Logfile from Heron

Hold Field
You walk along a small path through a large open field. Tall billowing stalks of wheat blows back and forth in an almost hypnotic pattern. You hear the gentle laughter of small children playing one of hundreds of games, ringing from some distant part of the field, lost in the sheets of wheat. Some small patch calls out to you as you pass it, asking for you to join it in another day of doing nothing. It promises to hide you from the gaze of all others and keep you company. But to listen ... or go on ... a tough decision ....
The track has been cleaned of anything that would be of harm to human, firelizard or runner. The tracks themselves are decorated in the colors of the area, two flags are situated at both sides of the finish line, one gold and one bronze. Back away from the finish line is the starting line, marked by a green flag on the inside and a blue flag on the outside. Two brown flags, both on inner and outer rails of the track, mark the halfway point for the flat race. Currently, the race is set up to be 8 furlongs long.
It is an autumn afternoon.
In the courtyard, you see one person.
Standing quietly are Secret, Solar Flair, Thirty Four, Southern Pride, Black Satin-N-White Lace, and Legacy Star.
Gliding above is a gold firelizard.
Squaln, Sarrol, Maynard, Leah, and Xadrienne are here.

...and now they're neck and neck as they head towards the finish line, Solar Flair holding first place by a head length with Secret behind in a close second while Legacy Star tries to move up from third place.

...and they've crossed the finish line with Solar Flair pulling forward to take first place by a noselength, Secret close behind in second place and Legacy Star pulling up in third place!

Solar Flair has crossed the finish line in first place!
Secret has crossed the finish line in second place!
Legacy Star has crossed the finish line in third place!
Southern Pride has crossed the finish line in fourth place!

Sarrol can't believe it. She won again! Solar is pet on the neck again and sent on a slow walk to cool off.

Maynard gave a small sigh as he came in. Maynard wasn't as disappointed about coming in fourth as he was about how the colt's owner may react. He knew some owners were quite serious about their racing runners. Sarrol didnt seem like one of those people, he reassures himself as he swings off of the now exhausted colt. He let the colt take a slow paced walk around to let it stretch and relax a little.

"And there you have it folks, the Gar Harvest's runner races have come to a close. Today's top winners are Solar Flair (with two first place wins!) and Highlander!" Squaln announces to the crowd. "Thank you all for coming, watching and participating in these events. Enjoy the rest of the day at the Gather!" Jumping down from the platform, the Herder makes his way towards the runners. Such pride!

Sarrol finishes walking Solar and dismounts, handing her off to the usual apprentice. She walks over to Southern and Maynard and waves, "You did well. And just so you know, I really don't mind that Southern wasn't in first place or anything. He wasn't really built for racing anyhow. Hopefully some of his grandchildren will, however, when I put him in a little breeding program. Now, if you'll exscuse me, I need to go see Squaln." And she heads toward her fellow Herder.

Maynard nods, thanking Sarrol for giving him the oppurtunity to race at the Gar Gather, and he sits down, taking his own little break

Squaln grins as Sarrol approaches him with that grand smile of hers. "Hey, Sar. -Excellent- race today! Solar did great." he says, gripping the marks in his hands. "I believe you two won these.." Handing the grand total of /eight/ marks over to the fellow Herder, the Journeyman just beams. Shells, Sarrol could buy a whole runner with that amount.

Sarrol actually gives Squaln a hug and pockets the marks. She's off to buy something now. Who knows what. Maybe...maybe she'll get a dress or something.

Squaln has disconnected.

Maynard is.. thinking of what to do next.

Sarrol swings up onto Solar Flair's back.

Solar Flair leads Southern Pride.
Solar Flair gracefully paces to the Gar Hold Courtyard.
Southern Pride walks with a bounce in his step to the Gar Hold Courtyard.

Maynard decides to go to the Gar Hold Courtyard..

** Natch just set the @party! Type @party to check it out! **
The races have concluded and drudges are busily setting up for the Main Event at Gar's Harvest Gather - a lavish ball in honor of the future Holder of Gar (during which, of course, Natch hopes her son will meet his future bride)! @go gar, hf, cl to join the fun!
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Cyclone> Maynard walks in from the Hold Field.

Cyclone> Liesana steps silently in from the Hold Field.

Cyclone> Serulia walks in from the Hold Field.

Crystal Lake
As you walk along the path, you find yourself near the center of the valley. Situated here is Crystal Lake. This lake is named for its clarity. At nearly 100 feet deep, things can still be seen as if they were closer! Unfortunately, this is also a danger, as one has trouble gauging depth, so swimmers beware! A natural spring feeds the lake from underneath, keeping it a nice 80 degrees, even in the winter, though it can get much warmer in the summer. A gathering area has been cleared and covered with sand.
It is an autumn noon.
In the field, you see two people.
Sunning on the beach are Wolfgang Puck, Bunkitty, Jarranis, Marin, Iriai, Cyclone, Mordecai, Lurk, and Karigan.
You see Black Pearl, Gar lake monster, firepit, Open Grill, Large Wooden Table, and Gar Holder's Tent here.
Maynard, Liesana, and Serulia are here.

Catarina walks in from the Hold Field.

Catarina walks to the Gar Gardens.

Kittiara walks in from the Hold Field.

Catarina walks in from the Hold Field.

Parvati sashays in from the Hold Field.

Ziria gingerly walks in from the Hold Field.

Leah walks gracefully in from the Hold Field.

Ziria goes home.

A cooling breeze wafts over the lake, bringing with it tempting aromas from the heavily-laden buffet tables. The flaps of the Holder's Tent seem to be constantly moving as drudges bustle in and out, setting things in order for the evening festivities, and a careful listener may detect the faint noises of Harpers tuning their instruments within.

Catarina quietly moves toward the lake, then notices the people there. Snorting with disgust, she walks toward the opposite end of the lake from all the people.

Kittiara wanders toward the lake, her gray eyes watching over everything with avid intrest. Noting the various people here, she smiles and begins to wander through the crowd, listening with curiosity. Now would be a good time to hone her Harper skills, especially if she has any interest in becoming an info gatherer.

Natch makes her way in from the Hold Field.

"Watch that drum, Videlian, otherwise you're going to make me the replacement, kiddo!" Yes, there are indeed Harpers afoot, and Liesana is among them, the Craftsecond resplendant in a sisal gathering gown in the rich blue that seems practically a requirement for her craft's wardrobe. Well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em? "There, that's good." she praises the previously threatened apprentice, pursing her lips thoughtfully, and tuning her own weapon of choice, a gitar polished just for the occasion, the legal expert rarely putting in actual performances these days.

Maynard arrives at the Crystal Lake, and looks around. You could see him sweating a little, for not too long ago, he had participated in the runner races. He looks around at the men and women, young and old, all gathering..

Leah walks into the area and looks around. There has got to be /someone/ she knows, right? Her firelizards are still draped about her in their customary positions, her two browns on one shoulder, blue and bronze on other, and green on her head keeping lookout. She looks around at the people and looks for someone who she might strike up a conversation with.

Natch arrives. She even arrives quietly, for her, though her new attire might bring some attention her way. As she makes her way toward her private tent, she stops to correct a drudge or repositoin chairs. She takes tastes of foods and checks the color of presentations to ensure all is perfect.

Serulia goes home.

Kittiara spotting her Craftsecond, Kittiara makes her way toward Lies, ready for any work she may be requested to do. "Master Liesana, have you any need of my assistance?" Tilk, the bronze firelizard on her shoulder, humms happily along with the faint music he hears.

Hynolonie walks in from the Hold Field.

Decked out in sisal that a certain Wingsecond aunt won for her at an auction, Parvati is in her element -- parties. Yet she knows how Natch feels about the weyrbred sort, so she's gotten herself an alias. Only to be presented when with the Holders, of course ... yet nobody she knows is yet spotted, and the lone 'Reachian keeps herself comfortably aloof, watching the others and saying nothing. Of course.

Leah has connected.

Maynard looks around, and takes a seat on a bench which was conviniently nearby. He had just gotten a cup of redfruit juice, and sipped slowly, letting his eyes roam for a possible dance partner

Heron can't help but make a bit of an entrance, being well aware of the gaze of literally dozens of hopeful young women. Just off his shoulder lurks a hawkish young man, evidently a close friend to judge from his proximity and easy manner with the Heir. Polite bows of greeting punctuate their progress across the field, but they don't stop until they reach the Holder's private tent and slip inside for a brief respite from the scrutiny.

Natch can't help but spot the Red Dress Parvati is sporting and her eyes squint at the audacity, then a smile creeps onto her lips a the surity someone would have to have to wear that color here, of all days. Her eyes only marginally take in the face, which seems very vaguely familar. But Natch isn't one to make much of such things openly so goes about her greeting duties.

Catarina watches the various fire lizards, noting who has been made a pet by what. Her brilliant blue eyes track the motions of Natch, whom she identifies as an authority figure in this mess.

Liesana has her eye on Heron as well, as he enters... but with an expression of mild pity rather than predation. "Poor man. Someone ought to run up and pinch his rump, just to lighten the scene a bit." the Harper master decides, sharing this tidbit with whoever happens to be within hearing range of the amused half-murmur. Kittiara is given a nod and a wave beckoning her over. "Gkad you could make it, kiddo... and actually, if you could go through my carrysack over there, there should be a package of metal gitar strings I commissioned from Smith Hall. Careful... they were sharding expensive."

Hynolonie wanders in like a young woman on a mission. A gitar is strapped to her back, but the harper doesn't seem to mind the way the strap may potentially wrinkle the new sisal. Her lips twitch with nervous energy as she wanders through the crowds looking for a particular face. She needs to find Liesana, and assumes that she'll stand out when she wants to be found, but for the time being Hynolonie is wandering. Upon finding the master, She grins and draws close. "Be careful what you wish for, Liesana. I'm almost of the mood to just go do it. Want to borrow my gitar while I string and tune yours?"

Parvati certainly is. Sure of herself, that is. Assuredly she has no idea that Natch is thinking thus, but -she- is, making her way right over to Maynard and giving him a smile. "Hi," is stated cooly before she takes a seat next to him, sipping a bit of wine she thieved from the drink tables. "Who're you?"

Kittiara nods, smiling as she catches the comment. She swiftly moves toward Liesana's carrysack, kneeling before it to carefully sort through the contents, retrieving the strings and carefully brining them back to Lies and Hynolonie. She nods to the other Harper, grinning. "Seems we will have to work hard, as there don't seem to be many Harpers here today." She looks at Heron with a mixture of pity and amusement. "Poor fellow. He really does not need something like this, but arguing with Natch is like digging in stone..."

Natch spots Liesana herself and makes a bee line toward her most favorite harper. "Master Liesana!" she bubbles when she's not quite within hailing distance. "How wonderful!"

Sheanna walks in from the Hold Field.

Ingron is led in by Sheanna.

Catarina wanders aimlessly, finally heading toward the drink table to get a fruity juice for sipping. SHaking her head, she stays in the few shadows that there are.

Maynard finishes with his cup of redfruit juice, and walks to the refreshments table, getting himself a meat roll. He begins to munch on it and wanders throughout the ball area, looking for someone to converse with..

Tonalie walks gracefully, hips a-swayin' in from the Hold Field.

"Not going to talk, then?" Parvati looks sharply after the retreating Maynard, who she had sat down -right- next to and spoken to. Ah well, There are others about. She notices Sheanna and Ingron, the couple she saw walking before, But doesn't say anything, sitting and sipping her wine. Let's just watch, now, and see what's up.

Sheanna looks around at all the lovely ladies wearing her outfits, seeing Natch, gives a wave, clutching tightly to Ingron's arm.

Leah watches as Heron enters and raising an eyebrow. The green perched on top of her head chirps quizically to her mistress. "Not sure." she murmers and walks toward the nearest group of people, "Hello." she says to anyone who may be listening.

Rathan walks in from the Hold Field.

Maynard hears a voice, and he turns around, seeing Parvati. "Oh! Hello," he says finally, having a ringing feeling of idiocy running through his mind. How could he have not noticed her?

Ingron looks around, seeming a bit intimidated by all the people that he has seen around, but doesn't really know who they are. He looks at Sheanna, and smiles, seeming somewhat comforted by her presence.

Tonalie sidles up out of nowhere near Natch, a stage whisper tossed to the Lady. "Everything under control? Can I help with anything?" She wore her service dress for a reason, though there's a dance dressed packed carefully in her bag. One never knows if she might need it, afterall.

"I'll give you a mark and a restday if you do it, Lonie." Liesana mutters to her mentee, sotto voce, and clearly not talking about the offer to string her gitar, if the wicked grin accompanying is any indication. Hey, it's a festive occasion. Who needs to be stuffy and rankish? Aloud, she thanks Kittiara and takes her package of strings, noting that "Oh, we'll find a way. I'll play a few really wickedly fast pieces to tire out the dancers, and then you can take your time with ballads. Thanks. And I think I'll do it myself, Lonie, thanks... you go tend to your own instrument." Natch's greeting is overheard, and she beckons the Gar Holder over. "Natch! C'mere, I've got wine!"

Liesana puts on her knot

Maynard puts on his knot.

Parvati smiles cooly. "That's better then." Another sip is taken - will the blasted girl get drunk? - and her eyes look the Grinstead man up and down for a moment. "What's your name?" And does she admit that she's weyrbred? ... Aw, why not. It can't hurt. "I'm Parvati." Silence ensues. Oh dear.

Hynolonie raises an eyebrow and smiles at Kittiara for a moment. "I'm Hynolonie. Liesana's.. unorthodox apprentice. You're new?" Lonie smiles sweetly at the harper for a moment before taking in another deep sigh and releasing it as she removes the gitar from her shoulder. Her attention is then caught by Lady Natch. She smiles sweetly and bows automatically, displaying some vestige of more formal training by respecting the Holder. "Hand it over Liesana." She grins. A mark and a restday sounds delightful. "You can start taming crowd now... and I'll join you in a minute. Mine's already tuned."

Sheanna comes over to Liesana and Hynolonie with Ingron, "Liesana!" smiling at both harpers, "Can I introduce Ingron to you? He's new to Gar and has an interest in being a harper?" She beams adorningly up at the young man, hands tucked in his arm.

Maynard doesn't really know that she's a weyrbred lass. Nor, would he really care if she was hold bred or weyr bred. "Hello, Parvati. M'name is Maynard," he says with an affirmative nod. He adjusts his knot to make sure it's on right before the young man said, "How are you, lady Parvati?" he said, taking another bite off of his meat roll.

Kittiara grins at the mention of the dancing, as there was likely to be a lot of it. "A good idea, Liesana. I'll just wait over there and listen, if you have no objections, until my turn comes around." She smiles slightly at Lonie. "I'm Kittiara, and yes, I am new." She surreptiously moves out of the way as Sheanna approaches with Ingron, thinking over everything she had heard as of yet.

Natch is stopped at Tonalie's voice and turns to answer, ready smile large on her face. "Oh Headwoman!" she greets the woman from Ista Hold Proper. "How lovely of you to come. And to ask. I do think Petrin and Rikaeli have things well in hand." She can't help but notice the woman's garb and tsks. "You should know better," she says good-naturedly, head shaking. "Did you need to borrow something else? Or are you prepared for a quick change...." her voice trails off and she chuckles. "Unless you /want/ to spend your time in the kitchen?" she teases then excuses herself. "I must speak to the harpers..." Her attention and feet immediately move to Master Liesana "OH Lieeeesana!" she's off and moving again. "We do need to discuss wine," she grins, her curiosity as to the offering in her voice, and still,"And music. Do you have a lot of slow, romantic ones all ready?"

Rathan goes home.

Ingron Seems to be somewhat lost for words as he looks at Liesana and Hynolonie, and is clearly awed by theire presence, having dreamt his entire life of one day becomming a harper. "Hello, Liesana, Hynolonie," He says, nodding at each in turn. "Sheanna is right, I would love to becomme a harper. Although, im afraid thats only a dream, so far..." His eyes look at them, the unasked question clear.

From Kittiara's shoulder, Tilk yawns and creels pointedly, hungry. He can smell the various foods and drinks, and decides that it is time to eat, reaching over to nibble on Kitti's ear.

Kittiara mutters and lifts Tilk from her shoulder, glaring at the flizzard. "Fine, go ahead and eat. Just don't start any trouble."

Kittiara releases Tilk, who launches into the air.

Tonalie laughs and shakes her head, a knowing wink tossed toward the Lady...'s back. "I brought my own, but thanks," she calls out before spinning on a heel and bending over a table, practiced hands quickly rearranging just a /few/ things.

Tilk croons and flies toward the food tables, chittering. He brushes against a few people before landing on the edge of the table, looking at the drudges hopefully.

Liesana smirks at her mentee, and leans over to quip blithely "Payment on services rendered, my dear senior apprentice." from the seat she's taken on a high stool, nodding to Kittiara and waving her off as she wishes, before setting to work loosening the tuning pegs on her instrument and removing the old, gut, strings from it. "You'll die when you hear the sound improvement." she notes to the other Harpers. "Night and day, really. And I've got all the old sappy songs lined up as requested, Natch. As well as a few toss dances so Heron can show off his muscles. All right by you?" she asks of the Holder with a grin. The young craftsecond bestirs herself to act something more like her rank in the face of Ingron's awe, giving him a restrained nod. "Well, well met, Ingron... and the greatest accomplishments all begin with dreams. I hope to see you around Harper Hall some time soon."

Catarina notes the loosing of the bronze firelizard by the Harper girl, watching him quietly. Her blue eyes glitter with appreciation as she watches the bronze fly toward the table, obviously hungry and searching for some food.

Sheanna smiles shyly and nods to the harpers, seeing they are getting set up. Tugging on Ingron's arm and whispering into his ear.

Natch clasps her hands and brings them to her chest. "Toss dances," her smiles takes over her face. "What a most wonderful idea! Master Liesana, you are exactly who we needed today!"

The tent-flap stirs, and the hawk-nosed young man slips out, bright eyes scanning the crowd. After a moment he sticks his head back in... and some moments later draws it back out again with an audible sigh. Well, if Heron's not coming out, /someone/ ought to have some fun. Hel-LO, ladies!

Kittiara nods at Lies words and vanishes into the crowd, listening from a short distance away. She surreptiously pulls a set of handpipes out an begins playing a soft background melody, enjoying the gentle music. She smiles at the compliments Natch lavishes on Liesana and notes the arrival of a hawk-nosed young man. Now who was this, and what is he up to?

Ingron listens with his head bowed down, so he can hear what Sheanna is saying, smiles warmly at her, and then nods at her, nods at the two Harpers, before leading Sheanna away into the crowd.

Hynolonie smiles to herself and purses her lips. She'll have to settle for inferior strings and back up melodies for a while, after she gets a little bit of excitement going in this party. She nods and smiles to Ingron. "Delightful.. Harper is a lovely craft, but let's not talk about joining right now. A good part of harpering is learning to dance with the ladies and sing songs. Enjoy yourself at the gather and wait till the master has finished her set. Then she'll have more time to talk to you, if a certain guard doesn't show up." She begins to strum a couple arpeggios to test the sounds from her instrument before waiting on Liesana's cue for more.

Ingron walks to the Hold Field.

Ingron leads Sheanna out.

Tilk snags a meatroll and starts eating it, looking around for some place to perch while chewing. Spotting the quiet girl with bright blue eyes, he flies over and lands lightly on her shoulder, creeling hungrily after finishing his meatroll.

Maynard watches as Parvati leaves, and he sits down up against a tree. Oh well. He takes another munch out of his meat roll, as he looks around the gather..

"I resent that remark, Lonie." Liesana sniffs, the expression not quite coming off because she's clenching a gitar string between her teeth. "I don't -completely- zone out of existance when Dashvard shows up. And Natch?" She tries a grin, which is middling successful. "Don't thank me until I've managed to behave myself all evening. I'm a certified brat, you know. But do you have a favourite you'd like us to open with?"

Parvati has disconnected.

Gracious and gleaming a winning smile, that young man with the distinctive nose grabs a platter of food and uses it to press an introduction to young ladies. He's ready with a bow and compliment to each one.

Maire walks in from the Hold Field.

Catarina looks at the bronze in suprise, not expecting him to come and perch on her. She had hoped to be completely un-noticed, but this fire lizard had dashed that idea. So now she has a hungry bronze firelizard perched on her shoulder, creeling... What to do? Well, feed him, of course! She fetches a meat roll from the food table and offers it to Tilk, hoping he would accept her offering.

Tonalie straightens and steps back to admire her handiwork, a satisfied smile playing about her lips as she turns her attention away from the table and towards the crowd. "Hmmm... quite a few gents hovering for Heron's leftovers," she murmurs to herself, taking a step backwards toward her bag... and her dress. "Mayhaps I might have some fun tonight afterall..."

Poor Morallen will be sad.

Poor Morallen should pay more attention then.

Poor Morallen's slaving away in the Infirmary, and this is how he's repaid. *sniffle*

Poor Morallen's priorities need a visit then.

Maire wonders why she seems to be hearing voices telling her things she has no way of knowing.

Azalea strides in from the Hold Field.

Poor us, with all this OOC.

Natch turns from the harpers to let them fill the air with their sweet tunes just in time to catch sight of a young slip of a girl in a leaf green gown passing through the tent flaps. And AhHa! and a grin pass over her face.

The housekeeper arrives to cart Parvati off to bed.

Tonalie walks gracefully, hips a-swayin' to the Hold Field.

Maynard sighs, and wonders if he could find a dance partner for himself..

Kittiara watches the prominent-nosed man silently, bemused smiles drifting across her face. Another one come to collect Heron's leavings, apparently. These ladies would likely be dissapointed, Heron would probably end up going to hide somewhere, like in a wineglass... But maybe she was underestimating this Heir of Natch's, and he would pick some woman as a bride.

Maire dances in place to the music.

Tonalie walks gracefully, hips a-swayin' in from the Hold Field.

Naylia glides in from the Hold Field.

Sarrol walks in from the Hold Field.

Leah walks around, looking for anything to do, someone to talk with. She spots Natch and decides that it could her for her to say hello. She walks over to her and smiles, "Hello." she says, soon followed by 5 chirps of greeting from the lumps on her shoulders and head.

Tilk accepts the meatroll, crooning appreciativly as he tears into it, swiftly eating the roll. He then creels more softly, still hungry, and nibbles on the girl's hair, tugging hungrily.

Andria walks in from the Hold Field.

Maire wanders around the dance area, idly looking for the rare man interested in dancing.

Azalea arrives in her new (and borrowed) gown. She decided to dress up today. Yup. She sees Natch and waves with her left hand, showing off her new engagement ring.

All herald Tonalie's remergence... Or at least /she/ thinks so. A hand drifts up to smooth a stray strand of hair into place as she drifts towards to clump of harpers. Stand near the music and one might get asked to dance.

"I didn't say zone out," Hynolonie shakes her head, her own logic making perfect sense in her own mind. "I simply was remarking that you wouldn't have time to focus on interviewing him from the dance floor." She smiles and bows, expressing some cheekiness in her stage manners. She's not on stage, but she's acting a little more peculiar than normal. She spies Kittiara's glance and narrows her eyes. "Its my mark.. and my rest day, youngen. Give an older.. decrepit girl a chance to earn a little extra." She nods a little and looks back to Liesana. "Oh.. Well, if Natch doesn't have any ideas, I'm all for something regal and holdish."

Maynard finally sees someone he recognizes, and he gives a shy wave to Sarrol.

Liesana has long ago decided that she's crazy, so unheard voices bother her not a whit. What -does- bother her is that one of the metal gitar strings is being obstinate, and refusing to coil around the tuning peg she's applying it to. A few choice Keroonian curses later, mercifully muffled for delicate ears, and the Harper has vanquished her foe, smirking triumphantly at the now re-stringed gitar, and running through a few arpeggios to check tuning, before striking a loud and lingering major chord. "Ahh... /listen/ to the clarity compared to gut strings." she intones happily, before glancing at the other harpers. "Think we should open with a beat, or with sappyness?"

Catarina giggles softly and collects another meatroll, trying to avoid being seen as she feeds the bronze firelizard.

Andria skips in, clean and ready to party. A grounding isn't going to stop her from having fun. No sir! Skipping over to Natch, to hide behind her, watching the dancing and all the crazy things adults do.

Sarrol slowly strides along the path to the lake. She's been here before, but would rather enjoy the scenery first, plus she doesn't want to get her dress dirty by running or anything. Sarr sees Maynard and waves back to him, "Hello again."

Maynard grins a little, and says, "So, how are you enjoying yourself, madam?" he said, with the usual politeness he seems to have towards people.

Hawk-nose, with manners and style to more than compensate for his lack of good looks, divests himself of his platter and offers his latest acquiantance an arm, intending to show her the gardens.

Sarrol smiles at Mayn, "Call me Sarrol, or Sarr. And I'm enjoying myself just fine actually. I haven't been to a Gather in quite some time. This is nice." She pauses to glance around to see if she recognizes anyone else before saying, "What about you? You enjoying yourself?"

Natch moves with an audible swish of her skirts toward the drink tables, eyes trying to take in all the details and mostly succeeding. She spots Tonlie and nods, pleased to see her bedecked for a ball. Occasionally she glances at the tent, wanting to be a vtol on the wall and knowing she'd better leave well enough alone.

Maynard nods. "I am enjoying myself much here. This is my first gather, so it seems especially fun," he said, giving a little chuckle for he remembered last night, and the time he tripped while dancing.

Azalea thinks Natch didn't see her and so moves to the toward the drink tables as well. She calls to her, "Natch! I've got something to tell you!" And hopefully the woman hasn't already heard about it. Other people are politely nodded at as the Waystation attendant moves through the crowd.

Airgiod walks in from the Hold Field.

Natch has acquired her drink and is just turning as Azalea approaches. "Why hello there," she says and winks. "You've left Hukian in charge? I'm sure Heron will be most pleased to ses you!" Now here's someone she hadn't thought of.. Azalea and Heron.. might work. "And you look lovely, too. What news do you bring?"

Andria has disconnected.

Airgiod enters, then stands aside quietly to watch.

Sarrol grins, "That's good. First gather eh? Well, don't let people con you into buying things at the booths. They can be tricky sometimes."

Tonalie has sidled close enough to the front to take inventory of the musicians. Liesana is given a pleasant nod, Lonie receiving a warm smile of acknowledgement before a gentleman appears at her elbow, inquiring after a dance, which is promised, if delayed on account of the earlier gentleman's quest for punch.

Maynard gives a grin. "You wouldn't have to worry about that. I couldn't get conned even if I wanted to. Don't have much marks.." he said, then he said, "i really need to talk to Stanbogan about a job," he said, more to himself than Sarrol.

Hynolonie raises an eyebrow and shrugs. "anything, I guess." She has trouble not cringing while Liesana plays till she gets the tune right. She does have to smile and nod at the better sound from the metal strings before letting her attention be diverted by her sister and the plum colored dress she's wearing. She grins as the woman spares no time with out a date. "Some people never change." She takes her eyes of Tonalie and looks back to Liesana. "Fast? No need to start slow.."

Azalea nods, "That I did. I was hoping to get a drudge or someone to watch instead so I could bring him along with me but..." she shrugs and smiles, "Why thank you. You look lovely yourself. And I bring happy news." She beams and holds up her left hand with the sparkling ring, "Hukian proposed to me. We're going to be 'fasted." Beam. Guess the Azalea and Heron thing won't work. Nope nope.

Mahlepi walks in from the Hold Field.

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Airgiod perks up at the mention of her mother's name and salutes the young man from Grinstead who spoke.

Natch is sipping from her glass as she listens to Azalea, expecting to hear news of new vegetable beds or income from the waystation, definitely not this. She lowers her glass and almost chokes. "You and Huk.." she pauses to gain control and a smile. She clears her throat. "Hukian. You and Hukian. Well that's rather unexpected. Congratulations."

The housekeeper arrives to cart Andria off to bed.

Tonalie has too changed! She can't help it if she draws masculine attention. After all, she has to be pleasant. It's in her job description, she's sure. The first gentleman returns promptly and hands over a glass, accompanied by some nonsense about how lovely she looked tonight.

From the direction of the gardens comes a squeel and the sound of a slap. From where two had walked before storms one young woman, red faced, and heading for an older woman who quietly tries to calm her.

Naylia strolls down the path from the hold fields with another of the hold women, the two of them talking quietly before Naylia offers a quick wave and heads for the tent, seemingly searching for someone. She first stops near the Bakers and has a quiet word with one of the men there as they both turn to watch the crowd gathered.

Kittiara watches the woman storm past, guessing that her partner had gotten a little amorous and the lady had not liked his advances. SHe smiles slightly and begins getting ready to perform.

The slim young woman slips out of the tent, looking right and left to gauge who might have seen her, then disappears into the gather crowd.

Azalea giggles at Natch, "Yes. Hukian and me. And thank you for the congratulations. It was a bit unexpected for me as well. But I'm very happy about it." She gets herself a glass of wine and settles into talking about other things, "So...who do you think Heron will end up with? Or at least who are you hoping he'll end up with?" Aza's eyes sparkle as she starts to make mental bets on certain people.

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Natch glances at all the woman, not totally ignoring some of the older, handsome males she might like to psend time with later herself, then smiles at Azalea. "Oh there are so many lovely women who would be an asset to the hold. It's his choice, really," she says somewhat sincerly. "He just needs to /choose//"

With a slight rustle of her not quite perfectly fitting gown, Airgiod spies the lady Holder and moves toward her table making a slight curtsey in quiet recognition of Natch (who she hasn't actually seen for some turns).

Sarrol grins, "Not much marks eh? Well...would you like a few for racing my runner today? I think you deserve at least 3 for trying." She's a jman, she gets enough marks to be happy with. A small purse is opened up and the beasthealer takes out three marks, handing them to Mayn, "Here you are. Maybe that'll take you a step closer to gettting your own runner one day."

Tonalie drifts nearer the hopeful mother-in-law with an apologetic flutter towards her shadow. "Natch has quite a selection here for him," she interjects herself smoothly into the conversation, a calculating glint in her eye. "Though, dear, you didn't have to look so far afield. If you'd only asked Yatyl or myself, we could have introduced Heron to one of our sisters. Wonderful pedigree and all..." she offers, tossing a significant glance over her shoulder at Lonie.

Liesana decides that a spritely tune is called for, to get the evening in proper swing. Calling back to the other Harpers, she wonders "Can one of the violinists come up here? I want to do Kilan's Reel for openers." before flexing her fingers, smoothing her unaccustomed skirts and settling her gitar gently on her lap. A series of bright chords cut through the air, left hanging for a few measures as the Harper seeks to draw the crowd's attention, before the cut time of the reel takes over, asending and descending triplet notes and a slippery-slide phrasing creating a whimsical, fun-loving sound.

Naylia finishes her brief discussion with the Baker and stops at the drink table for a glass of wine. She just catches Natch's last statement as she draws near Azalea and the Holder. "But why now?" she asks politely, nodding to them both. "He's still quite young, you know."

Maynard smiles with a large degree of gratitude. "Thanks, Sarr!" he says quite happily. He pocketed the marks yet handling them carefully as if they were the most precious of cargos. Yes, he did want a runner someday, for sure!

Azalea sips at the wine and smiles, "Very true. I hope he chooses wisely. I mean...I'm sure he will but...well, you never know." She shrugs and drinks a bit more of her wine. Best not say something she'll regret.

Natch nods graciously to Airgiod, hrm'ing to herself as she tries to place the face. She just smiles and gives a happy "How are you, dear?" Tonalie's approach negates anything else for a few moments. "Why Tonalie, how many of you /are/ there? Are any here now?" She scans the groups to see if Heron has emerged from his hiding spot yet. Whoever he's with better be very interesting, and available. Some of this shows on the Holder's face, but she's still got a small smile left.

Sarrol smiles, "You're welcome. Just be sure that once you do get a runner that he's not a lazy one. In fact, if you go to the Istan Herder Hall I'll try and help you pick a good one out when you're ready."

The housekeeper arrives to cart Catarina off to bed.

From the direction of the gardens, the hawk-nosed comrade of The Man Of Honor today arrives, straightening his tunic and trying to brush strands of hair over the red mark on his cheek.

Maynard nods. "Yes, I'm actually planning on moving to a herder hall.. I have major interestes in being a herder," he explains, and takes a bite out of his meatroll

Hynolonie waits in the back of the stage, playing simple harmony to Liesana's melodies, keeping her eyes on Kittiara for the most part, wanting to be helpful in her playing. Her fingers play over the strings quickly as she keeps her eyes on that private tent in the back, a smile playing across her lips as she waits for a certain gloomy young man to make his reappearance. The reward still stuck in her mind, she only faulters a little when she hears Tonli refer to her sisters. She's not entirely sure what the headwoman is thinking, but she decides to watch for what Tonli's doing and for Heron's entrance.

Sarrol cocks her head sideways in inquiry at Mayn, "Oh? You want to be a Herder? What about getting a job at Grinstead and such?"

Maynard chuckles audibly. "Whichever comes first," he says, giving a shrug of his shoulders meaning that he didn't really know how his plans for his future would go..

Naylia taps her fingers lightly against her glass for a moment, staying near Tonalie, Azalea and Natch a moment longer, to be polite of course, before wandering off again, this time towards the Harpers.

Kittiara moves foreward at Liesana's calling, smiling as she looks around for a violinist. Noting Lonie's gaze, she looks at the Senior Apprentice questioningly.

Tonalie nods and turns to wave a hand in the Harper's general direction. "Well, yes. As a matter of fact, Hynolonie is..." her voice drifts off as she locks contemplative eyes with Lonie. "And you know... It would be such a nice way to bring Ista and Gar closer together," she ponders in an undertone as she leans closer to Natch. "Does Heron like girls with musical inclinations? I mean, that does indicate graciousness and refinement."

Azalea looks around the crowd. She doesn't recognize anyone here besides Natch. Ah well, best to just stay silent for the moment and watch.

Romney glides in from the Hold Field.

Having recovered his composure somewhat, the young man with the distinctive nose strolls back to the tent, standing aside to let a blushing young lady pass on her way out before ducking inside himself. A few moments later he reappears, this time with Heron, who doesn't look disheveled at all. Really. He does look remarkably relaxed, though, as he strolls about the crowd, offering polite smiles of greeting to those he passes... mostly unfamiliar faces, although many are certainly attractive.

Sarrol grins, "Alright then. Good luck in whatever you end up doing. Exscuse me a moment, I'm going to get myself a drink." Quickly, but with dignity, she moves to the drinks table to get herself a glass of...something. Who knows what it is. Once it's obtained, she makes her way back to Maynard.

Leah releases Marian, who launches into the air.

Leah steps away for a moment to scrawl out a message to someone.

Maynard nods, nibbling on a meat roll as he waited

Airgiod sniffs at the cider, but she changes her mind and pours herself a cup of klah and selects some spider claws for her plate.

Leah calls to Marian, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.

Liesana lifts an eyebrow as no-one seems to be that interested in dancing to the tune played, and murmurs an aside to her fellow performers that "I think we might have to spike the punch if this keeps up," with a waggle of an eyebrow, before redoubling her efforts, and the gitar's volume. And up, two three four, back two three and back two three. Her feet tap in rhythm to the dance steps not permitted her by her sitting position. "Old Kilan was a Seacrafter, had a lass in every port..." she begins to sing, before grinning to Hynolonie and tossing her a nod to let her take the next line. Or, more accurately, make it up on the spot.

Tilk flies around aimlessly, bored. He spots Maynard's meatroll and dives, trying to snatch it away from the Garian.

Hynolonie blinks a little as her eyes refocus on Kittiara's face for a moment, studies her confused a little while longer before she speaks again. "HM? What? Am I messing up?" She's just a little distracted." She smiles and looks away for a moment before looking back at Kittiara. "This your first performance?" Her eyes flicker up to spy Heron at last, and that grin pulls at her lips again. "Hope I don't get thrown in jail for this. Not that Liesana wouldn't get me out eventually." Though, that could be what the harper meant by a rest day. Her voice falters before she speaks up again, or rather.. sings. "His name was legend to the women there, and a curse to the men." With that, she slips off the stage and runs away. Where is the harper off to?

Maire idly wanders by Heron to scientifically test the reason for his relaxation, her nose flaring ever so subtly.

Maynard realized that somebody, or something is trying to take his food. He sees a bronzen blur coming right towards him, and suddenly he threw his meatroll in the air, wondering if the firelizard could catch it.

The music has been such a lovely background, but as the song starts, Natch can't help a grin at the words. She /thinks/ she knows what's coming, but back her attention goes to Headwoman Tonalie, her mind working down the same path as the headwoman's/

Airgiod uses the edge of the table for her cup and plate so that she can stand and watch the activities.

Natch says "I hadn't much thought of it, but if we could manage to get them together, perhaps someone might light a flame?" she smiles at Tonalie.

Tilk croaks with suprise and snatches at the meatroll, nearly missing it as he grabs. Chitteirng scoldingly at Maynard, her flies down to eye level and stares at the Garian calmly, holding the meatroll losely in his claws.

Natch motions to Airiod "Oh sit.. here.." she motions to an empty spot at her table.

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Leah stops to look around and decides to pick a random person to walk up to. She walks up to Maynard, "Hello." she says, her flits too lazy to chirrup a greeting.

Placing a hand to her bodice in suprise, Airgiod looks rather round-eyed at Natch. "Yes M'am, of course." She stammers a bit not having expected the Holder to even return her acknowledgement. "How dod you do? It has been a long time since I was back home at Gar." She smiles shyly.

Mahlepi walks over to the drink table hoping for a mug of klah while watching the musicians play.

Maynard turns his head to look up at the woman who had come up to him. "Hello, madam," he said, and got to his feet, and introduced himself, "I am Maynard, a resident from Grinstead Hold."

Kittiara runs over possible next lines in case Lies calls on her to pick up the song. She nabs a drum and slowly adds her beat to the song, a smooth counterpoint to Liesana's guitar. Gray eyes note Lonie's departure, curiostiy staining them green.

Natch ah ah's "I knew I knew your face," she nods at Airgiod. "WHere have you been?"

Tonalie lifts her brows knowingly and nods, her smile dissolving into a worried frown as Lonie disappears into the crowd. "Well, maybe if nothing blooms tongiht, we could arrange a ...-private meeting- twixt the two?" She responds cattily before nodding her head to excuse herself and slipping into the crowd.

Tilk chitters to the flizzards of the humanpet Leah. He offers them the meatroll, not really hungry, just bored.

The housekeeper arrives to cart Sarrol off to bed.

Tonalie walks gracefully, hips a-swayin' to the Hold Field.

Maynard watches the antics of the bronze who took his food. He gives a silent chuckle.. he seemed a bit more lively than the lazy ones on Leah's shoulder, by contrast.

The housekeeper arrives to cart Azalea off to bed.

Natch watches after Tonalie, truly considering her offer. She scans the crowds again, foot tapping, not to the harpers lively music, but in impatience. She mutters about lack of Heron.

Heron is sniffed! His eyebrows arch in amused surprise, but he's too polite to make a remark to the woman. Instead he stops a passing vintner for a nice skin of Tillek red and starts toward a familiar face, having spied Naylia through the crowd.

Naylia arches a brow sharply as the Harper's begin their interesting verses. She takes another sip of her wine as another resident stops by to chat. After a minute she simply shakes her head, however, and the man strolls away. Naylia holds her glass against her lips for a moment, then downs the rest of its contents before leaving the glass with one of the wandering servers. She quickly resettles her belt, as if it needed straightening, then turns to again seek someone out.

Hair the color of darkened skybroom ripples in gentle ringlets to frame Naylia's rather long, delicate face, stopping just a bit above her shoulders. With almond-shaped eyes of aquamarine that can seem to change shades from darkness to light in a blink, her countenance can be rather stunning at times, combined with her lean, wiry body.
Closely woven sisal, the dusky green of a forest at sunset, falls with simplistic elegance from Naylia's shoulders, clinging closely to her arms and torso. The neckline swoops down modestly, softly hugging Naylia's curves as the fabric continues to her waist, dew-dropped down the front with a row of small green buttons made of polished green stones. A soft rope belt of rich blue rests around her waist, the tassel-ends delicately hanging down from one hip. There the bodice joins a loose, wide skirt of somewhat heavier sisal a darker shade of green. The skirt is pleated slightly at the waist, rolling over her hips and dropping in gentle waves to skim a few short inches above the ground. To complete the outfit, Naylia wears sturdy, leather slippers the same color as the belt, while a sapphire necklace dangles from her slender neck, the gem encased in a delicate mesh of silver.
She is a young adult of about 26. She is awake and looks alert.

"But 'though the men all wished to duel 'im, Kilan had but one retort." Liesana catches the song from Hynolonie, noting Heron's reappearance and smirking a little to herself as she catches her mentee's trajectory. "Ohhhh, I'd rather chase an Istan lass than a tankard of ale at Fort!" She glances to Kittiara, nodding that she should try the nonsensical chorus (Probably sanitized on the fly, from the wording.) herself as Liesana hops from her stool and lowers the gitar, allowing a drum solo as she catches her skirts in one hand and capers about the low stage.

Airgiod explains, "I have been studying general things these past 3 turns since I returned from Paradise, and I do look forward to returning to Gar in the spring to work." She grins briefly. Gi suddenly spies the heir apparent and lowers her voice. "I had hoped to meet the messenger while I was here, but it has not happened. Are you well, m'am?"

Leah smiles, "I am Leah, the Assistant Headwoman of SeaCliffs Hold." she says and smiles, "Well met Maynard." Her fair look at the meatroll, the browns decline, but the blue, bronze, and green seem to want it.

Natch smiles at Airgiod and nods "I've been well, thankyou, though I am planning to let Heron take over for me. The messenger Hukian, you mean? I do believe Azalea here has taken him over. If you will excuse me..." She seems distracted and stands to disappear into the crowd.

Natch enters Gar Holder's Tent.

Airgiod bows toward the holder in answer and respect as she moves away.

Maynard looks at the firelizards, and he says, "looks like you have your own little fair of firelizards," he said, looking at bronze, browns, blue, and green. He gives a chuckle, and says, "Well, the harpers are playing.. would you like to dance with me?

Hynolonie is almost a golden and creme blur as she makes her way around the majority of the crowd quietly, her gitar sliding to rest on her back as she makes her way quickly to her target. A large grin covers the young woman's lips as she darts up behind no one else but the heir of Gar Hold, Heron. She waits a few more breathes, looking back to the harper stage to catch Liesana's eyes once more, more to let her know she's going to do it and that she'd better be ready to pay up, rather than to seek some sort of permission for the act. With fingers strengthened by turns of playing and writing and other harper-ish activities, Hynolonie reaches out and pinches Heron's butt rather hard as he pauses on his trip, laughing softly to herself as she gathers up her skirts in her arms once more and runs back out of the crowd and towards the safety of the harpers once more.

Kittiara laughs mentally at Liesana's dancing, quickly coming up with the next verse. "To that answer the men had no reply, but Kilan seemed not to care." She glances at Tilk reprovingly, though the little bronze seems to not notice. "In fact, he seemed more inclined to treat it all like a dare!" She shakes her head imperceptibly, not used to composing music like this, but it was osmewhat fun. She notes Lonie's approach to Heron and manages to catch sight of the quick pinch, quickly schooling her features to show none of her amusement.

Leah chuckles, "I do, don't I?" she says with a laugh. "Sure, why not?" she says and smiles at him. Her firelizards chirp at her, knowing they would most likely have to leave their perch if their mistress was to dance, "Oh you."

Tilk chitters and carries the meatroll to Leah's flizzards. He suddenly dives toward the ground, coming up with a silken strip of cloth in incredible condition, flitting behind Maynard to drop in on his beltpouch.

Heron gives an involuntary yelp as he's pinched, but he's not quick enough to spy the culprit - only a swish of creme and golden skirts disappearing into the crowd. His eyes narrow for a moment, one hand absently rubbing the offended rump; then he shrugs and continues on his way, his composure largely restored by the time he approaches the distracted Naylia and addresses her. "Hey there. Enjoying yourself?" He lifts the wineskin. "Refill?"

Airgiod taps her foot to the tune from the harpers as she watches to see if anyone here is familiar from her childhood.

Gar lake monster splashes suddenly in the water as the slight waves lift him up and slap him back down.

Bryann trails rabbit hair behind her as she strolls in from the Hold Field.

Andria walks in from the Hold Field.

Darman strides in from the Hold Field.

Airgiod finishes her food and sets her dishes aside so that the drudge will see and remove them.

As Lonie makes her escape from the scene of the crime, Liesana hops off the stage to bow to her mentee, pull a one-mark disk from somewhere off of her person, and hand it over with the approbation of "Smooth, kiddo." before jumping back up and picking up her gitar again, her Riverdance impression over for the moment, the picture of innocence. Well, if Innocence was prone to wearing a devilishly lively grin as the next verse of the reel, a touch bawdier and dealing with women of various holds, the size of their assets, Kilan's thoughts on them, and how Istan lasses are still superior, is declaimed in excellent voice, the Harper Master not blushing a bit.

Andria points to the Holder Tent, "She is probably there."

Naylia is wandering distractedly in truth as Heron catches up with her. She turns with surprise, simply staring at the man's face for a moment before actually registering his words. "Oh... no, I left my glass," she explains quickly, glancing over her shoulder at the Harpers, though the server has of course moved on. Definitely distracted. "It's a very nice Gather you've put together, she offers, voice still just as brisk as she turns back to Heron, remembering to smile. "And a very nice outfit for the occasion, I might add." She finally quits with the stream of words and turns slightly to face the Harpers again. "And are you? Enjoying yourself, that is."

Maynard had to chuckle at the lazy firelizards, but once they were off, he lef her to the dancing square, pulled the Assistant Headwoman into a close position, and began to dance in tune with the music

Darman enters Gar Holder's Tent.

Bunkitty enters Gar Holder's Tent.

Airgiod chuckles as she listens to the words to the song and glancing to herself as each item is mentioned with a disbelieving shake of her head over her own lack of theses 'blushing assets'.

Hynolonie slips back onto stage from behind with a grin and slides her gitar back into a playable position, walking right up Liesana, hand extended. She takes the mark and bows dramatically. "All in a day's work, Liesana." With out another place to put the mark, Lonie slides it into her bodice with a grin to any in the crowd that's watching. She fingers the same song as Liesana for a while before picking up the harmony and continuing to play. She takes the stairs, joining her voice to Liesana's in echo of some of her points, her pitch playing joyfully in some of the lower notes of the tenor range. She regains her place on stage and her smile cools to something more professional only after the song switches.

Leah chuckles lightly as her firelizards flitter off to find somewhere else to perch so they can watch. She smiles as they start dancing, she rather did like dancing, just didn't get much of a chance to.

Kuliel walks in from the Hold Field.

Maynard made sure that he didn't trip like he did last night, and tried to make it so his inexperience of dancing didn't show at all. He was a little awkward at first, but soon he got used to it, letting the beat of the music reverberate through his ears..

Andria walks to the Hold Field.

Romney suddenly disappears ::between::!

Bryann walks awkwardly in, wearing a very nice Gather gown of purple (of course), feeling very self conscious in a dress. It is a far cry from her work clothes and not anything she wears on a regular basis. She scans the crowd for familiar faces and looks around for a drudge with a drink tray. Finding one she grabs herself a glass of wine and carefully sips at it.

Heron grins down at Naylia, seemingly unconcerned that his attempt at a smooth greeting was somewhat misplaced. "I'll get you another, if you like? I could use one myself." He flags down a passing drudge, who scurries off to retrieve a pair of drinking vessels. At her compliment, he bows formally. "I must say, you look quite lovely yourself. A nice departure from your usual work attire." As the drudge returns with glasses (and holds them while Heron fills them), he continues blithely speaking. "Ah, thank you. ... For the most part, yes, I'm finding the Gather very enjoyable indeed. Won a pretty mark on the third race this afternoon. Although I'd very much like to know who had the audacity to /pinch/ me." He glances off again in the direction of the Harpers, possibly following Naylia's glance... and spies something golden and creme. ... Nah. Couldn't be.

Leah is ever so graceful dancing, she hasn't made a mistake yet, though that might be her downfall. Her firelizards croon along with the music, one of the browns more enthusiasticly than the rest.

Kuliel steps lightly into the area, a smile on her face. She stops at the edge of the crowd, hesitating uncertainly before actually plunging into the sea. Determined, she places the smile back on her face, though she twists a strand of long black hair around her finger nervously.

Maynard is nowhere as graceful as Leah, but thankfully the young guy got himself in a good beat, and hadn't made mistake in his dance steps throughout the dance.

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Leah is thankful that she hasn't messed up... yet... otherwise she might have tripped them both up. She wasn't all that good at dancing, but she was rather graceful on her feet.

Reels are traditionally short little songs, owing to their fast pace and the fact that the steps to them, while simple in theory, can get disgustingly complex in the hands (Or is that feet?) of advanced dancers. Consequently, the opening number of the evening wraps up with a flurry of notes and a flourish of the gitar on Liesana's lap, before she stands, takes a bow, and then returns to her seat with the other Harpers, wagging an eyebrow at Lonie and asking "So... does he have a nice arse?"

Monjo flitters quickly in from the Hold Field.

Desire walks in from the Hold Field.

"Oh, that would be," Naylia begins to reply before smiling briefly as Heron takes care of the missing glasses. She offers the man a curtsey in return for the bow that only comes off as /slightly/ awkward, though the nervous hands she presses to her sides might have more to do with the clumsiness. "Thank you, Heron," she replies, her left hand toying with the thin ropes dangling down. "Oh, there were races?" Naylia then asks, surprise overcoming her uncharacteristic self-consciousness. "I'm sorry I missed them. I do love a good race. And as for a pinch," she adds quickly, arching a thin brow at him, "I didn't think there would be enough to pinch." There, she'll be all back to normal in a moment.

Maynard begins to dance faster as the song gets closer and closer to a climax, the beat running more quickly as the song went on. He was now watching his feet, making sure he didnt trip them both up. This was fun. Whee.

Marin from Ista joins the girl who said she was from Grinstead. "Hallo. Can I sit with you?" He moves to her side as he snacks on a bubbly. "I am new here."

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Desire smoothes down her ridiculously tight dress, her eyes shifting about the area with an almost feral, hunting expression. She pulls down the bodice a little further and enters the foray, head held high, chest stuck out and hips sashaying as she walks. Watch out Pern, Desire is on the prowl.

Airgiod nods and indicates the seat vacated by the Holder some time ago. "Please, sit." She looks with a graceful smile. "I am Airgiod, Gi to my family."

Leah smiles brightly as the music continues. Now now, don't get too carried away, you might trip. Her one brown which was crooning along more than the others takes flight from his perch and lands on Leah's shoulder. They won't mess up now, will they?

Azalea strides in from the Hold Field.

Gavrick 's bootheels thud heavily as he walks in from the Hold Field.

Hynolonie raises an eyebrow as she follows Liesana to the chairs, her nose wrinkling as she drops into a more analytical mode. Its more natural for her anyway. "Oh.. What? Compared to all of the other ones I've pinched. Let me thing. His was the .. my first time." A silly devious grin tugs at her lips a bit more before she coughs a little, lightly into her hand and sets her gitar in her seat, choosing to stand instead of sit. "Shall I run about to all the other men in the area and get a better sense for who's rear ends were more meaty or more flabby than Heron's?" She looks deadpan as she speaks, her hand automatically clenching as she ponders how much she could get for this one. She coughs once more. "Though, I could do it for a bulk discount. Considering Heron is the host of the party, it would be rude to rank all the other.. 'arses' by charging the same amount for them. Or, if you'd rather keep your marks, I could just describe the feeling in a multitude of flowery words.. and perhaps compose a cheeky ballard to it in the next.. candlemark or so?"

Maire watches the dancers, smiling at the youth who is obviously having a wonderful time dancing, and raising a cynical eyebrow at the young lady who has a rather high opinion of her own charms.

Maynard , who had his hand on her shoulder, felt something land on his hand. He ignored the firelizard on it, and continued to dance.

Heron looks surprised for an instant before a hearty laugh peals forth. "Let me assure you, whoever it was managed to find /something/." His free hand rubs at his rump again as his expression turns to one of mock dismay, then a jovial grin. "They were good, fast races. It's a good thing we'll have all winter for the fields to recover." He lifts his glass in a small salute, then takes an appreciative sip. "Nice vintage," he remarks.

Desire approaches a young man with a drink in his hand, and sidles up perhaps a little too close to him. "So," she purrs with simplicity, "...come here often?" The man turns to her, takes one look at her overdressed, revealing attire, curls up his nose in distaste and moves away. Desire glares after him for a moment before spitting out "Peasant!" and then moves on to find others more appreciative of her.

Bryann pales considerably as she notices Gavrick walk in from the fields. If she had never seen him again it would have been too soon. Carefully she takes her glass of wine and looks for a crowded place to sit, where she won't be noticed.

Aikaterine walks in from the Hold Field.

Kuliel blinks, peers around, spots the dance floor, and instantly moves toward it. She's distracted, however, by the drinks, and takes a detour to get herself some wine before she continues on to the dancing. Finally planting herself at the edge of the dance floor. The young woman takes a sip of her drink, smooths out her dress, and then simply stands, if rather awkwardly.

Azalea returns from a small bit of business, hoping she hasn't missed anything. Immediately she gets a glass of wine again and begins sipping at it, wondering if she might see someone she recognizes this time. Heron is spotted and Aza waves before making her way to him, "Hello, Heron. How are you this evening?"

Leah tilts her head to look at her shoulder and spots the brown, "Oh you!" she says, "Why did you land there Sinatra?" she asks, half with a scolding tone, half with amusement.

Maynard chuckles, and then he says, "No, it's alright for him to be there. I don't mind," he said, giving a chuckle and looking at the firelizard.

Maire notices Naylia's glance, smiles and nods a greeting.

Aikaterine laughs softly as she walks out to the lake with one of the other ladies of the hold "You look fine." she murmurs softly as she picks off a small bit of fluff from the girls satiny gown.

Leah smiles at him, "I wouldn't mind either, but hes crooning in my ear." she says and sure enough, Sinatra /is/ crooning in her ear or rather next to it.

Gavrick's sharp eyes look from person to person. She has to be here. She's been here for turns now and he just found out about it. How many Herders specializing in rabbits can there be residing in Gar Hold? If only she'd let him just talk to her. Just say what he needs to.

Maynard gave a quiet laugh at the brown flit. "Ah, so he is!" he said, reaching a hand to shortly give it a scratch on its eye ridges before focusing on the dance once again.

Naylia laughs as well, grinning at the younger man as she returns his salute and takes a slow, first sip. "Oh, that's wonderful!" she replies. "Tillek, yes?" She leans over slightly to get a look at the wineskin, then turns her head suddenly as Azalea joins them. She offers the young woman a pleasant smile, taking a step back to allow more room.

Airgiod looks at Marin. "I'm going to go over and watch the people dance. Want to come along? Sometimes it is funny to see.: She winks briefly as she stands.

Kittiara has disconnected.

Desire finds herself another man, standing near the table of drinks and looking down at them thoughtfully. Desire approaches, and the man's eyes light up with interest. "H...hi," he stammers, a little lost for words. "Hello," Desire almost croons, standing too close. The two strike up a conversation, and it seems to be going splendidly. Always interested in rank, Desire asks: "So...you must be the future Lord Holder of Gar..." The man looks suprised, and suddenly his face lights up in a simple grin. "Actually no," he responds. "I'm a drudge." Suddenly he takes a few empty glasses off the table for emphasis, and waggles his eyebrows as though that's the most attractive thing Desire would have ever seen. The buxom blonde looks horrified, and without another word moves on.

Apparently bored with the dancers now, Kuliel sighs, and glances around for new interests. Spotting an interesting-looking group, she makes her way next over to Naylia, Azalea, Heron, and that little group. Seeing Naylia step back for Azalea, she comes to a stop just a step or two away from the others. "Hi," she says, smiling as appealingly as humanly possible. "Mind if I join you?" Please?

Liesana steps back to let a tall black haired girl in a senior apprentice's knot take center stage and begin playing a soft and maudlin ballad about two lovers separated by a shipwreck and reuinited after many adventures and temptations to their feelings for each other, accompanied by a young lad on flute, looking incredibly serious and with his cheeks puffing out with the effort of trying to coax sound from an instrument that looks like he made it himself, and recently too. "I think that any research into the arse-quality of the local men will have to be done on your own time... or we can go with the final option you suggested. Just keep your roaming hands off Dashvard's backside, if he manages to show up... And he'd better, I tell you. If I have to worry about spilling things on sisal, he has to worry about his dress uniform, right?" she winks.

Leah chuckles, "Ah well." she says and Sinatra continues to croon along with the music. "He does that sometimes." she says and sighs as they continue dancing.

Maynard gives a chuckle, and he too continues to dance. However, he had been dancing for quite a while, and he said, "Well, lady Leah, I'd love to continue, but I'm afraid I've gotten tired of dancing," he said with a wince. His legs had began to cramp just a little.

Gavrick spots the golden haired Herder across the room and purposefully strides in that direction, determined to catch her before she tries to slip off into the crowd again. Maybe he can catch her up in a dance. Just one small dance, then he'll leave her alone if that is what she wants. He tries approaching from an angle where her back is turned to him. Hopefully that will help matters out.

Aikaterine leaves the other girl and mingles amongst the crowd having resigned herself to helping out the other hopefuls and making sure they look their best. And well enjoying themselves as well. One young lass seems quite distraught however. "Are you doing okay?" Aika asks the girl who just shakes her head slightly, her lips pursed, shyness and fear in her eyes. "COme on, it's a gather, you're supposed to have fun." The girl glances over and whispers "But I don't even know how to dance.." she stammers. AIka nods and takes the girls hand "Well let me show you, I'm in need of a partner and this certainly isn't a fast dance."

"Yeah. Oh, and I am Marin." marin follows Airgiod over to watch the dancers. "Umm, nice to meet you." He adds however belatedly.

Heron lifts the 'skin obligingly for Naylia to inspect. "Excellent guess," he says warmly. He seems to be about to say something else when Azalea speaks up, but his greeting smile is utterly polite. "I hear congratulations are in order," he says, apparently having kept up on the gossip rather better than his mother has. And then there's a third voice, and he smiles to a complete stranger. "Of course," he says politely. "I seem to be surrounded by beautiful ladies this evening." Natch must be thrilled. Where /is/ Natch, anyway?

The housekeeper arrives to cart Kittiara off to bed.

Tierza walks in from the Hold Field.

Thick, black, far too straight hair just sort of hangs, falling nearly to Kuliel's mid-back. Usually tucked back behind a pair of smallish ears, it has no bangs or shorter sections cut into it, offering an unimpeded view of an oval-shaped face. Almond-shaped, mud-brown eyes are fitted with blunk, thick lashes, a pair of similarly black eyebrown sitting above them. She has a small, somewhat flat nose, and well-defined, if unexceptional cheekbones. Her lips are a mauve sort of color, on the fuller side. Her skin is a definite bronze shade, a little hint of red across her shoulders and cheeks indicative of a little too much time spent outside. She has a fairly well-toned body, especially her legs, which seem to have gotten more than their fair share of exercise over time. She is on the shorter side of average, about 5 feet, 4 inches tall.
A simple, white day dress, she wears. The top half, with short, slightly ruffled sleeves and a wide, scoop neck, fits her fairly snugly. A wide, black, satiny sort of ribbon is tied into a sort of sash, defining her waist, and then the skirt half flares out from there ruffling again at the hem and swishing and swirling about her knees as she moves. A pair of simple white sandals are on her feet.
She is a teenager of about 18. She is awake, but seems rather distracted.

Lynar strides in from the Hold Field.

"Tis only fair, Liesana." Hynolonie grins to herself for a moment before she bows to the harper once more. "So then, am I excused from my future sets while I try my best to compose a ballard tonight. I'll preform it tonight, if my stylus holds out during the many.. many rewrites that I'll likely have to make before its polished enough to puts some red into the holder's cheeks. Any words I should leave out in order to keep it.. from embarrassing the Harper Craft too much?" Lonie blinks at Liesana innocently enough.

Azalea gives a polite nod to Naylia as she steps back, "Thank you." Okay, good. Maybe she can blend in here for a bit. It appears it's the ex-stablehand's turn to step back as Kuliel asks to join, and she does so, "Sure. I guess." She smiles and turns to Heron, "Thank you. I guess you've heard then. Did your mother tell you or did the gossip just spread like wildfire?" Aza giggles and starts to relax now that she's not standing by herself anymore. She's not normally a social person...obviously.

Leah chuckles, "I think I'm a little tired too.. Last time I danced it was in a dance contest." she mentions. "And I think my 'lizards would like their perch back." she says with a laugh as they fly over to hover above her.

Desire continues in her hunt, beginning to look rather despondent at the number of men who already have partners. She pulls down at her dress again in an attempt to lower her already too low bodice even further, her breasts taking on a dangerous appearance. In fact, they look as though they may pop out of her dress at any moment. She hovers by the drinks table, and a man approaches to take a glass of wine. "Oh by Faranth, I'm so sorry!" he apologises, as he spills red wine all over the front of Desire's dress. She had her chest sticking out just that bit too much. Desire looks about to explode in outrage.

Bryann finds Gavrick coming towards her and gives a sigh. "What do you want Gavrick?" she asks. "I came here to enjoy myself, not get into a fight about something that happened turns ago."

Tierza moves toward the general gathering, eyes sweeping about to see what she may have missed. Is heron 'otherwise engaged' as of yet? Catching Azalea's voice, she gently steers Lynnie toward the former stablehand. "Come Lynnie-love, there is someone we /must/ speak to." Gentle smile crosses her face, what a softy for romance, this gardener is!

Maynard nods, and he exits the embrace he shared with Leah as they dance, giving the firelizards their ample perch back. He grins as they began to come back to their owner's shoulder.

Aikaterine leads the young lady around the dance floor, quietly talking to her. "Just feel the rhythm of the music and move with it." she says softly. The girl begins to smile a bit as she gains confidence. "Don't try anything fancy until you're sure of your balance, it's so easy to loose it when you're not sure of the steps, that's it, you're doing fine." she notes softly.

On her way past, Airgiod can't help but overhear the heir apparent and noticing him, she bobs a respectful curtsey (as is proper) as she scutters off toward the dance floor.

Kuliel laughs, smiling warmly, and takes a step forward, so that she's actually joined the group. "I'm Kuliel," she says, and then she cants her head curiously at Azalea, one eyebrow raised. "Oh? Congratulations? Why, might I ask?" She takes another sip of wine, pleasant smile still in place.

Lynar strolls after his wife, a distinct twinkle obvious in his eyes as he surveys the mass of people. "Quite a crowd, isn't it?" He quietly chuckles; "All for Heron." A rueful shake of his head, and he grins amiably, obediantly steering himself towards-- "Who do we have to talk to?" Ahh, the cluelessness returns. Note the perplexedly quirked brow.

"Lookit that, my friend, I see the two moons about to rise over there." a somewhat inebriated man notes to another, tossing an arm around his shoulders in brotherly fashion and pointing at Desire and her apparel peril. The second man just... eyes the arm around his shoulder, and politely tries to make it look like he's never seen his friend in his life.

Natch has arrived.

Bunkitty has arrived.

Natch arrives once again, straightening her skirts and giving last minute instructions to drudges.

Naylia gives Heron yet another smile at the brief compliment, then nods to both Azalea and Kuliel. "Hello," she says to the latter, just above the din of the crowd and the music beyond. "Please forgive me, but I'm taking up too much of your obviously valuable time," she then odds to Heron, offering the young man anther curtsey, this one much less nervous than the first. "I think I'll head back to the Harpers. I do love a good ballad. Thank you for the wine, Heron." Then to the other two women, "Enjoy the gather," before she turns to weave her way towards the dance floor, skirting its edge until she finds a much less crowded spot.

Quite frankly, Desire wouldn't have a clue as to who the future Lord Holder is, and it's probably a good thing for him too. The man who spilled wine on the blonde's dress wisely left after seeing the venomous expression on her face, and Desire sulks by the table. Her hair has come a little loose from it's pins in her anger, and she looks rather untidy due to the wine down her chest. A man strolls past, looks Desire up and down, and raises an eyebrow in amusement at her appearance. His reward for his interest is the glass of white wine being thrown in his face.

Gavrick smiles a bit sadly, unusual for a man used to hiding his emotions very well. He gives an ironic little bow to Bryann and simply says. "What I want is to say I'm sorry." he extends his hand. "Quite possible also to offer you the chance to snare a dance partner. I know you're too shy to think about asking a man."

Heron chuckles at Aza's question. "You can't imagine I haven't noticed that smug expression on Hukian's face, can you?" He gives her a wink, and that's all the answer she'll get about the gossip. To Kuliel, he gives a polite bow. "Heron, future Holder of Gar. This is Azalea, and this..." oh, but Naylia is suddenly gone. He's distracted for a long moment, watching her depart, until he remembers his manners. "Well. I trust you're enjoying the Gather?" Pretty soon he's going to have to ask someone to dance. He glances over toward the Harpers again. Or is that towards Naylia?

The two young Harpers continue to perform, the senior apprentice sparing her junior counterpart a put out look or three as he misses notes on his flute. He looks appropriately cowed for all of a split second before returning to trying to make his flute sing. The girl sniffs, but continues to carol, angelic soprano apparently not matching her temperment. Liesana, enjoying her time off this set, give Hynolonie a smile and a nod. "Go right ahead... and use your discretion. Innuendo is good... that way a child of six will remain innocent, while letting the adults howl."

Tierza sighs at her husband. "Honestly dear,.." spoken in one of those 'almost' whispers, the kind everyone can hear.. "I told you about Azalea and Hukian, didn't I?" Now she is suddenly perplexed. maybe she forgot? "Azalea, where is your betrothed tonight? And may I say congratulations!" A grin is offered with the words. "Pleas elet me do the flowers for the occassion."

Maire blushes as a holder comes up to her and invites her to dance. She happily accepts, but moves with a grace and self-restraint that would befit a woman much older than herself. "I keep thinking that I should leave dancing to the young ones," she tells her partner, who gallantly responds that he thought her quite young as he swirls her into the dance.

Natch glances over her shoulder, decides Master Darman is not going to join her and strides purposefully to the surrounded Heron. "Oh Heron, Dear," she oozes syrupilly before she's too close. "Attend me."

Darman has arrived.

MahlepiBecoming a bit more comfortable in her surroundings and fortified with a second cup of Klah Mahlepi slips throught he crowd to stand by the edge of the dance floor. Watching the couples weaving about, she begins to relax and smiles to herself. This reminds her of the not so recent past...

"You too!" Kuliel calls, cheerfully, to Naylia's retreating back. At Heron's introduction, she blinks. "Oh? Oh!" A quick, if graceful, curtsey is offered. "Lovely to meet you." Her eyes drift toward the dancers again. "Oh, the Gather's wonderful, though I haven't even gotten to dance yet." She turns back to Heron, and says, mock-confidentially. "I /adore/ dancing. Though I hate watching it." Natch gets a glance as she comes closer, though she can't quite make out what the Holder's saying.

Maire swirls round with her partner, adding extra spins to show off her full skirts to their best advantage.

Airgiod jabs her companion in the ribs and indicates to him without pointing that they should pay attention in the direction of the lady Holder.

Lynar looks appropriately confloundered at Tierza's words. "Azalea and Hukian? What about them?" Then, there's a pause, and he stares from Tierza to Azalea and back again, before apparently catching on and giving an enthusiastic beam. "Azalea! You're gettin' hitched and you didn't bother to tell your old boss a single word? I'm mortally wounded," he teases with a wink. "And since Tie's beaten me to the congratulations part, lemme extend my condolences." He grins lightly. "Putting up with Hukian - it must be a chore." He mock-ducks. Feeling full of himself? Apparently.

Aikaterine leaves the girl off in the hands of a young man who seems quite willing to instruct her further in dancing and heads over to the table, looking for something to cool to drink. Getting some cider she turns and watches quietly, moving out of the way a bit when a group of teenagers come to ransack the food.

Hynolonie smiles merrily and bows to Liesana dramatically before grabbing a chair and bending over a bit of hide she snagged from another harper, trying to compose on the sight. She has no ideals that her short little embarrassing ballard will become note worthy, more as a joke that will make the night memorable. She dips her stylus into ink as she just pours words and phrases across a page as they pop into her head. Later, she starts underscoring phrases that will work for her rhymes and scratching out one that are positively distasteful. SHe chews on the end of the stylus for a moment, looking to the crowd for what people are wearing.

Maynard sits back, watching the people dancing..

Maynard has disconnected.

Desire continues to watch from her place, and an eyebrow raises in interest as she spies a man wearing a tunic in a rather bold blue. He appears very well dressed, and surely a commoner wouldn't wear such clothes? Her smile turns calculating as she surmises he is the future Lord Holder, and Desire approaches via crossing the dance floor. Bad move. A couple, firmly intent on the rhythm and each other, whirl into Desire and knock her to the floor. Arms and legs akimbo, Desire sputters angrily at the pair, more strands of hair coming loose and fluttering around her face. The couple apologise respectfully, but Desire is too furious to care. And to top it off, someone else seems to have snatched the future Lord Holder whilst Desire was on the floor.

Heron, however, got Natch's message loud and clear. He's being paged. "And this would be the Holder," he says in an aside to Kuliel, giving her a quick bow. "Perhaps you'll give me the honor of a dance later this evening?" He waits for a response, his back to the approaching Holder.

Maire nearly trips over Desire, and pauses to help her up.

Azalea smiles at Kuliel, "Well met, Kuliel. And yes, I'm Azalea, but you can call me Aza if you like." She gives a small wave to Naylia as she moves off before answering Kul's question, "My darling Hukian proposed to me the other day and we're to be 'fasted...eventually." She smiles and then giggles at Heron, "Well, if you've heard about it and Natch knows then I guess I don't have to go telling everyone, they'll just find out for themselves somehow." Her wine is sipped before she says, "Yes, I'm enjoying the Gather immensly. I haven't had this much fun in awhile. And the music is wonderful. I just wish Huk was here...I'd drag him out there to dance with me." Tierza and Lynar are smiled at, "Thank you! He's back at the Waystation attending things there." Aza doesn't look too happy about it, but she shrugs and says to Lyn, "I haven't had a chance to tell you. I've been so busy with the Way and all. And he's not that bad. In face, it's me he's been putting up with. I rearranged our quarters with new furniture and everything. I think he was worried about how much I spent on it." She giggles.

Bryann arches one eyebrow at GAvrick and moves her hands to her hips. "Oh, too shy am I?" she makes a gesture to indicate the dress she's wearing. "If I was shy, would I be wearing this? It's quite revealing for someone like me, who's more used to work clothes than Gather finery." she scans the crowd for someone to ask to dance. There, that guy over there. The one standing around looking kind of awkward. With a quick movement she twists away from Gavrick and soon finds herself on the dance floor with a complete stranger.

Natch, oblivious to the fiasco on the dance floor, arrives from behind Heron and slips her arm into his, "Heron," she smiles up at him then to his companions. "I'll just borrow him for a while," she's politely apologitic as she leads him toward the gardens. "I just need him for something."

The housekeeper arrives to cart Maynard off to bed.

Darman catches up with Natch and nods to Heron

A bronze firelizard blinks in near the Harper's area just then, bearing Harper colours and chittering self-importantly as he finds Liesana, and swoops to a perch, falcon-like, on her extended fist. Removing the note he bears, the lithe master skims it once, and shakes her head with another exposure of her Keroonian heritage, slipping off and back towards the Hold to try and track down some paper to write a reply with, as her player's head explodes from wonderful, enjoyable spam.

Naylia sees a familiar face return from the dance floor and smiles to Aikaterine, lifting her glass slightly in welcome as the woman comes nearer. "Having a good time?" she asks politely. "I must admit, I don't think I know your name just yet. I keep seeing you in the Hold, though. I'm Naylia."

Natch notices Darman and sighs. "Master Darmn, Heron. Heron, this is Smith Master Darman. Dar, come with us for a stroll."

Liesana goes home.

Darman strides to the Gar Gardens.

"Why don't you watch where you're going?" Desire snarls at the kind person helping her up. Even though she is abusing her, Desire still has the audacity to accept her help, and stands up. Desire now looks a complete wreck. Red wine stain down the front of her dress, a tear in the bottom of her dress, her hair loose and at wild, odd angles. "And as for you two," she growls dangerously at the pair that knocked her over, "get out of my sight before I-" She doesn't get to finish her sentence before they hurriedly scurry off.

Natch makes her way to the Gar Gardens.

Bunkitty glides to the Gar Gardens.

Kuliel curtsies again, though this time to Natch, whom she also offers a pleasant smile to. It's Heron, though, who gets the look of real pleasure, as she replies, in a tone something close to gushing, "I'd -love- to." She appears ready to say more, but instead she simply curtsies again at Natch. "Oh - yes. Of course." Flutter. She turns, next to Azalea. "Oh. Nice to meet you." Her eyes widen, excitedly, as she hears the answer to her earlier question. "Really? Well, congratulations really /are/ in order."

Aikaterine smiles brightly at Naylia "Oh, I'm having a fairly good time." she notes softly "I'm AIka" she notes and then glances at the dancers. "I must say I don't think I've danced nearly as much as I've danced these last couple of days." she says with a laugh. "Still it certainly is relaxing after bringing in the harvest."

Maire says, "Actually, I believe you bumped into that couple over there . . . oh, my," she says, noticing the couple, far from being upset at having been pushed closer together, and getting quite close, indeed. "In any case, you should know it's dangerous to move straight across a dance floor."

You go to the Gar Gardens.

Gar Gardens
You follow a cobblestone path through the gardens of Gar Hold. It appears to be well kept, as it is one of the favorite spots of the hold. Stone benches are set at regular intervals for people to sit and talk, especially young couples. Camelia bushes of all colors are the focus of the gardens, with rose bushes and azaleas as accents. Cobblestones and gravel pave all the paths, and stones surround the beds, keeping greenery from growing where it ought not. The mixed scents of the bushes are strong enough to be noticed, but not overpowering, and perfectly delightful. The whole effect is very relaxing.
It is an autumn afternoon.
To the south, you see fourteen people.
To the southeast, you see two people.
Admiring the reflection in the basin is a brown firelizard.
Darman and Natch are here.

At The Lake> Tierza says, "I think it's wonderful. How lucky for Huk to have found you. And I think it's about time he made a married woman of you." She doesn't add that it is good to see her old friend move on and leave his sorrow behind. Aza has been just what he needed. "Again, whatever I can do, just say the word." One hand slides through Lynar's arm, a small reminder of how precious life and love can be. A rather shyer tone is heard as the gardener adds "I can stitch as well, if you want help with your gown."

Natch wanders down one path to a long bench and stops to sit. "Now, gentlemen," she smiles at her two companions. "Peace for a few moments. You feeling better, Darman?"

At The Lake> Lynar looks sympathetic - for the absent Hukian. "Ahh, yes. Rearranging things and spending money already? Tsk, tsk, typically that comes -after- the wedding, Azalea." There's a ghosting of a vaguely-paternal smile -- he doesn't attempt to hide the fact that he feels particularly fatherly to people who've been stablehands -- before he crooks his arm slightly, accomodating Tierza in normal reaction. "Darlin', this song sounds rather nice, doesn't it?" There's a grin which promises mischief - if not dancing.

At The Lake> Maire notices the rather stained and rumpled gown, a far cry from the image of the lusty temptress the girl had been trying to present earlier. "Do you live nearby? I have one other gather gown I could loan you, if you need."

At The Lake> Azalea smiles at Kuliel, "Why thank you." Turning to Tierza again, "Thank you so much, really." So many thank you's to say. "I think so too. Of course, when he proposed I wasn't really expecting it. I'm glad he did ask me though." Beam. She nods, "Thanks. I'll keep that in mind when I go to actually plan the event. Maybe you can help me pick a spot and get things arranged and all that?" Having someone help in all of that would really be a good thing. Aza laughs at Lynar, "Yes, well, I think maybe all my rearranging made Hukian think about just where our relationship was heading." Sigh. Hukian really should be here.

At The Lake> "They should have noticed me coming," Desire sniffs, bending over to straighten her dress and right her bodice to the normally abnormal low position she requires it to be. "People always get out of my way: why should those dancers be any different." Desire's voice isn't as loud as it was, in fact it seems almost subdued. Probably because someone has the guts to stand up to her. Like all bullies, Desire is a coward. At Maire's kind offer however, Desire pauses, and looks her up and down. Desire obviously finds the woman quite respectful in appearance, for Desire turns nasty once more. "I doubt you'd have anything that would fit me," she rudely announces, making enlarging motions with her hands towards her chest area.

At The Lake> Airgiod leans her cheek against her hand and dreamily leans there as she watches the dancers and the buzz of conversations begin to blurr into oned far-off sound.

Darman nods. "A mite better, thanks."

At The Lake> Naylia takes a long drink of her wine, her tongue skirting along her lips quickly to hide a tiny dribble of the red liquid. She's paying attention to what she's doing, really. "Aika," Naylia replies with a grin. "I don't believe I've seen that name before. How do you spell it? I'm afraid I've been a bit more familiar with hides and scrolls than faces lately." At the comment about dancing, she glances at the Harpers and nods slowly, a small, crooked smile appearing. "Well, it's been Turns for me," she comments in a dry voice. "Perhaps that was supposed to be my clue I needed lessons." She gives Aikaterine a wink and takes another sip of wine.

At The Lake> Maire laughs, then puts a hand over her mouth, abashed. "I'm so sorry my dear, but you really are a piece of work, aren't you? It may not show off your charms to the best advantage, but then a tight bodice might suit you, eh?"

Heron sighs as he's led in, sitting heavily on one of the benches with only the briefest glance about. "What's this about, Mother?"

At The Lake> "Of course I am!" Desire proclaims haughtily, too stupid to catch Maire's insult. "Men flock to me, women cower before me, children aspire to be me. And why wouldn't they." Desire looks about to turn from the woman, but the mention of the word 'tight' catches her attention. "Tight? How tight?" she asks, interest piqued. "Is it low cut?"

Natch pats the bench on either side of her for the two men to sit. "Master Darman was the one Andria saw when she was last gone. It's his first run in." Natch keeps her smile and pats Darman's arm again. "Do you think we could somehow compensate him for vtols in his bed?"

At The Lake> Aikaterine laughs softly "A - i - k -a" she notes and then muses a bit "Actually my full name is Aikaterine, but that's a bit of a mouthful for most people." she adds with a little grin. "Hides and scrolls? What do you do?" she asks curiously.

At The Lake> Kuliel nods, including herself in Azalea's conversation now too. Unfortunately, she really hasn't got much to say on the matter, and so she simply stands and listens, taking sips of wine intermittently. Absently, she sways slightly with the music.

Darman sits down at Natch's left, saving the honored right side for her son

At The Lake> Gavrick shrugs and watches Bryann go. "If that's what you want." he shouts in her direction. "At least I tried to make amends." With that, he shrugs his cloak back on his shoulders and strides out of the Gather area. (Sorry, Bry! Have to go!)

At The Lake> Mahlepifeeling a wash of bittersweet nostalgia she pulls herself out of her reverie by reminding herself sternly that it was /her/idea to leave home. Shaking her head Mahlepi turns to see a girl only a few years younger than herself. She walks towards Airgiod and shyly says "hello"

At The Lake> Gavrick has disconnected.

At The Lake> Tierza says, "Anytime you are ready, Aza. I am always willing to help. Hummm, I don't remember re-arranging things or spending Lynnie's money. I think his warning was when all the animals moved in." As Lyn mentions the music, her curls bounce to her nod. "Are you asking me to dance, my dear? I think that's a wonderful idea."

At The Lake> Maire thanks her partner, smiling at his look of understanding as she pulls Desire out from amongst the dancers, carefully moving with the dance so as to avoid an accident. "Well, it's a bodice that fits _me_ so it will be as tight as you are larger than I - and I hardly think children would aspire to be you with your dress in its current condition. I think the dark green will just suit you, and the skirts will show off your ankles to perfection." Maire waits, a speculative look in her eye.

At The Lake> Naylia gives Aika a bright smile and nods once, somewhat enthusiastically. Methinks the wine is working. "Ah! Aikaterine. That is simply lovely. And I do think I've seen that name once or twice. Have you lived here long?" She swirls her dark red wine idly and laughs quietly at the woman's question. "Mostly, I run errands, copy stuff, keep track of inventory. Horribly exciting," she explains with a wink.

At The Lake> Bryann abandons her dance partner after he proves himself more at ill ease at gathers than she herself is.

At The Lake> Airgiod raises her head briefly to look for the altercation. "Bodice?" she whispers to her companion looking to him for a direction."Sounds bad."

At The Lake> The housekeeper arrives to cart Gavrick off to bed.

At The Lake> A smile begins to sparkle in Desire's eyes, and suddenly the overbearing woman is hooked. "Do you really think I have nice ankles?" she asks, twisting her foot this way and that to show them off. No, Maire made no comment about whether or not she had nice ankles, but Desire will take any comment and maul it into a compliment. "And I must say, I do like green. Okay then. I would like to see this dress. And I think I now have an interest to know your name..." That's Desire for you. No thanks, no nuthin'. And she certainly won't /lower/ herself to ask someone's name: she'll drop a hint and wait for them to give it to her.

At The Lake> Lynar gives a half-lopsided grin and slides off a pace, gently pulling Tierza along. "Yes, I suppose I'm asking for the honor of a dance, m'lady," he states with a mischievious gleam, ruefully shaking his head at the comments of animals moving in. "Even now I think that our quarters are more home to all of our animals than for us, in all actuality." A pause and a chuckle, then, oh-so-gallantly: "Shall we?"

Heron doesn't move from where he's already sitting, but frowns up at Natch. "Compensate him for /what/?" His tone is one of disbelief, as if he's not sure what he's hearing.

At The Lake> Azalea giggles at Tierza and Lynar, "Thank you, Tierza. I'd really appreciate the help. I'll keep in touch." She finishes off a bit more of her wine before adding, "And now I think I'll head back to the Waystation and keep Hukian company." She winks and heads off, giving a wave to Tier and Lyn before disappearing.

At The Lake> Maire grins suddenly, an surprisingly impish gleam. "Perhaps you should introduce yourself before I put you in my clothing."

At The Lake> Azalea strides to the Hold Field.

Natch takes a deep breath but refuses to be in a bad mood today. "It seems Markus's Andria put vtols in Master Darman's bed.

At The Lake> Aikaterine hmms thoughtfully "Well I've been here for about a season or two" she says thoughfully and frowns "Honestly I can't remember." She notes ruefully "Where has the time gone?" She gives her head a bit of a shake and then sighs as she notices a young lady who just spilt wine on her gown. "Oh dear" she murmurs "I'f you'll excuse me, I think she needs some help." she notes and goes off to help the girl and take her back to the hold to clean her dress.

At The Lake> Kuliel blinks, glancing around, and suddenly finds herself alone. "Ummm." Well. That's the end of that. The young lady glances around uncertainly again, before finally sighing and making her way back to the edge of the dance floor, handing her glass off to a convenient drudge as she goes. Upon reaching her destination, she stops, rearranges her skirts, and stands appealingly, undoubtedly hoping for a dance.

Heron's frown deepens. "That's a nasty trick," he begins quietly, "but I can't imagine what might be appropriate compensation. Hasn't the child already been grounded?" He adds under his breath, "Not that it seems to help much.."

At The Lake> Aikaterine walks to the Hold Field.

At The Lake> Bryann has disconnected.

At The Lake> Airgiod starts to look through the crowd for her escourt from Grinstead.She explains to her companion, "I will probably go home, if I can find him. Otherwise, I will have to sleep in my tent again tonight."

At The Lake> Desire seems to have certain little rituals, little acts that she must employ when the situation is right. When Maire asks her her name, Desire unconciously slips into the role she adopts when a man asks her a similar question. "You may call me whatever you like," she purrs, sliding a little closer to the poor woman. Now Desire only likes men, but some acts are hard to shake. "But I find most men like to call me..." and she waits a moment for drama..."'Desire.'" Desire pulls herself out of her role, and suddenly looks a little uncomfortable as she realised who she just played the part to.

At The Lake> Tierza almost skips to the music as Lyn leads her to the dance area. "I can't rememeber the last time we danced. Surely it wasn't at our 'fasting, was it?" Never mind, doesn't matter.. dancing now is all that counts. Hands at the appropriate places. "lead on, m'dear."

At The Lake> Maire raises an eyebrow in amusement. "I'm Maire. Delighted to make your acquaintance. Follow me."

Natch looks from so serious Heron to calming-down Darman. "Pehaps we might say nothing to her and yet let her know we know. She might just wonder when retribution will fall on her. But Darman," she smiles her loveliest smile, "How would you feel if I promised to be your companion for the rest of the gather? Hrm? Might that make up in some small way?"

At The Lake> Maire walks to the Hold Field.

At The Lake> Desire walks to the Hold Field.

At The Lake> Leah sighs and takes a seat somewhere and looks around at the people in the area. She sighs again and yawns slightly. What to do, oh what to do.

At The Lake> Naylia raises her glass again to Aika as she leaves, then spots a barely familiar face, heading over the few steps to the recently-met Kuliel. "Hello again," she offers. "It's a bit dizzy sometimes, Gathers... People are almost wisked away in streams sometimes. Makes you wonder about the undercurrents." Well, that's normal conversation, yes?

At The Lake> The housekeeper arrives to cart Bryann off to bed.

At The Lake> Kuliel sighs, bored, and sways slightly to the music, turning around to give inviting glances to everyone she can spot. Unfortunately, precious few are looking back at her, and so she's left to sigh again and simply stand. But then, thankfully, Naylia makes her way over, and the girl lights up again. "Oh! Hello!" And once again, she's all smiles. She rolls her eyes good-naturedly. "Oh, Faranth. I know what you mean. It's like you look away for one second, and suddenly they're all just gone."

At The Lake> Airgiod moves through the crowd her large eyes searching each man's face for her escort.

At The Lake> Lynar grins - beams, even. "It might have been," he admits with something of a sheepish nature to his tone. "I..." A little pause, and he shifts, appropriately gathering Tierza up before doing a mental count of beats and leading off in a relatively simple-looking dance. No, he's not going to try fancy footwork - oh no. "I'm rusty," he admits after a moment. "Let's hope I don't step on your toes, love."

Darman raises an eyebrow. "My companion?" Quite confusing to be sure. "Well.... I suppose so. Wouldn't Heron get jealous?" He grins

Darman adds "And Andria already knows I know about the vtols."

At The Lake> "Or, they look away and get distracted, completely forgetting you," Naylia replies to Kuliel with an overly dramatic sigh before laughing quietly. "But hey, a party is a party, and eventually you're bound to drift together again, right?" She drinks her last sip of wine, and glances at the empty glass with wrinkled nose. "I don't know if I can find this good of wine, but would you like a glass of something? I'm due for at least one more before I touch that floor," she adds, nodding to the dancing area.

Natch laughs, knowing full well her son would much rather see her occupied elswhere then in his vacinity. "Well she is a child, Darman," she says soothingly. "We mustn't let pranks make us cranky, hrm? Come, if we can agree, and let's enjoy the food and music and..." she smiles proudly at Heron, "The companionship"

Heron manages not to cough at Darman's suggestion. "Not at all," he assures the Smith master. Actually it'll keep Natch out of his way, but he doesn't mention /that/, either. "Now, if that matter's settled..." He moves as if to get up.

Natch stops Heron by grabbing his arm. "Just a moment, Heron," she reaches up and rubs her thumb over his face. "Much better. You had a smudge."

At The Lake> Kuliel laughs - or was that a giggle? - at Naylia's comments. "Exactly. And it really is a pretty good party, wouldn't you say?" Despite the complete lack of dancing partners for poor wittle Kuliel. At Naylia's offer, she smile appreciatively. "Oh, would you? Thank you. I'll have whatever you do, I suppose."

At The Lake> Tierza takes a quick look at Lynar's rather larger toes then hers and mock-shivers. "You best not, or Natch won't get her roses pruned." As she sways to the music, a tilt of her head allows her to study the man before her. And I don't find you rusty at all, m'dear." And doesn't add how much she is enjoying the time with him, no work keeping them apart.

At The Lake> Shaking her head, Airgiod explains to Marin, "I am just going to go look and see if Lo, my escort, has gone back to the Trader's Courtyard." She smiles sweetly. calling "Nice to meet you, and have fun!" as she walks back toward the hold.

Heron stifles an intense desire to roll his eyes as Natch all but spits on her thumb to clean his face, as if he were five. "Thank you." He manages to sound polite as he gets to his feet and heads back to the party, rather in a bit of a hurry. Perhaps there was someone there he didn't want to leave after all?

At The Lake> Naylia grins at Kuliel and nods. "Fantastic. I must say, Heron and Natch have outdone themselves with this one. Anyway... stay right there, I'll find something nice." And with that, she weaves into the crowd, but she must have a better sense of direction than other party-wanderers, for she manages to return to the same spot, with a glass of red wine for each of them. She hands the second one to Kuliel, explaining it's a very nice vintage. One of the easier ones to like, whatever that means. "Are you from around here?"

At The Lake> Airgiod rustles to the Hold Field.

Darman laughs at Natch's gesture. "Very quaint. I would have just used a sponge soaked in ice cold water. Always freshened them up! I enjoy that myself. Enviborating experience."

At The Lake> Mahlepi steps away for a moment to scrawl out a message to someone.

At The Lake> "I'm sure that Natch would have me skinned alive if her roses weren't pruned, so I'd best not trample on them, hmm?" Smile lines about grey eyes crinkle as Lynar doesn't shift his beam from Tie. "You've always been the better dancer - maybe I should let you lead." Lynar's in a whimsical mood - indeed.

At The Lake> Kuliel does, indeed, stay right there. She hums softly to herself, even going so far as to twirl about once, her skirt lifting and twirling about her as she does so. Any further solo-dancing is prevented, though, as Naylia returns with the wine. "Is it? Well, I'll have to try it, then." And she does, taking a sip of it. "It -is- pretty good," she decides, before shaking her head in answer to Naylia's question. "No. I'm from Fort Hold, actually. We were in the area, and I decided I simply /had/ to come up for the Gather." She laughs again, lightly.

At The Lake> Tilk wakes up, yawning sharply. He flies toward the Harpers, inquisitive.

Natch laughs and has the grace to blush "I really should stop doing that. He is capable, you know."

At The Lake> Hynolonie steps away for a moment to scrawl out a message to someone.

Heron gives his mother a quick peck on the cheek and bolts, headed in the direction of the lake.

Crystal Lake
As you walk along the path, you find yourself near the center of the valley. Situated here is Crystal Lake. This lake is named for its clarity. At nearly 100 feet deep, things can still be seen as if they were closer! Unfortunately, this is also a danger, as one has trouble gauging depth, so swimmers beware! A natural spring feeds the lake from underneath, keeping it a nice 80 degrees, even in the winter, though it can get much warmer in the summer. A gathering area has been cleared and covered with sand.
It is an autumn afternoon.
To the north, you see two people.
Sunning on the beach are Wolfgang Puck, Jarranis, Marin, Iriai, Cyclone, Mordecai, Lurk, Karigan, Tilk, and Monjo.
You see Black Pearl, Gar lake monster, firepit, Open Grill, Large Wooden Table, and Gar Holder's Tent here.
Naylia, Leah, Kuliel, Tierza, and Lynar are here.

Hynolonie returns, sending a firelizard off to deliver the message.

Amusement twinkles in Naylia's eyes as she gives Kuliel a long look and nods once. "Fort... I've been there, if only once. A few Turns ago now, I suppose, though it feels like longer." She takes a sip of the wine and arches a brow at the young woman. "And you were just in the area?" she can't help but add with a curious smile. "A rather long hike..."

Linora walks softly in from the Hold Field.

Tilk hums and flies from one cluster of people to another, chittering and crooning with curiosity

Tierza shakes her head.. "oh no, I don't lead. I am only this good because of the partner who directs me." A smile is offered to her husband and then Heron's return catches her eye. "I wonder just what is going through his mind about now. I'm not sure who I feel worse for.. the ladies who are ever-hopeful or Heron for being put in such an awkward position." The someday Lord Holder is studied a bit longer. "Although he doesn't seem too put out with it all."

Heron returns /without/ Natch in tow, his eyes scanning the remaining crowd and lighting up as a particular face is recognized. He pats the wineskin at his hip absently, then strides across the field toward Naylia and Kuliel.

Kuliel blushes slightly, though it's probably difficult to tell due to the combination of bronze skin and sunburn. "Oh. What I mean is, the people I was travelling with were in the area. You see, I was telling some friends of mine recently that I'd never been to Ista Island, and they were coming here on a little vacation, so I came along. Then someone said there was a Gather going on, so I got a ride down here. They aren't really the partying type." That last bit is added in a sort of confidential tone. She takes another long sip of wine. "And you're from here, I suppose?" Heron is given a little wave as he returns, Kuliel offering a charming smile.

Linora makes her quiet way to the shoreline, pausing here and there to sample the remaining food. After a few moments, she notices a familiar face and starts toward Tierza, giving the gardener a cheery wave. "Hey," she greets when she's close enough.

Tilk flies over to perch near Hynolonie, chittering inquisitiely, waiting for more music to being.

This glass of wine goes down much more quickly that the first two for Naylia, though she did say it was easier. "Ahh, that explains it," she replies to Kuliel with a soft laugh. "Well, how do you like Ista so far? It's certainly quite different from Fort, I'd say. And /much/ different from Crom, which is one of the reasons I like it so much." How efficient, commenting randomly and answering the woman's questions in one fell swoop. She glances back as Kuliel waves and gives Heron a warm smile once she sees him approaching them through the crowd.

Lynar gives something of an 'aw shucks' noise, hesitantly leading Tierza into something more complicated - before steps are emboldened, the man finding his rhythm once more. "That he doesn't," is observed, on the topic of Heron. "Though I think I'll feel more for the ladies. Most of them are being pushed by their mothers - but the ones that will truly be crushed are those who might have had an affection for him *before* his recent status of Pern's Most Eligible Bachelor," he drawls.

Now, this is more like it. Heron smiles broadly in return as he approaches the two women. "I can't believe you two aren't off dancing," he teases, giving Naylia a wink. The dancing square certainly seems crowded enough! "But perhaps I'll have my opportunity after all." Presumably he means for a dance. "More wine, ladies?"

Tierza deftly follows Lyn's steps. Well, so she hopes, anyway, skirts swaying as she moves. "True enough. But I rather hope and imagine Heron is more then his mother's manipulations. don't you think?" So speaks the most avowed non-parent on all Pern. A smooth movement and she twists away from Lynnie at the sound of a familiar voice. "Linora, hey!" Not a shout, but loud enough, she hopes, to be heard over the gather sounds. "how are you, I've not seen you about for awhile." Gee, could that be because she is up all day and a starrie is usually a night person?

Hynolonie scratches her nose once more before finally looking up from the sheet of hide infront of her. With flourish, she puts the stylus down in its holder and rises, holding on to the new lyrics for a moment. She stands up and gathers a couple harpers with her, and walks to the stage, declaring some sort of silence as she switches out the band. She smiles as she moves towards the front of the stage, taking just a moment to hum a melody in a young man's ear before she clears her throat and attracts the crowd's attention. "If everyone would give me a moment, I'd like to offer up a song that was just recently compose and dedicated to this evening."

This is only Kuliel's second, and she sips it slowly just like the last one, though with a more practiced sort of elegance. "Ista? Oh, it's wonderful. I'm really thinking of settling here, now that I've seen it." She blinks, slightly confused. "Are you from Crom, then?" It'd make sense. But you never know. Heron gets another one of those pleasant smiles. "Oh, no thank you. Naylia just brought me a new one."

Among other reasons, perhaps. Linora comes closer as the music winds down, wineglass in hand. "Oh, I been around. Teaching, mostly, since I got the new knot." She turns a shoulder toward Tierza to display it. "I been around the gardens now and again, but I just don't see you around like I useta." She flashes a bright smile at Lynar, assuming but not saying that /this/ must be the reason.

Naylia laughs softly and gives Heron a lopsided shrug. "There's only so much room out there," she replies, making up the first lame excuse she can think of. At the suggestion of wine, she glances at her glass and suddenly looks somewhat embarrassed. She's not a lush, honest. She just doesn't get out much. "Oh... well, I probably shouldn't. Unless that was code for, 'Please hold this wine skin for me while I gives this young woman the dance I promised'?" Okay, yeah, she's a lush. "Besides, it's been Turns and I'd hate to make a mess of your boots." She then winks at Kuliel and grins a bit. "Well, it's a wonderful place to settle, if opportunity knocks."

Leah watches everything happen soo fast. Her firelizards were already asleep. She sighed as she watched everyone. She was getting rather bored... She didn't feel like approaching anyone, though she was thinking about it. Sigh.

Tilk suddenly disappears ::between::!

Lynar would break down and cry - his wife's left him for another woman! ... Cough. The man does look patient, though, given the fact that he didn't have enough time to answer Tie's question. He offers Linora a nod and a smile, before he taps Tie's shoulder and murmurs something to his wife along the lines of getting something to drink. The stableman strolls over towards the table of food and drink, lifting his head and listening to the Harper in something of surprise. Ahh, a song dedicated to the evening? Bound to be a good one, little does he know...

Natch makes her way in from the Gar Gardens.

Natch arrives from the gardens, a very large smile on her face. She stands just outside the crowd and watches.

Darman strides in from the Gar Gardens.

Heron doesn't speak in code, but he does recognize a glass that needs a refill when he sees one, and deftly tops off Naylia's glass. "I promise I won't ask you for a tossdance," he teases, "so I'm sure my boots will be quite safe." Then he refills his own glass and settles in to watch the rest of the dance-in-progress before making good his promise to Kuliel. Besides, it would be rude to impose too much in their conversation, wouldn't it?

Tierza grins at her starrie friend and her new knot. "Linora, that's wonderful. Congratulations!" As she nods to the whispered comment, her ears too catch the Harper's announcement. "Well, that was quick, usually those sort of songs take a day or two." Another beaming grin and she turns to face Hynolonie, ready to be entertained.

Natch looks over her shoulder at Darman, smile growing just a bit. "Isn't it lovely here this time of day?" she asks the Master Smith.

Hynolonie clears her throat once more as she signals the young gitarists behind her to start playing. The melody is simple to start, somewhat comical arpeggios and descending scales that lend to a bit of a toe tapping dance rousing song. she pauses for a moment before she clears her throat once more, trying to keep the blush from entering her cheeks before she even starts.

'Be very careful what you wish for, dear'
said the lass to the Master Harper knot
'For wishes come true, well thought out or not.
and requests are granted by people near

Linora just beams at Tierza, her pale eyes sparkling. "Thanks. Now I just gotta get myself a nice red dress..." She'd continue, but the music has begun.

Darman grins at Natch. "Yes, it is. Very nice. Everything is nice here. " Yup, everything is better now that Andria is off his tail.

Natch perks up and listens to the song, leaning a bit toward Darman.

Lynar quietly selects two glasses and browses over the liquors with the half-aloof air that only a truly Vintnerbred person can affect. And with the number of Vintners in Lynnie's family - oy. He's got every right to be aloof, really. Finally choosing, he twists out two poured selections, and moves carefully through the dancing throngs to end up at Tie's elbow. The sparkling white's offered silently, his head half-tilted to catch the words of the song.

Kuliel laughs, a bit less reserved now that she's had some wine. "Oh, dancing's just like...like...one of those things you never forget how to do." Since they don't ride bikes on Pern. In response to the comment about settling, she just winks, mysteriously. "Well, you never know." And then, a trifle randomly, she remarks, "Isn't this dress simply wonderful for dancing?" She executes a graceful twirl, her skirt lifting a bit and twirling about her legs again. "Isn't that great? I just love it." As the song starts, she glances briefly over at the singer, the words distracting her.

Leah stands up and walks over to Natch and Darman, "Hello." she says and smiles at them. Her firelizards chirp a sleepy greeting as well from their perches on Leah. She tilts her head a tad to listen to the song.

Natch smiles at Leah and nods, mostly listening to the Harper. She whispers a "Hello there. You've come a far bit from home. Enjoying yourself?"

Tierza accepts the glass as offered, ahh.. white. Nice the man remembers, but suddenly her attention is focused elsewhere as Linora's words sink in.. "Red dress? Lin.. you too? Who? What /have/ I missed?" She tries to keep her voice low, wouldn't do to disturb the harper, but how dare she drop that on Tie and then go quiet!

Naylia laughs softly as Heron goes ahead and fills her glass. She raises it to Kuliel and Heron both in a silent toast, distracted as Hynolonie begins a new song. "Well, if it's not a tossdance," she drawls quietly, peeking at Heron quickly before her eyes focus on the Harpers once more. She gives Kuliel a grin and nods slightly. "Yes, but one can grow exceedingly rusty over the Turns," the young assistant replies. "But a young thing like you can't have had time to grow rust. Go on and show off the dress a bit," she adds, laughing as she gestures to the dance floor. "Enjoy yourself. Go crazy. It's a Gather!"

Natch watches Heron and his companions with no small interest.

Heron's decision is made for him as Naylia shoos Kuliel to the dance floor, but he doesn't look particularly unhappy about it as he offers the young lady his hand. "May I have this dance?"

Leah nods, "Yes I am thank you." she says and smiles again. "What about yourself?" she asks.

Hynolonie smiles a little brighter as her husky tenor voice carries out over the crowd. She makes no attempt to rise it to a more feminine pitch, because, considering the song's true content, it's a little more apt to be sung in Lonie's most unorthodox way. She smiles and encourages the gitarists to improvise the simple melody she got stuck in her head while composing this evening. Her mouth opens wider after a short break and she belts out two choruses of the bawdy song before leaving time for more musical interlude.

The master had wished for something dreadful.
The silly apprentice had to agree.
Her target chosen, the young lord to be,
and time bided as she started to mull.
The chance arrived and she's off like a shot.
Round crowds of people she did dodge and dart
t'ward the Lord that night, not after his heart.
but chasing after a part she should not.

Linora bites back a nervous little giggle, and a flush is definitely visible under the smooth tan of her cheeks. "Rathan, a'course," she says, as if Tierza should have known all along. "When I told him about my promotion, he proposed right then an' there!" She grins. "I guess he wanted t'make sure I wouldn't go off an' get posted somewhere without him again."

Natch smiles down at Leah. "How can I be anything but happy to see so many people enjoying themselves, hrm?" Darman's whisper catches her attention next and she stares at the crowd a moment before answering.

You overhear Natch mutter, "... not sure. ... ... ... he's with?" to Darman.

Kuliel glances, quickly, from Naylia to Heron, and then laughs again, with a little shrug. "Of course!" she accepts, taking the hand gladly. And then, lowering her voice to a mock-sultry tone, "I thought you'd never ask." She winks, handing off her wine, nearly finished, to a passing drudge.

Lynar had just decided to take a sip of his own full-bodied red, when he hears that last line. He notably chokes for a second, before hastily swallowing the rest, wheezing out a laugh. He knows where this is going. "Congratulations," he states bemusedly towards Linora, ducking his head into a deep nod. Tierza is glanced at after a moment, before he chuckles - chortles, more like it - to himself.

Tierza should have known, of course. "Oh Linora, that is even better news then Huk and Aza. I mean, I knew they would eventually. But you two, well.." But she is laughing, having been in on many a midnight chat with the starcrafter in turns past. "That is just wonderful. You will let me do the flowers, of course." As if the poor woman had any choice. "And where will the ceremony be held? Near the koi pond, maybe?" It could be quite the romantic spot.. And then she too catches the last sung line.. so far..a nd blushes a shade to compliment her deep pink roses.

Leah smiles, "I suppose you couldn't not be happily." she says and chuckles lightly. She tilts her head slightly as she hears a part of what Natch whispered to Darman.

Heron leads Kuliel onto the dance square and bows before beginning to lead her through the figures, but as the words reach his ears his expression becomes more bemused. And then he takes a good look at the Harper. Creme and gold. And he misses a beat.

Naylia glances at Heron and Kuliel a moment as they head off to dance, her fingers idly tapping the sides of her glass for a moment as she takes a slow breath. She then glances around and begins to head towards Natch and her companions. "You've found the best Harpers as usual," the young woman comments lightly, nodding to them while also raising her glass slightly. "Lovely music."

Darman senses Leah is staring at her and eyes Leah. He then eyes Kaliel and Heron. He gets a pondering look on his face

Aikaterine walks in from the Hold Field.

Hynolonie laughs a little and taps her foot as one of the gitar players manages a most amusing line of whimsical notes that dance up and down to make fun of the running lyrics. Lonie isn't taking the song seriously at all. She's just enjoying herself and hopes the rest of the crowd is too. She hears a few of the chuckles, magnified by the sheer number of them and continues the song after another deep breath.

Behind him, she crept with silence and stealth.
from turns in shadows where she would lurk.
And fingers steeled by seasons of work
She was after and claim'd the Master's wealth.
A pinch was given to the lordling's rear
Digging in those fingers to find a spot
she nip'd a tendon to finish the plot
with a laugh was lifted for few to hear.

Aikaterine has once more made it back out to the gather, once again leading another young girl out and talking with her. "It's okay, you just have to get out and mingle." she notes softly "Talk to him, he's not all that scary." she notes softly. "WHo knows, he might take a liking to you."

The words to the song Hylonie is singing gather all of her attention and Natch stares at the Harper platform,mouth agape.

Kuliel curtsies in return before dancing enthusiastically. Her love of dancing shows through a lot of apparent practice - she adds all sorts of extra steps and turns, beaming all the while. She seems to be quite ignoring the lyrics, instead focused on showing off that dress she's so proud of. Heron misses a beat, though, just as she starts to turn, and that throws her off entirely - she stumbles slightly, glancing sharply at the harpers. "What's the matter?" she asks, listening more carefully to the song, a perplexed expression crossing her face. "Is there something wrong with the song?" That's what happens when we don't pay attention, boys and girls.

Darman turns to Hy*sneeze* and lets his mouth twist into its usual frown. "I hope no kidlets are about."

Natch puts a hand on Darman's arm to steady herself, eyes searching for Heron to watch his reaction.

Linora manages something like a demure little smile at Tierza's suggestions. "I hadn't really decided any of that stuff yet," she admits. "But sure, the flowers'd be lovely. I always loved Gar's roses."

Tierza is not the giggling sort, but now, at the songs words, that is exactly what she does. A look is sent natch-ward and that just aids in her laughter. "She isn't really singing that is she?" The gardener can only imagine Natch's reaction to her gather being immortalized in this manner.

Lynar lets out a deep laugh, gusty and genuinely mirthful: in fact, he laughs so much his wine's apt to spill at any moment. Someone should save him from himself -- and from amusing Harpers and their comic lyrics. It's a belly-laugh -- he looks from Tierza, then scythes his gaze over to Natch, and laughs harder. "She is!" he manages.

Natch turns to Naylia with her head, her eyes still on the haper platform. "I .. I /thought/ I had..." she says, still a bit disbelieving.

Heron shakes his head quickly and attempts to resume the dance, but the lyrics just get worse and worse. "There was a bit of an... incident, earlier," he explains somewhat unhelpfully, searching for Natch from the corner of his eye and cringing a bit when he spots her -looking- at him for his reaction to the song. "Nevermind. Let's dance." He tries again.

Naylia hasn't been listening to the lyrics, unfortunately, and gives Natch a confused look before turning as well to watch the Harpers. "They're playing has really been quite good. And such a... unique tenor." Yes, she's oblivious.

Timothy blinks in from ::between::!

Kuliel blinks, obviously confused. "There was?" Well, she'll just have to listen closer this time. As he suggests resuming, she shrugs. "All right." She dances again, perfectly happy to, though she glances periodically back at the harpers, paying closer attention to the song.

Aikaterine listens to the song and blinks a little her eyes widening a bit. She too glances Heron's way but then turns her gaze away again as she slips back into the crowds a bit. She pauses to chat with some girls, sighing a little as she hears tales told galore of the nights happenings.

Natch begins to look like she might storm throught he dance floor at any moment, ready to stop whatever might be coming next. For once she's not sure what will cause the least amount of damage.

Linora apparently didn't arrive early enough to understand why the Harpers' current selection seems to be causing such a fuss. Sure, it's a little bawdy, but... she shrugs, not sure why there's so much giggling and staring, and wanders closer to Tierza, hoping for an explanation. Or at least a return to conversation, although that's beginning to look less likely to judge from Natch's expression.

Naylia begins to really listen, and suddenly glances at Leah, Darman and Natch, a look of realization plain on her face. "Perhaps people aren't listening very closely," she offers, though unconvincingly. "And... it's a Gather. All in good fun, right?" the woman asks, accompanied by a nervous laugh. Then as a last resort, "More wine, anyone?"

Liesana's going to likely regret leaving Lonie alone to finish the Gather's music. If the master knew what was going to happen, she might have taken the apprentice with her. Lonie is, however, completely on her own and enjoying every moment of the song, not really paying attention to the crowd any more. Her mind's on the somewhat tricky lyrics that she's just written. She sings them as only the author can, with her heart involved and her voice straining to keep the low pitch.

In a cloud of gold and cream she ran hard
avoiding his sight to get to the stage
unsure was she, if he would be in rage,
wanting to hide in the role of a bard.
So successful was she, this harper lass
that she wrote a song and sung it thee.
Ahh, but I know it's true, for 'she' is me
I am the one who pinch'd the lordling's ...

Hynolonie coughs a little and smiles at the whole crowd before grinning brighter and announcing the last line, refusing to follow the rhyme scheme to its natural conclusion. That's for the crowd to assume. "You get the idea." With that, the harper bows and stays in that position for a while, just listening for the crowd.

Darman touches Natch's arm cautiously. "These are young folk. They may burn the ears with their nonsense, but let them practice their art and burn them later."

Bolt blinks in from ::between::!

Aikaterine coughs a little over the wine she just procured and nearly chokes as the wine starts to go down the wrong way. Her attention turns towards the harpers and she stares a moment and then shakes her head as she eyes her drink.

Darman's timing is perfect, for his touch on Natch's arm distracted her from her readiness to storm Hynolonie even as the last chord hangs in the air. She looks up at Darman, red-faced but in control. "You'd let that go unpunished?" she hisses through her teeth.

Natch doesn't forget to give Naylia a glower, too, just for good measure.

"Not unpunished exactly," Naylia quickly replies. "But a reaction here would interrupt the gather... and for the most part, people seem to be enjoying themselves." Naylia is fully into her 'let's not cause a scene' campaign.

Tierza steadies Lynar's arm as best she can, while laughing hard herself. "Oh dear, Natch may never let the poor girl play at Gar again!" And song ended, faces Linora once more. "Enough distractions.. I want your details." Never let it be said taht Tierza ignored a good piece of romantic storytelling, 'specially when it's real life and happens to a friend. Lynar's not forgotten however and his hand is squeezed for good measure as wine is steadied.

Maershala walks gracefully in from the Hold Field.

Kuliel laughs, catching the lyrics this time. It's a miracle that she doesn't miss a step. "Is that /true/?" she asks, laughing again. She twirls once, almost without thinking about it, just so everyone can see her skirt whirl around again. A quick glance is thrown toward Natch. "She does /not/ look happy," she comments, quietly.

The tendons in Natch's neck have made themselves quite visible, a guage of her irritation. Naylia does hit a chord, though and she nods at her wisdom.

As the song winds to its obvious conclusion, Heron bows politely to his partner and stands facing the errant Harper girl, raising his arms over his head and applauding loudly and slowly. And alone. "Bravo," he calls, determined not to let her audacity spoil a perfectly nice Gather. "My regards to your Master." The slight emphasis on the last word leaves no doubt that he'll be in touch. Then he turns to the rest of the crowd and shouts, "Harpers have the best fingers on Pern. Who knew such a talent could be so creatively applied!" Apparently Heron doesn't agree with the 'let's not cause a scene' mentality.

Naylia glances at Natch and Darman once more and suddenly points towards the dancers. "See? They're really enjoying themselves. And... and look at that dear of a girl twirling about beside Heron. She really is a sweet girl, and would likely be mortified..." She finally trails off with a blush and drowns the rest in her glass as Natch nods to her. Relief is quite evident in Naylia's dark blue eyes.

Darman nods. "The most fun part is allowing them to make fools of themselves completely and totally. That way when you punish them, they have no defense."

Lynar attempts to not die laughing. He's already disintegrating into rather undignified half-giggle half-snorts, and he scoots back from Tie and Linora, dropping an unsteady kiss on Tie's cheek and pleading something about checking up on the runners. He then proceeds to make a hasty exit.

Darman grins at Natch "Punishing can be quite stress relieving"

Natch listens to Naylia, who seems to have a calming effect, and Darman who seems to keep her from flying off into a rage. Good combination. "Well," shs hesitates. "People do seem to take it well."

Maershala wanders quietly onto the sand near the lake, obviously not having left the hold in awhile. She's no idea of the undercurrents in play, or if she does, she doesn't seem to. She pauses and looks around, nodding to people she knows and smiling to all, because there are quite a few people she /doesn't/ know. Maybe it would have been better to stay inside the hold in her quarters. Maybe not. Only time will tell.

Aikaterine protests a little as some fellow coaxes her out onto the dance floor. "Oh really I couldn't" she murmurs "My wine" she adds in mild protest. He smiles and takes the glass from her hand "I'm sure it'll be all right until you get back to it. Just one dance." he says charmingly and Aika gives a rueful little smile and allows herself to be dragged out.

Naylia presses a hand to her stomach as Heron turns to thank the Harper... it might be a scene, but much better than an angry Natch on the rampage. She takes a long drink from her glass as Natch finally speaks again, and gives the Holder a nervous smile.

"Oh, sir, Lord Heron, I would," Hynolonie starts, making sure the whole of Pern knows where she stands. "But she has left on an errand and has left me to my own devises. I shall let her know upon tomorrow's morn that you send your reguards." She smiles and shands up straight, looking over the crowd once more before giving the gitarists leave to continue playing... less offensive music. She walks from the stage with grace and dignity, thinking she's done nothing wrong. She even got a praise from the man of the night, Heron himself.

Linora decides it's better to stay and talk to Tierza than to worry about whatever's going on with the Harpers. Anyway, she's more than happy to share with her old friend. "It was right by your own berry bushes," she whispers with a smile. "I couldn'ta been more surprised."

Kuliel crosses her arms and stands, amused. Heron's bow to her is mostly ignored, given only a little nod, the woman preferring instead to watch the goings-on. She laughs good-naturedly at Heron's comments, gaze flicking from the harpers to Heron, and back again.

Timothy suddenly disappears ::between::!

Sean walks in from the Hold Field.

Natch may not be actively doing anything about the latest harper affront to her family, but there is blood in her eyes, and her eyes are on Hynolonie.

Only Linora would be surprised by a proposal from a aman she's been seeing for turns. As Lynar slips away, a quiet, private smile is offered the man. But then full focus of her attention returns to the girl, no.. woman before her. "Linora, I think it is so wonderful. So, a wedding in the berry grove? I am sure it could be arranged. And it would be lovely in the Spring, with the bushes in blossom." Not fruit, no one wants to deal with berries on bushes at a handfasting. Not even a gardener. "Or, maybe in the rose park?" At least tierza calls ita rose park.

Maershala wanders through the throng of people, wandering closer to the retired Lady Holder. Now, is that going to be a mistake? Prolly not. So far, Natch hasn't noticed her. Her attention is obviously on something or someone else.

Dahlia trots in from the Hold Field.

Kuliel smiles, quietly, before turning away. "Thank you for the dance," she says, warmly. "I hope I'll see you later." And with only that by way of farewell, and no explanation whatsoever, she heads out, giving Naylia a smile as she passes her.

Kuliel walks to the Hold Field.

Natch takes a deep breath, is very still, then in a cloud of silvery cloth swishign around her legs, she strides toward the gardens.

Natch makes her way to the Gar Gardens.

Darman follows after her

Darman strides to the Gar Gardens.

Naylia waves quickly to Kuliel as the young woman leaves, then nods to Natch, Darman and Leah before wandering back towards the vicinity of the tent, lithely managing to get through the crowd without spilling her half-full glass on anyone.

Dahlia is lead into the area by a face only vaguely familiar to the Gar area. The half-retired Herder, Damine leads her daughter in by the hand, the red hair and blue eyes obvious family resemblance between the two. The little girl stops and tugs at her mother's shirt, who looks down. "Mama? Wha's dis place?" She asks in a slightly high voice, looking around more as she gets her answer back in a soft tone, though Damine looks around for any fimilar faces. 'Mama used to work here, sweety.' And then Dahlia's mouth forms a little 'O' as she continues to look.

Aikaterine smiles softly at the young man, wnjoying the dance for he is a good partner. "You dance beautifully." he says quietly, causing Aika to blush a little "Well I do enjoy dancing." she murmurs softly, dropping her eyes a bit.

Heron just shakes his head as his partner abruptly departs, then heads back toward Naylia. "Mystery solved," he says wryly as soon as hes near enough for conversation. "Can you believe, she even seemed proud of herself!" This last is an undertone meant only for Naylia's ears.

Hynolonie slips away from the crowd silently, taking her gitar and strapping it to her back as she sits down behind the stage where few can see her and changes from her dancing slippers into her boots, lacing them up tightly over the ankles that were so delicately displayed by her pretty dress beforehand. She takes her hide of lyrics and carefully stashes them in a pocket strapped to her thigh before she lets down her skirts again, getting ready to leave while the leaving's good. She's finally got a good idea about what's going on and she's going to scoot.

Naylia smiles brightly with no small amount of surprise as Heron joins her once more. "I'm afraid I only began to listen towards the end," she begins, biting her lip for a moment before glancing back at the place she'd stood with Natch and company. "Darman and I had a rather hard time of it keeping your dear mother from storming the stage," she adds, quieting her voice as well as she stands on her toes just a moment to whisper it to him. She lightly drops back down and takes a sip from her glass, her dark eyes surveying the crowd quickly before she adds in a more normal tone. "At least people are still enjoying themselves."

Linora is still easy to fool, and simple enough not to assume /anything/ where relationships are concerned. "Oh... spring'd be nice..." It seems a long way off, but here it is, nearly winter. "I might like to have it right here, or maybe at the waterfall." She grins as a passing vintner refills her glass, then becomes aware that the music has stopped and the bandstand is empty. "They all done, then?" She really needs to get out earlier.

Aikaterine politly thanks the gentleman for the dance as it comes to an end and makes her way back to her wine glass for its still there, just where she left it. She takes a seat at one of the tables as she watches the going-ons.

Tierza says, "It seems so. I guess that last song was just more then Lady Natch cared to deal with." And when one makes natch un-amused, one should be prepared to hide. Ask Tie, she knows. "A Spring wedding is most romantic, and the waterfall is a wonderful idea." Too many 'fastings happen at the lake, there needs to be diversity and such. "So where is Rathen?"

Bolt suddenly disappears ::between::!

Dahlia trots to the Hold Field.

Heron chuckles warmly at Naylia's description of holding back his mother - the mental image is just too priceless. "It's not worth getting upset over," he says diffidently. "And people will always enjoy themselves when there's enough wine to be had." He gives Naylia a solemn wink. "Well. Since the dancing seems to have ended, perhaps you'd join me for a stroll?" He offers his arm.

Hynolonie goes home.

Sean goes home.

Linora looks around, as though she might have missed her fiance, then shrugs. "Prolly holed up someplace," she replies, not sounding overly concerned. "He doesn't really like a lot of people." People, period. With a few notable exceptions, evidently. "Anyhow... I got some work t'do tonight, so I prolly should get back to the Hall. Nice seeing you and stuff, Tie."

Tierza has disconnected.

If Naylia was surprised before, she's doubly so now, though she does a good job of covering it this time. "A stroll on a gorgeous autumn evening like this?" she finally asks, head tilting as she glances up at the starry sky. "I would love that, Heron, thank you." She slips her hand around the offered arm and finishes off that last sip of wine, placing it on the nearest table before they both head off towards the gardens.

Linora goes home.

Aikaterine watches as different couples tend to stroll off into the night. Tis a beautiful enough night for it too. She glances around a bit for those that she knows, but most seem to have dissappeared some place or another. Perhaps it's time for her to make her exit as well.

Heron walks to the Hold Field.
Heron leads Naylia out.