Gar Stables
A long cavern lined with stalls on either side of it's wide, stone-surfaced aisle. The atmosphere is rich with the scent of runners who've had care lovingly lavished upon them. The walls have been painted with a mural of the hold fields in spring, flower's and growing grain waving in a gentle breeze. Thirty Boxstalls are lined on both sides, none with a nameplate, a larger open area is seen just beyond the stalls, used for caring of those animals that require it or the birth of a new animal. All the stalls show evidence of care and cleanliness with newly laid straw and fresh scrubbed walls.

Samir walks in from the Gar Hold CourtYard.

Samir pages, "'ello"

You paged Samir with: From afar, Merdia waves. :)

Samir pages, "up for that iveiw?"

You paged Samir with: From afar, Merdia eeks. I didn't see you come in. Sure. But I might be a little slow, if you don't mind?

From afar, Samir's computer and connection are slow, so he's used to it.

From Jool's Stall> Jool whickers softly as she sees a new human enter the stables. She's curious about this new place she's in. It's different from Keroon and her new owner, Azalea, is interesting too.

Samir pages, "so....should I pose entering, or what?"

You paged Samir with: From afar, Merdia will pose. Sorry.

Merdia is making her way down the long row of stalls, checking each one as she passes to make sure they're sufficiently clean to last the night and that the runners look comfortable. She's moving slowly... partly to be thorough, partly because she's just bone tired at the end of her long day.

Samir enters the stalls and looks around for a moment, then walks over to Jool's stall and pats her. He then turns to the assistant stablemaster with a grin, "Magnificient animals, don't you agree?"

From Jool's Stall> Jool whinnies softly at Samir and stomps a foot softly on the floor of her stall. She wants a treat! She shakes her head, her beautiful mane flowing out and back down to her neck as she gives a soft snort at both of the humans in the stables. Pay attention to her! She's new!

He is a tall young man, 6'3 to be exact, his skin is a light tan. His hair is pulled back and reaches just below his waist. It is a dark midnight black. His eyes are a light Grey, in strong contrast with his hair, and sparkle slightly when his gaze wanders about. His nose is slightly crooked from days long past.
He wears a pair of tight, black pants, and a longsleeve black shirt with swords embroidered on the lapels. His boots appear to be made from black wher-hide, and appear very sturdy.
Samir wears the knot of a Ista Hold Resident.
He is awake, but has been staring off into space for a minute.
Samir is 20 Turns, 8 months, and 1 day old.

From afar, Azalea beams! I lurve my new horsey! *giggles*

Merdia blinks at the unexpected voice, refocusing her eyes on the stranger. "Yes," she says carefully, sizing him up before continuing. "Can I help you with something?" She spares a glance at the newest runner, but other than being unusually active for so late in the day, she appears to be fine.

Samir smiles, "Actually, I saw the posting in the Entry Hall. You wouldn't still be looking for Stablehands, would you?"

From Jool's Stall> Jool nickers and nods her head up and down for a treat, something her former master taught her if she wanted a treat. It's a habit now. Everyone's stuck with it. She looks between Merdia and Samir, wondering which one'll give her a treat or if she has to whinny to get more attention. Impatient she is.

Merdia brushes her hands on her trousers, extending one in greeting with a small smile. "We've had several applicants," she admits. "Do you have any experience with runners?" She's not reaching for a treat, though. Owners can spoil their runners all they like, Merdia just sees that they're clean and healthy.

Samir shakes Merdia's hand firmly. "I've done a bit of traveling with a few...."

From Jool's Stall> Jool snorts loudly, giving up, but she'll still keep watch on these two...just so she doesn't get bored.

You paged Azalea with: From afar, Merdia erfs. Does he always pose so short?

From afar, Azalea shakes her head. Just this time cause he wants to get it over with? *shrugs* And...just to warn ya...that's another one of Sol's alts. *giggles* have fun! i'm gonna sign off! *laughs*

You paged Azalea with: From afar, Merdia oys. I told him I had three windows open. I type a paragraph, I get a line?! And I know he's a Sol alt.

From afar, Azalea told him to pose longer. I'll see ya later! *hugs* :)

Merdia frowns lightly; that doesn't tell her much. "Were you responsible for their care? Feeding?" She gives him another searching look. "Can you ride?" She just wants to get a feel for how much training she's going to have to do, before she agrees to hire him.

Samir nods to each of her questions. "Only really had to take care of them while I was on the go, but it takes a while to get from Keroon to Tillek..." He smiles at her, nodding his head towards Jool. "And whoever got her so interested in treats?"

Merdia shrugs lightly. "I've no idea... that's one of the newer beasts." But she catches onto his previous words, her dark eyes lighting with interest. "Keroon? That where you're from?" Besides being known for its runners, Keroon happens to be the nearest thing to her own home hold. Not that she's got any interest in returning, mind you.

Samir shakes his head. "I lived there for a while, my mother was Ruathan, and my father a Bitran..."

Samir pages, "sorry bout the short poses...."

You paged Samir with: From afar, Merdia normally doesn't mind but I'm also RPing two other alts, so this is going by really quickly for me. ;)

From afar, Samir ahhs.

Iyanden wanders elegantly in from the Gar Hold CourtYard.

Merdia hms thoughtfully. Well, Ruathan runnerstock is well-respected as well... this of course doesn't necessarily mean he knows his way around the stables. "Look... I'll be honest with you. We really need the help." /She/ really needs the help. Even with the new hands, she's practically killing herself working insane hours with no breaks. "But I'd like to know how much time I'll need to spend training you in the work." Of course, maybe Lynar could share some of that responsibility, since he's so experienced.

Zella saunters in from the Gar Hold CourtYard.

Iyanden wanders in with Zella on his arm, they are here to look at the runners nothing more and the sight of Samir doesn't get the slightest reaction. "Oh look there is a nice one," he points over at one of the stalls, his arm gentle running along Zella's shoudler.

Fondasrugo walks in from the Gar Hold CourtYard.

Zella hmms softly and nods. "Aye, a nice one," she murmurs, though she doesn't seem to be looking at the runners. A neigh from one brings her vision to the stalls with an "Oh!" and she meeps slightly. "Have you ever had a runner?" she asks before looking toward the others in the stables with a smile. "G'day all..." she coos.

Samir nods to her politely, "I don't want to be a burden, ma'am...Just to help." The sound of Iyanden's voice behind him is noted, then ignored. Time for him later.

Fondasrugo walks to the Gar Hold Courtyard.

Merdia smiles at Samir. "Very well... why don't you report tomorrow morning, and I'll have you work with Lynar." That way if he needs help, he won't have far to go to ask. And it's so late; she's dying to go home, but suddenly the stables are so crowded. She looks over at the entering couple. "Can I help you two with anything?"

Iyanden chuckles as he leans into Zella noticabley. "Oh I had one when I was at Ista but it was only a little one, got too big for it after awhile." He isn't planning on having another time with Samir, thats all over with. He looks up ay Merdia with a smile and a wink. "Oh we are just admiring your fine runners" he says with a quick squeeze of Zella's shoulder.

Samir nods to her, saying "Yes, ma'am." before bowing and making his way out of the stables.

You paged Samir with: From afar, Merdia has a couple quick ooc questions..

Samir pages, "shoot."

You paged Samir with: Merdia pages, "Do you already live at Gar?"

Zella nods slowly as she looks over the runners. "Seems like quite a lot of beast for a kid to take care of," she replies with a shrug before turning toward Merdia. "Oh, I believe we're fine, thank you."

From afar, Samir plans on fixing that ASAP....

You paged Samir with: From afar, Merdia is staff and can fix it. Hence me asking.

Samir pages, "please?"

You paged Samir with: Merdia pages, "@sethome in the male dorms, I'll resident you and make you a stablehand. addcom st=Stables ... I think that's most of it."

You notice Iyanden looking at you.

Merdia hesitates, not really liking to leave the stables with strangers there. But rather than interrupt them, she heads down to the other end of the stables to check over the tack. Again.

[Stables] Samir has joined this channel.

[Stables] Samir waves and goes to @sethome

Samir walks to the Gar Hold Courtyard.

[Stables] Samir: done

Iyanden smiles as he is left alone with Zella. His hand sliding down to her butt for a second giving Samir one last view of it as he leaves. "Ha thanks for this Zella, he was soo annoyed." He breaks the embrace as soon as Samir is out of sight. And gives her a little peek on the cheek in thanks.

[Stables] Merdia: Cool. :)

Iyanden pages, "Sorry relationships and revenge long story!"

Zella raises an eyebrow at Iyan, glancing for a moment to Merdia then back to Iyan. "Oh, no problem. I still think it was kind of silly, but I can't compain," she murmurs with a chuckle.

You paged Zella with: From afar, Merdia is Linora elsalt and is dying on your behalf. Oy.

Are you sure you want to add Samir to Garhold? [Enter `yes' or `no']

[Gar] Samir has joined this channel.

Samir has joined Garhold.

Samir's title changed to: Gar Stablehand

Zella pages, "He just touched my butt!"

You paged Zella with: Merdia pages, "I saw!!"

Merdia continues checking over the tack -- needlessly, really, since it's already been done, but it keeps her eyes away from the couple at the other end of the stables. She sits down on the bench, dead on her feet.

Iyanden leads Zella out again, content his revenge was at least partly successful. His hand looping round hers in a gentlemanly like fashion more then the hugging swagger from mere moments before.

Iyanden wanders elegantly to the Gar Hold Courtyard.

You paged Zella with: Merdia pages, "He so used you. You should deck him."

Zella pages, "Honestly, Zella is a slut anyway?"

You paged Zella with: Merdia pages, "He's still a twink."

[Stables] Samir: now, what if I can't get on tomarow morning?

From afar, Zella chuckles. Yes, he is! He touched Ze's ass! ;)

Zella pages, "Can you say... powerplay? Gotta go! See ya!"

[Stables] Merdia grins. It's okay! It's only icly that you start work tomorrow morning. Just as long as you spend some of your online time RPing working in the stables, it's fine. :) This channel is so you can hassle the other online hands for RP.

[Stables] Samir grins evily.

Zella has disconnected.
Zella falls asleep.

The housekeeper arrives to cart Zella off to bed.

Tierza walks in from the Gar Hold CourtYard.

Tierza says, "hey again Merdia.. finally ready for a break?"

Filli walks in from the Orchard Path.

Merdia looks up from the bench with a startled expression, the tack slipping from her hands onto the floor. Rubbing her eyes with one hand, she gives Tierza a smile. "Sorry... I'm dead on my feet. What did you say?" Was she actually sleeping?

Filli walks in heading to check on her runners walking down the aile she dosen't notice either Tierza or Merdia untill she is already at Strom Essence's stall even the she says nothing for the time.

Tierza says, "I was asking if you might finally want a break.. But maybe what you need is a quick bath and your bed." A look of concern crossing her face as she sees the dark shadows under her eyes. "Merdia.. you don't look so hot, my dear."

Merdia leans forward to retrieve the fallen tack, standing slowly to replace it on its peg. "It's been a long day," she explains, trying for a light tone. "But we're finally getting some replacement hands." So she doesn't have to work doubletime anymore. She sighs. "That's a really good idea." Bath. Bed. Mmm.

Filli pets Stormy as she leans on the stall door. She hears the voices but can't see who it is at the moment. She happily plays with her runner as if everything on her mind has melted away when in the stables.

Merdia brushes off her hands and starts back up the long row of stalls, automatically checking each one as she passes... even though she's pretty sure she already did that tonight. When she reaches Storm Essence's stall she starts in surprise to see that Filli is there, then gives the Herder a tired smile. "Evening," she greets pleasantly. "You're here late?" Not that it's a problem, of course, but maybe it would be prudent to open a glowbasket or two if she's planning to stay, since the natural light is fading quickly.

Stands with the black filly's head pushed to her stomach. As Merdia passes the stall she gives a smile, "Evening." She returns as Stormy nickers softly towards Filli to scratch more, "Oh If it's a problem I can leave..I was just wanting to spend some time with my runners is all." Filli explains quickly petting the little filly.

Merdia shakes her head quickly. "Of course not," she says softly. "I'd be a fool to think the stables weren't in good hands with a journeyman Herder. Stay as long as you like." She barely manages to stifle a yawn. "Have a good night." With a little wave, she turns and heads for the exit, flipping open a glowbasket as she leaves... just so it won't be totally dark in there.