods at Linora, "Um, erm...Yeah, I think I'm ok. You go do what you need to do."

Tatia nods firmly, and with that, takes a tight hold of K'nex's arm and starts off for the groundweyrs. "Thanks, Lin," she offers before trundling away, complete with waddle. Aw. Itn't it sweet?

Linora slips out from under Tatia's arm, watching for a moment or two to be sure the greenrider won't hit the ground again with only K'nex supporting her. Then she flashes a quick grin and a quicker wave and dashes back to the caverns.