-----===+++ Sea Cliffs Hold +++===-----

"Live the sea, Love the sea, Be the sea."

Secluded on the northernmost tip of Ista, Seacliffs is a place of sunny, black beaches, towering cliffs and mysterious caves. Our main export is fish, which is brought in fresh daily by our own crew of fisherfolk. With a relaxed atmosphere and informal staff, it is a haven for those who wish to get away from the trials and tribulations of life. Kidlets are always welcome, a plethora of adventures await them. They can explore the caves (where they might find some hidden ruins), climb the garden wall, pluck mysteries from tidepools by the beach, cause mischief in the kitchens, and just be the children that they are. Adults are certainly welcome as well to enjoy the idyllic world of Seacliffs.

Holder: Leigh (x1)
Asst. Stewards: Paedar (NPC), Audrina
Asst. Headwoman: Khalila
Nannies: Josie
Guard Sgt.: Braniff
Stable Master: Maura
Fisher Woman: Diraena
Steward: Eirian (x2)
Headwoman: Iona
Head Nanny: ** Open **
Messanger: Crysania
Guards: Alanna, Jacen
Asst. Stable Master: Reeve

Posted Crafters and Riders:

Healers: Taree, Kryss (retired), Jinaxal
Harper: Kalina
Trader: Diervan
Miner: ** Open **
Watch Rider: ** Pending **
SeaCrafter: Thalassina
Baker: Goldean
Smith: Dale
Herder: ** Pending **
Weaver: ** Open **
Farmer: ** Open **

Staff: Audrina, Dalaran, Eirian, Iona, Josie, Kryss, Leigh, and Taree

Hold Colors: Purple and Turquoise.

If you would like to be a staff member of Seacliffs and/or fill an IC staff position, talk to either Leigh or Eirian.

Also, keep in mind that certain requirements MUST be met: All staff members MUST retain an average of 4 hours activity a week. RL hardship that interferes with online time will be taken into account for a maximum of 3 months, but anyone in a leadership position (i.e. Steward, Headwoman, Head Nanny) must find someone to take over their OOC duties while they are inactive. If, after that time, you cannot get your activity back up to comply with staff regulations, or you do not find someone to take over your OOC duties during your time away, you will be removed from staff and another will be found to take your place.

Beyond adding and removing people from the FO, staff members who hold an IC staff position will also be expected to keep their area of the hold active. (For instance, the Head Nanny will be expected to cooperate with her assistants in finding things for the children of Seacliffs to do, the Headwoman should be working with the Steward to think up tps and activities surrounding tithes, chores, stores, etc.)

Also, staff will be required to attend a monthly meeting to discuss upcoming ideas and the status of the hold.

Anyone unable to fulfill any of these requirements, should not apply.

Search Policy: All may apply (must @send *scs. Except staff, who must talk to Leigh.) Two may be searched, only one can impress.

Last updated: March 3, 2001 by Kryss

Seacliffs Courtyard

Hearing the soft echoes of the sea pounding her cliffs, you enter a large natural chamber in the cliffside. As you leave the sounds, the faint restlessness, and the tang of salt from the sea, you see the front of the courtyard is open, an unobstructed view of the sea. As you turn from the beautiful view, you pass into the chamber, and find yourself immersed in greenery. All around you are potted plants, palms, citrus trees and herbs, protected from Fall by the overhanging ledges, naturally carved out of the The courtyard is open overhead, allowing the sunlight and fresh air to sweep in over you through a natural chimney in the cliff-face. Inclement weather is not allowed in to the chamber, nor is Thread, because of the ledges unique placement, covering the opening, providing shelter for all who enter Seacliffs.